The   Fallout Could Lead to A Breakout   …

So  we’re  now  at a  point  in the  sporting  calendar  where  there’s  a  vast  array  of sports’   activities   taking  center-stage  and  usual  the  non-stop   cycle   of the  NFL  (National  Football  League) continues  with  activity.   Reigning  Superbowl  champions  have  all  of their  ducks  lined  up  in a  row   , having  signed  several  players  from their  championship  winning  roster  to  new  deals  ,  with  their  Superbowl  MVP  ,    Tom  Brady  also  agreeing to  a new  deal at an almost  bargain  basement  price   by  his  own standard s  .    Brady  will  head  into the upcoming season seeking  an unprecedented  eighth  Superbowl  ring , having  won  six  with the  New  England  Patriots  and  his  seventh  with  the  Tampa  Bay  Buccaneers    , for the  franchise’s  second  Lombardi  Trophy  in their history.

Tom Brady, currently a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers .

Beyond what has been taking place by way of the league and the teams seeking to position themselves for the upcoming NFL Draft and salary cap issues , we have seen the retirements of Alex Smith , Philip Rivers and Drew Brees, with all three veteran quarterbacks having varying degrees of success for their respective teams . One team looking to take advantage of this all will likely be the New York Jets after their recent foray with the trading away of quarterback Sam Darnold . More likely than not the Jets will seek to draft a quarterback to replace Darnold who simply did not meet the expectations of the franchise during his stay .

Trevor Lawrence could very well be taken as the number one overall player and most certainly be among the top quarterbacks taken by the end of the first two rounds of this upcoming Draft.

JANUARY 07: Trevor Lawrence #16 of the Clemson Tigers reacts after his teams 44-16 win over the Alabama Crimson Tide in the CFP National Championship presented by AT&T at Levi’s Stadium on January 7, 2019 in Santa Clara, California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

Things have become testy since the All Star Game with their being a plethora of uneven results . One thing is certain no envisioned that the Los Angles Lakers would be struggling to remain among the top-five teams within the Western Conference . With LeBron James by far the best player in their lineup , it will be interesting to see how the team fares over the remainder of their schedule . Next up for this Frank Vogel coached team will be two games on the road against the Dallas Mavericks . The first of the duo of contests will take place on the 22nd April , 2021 .

The Lakers’ in division rivals the Los Angeles Clippers are vying for one to the top three seeds within the Western Conference , but it has been the resilient play of the Phoenix Suns which has been a great surprise to everyone over the past ten days. Led by Kawhi Leonard the Clippers will be in action themselves with several games of note . An upcoming contest against the Houston Rockets should tell us a great deal about this Clippers’ roster .

Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors .

Can Steph Curry lead the Golden State Warriors back into postseason contention ? That’s an intriguing answer for a team without one of it’s best players in Klay Thompson. The Warriors can make into the NBA Playoffs by way of the play-in factor , a new addition to the playoffs due to a shortened regular season schedule brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic . Golden State for it’s part will be looking to play with the real consistency . In their next game the Warriors are due to meet the Denver Nuggets at home on Friday , 23rd April .

Far be it for me to suggest , but I get the feeling that while the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers are seen as the teams to beat within the Eastern Conference , one team which is being overlooked just happens to be the Milwaukee Bucks , but given their recent failures in the postseason it would be easy to write them off once again . Yet for all sense and purpose the Bucks led by two time League MVP , Giannis Antetokounmpou seems to have his teammates playing the way Head Coach Mike Budenholzer has sought . This team is quite capable of overcoming the deficit within the conference and ending up as the top seed . Next up for the Bucks will be a game against the 76ers as par of their regular season series. The contest should tell us a great about the intentions of both teams and the directions they’re said to be heading .

LeBron James has been playing with the level of someone who belies his age James and the Los Angeles Lakers as the reigning NBA champions are having an extremely tough season . It seems unaccustomed for this team to be having issues within the league at present , but injuries as well as inconsistency has played it’s part in the Frank Vogel coached roster . James and the Lakers have an upcoming game against the Dallas Mavericks , having lost to Dallas previously in their most recent match-up on the 22nd April .

Time may well be running out for both the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers to really prove their credibility within the NBA and their championship aspirations. High payrolls notwithstanding it is becoming pretty clear that there’s not a great deal of real consistency needed .

Alex Rodriguez having not been able to make a successful attempt to become a MLB team owner, but the former New York Yankees’ player has joined a consortium with a view to buying the Minnesota Timberwolves , where owner , Glen Taylor is seeking to sell the franchise , but under which retains control while the new ownership group acclimatizes to their fiduciary responsibilities . Rodriguez and his partner , Marc Lore an e-Commerce executive and CEO of Walmart’s e-commerce operations, purchased the Timberwolves for a reputed $1.5 billion .

What else needs to be said about the Los Angeles Dodgers at this juncture ? This weekend there will be a full cluster of games to be played . Dave Robert’s has a team playing with a great deal of aplomb with his coaching staff being at the top of their game . Roberts will have his team ready for a fairly tough weekend schedule where they will be playing the San Diego Padres . On the mound as opposing pitchers will be Yu Darvish of the Padres against Clayton Kershaw of the Dodgers .

Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels is off to another terrific season for his team . It will be interesting to see what transpires this weekend as the Dodgers face the Houston Astros .It will be Andrew Heaney facing off against Zack Greinke . .

There are several great games scheduled for both Saturday , 24th April , as well as Sunday , 25th . One of the contests for today (Saturday) pits the Boston Red Sox against the Seattle Mariners with these two AL teams seeking to position themselves within their respective divisions and league . On the mound for the Mariners will be Chris Flexen as he faces Nathan Eovaldi of the Red Sox . While the Boston Red Sox are riding high their divisional rivals the New York Yankees are struggling to to make their presence felt having posted an 8-11 record as of the 23rd April . Manager Brett Boone and his team of his priced stars will be looking to placate themselves of their inauspicious start to the season . To round out their current series the Yankees will be in action today when they face the Cleveland Indians on the road . The opposing pitchers will be Gerrit Cole of the Yankees facing off against Shane Bieber of the Indians .

Freddie Freeman of the Atlanta Braves and reigning NL MVP .

Early leaders in various statistics provides us with something special to expect over this season within baseball . I would like to think that the major awards for this season will go to credible candidates .

What if anything are you hoping to bear witness to this season within the world of sports ?

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  1. So within the NBA over the last few days we have seen the fall of the Los Angeles Lakers , Dallas Mavericks and New York Knicks . These teams fell having played less than riveting basketball during the first round of this season’s NBA Playoffs . The Lakers were summarily disposed of with ease by the Phoenix Suns (4-2) . The Suns’ Head Coach Monty Willians completely out-coached Frank Vogel who made no real game time changes when needed . Phoenix now goes on to face the Denver Nuggets in the first of the two Western Conference Semi Finals taking place The other series pits the Los Angeles Clippers against the Utah Jazz .

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  2. So in an exhilarating series which went seven games in the conference quarter-finals the Los Angeles Clippers defeated the Dallas Mavericks , with Luca Doncixc doing all that he could for the Mavericks only for him to be outplayed by Kawhi Leonard of the Clippers , having a phenomenal game seven display for the Clippers .

    The conference semi finals have begun in earnest with their being several intriguing match-ups with a story-line to each . The Philadelphia 76ers have their work cut out for them in their series against the Atlanta Hawks while the Brooklyn Nets will be looking to overwhelm the Milwaukee Bucks . Within the Western Conference those series will


  3. Baseball is beginning to heat up as the teams find their rhythm prior to the All Star Game . Today the 10th June there are several games on the schedule. The Los Angeles Dodgers will be seeking to keep apace with their divisional rivals within the NL West over the course of this weekend . The Dodgers’ schedule for the weekend will pit them in a series against the Texas Rangers in what should be a very entertaining set of games . On the mound for Friday’s contest , it will be Mike Foltynewicz of the Rangers as he faces Clayton Kershaw .

    Elsewhere around the league several teams are playing some great baseball ,. Within the AL the New York Yankees will be seeking to make inroads within the AL East when they take on the Philadelphia Phillies beginning on Saturday , 12th June , 2021. On the mound for the Yankees will be James Taillon as he takes on Vince Velazquez of the Phillies

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  4. Rob Pelinka , former sport’s agent and current general manager of the Los Angeles Lakers having seen the defending champions bowing out in the first round of this season’s NBA Playoffs , says a great deal about the limitations of this roster . Beyond LeBron James and the often injured Anthony Davis , there wasn’t a great deal to this team over the regular season much less the playoffs.

    With that all too quick exit , Pelinka is seeking to restructure this current roster and look to the future . If there was one thing clear during this postseason concerning the Lakers and it was the very fact that is team is seriously lacking in offensive firepower compared to the rest of the teams in the conference as well as the NBA during this postseason . In all likelihood , Dennis Schroder is unlikely to be resigned by the franchise with his said to be seeking an $80 million , four year deal to return to the Lakers .

    Undoubtedly , LeBron James is likely to have an input as to which free agents he believes that will be able to contribute to the Lakers’ roster. This much is very certain the Lakers will make changes after their abrupt fall from grace from being a championship winning team to a roster of underachievers this season

    As the conference semifinals are underway there are several of the top seeded teams are now struggling against lesser opponents . The Brooklyn Nets now find themselves in a real series having been heavily favored to take care of the Milwaukee Bucks (2-2) . Game four of the series was played today with the Bucks coming away with a resounding victory . The fifth game which will prove to be pivotal will take place on the 15th June at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn , New York .

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