So what went wrong ?

So what went wrong ?

I’ve read with a great deal of interest a number of articles of fans and analysts alike, who are now somewhat bemused by the Cleveland Browns’ (0-2) sudden decision to trade Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts for a selection of future picks . Given the start of the AFC North franchise and the very fact that the growth of the quarterback Brandon Weeden appears to be moving at a snail’s pace . It seems to give credence that the Browns’ front office are now looking to head in a completely new direction with the arrival of Joe Banner as the de-facto general manager and Head of Football Operations . Team owner Jimmy Haslam outside of owning the team, has some serious legal issues of his own still to deal with, that could be indeed far-reaching if an amicable out of court settlement cannot be reached with a dearth of nationwide plaintiffs , seeking to sue Haslam’s company Pilot Flying J for grand larceny , breach of contract and fraud .


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The fact of the matter is , with the sale of the Browns to Haslam , it seemed only natural that the new owner would deem to bring in his own people into the into executive and managerial structure of the organization . Outgoing Head of Football Operations Mike Holmgren along with former GM Tom Heckert , departed under a somewhat somber and sour note , along with former head coach Pat Shurmur , whose two-year tenure and record of 9-23 would have gotten any head coach with that type of mediocrity , fired , no matter who the hell, they might have been . Shurmur’s successor Rob Chudzinski is off to an inauspicious start with the team already having posted an 0-2 record , leaving the franchise afoot of the AFC North . And going into this weekend’s fixture with the equally abysmal Minnesota Vikings , this match-up of two win-less teams , might just be one of the worst games on the weekend schedule of the NFL during week three .

In terms of the challenges facing the Cleveland Browns, it is abundantly clear this organization and team are definitely lacking confidence on both sides of the ball. Acquiring a seasoned veteran such as Willis McGahee may well buffer the team’s offensive woes , but I do believe that the offense is at best, mediocre and the defense suffers from a lack of veteran leadership. . In my honest opinion, I believe that the Browns have simply given up on their season and are using everything within their PR arsenal to alleviate the understandable anger of their fans after this trade of Trent Richardson , who was by far the team’s best player . Yet , in this day and age, the fans should not be surprised at all , by anything a professional sports’ franchise tends to do , and then seeks to offer an explanation that simply makes no sense whatsoever . Given the recent draft choices made over the past three seasons by this franchise , there is nothing to suggest that in 2014 they are likely to make the picks that are likely to make the franchise considerably better .

Speaking of teams taking a downward slide, within the state of Florida , two of the NFL franchises residing within the state, remain win-less. The NFC South’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers and from the AFC South the Jacksonville Jaguars , who are spiraling out of control, faster than a passenger aircraft in a tailspin . If things continue as they are, both of these teams are likely to finish with sub .500 records . Greg Schiano is now at a crossroads concerning his starting quarterback , with Josh Freeman’s play continually being indifferent , but if there is any blame to be apportioned, then it would have to rest squarely on the shoulders of an ill-disciplined defense and the complete lack of maturity being shown by those players. My question for Greg Schiano and the fans , if acquiring Darrelle Revis was meant to bolster the team’s secondary , is he also being asked to take on the role of a leader not only on the defense, but also for the team as a whole ? It was clearly never provided by Freeman , once seen as the future and the face of the franchise . Four years into his NFL career and Josh Freeman continues to be more of a conundrum and an enigma all rolled into one.

Seeking to avoid an 0-3 start , the Tampa Bay Buccaneers face not necessarily a daunting task, but still a tough one, when they take on the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium , in Foxborough , Massachusetts on Sunday afternoon . Tom Brady and the Patriots, have yet to find the form shown throughout much of the 2012 regular season . The Buccaneers might just prove to be, the perfect adversary for Brady and the Patriots’ offense to tee-off on, as Tampa’s secondary remains extremely weak .

. With rumors now swirling as to an apparent trade request made by Josh Freeman , which has not been substantiated , there clearly seems to be a tepid relationship between the coach and his starting quarterback. The options for Schiano , by way of a backup, are his rookie first round draft pick of this year , Mike Glennon or former Detroit Lions’ starting quarterback , Dan Orlovsky . Not as enticing an option as one might think, given the limitations of both players in a non-too familiar role as a starter in the NFL . Orlovsky’s career is best summed by saying field awareness, is not one of his most accomplished traits. In the case of Glennon , a baptism of fire at this stage of his career in the NFL , would be like leading a lamb to the slaughter.

Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick and Greg Schiano are said to be close personal friends, strange when one thinks that the famed head coach is not viewed as someone who has a wide circle of friends within the NFL . Yet, much of that may well lie in the fact that Buccaneers’ GM Mark Dominik consulted with Bill Belichick before making the final decision to hire the former Rutgers’ head football coach. Add in the fact that Belichick’s son, Stephen Belichick , now an assistant on his father’s coaching staff, played his college football at Rutgers under having been a walk on under Schiano , but originally being a member of the school’s lacrosse team , and one can well understand why that bond of friendship has been maintained beyond Bill Belichick endorsing Dominik’s choice of hiring Greg Schiano . Yet, it should also be noted that a number of players having played under the Buccaneers’ head coach are now established stars in the NFL, with one or two now on the Patriots’ roster . That friendship is likely to be put aside on Sunday, when these two head coaches square off , in one the day’s more intriguing adversarial match-ups . A loss for the Buccaneers, would indeed prove to be dire and there would likely be calls for Freeman to be removed from his starting role, based upon his performance on Sunday. At the same time , I cannot help but wonder, what this might also mean to the psyche of a team , where the head coach has himself shown, just as much a lack of discipline, as his defense is also said to lack, as well as their being, a complete lack of leadership on the team altogether.

I will say this for the Jaguars’ owner Shahid Khan and his intentions to make the franchise more a family-friendly atmosphere and more welcoming not just to the Jacksonville Jaguars’ fans, but also the opposing fans who may well have traveled to see their team play at Ever-Bank Field in Jacksonville , Florida,. As I much as I admire his mission and gravitas, I do believe he would be better served, if the on-field product would be considerably better , if it is his intent to grow the team’s fan-base within the local area, as well as statewide , nationally and globally. Over the past two seasons , the Jaguars have just been a franchise aimlessly, going nowhere. The team’s quarterback Blaine Gabbert has continually struggled to find his game and it would appear that at this point, head coach Gus Bradley and his coaching staff will use this season to assess whether not the player is simply good enough to lead this team in the long-term. Given the player’s results since being inserted in his present role as a starting quarterback , having been selected as the tenth overall pick in the first round by the Jaguars in the 2011 NFL Draft . The meager returns for the franchise has to now be a cause for concern , beyond the obvious financial implications for the franchise in terms of Gabbert’s contract.

A loss , in week one to the vastly improved Kansas City Chiefs and a subsequent week two defeat, suffered at the hands of the Oakland Raiders , and the manner of those losses, must have sent a loud and clear message to GM David Caldwell, that this team simply does not possess the depth , talent or quality players needed not just to compete in the AFC South , the AFC itself , but also the NFL as a whole . What clearly is so disturbing about the Jaguars, is that the team’s defense is so bad , and that the offense , is as equally abysmal . With those type of displays, the last team that the Jacksonville Jaguars would desire to meet would be the Seattle Seahawks and their high-octane offense and their equally as devastating batting ram of a defense . Anyone who witnessed the Seahawks` dismantling of the San Francisco 49ers cannot deny that this team might now be the most balanced in the entire NFL and undoubtedly to my mind, the best team not just in the NFC , but the entire NFL, and that is with due respect to the rest of the unbeaten teams in the league . The Jaguars will have the pleasure of visiting Q-West Field in Seattle, Washington , where Russell Wilson and his teammates await their opponents like a school of sharks, ready to circle their prey, before devouring the entire carcass. I am sorry, but this could very well be a contest, where the inevitability of the result is already a foregone conclusion, before the game has even kicked off . I wonder what odds, they are now offering on the over and under, as well as the spread ?

Off to a 2-0 start , the . Miami Dolphins and their head coach Joe Philbin are likely to be the sternest test to New England Patriots o making a successful defense of their AFC East title. Philbin and the coaching staff have the team playing with a great deal of resolve through the first two games of their season.

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill finally seems to have a team around him that complements his skill-set , alongside what now appears to be a very good all-round offense . Yet the Dolphins’ biggest improvement may well be on the defensive side of the ball and the fact that they are now holding opponents to fifteen points a game by comparison to last season’s 19.8 points per game . Reggie Bush’s off-season departure to the Detroit Lions , may well have come as a surprise to many ,but the running back’s unfulfilled expectations were never really met as a player with the Dolphins.

Dolphins’ GM Jeff Ireland sought to use the 2013 NFL Draft as a blueprint to improve the roster in the necessary areas of need, and using his astute acumen plied the free agency market for a number of players looking for a fresh start as well as looking to be productive . Sunday afternoon, the Dolphins will host the Atlanta Falcons (1-1) at Sun Life Shark Stadium in Miami , in a meaning infra-conference game , which pits Matt Ryan against Ryan Tannehill , in a match-up of two very pass oriented quarterbacks . A victory today for Miami, over a Mike Smith coached Atlanta Falcons’ team would do a long way in signifying that the Dolphins are heading in the right direction and push the Falcons into a somewhat unlikely position of being 1-2 and amongst the lesser lights within the NFC South and NFC as a whole.

If Major League Baseball (MLB) , is said to have handled the issue of banned substances haphazardly and at times almost with utmost incompetence . Then it has to be said, that the NFL’s failure to initiate in and out of season testing for anabolic steroids and human growth hormones (HGH) is a testament to Roger Goodell’s continued incompetency and the NFLPA’s (Players’ Union) continued excuse making, as to why a policy that was agreed to, voted upon and ratified by the union in their collective bargaining agreement in 2010 , has yet to put into place. NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith, has his reservations , albeit, that they are nonsensical and without merit . Smith believes that there is no full-proof test available for steroid testing or any other illicit substance mandated by the league. In reality , the union’s top-ranked executive knows that there is widespread use among his members and is simply looking save himself and that of his union, further embarrassment and an already unwanted PR image , as it relates to the NFLPA’s treatment of some of their senior most retired veterans , which has been well-chronicled down the years . In the case of Roger Goodell, he is simply too afraid to further anger the union and create an even wider impasse and situation of distrust between the two parties.

While this issue is now placed on the back-burner , much to the annoyance of the House Commerce Committee , the commissioner’s latest cause-celebre’ would appear to be, having additional regular season games be played outside North America. With an increasing presence in Europe by way of the league’s fan-base and support, as well having offices in London , Paris , Rome and Berlin. It must be said that the European Union’s 325 million population , is likely to the NFL’s next target for expansion, before looking towards the Far East and Pan Pacific Basin. Having reached saturation point in the North American market and with the advertising dollars now even less accessible, because of the growing competition and presence being provided , most notably from the NBA and Major League Baseball. Growth, outside the North American market, now seems to be the obvious choice and the way to go. Add in the very fact, that there seems to never ending dialogue that continues , concerning the establishment of an NFL franchise in Europe , and a case could be made that the commissioner will now seek to make this a reality , if he is unable to get a franchise reestablished in the Los Angeles area , the nation’s second largest ad-market .

With uncertainty said to be surrounding the San Diego Chargers’ future in the San Diego area and the organization’s dialogue with the city of San Diego concerning Qualcomm Stadium . Team owner Dean Spanos could very well come to the decision to uproot the franchise and relocate it to the more lucrative market of Los Angeles. Cases were also being made that the Jacksonville Jaguars with its low fan-base of support and lack of attendance , would be the franchise interested in relocating . That now seems to be out of the question as team owner Shahid Khan has made the commitment to remain in the city of Jacksonville, for the long-term . Khan has actually shown his commitment to that issue, by spending $15 million of his own money in refurbishing the team’s training facilities as well upgrading many of the amenities at Ever Bank Field. Although, I am more inclined to believe that the Jaguars were unwilling to break the lease agreement with the city of Jacksonville , which would bring about a steep financial penalty for the franchise , were they to break that agreement . And as asinine as it may seem, one major journalist insisted that the NFL was considering the move of actually relocating the Jaguars to the the United Kingdom , with the team playing their home games at Wembley Stadium in London , England. Would the NFL actually consider such a move ? Given the input, but more so, the right financial inducement , then just about anything is possible . Let us not forget, who we are dealing with , in terms of the NFL commissioner, as Roger Goodell is lured by the lust of money and his avarice in that context, simply knows no boundaries . If pushed, Shahid Khan could be amenable to such a proposal, with the league making it worth the franchise’s wile, , by way of an additional financial incentive and then adequately reimbursing the city of Jacksonville for the team’s departure from the city.



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What if anything , has been the biggest surprise for you as an NFL fan through the first two weeks of the NFL regular season ? In your honest opinion do you believe the league to be overly ambitious and are setting their sights too high in possibly seeking to establish an NFL franchise outside North America ? Finally , who do you believe that the league hierarchy and union have yet to initiate regular and off-season testing for anabolic steroids and HGH ? Is it a matter of the NFL not wanting to face a legal challenge in the courts by or a multitude of players , or was it simply the NFL seeking to appease the federal government in the first place ? Chime in with your thought on this and anything you believe to be of relevance concerning this subject matter .


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(1) Trent Richardson is seen here on Draft Day , alongside NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell . The running back , having been drafted by the Cleveland Browns as the third overall pick of the 2012 NFL Draft . One year removed from that day , the player has been traded by AFC North franchise to the Indianapolis Colts . The explanation offered by Team President and Head of Football Operations Joe Banner does seem to be filled with a great deal of rhetoric and Banner’s statement that the trade was done in the Browns’ best interest , as they seek to get better. It does seem to ring “hollow” in so many ways . As to how the fans may well about this trade , well the sports’ talk radio within the greater Cleveland has been abuzz , with many leveling their criticism at the management and team owner Jimmy Haslam, in particular , whose first year as the team’s owner has been littered with a great deal of controversy and suspicion . Cleveland Plain Dealer / Mitch Hughes ….

(2) Cleveland Browns’ Head of Football Operations Joe Banner , left, is seen here alongside team owner Jimmy Haslam . The two remain defiant by way of the decision to trade Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts for future draft picks’ consideration . Fans of the Browns have called into various local radio sports’ talks shows to voice their criticism of the team owner and the front office executive , in particular . Cleveland Plain Dealer / Tucker Reeves ….

(3) Cleveland Browns’ quarterback Brandon Weeden attempt a pass during the game against the Baltimore Ravens during week two , in a match-up of the two AFC North teams, which was played at the M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore , Maryland on the 15th September , 2013. Weeden has struggled this season and with the loss of running back Trent Richardson , his options do appear to be limited and that is even with the signing of veteran rusher Willis McGahee . AP Photo / Patrick Semansky ……

(4) Saints’ kicker Garrett Hartley is congratulated by teammates after kicked the winning field goal during the waning moments of game that they seemed destined to lose against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It was the second such loss for the Buccaneers , having suffered a heartbreaking loss to the New York Jets during week one after an unsportsmanlike conduct penalized the team allowing the Jets to make a last minute field goal to win the game . Penalties , stupidity and a lack of disciplined by Tampa’s defensive players have been a boon for the team this season . Head coach says all of the right things , but noting seems to change concerning the defensive errors made . AP Photo / Phelan Ebenhack …… .

(5) Running back Doug Martin (22) of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers takes a hand-off from quarterback Josh Freeman (5) against the New Orleans Saints September 15, 2013 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. Getty Images / Al Messerschmidt ……

(6) Blaine Gabbert (11) of the Jacksonville Jaguars is sacked by Dontari Poe (92) of the Kansas City Chiefs during the game at EverBank Field on September 8, 2013 in Jacksonville, Florida. A game time decision will be made as to whether or not Gabbert or Chad Henne will be the starting quarterback on Sunday in the game against the Seattle Seahawks, to be played at Q-West Field in Seattle , Washington . Getty Images / Sam Greenwood ,

(7) Missouri Tigers quarterback Blaine Gabbert answers questions during a media session at the 2011 NFL Scouting Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium on February 25, 2011 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Gabbert was drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the 2011 NFL Draft and his career with the franchise has been nothing short of exacerbating and a major disappointment for fans of the team. Getty Images Joe Robbins ….

(8) Jacksonville Jaguars’ owner Shahid Khan , foreground , is seen here along the team’s general manager David Caldwell . Both executives have reiterated it is their intent to have the franchise remain in Jacksonville for its long-term future . Continuously, rumors swirl that the team is likely to be relocated because of a poor fan-base and a lack of attendance for the team’s scheduled home games at Ever Bank Field in Jacksonville , Florida . Home games for the Jaguar’s regular season have been blacked out in the local area market , because of their failure to meet the league’s requirements of having sold 85% of general admission tickets within 48 hours of the commencement of a scheduled regular season game. AP Photo / Marcus Hilton …

(9) From left to right Miami Dolphins’ general manager Jeff Ireland , team owner Stephen M Ross , quarterback , Ryan Tannehill and head coach Joe Philbin . After a somewhat inconsistent rookie season in / 2012 , Tannehill now seems to have found his footing in 2013 , leading to the Dolphins for a 2-0 start and the team sits atop of the AFC East alongside the New England Patriots . Miami Herald / Matt Dominguez …..



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The Real Funny Side Of Sports You’d Think ………….

The Real Funny Side Of Sports You’d Think …………

The longer this facade goes on the more asinine I know that baseball has become in terms of the game’s hierarchy , the team owners and the mere fact that they’ve never been known to show any common sense . The sharks are now circling the Los Angeles Dodgers as they smell blood and the idiocy of the team’s owner Frank McCourt only further adds to the illusion that when the league hierarchy saw fit to grant him the right to purchase the team from Fox and its parent company NewsCorp when they simply hadn’t used due diligence .


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The organization is now mired in so much financial mismanagement that it’s hard to understand how McCourt and the rest of the executives within the Dodgers’ front office could have been so financially irresponsible . But herein lies the caveat the league hierarchy rarely looks into the finances of its teams unless they believe there to be something inherently wrong. What might be even more surprising is that even in spite of there being clear cut evidence that something was awry with the Dodgers from a financial standpoint Bud Selig chose not to intervene until things had got to a point where one now has to question whether or not the Dodgers can now survive in its present format. If McCourt and his now ex-wife Jamie McCourt were using this organization as their very own personal ATM then questions have to now be answered with a great deal of veracity by not only Frank McCourt by the entire hierarchy of the Los Angeles Dodgers. This so called $3 billion tv contract that awaits the league’s approval has been the sole basis for McCourt to suggest that the organization has no financial worries as it also asks for $ 300 million upfront as an advance from the local Los Angeles Fox tv affiliate . What gave McCourt the impression that $ 300 million would be the cure to what ails the Los Angeles Dodgers when it is clear that he and his subordinates have contravened many of the league’s very own rules ? Now it’s becoming transparent that McCourt and those very same subordinates have been less than truthful as it relates to the organization’s financial stability.

Now the ante may well be upped in lieu of the fact that neither McCourt and Selig have met publicly to discuss the team’s issues . And with it now being reported that the Dodgers simply doesn’t have the cash available to meet its budgetary expenses for the months of May and Junes ____ you simply have to ask how much longer this idiocy can be allowed to carry on , in allowing to have McCourt even be associated with this team in any form whatsoever ? Gross negligence on his part , much of it no doubt suborned by the front office as they may well have been powerless but at the same time they also have a responsibility to the league hierarchy to report any serious malfeasance within their organization . Either Ned Colletti and CFO Peter Wilhelm are that stupid or they simply went along with the insipid moves and his then wife Jamie Court in raiding the organization’s coffers for their own malevolent needs . Frank and Jamie McCourt it is suggested were loaned $108 million between 2004-09 to fund their lavish lifestyle . If this is indeed true then I can only surmise that Frank McCourt’s estimated wealth of $1.2 billion had to have diminished immensely for him to be taking money from the coffers of the organization while they struggled to actually be competitive within NL West.

Granted this season we’ve witnessed some competitiveness from the team but as of late things have tailed off somewhat for organization as the off the field troubles has simply become a major news sports story within the game of baseball this season . The NL West as competitive as some may well believe it to be in large part has been a division that has been viewed as where the baseball being played there between those teams can be best described as being marginal . The division is now led by San Francisco Giants with a 21-16 mark followed by the Colorado Rockies (19-16) and Dodgers some 3.5 games behind with an 18-20 mark. That being said with all of the off the field controversy and mayhem taking place within the Dodgers’ organization the events taking place on the field have been forced to take a back seat as this idiocy simply plays itself out as a spectacle within the public’s domain.

It’s sad that one of baseball’s great organizations has been allowed to sink such depths but in reality this merely shows the complete ineptitude that is now on display at all levels of the game from the league hierarchy on down to the very players themselves .

If Chad Ochocinco can’t have the glare of the limelight placed upon him this NFL player simply becomes bereft of all common sense . Not content with having tried out for a roster spot with MLS soccer’s Sporting Kansas City the player is now said to be interested in riding a bull on the PBR (Professional Bull Riding) circuit . Well given the amount of bull served up last season by Ocho and the Cincinnati Bengals I just hope that the bull he’s given to ride simply stomps his ass into several hundred pieces ! The more he’s around in the NFL , the more you simply know that any team that he’s a part of is almost certainly doomed for failure . Granted, coming off a 2009 season where the Bengals were the AFC North champions 2010 was merely an afterthought as the Bengals simply slipped into a season sheer ineptitude posting a 6-10 record for the year . If that wasn’t bad enough you then had the team’s Pro Bowl quarterback Carson Palmer demanding a trade rather than remaining with the Bengals . That situation seems close to resolving itself as the team took Andy Dalton as their second pick 35th overall in this season’s NFL Draft .

From my own perspective the problems of the Cincinnati Bengals are many , from a defense that’s simply become non-existent to an offense that on its best days would simply have problems making a first down, much less putting up points on the board as and when needed . It simply wasn’t merely about Palmer’s problems both on and off the field but the mere fact that Marvin Lewis lost control of these players and little of what he or his coaching staff imparted on those players actually manifested itself on the field of play last season. This season the Bengals could very well be at odds with itself as well as the incumbents within the AFC North. This much is certain if the Bengals are to have any chance being legitimately viewed as contender within the AFC much less the rest of the NFL then Ochocinco and this team will very much have to prove themselves worthy adversaries of their opponents this season . A great deal is being asked of Andy Dalton if he’s chosen to be the team’s quarterback but in lieu of that fact his being thrown in at the deep end may not be the wisest of choices but it may well be the only one that can be made by Marvin Lewis and his staff.

Well now that the Boston Celtics have been unceremoniously dumped out of this season’s NBA Playoffs in their series loss to the Miami Heat . The orbituaries are now being written as to the demise of several players on this team . It appears that negotiations are underway to retain the services of Doc Rivers as the team’s coach . But if anything GM Danny Ainge , senior managing partner Wyc Grousbeck and the other managing partners can’t have been entirely happy in the way that this teams was summarily dispatched by this Heat team .

This 4-1 series loss by the Boston Celtics to the Miami Heat in essence explained a lot about the two diverging paths that these two heave have taken over the course of the regular season. Having won their regular season meetings 3-1 the Celtics may well have felt that they had the upper hand were they to meet again in the postseason. But if anything it was the Heat who took heart from those meetings knowing that they had to up their game and play with a great deal more resolve. Erik Spoelstra having got this team play much more cohesively, began to see the fruits of his labor . At the same time team President Pat Riley and team owner Micky Arison now know that all of the maneuvering and the subsequent work done by Dwyane Wade in persuading both Chris Bosh and LeBron James to sign with the team was not only in the players’ best interests as it offered them the best chance of winning an NBA title but it also benefited the Heat organization from a competitive and financial standpoint as well.

For the Boston Celtics Ainge alongside Rivers and the coaching staff must now look at how best rebuild this team and what if any major roster changes need to be made if they’re return back the playoffs as a formidable postseason opponent. We surely have seen the last of both Jermaine O’Neal and Shaquille O’Neal as players within the NBA . Collectively the duo offered little if anything to the team during much of the postseason. However my greatest gripe concerning the fall from grace by the Celtics was the absurd notion by Danny Ainge that his trade deadline moves of trading both Kendrick Perkins and Nate Robinson actually made the Celtics better , when he got little , tangible in return from those deals . He may well have done that to pare down the Celtics’ payroll but that all seems redundant when you consider that jointly Jermaine and Shaquille O’Neal were earning more than Perkins and Robinson combined this season. Contract lenght asides who in their right mind would want two aging veterans who between them offered nothing to this team throughout much of the regular season other than being a complete waste of space on the bench ?

It remains to be seen the steps to be taken by Ainge and his staff but this much is certain for the large part this current roster will most certainly change in its current format and for the large part we will be seeing a number of new faces on this team be it via free agency or through the upcoming NBA Draft.



Picture gallery for your perusal .

What thoughts if any do you have on the topics raised within this piece ? Simply chime in with a comment .

Alan aka tophatal ………………….

Picture and slide show details below .

(1) Tom Schieffer , the man charged by Major League Baseball with sorting through the finances of the Los Angeles Dodgers, is interviewed in New York, Thursday, May 12, 2011. AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews …..

(2) Pittsburgh Pirates shortstop Ronny Cedeno, right, watches his throw to first after forcing out Los Angeles Dodgers’ Andre Ethier during the second inning of a baseball <a href=" in Pittsburgh on Thursday, May 12, 2011. Juan Uribe was out at first. AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar ….

(3) Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig listens to a question during a news conference on Thursday, May 12, 2011 in New York. Selig gave Frank McCourt the face-to-face meeting the Los Angeles Dodgers owner wanted, but provided no timetable on approving a proposed $3 billion television deal with Fox that would keep the club from running out of cash at the end of the month. Selig and McCourt met Wednesday when owners began a two-day quarterly meeting at Major League Baseball’s office. AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews …..

(4) Dodgers’ GM Ned Colletti (left) and the team’s owner Frank McCourt . This was Colletti’s formal introduction to the public as the team’s new GM in November 2005. Icon SMI/ Larry Goren ……. .

(5) A.J. Green(4) overall pick by the Cincinnati Bengals, poses for a photo on stage with family members during the 2011 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall on April 28, 2011 in New York City. Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images ….

(6) Cincinnati Bengals second round draft pick Andy Dalton(notes), left, a quarterback from TCU, and third round draft pick Dontay Moch, a linebacker from Nevada, right, pose with their jerseys during an NFL football news conference, Saturday, April 30, 2011, in Cincinnati. AP Photo/ David Kohl ……..

(7) Cincinnati Bengals first round draft pick A.J. Green, right, speaks at a news conference with head coach Marvin Lewis, Friday, April 29, 2011 in Cincinnati. Green, a wide receiver from Georgia, will wear number 18 for the NFL football team. AP Photo/Al Behrman ……….

(8) Chad Ochocinco begins tryout with Sporting Kansas City on March 23, 2011 in Kansas City, Missouri. The player having gained a roster spot with the team is now said to be interested in riding a bull within the PBR circuit . Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images ……

(9) Boston Celtics President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge talks with reporters during a news conference at the team’s NBA basketball training facility in Waltham, Mass., Friday, May 13, 2011. AP Photo/Michael Dwyer …….

(10) MIAMI, FL – MAY 11: LeBron James (6) of the Miami Heat gets emotional after closing out the series against the Boston Celtics in Game Five of the Eastern Conference Semifinals in the 2011 NBA Playoffs on May 11, 2011 at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida. Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images …..

(11) Mario Chalmers (15) of the Miami Heat is congratulated by Ray Allen (20) of the Boston Celtics after Game Five of the Eastern Conference Semifinals of the 2011 NBA Playoffs at American Airlines Arena on May 11, 2011 in Miami, Florida. Getty Images /Mike Ehrmann ………

(12) Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers reacts on the sideline during Game Five of the Eastern Conference Semifinals of the 2011 NBA Playoffs against the Miami Heat at American Airlines Arena on May 11, 2011 in Miami, Florida. NBAE/Getty Images/ Mike Ehrmann ……….


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Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave ………

“Oh what a tangled web we weave. When first we practice to deceive” ……. A quote from Sir Walter Scott .

At present I can’t help but wonder what is going on within the Cleveland Browns’ (1-7) organization. As sorry a team within the NFL you may not be able find in the entire league. Well , perhaps with the exception of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-7) , St Louis Rams (1-7) , Detroit Lions (1-6), Kansas City Chiefs (1-6) and the horrendous Oakland Raiders (2-6). And can someone tell me when was the last time that you can remember seeing so many bad teams within the NFL all playing this atrociously , all at the same time ? It seem inconceivable that things could be this bad ! But as of now they are and there appears to be no end to this madness in sight.

ESPN‘s Adam Schefter talks about the Browns’ recent woes on the cable network’s televised program ‘Right Now’. The Cleveland Browns has a bye this weekend before they return to the field in Week 10 for a Monday night game (16th November) against the Baltimore Ravens at home at Cleveland Browns Stadium , Cleveland , Ohio. (Scheduled time 8:30 pm ET – ESPN)

In the midst of this all is Browns’ owner Randy Lerner. In bringing in coach , Eric Mangini to take over from the fired predecessor Romeo Crennel. This team now seems to be no further along in its progression to being a competent and competitive NFL franchise. If anything, the team has taken a backward’s step and regressed under Mangini, entirely. And it certainly didn’t help that Lerner acquiesced to Mangini’s demand that he be the one to make his own choice as to who the team’s General Manager should be. If ever there was a recipe for disaster , then this was it ! Mangini’s choice was close personal friend , George Kokinis.
Of limited experience with regard to the assessment and development player personnel. It was hard to see how this maneuver would be of benefit to the Browns’ organization. If nothing else, it smacked of sheer impetuousness. And one where the maneuver may well have been done as a favor to Kokinis. The decision if anything, was completely irrational and without much justification.

Browns' owner   Randy  Lerner (right)  seen  here  with the  team's  coach  Eric  Mangini   at  the  team's  training  facility  in  Berea , Ohio.  Lerner  voiced  his   disgust  at  the  team's  woes  and  errant  play. He  has  refused  to  speculate  or  comment  on the   future  of  Mangini   at  the  present  time.  picture appears courtesy  of ap/photo/ Tony  Dejak  ..................

Brown’s owner Randy Lerner (right) seen here with the team’s coach Eric Mangini at the team’s training facility in Berea ,Ohio. Lerner voiced his disgust at the team’s woes and errant play. He has refused to speculate or comment on the future of Mangini at the present time. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Tony Dejak …..

Now with the and organization in turmoil, Kokinis has been relinquished of his duties as general manager and abruptly fired. Mangini for his part must now be looking like a fool ! His own position within the organization has to be under review by the owner. Simply put, this former assistant under Bill Belichick is clearly a bust as a coach within the NFL ! Mangini clearly can’t communicate with his players, nor does he appear to command their respect or attention. Proof of that can be seen with his all but brief tenure with the New York Jets as their head coach. Even with Brett Favre in tow , the Jets were simply just another team without much guidance or leadership. That same situation is now being replicated in Cleveland , much to the dismay of their legion of loyal and devoted fans. Kokinis may have been shown the door but the thinking must now be that Mangini can’t be far behind.

George Kokinis    the now former    Cleveland  Browns' General Manager.  Kokinis  was  relinquished  of  his  duties   and   abruptly fired.   Mangini  was  said   to  be  visibly  shaken  and  completely  surprised at the   turn  of events  that  suddenly  took  place.        picture  appears  courtesy  of  ap/photo/   Tony  Marshall   ....................

George Kokinis the now former Browns’ General Manager. Kokinis was relinquished of his duties and abruptly fired by the organization. Mangini was said to be visibly shaken and completely surprised at the turn of events that took place. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Tony Marshall ……………

At (1-7) and sitting afoot of the AFC North in what is turning to be a highly contested and competitive division . The Cleveland Browns’ season is for all sense and purpose essentially over. They’ll now be playing pride and a sense of honor. Most certainly there are a number of players on this Browns’ roster that will not be returning to the team next season. Either for financial reasons or from the mere fact that they’ve not been productive enough. Looking up at teams within their division such as the Baltimore Ravens (4-3) , Pittsburgh Steelers (5-2) and the surprise leaders of the division, in the Cincinnati Bengals (5-2). Player on the team have to show the fans that they’ve still got the heart and passion to play with pride. And if Mangini can’t instill that into this team, then Randy Lerner has no other option but to fire him !

Chicago Bears' defensive end  Mark  Anderson puts pressure  on  Browns'  quarterback  Derek  Anderson   in an  NFL  game  played   at   Soldier Field  in  Chicago  , Illinois.   The  Bears   would   go  on  to  defeat   the  Browns   30-6   in a  lopsided  game.     picture appears  courtesy  of  ap/photo/  Nam Y  Huh  ..................

Chicago Bears’ defensive end Mark Anderson puts pressure on Cleveland Browns’ quarterback Derek Anderson in an NFL game played at Soldier Field in Chicago , Illinois. The Bears would go on to defeat the Browns 30-6 in a thoroughly lopsided game. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Nam Y. Huh ………………..

Looking down the Cleveland Browns’ roster , one can’t help but notice the obvious that it is short on talent , leadership and players with play-making abilities. But for the exception of Josh Cribbs , Mohamed Massaquoi and Brian Robiskie . There’s not really much that one could portend to say that the team can be competitive within the NFL. There’s no vocal or emotional leader on the team and their duo of quarterbacks in the guise of Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson are about as intimidating as Clay Aiken dressed up in athletic gear ! Now there’s a picture that could paint way more than a thousand words !

The Cleveland Browns as a team can’t help but shoot themselves in the foot , each time they take to the field for a game. They look ill prepared , lacking in confidence and in large part intimidated by their opponents, whomever they maybe. Add to the fact that on either side of the ball , their play has been completely inept and devoid of creativity ! And with all this talk of the ‘ wildcat offense’ . I’d sincerely doubt that with this team adopting that as a part of their playbook we would actually see a vast improvement in their form. Remember this is a team where a quarterback was only able to compete two pass in seventeen attempts over an entire NFL game. If that isn’t an indication as how monstrously awful this team actually is. Then I for one can’t say much else besides than the …. ‘Cleveland Browns suck and they suck awfully bad ! So there you have it may take on the Browns and the ineptitude they’ve shown so far this season. Like I’ve already alluded to earlier. Could you ever have imagined that there would so many god-damn awful teams in the NFL all playing so badly on such a consistent basis ,week in , week out ? I couldn’t have !

Courtesy of and Associated Press :

Browns coach Mangini remains quiet about Kokinis’ departure

Associated Press

BEREA, Ohio — The convoluted ouster of George Kokinis as Cleveland’s general manager barely made a ripple in the Browns’ locker room.

These guys are accustomed to losses.

Pro Bowl tackle Joe Thomas hardly knew Kokinis, who was hired in January and left the club under unexplained circumstances on Monday.

“He wasn’t around too much, and when he was, he was pretty quiet,” Thomas said.

Everyone inside team headquarters at 76 Lou Groza Blvd. was pretty quiet on Tuesday. The Browns, who have a bye this week, went about their business as rumors swirled about Kokinis, the events that led up to his departure and who — or if — anyone will replace him.

Browns coach Eric Mangini offered no details about the team’s decision to move on without his longtime friend and hand-picked GM.

“Anytime a decision like this is made it is difficult personally and professionally,” Mangini said. “George is a friend of mine and I respect him and I wish his family well. I can tell you that for a variety of reasons things didn’t work out. You never go into a situation like this with the intention of it not working out.

“We felt that, organizationally, this was the best decision in order to move forward.”

That was about as deep as Mangini would venture into the Kokinis matter. Mangini spent most of his news conference politely deflecting questions about why the decision was made.

He was asked if there were legal reasons why he couldn’t address Kokinis’ exit.

“There’s really a variety of reasons,” he said, “and I’ll just leave it at that.”

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AFC North Standings :

AFC North Team W L T Pct PF PA Net Pts TD Home Road Div Pct Conf Pct Non-Conf Streak Last 5
Cincinnati Bengals 5 2 0 .714 163 128 35 21 2-2 3-0 3-0 1.000 3-2 .600 2-0 1W 4-1
Pittsburgh Steelers 5 2 0 .714 167 129 38 20 4-0 1-2 1-1 .500 3-1 .750 2-1 4W 4-1
Baltimore Ravens 4 3 0 .571 199 137 62 25 3-1 1-2 1-1 .500 4-2 .667 0-1 1W 2-3
Cleveland Browns 1 7 0 .125 78 209 -131 7 0-3 1-4 0-3 .000 1-4 .200 0-3 3L 1-4

Cleveland Browns’ roster in part – click on link below to view in its entirety.

Cleveland Browns
No Name Pos Status Height Weight Birthdate Exp College
20 Adams, Mike CB ACT 5’11” 200 3/24/1981 6 Delaware
3 Anderson, Derek QB ACT 6’6″ 230 6/15/1983 5 Oregon State
50 Barton, Eric ILB ACT 6’3″ 245 9/29/1977 11 Maryland
96 Bowens, David OLB ACT 6’3″ 265 7/3/1977 11 Western Illinois
90 Coleman, Kenyon DE ACT 6’5″ 295 4/10/1979 8 UCLA
54 Costanzo, Blake LB ACT 6’1″ 235 4/14/1984 3 Lafayette
16 Cribbs, Josh WR ACT 6’1″ 215 6/9/1983 5 Kent State
28 Davis, James RB RES 5’11” 218 1/1/1986 0 Clemson
4 Dawson, Phil K ACT 5’11” 200 1/23/1975 11 Texas
26 Elam, Abram SS ACT 6’0″ 207 10/15/1981 4 Kent State
83 Estandia, Greg TE ACT 6’8″ 265 11/18/1982 3 Nevada-Las Vegas
66 Fraley, Hank G ACT 6’3″ 310 9/21/1977 10 Robert Morris

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