Delusional in Texas , loving it, and proud of it ..

Delusional in Texas , loving it, and proud of it ..

By Tophatal

I expect politicians and celebrities within the public domain to make asinine comments on a regular basis, and in large it has come to be expected from many top sports’ personalities as well. So it should come as no surprise that billionaire NFL team owner , Jerry Jones is espousing the fact his Dallas Cowboys’ franchise is capable of winning this year’s Superbowl (SB XLVII). Having chutzpah is one thing, but here, the franchise owner is either being a complete ass , or he is simply delusional. Personally, I think it is a little of both!


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This season the Cowboys are off to an inauspicious start, and once again inconsistency remains the norm with this team. Now one could question the play-calling of head coach Jason Garrett, and the very fact that from a defensive standpoint , this Cowboys’ secondary is not particularly good. And defensive coordinator , Rob Ryan , would simply have you believe that it remains “a work in progress” . and , at the right time the defense will gain its momentum and find its rhythm .”Excuses, excuses , excuses “ , nothing but excuses from a failed franchise which simply has done nothing of note over the past decade. The team does bear a 2-3 record ,and sits firmly at the bottom of the NFC East standings, behind the Washington Redskins (3-3), Philadelphia Eagles (3-3) and the hard charging , New York Giants (4-2). The latter of those teams , who to my mind are the best team in the NFC , albeit that their record does not bear this out ! The Atlanta Falcons (6-0), remains the NFL’s only unbeaten team, and while their early schedule seems to bear out a litany of soft opponents, it only seems natural as the season progresses, Mike Smith’s Falcons will be sternly tested over the remainder of their season. Now one could attest to the fact that both the Chicago Bears (4-2) , Arizona Cardinals (4-2), Minnesota Vikings (4-2) and Seattle Seahawks (4-2) , all have similar records as the Giants . What certainly stands out is the fact that , Tom Coughlin’s team is one of the most prolific in the league . In addition, that been has been borne out by their net points’ differential .

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Jerry Jones says Cowboys can still win Superbowl after 2-3 start

By Ethan Bukoweic

The Dallas Cowboys last won a Super Bowl in 1995, when they defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XXX. Dallas has gotten off to a 2-3 start this year, including a 31-29 loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, where poor fundamentals, time management issues and penalties cost the Cowboys a win.
Despite the rough going so far, though, Jerry Jones said he still thinks his team can bring home the Lombardi Trophy when all is said and done. Jones gave his team good chances to win it all on KRLD-FM on Tuesday, according to Calvin Watkins of ESPN Dallas. “All of those things give us a chance to take a team that is, if you look at the pluses [Sunday], evolving into a team that can compete for the championship,” Jones said. “Not next year. This year.” It is hard to say what “pluses” Jones is talking about. In the Sunday loss, the Cowboys were penalized 13 times for 82 yards, marking the third time this season that they have been penalized 13 or more times in a game.

Also, head coach Jason Garrett failed to manage the clock wisely when Dallas had the last possession of the game, and star wide-out Dez Bryant dropped a two-point conversion that would have tied the game. Even though the Cowboys are not producing, Jones continues to stick by his roster of underachievers. “Let me emphasize that. I’m not into everybody getting better or learning for years to come. It’s this year,” Jones responded when asked if he truly thinks his team can win. The Cowboys have a huge mountain to climb if they seriously expect to contend for a championship this season, and it all starts with their game against the Carolina Panthers this Sunday.

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What may well be perturbing the Dallas Cowboys’ owner has been the fact that he has seen the Washington Redskins improve under first-year quarterback Robert Griffin III, while the all too complacent Philadelphia Eagles seem to be at a crossroads at this stage of their season. Does the beleaguered Andy Reid maintain his faith in the increasingly unreliable —- Michael Vick , as their best option to win , or does he make a change and simply give up on the team’s season ? The issues with this Eagles’ team have been well chronicled this season , and the excuses seem to be prevalent from the print and television media within the state of Philadelphia , and further afield. And for the veteran quarterback, he might now be realizing that this could very well be the last time he will have a realistic chance of playing for a legitimate playoff contender. Clearly, the front office will have to reassess not only the player personnel of the franchise, but also Andy Reid and his entire coaching staff.

Jerry Jones, apart from having the most valuable NFL franchise , the Cowboys also happens to be the league’s most profitable team , by far. One quarter, of all NFL merchandising sales just happens to be Dallas Cowboys’ related. And a large portion of the revenues derived from those sales, goes directly into the franchise’s coffers, as Jones, his sons, Stephen Jones, and Jerry Jones Jr , have directly cultivated relationships with apparel manufacturers or indirectly have bought or created their own apparel business , which in turn has licensed to produce apparel for a number of NFL franchises around the league. There is no denying the elder Jones’ business acumen, which one patron recently sought to question. Somehow, I get the feeling might be his best and only option because looking at the sports’ related area of economics might not have been his strongest field.

The issues with the Dallas Cowboys are so glaring that and startling that a tractor-trailer having driven through it all , and it still would not have all been covered. A porous and inconsistent defense , an erratic offense , and not one player wishing to step up to be a the vocal leader, and the fans and public alike should believe that this team is good enough to win a Superbowl ? Fu#k , Jerry Jones must have been prescribed an unapproved drug that is still in its testing stages, if he believes that the Cowboys in their current guise are capable of beating any of the top NFC contenders

, much less anyone from within the AFC . Tony Romo may well have excelled last season within the NFL , but let’s be real , the player has yet to win a meaningful game over the course of his career , much less solidify himself as one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL. Yet fans and analysts alike continue to espouse and drool over his less than stellar exploits as if they are looking at a Playboy pictorial of some well-endowed buxom females. Nude Playboy pictorials are fine, the play of Tony Romo , well , not so much !

Given, the considerable talent that is said to be on this Cowboys’ roster , then their issues either stem from poor play , or extremely poor coaching by Jason Garrett and his staff , led by lead assistant and defensive coordinator, Rob Ryan. Now there seems to be some sort delineation and discord as to where the lines should meet , and where the blame should be apportioned concerning the franchise’s plight. Jones has not been overly critical of his head coach, but there have been one or two pointed statements directed at Jason Garrett , that are meant to be a reminder as why it was he was chosen to succeed Wade Phillips. None of which continue to make any real sense to me, given Garrett’s inexperience as a coach, and the mere fact that he has repeatedly made the sort of game mistakes that most would find inexcusable and completely asinine. Yet, he were are , where an egotistical owner is trying to sell not only the Cowboys’ fans a “bill of goods “ but he’s now trying to sell his bullsh#t to the general public as well ! Are you buying or convinced what Jerry Jones is selling , is a worthwhile product? Alternatively, are you convinced that he is simply blowing smoke up everyone’s ass ?

Week seven will see the Dallas Cowboys being entertained by the Carolina Panthers (1-4) at Bank of America Stadium, in Charlotte, North Carolina, this upcoming Sunday. The series’ meetings between these two franchises, since the Panthers came into existence , has the two teams meeting eleven times , with the Cowboys holding an 8-3 lead their lifetime match-ups. Their last meeting came in the 2009 season , wherein the Dallas Cowboys came away with a rather lopsided 21-7 victory. If the Cowboys are to have any semblance of a successful season then conference as well as divisional wins will have to be paramount to the team’s success and for the franchise. At a minimum , a 9-7 record might just be able to garner the Cowboys a playoff berth for the postseason, but yet much of that will be predicated upon what their conference rivals are able to achieve over the remainder of the regular season.

If Romo’s play has continued to come into question , then so too must the play of the team’s receiving corps , led by Miles Austin, Kevin Ogletree , DeMarco Murray, Jason Witten , Dez Bryant and Miles Austin . If a team such as this , with that much talent can’t get the job done on offense , then there has to be something wrong within the whole mindset of this organization. Defensively, the team can be best described as being sporadic , albeit that, DeMarcus Ware tries to lead by example amongst his defensive teammates . Ware , along with Bruce Carter, Sean Lee , Gerald Sensabaugh and Danny McCray are meant to be lynch-pins that somehow hold the defensive front for the Cowboys. However, the momentary lapses and what now appears to be in-fighting amongst the offense and defense, that now somehow , has things in complete disarray for the Dallas Cowboys. If Jerry Jones truly believes that this team can win a Superbowl when his there is such a multitude of problems within their midst, then he is an even bigger fool than I first thought him to be !

While the Dallas Cowboys are steeped in their self-indulgent form of mediocrity, the state of Texas’ other professional NFL franchise , the Houston Texans are now riding high , sitting atop of the AFC South with a 5-1 record. Head coach, Gary Kubiak and his coaching staff finally have a team, that can be truly competitive and a match for any of the top contenders within the NFL. With the team coming off their first loss of the season, a rather lopsided 42-24 defeat at the hands of the Green Bay Packers . I would like to think that the complacency shown by the team can be something of a learning tool for the remainder of their season !

There is certainly a lesson to be learned , in how Texans’ owner Robert “Bob” McNair , GM Rick Smith and the front office have stood by the coaching staff, as the organization has laid the foundations for the team’s success in recent seasons. McNair has been a “hands off” owner leaving the personnel decisions to Rick Smith and Kubiak’s staff. Meanwhile, the owner has simply dealt with the business aspects of marketing the Texans’ brand statewide as well as nationally. The team has been very prudent in their acquisition of free agents and their drafting of players in recent seasons. In addition, one of the Texans’ standouts this season has been their 2011 first round , eleventh overall draft pick , J J Watt. It has been the player’s resiliency and that of the defensive unit, along with the team’s explosive offensive capabilities, that has led to the Texans’ success in 2012. Quarterback, Matt Schaub, should consider himself extremely lucky that he has the likes of Arian Foster , Andre Johnson , Ben Tate , Owen Daniels and Justin Forsett as part of his offensive weaponry , which currently is amongst the most potent that the NFL has to offer. The Texans’ next game will be a clash of two of the AFC’s best teams, when they host the Baltimore Ravens (5-1) at Reliant Stadium, in Houston , Texas, this upcoming Sunday, in what is sure to be one of the better NFL games being staged this weekend.

Jerry Jones’ indifference could well have arisen from the fact that while the Cowboys’ inconsistency has remained , the ascent of the Houston Texans has given him a cause to be even more concerned. The Dallas Cowboys may well have been self-described as “America’s Team” , but the fact of the matter is, they are not even the best NFL franchise in the state of Texas.



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In light of Jerry Jones’ recent comments concerning his aspirations for the Dallas Cowboys this season, do you believe that his biggest concern should be the team’s immediate future and specifically that of their next few games , rather than thinking ahead to the team’s showdown with the NFC East leading , New York Giants on the 28th October , 2012? What thoughts if any do you have concerning this subject matter ? By all means do leave a comment as a you see fit on this and anything else you believe pertinent to the this topic.


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(1) Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, left, watches warm ups prior to a game against the Houston Texans with this sons Stephen, center, and Jerry Jr. at Reliant Stadium on September 26, 2010 in Houston, Texas. Getty Images North America / Bob Levey ….

(2) Dallas Cowboys safety Gerald Sensabaugh (43) looks on from the sideline in the second half of an NFL football game against the Baltimore Ravens in Baltimore, Sunday, Oct. 14, 2012. Baltimore won 31-29. AP Photo/Gail Burton …

(3) Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett reacts after officials confirmed running back Felix Jones’s touchdown after a review in the first half of an NFL football game against the Baltimore Ravens in Baltimore, Sunday, Oct. 14, 2012. AP Photo/Patrick …

(4) Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo walks off the field after an NFL football game against the Baltimore Ravens in Baltimore, Sunday, Oct. 14, 2012. Baltimore won 31-29. AP Photo/Patrick Semansky …

(5) Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice reacts after scoring a touchdown in the second half of an NFL football game against the Dallas Cowboys in Baltimore, Sunday, Oct. 14, 2012. AP Photo/Nick Wass ..

(6)Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson (80) and quarterback Matt Schaub (8) watch from the bench in the fourth quarter of an NFL football game against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, Oct. 14, 2012 in Houston. The Packers won 42-24 . AP Photo/Dave Einsel …

(7) HOUSTON – OCTOBER 19 : Former U.S. President George Bush speaks with Robert McNair , team owner of the Houston Texans, before a game against the New York Jets at Reliant Stadium on October 19, 2003 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)



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