It Happens For A Reason ….

It Happens For A Reason ….

By Alan aka tophatal

So the MLB postseason is turning out to be something of a snooze-fest in terms of the offensive output from the two participants . And that comes as something of a surprise when one considers the teams’ productivity throughout much of the regular season . Both the St Louis Cardinals and Texas Rangers as the two representatives from the National and American League are hoping to make MLB postseason finale a thrilling spectacle for the fans in attendance as well as the television viewing public on Fox Tv.


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With the series now tied at 1-1 the two teams head to Arlington Texas for the resumption of the World Series at Rangers Ballpark . Now while there has been a great deal of criticism of the Cardinals’ Albert Pujols for an error committed during game two which ensued in the Texas Rangers coming back to win the game 2-1 . Rangers’ manger Ron Washington must know that in winning game three in-front of a home crowd bodes well for a team . Especially in light of the fact that the winners of a game three in ten of the last eleven World Series have gone on to take baseball’s ultimate prize .

The Neielsens’ ratings at present don’t seem to be mirroring what the baseball hierarchy had hoped for and that is in spite of the rather naive mindset of the fans of the game . Let’s just say should there’s not much more that can be done to raise the profile of the game by MLB .

As to the events that have yet to unfold within the current series one can only hope that both teams can give the fans whatever it is that they simply yearn for !

NFL agent Drew Rosenhaus is sold on the fact that two of his more high profiled clients in Chad Ochcocinco and Terrelle Owens still have something to offer any team wishing to take a chance on them in order for them further enhance their somewhat checkered and controversial careers. The New England Patriots’ wide receiver Chad Ochocinco is under pressure to produce for the New England Patriots . Ochococinco had shown little by way of productivity for the Patriots this season . For all of the talk of the self aggrandizing and outspoken Ochocinco wanting to be a team player there has been little to suggest he has anything left in his gas tank ! Never mind the fact that his self style moniker “Future HOF ????” (Hall of Famer). I can tell you Chad Ochocinco’s credentials won’t be getting him into the Hall of Fame at any point in the future ! Now rumors are rife within the Patriots’ organization that the front office could very well cut the veteran wide receiver .

Courtesy of Miami Herald

Rosenhaus: Owens ready to go following knee surgery

Free agent wide receiver Terrell Owens is apparently ready to return from off-season knee surgery.

And his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, is about to let the NFL know that the flamboyant wideout will be available to whichever team wants him.

“I just watched Terrell go through a full football workout and he looked awesome!” the 44-year-old said via his Twitter account on Wednesday evening. “He is 100% healthy and ready to play right now. I will be contacting the teams today to inform them that (he) is immediately available to visit and work out for then, He could play this Sunday!”

The 37-year-old Owens has yet to play this season due to an anterior cruciate ligament injury and subsequent surgery in April.

He appeared in 14 games a year ago with Cincinnati, racking up 72 catches for 983 yards and nine touchdowns in a memorable pairing alongside Chad Ochocinco.

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Terrell Owens coming off a productive season with the Cincinnati Bengals —— the player would suffer an injury that would curtail his embarking on the 2011 season. No longer the pre-eminent player at the position within the NFL , Owens has seen the ascendancy of Larry Fitzgerald , Marques Colston , Wes Welker and Calvin Johnson atop of the heap, as the most feared wide receivers within the game. And with the retirement of Randy Moss it gives credence to the fact that the 13 year veteran has now become something of a dinosaur.

Is Terrelle Owens a bonafide future Hall of Famer ? Certainly one could say that his credentials bear credibility but the knock against the player certainly has to be his ego and the fact that wherever he has been over the course of his career , he has been critical of his teammates and the organizations during his tenure. However , I firmly believe that Owens will be find himself on a team if he proves to a coach or general manager around the NFL that he still has something to offer. Rosenhaus has sent all thirty two teams in the NFL a fax concerning his wishes for them to attend his client’s workout schedule . And being the consummate showman that he is , Drew Rosenhaus has also made sure that the press will be on hand to pose questions both himself and Terrelle Owens. Is there anything that agent will not do to make himself the focus of attention but also his clients ?

Chad Ochocinco’s future now is by no means certain but he knows that Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick isn’t a patient man , so as of now he’s on the clock and has to produce or else !

Through six weeks of the NFL I have to admit that there has been god damn awful being played within the league . But yet somehow certain coaches still retain their jobs for one reason or another . Certainly either the general managers and team owners don’t yet feel they’re ready to pull the plug but sooner or later something most definitely will have to be done ! Amongst the coaches whom I feel are now being summarily scrutinized by their respective general managers the names which come to mind are that of Jack Del Rio , Tony Sparano and quite possibly Ken Whisenhunt of the Arizona Cardinals . Del Rio , Sparano, as coaches of the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Miami Dolphins have seen their respective teams play some atrocious football over the course of the regular season and their respective records bear this out.

A great deal was made of the Arizona Cardinals acquiring Kevin Kolb from the Philadelphia Eagles and then signing the player to a ridiculously asinine contract ! To date Kolb has done little to suggest that he’s worth the money much less give credence as to the reasons he was acquired by the organization .

By any stretch of the imagination Kevin Kolb cannot be considered to be a credible starting quarterback within the NFL but in reality analysts are too overly impressed by what they take as being superlatives , being nothing more than in actuality , complete mediocrity !

Poor play and mediocre coaching is simply the only way to describe what we are now seeing from the Jacksonville Jaguars and Miami Dolphins . I certainly don’t believe that anything Jack Del Rio or Tony Sparano can turn things around for their respective franchises ! Blaine Gabbert has had his baptism of fire and it is clear to see that the player has a great deal of learning to do as he embarks upon his NFL career. There’s been little to suggest that the Jaguars have what it take to be competitive within their own division in the AFC South much less the rest of the NFL as a whole .

With a further nine weeks left in the regular season before the embark upon the postseason schedule it should be interesting to how the franchises apply themselves to the task at hand as they vie for a playoff berth . As to the future of the aforementioned coaches within this piece and their ability to turn things around for their respective teams it remains to be seen how they will fare .



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What thoughts if any do you have on the points raised within this piece ? Simply chime in with a comment as you deem fit .

Alan aka tophatal ………….


(1) St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina watches as Texas Rangers’ Mike Napoli crosses home after Napoli hit a three-run home run during the sixth inning of Game 4 of baseball’s World Series Sunday, Oct. 23, 2011, in Arlington, Texas. The Rangers won 4-0 to tie the series at 2-2 . AP Photo/Matt Slocum ….

(2) Albert Pujols (5) of the St. Louis Cardinals waits on deck during Game Four of the MLB World Series against the Texas Rangers at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington on October 23, 2011 in Arlington, Texas. Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images ….

(3) Albert Pujols (5) of the St. Louis Cardinals watches the ball after hitting a solo home run in the ninth inning for his third home run of the night during Game Three of the MLB World Series against the Texas Rangers at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington on October 22, 2011 in Arlington, Texas. The Cardinals won 16-7 . Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images …..

(4) The St. Louis Cardinals celebrate after defeating the Texas Rangers 16-7 in Game Three of the MLB World Series at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington on October 22, 2011 in Arlington, Texas. Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images ….

(5) Wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald (11) of the Arizona Cardinals runs with the football after a reception against the Pittsburgh Steelers during the NFL game at the University of Phoenix Stadium on October 23, 2011 in Glendale, Arizona. The Steelers defeated the Cardinals 32-20 . Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images …..

(6) Kevin Kolb (4) of the Arizona Cardinals passes the ball over the arms of Lawrence Timmons (94) of the Pittsburgh Steelers during their game at University of Phoenix Stadium on October 23, 2011 in Glendale, Arizona. Photo by Karl Walter/Getty Images ….

(7) Chad Ochocinco (85) of the New England Patriots carries the ball in the second half against the San Diego Chargers on September 18, 2011 at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts. Photo by Elsa/Getty Images …..

(8) FILE – In this Aug. 27, 2011 file photo, Jacksonville Jaguars general manager Gene Smith is shown before an NFL preseason football game against the Buffalo Bills, in Orchard Park, N.Y. When the Jaguars promoted Smith to general manager in 2009, a groundswell of support followed. Nearly three years later, that confidence has seemingly been shaken. AP Photo/David Duprey …..

(9) Blaine Gabbert (11) of the Jacksonville Jaguars tries to get a pass off over Ziggy Hood (96) of the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field on October 16, 2011 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh won the game 17-13. Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images …..

(10) Head coach Jack Del Rio of the Jacksonville Jaguars watches his team play against the Pittsburgh Steelers during the game on October 16, 2011 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images …..

(11) Chad Ochocinco (85) and teammate Terrelle Owens (81) of the Cincinnati Bengals are seen here during the Hall of Fame game from last season. Owens is now a free agent looking to sign with an NFL team under the auspice of his agent Drew Rosenhaus . AP Photo / Clyde Marshall ….


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NB: The World Series is now tied at two games apiece (2-2) between the St Louis Cardinals and Texas Rangers .



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NFL Season At A Glance ……………….

NFL Season At A Glance ……………….

The NFL —– season has been one of surprises and a great deal of disappointment and if anything the off the field stories have been just as suspenseful as the intrigue on the field. Brett Favre’s downward spiral into mediocrity has been one big hoop-lah after the other. And it would appear that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell would rather suborn the player’s behavior and hide behind the fact that quite possibly Favre’s imminent retirement will circumvent him having to suspend the player if his verdict is in fact a positive one that finds the player guilty any wrongdoing in his alleged sexual misconduct concerning a former New York Jets’ employee.


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On the field we’ve seen the fall from grace of the Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys the presumptive favorites to make it to this season’s NFC championship game. And as much as I’d like to say that it all came as a surprise to me but in reality nothing pleased me more than seeing both of these over hyped and underachieving teams fall like a lead balloon. Foolhardy management, inadequate coaching and players who simply were complacent essentially played a part in the soap opera that has encapsulated both teams’ season. For owners Jerry Jones and Zygi Wilf they’ve seen their year fall apart and that of any ambition they had professionally as well as from a financial standpoint. In Wilf’s case it was also the prospect of having the upper hand in terms of persuading the state legislature in their upcoming vote for a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings. Jerry Jones’ ambition of not only hosting the Superbowl as the NFC representative has been shot to hell .

Coaching changes are abound with two firings have taken place Wade Philips , Brad Childress and it’s clear that with the Cincinnati Bengals —– Marvin Lewis choosing not to return to the team next season we may well be in for a slew of coaching upheavals with there being speculation as to whether or not the likes of Jon Gruden , Bill Cowher and Tony Dungy will be making a return to the NFL. They are viewed as the top three desirable coaching free agents on the market and it’d be asinine to think that a number of teams around the NFL won’t offer the trio an interview for any vacancy that may well arise.

Now while a number of teams are now in the mix for a playoff spot as well as those divisional titles that have yet to be settled . It goes without saying that for those teams who could end up playing spoiler and put an end of those postseason desirables. In the AFC West where I’ve always maintained that the football being played there borders on being mediocre, I’m still at a loss to understand the explanation and excitement that’s foisted upon the San Diego Chargers because they go on late regular season run as they strive to make the playoffs. For me if you simply can’t be consistent throughout the season then it simply doesn’t augur well for any ambition that they might have as the month of December and January approaches . As it is Norv Turner’s —- team is now in the fight of their life just to win their division and perhaps gain a postseason berth in the playoffs as a wild-card entrant. The division is now simply the Kansas City Chiefs to lose and as I alluded to earlier with the ineptitude being shown as to the form within the division just about anything can happen and actually has happened during the course of the season.

The NFC West has been no different as there we could well see a division winner with a sub .500 record make the playoffs. Clearly there are many fans in general, as well several team executives who feel that this is something that shows why many feel that they’re ought to be a change in the playoff format as it relates to the postseason seedings. But with there being no outwardly directly calls vocally as of yet other than the murmured rumblings for the moment the format is unlikely to change.

Steve Spagnuolo’s —- St Louis Rams appear to be in the driver’s seat with regard to the NFC West and their game against the San Francisco 49ers being a titanic matchup of two teams looking to make their bid. Guided by Sam Bradford , the Rams could be the surprise team of the playoffs as no one could’ve foreseen the strides taken not only by the team but also by Bradford in his rookie season . In terms of the 49ers this has been something of a tumultuous season as from one moment to the next Mike Singletary seems to have lost control of this team . And it would appear that he can’t make up his mind as which quarterback is his best option to lead this team. Alex Smith still remains an enigma despite his five years in the league and with Troy Smith this season has simply seen him placed into his cauldron for his baptism of fire with the 49ers .

The AFC and for all of the drama that has taken place there it seems that Bill Belichick has the New England Patriots riding high and Tom Brady would appear to be now the odds on favorite this season for league MVP. Brady’s year has been an exceptional one with this high scoring offense and a plethora of offensive weapons . But if there’s a cause for concern then it has to be this young defense that has been somewhat inconsistent but then at times they give you a snap as to what they might be potentially by showing their athleticism .

The AFC South now seems to be up for grabs and it appears that the Jacksonville Jaguars may well have played themselves out of contention for the division. A week ago you’d have been hard pressed to have bet against the Jaguars but it now appears that Jim Caldwell and the Indianapolis Colts led by Peyton Manning are is in a fight to make this division theirs once again. The Houston Texans who came out of the starting gates like a stallion seems to have fallen off the track and it now looks as if Gary Kubiak’s tenure as the team’s coach could very well be coming to an abrupt end. With that type of high powered offense it’s easy to see the appetite that the analysts may well have had for the team . But offense alone simply doesn’t win games the Texans’ defense this season has been as porous as a sponge giving up points like a child gives up his or her lunch money having been bullied by an elder child. Let’s just say that the Texans have been extremely philanthropic when it comes to losing.

The Jacksonville Jaguars should they fall at this obstacle it’s hard to see how these players and in particular Jack Del Rio can look the the fans in the eye and state they tried their best. Their best has never and was never good enough , enough it was marginally above average , if that at all !



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Now while many have made the comment that the Cleveland Browns have finally began to show some signs of life playing with a great deal of bravura it has to be said their divisional rivals the Cincinnati Bengals have been an immense disappointment . And despite the outward looking optimism shown by some team members Chad Ochocinco and Carson Palmer have shown little to suggest that they have what it takes to lead this team. The only positive to come out of this all may well have been the play of Terrell Owens who seems to have had a year that shows that he’s got a great deal to play for. Beyond that trying to salvage anything from this mess would be like shoveling manure and then suggesting that some real use can be made of it when you know that the flowers in a garden that have already blossomed.

As to what the remainder of the season portends for the NFL and these teams it remains to be seen what will transpire. But this much is certain with all of the drama that has taken place both on and off the field we do still have the intensity and the thrill of the postseason yet to avail itself to us. Make of it what you will . What thoughts if any do you have as to what you’ve witnessed this season within the NFL and what thoughts if any do you have with regard to the playoffs ?

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