Don’t start to cash that check , when you have no money in the bank or the words to back it up

Don’t start to cash that check , when you have no money in the bank or the words to back it up


Sputtering along and granted, it’s still early days yet , but the teams will be soon set in their mode , and the NBA season will truly have kicked into gear once we enter the Christmas week with a slew of game encapsulating that period from the 22nd of December though to the 29th of December , 2012. The reigning NBA champions , the Miami Heat , somehow inexplicably lost to the lowly and some might say the inept Washington Wizards (2-13). In garnering their second victory of the season, in defeating the Heat 105-101 at the Verizon Center , in Washington , DC this past Tuesday , 4th December . It should not be viewed as a complete shock given the somewhat complacent manner of this Heat team as of late .


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Wizards’ coach Randy Wittman and his coaching staff will have their work cut out for them over the course of this season. Given the infrequency of their wins and their poor showing in the Southeast Division of the Eastern Conference , one has to wonder whether or not the fans will have to endure a year of complete ineptitude from the players on the roster . With a truncated season for the 2011-12 season , the fans had were imbued in having to witness the Charlotte Bobcats finish the season with a 7-59 in what was at the time , a reduced schedule from the customary eighty-two games , to sixty-six games. The common feeling around the league amongst the NBA pundits and fans alike , is that the Washington Wizards will be a seriously challenger to the Bobcats’ season of ineptitude .

The big story, in the infancy of this NBA season , has been the rise of the New York Knicks(13-4) and their flying start right out of the gate , which has seen this Mike Woodson coached team seated atop of the Atlantic Division , with the franchise also holding the best record in the Eastern Conference , by a mere 0.15 percentage points over the Miami Heat (12-4) . There now seems to be “a major buzz” about the New York Knicks this season , as Madison Square Gardens is packed to the rafters, with eager Knicks’ fans looking to see how this Carmelo Anthony , led team will seek to acquit themselves against an opponent . So far , so good , with Anthony being ably assisted by seasoned veterans Marcus Camby , Rasheed Wallace , Jason Kidd , and Kurt Thomas . At some point in the Knicks’ season , these very same veterans will begin to ache , as their aging bones will being to feel the toll of an arduous eighty-two game schedule . It would be remiss to suggest that will be the only issue to trouble the Knicks over the course of the season . Compounding this all , may well be how the team seeks to use Amare` Stoudemire , as the player has been plagued by injuries in the infancy of the Knicks’ sojourn. Coming off the bench , would provide the Knicks with a good backup to what is many ways is beginning to look somewhat of a capable bench , but the team would need to have a vested interest in seeing Stoudemire adopt this new-found role, without protest . Something, that I am not so sure that the player might willingly accept without some future guarantee from Woodson and GM Glen Grunwald that they are amenable to see him return to a starting role for the franchise .

The Knicks face a stern test when they are scheduled to meet the Miami Heat in a Eastern Conference matchup this Thursday, at the Heat’s Miami venue , the AA Arena , in Miami , Florida. Some might see this as something of a precursor to a possible Conference Finals’ series . Both teams come with highly potent offenses , but the Heat , has that added advantage of being a more coherent defensive unit overall . And with the Miami Heat still “ smarting” after their embarrassing loss , suffered at the hands of the Washington Wizards. As Carmelo Anthony goes , then so does this Knicks’ team , and it will be incumbent Anthony’s leadership qualities to take the Knicks to their desired destination , and that is a NBA title and raising the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

While the New York Knicks have been on the move , their new neighborhood crosstown rivals the Brooklyn Nets (11-6) have made themselves heard around the league . Head coach, Avery Johnson knows that with having two prominent All Stars in his roster lineup , great things will be expected from Deron Williams , Joe Johnson and the team at large . Newly housed in their home venue the Barclaycard Center in Brooklyn . There’s a feeling that the NBA needs a budding rivalry in the nation’s largest ad market that would rival, that of the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers during their heyday. However, a rivalry of that magnitude would mean these two teams being credible and perennial contenders for the NBA title . In reality , would anyone now be prepared to state that the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks are bonafide candidates for an NBA championship ? ? The Nets are coming off a hard fought 117-111 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder . It will be games such as this that the Nets will have come big in , in order to be viewed as viable contenders.

At 14-4 , the San Antonio Spurs have the best record in the Western Conference but statistically in terms of percentage points the Memphis Grizzlies (13-3) are viewed as the team with the better record. With both of these teams in the Southwest Division , a budding rivalry now seems to be in the making , and there seems to be no love lost , between the two sets of fans , in showing their allegiance to their respective teams. Gregg Popovich , of the Spurs and his opposite number , Lionel Hollins of the Grizzlies , are keenly aware of the expectations from both of their teams. And while Popovich has that legacy of success with the franchise , Hollins is seeking to establish a foundation upon which his team can build for the future. . And the Grizzlies have proven to be formidable this season , having established a rhythm , and along the way defeating the Miami Heat , Los Angeles Lakers , Denver Nuggets , Houston Rockets , Oklahoma City Thunder and the New York Knicks . The Eastern Conference may well have the balance of power but within the Western Conference , it is here where the fans get to see a high-caliber of basketball being played and that is without deference to the West’s rivals in the East.

In light of David Stern’s idiocy, in rendering a fine of $250,000 on the San Antonio Spurs after Gregg Popovich’s decision, in not suiting up four of his regular season starters for a game against the Miami Heat , the decision speaks volumes of the commissioner’s autocratic rule ! Now in light of that fact , I find it somewhat asinine that the NBA Commissioner can be so intransigent and at times, act as petulant as a child , merely because he’s not the center of attention, with regard to matters concerning the NBA not involving the players. Stern has in essence, become a “ publicity seeking whore” of the highest order ! In doing so glosses over many of the acute and dire issues that still currently affects the NBA , its brand and financial viability. Furthermore , he has never sought to have the fans’ best interests at heart , more often than not , siding with the league hierarchy and owners on issues that directly and indirectly , affects the fans . And it now appears , that the commissioner will do whatever it takes, to coerce the city of Sacramento to make a grave decision that will affect that municipality long-term , as it seeks to resolve a long-standing issue as to how best to retain that city’s NBA franchise , the Sacramento Kings .

Courtesy of USA Today

Kobe Bryant calls David Stern’s idea ‘stupid’

By Tim McGarry USA Today

NBA Commissioner David Stern recently floated a proposal to restrict NBA players over the age of 23 from participating in the Olympics. Kobe is not a fan of the idea.

From ESPN:

“It’s a stupid idea,” Bryant told local news reporters at the reception to welcome them to Manchester in advance of Thursday night’s exhibition game against Team Great Britain. “It should be a (player’s) choice.”

Asked how much he and his Team USA teammates have talked about Stern’s proposal since getting together in Las Vegas on July 5, Bryant said: “Our discussion is this: Basically, it’s just a dumb idea and we (discuss) it that way.”

Stern’s proposal, similar to the system currently in place for Olympic men’s soccer, would establish an age cap and allow teams three over-age players.

Meanwhile, the FIBA World Championship would be open to all other NBA players. Unlike the Olympics, NBA owners would receive a share of the revenue when their players participate in the FIBA World Championship. Kobe’s response:

When asked if he understands the concerns of NBA owners, Bryant scoffed, saying such reservations are motivated by owners merely wanting “to protect their investments.”

If the proposal passes, 2012 could be the last time the NBA’s top talent comes together to represent the USA in the Olympics.

The ball’s in your court, Mr. Stern.

See photos of: Kobe Bryant , David Stern, Team USA



The front office of the Sacramento Kings have long-sought a replacement for the archaic and run-down Power Balance Arena( Pavilion) in downtown Sacramento. But at no time have owners , Joe and Gavin Maloof , expressed any wish to either facilitate their assistance in aiding financially, the city in such a project. Instead , the Maloofs have tried to suggest that the city’s council have proven to be intransigent , and likewise the municipality’s mayor, former NBA star , Kevin Johnson , has expressed his doubts, that the Maloofs have dealt with his executives and its residents honestly , concerning the franchise’s desires to remain within the city of Sacramento . The Kings are indeed a large part of the Maloofs’ business interests , but the franchise in recent years, because of its lack of competitiveness and profitability has become something of a financial drain on the family , not that other parts of the Joe and Gavin’s business concerns have fared that well, in what has been a dour economic climate all-round . Yet , there has been the belief, that the NBA franchise has been mismanaged and more often than not, completely neglected by the owners as well as by the senior executives entrusted with the day-to-day care in running the operations of the Sacramento Kings . And I think that we can all agree that this episode will not end nicely for the city of Sacramento if they seek undertake the use of public and private funds to assist a group of multimillionaires to aid them in building a venue for their uncompetitive and unprofitable sport’s franchise . Things like this never end nicely , especially in wake of the city of Sacramento’s ongoing financial budgetary crisis but yet they ever uninformed and anally retentive fans of the Kings believe it to be a good thing to undertake such an endeavor . I’ll say this once , and once only , ” you idiots deserve what you get at the end of the day , because you are pretty much , devoid of any real intelligence ” !

David Stern talks out of both sides of his mouth, and he is and has disingenuous to a fault , that , he now makes some of the most corrupt and deceitful politicians to be found up on Capitol Hill, seem like young acolytes or choirboys . Hold it for one moment , why is that priest raising his cassock and asking that young boy to kneel ? Stern ”talks a good talk” , but rarely does he ” walk the walk”, and realize what is happening in the real world . Here is an individual who is the league hierarchy’s chief executive earning in excess of $20 million a year , which is on par with some of the highest paid players in the game , but yet, he had the audacity to seek concessions from the union ( NBPA ) , without seeking from the team owners and their front office executives any initiative , where they would also seek to pare down their capricious spending when it came to team payroll and other ostentatious spending . When I last looked placing ornate gold leaf hand rails in an executive sky-box suite did not make an NBA franchise a great deal more competitive ! But who am I to question how the NBA conducts its business ? I know I am a paying fan who’s now being placed over a barrel while Stern places a projectile in my rectum for good measure in terms of product that’s now being placed on the NBA basketball courts around the league . And can someone explain to me , why it is the NBA has a “soft salary cap “ ( this season $58.044 million) when so many of the teams in the league refuse to adhere to it , as best they can ? But yet, you now have Dallas Mavericks’ , owner , Mark Cuban , now complaining as to the fact that his franchise has been forced to pay in excess of $73 million over the past three years , because of this league mandated rule . . Hey , Mark, you paid for your championship , now how about you , inspiring the front office to go about the business of rebuilding that franchise and turning it into a championship caliber team , and stop with your f##king bitching and whining !

It seems even with the hiring of Mike D’Antoni , to succeed the recently fired Mike Brown , things are still not yet back on an even keel for the Los Angeles . An ailing Steve Nash , fit or not , I don’t believe will be any of any great benefit to a team that has been errant and lackluster , disinterested in playing the games , albeit that they are being handsomely rewarded . To my mind , D’Antoni’s free-flowing style of coaching and what he demands of his players , is not the game I feel that the Lakers are uniquely attuned to ! A fit Nash, or not , the point guard is not the player he was four years ago , six years ago , let alone his recent form with the Dallas Mavericks .

Currently playing sub .500 basketball (9-10 [.474]) , to suggest that the team is struggling Los Angeles Lakers , as they try to adapt to D’Antoni’s style of play , is to witness a sense of insecurity from these players . Kobe Bryant, may well have joined a select group of players to have scored 30,000 points over the course of their careers , but at the end of the day the fans are not going to be in the least bit concerned about Bryant’s latest achievement , if the Lakers fail to make the postseason. The achievements of Kobe Bryant have already cemented his legacy, as a Future Hall of Fame inductee . Yet , that is for the future , it is the immediacy of here and now , that concerns the Lakers’ fans the most . A recent 103-87 victory over the New Orleans Hornets , for the moment , gives the Lakers a boost of confidence , but up next , they face the Oklahoma City Thunder in a Friday night game to be played at the Chesapeake Energy Center, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma . It’s pretty safe to suggest that Kevin Durant , Russell Westbrook , Kevin Martin and Serge Ibaka will be looking to inflict even more pain upon the beleaguered Lakers . Your thoughts , on this all ?


Accentuate the positives , but also eliminate the negatives . Well I guess, that’s how you could adjudge the Orlando Magic’s off-season , in light of the upheaval that took place within the organization . Gone are , former head coach , Stan Van Gundy , GM , Otis Smith , and the team’s former celebrated center , Dwight Howard , who now finds himself in “Tinseltown” playing alongside , Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers . Replacing Van Gundy , is first-time head coach, Jacque Vaughn , with Rob Hennigan , being promoted from within organization to succeed Otis Smith . Overseeing this all was the Magic’s CEO Alec Martins , who, himself was asked to take over the CEO role, by owner , Rich De Vos , after De Vos’ son-in-law , Rob Vanderweide , stepped down to seek outside business opportunities. I guess that was De Vos’ cordial way , of telling Rob , ” go fuck yourself and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out , after you , Smith and Van Gundy created all of this goddamn drama “.

The departure of Howard was not surprising , only the fact that it took so damn long , given the player’s animated and often petulant behavior . Good riddance to a self-absorbed asshole such as Dwight Howard ! Great player , when he sees the need to be , but he has never been that much of a leader , or a great motivator to begin with . And one, but can only hope that with the retirement of Kobe Bryant , Howard can at least show that he is prepared to assume the role of a leader, on what may well be viewed as a championship caliber team . But given the Lakers’ recent penchant for drama , I am not so sure that the Los Angeles Lakers will returning to an NBA Finals anytime soon , and the same has to be said for the Orlando Magic. The “ window” of opportunity for the Lakers is almost closed , and even with heralded arrival of Steve Nash and Dwight Howard, only a fool would even consider them to be a clear-cut favorite to come out of the Western Conference as champions . Orlando , for its apart starts afresh , with their rookie head coach, the acquiring of a few free agents , holdovers from last season and the players obtained in the NBA Draft .

The Magic’s most experienced players , determined by their years in the NBA are Al Harrington , Hedo Turkoglu , and Jameer Nelson. However, in terms of determining the team’s best player, were you to adjudge it on scoring , then , Arron Afflalo would have to be deemed to have assumed that role . Coming off an away game 81-87 loss to the Utah Jazz , the Magic (7-11) now find themselves 5.5 games adrift of the Miami Heat (12-5) within the Southeast Division of the Eastern Conference . And clearly, as Jacque Vaughn tries to find his footing as a rookie coach , then so too, will this Magic team as they look to make some headway this season . Are they capable of making the playoffs ? Who can say , at this juncture , because they have nothing to lose if they are not at least prepared to try. And one of the continued adversities for the Orlando Magic as a franchise , is that having built a relativity new venue which is less than three years old , is the very fact that now , in terms of attendance , the teams has one of the lowest attendance rates in all of the NBA . And this certainly doesn’t bode well from a financial standpoint for the organization or the ambitions of executives envisaged with the task of making this brand a profitable concern. Lack of a real fan-base , a somewhat inconsistent and uncompetitive team, and there you have a recipe for disaster . Yet these are the things that David Stern refuses to address , but yet he has the audacity to rebuke well-respected coaches and the organizations they represent for the most innocuous of things. Somehow not only the commissioner trying to write a check that even he can’t cash , in spite of his annual salary , but so too are a number of franchises around the NBA . And you wonder why at times why the fans become disengaged with the brand ?

Plainly put, it’s me mentality that now exists within the game and how it’s being sold as a consumer product to the fans and public alike . Within the NBA it is no longer about the teams but more about the league’s superstars , their agents and the entourage that simply makes sure that their profile is always kept high. Unfortunately, this is the road that the league chose to go down and now there is no turning back . !



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Over the past eight years do you believe that the fans’ best interests have been served by some of the decisions made by the NBA Commissioner , David Stern ? And do you believe that his successor , Adam Silver , the current Deputy Commissioner , will bring about some much-needed changes to the league , and how it essentially operates as a business entity , as well as, from what we see competitively happening on the courts today ? Simply leave a comment as you see fit .

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(1) MIAMI, FL – DECEMBER 6: J.R. Smith (8) of the New York Knicks gets pumped up after a play during a game on December 6, 2012 at American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida. The Knicks would go on to defeat the Heat 112-92 . Photo by Gregory Shamus/NBAE via Getty Images …

(2) New York Knicks players give high-fives to Raymond Felton (2) during a timeout in the final minutes of an NBA basketball game against the Miami Heat Thursday, Dec, 6, 2012, in Miami. The Knicks won 112-92. AP Photo/Alan Diaz …

(3) Miami Heat’s LeBron James (6) is fouled by New York Knicks’ J.R. Smith (8) in the first half of an NBA basketball game Thursday, Dec, 6, 2012, in Miami. The Knicks won 112-92. AP Photo/Alan Diaz ..

(4) WASHINGTON, DC – DECEMBER 4: Martell Webster (9) of the Washington Wizards celebrates a win against the Miami Heat after the game at the Verizon Center on December 4, 2012 in Washington, DC. The Wizards defeated the Heat 105-101 . Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images ….

(5) Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant (24) is greeted by point guard Chris Duhon (21) at the end of the first half of an NBA basketball game against the New Orleans Hornets in New Orleans, Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2012. Bryant became the youngest player in NBA history to break …….. 30,000 points during the half. AP Photo/Gerald Herbert ..

(6) Sacramento , CA – FEBRUARY 28: Sacramento Kings owners Joe Maloof, left, and Gavin Maloof, right, celebrate with Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson during a game against the Utah Jazz on February 28, 2012 at Power Balance Pavilion in Sacramento, California. The city of Sacramento and the Maloofs are still in the midst of a contentious battle with neither side seeking to back down . Johnson believes the Kings’ owners to be lacking in good faith , and goodwill, concerning a proposed venue to replace to the now aging Power Balance Pavilion , that is home to the NBA franchise . The Sacramento Kings , are now amongst the least supported teams in the NBA , and it has been this way for a number of years . With the decline in attendance, has also come declining revenues , and now an uncompetitive team, which is mirrored in their NBA standing . Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images @ copyrighted material all rights reserved

(7) Deron Williams (8) of the Brooklyn Nets addresses the crowd with commissioner David Stern before the game against the Toronto Raptors at the Barclays Center on November 3, 2012 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City . Getty Images North America / Elsa Amendola …

(8) Orlando Magic head coach Jacque Vaughn watches in the second quarter of an NBA basketball game against the Utah Jazz, Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2012, in Salt Lake City. AP Photo/Rick Bowmer …

(9) Orlando Magic guard Arron Afflalo (4) loses control of the basketball as Utah Jazz’s Mo Williams (5) and Marvin Williams (2) watch during the second half of an NBA basketball game, Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2012, in Salt Lake City. The Jazz won 87-81 . AP Photo/The Desert News, Ben Brewer …

(10) Orlando Magic point guard Jameer Nelson (14) drives to the basket as Utah Jazz power forward Paul Millsap (24) defends in the second quarter of an NBA basketball game, Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2012, in Salt Lake City. The eight-year veteran point guard is seeking to establish himself as the Magic’s on-court vocal and team leader in the aftermath of the crazed departure of former teammate, Dwight Howard . AP Photo/Rick Bowmer ..



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And God Created The Earth In Six Days And On The Seventh He Rested …… But It Takes NBA Owner Merely Being Flippant And A Conceited Bastard To Ruin An NBA Franchise …………

And God Created The Earth In Six Days And On The Seventh He Rested …… But It Takes NBA Owner Merely Being Flippant And A Conceited Bastard To Ruin An NBA Franchise …………

By tophatal ….. Wed , 05/02/2012 – 1.19 AM (EST)

I’m sorry but I’ve had it up to here with this bullshit concerning David Stern having such acumen and insight ! In reality , nothing could be further from the truth , as this conceited son of a bitch continues to wreak havoc across the NBA landscape ! The NBA commissioner has simply allowed the Sacramento Kings’ ownership now on the verge of blackmailing the city of Sacramento as they seek to have the municipality , and as the city mayor Kevin Johnson would attest private funding will figuratively pay $391 million for a new venue for a franchise that hasn’t seen any semblance of success in over a decade . Joe and Gavin Maloof have stressed all along that they have acted in good faith in dealing with the city council. But this is not borne out by the council’s addendum records of their meetings with the Maloofs. The one saving grace as it relates to the Kings this past season has been the play of DeMarcus Cousins but beyond that there has simply not been much to write home about .


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GM Geoff Petrie if anything , has done little to suggest that he has this team .. playing with any semblance of consistency . Now as the postseason runs its course , we now have those teams who simply played no part in the playoffs are now on the outside looking in. At this point I do believe that Kevin Johnson is simply being naive and furthermore , it seems that he has learned not a god-damn thing in the aftermath of the city of Seattle’s dealings with the NBA hierarchy and the surreptitious way that the Seattle Supersonics departed from the city under a cloud of deceit and mistrust ! Anyone who believes that Clay Bennett , his partners and David Stern acted with any degree of integrity . Then, I would like to gauge your interest in buying some prime residential property in the city of Damascus , Syria . Bennett having led his consortium in the purchase of the Supersonics and their relocation to Oklahoma City and for the franchise to be renamed the Oklahoma City Thunder . And the club itself , as the second seed within the Western Conference , are now in a highly competitive contest against the Memphis Grizzlies in their first round match-up .

I am not convinced that the Sacramento Kings remaining within the state capitol will be in the best interests of city itself ! At no point have either Joe and Gavin Maloof acted anyone’s interest but that their own ! And it is becoming abundantly clear that David Stern will now look for an “out” , as he seeks to enable the franchise to relocate outside the confines of Sacramento . Is there anything that NBA hierarchy is not prepared to do in order to facilitate David Stern’s less than lugubrious image ? And for the bumbling idiots who are still convinced that over the past five years the commissioner has been the right man to lead the NBA over the next decade . Simply look at his dealings with the NBPA , its executive committee and the mere fact that the team owners having pled poverty as to their own mismanagement of their finances , are still looking for the league to once again bail their ass out .

The Kings may well have been hemorrhaging money over the past few seasons as the residents within the Power Balance Pavilion in Sacramento , but is anyone really surprised by this , given the lack of competitiveness of the franchise over that period of time ____ never-mind the lack of support in terms of the attendance at the venue over the past five years ? The Sacramento Kings remain one of the least supported teams within the NBA and I sincerely doubt that this will change , even with a change of environment ! And for the asinine fools who continue to make excuses as to the numerous reasons why the franchise should remain within the city . Simply look at the drain on resources of the city , meanwhile the city’s mayor continues to make a complete ass of himself . It never ceases to amaze how these politicians will continue to believe that kissing the ass of multi-millionaire franchise owner is simply in the best interest of the city’s residents ! Please think again because when it has it actually been in the best interest of a municipality when their tax-dollars are being used to fill the pockets of these already wealthy individuals ?

Well at long last Paul Silas saw fit to depart from the bowel of Hades ! Good God almighty , has there ever been a team that has been as woefully inept as the Charlotte Bobcats ? I’m sorry but bearing a 7-59 record to end your season , one doubt that this was how team owner Michael Jordan had envisaged the franchise’s season ending . I am not about to excuse Jordan’s input as to the makeup of this team and his working in conjunction with GM Rod Higgins . Kemba Walker may well have been drafted to be the “face of the franchise for the foreseeable future” . But this team has simply not been one that is complementary to the skills of the young rookie . Silas’ relationship with this young core roster has certainly been tenuous at times . And that has been in the aftermath of what was said to be an explosive and combustible bust-up between the former head coach and Tyrus Thomas . It has been these type of incidents and perhaps the fact that Silas’ own relationship with the team owner was described as being strained . Losing does tend to have that sort of an effect on a franchise and when an owner and coach are not said to be on the same page , then in effect you simply have a recipe for what will turn out to be an unmitigated disaster ! Is there any other way to describe the Bobcats’ entire season ?

Courtesy of USA Today

Charlotte Bobcats part with coach Paul Silas

By Rachel Shuster , USA Today

The first shoe has dropped on the Charlotte Bobcats, who finished the NBA season at 7-59 , losing the last 23 in a row, and with the worst winning percentage (.106) in league history.

Michael Jordan’s club announced Monday that Paul Silas, 68, will not return as coach after finishing his first full season at the helm. A search for his successor has begun.

“I would like to personally thank Paul for everything he has done for this team under some pretty unique circumstances,” Rod Higgins, Bobcats president of basketball operations, said in a statement. “His basketball experience as a coach and a player speak for themselves. We have been fortunate to have someone of his character associated with this franchise and we hope he will continue to be a valuable resource to us in the future.”

But not even Silas could turn around the fortunes of the Bobcats, who became so frustrated by the end that Tyrus Thomas even got into a locker room altercation with the coach.

Silas was named interim head coach in December 2010, then had the interim title removed in February 2011. He led the team to a 25-29 record (.463) over the remainder of 2010-11 and compiled an overall 32-88 record (.363) with the Bobcats.


Click on link to read this article in full .


With this vacancy now open to possible suitors it certainly will be interesting to see who will succeed Paul Silas . I for one could possibly see Michael Jordan doing the unexpected and traveling to Montana , to seek out his former Bulls’ head coach and mentor , Phil Jackson . Stranger things are known to have happened within the NBA and nothing would be out of the blue than to quite possibly see Jordan and Jackson working in unison once again, as they try to engineer a championship caliber NBA team . However , easier said than done , given the fact that Phil Jackson’s retirement has given the “Zen Master” a chance to reflect on his already legendary and distinguished career . career. Does he , now wish to return to the NBA , to coach a team that in all honesty , even if they were to in this upcoming NBA Draft gain that overall number one pick , would it be without a certainty that , Anthony Davis will be that guy ? God knows , the Charlotte Bobcats even with their history has strung together a number of dubious decision as it relates to their draft choices and this moribund organization ! .

History need not remind us that Michael Jordan as the former front office executive with the Washington Wizards , made what now remains the “biggest draft blunder ” in NBA history . Jordan would seek to make Kwame Brown the number one draft pick in the 2001 NBA Draft . Brown was picked ahead of more refined and accomplished college players . And when one peruses the list of the players in question who were chosen behind Kwame Brown , one has to wonder who the hell was providing Jordan with the advice and what the fu_king hell were they thinking to begin with ? I am sorry but the day when someone can convince me that Kwame Brown will be and has been a more complete and productive player than the likes of Tony Parker , Tyson Chandler and the slew of the other 29 players taken in the first round . Then either , Jordan had been prescribed some form of hallucinogenic medication or hell must’ve frozen over ! That decision has personified a number of reasons why the Wizards have never proceeded to show anything by way of competitiveness within the NBA during the time-span in question . At the same time one has to begin to question why it was that Michael Jordan wanted to become an owner within the NBA . His playing career is unparalleled with the exception of Bill Russell’s . it has been Jordan’s success , with which the modern era of NBA players’ careers will be adjudged , when it is all said and done .

Now while David Stern has welcomed Jordan as a front office executive and then team owner within the NBA . It has to be said that Michael Jordan’s success has been minuscule in either capacity . It would be fair to say that having bought the franchise from former Bobcats’ owner Robert L Johnson , the former NBA player was sold a ” bill of goods ” that has resembled a ” lemon “ ! And this Bobcats’ franchise is so far off from where it needs to be , to even be thought of as a legitimate contender within the NBA for a title . Hell, the Charlotte Bobcats at best would best be hard pressed to beat either a WNBA team or a D1 collegiate basketball program that just happened to be an entrant in the most recent NCAA Tournament .

Hard to fathom where the Charlotte Bobcats now go from here but in reality the only way has to be up . Either way , it remains to be seen what can be fathomed during this off-season and the decisions that will be made by this organization .



Picture gallery for your perusal .

What thoughts if any do you have concerning the points raised within this piece ? And also how do you see the ongoing events of the NBA postseason playing themselves out , as things are set in motion by way of the scheduled games ? By all means do leave a comment on the subject matter in question .


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(1) Mayor Kevin Johnson attends a news conference in Sacramento, Calif., Friday, April 27, 2012. Citing irreconcilable differences, Johnson said that a new arena deal between the city and the Maloof family , owners of the Sacramento Kings, is dead. AP Photo/ Rich Pedroncelli

(2) (2) Brothers, George, left, Gavin second from left, and Phil Maloof , co owners of the Sacramento Kings leave the court after the Kings beat the Los Angeles Lakers 113-96 in a NBA basketball game in Sacramento, Calif., April 26, 2012. The Maloofs met with Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson earlier in the day and are expected to have another meeting Friday to try to reach a deal for a new arena for the team. AP Photo/ Rich Pedroncelli ….

(3) Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins, center, goes to the basket between Los Angeles Lakers’ Andrew Goudelock , left, and Jordan Hill , right, during the second half of an NBA basketball game in Sacramento, Calif., April 26, 2012. The Kings won the final game of their season 113-96. AP Photo/ Rich Pedroncelli ….

(4) NBA Commissioner David Stern seen here speaking with members of the convened press at the 2012 NBA All Star Weekend in Orlando , Florida . Stern has met recently with the Sacramento Kings ownership as well with dignitaries from the Sacramento City Council to see if he can reinvigorate the talks between the two sides . There now seems to be an impasse with all things pointing toward a breakdown in the negotiations for a new venue for NBA franchise . City Mayor Kevin Johnson has cited ” irreconcilable differences” and the lack of good faith from the Maloof family for the breakdown in the talks . AP Photo / Karl Harrison …

(5) Center Tyson Chandler (6) of the New York Knicks stares after a flagrant foul against LeBron James (6) of the Miami Heat in Game One of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals in the 2012 NBA Playoffs on April 28, 2012 at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida. The Heat defeated the Knicks 100-67 . Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images ……

(6) New York Knicks’ Amare Stoudemire leaves American Airlines Arena with his left arm in a sling after an NBA basketball game against the Miami Heat in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs in Miami, Monday, April 30, 2012. The Heat defeated the Knicks 104-94 . AP Photo/Lynne Sladky …

(7) LeBron James ( 6) of the Miami Heat drives on Amar`e Stoudemire (1) of the New York Knicks during Game Two of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals in the 2012 NBA Playoffs at American Airlines Arena on April 30, 2012 in Miami, Florida. Photo by Mike Ehrmann/ Getty Images … ….

(8) Charlotte Bobcats coach Paul Silas, left, and his son and assistant coach Stephen Silas , right, sit on the bench during the final minutes of an NBA basketball game in Charlotte, N.C., Thursday, April 26, 2012. The New York Knicks won 104-84 . AP Photo/Chuck Burton ……

(9) Charlotte Bobcats’ D.J. White, left, Gerald Henderson , center, and Kemba Walker sit on the bench late in the second half of an NBA basketball game New York Knicks in Charlotte, N.C., Thursday, April 26, 2012. The Knicks won 104-84. Charlotte finished with the worst winning percentage in NBA history. AP Photo/Chuck Burton …

(10) From left to right , Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan , team GM Rod Higgins and now former coach , Paul Silas . Having stepped down from his position that saw the Bobcats post a 7-59 record this past season . Silas will be retained by the organization in some front office capacity . It is thought that Paul Silas will assist Higgins and team President Fred Whitfield in preparing for the upcoming 2012 NBA Draft Lottery . The team hopes that it will be in amongst the quintet of franchises vying for the right to acquire the Kentucky Wildcats’ Anthony Davis , seen as the consensus #1 overall choice and the AP Collegiate Player of the Year . Davis having led the Wildcats to the NCAA Tournament title now seeks to make his mark in the NBA . AFP/Photo/Mark Tatum …..




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Bounce , Bounce , Come Get Some …

Bounce , Bounce , Come Get Some …

By tophatal ………..

At the beginning of the NBA season I have to admit that I felt that the Houston Rockets would be struggling to make their presence felt within the NBA . Instead the Charlotte Bobcats under the ownership of former NBA great Michael Jordan . To suggest that the Bobcats are having an inept season would be an understatement , so much so that the team’s 3-21 record is a clear sign of the ineptitude shown by coach Paul Silas’ players.

With the NBA season now being a truncated schedule of 66 games the chance that the Charlotte Bobcats could possibly end up supplanting the 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers’ …. 9-73 mark of ineptitude could be seriously challenged this year by the Bobcats . Albeit , that the regular season schedule has been reduced from 82 games to the aforementioned figure , it has to be said that if David Stern is now trying to sell the NBA brand as a selling point and a competitive entity then his chance of doing so isn’t being enhanced by the results we have all seen this season . Scoring may well be up but at what cost to the poor defensive capabilities shown by teams and the lack of real quality coaching in the league this season ?


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With the league now one third of the way through this shortened schedule it should come as no surprise as to the teams heading the respective divisions within the Eastern and Western Conferences of the NBA . Tom Thibodeau and the Chicago Bulls lead the league with season’s best 20-6 mark as of the 5th February, and it would be pretty safe to say that Derrick Rose given his play at present could very well be the early season favorite amongst all candidates for this season’s league MVP .

To my mind the Chicago Bulls might just be the most well balanced team in the league but given that premise the season is one where it’s not about what you achieve during the regular season but you do during the postseason . The only thing being asked of the teams is simply to acquit themselves during the schedule in order to gain a playoff berth ! The teams can either go with the flow or rise to the occasion and show their true worth .

As troubling as it might seem the woes of the Charlotte Bobcats this season can only further harm the stability of this franchise which has had its fair share of ups and downs throughout its history . It is one thing to see the ineptitude shown by a franchise such as the Los Angeles Clippers under the stewardship of former owner Donald Sterling and then GM Elgin Baylor . But in today’s modern NBA it’s not about bygone days of yesteryear but now it has become about ………… ” what have you done for me lately ” ? And in the true sense of the word , neither the Bobcats or Clippers have anything at all to be proud about as it relates to their recent history !

It’s hard to suggest that anyone could be excited to see a team made up of players such as Boris Diaw , DeSagana Diop , DJ Augustin , Gerald Henderson , Reggie Williams , DJ White , Tyrus Thomas , Corey Maggette and Kemba Walker who just happens to be the organization’s number one pick overall , having been and drafted ninth in the first round of the 2011 NBA Draft . As we know the team with the privilege of having the number one pick overall was to be the Cleveland Cavaliers who took Kyrie Irving the guard from Duke University .

Now while I believe Paul Silas to be a very good coach , in no way I do I feel that he’s capable of taking this team to the next level much less make them a contender within their own division (Southeast Division) . That is now simply being borne out by their standing and the fact that with a mark of 3-22 they now possess the worst record in all of basketball . Somehow , I for one don’t believe that this is exactly what Michael Jordan and GM Rod Higgins had envisaged for their team this season .

The Charlotte Bobcats are losers of twelve straight and their last victory came in January by way of defeating Mark Jackson’s …… Golden State Warriors in a rather innocuous game 112-100 that has many now wondering which NBA franchise will have the dubious privilege of being the Bobcats’ next victim . And I seriously doubt that Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls are willing to lay down like lambs to the slaughter when the two teams meet this Friday at the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte , North Carolina ,. It will no doubt be interesting to see what the match-up between these two teams will present to the fans with by way of the efficiency shown by the respective rosters .

Now while the proponents of the NBA are trying to elicit excitement as to the pleasures to be had from watching the NBA this season . I simply liken the evidence being proffered up by David Stern and his minions as to what is now simply wrong with the game , by enlarge . It’s now something of a watered down product with some mediocre teams , poor coaching but above all some putrid play by the vast majority of the players as can be borne in a number of statistical categories .

Now if the Bobcats are to be viewed as to the mediocrity on display within the NBA then clearly both the Chicago Bulls and Oklahoma City have to be seen as the complete antithesis of that ! The Thunder coached by Scott Brooks and led by forward Kevin Durant and the team’s ‘ mercurial point guard Russell Westbrook seem to be leaving a wake of destruction along their pathway by literally obliterating a number of the teams whom they have faced this season . At this juncture having the best record in the Western Conference may not mean a great deal but if the NBA playoffs were to start today Scott Brooks’ players would be hosting the defending NBA champions the Dallas Mavericks (14-11) .

To my mind this season’s Mavericks roster are by no means the equal of the team coached by Rick Carlisle last season . If anything this group of players are simply going through the motions in showing a great deal of complacency ! But even more so when you have your apparent franchise player , in , Dirk Nowitzki stating that he’s still feeling the after effects from celebrating the organization’s victory then it begs the question ….. do the players possess the heart to really defend their title ? Given the play of the Mavericks at present the answer has to be a resounding no !

Durant and Westbrook for their part alongside Nick Collison , Serge Ibaka , James Harden , Kendrick Perkins , and Daequan Cook continue to improve …… based on their performances from last season . Granted the team’s Western Conference Finals’ loss to the Dallas Mavericks showed the inexperience of Scott Brooks’ team but in large part it proved to be more of a learning process for this group of talented young players . This season however the tandem of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are laying the foundations and claims that the duo might just be the “best one two punch” in the league in terms of efficiency , albeit that Chris Paul and Blake Griffin might be able to counter prove that point . But herein lies the caveat to this it all , the Los Angeles Clippers by virtue of their season have yet to prove their resourcefulness in terms anything accomplished thus far . High flying stats mean absolutely nothing when you simply haven’t cut your teeth in terms of a recent postseason appearance .

With the All Star Game now but a mere two weeks away from this weekend . The hosts of that the NBA’s mid-season showcase will be the Orlando Magic , a franchise whom of as of late is laboring under a weight of under achievement in so many ways. Stan Van Gundy as coach of this team has seen his players simply become so inconsistent and with many now questioning whether or not Dwight Howard will still be a member of this organization by the trade deadline . The NBA center remains the one constant who appears to be content and will to raise the level of his game as and when needed . Unfortunately , the same cannot be said of his teammates and that has to be frustrating for Stan Van Gundy , and his coaching staff .

With the continued speculation that the Magic’s front office will still try to move the player rather than quite possibly see him <a href=" depart via free agency . GM Otis Smith along with team COO Alec Martins either have to be aware of the growing discontent amongst the fans or it could well be that they are no longer concerned as to the actual emotions of these very same individual who throw their support behind the organization with unabated passion . Amongst the teams said to be interested in acquiring the now the disgruntled center it is believed that the New Jersey Nets , Dallas Mavericks and quite possibly the Los Angeles Lakers , should the team’s GM Mitch Kupchak be bold enough to make such a move . Nets’ GM & Head of Basketball Operations Billy King knows that if he is to retain Deron Williams rather than lose the player to free agency, knows that a move is expected by the fans in one form or another .

As a franchise the Orlando Magic has long tried to be deemed relevant but such has been their postseason travails have simply suggested that they cannot get over the obstacles placed in their way. History would suggest that Dwight Howard will follow in the footsteps of Shaquille O’Neal and ‘Penny’ Hardaway and ply their trade elsewhere . And with that scenario now seeming all the more likely , one can only wait to now see what the demands may well be in terms of the Magic’s asking price for the player.


By clicking on an individual frame you can view a picture in its original formatted size.

Picture gallery for your perusal .

What if anything do you believe to be the biggest hindrance to the NBA this season ? By all means chime in with a comment and on anything else you deem to be pertinent as it relates to the subject matter .

Picture and slide show details below .


(1) Charlotte Bobcats forward Reggie Williams (55) drives against Boston Celtics guard Ray Allen (20) during the second half of an NBA basketball game in Boston on Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2012. The Celtics won 94-84 . AP Photo/Elise Amendola ……

(2) Boston Celtics forward Paul Pierce , left, makes a move under the basket against Charlotte Bobcats center Bismack Biyombo (0) in the first half of an NBA basketball game in Boston pn Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2012. AP Photo/Elise Amendola ……….

(3) Charlotte Bobcats coach Paul Silas sits on the team bench as the team suffers its eleventh consecutive loss to the Phoenix Suns in the fourth quarter of an NBA basketball game Saturday, Feb. 4, 2012, in Phoenix. The .Suns won 95-89 . AP Photo/Paul Connors …..

(4) Los Angeles Clippers’ head coach Vinny Del Negro , left, talks with Chris Paul (3) late in the third quarter of an NBA basketball game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2012, in Cleveland. Paul scored 16 points with 12 assists but the Clippers lost to the Cavaliers 99-92 . AP Photo/Mark Duncan …..

(5) Oklahoma City Thunder small forward Kevin Durant (35) scores in the last 15.7 seconds against the Golden State Warriors in the fourth quarter of an NBA basketball game in Oakland, Calif., Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2012. Oklahoma City Thunder defeated Golden State Warriors 119-116 . AP Photo/Paul Sakuma ….. …..

(6) Oklahoma City Thunder small forward Kevin Durant (35) scores in the last 15.7 seconds against the Golden State Warriors in the fourth quarter of an NBA basketball game in Oakland, Calif., Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2012. Oklahoma City Thunder defeated Golden State Warriors 119-116 . AP Photo/Paul Sakuma ….. …..

(7) The Miami Heat droppin’ it like it’s hot …. a big piece of turd …….. the Miami Heat over-rated and overpaid ! Ryan Anderson (33) of the Orlando Magic and Joel Anthony (50) of the Miami Heat scramble for a loose ball during the game at Amway Center on February 8, 2012 in Orlando, Florida. The Magic would go on to defeat the Heat 102-89 and along the way the team would hit a season high 17 3 pointers during the game . Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images …..

(8) LeBron James (6) of the Miami Heat hugs Dwight Howard (12) of the Orlando Magic during the game at Amway Center on February 8, 2012 in Orlando, Florida. Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images ….

(9) There’s saying …. “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink” . Someone explain to me what is it that James is really said to have done in terms of leading a team ? Two failed attempts in the NBA Finals has ( 2007 & 2011 ) have pretty much summed up his legacy so far in terms of his career thus far . LeBron James (6) of the Miami Heat drives against Glen Davis (11) of the Orlando Magic during the game at Amway Center on February 8, 2012 in Orlando, Florida. Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images …..

(10) New Jersey Nets’ Deron Williams (8) shoots against the Detroit Pistons during the fourth quarter of an NBA basketball game, Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2012, in Newark, N.J. The Pistons won 99-92 . AP Photo/Julio Cortez … …..




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Chances Are ………. Things Could Get Worse Before They’ll Get A Great Deal Better

Chances Are ………. Things Could Get Worse Before They’ll Get A Great Deal Better

OK so the NFL and the NFLPA are about to have their set to and I’m thinking how is that a $ 9 billion a year industry cannot seem to deal within the parameters set by their template ? NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in his state of the NFL address to the convened press at Cowboys Stadium , Arlington , Texas has reiterated his wish to hammer out a deal with the union’s Executive Committee led by Executive Director DeMaurice Smith and union President Kevin Mawae .


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The league hierarchy and the owners opted out of the league’s collective bargaining agreement which was due to expire on March 3rd 2011. Both sides knew exactly the impasse that this would create and at the same time they’re now looking for the empathy of the NFL fans. Personally I do believe that the NFL and the players had completely underestimated the resolve and tenacity of the fans who in essence will abandon the NFL and their support of their teams . The players see the league as the villains of the piece whereas the league’s view of the union is that they’re self serving and unwilling to acquiesce and make the concessions being asked by Goodell and the owners . The league seeks a give back of $1 billion ($1,000,000,000) a year for the next seven years and on the face of it that might not seem a great deal but when you consider that the figure merely accounts just over 11% of the league’s annual revenues. But also what I’d like to ask of Goodell and the league is given that when the NFL’s next television broadcast agreement comes up for renewal what are they prepared to seek from the networks in question ? I’m sure that NBC , ABC/ESPN , Fox and CBS Sports are closely monitoring these negotiations very closely. As too no doubt are league’s corporate sponsors as they’ve a lot to lose should there be a labor stoppage and a prolonged lockout.

Courtesy of

Goodell says bargaining with players ‘beneficial’

Sunday session was first formal talk since November

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says this weekend’s bargaining session with the players’ union was “beneficial.”

In an interview with Fox News Sunday that aired the morning of the Super Bowl, Goodell called drug testing a key issue in labour talks.

Goodell said “a number of” individual players and owners participated in a two-hour meeting Saturday, the first formal bargaining session since November. The labour deal expires in March.

“It’s always a positive when both parties are talking,” he said.

Outlining major sticking points, Goodell talked about revenue division, rookie salaries and benefits for retired players, adding “We want to continue on with the integrity of the game, which is my No. 1 issue.”

He also spoke of “making sure we have the best drug program in sports.”


As to the league’s showcase even this may well be the last chance the fans will get to see a Superbowl (SBXLV) for a while . Imagine there being no 2011-12 season and nothing but an uproar from the fans while the players themselves simply sit back and wait ? Blank television screens and stadiums across the league empty , never mind the economic impact the loss would create to the 32 league markets . These are the things that I believe that Goodell knows will hamper the league’s image and the brand itself. The last stoppage to affect the league was over decade and a half ago and the fans who witnessed this all left them aggrieved and angry at the NFL.

At this juncture I’m not so sure that this impasse will be quickly resolved as both sides are entrenched and don’t appear to want to budge from their current positions. Goodell in part and the owners are also looking to have an eighteen game schedule in place by either the 2011-12 or 2012-13 season . The NFLPA aren’t about accede to that request unless the league will make several concessions , one of which would be to decrease the number preseason games from four to two. Also as a bone of contention is that of the NFL rookies’ salary contract and the idiocy that simply goes on there. Agents such Drew Rosenhaus and Leigh Steinberg may not view this as acceptable but either way they should be thankful that their clients will still get paid.

I’ve read with interest that the Wilpon family will be looking to sell a minority stake in the New York Mets and this has come about because the family has a judgment against them seeking some $350 million that they were able to profit from in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme scandal which defrauded several thousand clients to the tune of an estimated $59 billion ($59 ,000,000,000). This was as such the largest fraud perpetrated and whereby the SEC in conjunction with FBI and Justice Department were able to catch the felon , in the case Madoff and his co-conspirators. Madoff is now serving a 125 year jail sentence in in a Federal penitentiary
The Wilpon family it has been said also lost heavily which resulted in what is said to be losses of anywhere between $250 million to $ 500 million if the estimates are to be believed.

Amongst the interested parties is a syndicate of which Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s son Martin Luther King III will be part of the group seeking to become a minority stake owner in the team. Given the history and legacy of the game of baseball I find it rather ironic that it’s only now that we’ve actually seen a genuine attempt for there to be an African American owner in the sport. There’s only one other prominent minority owner in the sport and that is Arte Moreno of the Los Angeles Angeles . Albeit that the league can boast several general managers of ethnic persuasion there simply hasn’t been that ardent fervor you’d have come to expect from Commissioner Bud Selig and the baseball hierarchy for there to be a prominent African American owner within the game.

Martin Luther King III should he and his syndicate group to be successful this would most definitely be a first in MLB. It would also send a clear indication to the ethnic community at large that there is a place for them at the owner’s table should they seek to ascend to those levels. It certainly hasn’t hurt the image of the NBA where Michael Jordan still the face of the NBA is now the majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats . And the franchise’s history has been well chronicled in its present guise and it’s hoped that Jordan during his tenure can lead this team some semblance of success.
This much we do know about the Mets in its present guise with the upheaval felt within the front office after the firings of Jerry Manuel and Omar Minaya does portend that incoming Head of Baseball Operations Sandy Alderson and VP and Head of Scouting J P Ricciardi are the new brooms brought in by COO Jeff Wilpon to clean house and discard of the unwanted pieces in this underachieving team .

Courtesy of USA Today

Madoff lawsuit: Mets owners owe victims $300 million

New York — The owners of the New York Mets, along with their relatives and other businesses, were “collectively one of the largest beneficiaries” of Bernard Madoff’s massive Ponzi scheme, receiving approximately $300 million in phantom profits that financed the team and other ventures, a newly unsealed lawsuit charged Friday.

The business empire of Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz had 483 Madoff accounts — including 16 for the Mets, from which $90 million of burned investors’ money helped pay the National League baseball franchise’s “day-to-day operations” — according to the lawsuit filed by Irving Picard. Picard is the court-appointed trustee seeking Madoff assets to repay the fraud’s thousands of victims.

The action alleges Wilpon and Katz ignored “gathering clouds” of repeated warnings from financial experts and others that Madoff’s investment operation was in reality a scam, because the owners had come to rely on the uncannily steady profits to substantially support their Sterling Equities Associates empire for a quarter of a century.

PICARD vs Mets : Read the complaint

The owners realized they “were simply in too deep,” the lawsuit says.


Click on link to read this article in its entirety .


The Mets’ history has been a storied one of ups and downs more downs given their recent history as they’ve seen their crosstown rivals the New York Yankees have unprecedented success over the last decade and a half. And if the Mets are to succeed then it will have to come down the coaching staff , the prudency shown by the front office and the performances of the players. If they can’t get it done this upcoming season then the New York Mets might as well throw in the towel once and for all.

I’m sorry but given the horrid season the Minnesota Timberwolves are now having and perhaps the only reason to be joyful, as they’ve seen the team’s lone All Star —– Kevin Love have a truly astonishing season with his play. A constant threat now to throw up 20 and 10 with amazing regularity the player is now being viewed as a must see around the NBA .Both Love and the Los Angeles Clippers’ —- Blake Griffin are simply just letting it rip.And they’ve quite rightly both been rewarded with roster spots on Western Conference All Star team for 2011.

Now while on appearance the Timberwolves’ season has literally spun out of control the team , Kurt Rambis’ and his coaching staff have done their utmost to put on a good face as they’ve struggled to maintain some sense of consistency . And the situation hasn’t helped that O J Mayo has had to serve an NBA mandated 10 game suspension for abusing the game’s substance abuse policy. The player himself however contends that the reason for his positive test stems from the fact that he’s used a supplement which had DHEA . That particular substance is viewed as a PED (performance enhancing drug) by the league’s hierarchy .

Whatever the outcome of this season will be for the Minnesota Timberwolves it’s clear that as of now the organization can only hope for things to get a great deal better. If not then the continued malaise will have the fans deserting the organization and looking elsewhere for to heap noteworthy praise on a team .


By clicking on an individual frame you can view each in its original formatted


Picture gallery for your perusal.

What thoughts if any do you have on the subjects raised within this piece ? Simply leave a comment and I’ll do my utmost to respond expeditiously and clarity. Thanks as always for your continued support.

Picture and slide show details .

(1) NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has been front and center at the Super Bowl this week, dealing with questions about both this season and the possibly delayed one to come because of labor issues. David J. Phillip/Associated Press …..

(2) Center Kevin Mawae (68) of the Tennessee Titans and President of the NFL Player’s Association speaks to members of the media during the NFL Player’s Association Press Conference held at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center as part of media week for Super Bowl XLIV on February 4, 2010 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Inset also if NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith . Doug Benc / Getty Images North America Inc ……….

(3) DeMaurice Smith, NFL Player’s Association Executive Director, speaks to members of the media during the NFL Player’s Association Press Conference held at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center as part of media week for Super Bowl XLIV on February 4, 2010 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Getty Images / Doug Benc ……

(4) New York Mets COO Jeff Wilpon (left) and team owner Fred Wilpon patriarch of the family. The front office of the Mets has been completely revamped and so too has the coaching staff . The organization now finds itself in an intensive lawsuit that could have some adverse effects on the team’s long term financial stability and viability as the family has been ordered to pay the victims of the Madoff Ponzi scheme an estimated $350 million . AFP/ Reuters / Michael Findley ……..

(5) Minnesota Timberwolves’ Kevin Love, left, and Denver Nuggets’ Chauncey Billups battle for a rebound in the second half of an NBA basketball game, Saturday, Feb. 5, 2011, in Minneapolis. The Nuggets won 113-100 . Billups scored 21 points and had 13 assists while Love scored 18 and had 19 rebounds for the Timberwolves. AP Photo/Jim Mone ……….

(6) Martin Luther King III (R) and his sister Bernice release a dove from the balcony where their father, Martin Luther King Jr., was shot to death at the conclusion of a vigil in King’s honor at the Lorraine Hotel April 4, 2008 in Memphis, Tennessee. King was killed by James Earl Ray 40 years ago today. Win McNamee / Getty Images ………


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