See You At The Crossroads , We’re Already There ….

See You At The Crossroads , We’re Already There

At a time when both sports are in need of some rejuvenation , both Boxing and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) , find themselves at a crossroads. Oscar De La Hoya and his Golden Boy Promotion , in spite of their stable of boxers , are vesting more into the world of Mixed Martial Arts, though not aligning themselves with either the UFC or Bellator , who just happen to the UFC’s biggest rival competitor. De La Hoya of late , is doing his best to promote his visible fighter , Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez , after the fighter’s lopsided unanimous verdict over Julio Cesar Chavez Jr . Now with a proposed mega-fight due to take place in mid-September, with Saul Alvarez facing Gennady Golovkin for the middleweight title . This should prove to be the “biggest fight” of 2017 on the boxing calendar , unless the much-anticipated fight takes place with Floyd Mayweather Jr comes out of retirement to face UFC fighter Conor McGregor . UFC President Dana White now seems to be on-board with latest piece of buffoonery. Bearing in mind the recent mismatches seen in some of the most recent bouts in the UFC , which have been title and non-title fights, I am not so sure fans will be prepared to meet the likely $59.95 PPV price for this particular freak-show .

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In recent months UFC has seen the decline of its biggest star with consecutive losses suffered by Ronda Rousey , whose career slide has been as fast as her supposedly being the next big female action star in Hollywood. It is unlikely Rousey will return to the octagon , where her career ascent was fast , but clearly because the opposition faced in the early stages of her career was simply mediocre at best. Hype in MMA is just about everything and it can also mean absolutely nothing. Beyond the proposed fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Conor McGregor , for which contracts have yet to be signed or a proposed date being set, other the continued emphasis of hyperbole that it will take place, the UFC can only promise that some of its biggest stars will be seen inside the octagon within the coming months . Proposed bouts within the Light Heavyweight Division will see Daniel Cormier defend his title against the division’s former champion Jon ‘Bones’ Jones , in a bout which will bring about even more tension , given the apparent dislike each fighter has for the other.

The long-awaited return of another former champion can’ t come around fast enough as the former Welterweight Title holder Georges St Pierre makes a comeback. St Pierre was due to face Michael Bisping the UFC Middleweight champion , but with Bisping having suffered a knee injury , Dana White is now proposing “Rush” as he is more commonly known, face the division’s champion Tyrone Woodley . Georges St Pierre was adamant upon his return to the octagon , he had no wish to fight once again within the division . The fighter is considered greatest welterweight in UFC history and his record number of defenses remains a benchmark not only within the division , but among all of the weight categories within the UFC , with only Demetrious Johnson having made more double-digit defenses of a UFC title.

Among the Women’s ranks of the UFC , Amanda Nunes has now become the “Face of the Sport” , having toppled the division’s best among the Bantamweights . With their being only three weight categories within the UFC for women to fight at the professional level , it remains to be seen what other challenges lie ahead for this highly skilled fighter. I certainly believe she is capable enough of surpassing Ronda Rousey’s record in terms of the number of title defenses . Nunes’ rematch with Valentina Shevchenko at UFC 213 should prove to be a thrilling fight, with Shevchenko looking to make amends for her loss to Amanda Nunes at UFC 196 .

I read a recent article, which tried to concoct a debate as to who has been the greatest Heavyweight Champion in UFC history . Consider the fact, no claimant to the title , has ever been able to make more than three successful defenses, speaks volumes as to how mediocre the division has been throughout its history. Randy Couture might well have won the title on more than one occasion , while also being the only UFC fighter to have held both the Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight titles simultaneously. Brief spells alone , Couture remains perhaps the division’s most well-known champion. The current champion , American -born Stipe Miocic , who is of Croatian ancestry , has already joined a select group of UFC heavyweights who have made two defenses of UFC Heavyweight Title. The division might just be the weakest in all of the weight categories within the Men’s Division of the UFC and at a time when boxing longs for an undisputed champion among the Heavyweight Division , it easy to understand the reason why there is no real interest in either category of the respective sports.

Stipe Miocic doesn’t fight for the glory , but he does seek make the sport and in particular his division a more respectable one . His greatest reward comes from the fact he is a fireman in his native state of Ohio. Miocic’s next bout is likely to be against a top-five contender within the division , with Dana White having the last say as to the challenger is likely to be. Fabricio Werdum and Cain Velazquez are the two leading contenders within division and it will be down to Dana White to make the pick, as to whom he believes would provide the most appealing and lucrative fight for the champion as well as the UFC.

I will continue to maintain until there is an undisputed champion in any weight division of boxing , the sport will continue to be an after-thought to even their most ardent fans. There has not been an undisputed champion in any weight category in over a decade and it has been fifteen years since the Heavyweight Division had a lone champion , with the division’s last undisputed champion being Lennox Lewis . Nowadays , it comes down to be anointed a lineal champion announced by Ring Magazine . Not unlike the winner of a beauty pageant being given a tiara made of cubic zirconium rather than real diamonds .

At present there are only two legitimately recognized claimants to the Heavyweight Title , with both boxers having unbeaten records . Deontay Wilder is the current holder of the WBC crown , while Anthony Joshua claims the IBF , WBA and IBO belts . I am not about to suggest , this decade of heavyweights have been among the best seen over the past twelve years , but it certainly does make a difference to know , we no longer have to put up with the idiotic claims that Vitali Klitschko and his brother Wladimir Klitschko were the best things to have happened within the sport of boxing. The skills of both siblings were always questionable and the fact that in his latter years , Wladimir’s jaw was like a glass slipper along with his declining skills was proof of the fact he was an overrated champion. His fight record was littered with meaningless bouts , which padded his successful championship defenses .

Wladimir Klitschko’s last two professional fights ended in defeat, losses , one a unanimous loss, suffered at the hands of Tyson Fury and he then followed that up with a TKO (technical knockout) loss to Anthony Joshua. Now with his demands of a rematch against Joshua falling on deaf ears , there is no real reason why Klitschko should be rewarded with a second fight against his conqueror. Waiting in the wings as possible opponents for Joshua are , Joseph Parker , WBO title holder from New Zealand or a far more lucrative unification bout against Deontay Wilder. With so many international governing bodies presiding over boxing , a sport which remains in constant disarray , it should come as no big surprise , fans are leaving in droves. Boxing no longer has any real charismatic fighters or truly “ big draws” likely to lure in the crowds. Once prominent promoters, such as Don King and Bob Arum , have become aging dinosaurs , while the likes of Oscar De La Hoya and the somewhat retired Floyd Mayweather are now said to be breathing new life into the sport as promoters. One of the real issues for this sport , is the fact , it cannot escape its seedy past or an unclear future, where there does seem to be some lackluster talent laying claims to greatness.

The sport of boxing needs to be more streamlined , , properly regulated not just domestically but also on the international front. Corruption remains ever-present and while know some of the biggest names within the sport can earn millions annually and it should be noted there is little done to protect the well-being of the fighters should they fall upon hard times or suffer from a mishap inside the ring . These are some of the horror stories which often go unreported by the media or the governing bodies themselves.

When the UFC was purchased by the William Morris Agency for the unprecedented sum of $4.6 billion , it set about a great deal of intrigue for the once upstart organization. Dana White was still retained as President but , Frank Fertitta and his brother, Lorenzo Fertitta were able to walk away with over $2 billion apiece , while still retaining a small minority stake in the company. Self-made billionaires in their own right , they can now sit back and watch as the UFC enter its third decade of existence , while being one of the few professional sports’ entities in North America with over a $1 billion in revenues. The humble beginnings of the UFC and what it has been able to achieve since 1993 has been truly staggering. However, the question still remain , under a new ownership structure, will Dana White still be given so much power to hire and fire fighters as he sees fit, while signing them to contracts which in many circles might be seen as indentured slavery with their having few rights if any ? In recent months there has been dissension within the ranks of the UFC , with fighters such as Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz , leading the fray , questioning White’s authority , with UFC’s new owners offering little by way of any serious changes which would be of benefit to their biggest assets, the fighters .

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What do you believe is the biggest hindrance to the sport of boxing ? Also , can the UFC become an even bigger sport than its pugilistic counterpart while also creating household names ? If Conor McGregor can become the only UFC fighter among the highest paid athletes in the world , while the sport of boxing only has three boxers among the top one hundred , then surely MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) has to be doing something right.


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It’s not the fight that is left in the dog , but whether or not, its bark and bite might send you running

It’s not the fight that is left in the dog , but whether or not, its bark and bite might send you running

It no longer pains me to say this , but the sport of boxing is now dead ! Granted, we are led to be believe that Floyd Mayweather still provides a great deal of excitement in a boxing ring. My question however , does a Mayweather fight truly induce the fans to appreciate what remains a sport that is really devoid of talent , once you take multi-talented champion out of the picture ?


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Aging veteran, Sergio Martinez recently lost his middleweight title against Miguel Cotto in a tenth round stoppage. Cotto’s record coming into this bout was not overly impressive but his manager and promoter are now seeking a bout against Floyd Mayweather , in what would prove to be the biggest purse of Miguel Cotto’s career. For Mayweather , he would once again be on his way to banking another $25-$35 million for a meaningless bout . Yet, this is now what the sport of boxing has come to , with their no longer being any meaningful fights taking place, where an undisputed champion is created.

To understand how far this sport has fallen, once can equate that with the Fall of the Roman Empire with the Emperor Nero playing an instrument while that city burned. Suffice to say, the same scenario is now set with the state of play within boxing. Richard Schaefer , former CEO of Golden Boy Promotions Inc , the boxing promotion company founded by Oscar De La Hoya . The former championship title holder and Schaeffer are said to have had a difference of opinion on the direction that the company was being directed . Golden Boy Promotions , Don King Promotions and Top Rank Inc , remain the three largest boxing promotions’ companies in North America, with the triumvirate battling to decide which of them holds sway and the power within the sport.

Oscar De La Hoya , Don King and Bob Arum are the three executives who run the respective companies that seem to have a stranglehold on the sport of boxing, where corruption , incompetence and a great deal of mismanagement reigns supreme . While all three promoters see themselves as champions of the sport in selling it to the masses, in reality, the biggest obstacle to the sport remains the fact, there are no undisputed champions in any of the weight divisions within boxing . One has to bear in mind also , with four main international governing bodies , boxing remains splintered among the WBA, WBC, IBF and WBO . Given the issue , that neither of these bodies in question seems intent on perhaps merging or sharing similar standards , the only constant has been their title fights remain twelve round contests .

With Manny Pacquiao coming off his recent defeat of Timothy Bradley , the Filipino fighter is once again a world champion. However, in light of that fact, Pacquiao and his promoter, Bob Arum, remain unable to engineer the long-awaited bout with Floyd Mayweather . Both fighters are on the downside of their illustrious careers and the possibility of a mega-fight now taking place does seem remote. Unless the payout in the prize money is right and Mayweather’s favor. Then such a fight remains a major topic of debate and conjecture , with no one profiting from their continued stupidity. If the two combatants, cannot come to meet in a civil way, whereby they split a fair share in what would be the biggest boxing match in history. It seems redundant at this point, to consider a proposed bout would still ignite any type of intensity among a fan base of the sport of boxing. Quite possibly, there might be a record number of Pay-Per-View (PPV) buys for such an event, with Mayweather and Bob Arum’s Top Rank co-promoting the event.

There are a number of fighters positioning themselves to be viewed as likely challengers for Manny Pacquiao , Miguel Cotto and Floyd Mayweather , but none of them I believe will elicit enough interest whereby fans would be willing to pay $49.95 for the privilege of witnessing such a bout. Mayweather still remains the biggest draw within the sport of boxing , but he has already hinted that upon fulfilling his six-fight deal with Showtime PPV , for which he will earn $200 million . The boxer is likely to retire, with his record remaining intact, without having suffered a loss.

Richard Schaefer’s decision to leave Golden Boy Promotions , leaves a void within the organization altogether , with his business acumen engineering the substantial growth of the company. Golden Boy Promotions beyond staging and promoting fights also manages fighters , has a publishing arm , as well as branching out into other lucrative area of the sport and into the area of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). These business decisions have made Oscar De La Hoya an extremely powerful and wealthy man, with a voice big enough to influence a number of major decisions within the sport. Yet, for all the decisions made , boxing has regressed to the point where it is now having to play catch-up to the more competitive and exhilarating genre of MMA , under the UFC banner. Schaefer is likely to start his own company or possibly join Al Haymon or Mayweather Promotions Inc, where Floyd Mayweather is the primary owner of that particular business entity.

The threat to Oscar De La Hoya now, is how to keep his company relevant while remaining among the top promotional groups within the sport. His retention of fighters may well prove difficult if they are close to the end of the contracts with the company. Also bear in mind, many of the fighters saw Schaeffer more as the real brains behind Golden Boy Promotions , with De La Hoya seen as a figurehead, because of his name recognition. Boxing is now self-imploding, because of the ongoing idiocy within the sport and the dog eat dog mendacity being shown between rival groups of promoters, the seediness of the international governing bodies and dare one say , the incompetence of the Nevada State Athletic Commission and their failure to have any proper oversight of their officials ? Las Vegas remains the Mecca for the sport of boxing, but as of late , it has been the state’s Athletic Commission, that has many of the sport’s fans up in arms concerning the integrity of that agency and its failure to conduct in-depth investigations into the character and integrity of the boxing judges and referees under its jurisdiction.

There is no denying, the explosion in the growth of MMA over the past decade has primarily come from the marketing and shrewdness shown by UFC President Dana White . His eye, for what was considered to be in some circles, a barbaric sport, has now become the fastest growing global phenomena of combative competition in the world and the popularity of MMA has exceeded boxing, with many of its top practitioners being more widely recognized than some of boxing’s biggest named fighters. White , his co-founding partners , Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta , now preside over a multi-billion dollar empire , with the mercurial President running the show. Unfortunately, in recent months, Dana White has begun to make a complete ass of himself , with either veiled criticism or threats of fighters who have made the sport so popular , bringing along legions of rabid and loyal fans. Yet, for all the pomposity shown by the executive, he also must now realize that his sport is under threat when he fails to act judiciously in reprimanding fighters who fail to adhere to the sport’s strict rules .

For the third time in his career, former middleweight title challenger Chael Sonnen has failed a random drug test , with the fighter now announcing his immediate retirement. Yet, for Sonnen’s wrongdoing , White is now seeking to blame the Nevada State Athletic Commission for their draconian measures in suspending the fighter and asking that his license within the state be made permanently inactive. If Dana White wishes to uphold the integrity he believes MMA to have , then he should be pursuing the banishment of Sonnen from the UFC altogether , rather than seeking to support the fighter. It has been a pattern of behavior with Chael Sonnen, which should not be condoned as being in the best interests of the UFC or the genre of MMA. The issue may well be that with the lack of charisma of the current middleweight champion Chris Weidman and the very fact the UFC’s greatest fighter and the division’s former champion Anderson Silva is in the twilight of his career. UFC now finds itself in a position where its biggest and most popular asset is a champion in Jon ‘Bones’ Jones , a fighter who marches to the beat of his own drum and is someone who is not ready to have White dictate the terms of when and who he should fight. As immense as Dana White’s power is now said to be , he is being looked upon as an executive, who is seeking to become bigger than the sport he has built into global phenomena.

Should one man (White) be able to wield that much power? Well, dependent upon the authority and knowledge shown, I believe that some fans might not have a problem with that ! Yet , in today’s sports environment , we have executives such as Bud Selig, David Stern, Mark Emmert and Roger Goodell continually showing a great deal of incompetency , without fully understanding the ever-changing environment around them . One only has to look at Selig’s handling of the steroid issue within baseball, Stern’s apparent behavior and his failing to reprimand Donald Sterling for his behavior prior to this latest outrage in the NBA . NCAA President Mark Emmert’s ongoing lack of credibility on a slew of issues affecting collegiate sports and last, but not least, Goodell’s insistence, at the NFL all along, has acted in the best interests of football’s retired elderly veterans. With the ongoing apathy of some fans and their staunch support for idiots such as David Stern , I have no reason to believe that things are likely to get any better ! The same can be said for the lack of leadership now being shown within Congress and by a President , who now seems to be bungling his way through his second term in office, as his tenure begins to wind down.

The UFC seeks to bring the best contests possible and those events tend to have the best talent available, in marquee match-ups that headlines each of these shows. On Saturday, another of UFC’s usual fare will be on display , when they stage UFC174 , to be held at the Rogers Arena , in Vancouver, Canada, with another championship contest being staged. Headlining the card will be the marquee bout featuring Demetrious Johnson against Ali Baugautinov , as Johnson defends his UFC Flyweight Title . . This will be Johnson’s fifth defense of his title, as he seeks to cement his own legacy within MMA and specifically UFC and the champion is a firm favorite in this contest. On the under-card we have welterweight contenders Rory McDonald facing off against Tyrone Woodley, with the winner a likely future opponent for the newly crowned welterweight champion Johny Hendricks . For the welterweight champion, Hendricks would like nothing more than to prove that he is a worthy successor to Georges St Pierre , who relinquished the title rather than be forced to defend it . A great deal of criticism was leveled directly against the former champion by Dana White , who suggested that St Pierre should be willing to defend the title against all contenders. Granted, while that may well true, it might well have escaped White’s notice Georges St Pierre was one of the most active champions in UFC history , having made eleven successful defenses of the welterweight title, within a seven-year span. Yet, White with all of his bombastic attitude , sought to somehow ridicule the Canadian and many of his accomplishments within UFC. Makes one wonder, does the UFC President believe that he is above any criticism, while also being critical of Anderson Silva ? It might now be time, for Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta to consider having a new President replace their incumbent partner.

As boxing seeks to steer its way through another crisis of its own making , I firmly believe that the sport cannot regain its lofty status of being one of the country’s most beloved pastimes . A famine has ravaged boxing of real talent beyond that of an aging Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather , who are now in the twilight of their careers. Miguel Cotto may well have added to his legacy by winning another world title , but he is no longer the once dominant of five years ago . Within the heavyweight division of the sport, the most dominant champion, just happens to be a Ukrainian still seeking name recognition in North America. Wladimir Klitschko might well be the heavyweight champion , holding the titles that count, but he still remains something of a paradox in what is expected of a truly great champion .

Coming off a lopsided unanimous decision over Alex Leapai , Wladimir Klitschko’s next opponent has yet to be decided. With no real credible challengers within the heavyweight division, you simply have to wonder why anyone would bother to take an interest in any boxing match, taking place within this specific weight category. Long gone, are the days of a truly dominant champion, where everyone took note his title bouts. It has been a decade or more since the division had an undisputed champion , with that accomplishment being achieved by Lennox Lewis of Great Britain . Lewis’ title defenses were not necessarily memorable, but there were nonetheless the only thing that validated the division, without going overboard.

While boxing remains something of staple across the country , Mixed Martial Arts has yet to make a major inroad within the state of New York. The sport is banned by the New York State Legislature and the <a href=http:// New York State Athletic Commission despite receiving countless petitions by the fans and from Dana White and his partners from the UFC , the ban remains in place . Repeated votes within b both legislative chambers of the New York State Legislature, have seen the members simply reiterate their wish, to not grant a statute for the sport to become legal within New York State. The economic impact for the state would be immense ($135 million annually) but yet, there seems to opposition to a sport that is more regulated than the sport of boxing and where the issues of injuries and specifically neurological in nature, are taken far more seriously than the incompetency that has been witnessed with the an-nihilistic nature of pugilism (boxing) .



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m Do you believe, the sport of boxing is under threat from the genre of Mixed Martial Arts? In addition, what are your thoughts to the possible reasons why Richard Schaefer would leave Golden Boy Promotions under such a cloud? Finally, have the members of the New York State Assembly made a monumental mistake, in not legalizing the sport of MMA within the state? Simply leave a comment on this and anything else you believe relevant to this topic and thanks as always for the continued support of this site as it is greatly appreciated !


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(1) For the second time in three years , Floyd Mayweather has been named the world’s highest paid athlete , having earned $105 million in the last calendar year. The boxer hopes to have a scheduled fight in September 2014 , with the venue being the MGM Grand Casino & Resort Complex , in Las Vegas, Nevada. AP Photo / Richard Trent ….

(2) Miguel Cotto , right , is seen here dispatching middleweight champion Sergio Martinez in their WBC title fight staged at Madison Square Garden in New York City , New York this past Saturday . Also in picture , is referee Michael Griffin . Cotto won the fight with a tenth round knockout of the former champion . AP Photo/ Arturo Gomez ….

(3) LAS VEGAS, NV – MAY 01: CEO of Golden Boy Promotions’ Richard Schaefer (L) introduces President of Golden Boy Promotions Oscar De La Hoya at the final news conference for the bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Robert Guerrero at the MGM Grand Hotel/Casino on May 1, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mayweather will defend his WBC welterweight title against Guerrero. An acrimonious split between Schaefer, a co-founder of Golden Boy Promotion Inc and De La Hoya , has now left that company facing a great deal of uncertainty . Photo by Jeff Bottari/Getty Images ….

(4) UFC Light-heavyweight champion Jon ‘Bones’ Jones (left) is seen here with UFC President Dana White . The UFC executive has been extremely critical of late, of two of the sport’s biggest stars , Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva . St-Pierre has called for more stringent testing protocols within the sport, having at times come under a cloud of suspicion as to his presumed use of a banned substance . The fighter has never tested positive at any time during his professional career within the UFC . However, it now seems ironic, White would leap to the defense of Chael Sonnen , who has now tested positive for the third time in his career , within the sport . A second positive test brings about a mandatory suspension by the UFC , and a third such violation , calls for the immediate banning of that fighter, for life . AP Photo / Rich Arnold ….

(5) Chael Sonnen, a former UFC middleweight and light-heavyweight contender announced his retirement from the sport , having tested positive for the third time during his career. Sonnen has yet to give an explanation for the reasons behind testing positive for a banned substance . This was the third transgression by the fighter , that calls for a mandatory lifetime ban from the sport. Courtesy of MMA World …..

(6) Wladimir Klitschko , left , the linear heavyweight champion is seen here defeating Alex Leapai of Samoa during their WBA , WBO and IBF world title fight . Getty Images North America/ Julio Hernandez ……



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Pitiful ……….. Well It Happens In The NFL And MLB & Other Sports As Well …….. ‘nough said !

Pitiful ……….. Well It Happens In The NFL And MLB & Other Sports As Well …….. ‘nough said !

Does it really now be to be said but the Kansas City Chiefs and Seattle Seawhawks just might be the two worse teams in the NFL . There has nothing that has simply indicated to me how either of the teams made the postseason last year but then again they duo do play in what might two divisions that simply are not that good to begin with ! Anyone who simply believes that either the AFC West or NFC West are simply worthy of watching had better begin to rethink that thought ! .


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I am not about to lambast the Oakland Raiders as of yet but their pass defense has become as porous as a used feminine hygiene product . I am sorry but Raiders’ head coach Hue Jackson has some major problems with the defense and if they are not able to shore up the play then over the course of this season they will simply be seen as a complete fraud . Much of this was borne out by the ineptitude shown in the team’s
loss to the Buffalo Bills .

Needless to say but the Indianapolis Colts’ sorrowful season continues and it is clear to see that the loss of Peyton Manning cannot be quantified . It has to be said that whatever the coaching staff and front office may have thought in bringing in Kerry Collins as Manning’s replacement just doesn’t seem to working out for the team . And when adjudged when against the NFL it’s clear to see the problems for the Colts may well go way beyond the loss of Peyton Manning. For coach Jim Caldwell this will be a season to test his will and intestinal fortitude as they seek to embark upon what might describe as a battle of us against the world . It is plain to see at no point had this organization really planned ahead for the day that would be without Peyton Manning as the team’s signal caller . This certainly has been borne out by their draft history and even one does point to Curtis Painter as a peek into the future , let’s just say that the player simply hasn’t the size to fit into Manning’s shoes !

Now while the season is still in its infancy it is becoming increasingly a clear that a number of teams have already fallen by the wayside . There is a chance that a number of these ball-clubs could play themselves back into contention but at this juncture it’s hard to see how that that can be unless they are capable of playing themselves back into some semblance of consistency .

So the Philadelphia Phillies and Detroit Tigers have essentially played themselves into the postseason having won their respective divisions. The Phillies have simply strolled through the NL East with some semblance of ease and now await an opponent in the divisional round of the playoffs . And looks if Charlie Manuel’s team . Suffice to say the organization is looking to make a quick return to the World Series and prove that the team’s triumph in 2008 simply wasn’t an aberration.

If there was a point where you simply thought that the Cleveland Indians had a chance to be competitive within the AL Central then this simply wasn’t going to be it . This team simply wasn’t consistent enough over the course of their season and for Manny Acta this had to be profoundly disappointing for the organization and their fans .

Dave Dombrowski could very well be viewed as one of the primary reasons behind the team’s resurgence this season. He gave manager Jim Leyland free rein to get this team playing with a great deal of conviction. If there’s a real reason to point to the team’s success this season then it would largely have to come down to the contributions of Justin Verlander for the Detroit Tigers accompanied by a rotation that has simply been too good to be believed .

While Verlander can be complimented on having an excellent season his teammate Miguel Cabrera has been the tip of the spear that has made the offense of the Detroit Tigers so potent. Now the Texas Rangers and New York Yankees are in all likelihood seen as the presumptive favorites to be playing for the ALCS I would like to think that the Tigers cannot be overlooked in this conversation !

Now while there are fans out there bitching and whining about their teams or in some cases making excuses for their poor play over the course of this baseball season with comments such as ………. you’re saying harsh things about my team “ …….. I’d say shut the hell up and simply grow a pair and stop acting like an infantile child ! The year within baseball has been filled with highs and lows but to my mind more highs than lows .

The NFL thus far , has indicated to me that the lockout has simply done more harm than anyone within the league hierarchy would care to admit. But you would hardly think it worthy of an admittance from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell or the team owners themselves . As for NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith coming to the aid of the NBPA and giving the players’ union of the NBA advice on whether or not it is worthwhile in the union decertifying . In doing so it would give the NBPA the legal recourse they might seek in challenging the NBA hierarchy in this now two month plus long lockout . The NBA under the leadership of David Stern now seems to be fighting for the hearts and mind of their fans while team owners for the present seems to be backing the commissioner . But now one has to wonder …….. for how long ?

The time has now come for the sport of boxing to simply deemed outmoded and completely irrelevant ! . Anyone who believes that Floyd Mayweather can take pleasure in depriving then WBC welterweight title holder Victor Ortiz of his title . This fight was simply an affront for very poor sportsmanship and showed how the fans having been duped to pay an exorbitant price for witnessing this fiasco at the venue with an even bigger injustice in having to pay $69-95 for the privilege of watching this fight via HBO PPV.

To witness the events that took place between Ortiz and Mayweather and their ignorant behavior does the sport of boxing and the fans a great disservice. Victor Ortiz showed that he has no class having deliberately head butted the challenger but Mayweather’s subsequent behavior in sucker punching his opponent , when Ortiz approached him to apologize for the head butt took place earlier in the bout. With the challenger having won the bout via a TKO , Mayweather now looks to pursue a big money fight against his biggest nemesis Manny Pacquaio in what’s sure to be a real barn-burner . But that issue could very well be derailed by the WBC hierarchy and the Nevada State Athletic Commission given the behavior of both fighters. For the hosts at the MGM Grand Resort & Casino in Las Vegas , Nevada I am not so sure this is the type of event that they could have wished for with the controversy that surrounded this title fight.

And if you thought that the fight itself was the only reason to take an affront then the post bout interview between the new title holder and HBO boxing analyst and commentator Larry Merchant may well have given a fan even greater cause as that episode further shed light on how low this sport has indeed fallen. Mayweather would chide both Merchant and HBO for showing him the lack of respect he feels he’s due . Larry Merchant retorted …. ” if I were fifty years younger I’d be ready to whup your ass ” ! Now that would be a fight I would gladly wish to see only if it were being televised by HBO rather than being sprung upon the fans as a PPV event . But alas , boxing needs something far more than that to peek the interests of the discerning fan .


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What thoughts if any do you have to the points raised within this piece ? Simply chime in with a comment as you deem fit .

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(1) Tyler Palko (4) of the Kansas City Chiefs gets ready to hand the off the football to teammate Thomas Jones (20) during a NFL game against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field on September 18, 2011 in Detroit, Michigan. The Lions won 48-3 . Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images …..

(2) Jahvid Best (44) of the Detroit Lions leaps into the end zone for a touch down against the Kansas City Chiefs during a NFL game at Ford Field on September 18, 2011 in Detroit, Michigan. The Lions won 48-3 . Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images ……..

(3) Pittsburgh Steelers’ LaMarr Woodley covers Seattle Seahawks receiver Zach Miller (86) on an incomplete pass from quarterback Tarvaris Jackson during the fourth quarter of an NFL football game in Pittsburgh, Sunday, Sept. 18, 2011. The Steelers won 24-0 . Getty Images / Gene J. Puskar …..

(4) Hines Ward (86) of the Pittsburgh Steelers is flipped over Walter Thurmond (28) of the Seattle Seahawks after catching a pass in the first half during the game on September 18, 2011 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images ……

(5) BUFFALO, NY – SEPTEMBER 18: Head coach Hue Jackson of the Oakland Raiders during their NFL game against the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium on September 18, 2011 in Orchard Park, New York. The Bills would go on to defeat the Raiders 38-35 . Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images ……

(6) Michael Bush (29) of the Oakland Raiders is tackles after rushing for a gain during an NFL game against the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium on September 18, 2011 in Orchard Park, New York. Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images …….

(7) Chase Utley (26) of the Philadelphia Phillies gets a base hit against the St Louis Cardinals at Citizens Bank Park on September 18, 2011 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Cardinals defeated the Phillies 5-0 , however the Phillies having clinched the AL East is now assured a berth in the playoffs . Photo by Len Redkoles/Getty Images …..

(8) Detroit Tigers’ Ramon Santiago, left, tags out the Oakland Athletics’ Scott Sizemore on a steal-attempt in the first inning of an MLB baseball game on Sunday, Sept. 18, 2011, in Oakland, Calif. The Tigers would go on to defeat the A’s 3-0 AP Photo/Dino Vournas ……

(9) Justin Verlander (35) of the Detroit Tigers pitches against the Oakland Athletics at Oakland Coliseum on September 18, 2011 in Oakland, California. Photo by Tony Medina/Getty Images ……

(10) Miguel Cabrera (24) of the Detroit Tigers is congratulated after the Detroit Tigers beat the Oakland Athletics 3-0 at Oakland Coliseum on September 18, 2011 in Oakland, California. Photo by Tony Medina/Getty Images …….

(11) Floyd Mayweather (R) slams a left to the head of WBC Welterweight champion Victor Ortiz in the 3rd round during their fight on September 17, 2011 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Mayweather controversially knocked out Ortiz in the fourth round to win the WBC Welterweight title. AFP PHOTO/ JOHN GURZINSKI / Getty Images …….

(12) WBC Welterweight champion Victor Ortiz (L) falls towards the canvas after being hit with a right from Floyd Mayweather in the 4th ending the fight on September 17, 2011 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Mayweather controversially knocked out Ortiz to win the WBC Welterweight title. Referee Joe Cortez looks on as the knockdown takes place . TOPSHOTS AFP PHOTO/JOHN GURZINSKI (Photo credit should read JOHN GURZINSKI/AFP/Getty Images ……

(13) Referee Joe Cortez counts out WBC Welterweight champion Victor Ortiz as he tries to get up from the canvas after being knocked out in the fourth round after being hit with a right from Floyd Mayweather in the 4th ending the fight on September 17, 2011 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Mayweather controversially knocked out Ortiz to win the WBC Welterweight title. TOPSHOTS AFP PHOTO/JOHN GURZINSKI ……

(14) Argument: Mayweather with HBO anchor Larry Merchant, who hit out over the boxer’s dirty tactics. HBO boxing commentator and analyst is seen here alongside newly crowned WBC welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather. The two individuals had a very heated and profanity laced exchange during their televised post fight interview . courtesy of Youtube & Daily Mail UK . ……..

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Being An Ass Never Looked So Bad But Being A Bad Ass Has Its Merits ……

Being An Ass Never Looked So Bad But Being A Bad Ass Has Its Merits ……

OK so somewhere along the way it may well have occurred to Floyd Mayweather Jr that being an asshole was the only thing he had going for him. He states that he wants to be judged as the “best pound for pound fighter on the planet” but instead he’s become a pariah by taking out his anger and aggression on his ex girlfriend and their two young sons. Given the seriousness of the charges the boxer now faces which are felony coercion of a witness , grand larceny , robbery and misdemeanor domestic battery and harassment . If found guilty of the charges in question Mayweather faces up to 35 years in jail. And to top it all of Mayweather has a week to pay $34,000 in bail due to the Clark County Court in Las Vegas Courts, Nevada .


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Slide show for your perusal .

Now while Mayweather’s plight seems to have taken a downward spiral the fighter that many viewed that he should be facing as his next opponent is seven time world champion Manny Pacquiao (51-3-2 (38 KO’s)) of the Philippines . This weekend Pacquiao faces Antonio Margarito (38-6-0 1 NC (27 KO’s)) in a catch-weight title fight being staged at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas this upcoming Saturday night. The fight is being staged and promoted by Top Rank Inc of which owner Bob Arum is the manager of both fighters. The bout itself is being fought for the vacant WBC super welterweight title. And should Pacquiao prevail then it’d be his eighth title at a different weight category. Margarito , himself , has a been a titlist at different weight categories but his lineage and fame isn’t as widespread as the Filipino’s . However what the fans and press at large are hoping to see is whether or not Pacquiao still has what it takes to defeat a dangerous opponent.

The bout itself is being televised via PPV (HBO —- $49.95) scheduled for 9.00 pm EST in order to garner the best possible viewership on both coasts as well as a worldwide audience. And given both fighters’ popularity in their respective countries it has to be said that the Latin and Filipino influence and support will be not only felt internationally but also domestically at the venue. Margarito’s return to the ring after his one year suspension following his fight against Miguel Cotto for the WBA welterweight title had many wondering whether or not his return was appropriate given the actions of his corner on the night of the fight . His corner wrapped the fighter’s hands with an illicit substance which hardens and formed a substance similar to plaster of paris. Though at the time Margarito denies any wrongdoing on his part he was suspended and fined by the Nevada State Athletic Commission and the World Boxing Association (WBA). Bob Arum questioned the length and severity of the suspension but even he has to admit that the actions of the fighter and his trainers were egregious and dangerous.

Courtesy of USA Today

Margarito video adds fuel to Saturday’s fight vs. Pacquiao

By Bob Velin , USA Today

ARLINGTON, Texas — Not much good news has come out of Cowboys Stadium this season, with the Dallas Cowboys sitting at 1-7 and having just fired their coach.

A Wednesday afternoon news conference, with the $1.2 billion wonder as the backdrop, was supposed to hype Manny Pacquiao’s bid for an unprecedented world championship in his eighth weight class Saturday against Antonio Margarito (HBO pay-per-view, 9 p.m. ET). The highly anticipated fight is for the vacant WBC super welterweight title.

Instead, everybody was buzzing over a video that appeared on YouTube that caused plenty of hurt feelings.

VIDEO: Margarito camp mimicks Roach
MARGARITO: Relishes chance at redemption vs. Pacquiao

The video, shot by AOL Fanhouse several weeks ago, shows Margarito and undercard boxer Brandon Rios and their trainer, Robert Garcia, mocking Pacquiao’s trainer, Freddie Roach, who has battled Parkinson’s disease for several years. Margarito and Rios were shaking their hands and head, appearing to make fun of some of the most debilitating effects of the dreaded disease.

Roach, a former boxer and now one of the world’s most respected trainers, had little use for Margarito coming into this fight, insisting the Mexican fighter knew of the illegal hand wraps that caused him to be suspended from boxing in the USA nearly two years ago. This is his first fight in the USA since then, but Roach still thinks Margarito should have been banned for life.

Margarito steadfastly denies he knew about the wraps.

After learning of the video, Roach said he would have nothing to say to Margarito, Rios and Garcia ever again.

“I don’t give a (bleep) about them,” Roach said Wednesday. “They’re not my friends. They disrespected me. … They’ve always been nice to me, but they showed their true colors this time. I don’t need friends like that.”

Margarito said they were having fun and trying to get Roach mad and meant no disrespect. Asked whether he’d apologize, Margarito said, “Yes, of course.”

Garcia tried to defuse the incident when he brought it up during the news conference. “Of course I apologize,” he said later. “They were just trying to get Freddie Roach mad. But that’s no way to get him mad. That wasn’t right.”

Asked if he thought it might backfire, making Pacquiao and Roach even more determined for the fight, Garcia said, “Definitely. I’m upset about it. I feel bad. This is not me. People know me. I never talk bad about nobody.

“But I was there. I allowed it. It got a little out of hand. But it had nothing to do with us laughing about that disease.”

Margarito said when they started training camp, the two sides were friendly. But the good feelings deteriorated as both sides began jawing about the other.

“It’s normal,” Margarito said. “It’s been a long promotion. We’re talking back and forth, that’s nothing. It’s a sport. We’re going to fight on Saturday, and after Saturday we’re going to shake hands and move on.”

Margarito thinks Pacquiao and his handlers are getting nervous about the fight, which is expected to draw more than 60,000 fans.

“They see me, they see my size and go, ‘What are we getting into?’ That’s all that is. All nerves.”

Click on link to read article in its entirety .

As to the prospects of the fight itself Pacquiao is viewed as an odds on favorite but given his opponent’s record I do believe that this fight could well be a lot closer than some prognosticators might think. Both are very well rounded boxer and each packs a punch as can be witnessed from their respective records. the two combined have amassed 65 knockouts in a total of 89 (73%) fights over the course of their careers . If there’s one thing that we can expect it is that both fighters are wary of each others’ knockout power and neither can afford to make a mistake. A win for Pacquiao would cement his already legendary status and legacy but should he succumb to Margarito then for the Latin fighter it would be viewed as a sort of redemption of sorts.

Looming in the background in all of this is what many feel is unfinished business given the fact that a proposed fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao should have already taken place. It is the fight that all fight fans want to see and because of the politics and intransigence on both sides concerning the rules , monetary compensation and the fact that it would appear that Pacquiao’s representatives were unwilling to subject their fighter to pre-fight drug testing the bout fell through. What might have been the biggest and most lucrative boxing match in history became a war of words , insults and further pushed the sport into an area where it doesn’t need to be. And that’s now outside the mainstream of the boxing and sports fans enthusiasts as a whole. And while one might assail the sport as not having any real characters or heroes of note , looming large of this arena are Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather arguably the two most recognized and perhaps the best boxers on the planet without a doubt. Unfortunately for fight fans everywhere it would appear that the fight that everyone wants will perhaps never take place because of one fighter’s stupidity while the other now seeks to stake his claim as the best fighter of his era and one of the alltime greats of the sport.

One can only hope that Saturday night’s spectacle lives up to perceived hype that has been created . If not then absolutely nothing from hereon in can change the way that the fans are now looking at this sport. It is in many ways a sport that seems to be longer resonating with fans and has in many ways lost its appeal and luster for a number of well chronicled reasons . So much so one could say that with the rise of MMA (mixed martial arts) and in particular the UFC as the main authority of the sport and genre that boxing has now taken a back seat as MMA’s fighters have become as widely known and just as popular as many of today’s top boxers.

Manny Pacquiao could go a long way in addressing and perhaps changing the course of the sport with a win on Saturday night . And it is hoped that given Floyd Mayweather’s legal problems there’s a chance that they can be dealt with in such a way the two can perhaps meet at some time in the near future. The gravity of Mayweather’s situation doesn’t lead me to believe that the justice system will deal with him lightly because of his apparent stupidity but at the same who knows how things may well pan out ?



Picture gallery for your perusal . By clicking on individual frame you can view that picture in its original formatted frame .

What thoughts if any do you have on this upcoming bout between Margarito and Pacquiao ? As such will it be of interest to you and if anything how do you feel about the direction that the sport is now said to be going in ? Chime in with a comment on this and any other thought as it relates to the sport of boxing .

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The sultry Simone Anderson


Who wouldn’t want to ‘hit’ that ? I know I would !

Pret-A-Porter …………..No I’m Not Buying Into It At All

Absolutely nothing says arrogance and pomposity than when you have two narcissistic individuals trying to ‘one up’ each other, in order to make and get their point across. And so it goes in the world of boxing. While the world awaits the formal announcement and a date to be set for the impending fight between Floyd Mayeather Jr,(40-0,25 KO’s) and Manny Pacquiao(50-3-2,38 KO’s). There is already a ‘war of words’ being waged between the two factions. In this case it’s between Mayweather’s camp and that of Bob Arum , the promoter of the Philippine fighter.

Boxing promoter and  Top Rank Inc  President & CEO, Bob Arum.  The promoter's charge  , Manny Pacquiao  is  due to  fight Floyd Mayweather  Jr  in  early  2010 - in  a  highly anticipated welterweight title  fight  that'll  also  be co-promoted  by  Mayweather  and  Arum's  Top Rank Inc. picture appears courtesy of  ap/photo/ Joe Caravetta ....
Boxing promoter and Top Rank Inc President & CEO, Bob Arum. The promoter's charge , Manny Pacquiao is due to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr in early 2010 - in a highly anticipated welterweight title fight that'll also be co-promoted by Mayweather and Arum's Top Rank Inc. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Joe Caravetta ...

Arum and Mayweather are at logger heads over the fighter’s request that his opponent, Manny Pacquiao be subjected to random blood and urine tests between now and the scheduled fight due to take place on the 13th March, 2010. Mayweather wants the testing to be done in accordance with the USOC and that of WADA. Arum for his part seems all aggrieved by this all, as if it implies that his fighter , Pacquiao is an alleged cheat. Given the fact that the sport is already as corrupt as it can be. And also in light of what had taken place when another of Arum’s charges, Antonio Margarito was found to have used an illicit covering on his hands in his defeat of Miguel Cotto in a welterweight title bout. One could well understand Mayweather’s actions. But given that this may be nothing more than ‘one up-manship’ on the part of Mayweather , his love of controversy and the limelight. This all becomes much ado about nothing. Or does it ? Many now feel that the sport should fall in line with the World Anti-Doping Agency as well as the USOC and its testing protocols for athletes. Somehow the sport of boxing (in the United States) is so far behind the ‘8 ball’ on this one issue, that it doesn’t even bear thinking about.

But if in large part both camps are now at an impasse from the mere fact that Arum and his fighter won’t acquiesce to the request of Mayweather. Then what was meant to be the most anticipated fight in boxing history could very well go ‘up in smoke’ without a punch ever being thrown between the two fighters. Fight fans around the world have eagerly awaited this much anticipated bout. In large part because you’ve two immensely talented fighters and in most people’s minds the two best ‘pound for pound’ fighters on the planet. Never mind the fact they’ve both got their own loyal band of devout followers across the globe.
This event is too good a spectacle to be all of a sudden implode because of one fighter’s possible wish not to take a blood and urine test over the scheduled weeks and months leading up to the event itself. Arum and Pacquiao may well feel slighted. But would it actually hurt either man’s reputation were they to acquiesce ?

Manny Pacquiao (left)  and Floyd Mayweather Jr (right), the two are scheduled to meet in a  higly anticipated welterweight title  bout in the early part  of 2010. It'll be the fist major title fight of the  decade.  picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ A  Randolph ..................
Manny Pacquiao (left) and Floyd Mayweather Jr (right), the two are scheduled to meet in a higly anticipated welterweight title bout in the early part of 2010. It'll be the fist major title fight of the decade. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ A Randolph ..................

The bout itself though it appears in jeopardy , I’d certainly like to think that calmer heads will prevail and that something amenable can be worked out between both camps. As entrenched as they both appear to be. There’s far too much at stake now for either party to back out of this deal. Someone amongst ‘the three’ will have to be the bigger man and step up to the plate and come to some sort of an agreement. If not then irreparable harm could be done to their reputations , as well as to the sport of boxing. And as the sport now stands at present , this is the very last thing that it needs.

Courtesy of the Los Angeles Times

Mayweather promoter: ‘I’m not saying the fight is off’


There’s no love lost between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Bob Arum, the promoter of Manny Pacquiao whom Mayweather split with a few years ago and went on to fight in the major events he says Arum deprived him of.

So when Arum told the Grand Rapids, Mich., Press today that the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight was “off,” it should be noted that past animosity can lead to short tempers.

[Updated at 11:30 a.m: Arum elaborated today, telling The Times he does believe the fight is off because “we have suggested everything possible to make this happen and it’s falling on deaf ears.” He added, “Mayweather is not the commissioner of boxing.”]

Arum is bothered that Mayweather’s camp has asked Pacquiao to agree to Olympic-style random drug testing overseen by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency. Pacquiao, said Arum, has agreed to blood tests more than 30 days before the fight and right after the fight, but not so close to the actual first bell.

[Updated at 11:30 a.m.: Those independent tests would be used instead of the current pre- and post-fight urine tests required by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Arum said he won’t agree to the testing protocol of USADA because he said that organization has the right to request multiple tests, extra blood and a blood sample on fight night. Arum agreed that USADA was not likely to request a sample just before fight night.

In order to view this piece in its entirety just click on the text shown

If the impasse between the two camps is as cavernous as it is now believed to be. Then the fight fans will be denied a fight that has been long time in the making. On the other hand the issues being raised while it may have no veracity in the argument being put forth by Mayweather. It does bear being raised , as not enough is really being done by the sport to counter act the use of illicit substances. Once in a while we hear of fighter having fought and after a post fight test has been conducted we’re made aware that there’s been an illegal substance within their system. The customary apology is sometimes made and the fighter and his manager are then fined and mandatory suspension is given to the fighter. And in some cases to that fighter’s trainer , if it’s known that they acted in conjunction in the subterfuge of cheating.

Throughout his career Pacquiao has conducted himself like a gentleman in and outside of the ring. He has treated his peers and opponents with the utmost respect. And that is a compliment to the Filipino boxer and his entourage. Albeit , that Arum ,with his checkered past tends to intervene to say some rather disdainful and obnoxious things about some of his Pacquiao’s opponents at one time or another. But then that’s to be expected in order to ‘ramp up’ the ‘hype and publicity’ behind a major fight.

Courtesy of Yahoo Sports

Blood test issues turns to test of will

By Kevin Iole Yahoo Sports Writer

The hotly anticipated fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao was teetering on the brink of collapse on Wednesday over a dispute regarding drug testing procedures, a debate that has some experts standing on Mayweather’s side.

On Wednesday, Pacquiao promoter Bob Arum of Top Rank proposed a drug testing schedule that would include three blood draws and an unlimited number of urine tests in an attempt to salvage the bout that hit a negotiating snag on Tuesday, when Mayweather’s side insisted on random Olympic-style drug testing administered by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency. The world’s top two boxers had agreed to meet on March 13 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas for what is expected to become the largest-grossing bout in the sport’s history.

Arum said frequent urine testing is sufficient in the final 30 days to prevent either fighter from using performance-enhancing drugs. He said Pacquiao is willing to submit blood samples in early January, in mid-February around 30 days prior to the fight and then again in the locker room immediately upon conclusion of the fight.

In the interim, Arum insisted urine testing would be sufficient.

“Everything can be picked up by urinalysis,” Arum said. “Everything.”

Travis Tygart, the CEO of USADA, disputed Arum’s contention and said a combination of blood and urine testing is required to be effective. He also said that to be most effective, athletes would have to be subject to random testing while out of competition.

If any testing is conducted in the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight outside of what is mandated by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, it would be during competition since the fighters are scheduled to start training in early January.

In order to read Kevin Iole’s article in full just click on the link provided

Mayweather on the hand, nothing gives him greater pleasure than to mock an opponent in the run up to and after a bout.Though rarely will he actually laud praise upon another fighter. He has some respect for the history of the sport but his ‘greatest respect’ shall we say say is …to portray himself as the narcissist we all know him to be and the boxer and fighter he believes himself to be. He has long felt that he’s not received the credit due because others have looked upon Oscar De La Hoya as being the ‘mainstay’ and ‘savior’ of the sport over the last decade.
And that may well be the case as De La Hoya has proven to be the biggest draw in the history of the sport in terms of PPV revenues. His fights alone have grossed an estimated $450 million over the course of his illustrious career. Mayweather hasn’t even exceeded half that amount in his own esteemed career. And therein, may well lie the jealousy behind Floyd Mayweather Jr and his antagonistic tendencies. He believes that the respect due to him has long been overdue. And now that he’s finally getting the acclaim and the due accolades, he still somehow finds a way to alienate the masses.

If this fight now fails to take place at the time envisaged, then there will be a great many fans of the sport left wondering in what direction is the sport going and why won’t it adopt merely the most simple of policies in order to safeguard its very own integrity.On this one issue alone the sport of boxing is so far behind ‘the 8 ball’ that it doesn’t even bear thinking about. With the various state athletic commissions as well as the international governing bodies of the sport each adopting its own set of guidelines. It’s hard to distinguish what there is right that is being done inside the sport of boxing. And what there is that is being done wrong. So divergent are their policies that there’s no uniform guideline that solely regulates this issue.

What are your own thoughts on this matter as well as the possible title fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao ? I look forward to reading and responding to your comments.