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Well last night the evidence  was there  for all to see. The  game was  hyped up to such  an extent that in the end it  was  nothing  more than  a poorly  executed game. Not  because of  the lack  of talent on the field. But  because of the fact  that both teams were  gunshy.


Tim  Tebow hugs  teammate  John Brantley  after the team's  24-14 victory over  Oklahoma in thenationalchampionship  game.......
Tim Tebow hugs teammate John Brantley after the team's 24-14 victory over Oklahoma in the national championship game ................


 Tim Tebow hugs  teammate John Brantley  after  the  team’s 24-14 victory over  Oklahoma in the Fedex National Championship game. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/Mark Humphrey …………………



So  this is  what became of  the  Fedex National Championship played  infront of  a  sold out crowd  and televised  nationally  by  Fox.  The two  teams  Florida  and  Oklahoma had to live  up to the preceded  hype.  So much was expected  and  they  failed to deliver but at the end of the day the  Gator  fans won’t  be  at a loss .As  their  team  eked out a 24-14 victory to  raise  the  national championship  trophy  for the  second time in three years.  It also  culminated  for  the  second  win  of  Urban Meyer’s  young  career  as coach of  the University  of Florida.



Bob Stoops  talks  Nic Harris(5) during  the  national championship  game ..............
Bob Stoops caoch of Oklahoma talks with his player Nic Harris(5) during the game ...........



Bob Stoops  of  Oklahoma talks with his player Nic Harris  during  the game played at Dolphins Stadium, Miami, Fl. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/Chris O’Meara ……………………….




By now across the country  the  argument  is  being  made that  there  ought  to a plus one  game in order  to find the de facto national champion.   A  game  between Utah and Florida  would be desirable but  as  we all  know  that’s unlikely  to happen at  this  juncture.  So it’ll be  left to the  likes  of  the  BCS  and  Associated Press  to come  up with  possibly  their  own champions.  There’s  nothing  like playing  King  Solomon at this  juncture. If  only to make things seem a lot fairer in appearance.  But then again  this  isn’t  a situation  of the teams’  making but  that  of the BCS Committee ,  the  major  football  conferences and  the  television broadcast  networks.  They’re  the ones profiting  from  this  all.  And  thereby  denying  the public  a  true national champion.









Last  night’s  game whilst entertaining  in  part  was in  no way   the spectacle  that one remembered  when  USC  and  Texas  faced off  against each  other.  And thereby  putting  on a display  that’ll  go  down  in the annals  of college football history.   Last night’s  game paled in significance when measured  against the  Vince Young performance, inspired play  and individuality  shown.  But  that  was  a game  that  was  special  by its  own merits.




Urban Meyer is  presented with the  Assoc Press National Championship  tropy  by  the  Assoc Press Sports Enterprise Editor JohnAffleck ............
Urban Meyer coach of the Gators is presented with AP National Championship trophy by John Affleck Editor of the AP Enterprises ...............


Coach Urban Meyer of Florida is presented  with  the AP National Championship Trophy by  the Associated Press Sports Enterprise Editor John Affleck. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Mark Humphrey  ……………….






Though  we had  the  two  most  recent  Heisman Trophy winners  facing  off  against each other in the guise of  Tim Tebow of Florida and Sam Bradford of Oklahoma. Plus  a slew of other young  college  players  that  some day  may well grace  the  professional  stage of the  NFL. Tebow put  on somewhat  of  a virtuoso performance  last night.  And  if  there  was  any doubt  that he  doesn’t  possess  what  it takes  to  become  a successful  player and quarterback   within the NFL.  I  for one  think  that with  last  night’s performance  those  fears may  well  have  been allayed.  His  stature and leadership on the  field  was  unquestionable.  And  he  led  by  example  and  motivated  his  teammates.



Sooners' fans react to their team scoring  during  the  championship  game. The patrons  were at a bar in Norman , Oklahoma  ..............
Oklahoma fans react to a score by their team during the championship game ..........


Oklahoma fans react to a score by  their  team during  the  championship  game.  The  patrons were at  a local bar in Norman , Oklahoma . picture appears courtesy of  ap/photo/Alonzo Adams ……………….




Bradford fell  short of leading  his  team  but he showed the  promise  of  what  many  do believe  will be another one of  the  desired  quarterbacks in the  college  game that should  he  decide to declare  for the draft . He  might  well  be  a first round  pick. If nothing else even if  the game was  somewhat of a disappointment  for  some. It  did provide the  fans  with  something  to  think about. The  thought may  well  be …….is  this  really  the  best  that  the  BCS  has to offer  ?   The answer  lies  in the fact  that at this  juncture  Commissioner  John Swofford and  his members  feel that this  is still the  best  way forward.  I like  to think  of it as the  fact that  it’s not  so  much the  competitive nature  of the  game.  But  merely  the  fact that  of  the  large amount  of  money  that  falls  into the  coffers of  the conferences. That it’s hard to change  the  attitude therein.






For  the  BCS football is first and foremost a  business.  And  if  they  should  try and  tell  you the opposite , you know  that  it is  a lie.  They  wouldn’t  want  it  any  other way  at this  juncture. 







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