Today’s athlete more concerned about their brand image rather than the underlying social issues !

Today’s athlete more concerned about their brand image rather than the underlying social issues !

In light of Jim Brown’s recent statements about athletes of today, not being socially involved in a number of politically or socially relevant issues. It had me wondering, why any athlete, who more often than not would rather seek the advice of their agent as to how to carry themselves in public, and what to say on camera, would actually be at loggerheads with someone such as Jim Brown , who alongside Arthur Ashe , Kareem Abdul-Jabbar , Bill Russell , Billie Jean King and Muhammad Ali , might be the most socially active athletes this country has produced in the past four decades ! Brown was extremely critical of NBA player Kobe Bryant , in saying that the Los Angeles Lakers’ guard is somewhat confused about his culture and background. Personally, I do not believe Brown to be that far off the mark in his presumptions about the NBA star, whose history prior to his legal entanglements in Eagle , Colorado , told us a great deal about Bryant and his disloyalty towards then teammates Rick Fox and Shaquille O’Neal . The relationship between Bryant would be soured between he, O’Neal and Fox , after the player tried to implicate both , in , and after his own sexual indiscretion , and the alleged sexual assault charged brought against him .


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Granted, Kobe Bryant prior to the incident, was the “face” of the NBA and one the league’s beloved and respected stars. Once those allegations of a sexual assault came to the fore , ” Team Kobe ” were quick to corral the star and sought to protect his image , while seeking to paint his then victim, as a scheming harlot, looking for a large payday. In the end, Bryant would apologize for his actions while embarrassing himself and his immediate family, in the aftermath with his act of contrition . Several years later, Kobe Bryant’s name would become associated with Hollywood actress Sanaa Lathan , whom the player described as a close family friend. The fact that at the time, his wife Vanessa was pregnant with the couple’s second child , the player was being photographed with the starlet at a Prince concert being staged at the Staples Center in Los Angeles California , spoke volumes as to Bryant’s improprieties , his lack of candor and honesty in simply stating that he and his wife were separated at the time. Divorce proceedings were filed, but in the end the couple reconciled and settled their differences.

Courtesy of The LA Times

Kobe Bryant responds to Jim Brown slight

By Eric Pincus , The LA Times

Former NFL running back Jim Brown gave a controversial opinion on Kobe Bryant while visiting “The Arsenio Hall Show” on Tuesday night.

“He threw [Shaquille O’Neal] under the bus and he is somewhat confused about culture, because he was brought up in another country,” said Brown. “[Bryant] doesn’t quite fit what’s happening in America.”

Bryant spent many years of his youth in Italy, where his father Joe “Jellybean” Bryant played basketball professionally.

“In the days when we had a summit and we called the top black athletes together to talk to Muhammad Ali about his status with the armed forces, there were some athletes we didn’t call,” said Brown. “If I had to call that summit all over, there would be some athletes I wouldn’t call. Kobe would be one of them.”

Brown’s comment prompted Bryant to reply via Twitter.

[ Kobe Bryant
@ kobebryant

A “Global” African-American is an inferior shade to “American” African-Americans?
? #hmm. that doesn’t sound very #Mandela or #DrKing sir ]

Bryant also addressed the topic after practice Thursday.

“It surprised me in the sense that it just came out of left field. I’ve never even met him,” Bryant said of Brown. “I do think it’s a great opportunity to have these conversations, to have this discussion.”

Why did he choose to respond to Brown publicly?

“If it’s a major issue that involves equality or the perception of racial equality, I feel like that’s something that . . . needs to be addressed,” Bryant said. “Obviously it’s a sensitive topic for everybody but I think the best thing to do is not dance around it.

“Ultimately, the conversation is that it doesn’t matter what color skin you are,” continued the Lakers All-Star. “I think it’s a good place to start, to have a good conversation and try to educate one another and try to improve as a society because of it.”

Would he like the opportunity to sit down and talk with Brown?

“There’s nothing to talk about. We have different perception, different views on it, clearly,” Bryant said. “What I’m trying to do is educate our youth going forward, no matter what color skin you are, African-American, white, whatever the case may be.

“For he and I, there’s no reason for us to have a conversation. We’re completely on the opposite sides of the spectrum. I’m an old dog, but he’s a much older dog. He’s probably a lot more set in his ways than I am.”

Brown’s summit in 1967 with Ali included Bill Russell and future Lakers Hall-of-Famer Lew Alcindor, who would change his name to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

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Having amassed an estimated $200 million fortune , Kobe Bryant has been philanthropic , with a number of social causes in the greater Los Angeles area as well in Lower Merion , Pennsylvania, Byant’s place of birth. That being said, like many of his peers , the player has never sought to ingratiate himself with any real deep felt social cause or issue or spoken out on any particular political matter. Needless to say, it is by no means an indicator as to what the player might think about any one particular matter , but if adjudged against the asinine rationale of an idiot such as the Minnesota Vikings’ defensive lineman Jared Allen , then it is perhaps best that we do not often hear an athlete address any type of political or social issue.

Allen prior to the 2008 Presidential election, came out with the rather asinine statement that he would not be voting for the Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama on the grounds that the nominee was simply about hiking taxes and living off the rich. Last I looked, even if Allen , were a noted Republican supporter , surely it could not have escaped his notice, that during the reign of then incumbent President George W Bush , taxes may well have declined somewhat , but the value of the US dollar had declined even more so , forcing the consumer to actually spend more of their income than ever before, even on the most basic daily staples . The economy was in a downward spiral and for a player who at the time was earning in excess of $ 8 million a year , I can only surmise that Allen felt uniquely placed to speak for the masses when his own salary was actually two hundred times that of the ordinary average working American worker . Allen’s education at Idaho State albeit, on a scholarship, was greatly wasted on this ass !

While, it would be easy to be critical of today’s athletes and what appears to be their lack of social awareness, far too many of their actions, are too often dictated by agents , sponsors or even their very teams. And while could state that during the era of Jim Brown , Arthur Ashe , Muhammad Ali , Bill Russell , Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Billie Jean King chose not only to be socially active, but also politically . The same cannot be said of today’s so-called pantheons of the sports’ world, whose concerns more often than not, appear to their image , amassing wealth and being seen in public at the biggest social events , when away from their chosen endeavors. Also, when an athlete now chooses to place themselves within the midst of an issue , specifically one that is political , their apparent intelligence also comes into question , as was the case with Jared Allen. One could also attest that times have changed since Ali was a vocal opponent of the war in Vietnam , and while his incarceration may well have been more one of political and racial motivation , by the government . I would suggest that even now, the country has not preceded that far forward, in terms of its apparent social progress. The nation still remains, one that is divided, along not only racial lines, but also economically as well as politically. With the latter inference, coming by way of the two political parties seeking division rather than bipartisanship in dealing with what ails the country.

There have been athletes who have gone about quietly seeking change, but much of that goes uncovered , or rarely reported on, in full by the press , who if anything are just as guilty with their ongoing impudence and lack in-depth journalism on a wide variety of issues, be they economic or social issues . The big story always sought, seems to be one of salacious or sexual intrigue , or shall we attest to the fact , there just seems to real disinterest in many of the topics raised, merely because the journalists believe there happens to be no real story of human interest ?

Floyd Mayweather Jr and Tiger Woods , are perhaps two of the most recognized athletes on the planet, but rarely have you seen either , speak openly on a matter of social or economic importance. Both of these high-profiled athletes apart from being extremely wealthy individuals , as can be seen from their ranking in Forbes’ highest paid athletes , are very much indifferent as to what they believe their legacies are said to be. Mayweather brandishes his opulence, by way of his lavish lifestyle, penchant for fast cars and gambling. Woods for his part, having careers earnings from the PGA Tour exceeding $100 million , with a further $850 million in endorsement earnings , might just be the wealthiest active North American athlete.

The golfer whose off-course issues came cannon fodder for the press, while idiots, such as Christine Brennan sought to ingratiate herself, with her readers by trying to suggest that Woods’ sexual peccadilloes were an outrage. Somehow, it might well have escaped Brennan’s notice, that the player’s actions were not unlawful, just simply repulsive. However, it would appear, that because of Woods’ visibility, the story was worth running with, merely to whet the appetite of the readers of USA Today and provide evidence and further lower what we now know is simply the press at its worst , without ever seeking to be informative or overly judgmental. Brennan , may well be seeking to show that as a woman she can compete in an environment that is uniquely dominated by her male counterparts , but she has yet to show that she can shy away from letting her emotions get the better of her.

Woods and his Tiger Woods Charitable Foundation in conjunction with many of his corporate sponsors have spent countless millions on children’s issues, with the furtherance of their education and well-being . Woods , himself, beyond the creation of foundation , now has several educational facilities in the state of California and nationwide , with monies also being spent abroad to establish similar academic institutions in Thailand , the birthplace of his mother , Kutilda Woods , and on the African continent.

Tiger Woods , like LeBron James , Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, have chosen to remain silent on a wide variety of sociopolitical issues . And while the golfer has let his money and deeds speak volumes as to his actions , by contrast the NBA and its fraternity of players along with their MLB and NFL counterparts have remained mute . Somewhat strange, when you consider that annually the MLB hierarchy annually in remembrance of Jackie Robinson’s integration into the game of baseball and at the insistence of Bud Selig , have sought to exhibit their political activism . Yet today, there has not been one player of note during this era, who has stepped up to the plate to speak openly on any issue of note . The self-absorbed image of the NBA and their egotistical fraternity , as presided over by David Stern , remains one of ridicule narcissism. In the wake of the death of teenager , Trayvon Martin ,whose demise brought a great deal of national outcry, the only action of note from many of the league’s players and specifically those of African-American heritage , was to stand silently before a game adorned in hoodies to express their concern over the teenager’s tragic demise . Even though Martin’s assailant, George Zimmerman was later acquitted of the victim’s death , it has not gone unnoticed, that the former defendant , has subsequently had several more run-ins with the law, with two occasions of Zimmerman having used a weapon to have allegedly threatened his ex-wife and a girlfriend. Speaks volumes, as the justice system within the state of Florida, the lack of intelligence amongst the twelve members of the jury and that of the complete incompetence of the prosecuting attorneys in the presentation of the state’s case.

Kobe Bryant may well have taken umbrage at being targeted by Jim Brown , but the NBA player’s response if anything showed a great deal of naiveté and a lack of understanding . Bryant’s own response if anything, further emphasizes why today’s athlete , has become way too-image conscious and even less involved and dare I say it, even less informed than many of their peers from years past ?

Loves labors lost, as it would now appear with the Los Angeles Lakers (10-11) , as they strive for some semblance of success this season . The very fact that their joint co-habitants at the Staples Center in Los Angeles , the Los Angeles Clippers (15-9) do appear have taken some of the glare off the more renowned of the two LA based NBA franchises , could very much be a part of one of the numerous reasons why prior to the start of the regular season schedule Kobe Bryant was somewhat mystified as to why analysts felt the Lakers would be no better than the twelfth best team in the Western Conference . From my own standpoint, I believe that the analysts were being rather generous with their own analysis of the Los Angeles Lakers as a team and their season’s aspirations in possibly making the NBA Playoffs. A less agile Bryant coming off , off-season surgery , with Pau Gasol’s game now in regression and with point guard Steve Nash not being able to give the Lakers at best no more than twenty minutes per game . I cannot see how anyone could expect to see this Mike DAntoni coached team make a deep run within the postseason , much less make a credible challenge within the Pacific Division of the Western Conference.

Coming off a recent narrow six-point loss (114-108) to the Phoenix Suns , which saw the return of Kobe Bryant for his second game of the season , has pretty much summed up the Lakers’ season. Without him, Los Angeles are simply a team, treading water whilst in the middle of the ocean without a life-jacket . His return, makes Los Angeles a far more potent team offensively, but there remains numerous flaws that clearly need to be addressed by GM Mitch Kupchak . The team’s next game does not get any easier, as they meet a highly rejuvenated Oklahoma City Thunder team buoyed by the return of their All Star point guard Russell Westbrook .

Make no bones about it , with Bryant on the downside of an illustrious career and in spite of his recently signing a two-year $48.5 million contract extension . There is a continued belief that unless Mitch Kupchak is able lure away a highly prized free agent this upcoming off-season, this franchise is likely to languish in the middle order of the conference and at the lower end of the Pacific Division , which at present is a clear reflection of the Lakers’ present situation. There may well be a great deal of optimism amongst their fans, as would be expected , yet, the reality has not begun to set in, as to what the franchise’s real future is likely to be without a Kobe Bryant.



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In light of Jim Brown’s criticism of Kobe Bryant, do you believe that the former NFL player was justified in criticism of the NBA star ? Do you also believe that today’s athletes are too noncommittal concerning matters when it comes to politically or socially sensitive issues? Simply, leave a comment as you see fit and thanks as always for your continued support of the site .


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(1) Hall of Fame great Jim Brown is seen here during an appearance on the late night syndicated television talk show of host Arsenio Hall . Brown’s comments concerning NBA star Kobe Bryant seems to have caused a stir with the NBA player , who seems to believe that the statements attributed to the former NFL star were unflattering. Courtesy of UPN/Paramount Studios …..

(2) Bill Russell ,left, joined Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown and Lew Alcindor (among others) in 1963 at a meeting of top African-American athletes to show support for Ali’s refusal to fight in Vietnam. The boxer’s refusal on the grounds of being a conscientious objector to the war , also centered around the social injustices also taking place in America and the civil rights’ movement. . Getty Images / Tony Tomsic ……

(3) Lakers of ’04 as things didn’t go as planned as they were summarily dismissed in the NBA Finals by the Detroit Pistons . Seated from left to right Gary Payton , Shaquille O’Neal , Karl Malone , Kobe Bryant and Rick Fox. That was one of the truly amazing upsets in NBA history as the Lakers were heavily favored in the series which they ended up losing 4-1 to the Eastern Conference based Detroit Pistons. Associated Press / Louis Lattimore

(4) Arthur Ashe, a three-time Grand Slam singles’ tournament winner and a founding member of the ATP , who succumbed to the aids’ virus having received contaminated blood, intravenously . A vocal opponent of the apartheid regime in South Africa , the former world number one spoke put passionately against the regime refusing to play in any sanctioned tournament in the country while many of his fellow professional took an opposing view , citing that playing there would actually bring closer harmony between the minority white populace and the majority black population during the seventies . Upon his contracting the HIV virus leading to full-blown aids , Ashe also sought to aid and educate those contracting the disease. A foundation was set up in the player’s name , which has since raised tens of million of dollars for aids’ research and education . AP / REUTERS/ …….

(5) PGA Tour player Tiger Woods , long seen as the face of golf worldwide . Woods has seen fit to stay away from being political , choosing instead to simply let his philanthropic deeds speak as to his legacy on a number of social issues . Courtesy of PGA Tour .

(6) Los Angeles Lakers’ head coach Mike D’Antoni is seen her with Kobe Bryant , court-side during a game . With the Lakers off to an inauspicious start to this NBA season , it remains to be seen whether or not the team can make it a reality of making the NBA Playoffs . Getty Images/ Elsa Martinez …..



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Words seem to fail me at this present moment in time. I was deeply shocked read and then hear that former Los Angeles Lakers’ great Kareem Abdul Jabbar had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Though the prognosis is said to be good for the former player.As many sufferers from this debilitating illness can lead productive lives ,given the right form of prescriptive medication and the usual healthy diet. This form of cancer – myeloid leukemia affects the white blood cells within one’s system and is characterized by the growth in the body’s bone marrow diminishing the blood cells usefulness to the human body. In large part your white blood cells become accelerated , damaged by being over productive ,counteracting your red blood cells.

A young Lew Alcindor  listens  attentively  to his  coach  and mentor  John Wooden    on  the  Bruins  famed  basketball  court

A young Lew Alcindor (Jabbar) listens attentively to his coach and mentor John Wooden on the Bruins’ famed basketball court.picture appears courtesy time life inc/archives/ Rudy West ……………

For the 62 year old Jabbar, this comes as a shock after years of countless physical demands being placed on his body over a 20 year career in the NBA.Not to mention the illustrious collegiate career that he had under coach,John Wooden, with the ,UCLA Bruins. A three-time NCAA basketball champion with the coach. And a a collegiate career that was marked by some tremendous achievements by Kareem with coach Wooden as his guide and mentor. One doubts that two individuals so alike, were more suited for one another. They both had a passion and a reverence of basketball, marked by the success achieved by both men.

For Kareem the help of his familial unit will no doubt prove to be of great strength to him as he battles this illness . And if anything he will be fully supported by the fans and his peers alike. He , in Kareem Abdul Jabbar , one of the most gifted and respected players of his generation. And even in today’s environment of the high priced, overpaid prima-donna athletes. Jabbar represents a player of a bygone era. Though he hasn’t been without controversy over the course of his career because of his religious and social beliefs. I certainly think that Kareem is one of those players that best highlights the strengths and virtues of the game of basketball. And though,in the present generation of today’s players. There’s no one of his precocious talents or gifts playing today’s game in terms of the cerebral presence and who shares the same mindset. Though a comparison could be made with the San Antonio Spurs’ Tim Duncan ? Both of whom bring a cerebral approach to the game and how it ought to be played.OK, so there are some of you out there saying,what about Kobe Bryantor LeBron James ? Well,Kobe and LeBron at present, are still mapping out their legacies and if anything they’re more often than not ,intent and all too willing to provide us with a human highlight reel. Whereas, Kareem was known to be an explosive offensive presence and a terrific shot blocker and defensive player. The traits that he shares with Duncan are distinctly similar and their intelligence and eloquence is off the charts.

Courtesy of CBS News :

Kareem Abdul Jabar’s ” Message of Hope

Battling Rare Form of Leukemia, Basketball Legend Says He Intends to “Continue Living”

(CBS) When you’ve spent your life as one of the best basketball players who ever lived – winning championships in high school, in college and in the pros, scoring more points than anyone else and immortalized in sports history and on film – you don’t expect to come suddenly face-to-face with your mortality.

“I started having hot flashes and sweats,” Kareem Abdul-Jabbar told CBS News correspondent Jeff Greenfield. “And I wasn’t a candidate for menopause, you know? So, trying to figure out what that was all about.”

In the middle of a busy life – best-selling author, special coach for the L.A. Lakers, parent – Abdul-Jabbar learned last December that he had a rare form of cancer.

“What I have is P.H. positive chronic myeloid leukemia, which is an aberration in your white blood cells,” Abdul-Jabbar said.

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Success as we know can be fleeting and in the realms of sports our heroes, icons and villains are judged by the success, notoriety and adulation attained. But it’s also marked by what’s achieved by way of tangibility. And that’s where there has been an abundance of success for Kareem Abdul Jabbar. His accolades reads likes a well documented biographical feats of the game of basketball. One can savor the moments of greatness that he’s provided not only for Bruins’ fans but also fans of the Milwaukee Bucks, as well as those of the “Showtime Lakers”, coached under the auspices of Pat Riley.

Kareem   in  a  memorable scene  from the  movie  Airplane  . A monumental  hit at the  box  office  that would  provide  Kareem  with  other  roles along  the way.

Kareem seen here in a memorable scene from the box office hit ” Airplane “(1980) . The classic comedic hit would provide the former pro basketball player with some added roles along the way in Hollywood. picture appears courtesy of

And whilst nothing ought to be taken away from the achievements of Kareem on the court. His life off court has proven to be immeasurably fulfilling. Perhaps, even more so, in light of his social, political and philanthropic efforts over the years. Upon his retirement he’s made it a point to emphasize fulfillment of achieving an education . But perhaps his most glittering achievement has been his work amongst the Native American Indians and that of his literary career as an esteemed writer and historical biographer. Having written several bestselling literary works, pre and post NBA career. And it would be remiss not to spotlight his foray into Hollywood, where he achieved a modicum of success .

The famous final scenes from the action movie Game of Death ,starring Bruce Lee. Kareem played Lee’s nemesis and these scenes were said to be physically daunting for the duo at the time. And you can well understand why the scenes are considered to be an instant classic amongst martial arts enthusiasts !

In Hollywood , perhaps his most famous role was that of co-pilot Captain Roger Murdock in the box office hit disaster movie spoof “Airplane” (1980). He also played Bruce Lee‘s ruthless nemesis, an assassin in the action movie “Game of Death”(1978). It was to be Lee’s last movie and starring role. As he died tragically prior to the movie’s end of shooting. Scenes had to be re-shot with another actor bearing Lee’s likeness shooting those scenes. after-wards from a medical complication.

The  penultimate   scene  from   the  movie  as Kareem meets his  demise  at  the  hands   of Lee in the  movie -  Game  Of Death

The penultimate scene from the movie as as Kareem meets his demise at the hands of Lee’s character Billy Lo from the movie ‘Game of Death’. picture appears courtesy of arthouse images copyrighted material @ All rights reserved ……….

Kareem now serves as an assistant within the Los Angeles Lakers‘ organization at the behest of Lakers’ head coach, Phil Jackson. Whilst there , he’s honing the technique of Lakers’ starting center Andrew Bynum . As well assisting in the coaching duties of several other players on the Lakers’ roster.And if Bynum lives up to the premise expected under the tutelage of Kareem. Then Andrew Bynum will have felt privileged to have learned from the greatest player ever to have played the position. And though he was primarily seen as an offensive presence. He was quite often the facilitator for those around him as well.

The Holy  Trinity  of  The  Showtime  Lakers  Kareem ,  Magic  and   Worthy

The Holy Trinity of ‘The Showtime Lakers’ -Kareem, Worthy and Magic. Pictured from left to right, Kareem, James Worthy and Magic Johnson . picture appears courtesy of poston images/ Stan Richardson ………….

In the annals of the Lakers’ history , Kareem will go down with the very best to have donned the ‘Purple and Gold’ . His accomplishments speaks for themselves and one has only to look at the feats achieved by this prodigious player to see why he’s considered amongst the 50 Greatest Players ever to have played the game. And of the other accolades attained by Kareem Abdul Jabbar , well, those also justify and speak of his greatness as a player. So without much else to be said , I’ll end this piece by just saying thank you Kareem for providing us the most devoted of NBA fans with so many pleasurable memories ! You sir a hero and an icon ! Even if you did play a somewhat memorable villain on film. Thank you , for everything and so much more along the way !

Accolades and accomplishments of Kareem Abdul Jabbar .

Full Name: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Formerly known as: Lew Alcindor
Born: 4/16/47 in New York
High School: Power Memorial (N.Y.) College: UCLA
Drafted by: Milwaukee Bucks (1969)
Transactions: Traded to Los Angeles Lakers, 6/16/75

Height: 7-2; Weight: 267 lbs.
Honors: Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame (1995); NBA champion (1971, ’80, ’82, ’85, ’87, ’88); NBA MVP (1971, ’72, ’74, ’76, ’77, ’80); 10-time All-NBA First Team; Five-time All-NBA Second Team; Five-time All-Defensive First Team; Six-time
All-Defensive Second Team; 19-time All-Star; One
of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History (1996).

69-70 MIL 82 – 43.1 .518 .000 .653 – – 14.50 4.1 – – – 3.50 28.8
70-71 MIL 82 82 40.1 .577 .000 .690 – – 16.00 3.3 – – – 3.20 31.7
71-72 MIL 81 81 44.2 .574 .000 .689 – – 16.60 4.6 – – – 2.90 34.8
72-73 MIL 76 76 42.8 .554 .000 .713 – – 16.10 5.0 – – – 2.70 30.2
73-74 MIL 81 81 43.8 .539 .000 .702 3.50 11.00 14.50 4.8 1.38 3.49 – 2.90 27.0
74-75 MIL 65 64 42.3 .513 .000 .763 3.00 11.00 14.00 4.1 1.00 3.26 – 3.20 30.0
75-76 LA 82 82 41.2 .529 .000 .703 3.30 13.50 16.90 5.0 1.45 4.12 – 3.60 27.7
76-77 LA 82 82 36.8 .579 .000 .701 3.20 10.00 13.30 3.9 1.23 3.18 – 3.20 26.2
77-78 LA 62 62 36.5 .550 .000 .783 3.00 9.90 12.90 4.3 1.66 2.98 3.35 2.90 25.8
78-79 LA 80 80 39.5 .577 .000 .736 2.60 10.20 12.80 5.4 .95 3.95 3.53 2.90 23.8
79-80 LA 82 81 38.3 .604 .000 .765 2.30 8.50 10.80 4.5 .99 3.41 3.62 2.60 24.8
80-81 LA 80 80 37.2 .574 .000 .766 2.50 7.80 10.30 3.4 .74 2.85 3.11 3.10 26.2
81-82 LA 76 76 35.2 .579 .000 .706 2.30 6.40 8.70 3.0 .83 2.72 3.03 2.90 23.9
82-83 LA 79 79 32.3 .588 .000 .749 2.10 5.40 7.50 2.5 .77 2.15 2.53 2.80 21.8
83-84 LA 80 80 32.8 .578 .000 .723 2.10 5.20 7.30 2.6 .69 1.79 2.76 2.60 21.5
84-85 LAL 79 79 33.3 .599 .000 .732 2.10 5.80 7.90 3.2 .80 2.05 2.49 3.00 22.0
85-86 LAL 79 79 33.3 .564 .000 .765 1.70 4.40 6.10 3.5 .85 1.65 2.57 3.10 23.4
86-87 LAL 78 78 31.3 .564 .333 .714 1.90 4.80 6.70 2.6 .63 1.24 2.38 3.10 17.5
87-88 LAL 80 80 28.9 .532 .000 .762 1.50 4.50 6.00 1.7 .60 1.15 1.99 2.70 14.6
88-89 LAL 74 74 22.9 .475 .000 .739 1.40 3.10 4.50 1.0 .51 1.15 1.28 2.60 10.1
Career 1,560 1,476 36.8 .559 .056 .721 2.40 7.60 11.20 3.6 .94 2.57 1.71 3.00 24.6
Playoff 237 237 37.3 .533 .000 .740 2.60 6.50 10.50 3.2 .96 2.43 2.64 3.40 24.3
All-Star 18 13 24.9 .493 .000 .820 2.20 5.60 8.30 2.8 .40 2.07 2.55 3.20 13.9

69-70 MIL 3,534 938-1,810 0-0 485-743 – – 1,190 337 – – – 283 2,361
70-71 MIL 3,288 1,063-1,843 0-0 470-681 – – 1,311 272 – – – 264 2,596
71-72 MIL 3,583 1,159-2,019 0-0 504-732 – – 1,346 370 – – – 235 2,822
72-73 MIL 3,254 982-1,772 0-0 328-460 – – 1,224 379 – – – 208 2,292
73-74 MIL 3,548 948-1,759 0-0 295-420 287 891 1,178 386 112 283 – 238 2,191
74-75 MIL 2,747 812-1,584 0-0 325-426 194 718 912 264 65 212 – 205 1,949
75-76 LA 3,379 914-1,728 0-0 447-636 272 1,111 1,383 413 119 338 – 292 2,275
76-77 LA 3,016 888-1,533 0-0 376-536 266 824 1,090 319 101 261 – 262 2,152
77-78 LA 2,265 663-1,205 0-0 274-350 186 615 801 269 103 185 208 182 1,600
78-79 LA 3,157 777-1,347 0-0 349-474 207 818 1,025 431 76 316 282 230 1,903
79-80 LA 3,143 835-1,383 0-1 364-476 190 696 886 371 81 280 297 216 2,034
80-81 LA 2,976 836-1,457 0-1 423-552 197 624 821 272 59 228 249 244 2,095
81-82 LA 2,677 753-1,301 0-3 312-442 172 487 659 225 63 207 230 224 1,818
82-83 LA 2,554 722-1,228 0-2 278-371 167 425 592 200 61 170 200 220 1,722
83-84 LA 2,622 716-1,238 0-1 285-394 169 418 587 211 55 143 221 211 1,717
84-85 LAL 2,630 723-1,207 0-1 289-395 162 460 622 249 63 162 197 238 1,735
85-86 LAL 2,629 755-1,338 0-2 336-439 133 345 478 280 67 130 203 248 1,846
86-87 LAL 2,441 560-993 1-3 245-343 152 371 523 203 49 97 186 245 1,366
87-88 LAL 2,308 480-903 0-1 205-269 118 360 478 135 48 92 159 216 1,165
88-89 LAL 1,695 313-659 0-3 122-165 103 231 334 74 38 85 95 196 748
Career 57,446 15,837-28,307 1-18 6,712-9,304 2,975 9,394 17,440 5,660 1,160 3,189 2,527 4,657 38,387
Playoff 8,851 2,356-4,422 0-4 1,050-1,419 505 1,273 2,481 767 189 476 447 797 5,762
All-Star 449 105-213 0-1 41-50 33 84 149 51 6 31 28 57 251

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NB: Books written or co-authored by Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Abdul-Jabbar is also a bestselling author, the latest of his books being On the Shoulders of Giants: My Journey Through the Harlem Renaissance. His previous book, co-written with Anthony Walton, was Brothers In Arms: The Epic Story of the 761st Tank Battalion, WWII’s Forgotten Heroes (Publisher: Broadway 2004, ISBN 0-385-50338-5), the history of the 761st Battalion, an all-black armored unit that served in Europe in World War Two.

Other books:

* Giant Steps, with Peter Knobler (1987) ISBN 0-553-05044-3 (The book’s title is an homage to jazz great John Coltrane.)
* Kareem (1990) ISBN 0-394-55927-4
* Selected from Giant Steps (Writers’ Voices) (1999) ISBN 0-7857-9912-5
* Black Profiles in Courage: A Legacy of African-American Achievement, with Alan Steinberg (1996) ISBN 0-688-13097-6
* A Season on the Reservation: My Sojourn with the White Mountain Apaches, with Stephen Singular (2000) ISBN 0-688-17077-3
* Brothers in Arms: The Epic Story of the 761st Tank Battalion, WWII’s Forgotten Heroes with Anthony Walton (2005) ISBN 978-0767909136
* On the Shoulders of Giants: My Journey Through the Harlem Renaissance with Raymond Obstfeld (2007) ISBN 978-1416534884

Audio Book:

* On the Shoulders of Giants: An Audio Journey Through the Harlem Renaissance 8 CD Set Vol. 1-4, with Avery Brooks, Jesse L. Martin, Maya Angelou, Herbie Hancock, Billy Crystal, Charles Barkley, James Worthy, Julius Erving, Jerry West, Clyde Drexler, Bill Russell, Coach John Wooden, Stanley Crouch, Quincy Jones and other chart-topping musicians, as well as legendary actors and performers such as Samuel L. Jackson. (2008) ISBN 978-0-615-18301-5