You Were Told Not To Do It So Why Disobey ……….?



The Boston College  Eagles  saw fit  to fire  their football coach Jeff Jagodzinski .One could question the  temerity of the  AD  Gene De Fillippo to  fire  the  head  coach. But  he  was implicitly told  not to interview  for  the  vacant  head coaching position with the  NFL’s  New York Jets.





And  as much  as one could  view this  a restraint  of  trade.  The AD  was  quite  within  his rights to act in such a way. But what ought one  to  make  of  Jagodzinki’s own desire to coach within the  NFL.  It’s every  college coach’s  ambition  to aspire  to  coach in the professional ranks.  As it now stands  the  Jets  are  still in their  search  process  for  what  they deem to be  the  right candidate.   They’re  holding  interviews   but  as  of  yet an  official announcement  has  yet  to be  made.    With the fallout that  has taken  place  since the abrupt firing  of   Eric Mangini and  the  apparent  abrupt end  to their  season.   One can only  surmise  that  the Brett Favre  saga ,  trials and  tribulations  may  well  be over  with the  franchise.   He’s stated that  it  is  his  intention  to  think  over  his  decision  carefully.    If  it’s  anything  like  those of  the  past  concerning   his  on  and  off   decision  making  as  to  his  career.  We  may   well  be  in  for  the  sort  of  idiocy  not  seen   Gov Sarah  Palin sought  to  allay  us  with the  fact that  she was  ready  to  serve  as  Sen. John McCain’s  vice  Presidential  running  mate  when seeking  the  presidency.






Boston College  AD Gene De Fillippo makes the announcement  that head  coach  Jeff  Jagodzinski  would be fired ................




Boston College  AD Gene DeFillippo makes the announcement  that  head  coach Jeff  Jagodzinski had  been fired after the  coach  interviewed for  the  vacant  head  coach’s position with the New York Jets.  DeFillippo  had warned  his  coach  that in  seeking  the  position  he  would  be  fired  with  cause. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Steve  Savoia …………………………..






As to Jagodzinki’s  future  it is wholeheartedly felt  that he  may  well  find  his way  back  into the  college  ranks.  From the  NFL  standpoint  it’s  hard  to  say  whether or  not he’ll be hired a franchise  within  the NFL.  Bearing  in mind  that Jagodzinski is  still  under  contract  having signed  a five year  deal  which he was just  two years into.  It  begs  the  question  where’s  the  loyalty ?   Players  have  to  sit out  a year  should  they  seek  to  leave  a Division 1-A program for  elsewhere.  No such  thing  when it  comes  to  a coach  who  eschews  such  things.  Perhaps finally  this  is the  sort  of  thing  whereby  when  you’re  obligated to a  contract you honor  it.




Jeff Jagondzinski  the now former coach of  the Boston College  Eagles ..................
Jeff Jagondzinski the now former head college football coach of the Boston College Eagles ................


Jeff Jagondzinksi the now  former  coach  of the Boston College  Eagles.  Jagondzinski sought to interview  for the  vacant position  with  the  New York Jets. Having  been  warned  by the  AD that he  would  be fired  were he to  go ahead with  and interview  for the vacancy.  picture appears  courtesy of  ap/photo/ Adam  Hunger………. 




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