I Spy With My Little Eye ….

I Spy With My Little Eye   …..

So last night within the world of sports  the big  news’  story  was  that of the  NBA Draft   and  the  Lottery  Pick , with  the   New  Orleans Pelicans obtaining  the  top  pick  in the  2019  NBA  Draft  Class  , with the franchise  taking    Duke   player  Zion  Williamson  as  the  number  one  overall  pick.  Williamson   is  seen  as  the  best  player among  the draftees  and  his  case was  made  all  the  more  emphatic,   with  the  statistics  seen during  the NCAA Tournament  , even though   the program’s  appearance  was short-lived.  With  the  drafting rights   of  Williams  ,  there  is the belief that the front office  of the  Pelicans  might now  be  in a strong  position to  convince  their   All  Star  forward   Anthony  Davis  to  re-sign  with  the  franchise rather   than  pursue free  agency .

Zion Willliamson , second from the right is seen here as the announcement is made that the New Orleans Pelicans will have the number one overall draft pick for the upcoming NBA Draft .

All signs do seem to be pointing to the fact that Anthony Davis’ seven-year career with the New Orleans Pelicans will come to an abrupt end as the player wishes to seek new challenges elsewhere. There would be a litany of teams certainly interested in a player of Davis’ prowess, with his all-round undoubted skill-set . Davis is not due to become a free agent until 2021 and with his apparent unwillingness to remain with the Pelicans, it would be in their best interest to trade the center to another franchise , who could perhaps offer something of merit in return.

Anthony Davis and LeBron James just happen to share the same agent and sports’ management company with Rich Paul as the CEO of Klutch Sports . It is widely known that during the season , James sought out Davis as a potential teammate , with him joining the Los Angeles Lakers . With Magic Johnson still having some influence within the organization , albeit , that he’s no longer Head of Basketball Operations. It remains to be seen if Johnson can still persuade the Pelicans’ forward to join the Lakers’ franchise , with them having to give up a considerable amount of talent in order to acquire the All Star in a trade.

The NBA Playoffs are now in full swing and the respective conferences are now set with their Conference Finals now underway. Within the East , the top two seeded teams will meet with the Milwaukee Bucks playing host to the Toronto Raptors in the best of seven-game series. In the West , reigning NBA champions the Golden State Warriors will meet the surprisingly resilient Portland Trailblazers , who will be led by their talented point guard Damian Lillard . His performances throughout this postseason have been scintillating to say the very least.The game-one opener saw the Warriors overcome the Blazers to take a 1-0 lead, winning the contest, 116-94 . Game two of the series will take place once again at the Oracle Arena , in Oakland , California on Thursday night, 16th May , 2019 . The Eastern Conference Finals Series’ opener will be on Wednesday evening as previously stated and it will be interesting to see how these two teams will fare .

Away from the NBA Playoffs, other than the Draft Lottery Pick having taken place, the surprising news which made the headlines , was the hire of Michigan Head Coach John Beilein as the latest hire of the Cleveland Cavaliers , to succeed Tyronn Lue as the franchise’s latest Head Coach. It is being revealed , Beilein will be signed to a five-year deal , with Cavaliers’ GM Kobe Altman set to make the formal announcement . This also seems to have the blessing of team owner , Dan Gilbert . Beilein’s ascension to the position would make him also one of the oldest Head Coaches in the NBA , while also being a rookie in the position. Suffice to say , as the Cavaliers seek to rebuild , the learning curve for the coach will be a considerably tough one .

Call it cynicism or just plain awkwardness , but when an athlete believes himself to be something special , while having not having proven themselves in the field of battle , you just have to wonder what is going on in their mind ? Josh Rosen the recently acquired Miami Dolphins’ quarterback is aggrieved that his former team’s GM Steve Keim , failed to offer him the opportunity to prove his worth with the Arizona Cardinals . Rosen claims, he wasn’t consulted by Keim , as the general manager chose to take Kyler Murray as the number one overall pick in the recent NFL Draft (2019) . Last I looked , it wasn’t Steve Keim’s position to consult a player over personnel decisions for a team , much less the fact , Rosen’s play for the Cardinals was far from overwhelming .

Josh Rosen should consider himself lucky , that he was given the chance to move on to the Miami Dolphins , where he will succeed another failed quarterback , Ryan Tannehill , whose tenure with the franchise , proved to be a very unsatisfactory one. From my own perspective the Miami Dolphins will need all the help they can get this upcoming season , as too will the Arizona Cardinals , as each failed miserably last season within their respective divisions and conferences .

When it rains , it certainly does pour and for the New York Jets , this franchise is now beset by a deluge, as the Jets fire their GM Mike Maccagnan , with his being replaced by Adam Gase , current Head Coach , who for the moment will be fulfilling both roles within the Jets’ organization. It is abundantly clear that after last season, the Jets were in need of some radical changes within the front office , coaching staff and among the player personnel. Well the NFL Draft took care of their needs , as did some timely trades. Yet the belief remains , Maccagnan’s tenure and the failure in 2018 , played a big part in his ouster. Far be it for me to suggest, but the Jets are still a long way from where they need to be and they will be in a for a long haul if they’re to make it back to the NFL postseason , given the fact that their last appearance
during the 2010 season , when they reached the the conference championship where they faced the Pittsburgh Steelers .

From here-on in, it will be interesting to see how Adam Gase seeks to improve the fortunes of the New York Jets.

The next couple of games within the world of baseball could prove to be very interesting to say the least. I’d like to think at this point of the season should be very interesting in the lead-up to the 2019 All Star Game . With the divisional standings being what they are , the teams are now gearing up to really play with some zeal. . Wednesday and there are several games of real interest to the fans who will be in attendance .

While I believe that the New York Yankees are capable of winning the AL East this season , there are still some doubts as to the veracity of this team and manager Aaron Boone . Since ,2009 when their last World Series’ victory came about , it would be prudent to suggest that team ownership are somewhat exacerbated , having not added to their tally of world championships. The New York Yankees will be in action today when they are due to face the Baltimore Orioles at Yankee Stadium in The Bronx, New York. This will be part of their regular season meetings during 2019 , with their meetings over the last decade being very eventful.

New York Yankees’ veteran pitcher CC Sabathia , having been the most recent starting pitcher to have hit the plateau of 3,000 strikeouts . Sabathia’s next projected start could take place on the 17th May , when they are due to meet divisional leaders the Tampa Bay Rays . His record against the Rays is a commendable one , since his debut in the Majors came in 2001. If CC Sabathia is to become a Hall of Fame bound player , it will be interesting to see how his statistics will match up against a number of his peers and contemporaries .

It’s hard to fathom how embarrassing the state of baseball continues to be within the State of Florida . Attendance at the Miami Marlins’ Ballpark as well as Tropicana Field , home to the Tampa Bay Rays continues to be truly appalling , by anyone’s standards . Both of these teams will be in action throughout this week and their weekend series will see the Rays face the New York Yankees, whereas , the Miami Marlins will be matched against the New York Mets at home . The Miami Marlins and Tampa Bay Rays will continue their in-state series as of Wednesday, with a game being played at the Marlins Ballpark in Miami, Florida . Between now and the All Star Break , I believe that Derek Jeter as the Head of Baseball Operations for the Miami Marlins in conjunction with Michael Hill will have some serious decisions to make concerning the long-term and short-term direction of this franchise. This season certainly hasn’t helped with the Marlins currently sitting at the bottom of the NL East , with one of the worst records in all of baseball. The future does seem bleak for this baseball franchise, given the real absence of competitiveness.

Another loss was suffered by the Miami Marlins , further making their season all the more plausible, as their being on the way to another losing season. At no point during their game against the Tampa Bay Rays was there any sense of urgency by the players , seeking to make this match-up competitive even from the fans’ viewpoint. Instead , the team wasted a chance to show any form of resilience. The Marlins will be back in session for their next game when they face off off against the New York Mets in a divisional game this Friday , as part of their regular season meetings , with this being a home-based series. The opposing pitchers in this contest will be Jacob DeGrom of the Mets against Trevor Richards of the Marlins.

Cody Bellinger of the Los Angeles Dodgers is certainly proving himself to be a player of value and all the more so, given the salary being paid to the player . He has a become a staple for the Dodgers’ fans this season, as the team blusters into their schedule , slaying many of their opponents with ease in many cases. The Dodgers will be in action over the next few days and it will be interesting to see how they will fare through the month of May as exhibited last season by this Dave Roberts’ managed roster. Roberts and his players will prepare for a weekend series against the Cincinnati Reds on the road , in the three games to be played at the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati , Ohio . The first game of this series will take place on Friday evening with the opposing pitchers being Rich Hill of the Dodgers and Anthony DeSclefani of the Reds.

If the Los Angeles Dodgers are to make it back to another postseason appearance, then their play will have to rise to even greater heights than previously seen over the last eight years.

With it still being early in the season , but there are grumblings that several teams might be seeking the upgrade to their rosters , with the MLB Postseason being their clear main motive and the chance of winning the World Series . One player considered to be atop of every contenders’ list, might well be starting pitcher Dallas Keuchel . The pitcher who’s yet to make to make his debut for the Houston Astros this season. His wish is to sign with a big-market team , of which is the New York Yankees, might be the one ball-club with an inside track to land the starter , Also said to be in the mix among starting pitchers who might well be with a new team at the trade deadline , Craig Kimbrel . This season will be an interesting one during the upcoming months as witnessed during 2018.

What are the big stories which you believe will be front and center during the upcoming weeks and months within the world of sports ?

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  1. As the PGA Tour gets into full swing as the the season itself has been full of surprises. Tiger Woods returned from the dead to capture his fifth Green Jacket by capturing The Masters . Brooks Koepka might well be the best golfer in the world at present given his recent dominant performances in the Grand Slam Majors over the the last four years . Koepka is dominating the Tour like no other player since the dominance of Woods, himself .

    With the 2019 US Open now in session at Pebble Beach , Pebble Beach California , it will be interesting to see if Brooks Koepka can successfully defend the title he won last season.

    PGA Tour news …

    Tophatal ….


  2. Over the weekend with the conclusion of the US Open at the Pebble Beach G&C in Pebble Beach , California , we had a first time winner of this particular Grand Slam tournament on the PGA Tour . Gary Woodland landed the heralded trophy with a three shot victory over second placed Brooks Koepka , who chasing down history by seeking to three-peat as a US Open champion. Woodland’s thirteen under par (-13) was a win that saw him play consistently through the last two rounds of the tournament .

    PGA Tour news …..

    Tophatal ………..


  3. Well , the big news in the world of sports after the heralded victory by the Toronto Raptors to win their very first NBA title was the trade which saw Anthony Davis leave the New Orleans Pelicans to join LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers . Davis and James are represented by the same management team headed by Rich Paul of Klutch Sports. The deal itself cannot be finalized until the trade deadline comes into effect , which is as of the 30th June alongside the declaration of free-agency , but it has been agreed to in principal by David Griffin , Head of Basketball Operations for the Pelicans and his counterpart Rob Pelinka of the Lakers .

    With the upcoming NBA Draft (2019) just a few days away it will be interesting to see what the outcome of this trade will mean and how the respective teams will fare during the Draft.

    NBA news …..

    Tophatal ………………


  4. Another weekend of Major League Baseball and there were some very interesting results along with way with some movement within the divisions . The team with the best record over their last ten games just happens to be the Atlanta Braves (42-30 , having posted an 8-2 record . Manager Brian Snitker , possibly in the lead for the NL Manager of the year at this point of the season has to be extremely happy with what he’s seen from his players at this point of the season. Snitker will have his team prepared for an interesting week of games , with their first match-up of the week being against the New York Mets beginning today at Suntrust Park in Atlanta, Georgia as part of their regular season series . Zack Wheeler of the Mets will be on the mound against Mike Soroka of the Braves in this contest .

    Make no doubt it while much has been said about the starting lineup of the Los Angeles Dodgers this season , it has been the starting roster of the Houston Astros who over the last eighteen months who have been putting up some extraordinary numbers. Both teams are in action over the next few days with the Astros facing the Cincinnati Reds on the road as of today . The Dodgers for their part will have a match-up against the San Francisco Giants at home .

    MLB news …..

    MLB standings …

    MLB starting lineups 17th June

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  5. If there’s one thing that no one can deny , last season was one of major disappointment for the Green Bay Packers as they failed miserably in the league . Led by quarterback Aaron Rodgers , as the team somehow never seemed able to find their stride at any point of the season . With their draft having been concluded it will be interesting to see how the front office will seek to parlay and sign their unrestricted free agents as well as trying to get new players into the fold in support of Aaron Rodgers.

    The Green Bay Packers’ preseason schedule will begin with a preseason opener against the Houston Texans on the 8th August , 2019 . Their regular season opener will see Aaron Rodgers and his teammates face off against the Chicago Bears in a divisional and conference game . Rodgers’ record against the Bears since his entry into the NFL has been an admirable one .

    Green Bay Packers news ….

    Tophatal ……………….


  6. It’s becoming a season of woes once again for the Los Angeles Angels , where the team is struggling with their pitching , offense and defense also. Both Albert Pujols and Mike Trout are seen as the figure-heads for this franchise, but lack of success within the MLB Postseason has now led to many believing that the team will have to broken up sooner , rather than later, The managerial staff of Brad Ausmus will have to get this team playing at a much higher level than exhibited at this point of the season .

    The Los Angeles Angels will be in action throughout the month of June, with many of their opponents seeking to improve on their record against the AL Central team. Albert Pujols and Mike Trout will be seeking to ply their fare against the Toronto Blue Jays on the road Monday evening . This game will have Edwin Jackson of the Blue Jays against a pitcher to be decided at game time by Brad Ausmus .

    Angles’ GM Billy Eppler and the ownership group of Arte Moreno and his wife Carole Moreno will be certainly be looking to see this team improve over the remainder of the season . If the team is torn apart , then then in all likelihood Albert Pujols could be back in the NL , with Mike Trout remaining , but Billy Eppler might will be willing to listen to offers for the multi-talented player.

    Los Angeles Angels news …

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  7. With the fallout of the Anthony Davis trade having taken place , with the New Orleans Pelicans’ star having been traded to the Los Angeles Lakers . It now sets up an intriguing off-season as the precursor to the NBA Draft . For the Boston Celtics and their poor display during the NBA Playoffs in the Eastern Conference. It is now leading many to believe that GM Danny Ainge , Wyc Grousbeck and Head Coach Brad Stevens will have to make a monumental shakeup by way of the team’s roster . It now seems all but certain , point guard Kyrie Irving will be on the move, with known interested parties being the Brooklyn Nets , Los Angeles Lakers and the New York Knicks . Irving having been a former teammate of LeBron James while playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers , hasn’t let it be known that he would be interested joining James. Yet it would be intriguing to see if the duo could guide the Lakers to another long-awaited NBA title . It has been almost a decade since the Lakers as a franchise lifted the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

    During the NBA Playoffs it was abundantly clear to see that the Boston Celtics were far from being the best team within the conference , albeit , many felt they were the conference’s best chance to win it all. The roster had depth , youth and experience and their coaching staff of Brad Stevens was among the best in the NBA . Yet somehow the players just couldn’t put it all together when it mattered the most . Kyrie Irving didn’t show the veteran leadership needed even if his his postseason was productive for the team.

    Kyrie Irving can become an unrestricted free agent and is likely to find a home with a team looking for a productive point guard. As to the terms of a contract granted for the player , it will be interesting to see what he’ll be able to command on the open market . It’s clear that Danny Ainge will be making some moves during this off-season and the restructuring of deals
    will also be utmost on his mind .


  8. Performances over the past few days within the world of baseball have been fairly impressive . With Manny Machado having joined the San Diego Padres to a lucrative contract after a very productive postseason with the Los Angeles Dodgers . Machado and the Padres are now having problems this season , with the team struggling within the NL West and NL in general . Manny Machado and his teammates will be in action for their next contest when they face the Milwaukee Brewers at home on Tuesday afternoon, 18th June, 2019. It will be interesting to see how the Padres will fare in this contest as part of their regular season series . The Padres will be looking to round out the month of June with a winning run .

    MLB news …..

    Tophatal …………………………..


  9. Last night the Boston Red Sox were the participants in a fourteen inning game against the Minnesota Twins which was played on the road against their AL rivals . Boston would fall to the Twins , 4-3 . For Red Sox starting pitcher David Price this another game of missed opportunities . It appears that the Red Sox have issues not just with their pitching but also the offense in particular. It remains to be seen if the Red Sox can recapture the form and consistency needed to win the AL East and make another appearance in the MLB Postseason . Boston will be back on the mound today , when they face the Twins again .

    Elsewhere this Wednesday , there will be several games that will be of vital interest to the fans out there. The Tampa Bay Rays will be looking at upping the stakes in their divisional rivalry against the New York Yankees when the two teams meet today at Yankee Stadium , in The Bronx, New York .

    MLB news

    Tophatal ………………….


  10. With a number of players now likely to opt out of their contracts , seeking to negotiate either a lucrative long-term deal or just place their current team in a better cap position . It came as a great surprise when the Memphis Grizzlies announced that they would be trading point guard Mike Conley Jr to the Utah Jazz . The Jazz were one of the surprise teams within the Western Conference Playoffs, albeit that they fell in the first round having only won one game in their foray . For Conley with having joined the Jazz , it will be interesting to see what he can add to the team by way of productivity. Mike Conley leaves the Grizzlies’ franchise as one of their best players in club history , leading them in several categories .

    For the Memphis Grizzlies they now enter the NBA Draft with a clear intent of revamping their roster altogether . The front office of the Grizzlies under the guidance of GM Jason Wexler could prove to be very intriguing . The list of declarers for this draft is one where the Grizzlies will seek avail themselves of a point guard , of which there are several who could themselves invaluable for the franchise.

    Daryl Morey GM for the Houston Rockets will have to seriously look how this franchise moves forward with their having failed over the past six seasons to have advanced beyond the conference semi-finals . Paul’s likely departure could see Rockets pursue a free agent during the off-season rather than inward or that of the Draft. It is clear that the Rockets are in need of someone who can add to the team’s overall productivity .

    NBA news ….



  11. Christian Yelich has been proving his worth to the Milwaukee Brewers this season , with the player having another phenomenal year. He and Cody Bellinger of the Los Angeles Dodgers might well be considered the leading candidates for the NLMVP for 2019 . Both players will be in action today . The Los Angeles Dodgers will be facing the as Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park , Boston in an intra-league game should prove to be very interesting . Meanwhile the Milwaukee Brewers will be on the field against the Cincinnati Reds at Miller Park , in Milwaukee , Wisconsin ,.

    A third AL MVP Award might not be on the books for Mike Trout , but the player has been showing the consistency which has already made him a two-time League MVP within the AL . Trout has been playing with the usual guile one has come to see from a player of his stature , but unfortunately the same cannot be said of his teammates at this juncture. The Los Angeles Angels are once again struggling within the AL West as well as the AL this season. Trout and his teammates will be on the mound when the Los Angeles Angels are due to face the Toronto Blue Jays on the road .

    MLB schedule 20th June ..

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  12. Kirk Cousins has a great deal to prove if he’s to live up to the contract provided to the quarterback by the Minnesota Vikings . Cousins for his part has become a seasoned veteran within the NFL , though some might seek to describe as a journeyman around the league . His three-year , $84 million deal might not seem a lucrative one on the face of , but it gives the front office of the Vikings to work as they seek to make it to the postseason , something last achieved by the franchise during the 2017 NFL season . A season where they made it to the conference championship game where they would fall to the Philadelphia Eagles . With the NFL Draft having taken place and a new batch of rookies on the team’s roster as well as some free agent acquisitions , it will be interesting to see how things play out for the Vikings during their preseason and regular season schedule .

    In their preseason opener the Minnesota Vikings will be facing the New Orleans Saints on the road . Kirk Cousins’ record against Drew Brees and the Saints isn’t an overly impressive one . While not a lot can be made of the preseason , it is clear that the Vikings’ coaching staff are expecting the players to excel before embarking on their regular season opener against the Atlanta Falcons .

    At some point during this upcoming NFL season Jerry Jones will have to figure out whether or not Jason Garrett has what it takes to guide this team , the Dallas Cowboys to a prolonged postseason run. Dak Prescott the team’s quarterback will have his work cut out for him , with a newly revamped roster . Prescott and this team will have somewhat of a tricky preseason schedule . Their first game will pit the Dallas Cowboys against the San Francisco 49ers . For Dak Prescott he will have to regain the form and poise shown when he guided the Cowboys to the last of their most recent playoff runs.

    The Dallas Cowboys will open up their regular season with a game against the New York Giants . That match-up of Dak Prescott against his Giants’ counterpart Eli Manning should prove to be very interesting to say the very least.

    NFL news ….

    Tophatal ………………


  13. Well, last night with the opening round of the 2019 NBA Draft , there were one or two surprises along the ways as the teams made their picks . As thought Duke University’s forward Zion Williamson was taken number one overall by the New Orleans Pelicans . It now begs the question how the franchise will now move forward without Anthony Davis being on the team’s roster heading into next season. The New York Knicks , having been part of another mundane season were looking to improve their roster , while having shown no real interest in the Houston Rockets’ offer to trade away their disgruntled star Chris Paul .

    This NBA Draft in comparison to last season’s foray has indeed been one of very few surprises to date , but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any over the next few days. On the 30th June , free agency will be in effect and there are likely be a number of off-season moves , just as they were last season.

    NBA news ………..

    NBA Draft ….

    Tophatal …………………


  14. There will be a full slate of games on the weekend schedule within the world Major League Baseball , starting with today’s contests .

    It will be interesting to see how the Los Angeles Dodgers will fare in their weekend series against the Colorado Rockies at Dodgers Ballpark as part of their regular season series . The first of those games takes place today , Friday 21st June with starting pitchers , German Marquez of the Rockies against Walker Buehler of the Dodgers .

    Other pitchers on the mound today will feature Yu Darvish of the Chicago Cubs as he faces off against the New York Mets and their starter Jason Vargas .

    Cameron Maybin has been part of the New York Yankees’ depth chart for much of this season . Maybin and his teammates will be in action this weekend for a series of games against the high flying Houston Astros . The Astros’ Brad Peacock will be on the mound as he faces James Paxton of the Yankees. The team’s managing partner Hal Steinbrenner has made it known that he’s willing to go against the grain this season and actually go above the luxury-tax threshold of $200 million . Steinbrenner and the front office have shown increasing interest in acquiring former World Series MVP starting pitcher Madison Bumgarner of the San Francisco Giants . If the Yankees were to obtain Bumgarner , it would add to their payroll by a considerable sum ($12 million) .

    MLB news …..

    MLB standings (division)

    Tophatal ……………..


  15. So the NBA will begin their silly off-season with a round of trades with the NBA Draft having taken place. Now with free agents now on the market , it remains to be seen how things will play out.

    One team looking to make a big splash are the Los Angeles Lakers , who after their recent acquisition of All Star forward , Anthony Davis will now be looking to bolster the roster even more so as they free up even more cap space for their moves.

    Los Angeles Clippers’ Head Coach Doc Rivers saw the team having made the NBA Playoffs where they fell to the Golden State Warriors in six games . This off=season will be a tough one for the Clippers with the front office having to make some rather difficult decisions concerning the roster . GM Lawrence Frank oversaw the team’s Draft picks . It will be interesting to see if Frank is of the opinion there are other moves to be made in order to bolster the roster .

    Los Angeles Clippers news …

    Los Angels Lakers news ….

    Tophatal …..


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