Gordon Gekko Meet Elon Musk your brother from another mother

This is for all of those believers in Elon Musk and their belief that he’s above reproach. From the get go, Elon Musk’s ambitions towards Twitter had nothing at all to be do with being altruistic or his seeking to improve the well being of the company . In the words of Wall Street movie character Gordon Gekko ” Greed is Good “.

Unfortunately, Musk is not only ethically challenged, but many of his business practices would actually put Gordon Gekko to shame. I’m waiting to see if the supposed investigation of Elon Musk by the Federal Trade Commission and Securities & Exchange Commission will come to anything of note .

Musk broke SEC guidelines concerning his build up of stock, before launching his unsolicited $44.1 billion bid for Twitter. Since the story broke, more than $15 billion has been wiped off the value of Twitter .

Elon Musk is going to be sued by a litany of Twitter shareholders for stock price manipulation . He’s been playing by his own set of rules for years and many Wall Street firms have often joined him willingly for the ride, because they know they’re going to make money unscrupulously. Elon Musk is this era’s version of Gordon Gekko.

If Martha Stewart can be found guilty and imprisoned in a federal facility for having made a $110,000 profit from the use of insider trading , then Elon Musk should be facing some serious charges for having broken SEC guidelines and his failing to notify the SEC of his build up of stock in Twitter, once he’d purchased more than 5 percent of the company. He went to purchase another 11 % of the company and netted more than $347 million on paper , pre-tax profit .

Now that Elon Musk has placed his take-over bid on hold, claiming that Twitter has been using bots to drive up the volume of content on the social media platform. It will be interesting to see if he will drop his bid for the company altogether . If he chooses to do so , then he’d have a heavy price to pay , because of the financing arranged in conjunction with his investment partners. That cost could be in excess of $1 billion, due to the structure of the capital raised . Elon Musk is the consummate snake oil salesman .

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It’s Now Broadway Or Bust … That’s How The NFL Now Works

The NFL season will live long in the memory with there being some exemplary play from the teams .Some teams stepped up to the plate , while others failed miserably . Not to be left out of the equation, certain high priced players who failed to show up and be productive for their respective teams. That certainly was the case with Dallas Cowboys’ running back Ezekiel Elliott .He and fellow teammate , Dak Prescott were equally atrocious . Cincinnati Bengals’ quarterback Joe Burrow now has a better postseason record than a veteran like Prescott . Burrow took the Bengals to within a whisker of winning last season’s Superbowl .

Dak Prescott (4) and Ezekiel Elliott.

Patrick Mahomes of Kansas City Chiefs

The belief is that Joe Burrow will improve this upcoming seasom season along with his teammates . The schedule for the 2022 NFL regular season has yet to be officially released , but there are likely to be several interesting games. It should be fulfilling season with vested parties entirely determined for a long postseason run, aiming to win the Superbowl.

Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are likely favorites from within the NFC Conference .

Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Brady entering his 21st season will be looking to win his eighth Super Bowl. I firmly believe, that Tom Brady has a slim chance of winning , but given his age and the fact that the Buccaneers have done little to really bolster their roster , they may well not be seen as prederermined favorites.

Sorry, but I’m not convinced that Trey Lance can lead the San Francisco 49ers to winning the NFC West let alone to the Super Bowl. Lance is still a work in progress and several years away from being a very good , let alone an elite quarterback. He does not possess the skill set of Justin Herbert , Lamar Jackson , Joe Burrow , Patrick Mahomes , Josh Allen or even seasoned veterans such as Aaron Rodgers , Russell Wilsonor even Tom Brady.

Trey Lance of the San Francisco 49ers.

Much is expected of this young quarterback and the fact of the matter is , starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is now on the downside of a very good career. It could take at least three or four years before we see the best of Trey Lance.

I seriously doubt that the fans of the 49ers are willing to wait that long , while the front office will have to pay Trey Lance a great deal of money. All the optimism in the world cannot hide the fact GM Jon Lynch drafted the wrong quarterback during the 2021 NFL Draft .

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Forty Acres And A Mule , With Not Even A Window To …

We’re being preyed upon like beasts of burden . Let’s make one thing clear , neither the GOP or Democrats actually care about black people. Joe Biden has already proven that point . He’s cut $45 billion worth of funding for HBCU’s and somehow can then promise $40 billion towards rebuilding the Ukraine ?

Left to right , JoeBiden, Greg Abott and Beto O’Rourke.

Now bear in mind that money promised to the Ukraine doesn’t include military armament aid already being provided. Black people will continue to be shat upon by both Democrats and Republicans at both the state and national levels of government .

Foreground , Ted Cruz and seen rear, Greg Abbott.

Personally, I don’t need to be reminded that it was Republicans who claim they laid the groundwork for slaves to be granted their freedom. Last I looked , was it not part of the Constitution which considered us (black people) not even deemed full human beings ? Even more dangerous, idiot black people who still believe we’ve nothing to fear , racism no longer exists in America and that the justice system is also in fact equitable for all.

Governor Greg Abbott is just as dangerous as Donald Trump . The Texas State Republican Party might as well be marching around with the Swastika emblem as it’s own personal badge of honor and the same can be said of State Democrats within Texas.

Need we be reminded that Greg Abbott and fellow Republican , Senator Ted Cruz attended an NRA rally in Houston , Texas , where the keynote speaker was Donald Trump ? Let that sink In for a few seconds. Yet I’m meant to the think that both Abbott and Cruz are able to feel the pain the victims’ families ? Both are great admirers of the NRA and need we be reminded that the state of Texas has among the least restrictive gun control laws in the entire country ?

The state of Texas really has nothing to offer. Beto O’Rourke as the presumed Democratic Party challenger to Greg Abbott in the gubernatorial race isn’t that much of an upgrade over Abbott , were he to win . O’Rourke’s Presidential campaign was one long walking nightmare of real incompetence.

Beto O’Rourke is a poor man’s version of John F Kennedy and Gary Hart all rolled into one.

The tragic incident which took place at an elementary school in Ubarverde , Texas is merely another in a long line of mass shooting incidents that is there to remind us there more things change , the more they remain the same . Six or even eighteen months from now there’ll be another incident of this nature.

Hell, let’s not kid ourselves, merely look at how recent the event which took place in Buffalo , New York at a Tom’s Grocery Store ? It happened less than a month ago . How quickly some forget.

Joe Biden at the national level has barely made metion of the event and how eighteen people were murdered at an elementary school in Ubarverde, Texas.

As with the old adage ‘ the more things change the more they remain the same ‘ . Six or even eighteen months from now there’ll have been similar events to Sandy Hook, Columbine, Ubarverde and Tom’s Grocery Store, which will prove to be a constant reminder that we can take nothing for granted .





Bah , Humbug , Will Smith Was Always An Ass !

Sorry , but the only thing that Will Smith saw coming was the very fact , began losing money. Smith failed to see that his wife , Jada Pinkett-Smith has been using him for her own pernicious use and to make money. Will Smith’s estimated fortune is believed to be in excess of $350 million .

Will Smith (left) is seen here with Dave Letterman .

Smith’s interview with Dave Letterman isn’t one , where he’s seeking atonement , but his seeking both the empathy and sympathy of fans everywhere.

While millions around the world bore witness to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock was astounding . The very fact this incident took place came as a real shock to movie fans and purists alike. With that being said , conspiracy theorists have surmised that this might’ve all been staged. The incident was far from that and I believe it came out of frustration and anger on the part of Will Smith. He’s had to endure his wife publicizing almost every aspect of their personal and family life on her eponymous show which is broadcast on Facebook Live streaming platform, with the show being entitled ‘ Red Table Talk ‘ .

Will Smith’s actions in assaulting Chris Rock was one of sheer animus and brazen disregard for another black man . Smith had no reason to attack Rock . For the fools out there who clearly don’t know or comprehend what satire is all about , perhaps it’s time you restart your basic education? I said what I said and I’ll stick by it ! 💯



Take Me Out To The Ballgame One More Time …

The MLB season is still in it’s infancy , but several teams are playing with a grea deal of zeal , while also seeking to prove they’re among the best of the best.

With both leagues , now seeking their inertia , it will be interesting to see how the teams perform in the lead-up to the All Star Game , which is baseball’s mid-season showcase event.

Dave Roberts and the Los Angeles Dodgers are off to a flying start , but they’re far from the best team in the NL West at present. They’ve a half game lead over the San Francisco Giants. The seasonal match-up between these two NL rivals should prove to be very interesting.

Dave Roberts , manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Los Angeles for it’s part didn’t begin the season as the team with the highest payroll in baseball. Instead , that mantel belongs to the New York Mets under new ownership and coaching staff. There are but a few teams with a payroll exceeding $190 million for this season. .

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Elon Musk ; Narcissist

Elon Musk pictured .

Several of Musk’s backers are either fellow billionaires or major venture capital firms. It’ll be interesting to see whether or not they’re still prepared to back Musk’s bid , given the fact two investigations are now underway . If proven to be true , then the Justice Department could seek to bring federal charges against Elon Musk.

There was always something dubious about Elon Musk began gathering his stake in Twitter before making his outright bid. Now all of a sudden both the SEC ( Securities & Exchange Commission) and FTC (Federal Trade Commission) have begun separate investigations into Musk’s gathering of his initial stake and then building up that stake before launching his $44.1 billion bid.

The South African born American citizen , Elon Muak has always been ethically challenged from a business standpoint and has come under the scrutiny of the SEC once before. Their findings proved to be troubling , but Musk was merely warned about his conduct. I’d like to know how falsifying your business records before an IPO (initial public offering) isn’t seen as a major felony? Are the idiots running the SEC that frigging stupid ?





All That Glitters Isn’t Necessarily Gold …

So now after their horrendous season, Los Angeles Lakers’ principal owner Jeannie Buss is seeking the input from Phil Jackson and Magic Johnson with regard to the hiring of the franchise’s next Head Coach and the reshaping of roster for next season. Several players are among their free agents , while there appears to be rumblings as to whether or not Anthony Davis or Russell Westbrook will be traded during the off season . What might be even more astounding , the possibility of LeBron James actually bolting from Los Angeles for even greener pastures.

LeBron’s relationship with Lakers’ GM Rob Pelinka isn’t quite as amenable as some might believe it to be. It was clear with the Lakers having missed the NBA Playoffs, the fallout would begin with a great deal of finger pointing. Pelinka has all but laid the blame for the Lakers’ failures jointly upon the shoulders of LeBron James and his agent , Rich Paul of Klutch Sports .

If nothing , we can agree , that real chpuinship teams are built on real acquiring of talent, along with a group of players be they rookies or sophomores capable of being productive. While excuses will be made about injuries playing a part in the Lakers’ woes. What cannot be overlooked, was the very fact Frank Vogel and his coaching staff seemed incapable getting the best out of his players. Granted, LeBron James was productive and yet, few if any of his teammates were willing to follow his lead.

From my own perspective, I don’t believe that there’s anything that either Phil Jackson or Magic Johnson can really do to make the Lakers any better . This roster by way of it’s makeup was one where they had one of the oldest rosters in the NBA. Two years from their last championship success , the Lakers have now become an afterthought.

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The 2022 NBA Playoffs

The conference quarter finals of the 2022 NBA Playoffs are now in full swing. Several teams have stepped to the plate in their respective opening series. Perhaps , none more so than the Golden State Warriors (2-0), who’ve taken 2-0 lead over the higher seeded Denver Nuggets(0-2) . Denver has the reigning NBA League MVP on their roster , Nicola Jokic.

Jokic’s play during the regular seaon has been nothing short of spectacular. There’s  also a very good chance that he’ll repeat as League MVP , joining a select group of players to have won the award in back to back seasons .

Denver’s play in this series against Golden State has been disappointing and with a pivotal game three on the horizon , this is a must-win contest for the Nuggets. A third consecutive game loss and the series could come to an abrupt with the Denver Nuggets being swept in four games (0-4).  It remains to be seen if the Nuggets can right the ship and win game three.



The Day After …

The Day After

So with the Tokyo Summer Olympics having begun , beyond the controversy of the Japanese government making the decision to have no members of the public be in attendance for any of the events , has created a scenario unlike any other previously held Summer Olympic event hosted in recent history . If that wasn’t enough , we also have several high-profiled athletes not in attendance for the Games as well as their being several historic results and some surprising ones The US Men’s Basketball Team suffered an embarrassing a they fell to n France in the opening game within their group.

Kevin Durant is seen here with the US Flag adorning his upper body after the NBA star led Team USA to their fourth straight Olympic Gold Medal in Men’s Basketball . The team defeated France to win the title .

Men’s Head Coach Gregg Popovich has often said the players were in need of a wake up call and that has been very clear, given that this was the third defeat suffered by the team over their last five games . Far be it for me to suggest still remains the favorites to win Olympic Gold , but from where I sit this team may well struggle should they make it out of the group phase .

Simone Biles , now considered the greatest female gymnast in US history has withdrawn from the competition , with the Women’s Team having failed to successfully defend their team Gold Medal with their having lost out to Russia this time around Biles withdrew from the All Round Competition , citing health issues and undue stress . Yet many believe the real reason she withdrew stemmed from the fact judges had began to penalize her routines , because she was so much better than her opponents at the international level. Luckily , for Team USA in the All Round Competition the gold medalist was an American , with Sunisa Lee . This competition and the jingoism often associated with the Olympics seems synonymous with what’s deemed as patriotism. We now have the issue of their being false sense of security of false patriotism and racism being exhibited .

In this COVID sound world , we have the issue of non appearance of fans for these events. These games have not proven to be a ratings’ extravaganza for NBC, even though billions was spent for the broadcast rights here in America. It is hard to create excitement when many of the venues are sparsely attended for the events , especially for the most popular ones . No doubt NBC will seek to recoup potential losses , with their seeking to resell and rebroadcast elements of their coverage through their various services.

The off-season insanity of the NBA continues , with their being more excitement surrounding the trades taking place along with the signing of free agents. Veteran , Carmelo Anthony has signed with the Los Angeles Lakers , where he will play alongside close friend LeBron James . Also joining Anthony in Los Angeles will be seasoned point guard Russell Westbrook. Given the Playoff Run of the Lakers ended so disappointingly , it was understandable why GM Rob Pelinka and Head Coach Frank Vogel decided to make these moves .

Not to be left out of the equation the New York Knicks signed Kemba Walker , providing them with quite a formidable starting unit . With that being said, it is becoming increasingly difficult in believing or seeing them take down the likes of the Milwaukee Bucks as the reigning NBA champions , much less their being good enough to take on the best that the Eastern Conference has to offer or the rest of the NBA for that matter.

Say what you will , but the MLB season has began to heat up . The Los Angeles Dodgers are looking to make a successful defense of their World Series’ title . As one of the highest paid teams in all of baseball. It has to be said that the front office is now intent on taking on all of the identical traits once associated when it came to the New York Yankees and their willingness to pay exorbitant salaries . Over their last ten games , the most impressive team in all of baseball has been the Philadelphia Phillies having gone 5-0 with their win streak, but nowhere as impressive with 8-2 shot . The Phillies for their part will begin a weekend schedule against the New York Mets , whereas the Dodgers are due to face the Los Angeles Angels . That series could prove to be very enthralling for both teams.

So the mandatory OTA’s (Organized training activities) have began within the NFL and the story on everyone’s mind seems to be the impending future of Green Bay Packers’ starting quarterback , Aaron Rodgers and the likelihood of his remaining with the team and signing a long term contract . As the salaries continue to escalate along with the incentives by way of the contracts for the league’s quarterbacks . It has to be said that the general managers around the NFL seem to have lost their way even with regard to the salary cap .

Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills is the latest quarterback in the NFL , having signed a lucrative deal with a guaranteed six figure sum . Whether or not Allen can fulfill the potential based on just one year , where he got the Bills into the postseason remains to be seen. The team will begin their preseason schedule with their preseason opener against the Detroit Lions . While Josh Allen seeks to prove himself , we also have Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens seeking to up the ante by way of a new deal . I am sure his agents will. have that in mind based on Allen’s contract. Jackson’s mother Felicia Jones just happens to be his agent and manager. The front office of the Ravens will be hard pressed to seemingly franchise-tag the player, while hoping to provide him with a lucrative long term contract . Jackson for his part will be hoping that he can lead this Ravens’ team to deep postseason run , but preferably as divisional champion , than a wildcard entrant even with the regular season moving to a seventeen-game schedule for the 2021 season .

I’ve never been enamored with the Dallas Cowboys , their opinionated fans or that of their team owner and de-facto General Manager Jerry Jones. This has been a franchise which hasn’t not achieved anything of note by way of a deep postseason run in over two decades . Yet year in and year out , Jerry Jones tries to convince us all that his team is the one to beat. Jones has a shrewd business acumen , but beyond that he’s simply not that great in assessing talent or putting it on the field of play. In their preseason opener , albeit that the team played a number of their second and third stringers, their loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers indicated a great deal to me. I can only hope that the Cowboys are able to overcome the loss and prove to us that they’re capable of winning the Superbowl .

Peyton Manning will be inducted in the Hall of Fame in Canton , Ohio . Manning will be part of a distinguished group of stars who made a name for themselves in the NFL .

I for one hope that in the coming months, the sports’ stories will be one, which will provide a great deal of news for the ever discerning fan.

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The   Fallout Could Lead to A Breakout   …

So  we’re  now  at a  point  in the  sporting  calendar  where  there’s  a  vast  array  of sports’   activities   taking  center-stage  and  usual  the  non-stop   cycle   of the  NFL  (National  Football  League) continues  with  activity.   Reigning  Superbowl  champions  have  all  of their  ducks  lined  up  in a  row   , having  signed  several  players  from their  championship  winning  roster  to  new  deals  ,  with  their  Superbowl  MVP  ,    Tom  Brady  also  agreeing to  a new  deal at an almost  bargain  basement  price   by  his  own standard s  .    Brady  will  head  into the upcoming season seeking  an unprecedented  eighth  Superbowl  ring , having  won  six  with the  New  England  Patriots  and  his  seventh  with  the  Tampa  Bay  Buccaneers    , for the  franchise’s  second  Lombardi  Trophy  in their history.

Tom Brady, currently a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers .

Beyond what has been taking place by way of the league and the teams seeking to position themselves for the upcoming NFL Draft and salary cap issues , we have seen the retirements of Alex Smith , Philip Rivers and Drew Brees, with all three veteran quarterbacks having varying degrees of success for their respective teams . One team looking to take advantage of this all will likely be the New York Jets after their recent foray with the trading away of quarterback Sam Darnold . More likely than not the Jets will seek to draft a quarterback to replace Darnold who simply did not meet the expectations of the franchise during his stay .

Trevor Lawrence could very well be taken as the number one overall player and most certainly be among the top quarterbacks taken by the end of the first two rounds of this upcoming Draft.

JANUARY 07: Trevor Lawrence #16 of the Clemson Tigers reacts after his teams 44-16 win over the Alabama Crimson Tide in the CFP National Championship presented by AT&T at Levi’s Stadium on January 7, 2019 in Santa Clara, California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

Things have become testy since the All Star Game with their being a plethora of uneven results . One thing is certain no envisioned that the Los Angles Lakers would be struggling to remain among the top-five teams within the Western Conference . With LeBron James by far the best player in their lineup , it will be interesting to see how the team fares over the remainder of their schedule . Next up for this Frank Vogel coached team will be two games on the road against the Dallas Mavericks . The first of the duo of contests will take place on the 22nd April , 2021 .

The Lakers’ in division rivals the Los Angeles Clippers are vying for one to the top three seeds within the Western Conference , but it has been the resilient play of the Phoenix Suns which has been a great surprise to everyone over the past ten days. Led by Kawhi Leonard the Clippers will be in action themselves with several games of note . An upcoming contest against the Houston Rockets should tell us a great deal about this Clippers’ roster .

Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors .

Can Steph Curry lead the Golden State Warriors back into postseason contention ? That’s an intriguing answer for a team without one of it’s best players in Klay Thompson. The Warriors can make into the NBA Playoffs by way of the play-in factor , a new addition to the playoffs due to a shortened regular season schedule brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic . Golden State for it’s part will be looking to play with the real consistency . In their next game the Warriors are due to meet the Denver Nuggets at home on Friday , 23rd April .

Far be it for me to suggest , but I get the feeling that while the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers are seen as the teams to beat within the Eastern Conference , one team which is being overlooked just happens to be the Milwaukee Bucks , but given their recent failures in the postseason it would be easy to write them off once again . Yet for all sense and purpose the Bucks led by two time League MVP , Giannis Antetokounmpou seems to have his teammates playing the way Head Coach Mike Budenholzer has sought . This team is quite capable of overcoming the deficit within the conference and ending up as the top seed . Next up for the Bucks will be a game against the 76ers as par of their regular season series. The contest should tell us a great about the intentions of both teams and the directions they’re said to be heading .

LeBron James has been playing with the level of someone who belies his age James and the Los Angeles Lakers as the reigning NBA champions are having an extremely tough season . It seems unaccustomed for this team to be having issues within the league at present , but injuries as well as inconsistency has played it’s part in the Frank Vogel coached roster . James and the Lakers have an upcoming game against the Dallas Mavericks , having lost to Dallas previously in their most recent match-up on the 22nd April .

Time may well be running out for both the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers to really prove their credibility within the NBA and their championship aspirations. High payrolls notwithstanding it is becoming pretty clear that there’s not a great deal of real consistency needed .

Alex Rodriguez having not been able to make a successful attempt to become a MLB team owner, but the former New York Yankees’ player has joined a consortium with a view to buying the Minnesota Timberwolves , where owner , Glen Taylor is seeking to sell the franchise , but under which retains control while the new ownership group acclimatizes to their fiduciary responsibilities . Rodriguez and his partner , Marc Lore an e-Commerce executive and CEO of Walmart’s e-commerce operations, purchased the Timberwolves for a reputed $1.5 billion .

What else needs to be said about the Los Angeles Dodgers at this juncture ? This weekend there will be a full cluster of games to be played . Dave Robert’s has a team playing with a great deal of aplomb with his coaching staff being at the top of their game . Roberts will have his team ready for a fairly tough weekend schedule where they will be playing the San Diego Padres . On the mound as opposing pitchers will be Yu Darvish of the Padres against Clayton Kershaw of the Dodgers .

Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels is off to another terrific season for his team . It will be interesting to see what transpires this weekend as the Dodgers face the Houston Astros .It will be Andrew Heaney facing off against Zack Greinke . .

There are several great games scheduled for both Saturday , 24th April , as well as Sunday , 25th . One of the contests for today (Saturday) pits the Boston Red Sox against the Seattle Mariners with these two AL teams seeking to position themselves within their respective divisions and league . On the mound for the Mariners will be Chris Flexen as he faces Nathan Eovaldi of the Red Sox . While the Boston Red Sox are riding high their divisional rivals the New York Yankees are struggling to to make their presence felt having posted an 8-11 record as of the 23rd April . Manager Brett Boone and his team of his priced stars will be looking to placate themselves of their inauspicious start to the season . To round out their current series the Yankees will be in action today when they face the Cleveland Indians on the road . The opposing pitchers will be Gerrit Cole of the Yankees facing off against Shane Bieber of the Indians .

Freddie Freeman of the Atlanta Braves and reigning NL MVP .

Early leaders in various statistics provides us with something special to expect over this season within baseball . I would like to think that the major awards for this season will go to credible candidates .

What if anything are you hoping to bear witness to this season within the world of sports ?

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The Rubber Ball Won’t Come Bouncing Back

  The Rubber Ball  Won’t Come Bouncing  Back..

Urban  Meyer  whose  retirement  from  College  Football  came  as  not  great surprise  even  after the  success of having  won  three  national titles  ,  two  with  Florida (Gators) and  another  with  Ohio State (Buckeyes)  gave the  coach all the credibility he  needed when he chose to ride off into the  sunset.  Meyer  was  able  to  parlay his retirement  into  a well-paying  gig as College  Football  analyst with ESPN.

If the rumors are to be believed then Urban Meyer’s appetite has been whetted with the coach seeking to come out of retirement and make his return to the professional level of football within the NFL ranks with one of the teams with a vacancy at present . Meyer is seeking seeking five-year deal worth $60 million .

With there now being at least three known NFL vacancies now within the NFL after the end of the regular season and the customary bloodletting with the dismissal of NFL Head Coaches. It could be said that the front offices of these teams in seek of a new Head Coach might not be necessarily willing to go after someone without prior league experience. Yet Meyer does offer a coach with a known pedigree of success wherever he has coached. The stumbling block may well be his asking price . That being said, Jon Gruden of the Las Vegas Raiders is the highest paid coach in the NFL and he’s yet to take the Raiders to the NFL Postseason since his return to the league. Mark Davis the principal owner of the Raiders was out to make a statement with the hiring of Gruden. but his mistake and naivete was the contract offered to the coach . Jon Gruden’s contract with the Raiders is a ten-year $100 million deal , by far the highest in the league to date .

Among one NFL franchise showing possible interest in the hiring of Urban Meyer, are the Jacksonville Jaguars who had a disastrous season under Doug Marrone , who was fired by team owner Shahid Khan . The Jaguars finished with the league worst 1-15 record, which gives the team the number one overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft . If Khan and Jaguars ‘ GM Dana DesJarlais can negotiate terms with Meyer , then he could become the coach of a team which struggled through much of the regular season .

The Coronavirus has plagued the NFL through much of the season and at differing points of the schedule there were at times at least twenty or thirty players sidelined by the virus . NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell set in place strict protocols which were often ignored which ultimately led to the dismissal of Dwayne Haskins from the roster of the Washington Football Team . Head Coach Ron Rivera seemed to have done an about-face, having first said that Haskins was OK , only then to cut the rookie quarterback of the 2019 NFL Draft . Haskins for now is an unrestricted free agent whose career in the NFL might be as short-lived as that of former Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel .

It’s hard to say where Dwayne Haskins can now go from here having imploded his career through self destruction , deceit and lying . One of the contests in question will pit the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on the road to face the Washington Football Team with the home team having nothing to lose , with their having the worst record of any of the postseason teams. Buccaneers’ quarterback Tom Brady will be looking to carry on his postseason record by notching up another postseason victory for his new team .

I’ll say this for the new NBA season , it is proving to be very exciting as the rookies around the league get to whet their appetite for the game against the seasoned veterans . Over the next ten games it will be interesting to see how the teams are going to fare . James Harden and the Houston Rockets are still looking to lay claim as one of the best teams in the NBA but with the departure of Russell Westbrook in a blockbuster trade which sent John Wall from the Washington Wizards to the Rockets, it will be interesting to see what rookie Head Coach Stephen Silas can do with this Rockets’ roster .

Next up for the Houston Rockets will be a game against the Indiana Pacers on the road , in an intra-conference match-up . This contest will be taking place on Wednesday , 6th January , 2021. The Los Angeles Lakers will continue their quest to make a successful defense of their NBA title . The team led by four-time League MVP , LeBron James will next be on the court when the Lakers face the San Antonio Spurs at home in all Western Conference match-up .

Sorry , but I am having a hard time being convinced that Doc Rivers can immediately turn around the fate of the Philadelphia 76ers , turning them into a legitimate contender for this season’s NBA title . Rivers was never able to get the best out of the Los Angeles Clippers during his seven year tenure with the franchise. Granted , he won a title with the Boston Celtics . but that feat was twelve years ago . Over their next ten games I think that we’ll be better able to judge the Sixers on their merits . Their next game will see the Philadelphia 76ers face the Brooklyn Nets on the road between two of the Eastern Conference’s best teams .

Becky Hammon could very well become the first female in North American professional sports to coach a team where the players are male. Hammon is currently a lead assistant on the coaching staff of Gregg Popovich of the San Antonio Spurs . Also as part of his staff , Popovich has a future Hall of Fame bound player, Tim Duncan. Given the faith shown by Popovich in his two lead assistants , it is not surprising that he’s allowed to take the helm in the coaching of this team while looks more dealing with the operational side of this renowned franchise . This season however the Spurs find themselves in something of a difficult situation as they seek to transition , with their being several young players on what now appears to an inexperienced roster.

Gregg Popovich and his coaching staff appears committed to these younger players , while the likes of Rudy Gay and LaMarcus Aldridge can still provide the type of veteran leadership needed. This is a roster which can be competitive this season should the right breaks fall their way . In their next contest the Spurs will face the Los Angeles Lakers on the road in an all Western Conference clash . It will be very interesting to see the type of insight likely to be provided by Becky Hammon and Tim Duncan as they assist Gregg Popovich in the coaching strategy for the game .

Major League Baseball ended it’s postseason with a triumphant Los Angeles Dodgers winning their first world title in over three decades with their last victory coming in 1988 . The Dodgers’ triumph over the Tampa Bay Rays was not totally unexpected , but the end results did justify the means by way of the team’s mass spending on star players . Heading into this upcoming season there are high expectations for this Dodgers’ team

There were several off-season moves by a number of teams with salaries likely to go up alongside payroll obligations . Not doubt once the regular season gets underway on the !st April , 2021 , all of the teams will begin to get their wheels in motion . It will be interesting to see which players are likely to be in contention for the singular awards from each league . The MLB hierarchy led my Commissioner Rob Manfred will still be adopting strict protocols with regard to the Coronavirus as the pandemic does not seem to be waning .

So what should we expect of this NFL postseason with the teams now vying to become this season’s Superbowl champions ? The Kansas City Chiefs are there with their quarterback Patrick Mahomes leading the team and quite possibly looking to win his second League MVP Award. The Chiefs will have a first-round bye as the wildcard round gets underway with their games this weekend beginning on Saturday, 9th January , 2021. The most fascinating match-up pits the Washington Football Team at home hosting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers led by Tom Brady as the makes another postseason foray with a team other than the New England Patriots . I expect the Buccaneers to be victorious given Brady’s success in the postseason , but it would not surprise me to see Washington pull off the upset .

What if anything are you now looking forward to within the world of sports as we have entered the year 2021 ? One would hope the year will be considerably better than 2020 in spite of the continued news about the Coronavirus .

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Two Shakes of a Lamb’s Tail and We’ll be Up and Running ….+

Yes it’s that time of the year when the NFL is in full swing vying it’s way to what should prove to be an interesting postseason , much like last year among the teams and players . Elsewhere in the world of sports there are some fascinating stories about to unfold . There’s now a great deal of uncertainty concerning the futures of several head coaches around the NFL . Last night in Monday Night Football the Philadelphia Eagles lost another game on their schedule falling to conference rivals the Seattle Seahawks. For Eagles’ quarterback this Carson Wentz , this was another game where the player continued to show a great deal of inconsistency with far too many errant plays .

Carson Wentz (11) of the Philadelphia Eagles is seen here during the game played against the Green Bay Packers which which the Eagles would go on to lose 30-16 .

For Eagles’ Head Coach Doug Peterson and the front office there could be pressing times ahead for this entire team and the coaching staff. Team owner Jeff Lurie might well have to make a severe shake up within the front office with the possible firing of GM Howie Roseman along with the firing of Doug Pederson also. With five games left of the regular season, the Eagles are playing not just for honor, but also for the futures of several players on the roster including Carson Wentz himself .

In week thirteen of the NFL schedule the Philadelphia Eagles will be back on the field to face the Green Bay Packers in a must-win game for the Eagles if they are to have a legitimate shot a seeding within the conference (NFC) for the postseason .

After a great postseason within the NBA and the Los Angeles Lakers winning their seventeenth NBA title tying them alongside the Boston Celtics , it will be interesting to see if the Lakers can make a successful defense of the championship with LeBron James and Anthony Davis leading what will be a revamped roster . Several players have left the Lakers moving on to supposed pastures green for considerably higher pay and the thought of contributing to their new teams .

The upcoming NBA season is not scheduled to begin until Christmas week with their being a slew of games to start off what could be another shortened season due to the Coronavirus . NBA league hierarchy led by Adam Silver did what was deemed to be the right thing with the NBA Playoffs being played in a bubble at a singular venue . What transpires out of this season could very well be determined by the league and that of the NBPA (union) .

Opening Night of the new season will see several of the new rookies on the court for their respective teams. If last season was anything to go by along with previous seasons, then the fans in whatever form they may well take should be in for some excitement.

Lavar Ball has placed all three of his sons on a pedestal believing all three are going to be the ” next big thing “ within the league (NBA).. His eldest son, Lonzo Ball , currently with the New Orleans Pelicans , has struggled within the NBA ever since he was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers as a first round draft pick during the 2017 NBA Draft. With Lonzo Ball now happily being part of the Pelicans and playing alongside Zion Williamson . It has to be said that things have worked out perfectly for Lonzo and dare I say it, for his father also and their company Big Baller Brand (BBB) ? LaMelo Ball is the second of LaVar Ball’s three sons to have made it into the NBA , with his being drafted by the Charlotte Hornets . Team owner Michael Jordan , might not be buying into the hype concerning LaMelo Ball , but he obviously knows that something needed to be done if he is to persuade the front office and coaching staff that the franchise is heading in the right direction.

Having signed his rookie contract LaMelo Ball will be looking to start real fast right out of the gate, looking to impress his new teammates , coaching staff and the entire front office and Hornets’ fans. For Michael Jordan this might the biggest gamble of his life since he tried his hand at playing Major League Baseball with the Chicago White Sox . That short-lived career did not amount to much as a player for the American League ball club. Fans are not so sure whether or not this season will be one of an eighty two game season or a reduced one of 60 to 65 games ?

One thing is becoming abundantly clear James Harden might well be one of the moist talented players in the NBA , but in terms of his being able to get along with his teammates , there has been continuous problems with Harden when he was with the Oklahoma City Thunder and now with the Houston Rockets . Harden couldn’t be the second wheel Kevin Durant as the franchise chased glory seeking to win an NBA title . His departure from the Thunder to join the Rockets didn’t come as a major surprise. Yet what we know now , Harden couldn’t seem to get along with Chris Paul and now he can’t seem to get along with Russell Westbrook . The prolific point guard has been traded to the Washington Wizards in exchange for John Wall .

The Los Angeles Dodgers triumphed in winning their first World Series title in just over thirty years having defeated the Tamp Bay Rays , winning the series 4-2 . Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts managed to do what his predecessors had not been able to do since 1988 . That triumph has now taken away a giant shadow which had been cast over the organization for more than three decades . Corey Seager managed to have an extraordinary postseason , having won World Series MVP in the Dodgers’ triumph. Beyond that, it will be interesting to see if the front office of the ball-club will offer the player a long-term contract before he’s due to become a free agent. At $12 million a year Corey Seager is very much undervalued given his status and productivity for the Dodgers’ franchise .

No one can deny that Mike Trout might just be the best player in baseball at this moment in time , His career resume’ to date says it all alongside his multiple wins of the AL League MVP . The one thing missing from Trout’s personal file , a World Series’ ring and World Series MVP accolade. His sojourn in the postseason with the Los Angeles Angels continues to come up short.

If the Los Angeles Angels are to compete in 2021 , then this team has to play with a more competitive drive to their all-round game . If nothing else several of Trouts’ teammates will also have to step up to the plate including seasoned veteran Albert Pujols . The team might not be seen as a favorite within the AL West , but given the play around the American League , just about anything can happen . The Angels if nothing else will have to play at a much higher level and this will be very much predicated upon the managerial acumen of the team’s manager Joe Maddon . The manager for his part has seen a great deal of success in his role and whether or not he can regain that type of success remains to be seen.

I’d like to think Mike Trout can have another great season. If Mike can simply have his teammates play at his level. then it could provide a great deal of excitement for the Angels’ fans.

Another year of lean disappointment for the New York Yankees and their litany of stars , one has to now wonder where the front office now goes from here after their season of woes. Gerrit Cole was brought in with a high price contract to add some stellar pitching to a staff that might be seen as suspect . This past season within the MLB Postseason this Brett Boone roster of players didn’t meet the expectations of a deep postseason run . The off-season for the Yankees could lead to some major changes within the roster lineup by way of deals being made for free agents . It will be interesting to see if the Yankees will seek to pare down their payroll or seek to increase it substantially while also incurring the payroll luxury tax.

As the reigning World Series champions the Los Angeles Dodgers will head into next season looking to see if they can repeat as champions . Something which has not been done in several years , with the last back to back champions taking place in 1999 and then in 2000 with the New York Yankees triumphing both times . Dave Roberts as the Dodgers’ team manager will be glad to know that in all likelihood the core of this roster will be back in 2021 to pursue their challenge of seeking to make it a reality of repeating as champions . One thing is certain this Dodgers’ lineup if it continues with their consistency , then they will have to be considered favorites not just within the NL , but throughout MLB for this upcoming year and the World Series .

This past weekend welterweight champion Errol, Spence Jr made his long awaited turn to a boxing ring when he faced challenger Danny Garcia . Spence having been involved in single vehicle accident came within inches of losing his life and what would have been a abrupt end to his career. The bout itself between these two welterweight stars didn’t meet all of the expectations , but Spence proved his durability with a unanimous verdict decision over Garcia .

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Takeaway,Breakways & Leave Just Leave It Up To Beaver

Things which we’re now learning, LeBron James is the best players of his generation in the NBA and he now has to be considered among the top-fifteen players in NBA history , having led led three different franchises to an NBA championship , with James having won his fourth Finals’ MVP Award along the way.

LeBron James is seen here during the NBA Finals against the Miami Heat during which the Los Angeles Lakers went on to win the series by four games to two (4-2) to secure their 17th NBA championship tying them with the Boston Celtics for the most titles.

James’s most recent triumph came by way the Los Angeles Lakers defeating the Miami Heat for the Lakers’ seventeenth championship tying them with the Boston Celtics for the most in NBA history . The Los Angeles Lakers could very well surpass that total in making a successful defense during the upcoming NBA season (2020-21). If they keep their current roster in tact or even with their core group of LeBron James , Anthony Davis and Kentavious Cladwell-Pope , the Lakers are certainly going to be odds on favorites for the title next season .

Granted , Caldwell-Pope has already opted out of the final year of his contract , but I’m sure that Rob Pekinka will be looking to convince the player to remain with the franchise and there’s likely to be input from both LeBron James and Anthony Davis on the matter .

With the NBA salary cap likely to ostensibly lower coming at around $115 million in comparison to this past season’s figure of $125 million , it will be interesting to see what type of moves are made with several players likely to be traded or be re-signed by their respective teams. Also with the NBA Draft not far off on the horizon certain franchises might just be looking to make certain deals seeking to position themselves for the drafting of a player that best suits their needs.

Three time champions the Golden State Warriors might we’ll seek to pursue two-time League MVP and current Milwaukee Bucks’ forward Giannis Antetokounmpo . The Greek player is due to become a free agent this upcoming season , though he seek to opt out and seek to re-sign a max contract over five years equating to $205 million .

For GM Bob Myers , and the front office of the Golden State Warriors this off-season will be unlike any other over the past five seasons at least. For much of last season , the roster was without Steph Curry and Klay Thompson for prolonged spells of the their schedule leading to their poor record over this past season and clearly one of their worst over the last decade.

Say what you will , but after two games of the MLB World Series , everyone is beginning to see why Major League Baseball was in need of a great deal of excitement with the two teams in the postseason finale being the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Tampa Bay Rays . With the first two games having been split at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles California . Game three will revert to Tropicana Field home of the Rays where the starting pitchers for that game will be Walker Buehler of the Dodgers against Charlie Morton of the Rays . The difference between these two teams can be best summed up by the divergence in their respective payrolls . Dodgers’ fans are hoping that the ball-club will be able to secure their first title since 1988 .

Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys with their current 2-4 record currently lead the NFC East division and it’s my humble belief that at least another two losses on their schedule could lead to the firing of Head Coach Mike McCarthy . To say that the Cowboys have under-performed would be putting things mildly. This team has not met expectations at all and that is even with the loss of starting quarterback Dak Prescott for quite possibly the rest of the season. In their next game in week seven the Dallas will meet the Washington Football Team on the road . If the Cowboys should end up with another loss , then their season could very well go up in smoke .

Several other teams within the league are having what one could describe as disastrous seasons given their present predicament. The Seattle Seahawks (5-0) with their unbeaten record are among the best teams in the NFL at this point of the season . Led by Russell Wilson , this team is expected to be as competitive as ever , leading many to believe they’re among the best teams in the NFC and clearly a presumptive favorite for the Superbowl this season . Wilson and the Seahawks will be facing the Arizona Cardinals in their week seven game which is a divisional rivalry .

Week eight of the College Football Season and the games should prove to be very competitive . Top ranked Clemson will be in action as they face Syracuse in what should prove to be a very entertaining match-up between the two teams . Perennial powerhouse Alabama will also be taking to the field when they’re matched up against Tennessee (Volunteers) . There will be several more games of heightened interest to the fans nationwide as the programs are moving headlong in to their respective seasons with their being so much at stake .

There’s a great deal to look forward to over this sporting weekend beginning as of today and it will be interesting to see what will pan out over the next three days commencing today , Friday, 23rd October, 2020. .

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Things Will Never Be The Same ….

Things Will Never Be The Same ….

College Football is now in a state of disarray with the possibility of their season being completely shuttered . The Big Ten Conference considered one of the top-tier conferences has made the formal announcement to shutter the entire season. Where this now leaves College Seniors on those programs remains to be seen and whether or not they will be granted another year of eligibility . The Coronavirus will cut a swath not just through Collegiate Athletics but also throughout professional sports in general . Billions of dollars are at stake and it remains to be seen how the issue will be addressed by the conference as they undertake the decision as to whether not to curtail their season in other sports also .

NCAA President Mark Emmert and fellow members of the NCAA hierarchy will now have to take a long and hard look at the landscape of Collegiate Athletics and how the NCAA moves forward . From my own perspective, I believe it prudent for the NCAA to take a look at the well-being of the college athlete than simply take to the field purely out of greed with revenue for all of college sports runs into tens of billions of dollars annually , with the top-two revenue driven sports being College Football and College Basketball .

It now remains to be seen what other actions will be put in place by the NCAA and respective sports’ conference concerning this collegiate season of sports. Never has the NCAA itself have to deal with a crisis of this nature.

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The Life You Lead and the Road Less Traveled

The Life You Lead and The Road Less Traveled ….

With the NFL Postseason having come to an and with it being a glorious celebration with the Kansas City Chiefs wining Superbowl LIV . Patrick Mahomes joined a select group of players to have won the Superbowl MVP and League MVP , though not in the same season within a three-year span of having entered the league. Mahomes excelled during the regular season with his play and he truly stepped up to the plate during the postseason .

Patrick Mahomes and his teammates were truly invigorating in their defeat of the San Francisco 49ers . For Chiefs’ Head Coach Andy Reid , this was a tremendous achievement , after his years of trying to reach the pinnacle of the NFL. Reid has now taken two teams to the Superbowl , won two conference titles and multiple division titles with both the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs. From my own perspective , Reid can now take this Chiefs’ franchise to even greater heights than any of his predecessors including the venerable Hank Stram .


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During this off-season , it will be interesting to see how the Kansas City Chiefs’ front office will deal with the free agents on the roster as well as positioning themselves with regard to the upcoming NFL Draft as well as their positioning with the salary cap . Leigh Steinberg , agent for Patrick Mahomes knows that he can negotiate a revamped deal for his budding NFL superstar , with the chance that Mahomes could very well become among
the highest paid players in the league.

There were several teams who failed miserably over the course of the NFL season , with perhaps none more so than the Cincinnati Bengals . Though some might say the Cleveland Browns were equally abysmal with Baker Mayfield proving how over-hyped the quarterback has been , albeit that he could share the same ignominy of Jamies Winston of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with his erratic play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers . One thing that is clear , several franchises will be in need of a quarterback for the upcoming season and the likelihood with several veteran free agents on the market , notably Tom Brady , Drew Brees and Philip Rivers , there could be some major changes on the way. Joe Burrow appears to be overall consensus number one overall pick in this upcoming Draft and I seriously doubt that the Bengals’ front office will pass on a player of his caliber , given his play on the national championship winning team of LSU (Tigers) .

In the aftermath of the fallout from the Houston Astros and their spectacular fall from grace , it has to be said that the MLB hierarchy’s handling of the situation was swift and exact . Furthermore , team owner Jim Crane immediately fired manager AJ Hinch and general manager Jeff Luhnow . Crane has moved ahead with the hiring of Dusty Baker to succeed Hinch and the hire of James Click , a former front office executive with the Tampa Bay Rays to succeed Jeff Luhnow . It would appear that the Astros are now in a position to embark on a new chapter within the franchise’s history .

The world of baseball is still in shock , with some of the game’s most prominent players not said to be completely satisfied with the punishment meted out to the Houston Astros’ organization. From my own perspective , I feel that the steps taken by MLB Commissioner Robert Manfred , were more than justified and it sets an example for the rest of the teams within the league as to the dangers of cheating .

If you’ve provided a great deal of success for a team that you have played for ever since your very first game for the franchise , then you would expect to be compensated accordingly. That doesn’t appear to be the case for Mookie Betts , an All Star player for the Boston Red Sox and the ball-club’s most recent recipient of an ALMVP Award . Betts and the Red Sox front office seem to be miles apart in the renegotiation his existing contract which has a year to run and with the player due $27 million for the upcoming 2020 MLB season .

There are said to be at least two interested parties wishing to acquire Mookie Betts , with the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres said to be those two leading ball-clubs vying for his services. The Dodgers for their part can offer up several players, while committing themselves to adding Betts’ final year to their already burgeoning payroll and likelihood of committing themselves of being penalized by way of the luxury tax threshold of $200 million if necessary. . It will be interested to see what the Dodgers can achieve with Mookie Betts and David Price , with the news now emanating that the Red Sox have relented and sent these two players westwards to Los Angeles . The Dodgers with these two acquisitions would have to be considered for the NLCS in 2020. with the depth of their roster overall .

With the Opening Day for the MLB season beginning on 26th March , 2020 and it will be interesting to see how the teams will fare through the first month of the season . The Los Angeles Dodgers’ regular season opener will see the team face the San Francisco Giants , their NL West divisional rivals .

It will be hard to suggest which team in the AL can be seen as a viable favorite for the ALCS in 2020. The New York Yankees , Houston Astros and Minnesota Twins were the only three teams to have notched over 100 wins this past season . All three were divisional champions and it will be interesting to see if either can repeat that feat , given the changes made to the respective rosters and payrolls . For the Yankees , their continued to pursuit of a twenty-eighth World Series’ title remains ever present in the minds of their fans as well as the Steinbrenner family as the owners of baseball’s most revered franchise . New York’s last victory in the World Series came by way of the managerial talents of Joe Girardi , as he led them to victory over the Philadelphia Phillies . New York’s manager Aaron Boone and this largely talented team will be looking to guide the franchise to another postseason berth with another title in mind. Their season will begin with a game the Baltimore Orioles , in a contest being played on the road against their AL East divisional rivals.

Aaron Boone will undoubtedly be tested over the course of the season , with the continued impatience among the fans of the New York Yankees. With the team having several All Stars on the roster , these players will have to play to the best of their abilities over the course of this season . The likes of Giancarlo Stanton , among the highest paid player on the team alongside Gleyber Torres and Aaron Judge will be looking to have a great season in 2020. Gerrit Cole , the starting pitcher acquired during this off-season will debut for the Yankees , likely leading their starting roster of pitchers. . If Cole is the Opening Day Starter against the Orioles , it will be interesting to see how the player fares against Baltimore .

Is there any chance that Derek Jeter as the newest New York Yankees ‘ Hall of Fame inductee will be able to see the Miami Marlins actually compete this season within the NL East ? It has been several years since the ball-club last played in the postseason and several years since the finished either as a runner-up or division winner within the division.

The Miami Marlins have gone from being franchise with a great farm system to an after-thought and laughing stock around the game of baseball. Not even under the managerial acumen of Don Mattingly and his staff , has the ball-club to achieve anything of note. Suffice to say another sub-par year now awaits the Marlins after their 57-105 record of last season . . This season if nothing else , Jeter and team managing partner , Bruce Sherman will be expecting a great deal out of this team heading into the season. . On assessing the team’s roster and the fact the payroll is among the lowest in the league , something of a trait the ball-club has followed for a number of years . This continues to be the mantra that they’ve followed for several years heading into 2020 . The Marlins’ regular season opener will see the team face the Philadelphia Phillies at home .

We’re heading into the NBA All Star Game which takes place this upcoming week and with the teams having not fared too well at this juncture in the lead-up to this big mid-season event. The Milwaukee Bucks have the best record in the league , and the team is the only franchise to have hit the forty victory mark . Current League MVP and captain of the World Stars , when they face the domestic NBA Stars of the league as Giannis Antetokoumnpou will lead that roster of World Stars . Antetokounmpou once again leads the Brewers in offense and has been the focal point of a franchise once again looking to meet expectations . Milwaukee has a mere handful games before the All Star Break , with their next game being against the Philadelphia 76ers , a team which is clearly over-matched in this contest to my mind with their players being nowhere as talented as the Bucks.

With the aftermath and the death of Kobe Bryant , there has been a giant shadow cast over the NBA and specifically the Los Angeles Lakers’ franchise , with the organization as well as the fans players alike in a complete state of shock. For Lakers’ premiere players LeBron James and Anthony Davis , it has been a devastating for both All Stars. While I believe that the franchise can overcome this tragedy , it remains to be seen how the players will acquit themselves in the coming months . They are clearly the best team within the Western Conference by a wide margin , but the regular season being what it is . It’s a playoff run which really determines great champions and the players themselves . LeBron James knows this to be true given his playoff record in the NBA. Over their next ten games , it will be interesting to see how the Lakers will fare in those upcoming contests . Their upcoming game against the Golden State Warriors on the 8th February .

If the Los Angeles Lakers are said to be having problems, then one equate the continued problems of the New York Knicks as one of their very own making over the past ten years at least. . The fact that the franchise’s last appearance in the NBA Playoffs took place during the 2012-13 season should tell you all you need to know about the Knicks and their continued dire straits . The team’s roster as it now stands isn’t overly impressive and when compared to the other franchises in the conference and league overall , there’s the feeling that the front office under GM Scott Perry , team owner James L Dolan and the coaching staff of Mike Miller have completely lost their way . Up next for the New York Knicks will be a game against the Detroit Pistons on the road against an Eastern Conference rival . The New York Knicks remains the most valuable franchise in the NBA and among its most profitable , purely based from the fact they’re in the nation’s largest ad-market . Beyond that, there’s nothing remotely significant about the organization and its current destination at this juncture.

What if anything, would you like to see happen in the coming weeks within the world of sports and which recent stories have held your attention the most ?

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