40 Acres And A Mule , So What You Got Now Spike ?

40 Acres And A Mule , So What You Got Now Spike ?

By tophatal

So did I miss something with regard to patron who tried to suggest that Mike DAntoni while being a very good offensive minded coach simply didn’t have to to do anything as it related to his young New York Knicks’ point guard Jeremy Lin . Now I won’t seek to question this individual’s mindset but I have always been under the impression was simply in the process of improving a players’ game , be they a rookie or a seasoned veteran ! Over the course of his tenure DAntoni hasn’t developed any players who one would consider to have had a major impact on the league . Certainly not Steve Nash or Amare’ Stoudemire while both were players within the Phoenix Suns’ organization . And let’s get real here , though Suns made the playoffs under the former coach’s tenure _____ where they were simply exposed during their NBA postseason forays .


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As begrudgingly as the Knicks are beloved as a major NBA franchise we have to look at the recent history of the organization to realize that the Dolan family and the front office executives have made blunders that have been to the detriment of the New York Knicks . James Dolan , the whose company MSG Entertainment Inc. of which the Knicks are a subsidiary is also enjoined with the New York Rangers another lumbering giant aimlessly meandering nowhere .

In what turned about to be something of an unraveling of sorts the Knicks’ season has imploded with the fact that Mike DAntoni offered his resignation to GM Glen Grunwald which was accepted by the general manager . Mike Woodson an assistant coach on DAntoni’s staff has been handed the reins to the sputtering Knicks. Losers in of eight of their last ten games the New York Knicks are stumbling as the season has just gone beyond its midway point. Lin along with teammates Amare` Stoudemire , Carmelo Anthony and J R Smith have simply lost all momentum . At 18-34 the Knicks are locked in a battle within the Eastern Conference for the eighth and final berth for a playoff spot alongside the Milwaukee Bucks . Anyone still convinced that Mike DAntoni has really contributed to the growth of the New York Knicks as an organization ? If so , then please explain succinctly as to your reasons why ?

Within the Atlantic Division the New York Knicks currently sit seven games behind the division leading Philadelphia 76ers (25-17). As this team falls further out of contention , the more you have look at this roster to simply realize that it is now filled with ill-fitting pieces . And while of this idiocy of ” Lin-sanity “ reverberated around the league with fans simply lauding the accomplishments of the young point guard I have to wonder why no one simply didn’t question the fact that the player was at best ill-suited to be leading this staff given the premise that many believe d Knicks to be capable of making the playoffs. Lin has so far committed over sixty-five turnovers through 17 plus games. And there are those who believe that Lin is solely responsible in the growth of his own play ? Shouldn’t the coaching at least be creating the semblance of assisting the Lin in becoming a better player ? Or is that simply naivete` on the path of the patrons who believe it’s simply down the player , himself ? Your thoughts on the matter at this juncture ? That being said many of the Knicks’ woes are solely due to the ill prepared and ill-equipped staff and the fact that Mike DAntoni just isn’t that good a coach by any stretch of the imagination. The guards on this Knicks’ roster includes Baron Davis , Smith , Lin and Mike Bibby . Did I miss something here ? This quartet alone on a good simply aren’t worth the money they’re currently being paid by this Knicks’ organization . And when adjudged against the other point guards within the Eastern Conference and NBA as a whole I’ll let you be the judge as to how productive and efficient the Knicks’ guard are said to be !

I can’t remember the New York Knicks being this bad since Larry Brown was coaching the organization several years ago while former NBA great …. Isiah Thomas was a SVP & Head of Basketball Operations for the Knicks . At the same any of you with a keen insight of the NBA will know also that Thomas also senior executive within the Toronto Raptors’ hierarchy . Let’s just say that Thomas’ track record as a front office executive hasn’t been one without episodes of hilarity. Thomas whilst an executive with the New York Knicks should remember also that he also had his problems off the basketball court . A former female employee within the Knicks’ organization sued not only Isiah Thomas and the franchise for sexual harassment but the plaintiff won her case and a multi-million dollar settlement. That’s the sort of track record that not even Herman Cain could aspire to match or even surpass . But then again , who knows with the former Godfather’s Pizza chain executive ? And you wonder this ass didn’t prove to be a success in his campaign to the Republican nominee to be the challenger to Barack Obama for the 2012 Presidential elections !

Going back to Thomas’ somewhat lackluster record as an NBA executive , the fact that he would sign Allan Houston to an outrageous deal which many questioned the veracity of the contract at the time. This one of a multitude of idiotic deals that took on a life of it’s very own with an array of players who simply were either unproductive or simply didn’t live to expectations. Need I say anymore on the matter ?

Of the three most high profiled players on the current Knicks’ roster Carmelo Anthony , Amare` Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler are highest paid players accounting for over $57.5 million of the team’s overall payroll . The meager returns that the fans have seen at Madison Square Garden has me wondering when the shoe is going to drop and the Knicks’ front office realize that if you’re allegedly paying for top-notch , talent the dividends have to be a very good return on that investment . As of now , the trio have simply offered nothing the fans can actually be proud of . And last I looked , Lin face masks and t-shirts , while being rather something of a novelty simply doesn’t mean much if the team has now become lackluster and about as competitive as a damp squib !

If the Knicks were to miss the postseason once again then it would add to a barren stretch has lasted long enough for the Knicks’ fans to yearn for the return Willis Reed or Bill Bradley . And those revered Hall of Famers are not about to walk back into the ” hallowed ” and ” halcyon arena” known as “The Garden “ ….. Madison Square Garden . One of the most hallowed and revered arenas within the NBA and all of sports as a whole .

At this juncture it would be interesting find out what renowned director Spike Lee’s thoughts might be as the team’s slump has taken on a life its very own . Tonight the New York Knicks will play hosts to LaMarcus Aldridge and the Portland Trailblazers at their home venue. One of the primary ills for the Knicks has to be the very fact that their schedule has become extremely tough over the past two weeks and it’s certainly going to get any easier over the ensuing two and half months . Would it be remiss to suggest that the New York Knicks might seek to further add to their roster by way of a trade , with the trade deadline coming up on the 15th March , 2012. And it should come as no surprise that the Milwaukee Bucks have added to their roster by acquiring the Warriors’ Monta Ellis , with the duo of both Stephen Jackson and Andrew Bogut heading to the Golden State Warriors .

If Knicks should decide to become one of “movers and shakers ” while the rest of the NBA also looks to position themselves amongst the contenders look to play themselves into contention for a playoff berth . And for Mike Woodson being entrusted as the head coach by Glen Grunwald , it is now left to the former Atlanta Hawks’ head coach to quite possibly make some semblance of the Knicks’ now downward spiraling season . It’s going to take a remarkable effort by this team with what has to be extremely exceptional contributions from Carmelo Anthony , Amare` Stoudemire , Tyson Chandler , Jeremy Lin , Iman Shumpert , Landry Fields and Steve Novak , amongst others .

Now I could lambast the New York Knicks as an organization given their ineptitude in recent years but what would be the point ? It may or may not serve a purpose but one has to point out the flaws with an franchise , rather than continue show apathy . In large part that is simply what we will tend to see from the vast majority of sports’ fans , and it is certainly no different within the NBA landscape . For the Knicks’ fans out there I would like for them to succinctly explain to me how they view this latest episode in the franchise’s storied existence ? If the rumors are to be believed then the breaking point may well have been down to what is said to be the disintegrating relationship between Mike DAntoni and Carmelo Anthony . If there is any veracity to this at all , then it simply shows us once again where the power truly lies within the NBA ! It’s certainly not the NBA head coaches , team owners , league hierarchy or for that matter David Stern . It’s the power of the coddled NBA superstar whose demeanor as a self-absorbed individual can be the “nail “ in the ” coffin” of a head coach . And not far behind , the anvil and hammer represented by the NBPA (union) who can simply pound the hierarchy into submission , at will . Doubt my word ? Then ask yourself this question ….. who profited most from the latest collective bargaining agreement within the NBA ? The executive committee of the NBPA or the league hierarchy under the tenure of commissioner David Stern ? Your thoughts ?


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Whether or not if you’re fan of the New York Knicks what do you envisage seeing coming out of this whole episode as it relates to the franchise ? Do you believe that DAntoni’s resignation was done to appease a player on this roster or simply down to the lack commitment by the players and that of the coaching staff ? Simply leave a comment as to your thoughts on this and any other pertinent points as it relates to the NBA .

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(1) Glen Grunwald the New York Knicks Senior Vice President of Basketball Operations and Interim Manager announces (R) Mike Woodson as the interim head coach of the New York Knicks following the resignation of Mike D’Antoni at Madison Square Garden on March 14, 2012 in New York City. Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images ….

(2) NEW YORK, NY – MARCH 14: Executive Chairman of Madison Square Garden & NBA Governor, James L. Dolan speaks to the media at a press conference to announce Mike Woodson as the interim head coach of the New York Knicks following the resignation of Mike D’Antoni at Madison Square Garden on March 14, 2012 in New York City. Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images

(3) Glen Grunwald the New York Knicks Senior Vice President of Basketball Operations and Interim Manager announces (L) Mike Woodson as the interim head coach of the New York Knicks following the resignation of Mike D’Antoni at Madison Square Garden on March 14, 2012 in New York City. Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images ……..

(4) FILE – In this Jan. 31, 2012 file photo, New York Knicks assistant coach Mike Woodson, left, reacts as he watches the Knicks defense while sitting next to coach Mike D’Antoni in the first half of an NBA basketball game against the Detroit Pistons at Madison Square Garden in New York. A person with knowledge of the decision says D’Antoni has resigned. The person spoke to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity because the team had yet to announce the move. AP Photo/Kathy Willens ….

(5) Jeremy Lin (17) of the New York Knicks battles for a loose ball foul with Marcus Camby (23) of the Portland Trail Blazers and Raymond Felton (5) of the Portland Trail Blazers at Madison Square Garden on March 14, 2012 in New York City. Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images …

(6) Carmelo Anthony (7) of the New York Knicks looks on against the Portland Trail Blazers at Madison Square Garden on March 14, 2012 in New York City. Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images …..

(7) Mike Woodson the interim head coach of the New York Knicks calls a play during the game against the Portland Trailblazers at Madison Square Garden on March 14, 2012 in New York City. Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images … ….

(8) Jeremy Lin (17) of the New York Knicks and Carmelo Anthony (17) of the New York Knicks on the court against the Portland Trail Blazers at Madison Square Garden on March 14, 2012 in New York City. Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images …. …..

(9) The New York Knicks’ starting five — Dick Barnett , Walt Frasier , Bill Bradley, Dave DeBusschere , and Willis Reed (l. to r.) — rejoice in the dressing room after winning their fifth playoff game against the Milwaukee Bucks, by a lopsided score of 132-96, and with it their first National Basketball Association Eastern Conference title since 1953. The Knicks went on to beat the Los Angeles Lakers in the finals for their first-ever NBA championship . NBAE/ NBA Getty Images archives …….. ….

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