Mercury Morris Please Do Us All A Favor , Shut The F_ck Up !

Mercury Morris Please Do Us All A Favor , Shut The F_ck Up !

It never ceases to amaze me as to the none stop whining by former Dolphins’ running back, Mercury Morris. His appearance at a time whenever an NFL team is on the cusp of making history in the NFL by going unbeaten in the regular and postseason , has now become an irritation to myself and no doubt a number of fans around the league.

OK, so we know that the Miami Dolphins are the only team in the history of the NFL to go unbeaten in the regular season and then go on to glory in the Superbowl . But for God’s sake the way that Morris continues to come on as if the achievement by the team makes them the best team ever to play the game in the history in the NFL. While the feat accomplished is a commendable one. To my mind since the Dolphins’ historic win, we’ve seen far better teams compete in the NFL and have gone on to surpass the accomplishments in terms of a Superbowl win and a level of consistency.

Morris as usual seen here opining on the Patriots and their quest in ’07.

From those halcyon days and the accomplishments in question, all we have seen from the Miami Dolphins has been a level of consistent inconsistency that borders on abject mediocrity . But Morris as a former player, would rather overlook the team’s present persona. But then again, that’d be what one could come to expect from a self absorbed individual, who feels that his team’s accomplishment has never been truly appreciated. And to my mind why should it ? It’s now old hat and it’s not as if the NFL think it’s now still a big thing. In all honest that’s the only thing that the Dolphins’ fans and Morris have their hats to hang unto. Oh forgive me, there was Dan Marino, whose accomplishments by themselves are commendable but he never led them to a win in the Superbowl . His lone appearance at the game’s premiere event , ended up with a loss. Again, something that Morris fails to acknowledge and unfortunately all we continue to hear from this aged veteran, are his continued belittling of the teams that have come close to achieving what the Dolphins accomplished three plus decades ago.

Mercury  Morris  makes  his  feelings  known  .  picture appears  courtesy of  Getty Images/ Mike  Thompson ...................
Mercury Morris makes his feelings known . picture appears courtesy of Getty Images/ Mike Thompson ...................

Courtesy of NBC Miami

Here We Go Again: Saints, Colts Bring Out ’72 Dolphins

If the Saints and Colts really love America, they’ll lose just to spare us from ESPN.

By Janie Campbell

It’s that time again! Time to pull the venerable old undefeated ’72 Dolphins out of the attic, dust ’em off, and prop ’em up next to the blank-and-0 teams du jour.

Will Perfectville soon have a population increase?

Will America survive another round of Mercury Morris without electing to saw Florida off and shove it out to sea?

Greatest Dolphins
Greatest Dolphins

Greatest Dolphins

If the either the Saints or Colts go undefeated, can we Dolphins fans just be glad it isn’t the Patriots?

And can we please do this round without arguing ad nauseum about strength of schedule and road trips and talent pools, and just recognize greatness when and in what context it happens?

Oh, the debate will annoy the tar out of all of us over the next two months, though mercifully the Pats’ aborted run in ’07 has, if nothing else, kept ESPN from starting up a premature website of overkill comparing everyone with six games between now and Super Bowl glory.

But though it’s begun more quietly, it’s certainly begun.

Over there is Don Shula “secretly” rooting for a loss.

Over there is Bob Greise actually suggesting New Orleans and Indianapolis lose a game each on purpose, which happens to be the sort of sinister psychological warfare we can get behind. Kudos to you, Taco Bob.

And over there is someone still trying to credit the Pats with ruining the mystique of the Dolphins’ perfect season (fact: the media ruined the mystique of the Dolphins’ perfect season) and pointing out that no one’s talking about it by…talking about it.

And it’s only going to get louder.

Can it happen? Both the Saints and the Colts are 13-0, and have good chances at running the table against the Cowboys, Buccaneers, and Panthers (New Orleans) and the Jaguars, Jets, and Bills (Indianapolis) before they head into their respective postseasons.

They also have equal chances of not running the table, if narrow escapes for both are any indication, so we’ve all got that going for us.

After all, 37 years later, it’s become less about preserving some measure of glory for the Dolphins that can’t be tarnished anyway, and more about surviving the inevitable overdose when the machine gets really and truly cranked up.

Now with the Indianapolis Colts as the lone unbeaten team left in the NFL and a possible chance to make history a reality in the Superbowl. Once again, Morris and his asinine rants have come to the fore. Each year when a situation arises and there’s a possibility of a team going unbeaten in the NFL , Mercury Morris pops his head up just like Punxsutawney Phil. Are you sick and tired of his inane rants on this lone matter ? I am and I feel that he ought to just shut the f_ck up !

A further word of advice for Mercury get a damn life , you much like the team you said to have represented are about as admired as much as the Democrats and Republicans are said to admire each other for their political beliefs. Somehow I for one can’t see either Nancy Pelosi and Sarah Palin sitting down and breaking bread together. Much as in the same way we’ll ever witness Morris sit down and break bread with a member of any team that would go on to accomplish that same feat by the Miami Dolphins. He’s just not that type of guy, he’s far too conceited to ever be man enough to do that , to begin with ! He merely lives in the past because he has nothing else to cling to !