I say fi’ty, you say fifty , but who gives a damn ?

I say fi’ty, you say fifty , but who gives a damn ?

By Tophatal

Many of those who know me , through my offerings within this site , may well be a aware that at one time , one of my first loves in the sporting world , was the sport of boxing . My two favorite’s fighters in history are modern-day contemporaries , middleweights, “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler and Bernard Hopkins . Albeit , a special place remains in my heart, for the undisputed “ greatest fighter in history” , Muhammad Ali , a three-time heavyweight champion. With the recent revelation , that rapper and business entrepreneur, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson , has now been licensed in the states of Nevada, New York and California , as a boxing promoter . It begs the question, is this something that the sport now needs to be revitalized, and to remain relevant ? I liken the sport of boxing to the NHL (hockey) and the fact , that particular sport has been mismanaged , does not have a sound economic base , but yet, their half assed fans are still trying to sell the NHL and its teams as something relevant ! Four labor stoppages inside of two decades , doesn’t make you relevant , it makes you by appearance alone, goddamn stupid , and deservedly so !


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Jackson hopes to bring along his expertise, having built an estimated fortune of $250 million , from his clothing line, real estate , record and film production company, as well as from selling his stake , in supplement and bottled water product Vitamin Water, for a reputed $100 million , while still retaining a minority stake in the company. Who says, gangster rappers and “bangers”, don’t know, how to make that “government cheese “ (money)? Boxing remains a sport riddled with corruption , mismanaged by the five relevant boxing hierarchies , and wherein the three biggest fight promoters within this environment tend to collude when it supports their interests to deprive and cheat the consumer almost at will. Veteran promoters , Bob Arum , founder of Top Rank Inc , Don King of his self-styled and named Don King Promotions Inc , and the last entrant unto the scene, former multi-world title-holder , Oscar de La Hoya of Golden Boy Promotions Inc , have simply made the boxing landscape seem like downtown , Kabul or Baghdad , after another terrorist atrocity , which has left a path of death , destruction and utter chaos. Does anyone, now realize that it has been almost a decade since the sport of boxing had an undisputed heavyweight champion? At present the division, is dominated by East Europeans that are truly lacking in talent. So, much so, that it has become so embarrassing to see those fighters on display inside of a boxing ring. The last fighter to hold the undisputed crown was the British fighter , Lennox Lewis , who retired from the sport in 2004. Since Lewis’ retirement, the heavyweight scene has been dominated by Ukrainian siblings, Vitali (45-2-0) and Vladimir Klitschko (59-3-0) . The two brothers, hold all five of the title belts that matter and with no wish to unify the division , the sport remains devoid of a truly recognizable champion for the heavyweight category .

Arum , King and de La Hoya , have all failed miserably, with their endeavors, in not only cleaning up the sport , but also, in creating a lasting interest , in this once revered spectacle of gladiatorial pugilism . Boxing , if anything , in spite of the presence of Floyd Mayeathter and Manny Pacquiao , has simply lost ground to the explosive arrival and the ascent of MMA under the banner of UFC . And for the idiot who once wrote within his domain, that the genre of Mixed Martial Arts was on the decline , because hockey has more of a fan-base and viewership . Please shut the hell up , take note of the NHL , where it currently stands , and the fact that NHL Commissioner, Gary Bettman and the NHL hierarchy now pays NBC Sports to carry its lame ass brand ! Shouldn’t that be, the other way around? So this is how a $2.5 billion sporting enterprise is meant to be ran ? Well , actually , be ran right into the goddamn gutter ! Piss on that , if you like , as I know that I will !

As to the altruistic intentions of 50 Cent , well , you can either judge by his deeds, in terms of his already astonishing success as a recording artist and as an entrepreneur , or by the fact that he comes in as a novice within this realm, but having a sizable knowledge of the sport , and with what now appears to be a budding stable of young and up and coming talent signed to his G-Unit Boxing Promotions Inc . Of the most recognized names within that stable is the undefeated Cuban exile , junior lightweight title aspirant , Yuriorkis Gamboa (22-0-16 KO’s). In September of 2012, 50 Cent and his then budding friendship with Floyd Mayweather , saw the pairing of the two obviously ego-driven talents , forge a business relationship that was begin with the setting up of a fight promotion’s company TMS Promotions . However, with the rapper being openly critical of his partner , and his refusal to take on his young protégé’ Gamboa , in a proposed title fight . What should have been a mutually beneficial business arrangement between Mayweather and 50 Cent , turned into an acrimonious relationship of “name calling “ , with a slew of profanity laden rants, which were exchanged, between the two , virally , in print and on , more than one occasion, in public . The last such exchange, took place after , Manny Pacquiao’s most recent bout , his loss to Juan Manuel Marquez , in which Mayweather, described the Filipino fighter as a boxer past his prime, who deserved an ass whooping, in refusing to give the public what they desired , a super-fight between the two megastars . Jackson’s response , was swift in suggesting , and defending Pacquiao, by suggesting, if there was anyone deserving of an ass whooping , it was Mayweather , himself , and that his fighter, Yuriorkis ” Yuri” Gamboa , would be the fighter to hand out that “said ass whooping “ in grand style .

The vitriol between the two , has reached a new high, with the cacophony of verbiage and garbage being exchanged between 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather , seem far more thrilling and interesting than any staged fight at the heavyweight level over the past eighteen months .

Did you see that ? Well for almost the second time in ten days, the once high and mighty New York Knicks were brought back down to earth , by an upstart with the NBA . The Knicks playing at the revered and venerable Madison Square Garden, in New York City , New York , were taken to task by Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors . Curry , would score a career high 54 points in the Warriors’ 109-105 loss to the Knicks. And with the Steph Curry leading all scorers on the night . The game although a victory for the Eastern Conference franchise , further emphasized how poor a defensive team the Knicks just happen to be , and will continue to remain.

Curry’s performance was a season high within the NBA this season . However, what might be even more inexplicable, was how the player was snubbed as an All Star representative for the Warriors this season . Steph Curry has been one of the most prolific scorers within the Western Conference , the NBA and by far the most productive player on the team’s roster . And much of that credit, should go to budding Coach of the Year candidate , Mark Jackson , who now has the franchise on the cusp of returning to the NBA Playoffs for the first time , since 2007 .

As much as Mike Woodson tries to get his players buy into a defensive mindset and strategy, it seems that there is no one cognizant or seemingly intelligent enough on the roster to fully comprehend what that might mean . Ergo , “ defense wins goddamn championships “ , points on freaking board during the season, only gets you regular season wins . Get it ? Good !

There is a lot that the New York Knicks have going for them at present , as Carmelo Anthony , is having one hell of a season . Beyond that , several of his teammates have stepped up , but unfortunately that hasn’t happened on a consistent enough basis . Mike Woodson may well be happy enough with the team’s showing within the their division , but the ball club has slipped off , in the conference standings . No real threat , as of yet , but if the team becomes any shakier , don’t panic , just simply acknowledge that , they are not as good , as first advertised . Knicks’ fans, while knowledgeable , tend to act , as if the goddamn world owes them something . If its respect that they are said to be looking for , then , before you can respect , you have to earn it . And the Knicks simply haven’t done enough to earn that respect , in spite of what their fans may well think . The New York Knicks , are not perennial contenders for the NBA title and haven’t been so , in a considerably long time . And their recent body of work over the past five years tends to bear this out .

With the Knicks having fallen down in the conference standings from that coveted #2 seed to where they now sit behind the surging Indiana Pacers coached by Frank Vogel . It has to be said that all of those wishes and ambitions held by the Knicks’ front office could be forlorn, should this franchise fail to make a successful and deep run in the NBA postseason. Team owner, James Dolan and GM Glen Grunwald have seen fit increase the team’s payroll to where they exceed the league’s soft salary cap of $58.044 million . That figure for the Knicks, is now set at $79,405,151 , which ranks the team’s payroll as the sixth highest in the NBA for the 2012-13 season. The vast resources at the organization’s disposal as part of The Madison Square Garden Company , the familial holdings for the sports’ ventures of the Dolan family. Take into account also, the very fact that the franchise remains the most valuable ($1.1 billion) in the NBA as well as the most profitable by the most sizable of margins besting their nearest rival , the Los Angeles Lakers by almost 50%.

With the NBA’s greatest player recently celebrating his fiftieth birthday ____ Michael Jordan. It was somewhat surprising to see the league not celebrating the event, even more so. The former league star, now the C owner the Charlotte Bobcats , has seen his team perform poorly , all season long. Jordan , alongside team GM Rich Cho , have not seen a great deal of success in recent years with draft pick , after draft pick , has been something of a monumental bust . Granted, this season the Bobcats have struggled primarily from having seen their best player , Kemba Walker beyond the missed games , has been his inconsistency to what was said to be a very good all-round game.

It is extremely sad and exacerbating to see Jordan’s fall from grace as a front office executive, be so extreme. Counting the biggest mistake on that resume` being his decision to take Kwame Brown straight out of high school as the number one draft pick in the 2001 NBA Draft by the Washington Wizards , as then owner, Abe Pollin , was countenanced by Michael Jordan, who was serving in his role as the Head of Basketball Operations , for the Washington , DC based franchise . And as we now know, Brown’s career has seen more misdirection and incompetence, as many believe the decision to acquire the untested high school “ phenom “ , was a mark of sheer indulgence and stupidity , only marked by the imbecilic explanation by the executive, that the player’s game could be honed , and making him a perennial All Star. Unless, I am mistaken, Brown has yet to aspire to those celebrated heights , heights or be a solid contributor to any team that he has ever played on ! And over the course of his ten-year career the player has earned in excess of $58.23 million dollars, with his most productive year being the 2001-02 season when he averaged 10.7 points per game with the Washington Wizards in what was then, his rookie season . Brown now with the Philadelphia 76ers , now languishes on the bench , which comes courtesy of head coach , Doug Collins . And the coach may well seek to use the player as, and when, he so pleases . . Which, given Brown’s average of 1.7 points per game for this season , in the twenty-two games , in which he has started , for which he has been a participant in half of those games, the returns have been a mere pittance for the Sixers , at this juncture . In this day and age, when the perception that the league hierarchy wishes to extol financial expediency , it seems hard to equate, how someone of Kwame Brown’s menial stature be rewarded with a two-year $5.5 million contract by the Sixers’ franchise , with the player becoming an unrestricted free agent in 2014 ? Any takers by then , do you think ?

Next up for the Sixers, will be a home game against the Golden State Warriors , in what is sure to be an entertaining match-up between these two aspiring franchises , seeking to makes themselves heard, amongst the cacophony of teams now seeking a playoff berth within their respective conferences, as the playoff picture begins to get a little clearer in some areas and more into focus . Doug Collins’ players find themselves six games out of the eighth spot , within the Eastern Conference , where the position in question, is currently held by the Milwaukee Bucks (28-28 [.0500]) .

50 Cents’ altruism and wish to make the sport of boxing once again relevant , while commendable, he alone, cannot orchestrate the changed needed , when the “major players” such as Bob Arum , Don King and not coincidentally, the four international governing bodies of the sport, seem so averse to change . The , IBF , WBA , WBC and the IBO have simply created , an all too corrupt landscape where the promoters dictate far too much of the branding , the major bouts that take place , and who in essence are the participants in those major fights , be they title or none title bouts.

The NBA for its part this season , has presented the fans with a monstrous brand of basketball , which if it continues along its present course , could very well lead to where the fans question their allegiance to a brand that has in recent years has been more concerned about its image , revenues and shown little if any thought for the most important aspect of its environment , the fans who pledge their allegiance to the teams , attend the games, with an even bigger television audience watching nationally , as well as internationally .



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What thoughts if any, do you have with regard to the salient points within this article? And do believe that over the remainder of the NBA season we are inclined to see a marked improvement in the play of the teams? Do you believe that rapper 50 Cents’ entrance into what is already a convoluted and corrupt sport will see any sort of difference within boxing at all? Chime in with your thoughts on this , and anything else you believe to pertinent to the subject matter .


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(1) Bernard Hopkins (R) poses with former boxer Marvin Hagler after defeating Ronald ‘Winky’ Wright by unanimous decision after Hopkins and Wright’s light heavyweight fight at the Mandalay Bay Events Center July 21, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Getty Images North America / Ethan Miller ….

(2) Boxing promoters Don King , left , and Bob Arum , long time enemies now respected friends . The two most powerful men in the sport of boxing with over six decades of experience the two , have a stranglehold on the sport , which they have no wish to relinquish control. King, the founder & CEO of Don King Promotions Inc , based in Palm Beach , Florida, has promoted some of the most important heavyweight fights in boxing history as well as managing or promoting some of the most well-known fighters within the division over the past four decades. His contemporary Bob Arum , through Top Rank Inc , based in Las Vegas , Nevada in recent years has promoted some of the biggest fights staged in the city of Las Vegas and the state of Nevada . At present , Arum’s most famous client is former multi-world titlist Manny Pacquiao . Within his promotion’s company , he has a litany of rising and established stars, well-known to the fans of the sport . AP Photo/ Mark Walters …

(3) A towering figure over the sport of boxing and the heavyweight division’s first three-time champion , Muhammad Ali, whose career and legacy have been well established . The seventy-one year old fighter , now suffers from Parkinson’s disease , as well as the early onset of Alzheimer’s Disease, and he is now rarely seen in public , suffering a speech impediment and severe neurological disorders brought by the longevity of his boxing career and the injuries inflicted from that fight career. At his side constantly is his wife and companion of twenty-seven years , Yolanda Ali. Ali , a ” prized inductee “ into the International Boxing Hall of Fame now through his writings , promotes peace and humanitarian efforts that embraces the joint efforts between Muslims and Jews across the globe , in counteracting stereotypes about both religions , while seeking to spread tolerance between not just both religious sects but also across all ethnic divides. AP REUTERS / Ingemar Halstead ….

(4) Floyd Mayweather Jr. weighs in at the MGM Grand Garden Arena May 4, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Joining him , is rapper and entrepreneur 50 Cent , as the two bonded and formed a business relationship ,forming TMS Promotions Inc . Mayweather Jr. fought Oscar De La Hoya for the WBC super welterweight championship at the MGM on May 5, 2007 winning in a split decision . The two former associates and best friends , have now taken to the social platform, Twitter to be highly critical of each other . The falling out , between the two luminaries, centers around the rapper’s claims that he’s owed $2 million by the boxer , after the dissolution of their joint venture, and also Mayweather’s unwillingness to meet his fighter Yuriorkis Gamboa , whom he manages and promotes. Getty Images North America / Carlos Jiminez …..

(5) NEW YORK, NY – FEBRUARY 27: Stephen Curry (30) of the Golden State Warriors advances the ball against Raymond Felton (2) of the New York Knicks on February 27, 2013 at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Curry scored a career and season high 54 points in the Warriors 109-105 loss to the Knicks . AP Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images …..

(6) New York Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony (7) reacts after scoring during the second half of an NBA basketball game against the Golden State Warriors, Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2013, in New York. The Knicks won the game 109-105 . AP Photo/Frank Franklin II ….

(7) New York Knicks’ Tyson Chandler , left, and Iman Shumpert , right, defend against Golden State Warriors’ Jarrett Jack (2) during the second half of an NBA basketball game, Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2013, in New York. Jack was called for traveling on the play, resulting in a turnover. The Knicks won 109-105. AP Photo/Frank Franklin II …

(8) LOS ANGELES, CA – FEBRUARY 26: Blake Griffin (32) of the Los Angeles Clippers passes the ball against the Charlotte Bobcats at Staples Center on February 26, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. The Clippers won 106-84 . Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images ……

(9) Charlotte Bobcats guard Ramon Sessions , right, tries to shoot over Los Angeles Clippers center Ronny Turiaf during the second half of an NBA basketball game in Los Angeles, Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2013. The Clippers won 106-84. AP Photo/Chris Carlson …

(9) In the foreground at the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte , North Carolina , are Charlotte Bobcats’ general manager Rich Cho seated , and joining are team owner , Michael Jordan , right and the team’s Snr Exec VP , Fred Whitfield . The Bobcats this season are once again under-achieving and it appears that the franchise looks as if they finish the season once again with a .500 record for the 2012-13 for the year , repeating what appears to be an ongoing cycle of ineptitude of this ball-club , since Jordan assumed control , having bought the team outright from former owner , Robert L Johnson , founder of BET (Black Entertainment Television) . Getty Images / Sarah Gilling …….

(10) Dallas Mavericks guard Darren Collison (4) shoots as Philadelphia 76ers guard Maalik Wayns (18) and center Kwame Brown (54) defend during the first half of an NBA basketball game , Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2012, in Dallas. Brown is having torrid time this season with the Sixers , producing career lows in a variety of categories , while proving to be one of the least productive centers in the entire NBA this year . AP Photo/John F. Rhodes …


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Guys, who among you , wouldn’t mind playing with Melissa Rauch’s ” puppies” ?


50 Cent ” I Get Money ”

Not Anymore ………………

Not Anymore

It seems strange the heavyweight scene of boxing cannot be identified with as having a champion that the fans can actually identify with . At present that niche within the sport has been carved out by the Ukrainian brothers Vladimir and Vitali Klitschko who between them hold all four of the pre-eminent titles that are duly recognized by the major governing bodies of boxing .


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From my own perspective the sport and in particular the heavyweight division took a downward spiral the moment that Lennox Lewis stepped away from the ring and announced his retirement as the last undisputed champion of the world . Since then there have been a plethora of claimants to the title in one form or any other with no one champion standing out or having the ability to unite the division . What might now be even more detrimental for the sport is that neither Vitlali or Wladimir Klitschko would care to fight each other and bring about a unified champion within the division . Instead the two have refused to consider such a bout stating that this is in fact due to a promise made to their mother . That asides this only further adds evidence as to the fact that there’s little discerning interest within the division and even less so throughout the sport beyond the names of Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather .

And though the fans long for a bout between the two most recognizable names within the sport that prospect now seems further off then one would have thought possible. Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum has simply scuttled such an instance and Mayweather through his own sheer stupidity simply makes such a scenario seem even further unattainable either through his own outrageous demands or the very fact that he’s still embroiled with a number of legal issues that have yet to be resolved . As a fight fan who longs to see meaningful fights in all of the weight categories I now find it where that simply watching a bout in what we’re told is an title fight more often than not simply turns out to be a monotonous bore !

Here within the US many of the states are either aligned to multiple boxing authorities for their own self aggrandizement more than anything else . Furthermore domestically the rules governing the various state athletics commissions simply makes an outright mockery as to how the sport is actually regulated in North America , albeit that Las Vegas and New York city are seen as the Meccas for the sport .

Now there’s no denying that the loss of Mike Tyson from the sport in spite of his own misdeeds and the fact that Don King seemingly sucked the life blood out of the boxer like a vampire explicably led the fighter’s downfall. Those who simply state different are obviously not acutely aware as to King’s dealing with the fighters whose interests he claims to actually take care of. Simply look at the number of legal entanglements that he has had over the course of his career where he has been sued by fighters formerly associated with him ? It reads like a who’s of the sport from Muhammad Ali on down to the likes of Larry Holmes , Pernell Whitaker , George Foreman and Leon Spinks ___ all fighters who at one time or another had the rather dubious distinction of having to do business with the renowned promoter . This further emphasizes why the sport still remains corrupt and the strangle-hold that both Arum and King have on the sport as the two most dominant promoters in boxing .

I have long maintained that after Tyson’s mentor and former trainer Cus D’Amato died with King intervening seeking to lure Tyson away from his then co-managers Bill Clayton and John Jacobs simply led to the downward spiral of his professional career and private life . Given that King merely saw the young fighter as his way to numerous riches creating conflict within the Tyson camp were the means to the necessary ends for the promoter and all that he sought to achieve . And as impressive as Mike Tyson’s ascent to the top of the boxing world was said to be , his downfall if anything was all the more startling and the numerous events that led to it all. His incarceration for the rape of pageant contestant Desiree’ Washington and those three ” infamous fights” with Evander Holyfield was enough to suggest that as the biggest draw in the sport we simply yearned for more from Mike Tyson as we were all interested in seeing the train the wreck that his life had now become.

In watching fight during e early part of his career was simply to witness a ferocious animal intimidating , tormenting and then devouring its prey. What Tyson was able to achieve in becoming the youngest heavyweight champion in history by defeating Trevor Berbick for the WBC heavyweight title sent shock waves through the sport and especially within the division . Granted , the fighter had been mowing down opponents the way the machine gun had been used during the St Valentine’s Day Masscare led everyone to believe that Mike Tyson’s longevity as the world champion might well be a long one . And for all of his attributes as a fighter the one lingering issue I had with the boxer was the mere fact that biggest advantage was also to my mind his weakest attribute ! He intimidated his opponents to such an extent that he felt he was impervious , unbeatable and if anything complacent . His power lay within the fact that he could knock a fighter out with either hand but if anything his boxing skills were simply not as good as many purists believed it to be. Historians would suggest that his uppercuts and right cross were his most dangerous weapons in his arsenal but if anything what we would then find out over the course of Mike Tyson was the fact that his chin was indeed made of glass .

When Mike Tyson lost his title having made nine successful defense and the fact his demise came at the hands of what many believed was a journeyman in James ‘Buster’ Douglas at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo , Japan , was all the more unbelievable . Douglas to my mind brought with him solid credentials in terms of his fight resume’ ! But it would appear that odds-makers simply viewed Tyson as the prohibitive favorite and the Douglas as simply another stat to pad the fighter’s already impressive record . What would follow then and all of the controversy that surrounds the fight to this day simply attests to the fact that no matter what you came to expect from a Mike Tyson fight there was always a chance that you get to see the unexpected . Tyson crawling around all on fours unable to beat the count of a rather surprised Octavio Meyran , the referee who presided over the bout left over 70,000 fans and a global audience of millions absolutely shell-shocked . The bewildered Tyson who had earlier knocked down the challenger in an earlier round (eighth) would lose in by a knockout in the tenth round . In the aftermath of that fight Tyson’s claim as the ‘baddest man on the planet’ clearly was now a thing of the past .

Don King as the promoter sought have the fight verdict overturned but that simply didn’t happen and Douglas’ own reign as the champion itself was somewhat short-lived as he would lose the title in his very first defense in a lackluster performance in a third round loss to Evander Holyfield at the MGM Mirage & Casino Complex in Las Vegas , Nevada in October of 1990 .

As I survey the boxing scene especially within the heavyweight division I simply no credibility within the division . It has become so asinine in seeing the ridicule being heaped upon the whole landscape of the category . What might be even more incredible this is the very same division that has given us great champions such as Joe Louis , Rocky Marciano , Muhammad Ali , Floyd Patterson , Larry Holmes and Lennox Lewis who have all distinguished themselves as former heavyweight champions of the world. The division no longer has any real legitimacy or credibility to it at all and while this all happens the category has simply become the laughing stock of the sports’ world and boxing in particular . One simply can no longer count on any of the major governing bodies to do what is morally right in bringing about a unified division as they simply have too much vested in their own well being from a financial standpoint rather than seeing the integrity of the sport rise to where it should be . But in reality I now believe that the hierarchies in question have now lost the opportunity to bring their sport back amongst the masses along the lines where the fans feel that they can once again take an interest in boxing .

The sport of boxing is now losing out to the upstart genre of MMA and the fact that the premiere governing body UFC stages bouts around the globe that has fans attending in droves , gives credence as to one of the main reasons why boxing has been steadily on the decline for almost a decade . Boxing for its part simply markets the brand to a select demographic base , those willing to spend $49-95 for PPV and major title bouts . And it now has becomes a rarity to find a major network broadcast of a bout much less a fight that is actually worth watching . Not so in the case of the UFC and the events that they stage for mass consumption and that of their major title bouts.

As to what the future holds for the heavyweight division doesn’t bode well without there being an undisputed champion . If anything it leaves the whole division with a void and a vacuum , moreover , the fans yearn for something far more exciting and meaningful. Mike Tyson may well have had his flaws but you simply knew that while he was in the ring he brought about a great deal of excitement lured us all to watch his fights . Now you’d be hard pressed to show any interest to watch either of the Klitschko brothers fight much realize that they’re said to be heavyweight champions of the world .



Picture gallery for your perusal . By clicking on an individual frame you can view that picture in its original formatted size .

In your honest opinion do you feel that the sport of boxing actually is of any importance on the sports panacea ? Also what thoughts if any do you have on the career of Mike Tyson and the reasons behind his abrupt fall from grace ? Simply chime in with your thoughts on the points raised within this piece .

Alan aka tophatal …….. https://tophatal.wordpress.com

Picture and slide show details below.


(1) Vitali Klitschko, left, from Ukraine and his brother Vladimir pose with their world champion belts after Vitali defeated Samuel Peter from Nigeria during a WBC heavyweight boxing world championship fight in Berlin, Germany, Saturday, Oct. 11, 2008. Klitschko defeated Peter by technical knock out in round nine. The Ukrainian now hold all four of the internationally recognized organizationally belts within the heavyweight division. AP Photo/Herbert Knosowski ….

(2) Bruce Seldon (left) seen here facing Mike Tyson at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas , Nevada for Seldon’s WBA heavyweight title in September 1996 . The challenger , Tyson would end up defeating Seldon with a 12th round TKO. courtesy of stuff.co.nz @ copyrighted material all rights reserved …..

(3) Don King (left) of Don King (Promotions) Inc and Bob Arum of Top Rank Inc are the two most dominant promoters within the sport of boxing . The duo have promoted in excess of 500 world title fights in their cumulative careers spanning in excess of four decades. courtesy of AFP / Ronald Canter ……

(4) Lennox Lewis (left) is seen here defending his world heavyweight title against Mike Tyson at The Pyramid in Memphis , Tennessee. The champion would go on to defeat the challenger with an eighth round knockout to retain the undisputed heavyweight title . REUTERS/ Phillippe Gaston …….

(5) The challenger James ‘Buster’ Douglas is seen here on the canvas in the 8th round as referee Octavio Meyran carries on the count . Tyson also in picture is seen in a neutral corner watching the count . Douglas was able to continue and went on to defeat the champion, Mike Tyson with a 12th round knockout that shocked the world of boxing and ended the champion’s claim of being “the baddest man on the planet” . courtesy of BBC Sports / Cameron Gyles …….

(6) The left hook that led to the now memorable “long count” and Tyson’s demise at the hands of challenger James ‘Buster’ Douglas in their undisputed heavyweight title fight held at the Tokyo Dome , Tokyo , Japan in 1990. BBC Sports / Boxing ….

(7) Referee Octavio Meyran looks to escort Buster Douglas to a neutral corner before commencing the count over the prostrate Mike Tyson during the twelfth round of the duo’s world title bout . BBC Sports/ Boxing …

(8) Evander Holyfield (right) grimaces in pain having just been bitten on his right ear by Mike Tyson during their bout . Referee Mills Lane seen here looks to separate the two fighters after the incident for which Tyson would later be disqualified . Getty Images / archives …..

(9) Both fighters look to connect with solid shots aimed at each other during their now infamous bout staged at The MGM Grand in Las Vegas , Nevada on the 28th June 1997 . Mike Tyson would be disqualified at the end of round three with the verdict being awarded to Evander Holyfield . Getty Images / archives ……

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Beauty Is In The Eye Of Beholder ……..Oops We’ve Another Heavyweight Champion of The World ….

So here I am, scouring the “net” as well as US editions of several British newspapers I subscribe to ,in order to keep myself abreast of what’s happening back home in the land of my birth. Quite often I’ll also take in the BBC America network outlet for the latest business and international news. CNN and Fox News may well believe that they’re best at covering a story with in depth coverage and analysis. But in actuality they pale by comparison , when judged against the professionalism shown by the journalists of the BBC .

Best  to  be  seen  and  not  heard . Paris  Hilton  and  Tara Reid   are   getting   far too much   exposure  than  is  needed  .   Can  someone  remind them  that they need a  modicum  of  talent and  intelligence  as  well  ?  Not  unlike what   unlike what  we're  now  witnessing  within the  heavyweight   division  of  boxing .  picture  appears   courtesy  of  getty images north  america/   Julian  Proctor .........

Best to be seen and not heard ? Paris Hilton and Tara Reid are getting far too much exposure than is needed. Can someone remind them that they need a modicum of talent and intelligence as well ? Not unlike what we’re now witnessing within the heavyweight division of boxing. picture appears courtesy of getty images north america/ Julian Proctor ………..

If it’s not enough of anathema, to think that the heavyweight boxing division is now ruled by East European boxers. It’s enough to make one ask the question where’s the talent of yesteryear in terms of boxing within the division ? It was bad enough seeing the claims of one aspirant from the US bite the dust with such embarrassment. That the talk of Chris Arreola (27-1, 24 KO’s) returning to the ring , is being met without as much as excitement, as the next on screen performance of Paris Hilton or Tara Reid . Neither of whom, it can be said was all that talented to begin with, when it came to the art of acting. But then again, if you’re a testosterone driven hetero sexual male. The thespian talents of either is hardly the thing that’ll lure you to watch either of these two females.

Vitali  Klitschko   proves  his   dominance  stopping  Chris Arreola in the  tenth  round  of  their WBC heavyweight  title  fight  held  at the  Staples  Center , Los  Angeles , California , in  September .

Vitali Klitschko (right) the champion proves his dominance in stopping Chris Arreola (left),the challenger for his WBC heavyweight title fight held at the Staples Center, Los Angeles, California. Arreola was forced to retire at the end of the 10th round of the bout. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Mark J. Terrell …

Arreola , for his part has reminded us how devoid of home grown talent this country really is, when it comes to the heavyweight division of boxing. Furthermore, the excuses being made that most athletes shy away from the sport because there’s more money to be made playing in the NBA , NFL or MLB . Well, that’s akin to saying I don’t really want to get but I’ll try my hand and at something else less painful. Any sport runs the risk of an athlete being hurt at some point in their career. That’s part and parcel of being an athlete to begin with. It’s not solely about making money. It’s the thought of challenging one’s self against the obstacles placed in your way and being able to overcome it for the gains at the end of the day. Money , fame and the notoriety is just a bye product of it all.

The newly  crowned WBA heavyweight  champion of the  world  David  Haye (center  foreground) who won  the  title  with a  unanimous  decision over the  former  champion  , Nikolai Valuev of  Russia .     picture  appears  courtesy  of afp/getty images/  Shaun  Curry ............

The newly crowned WBA heavyweight champion of the world, David Haye (center foreground) who won the title with a unanimous decision over the former champion, Nikolai Valuev of Russia. picture appears courtesy of afp/getty images/ Shaun Curry ……….

Chris Arreola in his last bout challenged Vitali Klitschko (38-2-0,37 KO’s) for the WBC heavyweight title. His challenge was met with the usual customary reverence one could come to expect of a champion unwilling to let an inferior opponent try and avail themselves of something that is not rightfully theirs. He forced the challenger to retire in the tenth round of their scheduled twelve round title fight at the Staples Center , in Los Angeles, California, on the 26th September 2009.

Valuev (left) looks to defend  himself against  the  challenger  ,  Haye , in their WBA heavyweight  title   fight held  in  Nurumberg  Germany  on the  7th  November  2009.       picture appears  courtesy of  afp/getty images/ Shaun  Curry ........

Valuev (left) looks to defend himself against the challenger , Haye, in their WBA heavyweight title fight held in Nurumberg , Germany on the 7th November 2009. picture appears courtesy of afp/getty images/ Shaun Curry ………

Courtesy of Yahoo Sports and Associated Press:

Haye defeats Valuev for WBA heavyweight title

By David Hein , Associated Press Sports Writer

NUREMBERG, Germany (AP)—David Haye certainly backed up his brash prediction.

Haye used his superior quickness to surprise Nikolai Valuev, winning a majority decision on Saturday night and winning the WBA heavyweight title.

The British challenger came close to knocking down Valuev for the first time in his 16-year pro career during the final round, but had to settle for the decision. The scores were 116-112 on two of the judges’ cards, and a 114-114 draw on the other.

“The key was my speed,” Haye said. “People don’t realize I am very fast. And I have a powerful punch. I’m athletic, and if I wasn’t a boxer I would be playing football or rugby.”

The former cruiserweight titleholder won his third fight at heavyweight, despite giving up nearly a foot and 100 pounds to the tallest and heaviest champion in history.

“Everybody thought I was crazy,” Haye said, “but I knew I could make him miss.”

Haye had spent months taunting fellow heavyweight champions Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko, and even embarked on a press tour to promote a fight against Wladimir Klitschko before it was called off. Now, he’ll probably escape facing the two men considered the best in the division because his first defense of the WBA title is supposed to be against John Ruiz.

The former titleholder earned the shot by stopping Adnan Serin in the seventh round earlier in the night—and already Haye is offering another prediction.

“He’s a good fighter who is very underrated,” Haye said of the American. “He is not the most spectacular, but I don’t feel like I will struggle with him. He’s about the same size as me and I think I will knock him out.”

Valuev dropped to 50-2, and admitted that Haye was too quick for him.

“Tonight only one thing happened that I didn’t expect,” Valuev said. “It was like a marathon for me. It was like a track event. I wasn’t ready to run that much.

“The judges made their scoring and I think the last round made the difference, especially the end of it.”

Haye tried to keep Valuev on the move, opening with a left to the Russian’s chin followed by a powerful combo. Valuev struggled to catch Haye, finding him only with left jabs.

Haye said he injured his right hand hitting Valuev in the head, likely in the second round.

“It was like punching a brick wall,” Haye said.

Nicknamed “The Hayemaker,” the Brit connected with big rights and lefts to Valuev’s head to build up his points lead. Valuev finally came alive beginning in the fourth round, but in the sixth Haye landed a right-left combo and two solid lefts.

Haye continued to make Valuev work while finding holes, including a strong right followed by a left to Valuev’s face in the ninth. After another big right in the 10th, Haye wrapped up the fight by landing two left hooks that left Valuev wobbly in the 12th.


With the  distinct  height  and  weight advantage   Valuev (left)  still  gets  caught  by  the  challenger  , David  Haye  ,  in  their  WBA  heavyweight title  bout.      picture appears courtesy of  afp photo dpp/ getty images/  Timm Schamberger  .................

Valuev covers up and is still getting caught by the challenger , David Haye , in their WBA heavyweight title bout. picture appears courtesy of afp dpp/getty images / Timm Schamberger ………

As much as it pains me to say this with regard to the sport of boxing and in particular the heavyweight division. The sport is now getting what it thoroughly deserves by way of a lack of real talent and charisma within the heavyweight scene ! For far too long the likes of promoters Don King and Bob Arum have force fed the public so much mediocre talent within the division over the last decade. That when the retirement of Lennox Lewis came about. They were essentially like a chicken running around the coop ,after its head had been severed. It suddenly occurred to them that the well had finally ran dry. And the fact that there wasn’t a decent US fighter of a known caliber , talent and charisma within the current climate-much less on the horizon. It led to a dearth of East European fighters coming center stage and challenging the US’s dominance within the division. Now, not only have they challenged it but they’re also now dominating the the division to an extent not previously seen.

Valuev seated  in his  corner  listens to  his  trainers give  him  some  much needed advice  during  his  title  defense  against the  challenger  David   Haye.    Valuev  would  suffer  the  second  loss  of  his   professional  career   losing a  unanimous  12  round   decision to   David Haye.     picture  appears   courtesy  of afp dpp/getty  images  /  Timm  Schamberger  ................

Valuev seated in his corner listens as his trainers give him some much needed advice during his title defense against the challenger David Haye. Valuev would suffer the second loss of his professional career in losing a unanimous 12 round decision to David Haye. picture appears courtesy of afp dpp /getty images/ Timm Schamberger ………

With the division being so fractured an no real intent in unifying the division. There are now three different champions who lay claim to holding a version of the heavyweight title. The IBF and WBO titles are held by Wladimir Klitschko(53-3, 47 KO’s) , the WBC title is held by Vitali Klitschko and the recent recipient of the WBA title is David Haye (23-1, 21 KO’s) of Great Britain. And though not a great deal is known about Haye . Other than the fact the he was once the undisputed cruiserweight champion. The fact of the matter is we’re now no clearer or closer now, in getting an undisputed champion within the heavyweight division.

Haye  looks to evade  a  shot  from Valuev  while on the  ropes  during  their title  bout.  The  scene  of the  event  was  the   Nurumber  Verischerung  Arena  in  the  city  of  Nurumberg , Germany.      picture appears courtesy of  Bongarts/getty images/  Alex  Grimm  ..................

Haye looks to evade a shot from Valuev while on the ropes in their title bout. The scene of the event was the Nuremberger Verischerung Arena in the city of Nurumberg , Germany. picture appears courtesy of Bongarts/ getty images/ Alex Grimm ……….

The Klitscko brother as holders 3/4 of the recognized titles have refused to fight each other. Thus, while making a complete mockery of the division. And the respective bodies of the governing organizations, for which they hold those belts seem powerless to do anything about it all . Either that, or they completely refuse to force mandatory showdown between the two brothers. And Haye for his part, as the newly crowned champion has been saying all of the right things. But one essentially knows, that saying something and then doing it , are completely two different things. He’s called out both brothers in the past , merely as a publicity gimmick. But now that he’s got a piece of the title. He’d better be ready to back up those challenges one way or another. But first Haye must make a mandatory title defense against journeyman and former title holder John Ruiz (44-8-1,30 KO’s-1 NC). The fact that the WBA think this bout is appealing to the fans. Well, it only goes to show how out of touch not only are the various governing bodies. But it also shows us that the promoters still haven’t learned a lesson at all. They’re still of the belief that these are the types of fights the fans want to see within the division. Nothing could be further from the truth at this juncture.

We know longer have the likes of either Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis or Evander Holyfield to entertain us . So instead , it’s the usual perfunctory pattern of tomato cans and buffed up meatballs we’re allegedly told is what is now for good for the heavyweight division. And that in effect to the downward spiral of the sport as a whole.

Haye’s victory over the former WBA champion Nikolai Valuev (50-2-0,34 KO’s-1 NC) was as unexpected , as it was in some ways it was not. Valuev’s primary claim to fame, is that he has been the tallest and heaviest champion in history. Hardly the credentials one would come to expect of a world champion. His skills are basically pedantic and his maneuverability in the ring has always come into question. As too has the fact that he cannot take a punch. For man who’s 7 feet tall and weighing in excess of 375 lbs, his chin is remarkably soft as porcelain. As evidenced in his bout against Haye, when he was repeatedly rocked by left hooks and upper cuts to the chin. Several times throughout the bout he became groggy and unable to keep his footing – that he came close to being knocked out by the man who as as the challenger, was a 100 lbs lighter than the champion, Valuev.

A  victorious  Haye  cannot hide his  emotions having  just  pulled off  the  shock  upset  in  defeating the  now  former  champion  Nikolai  Valuev of  Russia  for  his  WBA heavyweight title   in  Nurumberg   Germany  on  Saturday  night.     Haye  now faces  a  mandatory  defense  against  another  former  champion  in  John  Ruiz  of the  United  States.    picture appears courtesy of  afp/getty images/  Timm  Schamberger .................

Haye cannot hide his emotions having just pulled off the shock upset in defeating the now former champion , Nikolai Valuev of Russia for his WBA heavyweight title in Nurumber, Germany. Haye now faces a mandatory defense against former champion John Ruiz of the United States. picture appears courtesy of afp/getty images/ Timm Schamberger ………..

The shape of boxing and in particular the heavyweight division is in such a poor state. That to use the analogy ……”emergency is there a doctor in the house” ? Well, let’s just say that one seriously doubts that a doctor would be predisposed to resuscitating the patient. If anything, it would be far more generous to call on the services of Dr Jack Kevorkian. Too harsh an outcome ? The premise may not appear to be right but it’s better than dealing with the travesty we’re now witnessing within the sport !

WBC heavyweight rankings 1 through 10 :
1 Ray Austin (US) (28-4-4,18 KO’s)
2 Oleg Maskaev (Kazakhstan) (36-6-0,27 KO’s)
3 Odlanier Solis (Cuba) (15-0, 11 KO’s)
4 Alexander Povetkin (Russia) (17-0, 12 KO’s)
5 Kevin Johnson (US) (22-0-1, 9 KO’s)
6 James Toney (US) (72-6-3,44 KO’s – 2 no contests)
7 Manuel Quezada (US) (29-4, 18 KO’s)
8 Denis Boystov (Russia) (26-0, 21 KO's)
9 Samuel Peter (Nigeria) (32-3, 25 KO’s)
10 Tomasz Adamek (Poland) (39-1, 27 KO’s)