Figure It Out ……………

Figure It Out ……………

Well Monday Night Football brings us a conference and divisional —— matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins . For these two NFC East teams comes the first of two divisional games where the duo will look for dominance between both parties. Mike Shanahan as coach of this Redskins’ team is off a 2-0 start and one of the surprises of the season , albeit that the schedule is in its infancy. The Redskins’ coach seems to have this team playing with a great deal of resilience with the offense seem to be leading the way with the play of incumbent quarterback Rex Grossman taking the helm and leading by example .


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From my own standpoint this game should prove to be something of an eye opener as to the ambitions of both teams. Cowboys Stadium will play host to these two divisional rivals with team owner Jerry Jones still singing the praises of his $1.3 billion homage to ostentatious opulence , albeit that the Cowboys simply have struggled in the early part of their schedule , having lost a winnable game to the New York Jets inexplicably. For some reason Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo would like to have us believe that he should be seen as one of the elite players at the position within the league but fortunately for many of us we know that’s simply not true . And for the ever consuming idiot analysts within ESPN who continue to drool over the player’s alleged abilities my question for them is when will they simply wake up to the fact that Tony Romo is not an exceptional talent ? He may well be statistically the second most successful quarterback in the franchise’s history sitting behind Hall of Famer Roger Staubach . But that counts for nothing when you have yet to lead the Dallas Cowboys to successful run in the NFL postseason and therein lies the dilemma facing the Cowboys’ organization .

For Jones’ counterpart there’s the equally ambitious Dan Snyder whose millions seems to be limitless when it comes to spending money needlessly on overpriced talent . The Albert Haynesworth and Donovan McNabb experiments were a case in point where neither player were at all productive for the team last season .

Both the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins garnered themselves some highly regarded talent in this past NFL Draft and it seems to have paid dividends for the Cowboys and Redskins as both seek to complement their respective rosters. Jason Garrett having succeeded his predecessor Wade Phillips seems to have the Dallas Cowboys playing with a great deal of confidence but as I alluded to before the Achilles’ Heel for this team just happens to be Tony Romo.

Now while Romo has a litany of offensive weapons at his disposal with the likes of Dez Bryant , Miles Austin , Jason Witten , Felix Jones , DeMarco Murray and Tashard Choice the real problem has been the inconsistency of the Dallas Cowboys to close out a game decisively . If they are to succeed then it will be incumbent of Jason Garrett and the coaching staff to emphasize that to his players.

With what appears to be a renewed belief amongst the Washington Redskins’ fans as well as the front office of the organization it would appear that Mike Shanahan and his coaching staff led by his son Kyle Shanahan has this team playing with a great deal of resolve . Given the mindset of Dan Snyder and the very fact that he’s a mirror image of Monday night counterpart without the title of general manager . As much as Jones and Snyder are viewed as two of the more high profiled owners within the league it has been their mere presence with interjecting themselves in the day to day affairs of the respective franchises that they own which has led to the ongoing lack of success for both teams over the last decade. Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder may feel that as owners it is their right to dictate the terms under which their teams operate and what they expect their coaches to do . Unfortunately for both success has been fleeting and it would appear that both Jason Garrett and Mike Shanahan are in for an uphill battle if they are to succeed for their respective franchises.

Results they say can be misleading given the premise of the schedules set by the league . But I would susgest it all comes down to how the teams prepare themselves leading up to gameday . And clearly this seems to have worked out and favored the Washington Redskins but I would suggest that their season while in its infancy has yet to convince me that this team is capable of being considered a legitimate contender within the NFC for the Superbowl .

Rex Grossman for his part has shown why he was preferred over counterpart John Beck . And as good as both appear to be for this team it would very well lead to the Redskins struggling for much of the season . The long held belief that the game has passed Mike Shanahan by may well have been justified but that now seems to give us a moment to rethink mindset.

Monday night’s game could provide us with several clues as to the aspiration and direction of the Cowboys and Redskins . Both are proving that on both sides of the ball they are capable of showing playing at a reasonably high level . I am not convince that either the Dallas Cowboys or Washington Redskins are truly capable of being considered amongst the very best that the NFC has to offer by way of being the best teams the conference has offer much less win the Superbowl.

The NFL season while still in its infancy won’t give us a a clear indication as to an outright favorite as of yet but by week 9 or 10 we should be getting a much clear indication as to what lies ahead for the real contenders as they look to separate themselves from the pretenders . As to the coaches on the perceived ” hot seat “ we may well see a casualty . My own thought as to who are the likely candidates ………….. well you can count Norv Turner , Chan Gailey , Tony Sparano , Jack Del Rio and Tom Coughlin should he not be able to corral the New York Giants ——– lead them to at least the divisional round of the playoffs . Anything less , and I believe that the coach’s tenure in New York with this franchise will come to an abrupt end !



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What if anything has come as a complete surprise to you as the NFL embarks upon another season ? And do you believe that either the Dallas Cowboys or Washington Redskins are viable contenders within the NFC for the Superbowl ? Simply chime in with a thought as to this piece and anything else you believe to be pertinent .

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(1) Tony Romo (9) of the Dallas Cowboys throws a pass against the San Francisco 49ers in the fourth quarter of an NFL football game at Candlestick Park on September 18, 2011 in San Francisco, California. The Cowboys won the game in overtime 27-24 . Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images ….

(2) Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) is sacked by New York Jets linebacker Calvin Pace (97) during the first half of an NFL football game Sunday, Sept. 11, 2011, in East Rutherford, N.J. AP Photo/Julio Cortez ……

(3) Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan watches the action in the first half of an NFL football game against the Arizona Cardinals in Landover, Md., Sunday, Sept. 18, 2011. Washington won 22-21. AP Photo/Nick Wass ……

(4) Quarterback Rex Grossman (8) of the Washington Redskins hands the ball off to running back Tim Hightower (25) during the first half against the Arizona Cardinals at FedExField on September 18, 2011 in Landover, Maryland. Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images …….

(5) Two of the NFL’s more high profiled owners seen here at Fedex Field in Landover , Maryland . Dan Snyder (left) owner of the Washington Redskins is seen here with his Dallas Cowboys counterpart Jerry Jones prior to a game between their respective teams . Getty Images / Harry How …………….


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In light of the putrid effort put forth by the Dallas Cowboys in their most recent NFL game against the Green Bay Packers I feel that the citizens within the state of Texas and the supporters of the franchise have a right to demand their money back. Either under that state’s Lemon Law or under their statutes with regard to other areas of consumer protection. Granted , you might well feel that this is a futile gesture ? But clearly after this latest and woefully inept display by the Cowboys. Their fans must feel rightfully aggrieved that they’ve either got to pay and watch this drivel or actually attend to watch the home games in the team’s brand new multi-billion dollar edifice. It has now come to be known as …..’The House That Jerry Built’ . And for a stadium that was in part publicly financed. The citizens within the greater Dallas area should have a right to feel aggrieved and angry at their local politicians.

Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys closes his eyes as he is hit by Johnny Jolly #97 of the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on November 15, 2009 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Packers defeated the Cowboys 17-7.  picture appears courtesyof  getty images/ Johnathan  Daniel
Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys closes his eyes as he is hit by Johnny Jolly #97 of the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on November 15, 2009 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Packers defeated the Cowboys 17-7. picture appears courtesyof getty images/ Johnathan Daniel

However, unfortunately for Jerry Jones, what’s now being housed inside that edifice in no way,shape or form resembles an NFL franchise. You’d make better use of the facility, housing the homeless within the state of Dallas. Rather than, having this Cowboys’ team continuously ridicule itself with the thought that it is indeed a competitive NFL franchise. They’re no more closer to being competitive in this league than the Cleveland Browns, the Oakland Raiders, the St Louis Rams, the Detroit Lions or those sorry ass Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Isn’t it bad enough that those teams mentioned are a combined 6-38 ? Whereas, the hapless Cowboys are 6-3 within the NFC East division. But as evidenced by their display in their 17-7 loss to the Packers. The difference between the Cowboys and the aforementioned teams with that combined record mightn’t be as far apart as their records might suggest.

And while we’re now discussing the Cowboys , I for one would like to see a stop to this idiotic banter by the idiots within ESPN and Fox, who continuously try to regale us with the fact of how great a quarterback, Tony Romo really is. He’s no closer, to being a great quarterback than Clay Aiken has a chance of being enlisted as a US Marine. And if ever, that situation were to arise, then I for one won’t believe until I see it with my own friggin’ eyes. LOL,LOL,LOL !!! Clay, I know you’ve got a boatload of devoted fans. But you’ve never been cut out to do manly things.

Head coach Wade  Phillips of the Dallas Cowboys reacts as his offense comes off the field during a game against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on November 15, 2009 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Packers defeated the Cowboys 17-7.    picture appears  courtesy  of  getty  images/ Johnathan Daniel  ..........
Head coach Wade Phillips of the Dallas Cowboys reacts as his offense comes off the field during a game against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on November 15, 2009 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Packers defeated the Cowboys 17-7 . picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Johnathan Daniel ..........

And though there’s a remote possibility that should the Cowboys fall short of their endeavors of making the playoffs and then winning the Superbowl. Failure there and most certainly Jerry Jones would have to rethink the issue of firing Wade Phillips and his entire coaching staff. And oh yes, that would include the heir apparent in waiting, Jason Garrett. All the perceived hype over him, is about as relevant as awaiting a new release of a film release by Jennifer Aniston. Looks good on paper but fails to meet the expectations or the needs of the critics or the box office. And the same can be said as to the creativity of Garrett and the Cowboys’ offense. One moment they’re up and the next. Well , let’s just say we’ve all seen a much more spirited approach taken to the game and how it ought to be played. Don’t look now Tony but your plight is seemingly just as inescapable of that of your former teammate, Terrell Owens. The latest of which , was that Buffalo Bills‘ coach Dick Jauron was fired today by the organization. And to think, that TO hadn’t imploded as of yet , there in Buffalo ?

One of the primary reasons for the Cowboys’ lackluster display is the very fact that they’ll play down to the level of the opponents they’re facing. They are not a team that can find that happy medium that they can play two games straight of consistently good or great football , as all the great teams seem able to do. The Dallas Cowboys, as does Jerry Jones , simply marches to beat of their very own drum. And unfortunately for the Cowboys, either they’re tone deaf or simply put they’ve no rhythm whatsoever ! My own feelings are , it’s a little bit of both !

Defensively , the Cowboys really haven’t got a problem that can’t be fixed. They are one of the better defensive units around the league when they set their mind to it. However, it’s on offense where they far too often have their momentary lapses. And where Romo gets besides himself and starts to scramble around like a headless chicken. Once in a while, he might make an extraordinary play while scrambling around in the pocket. But more often than not, if he doesn’t look like the aforementioned chicken. Then there’s the possibility that he begins to look like an inebriated drunk falling all over himself whilst trying to unzip his fly. I don’t know if I could put it anymore succinctly than that ?

Of all the players on the Cowboys’ roster, if ever there’s a player whom I feel, that they’re ought to be a certain amount of complaint can leveled at. Then, it would have to be Roy Williams. One of the team’s array of wide receivers. He’s been about as productive as the members of Congress during one of their seasonal sessions. A great deal of talk always follows about what they’d like to see get done. But yet, in the end absolutely nothing ever gets done. And it’s been the same way in that regard with regard to Williams’ productivity , since he’s put on a Dallas Cowboys’ uniform ! And once again, when the blame is leveled squarely at him. Williams looks to apportion it elsewhere. Much like that of his former teammate , Terrell Owens has been known to do.
Any similarities there, you think ?

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo walks off the field after the Cowboys' 17-7 loss to the Green Bay Packers in an NFL football game Sunday, Nov. 15, 2009, in Green Bay, Wis. picture  appears courtesy of  ap/photo/ Jim Prisching  .................
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo walks off the field after the Cowboys' 17-7 loss to the Green Bay Packers in an NFL football game Sunday, Nov. 15, 2009, in Green Bay, Wis. picture appears courtey ap/photo / Jim Prisching ...............

This I do know, and having never been a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. I’d rather the team live up to its obligations and expectations. Rather than now looking at them as a fraud because that’s essentially what Jerry Jones and the organization has been perpetrating on the consumers of the NFL and the residents there in the greater Dallas , Ft Worth area for more than a decade. The funny thing is we have laws against such things in order to protect the consumer. But somehow no one seems all that bothered to enact it. I wonder why ? In your eyes are the Cowboys indeed a version of the ‘lemon law’ ? Or quite simply just an NFL franchise that has been continuously over-hyped by the print and television media alike ? The chances are it’s been a little bit of both , with regard to this particular equation.