You Know It’s Been A Bad Day At The Office When………… Insert Your Own Thoughts Here ……………..

You Know It’s Been A Bad Day At The Office When………… Insert Your Own Thoughts Here ……………..

As much as I love the world sports and everything as such of interest that happens within it. I can’t but see the fun side of it all when I either see that the past and present meet head on in terms of a brooding controversy. Or even when it’s amongst the peers of today within a certain sports arena .

Having seen the ballyhoo made over the Chicago Bears acquiring Jay Cutler from the Denver Broncos via a trade that sent Kyle Orton to the Broncos in the opposite direction. It was felt that the Bears would improve exponentially and become a serious threat to the apparent dominance of the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC North . By the way has Brett Favre come to a decision as of yet ? I mean I’ve not heard from those loyal band of followers of his, from ESPN report on anything concerning on him as of late , including his bowel movements throughout the day and the mere fact that his wife Deanna has apparently been refusing Brett his conjugal requests . But that’s another story for another day.

Coming off another disappointing season within the division and posting a record of 7-9 , can we essentially say that the Bears have been a profound disappointment to their fans and their owners alike ? Much was made that Cutler a “Pro Bowl caliber” would provide this team with the thing it was said to be missing. Personally , to me the Pro Bowl means absolute s_it in the greater order of things when you consider the game itself is essentially a bus-man’s holiday. I mean when has it meant anything to a player other than the fact that he can become “fat” in his wallet by way of his meeting certain productive targets on the field of play as part of his contract ? It’s not as if “his peers” actually vote him in to be part of the event itself. It’s left to a bunch of NFL writers casting their ballots , who for all sense and purpose show about as much common sense and intelligence as some members of Congress . And as we all know common sense , intelligence and ” Congress” shouldn’t necessarily be mentioned in the same sentence.


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This upcoming season Bears’ coach Lovie Smith will be on the “hot seat” and if he and his coaching staff fail to deliver then he’s bound to be shown the door ! Bears’ GM Jerry Angelo and Director of Player Personnel Tim Ruskell the architects of this “team” know full well that the fans will not tolerate much more from this team and the organization itself cannot think that they will. That’d show their complete and utter stupidity if they were to allow things to carry on as they are.

Three years removed from a Superbowl __(SB XLI ) appearance and their subsequent 29-17 loss to the Indianapolis Colts . The reverberations from that loss can still be felt to this day. It was the sense of embarrassment to the fact that they severely underperformed and it certainly did not help that the one player on this team often thought of as their vocal leader was nowhere to be seen. Brian Urlacher over the years can either be described as a great player or quite possibly one of the best defensive players of his generation. That being said over the last few years , his play and skills have diminished to the point where one can no longer look at him as a real threat. Whereas, the ever present Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens still strikes fear into opposing players . Need I say anymore on the matter ?

Courtesy of in conjunction with ESPN Chicago

Ditka backs Sayers vs. Urlacher

Mike Ditka joined the chorus of Chicago Bears Hall of Famers who have come to the support of Gale Sayers in his controversy with linebacker Brian Urlacher.

The war of words started May 4, when Sayers criticized quarterback Jay Cutler’s performance in 2009, questioned the future of coach Lovie Smith if the Bears struggle again this season, and wondered how well Urlacher will come back from season-ending wrist surgery.

Urlacher responded in a Chicago Tribune article Thursday by ripping Sayers for criticizing the Bears and questioning Sayers’ credentials because the Hall of Fame running back never won a championship, or even a playoff game.

“I like Brian Urlacher a lot, I think he’s one heck of a football player,” Ditka said Friday on “Mike & Mike In The Morning ” on ESPN Radio. “It’s unfortunate to have this in the Bears family. I don’t like it.

“I don’t think Gale was being that critical, honestly. I think somebody asked him a question. They asked him about the state of the Chicago Bears. He answered very honestly what he thought about Cutler. He answered very honestly what he thought about the coach. Brian’s coming off an injury. Brian’s a great football player, he has to stay healthy, there’s no question about that. Nobody can play when they’re hurt.

“So I don’t know where it was so inflammatory. I didn’t see that. And I understand, your feathers get ruffled here and there. When somebody sees something they think is wrong, I don’t think it’s wrong to say it. Sometimes criticism pointed in the right direction can help you.”

Sayers played from 1965 to 1971, exclusively with the Bears. Ditka played from 1961 to 1966 with Chicago, and he said criticism that Sayers never won a championship is misguided.

“[Dick] Butkus never won a Super Bowl,” said Ditka, who coached the Bears to the Super Bowl XX title. “Was there a better linebacker? I don’t know. I don’t think there’s a better linebacker.

“Super Bowls are won by great teams, not necessarily by great individual players.”

Butkus backed Sayers, and he said he’s also been frustrated by the Bears, who haven’t made the playoffs since losing to the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLI.

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And there’s no denying that Cutler and the Bears failed to live up to expectations last season. From a results’ standpoint with each passing week it were as if we were witnessing the gradual regression of this team. Lovie Smith for his part seem to play this all down as if it were nothing more than a team having made one or two slip ups along the way. Clearly he’s overlooked the fact that the fans aren’t so patient with his or the players’ predicament. And now with Hall of Famers __ Dick Butkus , Gale Sayers and even the team’s former coach Mike Ditka now weighing on the team’s plight. The triumvirate in question at one point or another have contributed greatly to the history and legacy of the Bears. So anything that they ma well have to say on the matter cannot be overlooked or met with just another matter of an outsider looking in and just giving the press a proverbial sound byte. However, it appears that Urlacher takes umbrage with the fact that the team and Cutler in particular has come in for a great deal of criticism from Gale Sayers. And former Bears’ great has directed his criticisms squarely at the team’s quarterback. Some might say that the criticism is unjustified whereas others may well feel differently. One thing is clear however time is running short for the team , its coach and in particular for Urlacher. He has spent more time gaining headlines for his off the field sightings with socialites , catwalk models and actresses, rather than for his work ethic and play on the field. At the end of the day it has to be asked what profession does Urlacher , himself believe that he’s in ? Is he a professional athlete or a celebrity wannabe ? In doing so he becomes fodder for the press and paparazzi alike .

If Urlacher wants to prove the criticism to be without merit, then this season he and his teammates had better set out to prove those naysayers wrong. Otherwise he might as well shut the hell up and accept the fact that he and this team simply aren’t good enough to win a Superbowl or much else for that matter.

So after all of the denials and asinine excuses as how his tests came up positive for illicit banned substances. Now disgraced and former Tour de France winner Floyd Landis has admitted what many of us had known all along. The disgraced former Tour winner who has since had his Tour victory rescinded has admitted that he has been using anabolic steroids and “HGH” as part of his regimen for years . He’s also reiterated that the sport of cycling is profligate with the abuse of both substances. Be that as it may , here are the facts as we know it, Landis is a liar and a cheat ! And for all of the xenophobic supporters of Landis at the time. How’s it now feel to find that this bastard lied like the p_ssy that he now comes across being ? Not fully content with accepting and being held accountable for his own actions. Landis now takes aim at 7 time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong , claiming that the cyclist also has taken many of the substances in question. In making those claims also Landis states that he has no categoric proof that Armstrong took anything illicit other than mere rumors and conjecture . I guess when the sh_t rolls downhill and hits you right in the face the only thing you can do to fend off even more ridicule is to misdirect the public to look elsewhere.

Armstrong having overcome brain and testicular cancer was always bound to be the center of attention once he started to win cycling’s most prestigious event an unprecedented seven successive times. But the fact of the matter is , having been tested by WADA and by UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale _[sports international governing body]) there has never been any concrete proof that Armstrong has taken anything illicit , nor has he ever tested positive in or out of competition. So what if anything is Landis trying to prove ? He’s an even bigger ass than first thought ? Armstrong for his part has tried to stay above the fray concerning this. But given the fact that the sport of cycling has been rife with cheating for a number years and the fact that it was only until recently that the sport’s governing ( UCI ) body decided that they would be proactive and address the issue head on . We would still continue to look at and treat the sport with a great deal of disdain. The sad fact is , what we’re now seeing in the sport is no different than the multitude of sins that were being exhibited and perpetrated in the sport of baseball and the prolific use of both steroids and HGH by the players. And even now with the MLB ____ hierarchy and MLPA __(union) working in conjunction to have a strict , coherent and cohesive drug testing policy in place. We are still seeing a number of major league ballplayers testing positive for banned substances. Kind of makes one wonder what we now deem to be acceptable within the world of sports ?

As the NBA’s postseason unfold we could be on the verge of seeing both conference finals turn into uncomfortable blowouts. The Boston Celtics have a rather commanding 2-0 lead over the listless Orlando Magic . And in the Western Conference Finals the Los Angeles Lakers has kept its home-field advantage in tact by opening up also a 2-0 lead over the Phoenix Suns .

In the midst of this all the Suns’ Amar`e Stoudemire has seen fit act like a petulant child by stating that the Lakers’ Lamar Odom was simply lucky in playing the way he did in game one of the conference finals. Stoudemire fails to indicate that with Odom coming off the bench to ignite the Lakers with a double-double of 19 points, 19 rebounds , it has in essence all but doomed the Suns’ postseason ambitions. And we beg the question can the Suns save grace by at least trying to eke out one win in this series ?

It is becoming abundantly clear that the Suns’ coach Alvin Gentry is being outmatched and out-coached by his divisional counterpart Phil Jackson of the Lakers. And having shown some semblance of defense in the earlier rounds. Now for all sense and purpose the Phoenix Suns simply haven’t an answer for Kobe Bryant or anyone else on the Lakers’ roster who just happens to show their offensive capabilities during this series . To put it bluntly, this is like taking candy from a baby !



Picture gallery for your perusal .

Game two provided us with all the evidence we need to know that when the Lakers make the NBA Finals they will go into the series as an overwhelming favorite against the Easter Conference’s representative . The Lakers “dusted” the Suns in such a commanding way that it probably has most among us believing , are either the Celtics or Magic capable of stopping this Lakers’ juggernaut ? The Lakers’ 124-112 victory was about as emphatic as one would come to expect from such a dominant team.

Well those are just my thoughts as it concerns the subject matter in terms of the title ……..”You Know It’s Been A Bad Day At The Office When………… Insert Your Own Thoughts Here ……………..
. What specific sports issues that have caught your attention as of late has you thinking along these lines ? By all means chime on in with a comment and as usual I’ll look forward to responding in kind. Stay safe and have a great weekend !

Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals was won by the Lakers 128-107 .

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Thanksgiving Is Just Around The Corner And What’s The NFL Going To Serve Up ? Not The Detroit Lions……Again

OK I get it , I really do ! Customs are very quaint traditions that one tends to abide by. As it breeds satisfaction and a sense if nothing else , normalcy. Well , try telling that to the NFL this year ,who’ll once again serve up mayhem by providing us with another dollop of the hapless Detroit Lions (1-6-0) on Thanksgiving Day. Now pardon me for saying this, as I’m not from around these parts – I’m English by birth by way of parentage from the Caribbean – Jamaica to be precise. But enough of that – what is it that the NFL and their schedulers are failing to realize by serving up the Lions to us on a silver platter ?

Rams Lions Football
A somewhat downtrodden Lions' coach Jim Schwartz looks up at the scoreboard at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan. The Lions would go on to lose to the St Louis Rams 17-10 in the game picture appears courtesy of ap/photo / Carlos Osorio ...................

A somewhat downtrodden Lions’ coach , Jim Schwartz , looks up at the scoreboard at Ford Field in Detroit , Michigan. The Lions would go on to lose to the St Louis Rams 17-10 in the game. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Carlos Osorio …..

It’s bad enough that as a team this roster is only slightly better than the team went (0-16) last season. Much to the ridicule of the entire league and the fans of the game up down the country. Never mind the fact that the team then became the staple of the late night talk show hosts. Who, if they weren’t lambasting Sen. John McCain (R-Az) or former Governor Sarah Palin (R-Ak). Then the Detroit Lions were deemed to be seen as appropriate cannon fodder also for the butt of their jokes. But like the losers of the Presidential elections of last year the Lions can hold their heads high with dignity. Albeit, at the humor of others. But now it has to be said that enough is enough ! The NFL seriously needs to look at the schedule as it gears around the holiday period and serve up the fans with the best games possible. I know that they feel it’s best to stick with tradition. But by my way of thinking, that’s very much akin to walking with the same old worn out pair shoes for the last five years knowing full well that you can afford to buy a brand new pair of shoes. It may well have felt snug when you first bought them . But over the course of time the heel goes , as does the sole or instep of the shoe. Now would it be right to suggest that the NFL is just being downright ignorant by choosing not to replace Lions with a far better game on the day ? Well I’ve leave that for you to decide. But as you can see from the title of this piece , I’m no fan of the Lions and this team at present.

Barry  Sanders  of  the  Detroit  Lions  seen  here  shredding  the  defense of   the  Green Bay  Packers  as  he   makes  his  towards  the  end-zone .    picture appears  courtesy    of   ap/photo/  David  Rasche   .....................

Former Lions’ running running back seen here shredding the defense of the Green Bay Packers , as he makes his way towards the end-zone. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/David Rasche ……

Well the season at its midway point, the Lions as usual are on the ground looking up at everyone else within the NFC North. Leading the way are the Brett Favre led Minnesota Vikings (7-1), followed by the Green Bay Packers (4-3) and the Chicago Bears (4-3). And for a team with aspirations of improving upon last year. What has taken place under this Jim Schwartz coached Lions is pretty much like watching the movie Titanic over and over again. You know that the script and storyline won’t change. After all the incident was based on fact. But in your heart of hearts you’re inclined to believe that providence will send the Lions some respite. And their overall fate will change. But alas once again you’d be wrong and so too are the NFL hierarchy if they’re of the belief that the Lions will be able to entertain the most errant or erstwhile fan of the NFL this Thanksgiving Day. In essence nothing could be further from the truth.

Once again you’ve guessed it, as is customary on Thanksgiving Day. We will be served up with the Detroit Lions playing the Green Bay Packers at Ford Field in Detroit, Thursday 26th November. I wonder what film will be televised on TNT or HBO for that matter ? It’ll be either that or something intimate with the girlfriend to pass the time away. Pardon the pun here ! But if push comes to shove, I guess , I’ll still have my Thanksgiving Day’s meal and then devote some time to my better half. It’s safe to say that digesting the turkey and washing it down with several glasses of alcohol will safely do the trick in having to avoid watching the Lions play. Mind you that’s not to say that the other game being served up on the day will be any the more enticing. Again the usual staple of the Dallas Cowboys . However , we’ll get to see them play their very first Thanksgiving Day’s game at Cowboys Stadium, in Arlington , Texas , against the always less than dependable Oakland Raiders. No clue as of yet, as to whether or not Raiders’ coach, Tom Cable will still be in a position of employment-given his proclivity for beating up on his ex-spouses or live in lover as the case maybe. A rather disturbing fact , which is just now coming to light concerning the embattled coach.

Rams Lions Football
Detroit Lions running back Kevin Smith, right, avoids St. Louis Rams linebacker Paris Lenon to rush for a first down in the second quarter of an NFL football game Sunday, Nov. 1, 2009 in Detroit. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Duane Burleson ...............

Tradition being what it is , I do now believe that it’s time for the NFL hierarchy to plainly take a look at the scheduling of many of their games on Thanksgiving Day. Granted, there are those who’ve become accustomed to seeing both the Cowboys and Lions display their zeal on this festive period. But how much longer must the fans have to contend with the diatribe that’s served up by the Detroit Lions. It’s not as if the team has been relevant over the past decade at all. Heavens , one would have to go back to the days when their Hall of Fame running back Barry Sanders held sway over the NFL . Who could forget his every jink or weave as he cut his way and carved up a defense almost at will ? When , I for one think of the Lions , that’s literally brings back memories for me and how great they once were. Especially Sanders, who if anything was right to walk away from the game when he did. He served this team with a great deal of distinction . Only to have it thrown in his face by an ownership that in no way shape or form tried to place a winning team around him.

Former Lions’ great Barry Sanders seen here in a montage , displaying his greatness as a player for the Detroit Lions .

The fans themselves felt betrayed by Sanders’ apparent decision to end his career so soon. But one could well understand Sanders’ situation. Had the Lions sought to trade him , it’d be hard to say that they’d be able to get something in return of equal value for a player of Sanders’ caliber. And if even if they’d built around a premise of obtaining several draft picks in exchange for the trade of Sanders. Who’s to say that those picks would’ve amounted to much ? Needless to say we’ll never know as the situation failed to arise. It’s at times like this I wonder as to the so called business acumen of certain members of the Ford family and in particular the current ownership regime. They’ve shown about as much common sense as a drunk exposing himself in public. And then that same individual act as if this was a normal form of behavior him. But the way some would have them tell it they’re quite well aware as to the underlying problems that the franchise faces.

Did it not occur to Bill Ford Jr. that after almost 6 1/2 years of mayhem and ridicule with Matt Millen at the helm of the franchise as the GM, that something urgent needed to be done ? Or my guess was, that he felt that Millen was still quite capable of pulling the proverbial rabbit out of his hat , if not his own ass ! The chances are that it was more likely than not, it was the latter . God knows even with Matt Millen now behind the desk performing as an NFL analyst for NBC. It’s hard to take anything seriously that he might have to say as it concerns the game in today’s NFL. His assessment in talent borders on the choices made in men by the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and Zsa Zsa Gabor . Both of whom have seen better days behind them , rather than ahead of them.

It’ll always be debatable as to who the ‘greatest running back of all-time in the NFL should be. But I honestly believe that you’d have insert Barry Sanders in there, amongst the top 10 ever ! Alongside the names of such NFL legends as Walter Payton, Emmitt Smith, Jim Brown , O.J. Simpson , Earl Campbell and Eric Dickerson . If you’re either in agreement or disagreement with the names mentioned . Then by all means do leave a comment expressing your thoughts on the topic for further discussion. As always your comments are more than welcomed and will be duly given a reply worthy in response !

So now as that fateful day approaches it’s easy to suggest that the NFL could somehow make a change in its scheduling and have another fixture in place, instead of the Lions taking on the Packers . I’d dare say that the majority of the NFL fans watching will want to be entertained. Rather than being put to sleep by seething-less, haphazard and underachieving Detroit Lions. But then again , things could be worse , a fight could break out at the family gathering on Thanksgiving Day . And then where would you be ? Need I ask ?

If there’s one thing I’m now definitely sure of at this juncture , it will be that I won’t be watching the Detroit Lions this Thanksgiving Day. There has to be far better uses for my time on the day. I’m now about to initiate and write a list of the things I could be doing. Needless to say , an act of the carnal kind is atop of the list ! What’s atop of yours, may I ask ?


Top 10 Running Backs in NFL history – statistically by yardage attained.

Rank[1] Player Seasons by team Total carries Total yards gained[2] Overall yards per
carry average[3] Year of induction into
Pro Football Hall of Fame
1 Emmitt Smith Dallas Cowboys (1990–2002)
Arizona Cardinals (2003–2004) 4,409 18,355 4.2 Not eligible[4]
2 Walter Payton Chicago Bears (1975–1987) 3,838 16,726 4.4 1993
3 Barry Sanders Detroit Lions (1989–1998) 3,062 15,269 5.0 2004
4 Curtis Martin New England Patriots (1995–1997)
New York Jets (1998–2006) 3,518 14,101 4.0 Not eligible[4]
5 Jerome Bettis Los Angeles Rams (1993–1995[5])
Pittsburgh Steelers (1996–2005) 3,479 13,662 3.9 Not eligible[4]
6 Eric Dickerson Los Angeles Rams (1983–1987[6])
Indianapolis Colts (1987–1991)
Los Angeles Raiders (1992)
Atlanta Falcons (1993) 2,996 13,259 4.4 1999
7 Tony Dorsett Dallas Cowboys (1977–1987)
Denver Broncos (1988) 2,936 12,739 4.3 1994
8 Jim Brown Cleveland Browns (1957–1965) 2,359 12,312 5.2 1971
9 Marshall Faulk Indianapolis Colts (1994–1998)
St. Louis Rams (1999–2005) 2,836 12,279 4.3 Not eligible[4]
10 Edgerrin James Indianapolis Colts (1999–2005)
Arizona Cardinals (2006– 2008)
Seattle Seahawks (2009–present) 3,028 12,246 4.0 Not eligible[4]


Top 10 Running backs in NFL history statistically-by touchdowns

Rank[1] Player Seasons by team Total rushing
touchdowns[2] Year of induction into
Pro Football Hall of Fame
1 Emmitt Smith Dallas Cowboys (1990–2002)
Arizona Cardinals (2003–2004) 164 Not applicable[3]
2 LaDainian Tomlinson San Diego Chargers (2001–2008) 129 Not applicable[3]
3 Marcus Allen Los Angeles Raiders (1982–1992)
Kansas City Chiefs (1993–1997) 123 2003
4 Walter Payton Chicago Bears (1975–1987) 110 1993
5 Jim Brown Cleveland Browns (1957–1965) 106 1971
6 John Riggins New York Jets (1971–1975)
Washington Redskins (1976–1985) 104 1992
7 (Tie) Shaun Alexander Seattle Seahawks (2000–2007)
Washington Redskins (2008) 100 Not applicable[3]
7 (Tie) Marshall Faulk Indianapolis Colts (1994–1998)
Saint Louis Rams (1999–2005) 100 Not applicable[3]
9 Barry Sanders Detroit Lions (1989–1998) 99 2004
10 (Tie) Jerome Bettis Los Angeles Rams (1993–1995[4])
Pittsburgh Steelers (1996–2005) 91 Not applicable[3]
10 (Tie) Franco Harris Pittsburgh Steelers (1972–1983)
Seattle Seahawks (1984) 91 1990