Too big to fail and too dumb to clean up its own frigging house

Too big to fail and too dumb to clean up its own frigging house

With the recent announcement that New England Patriots’ tight end Aaron Hernandez has now been arrested by the Massachusetts State Police and placed into custody at the Attleboro Police Station, pending chargers being filed by the State Attorneys` Office . It begs the question, where this now not only leaves the Patriots’ organization , but also now the further tarnished image of the NFL ? Robert Kraft , owner of the NFL franchise and his general manager Nick Caserio have taken it upon themselves to cut the player and voiding part of his seven-year $56 million contract , that the now disgraced Hernandez signed in 2012 . Not a moment too soon , as far as I am concerned , as from the outset the player and his legal representatives have played fast and loose with the rule of law . Evidence , it has been suggested , that may well have been tampered with , yet here were the player’s lawyers suggesting that the press and outside sources were denigrating Aaron Hernandez`s character. If I am not mistaken , the player was uncooperative with law enforcement from the very beginning , concerning the death of a former close confidante Odin Lloyd . The victim , Lloyd, who Hernandez was dating his sister , we now know was the victim of a homicide , and where his body was found less than a mile from his home in Attleboro , a suburb, north of the city of Boston .


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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell , forever the so-called protector of the NFL image now has to deal with a situation where one of the league’s most high-profiled franchises now finds itself front and center in the biggest news’ story to hit the NFL during its off-season . The New England Patriots made a splash of its own , when they acquired former New York Jets’ backup quarterback Tim Tebow to a two-year deal . Personally, from my own mindset as an avowed and die-hard Patriots’ fan , I was quite looking forward to a preseason of high-end comedy, and all of the drama that is likely to follow the fourth year player . Now , instead , the fans of the NFL as well of the Patriots will be treated to a great deal of conjecture and speculation that is more than likely to be played out in the court of public opinion , as the fate of Aaron Hernandez is played out in front of our very eyes . As to Tim Tebow’s future with the Patriots , well that will now rest upon how quick the player can acclimatize himself to the quirks of head coach Bill Belichick and the likely offensive plays devised by offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels .

I am of the opinion that Tim Tebow is being ingratiated and not good enough to play in the NFL at a consistently high level . His career so far in the league has been a clear reflection of that and it is not likely to change anytime soon . Even though the player has become another reclamation project for Bill Belichick , let’s not kid ourselves that Tebow fits into the mold of a Corey Dillon or a Randy Moss . On his best day Tim Tebow would not be competent enough to lace up the boots of either of the aforementioned players , but yet there remains apologists out there still with the wish of seeing the player in the NFL , while other claims that he would be of great financial benefit of a franchise in need of a sales pitch and to make even more money . The latter premise might just be the biggest joke of all !

In light of no charges having been filed against Aaron Hernandez as of yet , it should be noted that this is not the first time that the player has run afoul of the law . A pending suit has been filed against Hernandez , concerning an incident that took place in Miami where it is claimed that he shot a man in the face on the premises of a night club in South Florida . The suit filed for a second time now awaits a hearing and a trial date in the Miami Dade County Court System. Hernandez’s prior run ins took place while in college , and also while a juvenile , and it is clear that it has become a pattern of behavior with the now troubled player . As to the claims by the player’s legal team of undue bias and a rush to judgment. Well, let’s just revert back to the old adage , where there is smoke , there is fire .

One of the more subtle notes to come out of this all with the arrest of Aaron Hernandez during this off-season , has been the very fact that , he has become the twenty-eighth player from the NFL to have been arrested since the Superbowl (SB XLVII) came to an end , between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens .

At a time when the league has enough issues to deal with , it is now becoming abundantly clear that as much as Roger Goodell believes that he can assuage us , with the fact that his actions are in the best interests of the NFL when it comes to dealing with players’ behavioral issues . It is clear, that the NFLPA (union) simply has no idea, nor does it seem to care about how their members parade themselves within the public domain. Executive Director DeMaurice Smith and the union’s executive committee would rather spend their time trying to make fools of the league hierarchy and franchise owners alike . Something, that they have successfully been able to do, outsmarting the commissioner and his subordinates , repeatedly over the past few years .

To realize the seriousness of the situation that Aaron Hernandez now finds himself in . Consider the fact that his agent , has advised him to hire noted Boston criminal attorney James Sultan of the renowned law firm Rankin & Sultan LLC . The charges that could very well be filed against the player could either be , obstruction of justice or , manslaughter or premeditated murder . All of this being mere supposition , because neither the State Attorney’s Office or the Massachusetts State Police have been prepared to divulge that information to the public as of yet . With Aaron Hernandez having been arrested , his arraignment before a judge , where the charges will be made public , is now all that awaits the start of the whole ongoing criminal process . Alas , this is the last thing that the NFL really needs, as its preseason , has yet to begin , but the fans are now salivating , waiting for the customary league protocols of the OTA’s (organized training activities ) to commence .

The alternatives for New England are not all that bright in terms of its overall offense . Rob Gronkowski , a big part of the Patriots’ offense over the past two seasons , will have to undergo off –season surgery . Further hindering the offensive weaponry available to quarterback Tom Brady . And the thought of Danny Amendola now being viewed as a ready-made replacement for the departed Wes Welker , is akin to substituting a Ferrari with a Dodge Pinto . Not one of the wiser off-season decisions made by the front office in allowing the departure of a fan favorite in Wes Welker . And let us not forget that Tom Brady made available over $9 million in salary to aid the franchise cap-wise in order to re-sign the renowned wide receiver . All to no avail, as Welker now becomes a prime target and added option for Denver Broncos` quarterback Peyton Manning .

The New England Patriots has always prided itself on being an organization that has individuals with character, that would provide leadership to the younger members of its playing staff . To my mind , that no longer seems to be the case ! As affable as Tom Brady appears to be , the wealth attained , the accolades , notoriety and glamour that comes along with being one the league’s more high-profiled players , may well have left the quarterback jaded and unconcerned as it relates to the franchise . Granted , winning cures what ails us , especially in the case of a professional sport’s franchise . Yet , the fact of the matter is , the departures of players such as Tedy Bruschi , Richard Seymour and Mike Vrabel have done more harm to the Patriots, than good . Age being a determining factor in their departures , unfortunately , in the subsequent years , the players drafted , have yet to show the leadership abilities , shown by the aforementioned players in question . The blame for this has to lay squarely upon the shoulders of Bill Belichick, and no one else . As great a head coach as he is, the “Midas Touch ” , he is renowned for , now seems to be missing , and it has most definitely played a part in the team’s failures in recent years , most notably in the postseason .

The preseason , with all that it represents , will now become one of urgency for Bill Belichick and his coaching staff . If he cannot get things right at that juncture , then no matter what the off-season in terms of its drama has provided us with , could very well pale into comparison should their regular season within the AFC East and in the league in particular , end up being a monumental bust .

For the past four seasons , Alex Rodriguez has been the highest paid player in baseball . Granted , the always opulent New York Yankees , will continue to outspend their rivals as they seek to maintain a standard of success that is unprecedented in baseball history . That asides , it has to be said , since the death of the late George Steinbrenner III , it does seem as if this ball-club seems to have regressed not just from a competitive standpoint , but also one in terms of its character and what it appears to tolerate from their players by way their behavior . Derek Jeter now on the downside of an illustrious career , seems to be on the verge of making a return , but a setback now seems to have curtailed that scenario. Manager , Joe Girardi , perennially under the microscope now has to deal with a fan-base that still yearns for success and one that now, is no longer willing to tolerate excuses as a reason why, for the team’s indifferent season .

Away from that scenario, we now have the still noncommittal Rodriguez declaring his fitness and ready to resume contributing to the team . Well , it means that the third baseman will add to the organization’s embarrassment more than he has already done with his conceit and web of lies . Then that , I might understand , but if he is actually talking about contributing on the field from his own standpoint by way of his meager offerings . Well, the New York Yankees might well be best served if the player remains on the team’s disabled list for the rest of the season . It is not as if he is currently being missed by Joe Girardi and his staff . Given what the team has been able to achieve by way of their results and their standing within the AL East , I seriously doubt that he has been missed by his teammates , much less the fans in attendance at Yankee Stadium , this season .

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Report: Yanks GM angry at A-Rod for Twitter update

By Howie Rumber , Associated Press

NEW YORK — Alex Rodriguez and the New York Yankees are not seeing eye to eye on his hip injury. The star third baseman tweeted Tuesday night that his hip surgeon has cleared him to play in rehabilitation games, a move that angered Yankees general manager Brian Cashman, according to
“You know what, when the Yankees want to announce something, (we will),” Cashman told the website.
“Alex should just shut … up,” the GM said, punctuating his comment with a profanity.
Cashman added that he planned to get in touch with Rodriguez right away.
The general manager did not respond to calls from The Associated Press.
Rodriguez had left hip surgery on Jan. 16 and has been working out since May at the Yankees’ Tampa complex. The three-time AL MVP took swings in a simulated-game situation for the first time on Monday.
On Tuesday night, he posted a message on Twitter: “Visit from Dr. Kelly over the weekend, who gave me the best news — the green light to play games again!” Rodriguez also posted a photo of himself and Dr. Brian Kelly, who performed the operation in New York.
Rodriguez did not stop to speak with reporters Wednesday when he drove into the team’s minor league complex in Tampa, Fla.


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New York Yankees` GM Brian Cashman , was obviously aggrieved by Alex Rodriguez’s announcement that he has been declared fit for a return to the game, by the surgeon who performed his hip surgery in the off-season . The player “tweeted” this proclamation without having first sought the approval of the team , never mind the fact, that he had yet to be declared physically fit enough by the team’s medical staff to even resume light training . Cashman , obviously angered by the player’s actions vented his feeling s to the local print and television media with a few choice expletives concerning his third baseman .

As we all know Alex Rodriguez’s name has once again associated with the latest debacle wrap itself around the game of baseball . Fans are calling for what they would like to see happen without ever once thinking that the game’s player on both sides of the equation simply don’t give a damn what they might . The known cheaters that have profited by way of using illicit substances are still allowed to participate in the game , after an innocuous tap on the wrist like a child being scolded by a kindergarten teacher . Anyone who genuinely believes that a fifty-game suspension is enough of deterrent to a player , then clearly they are misguided , if nothing else , simply pathetic .

The Yankees fort their part , even in light of Rodriguez’s almost whimsical admission of guilt in using a banned substance , chose not to suspend the player after that asinine act of contrition in 2011 , choosing instead to allow the player to resume playing for the team . Now comes the hard part for the organization , they are simply waiting for Bud Selig to make his formal announcement as to what punishment will be meted out to the players embroiled in the Biogenesis scandal . Meanwhile , knowing that the MLBPA (Players Union) is likely to fight tooth and nail to protect their members from any type of punishment they feel to be too draconian as a verdict rendered by the league hierarchy . From my own standpoint , Bud Selig and all of the parties involved , the teams , owners , union and front office executives, have all played their part in allowing this subterfuge to be perpetrated upon the public and fans alike . Baseball, or what is being reportedly being played, has become a caricature of what was once said to be America’s pastime .

Brian Cashman may well be angered by Alex Rodriguez’s actions , but my question for the front office executive and that of the Yankees’ ownership . Where were you all when this first came to light , and why no public outrage ? Instead, you all were gleefully rubbing your hands and ecstatically carrying on, as if you had hit the jackpot . Now that the can of worms have opened up along with all of the undesirable artifacts that come along with this whole scandal , all of this sacrosanct piousness, becomes all the more asinine and self-evident of an organization simply without a clue or any damn leadership to begin with .



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In this image taken from video, a state police officer and dog arrive outside the home of New England Patriots football player Aaron Hernandez, Saturday, June 22, 2013, in North Attleboro, Mass. State police searched Hernandez’s home as they investigate the killing of Odin Lloyd, a semi-pro football player whose body was found nearby. AP Photo/ESPN …

(2) Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez arrives for arraignment at Attleboro District Court Wednesday, June 26, in Attleboro, Mass. It wasn’t clear what charges were being filed against him. Less than two hours after his arrest, the Patriots announced they had cut him from the team. Odin Lloyd, a 27-year-old semi-pro football player for the Boston Bandits, was found slain June 17 near Hernandez’s home in North Attleboro. AP Photo/The Sun Chronicle, Mark Stockwell …

(3) FILE – In this Dec. 23, 2012 file photo, New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez (81) warms up prior to an NFL football game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Jacksonville, Fla. Hernandez was taken from his home in Attleboro, Mass. in handcuffs Wednesday morning June 26, 2013, more than a week after a Boston semi-pro football player was found dead in an industrial park a mile from Hernandez’s house. AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack …

(4) Patriots’ GM Nick Caserio ,left, is seen here with head coach Bill Belichick . In light of the arrest of Aaron Hernandez , the decision was made to cut the player from the team’s playing staff . That decision was made in conjunction with team owner Robert Kraft . Courtesy of AP Photo / Richard Thompson …

(5) New York Yankees’ GM Brian Cashman, left, is seen here alongside Alex Rodriguez as the player is questioned by the convened press at the Yankees’ complex in Tampa , Florida . Rodriguez took questions on the allegations of his use of banned steroids . In what now appears to be the latest exchange between the player and the executive , Rodriguez seems to have angered Brian Cashman that he had been given “the all clear” to resume playing , having yet to pass a physical by the Yankees’ own in-house medical staff . Cashman in response to the player’s “tweet” responded with a few choice expletives stating that the player “should simply shut the @#%k up ” ! Courtesy of USA Today ……….



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