Flattering Or Unflattering I’ll Let You Be The Judge Of That ………

They say that ‘justice is blind’ and meant to be ‘impartial and fair to all’ of the parties involved . From the defendant who seeks his acquittal for a crime. And for the prosecution working on behalf of the state and primarily for the rights of a victim or victims as the case may be.

And as much as we’ll take pride in our judicial system with its scales of justice presided over by a judge and a jury of one’s peers. There are still some flaws to a system where in some cases the rights of a defendant far outweighs those of the victim. And especially those where the victim is one of a violent crime.

New Jersey Nets  ....Jayson Williams ...........

Williams seen here in happier times alongside his then New Jersey Nets’ teammates. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Eric Metcalfe ……………..

You all know doubt remember the circumstances behind the case of former New Jersey Nets’ star Jayson Williams ? Five years ago he was charged aggravated manslaughter wherein he shot and killed his former limo’ driver Costas ‘Gus’ Christofi on the estate of his palatial New Jersey mansion in the Alexandria Township. A rather upscale community of luxury built abodes .

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