The Hunger Games ………

The Hunger Games

By Tophatal

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and I believe that we have been witness to that within the past five days. The crass ego of Roger Goodell was forced to take a back seat after his idiocy in originally enforcing a league mandated lockout of the NFL certified referees. With an agreement now having been reached with the NFLRA (referees’ union) it is back to work as per usual with the league, and all is right with the world. Well, based upon last night’s display by the Dallas Cowboys. I am not so sure that Tony Romo and his teammates are entirely happy with their performance offered up to the fans in attendance at Cowboys Stadium , in Arlington , Texas , alongside the millions more, watching nationally in a televised broadcast ! It’s still early in the regular season but now at 2-2 , I think the death bells could very well be ringing for a team that simply is devoid of creativity in terms of its offense as witnessed with an inept display in the team’s 34-18 loss to the Chicago Bears .


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If this loss signified anything , it is that within the NFC East this season will be no walkover for any of the residents within that division eying postseason glory. The Philadelphia Eagles (3-1) leads the division by virtue of their win total , but their play if anything this season has been just as inconsistent as of that of the Dallas Cowboys . In reality , this Michael Vick led team , could just as easily be 1-3 , at this stage of the Eagles’ season, rather than their current mark of 3-1. The NFC East will become an all-out dogfight between all four of the teams within the division , and at the end of the day , after all of the bloodletting, we may not recognize the remnants of the carcasses left on the roadside . It will simply be road-kill, and not much more beyond that.

If the clock is said to be ticking for the Dallas Cowboys , as team owner Jerry Jones and the front office continues to search for answers after another inexplicable loss. Then most certainly , the de-facto general manager will have to look at not only the makeup of the roster , but also that of the coaching staff , led by head coach, Jason Garrett . Clearly, there is something awry , when both the defense and offense are clearly out of sync and there seems to be no apparent leadership being shown from anyone on the team , much less from the head from any member of the coaching staff. Caution , and self-preservation may well be the prudent line being taken by the players , but if anything it has become indicative of the lack of guts , not just from Romo , but also from many of the seasoned veterans who are well rewarded , while offering little of note to the fans in return .

In week five, the Dallas Cowboys, along with the Detroit Lions , Oakland Raiders and Tampa Bay Buccaneers , have byes , which gives those teams the chance to reassess their current situation , make the necessary adjustments , as they make ready for Week six of the regular season schedule. Of that quartet of teams, it is the Detroit Lions with the most to prove , given the team’s progress over the past two seasons. Matt Stafford has established himself as a star in the NFL , with a growing belief in his own abilities as well as showing the leadership qualities sought by head coach , Jim Schwartz . It has to be said that the Lions have come a considerable way from their 0-16 season in 2008, perhaps the lowest point in the franchise’s esteemed existence . Team President Tom Lewand and GM Martin Mayhew have been prudent in their draft decisions in the ensuing years since 2008 , without also having to overpay for the talent acquired via free agency. In 2012 , it has been no different with the coaching staff in conjunction with the front office being prudent with the rookies taken in the 2012 NFL Draft by the Detroit Lions. Riley Reiff, Ryan Broyles, Dwight Bentley, Ronnell Lewis , Tahir Whitehead , Chris Greenwood , Jonte Green, and Travis Green are all looking to make solid contributions over the course of the Lions’ schedule as they embark upon their professional careers in the NFL .

The Detroit Lions did themselves no favors in their most recent game , in what many may well have felt was a surprising 20-13 loss to the Minnesota Vikings . In that game the Vikings’ Christian Ponder out-duelled his Lions’ counterpart, Matt Stafford , in a conference match-up, that has typified some of the more surprising results in the infancy of the 2012 season. Thankfully, this was a game where the replacement official did not interject themselves into the events , making complete fools of themselves , in showing their lack of knowledge of the NFL rules , when officiating these games !

There are now three unbeaten teams in the NFL, with each carrying a 4-0 record, as we approach week 5 . The Arizona Cardinals , Atlanta Falcons and Houston Texans , are the franchises with an unblemished record , and who will be most certainly will be looking to keep their records intact. Of that triumvirate , the most surprising might well be the Cardinals , as there was a growing uncertainty as whether or not John Skelton or Kevin Kolb would be the starting quarterback for the team . Both players during the preseason had shown a tendency for not being able to secure the ball , being errant in their decision-making ,while not having the complete confidence of the offense. Ken Whisenhunt made the decision to go with Skelton in the season opener , but he would be lost to the team by week 2 having suffered an injury in the team’s opening season victory over the Seattle Seahawks, in a 20-16 divisional win. And since replacing John Skelton , Kevin Kolb has led the team to three straight victories while playing with a great deal of poise and showing a great deal of leadership ability over that period. That renewed confidence by Kolb, and the fact that the offense is now being productive bodes well for the Cardinals over the remainder of their schedule . And with vigor being shown by the team’s defense , not often exhibited in previous seasons , this very well could be the year where the Arizona Cardinals tries to pull off a big surprise .

Of the games scheduled in week five , to my mind, perhaps the most intriguing will be match-up between the San Diego Chargers and the New Orleans Saints ! The hapless Saints at 0-4 have yet to win a game, while looking completely inept in almost every facet of the game , never-mind the fact that Drew Brees is having a less than inspired season by his lofty standards. The offense looks bewilderingly flat while the defense cannot stop the run , the pass or anything else actually thrown in their direction , and that includes the verbal abuse now being lobbed at the franchise from an ever-growing and weary public , which simply despises the franchise. Drew Brees may well feel it is time for the “us against the world” mentality , as he seeks to bring back a sense of normalcy to the Saints, but in all honesty the vast majority of fans are simply happy to see this team troll the depths of mediocrity .

As to the game itself , between the Chargers and Saints , it should tell us a great deal about the intent of both teams, and the apparent directions they seek to be heading in. A loss for the Chargers would pretty much seal their fate, not just within the NFC South, but most certainly within the NFC as well as the rest of the league . With all of the upheaval that has taken place in the midst of the ongoing drama within the Saints’ organization, the past fourteen months within this franchise has played out like a prime-time episodic drama , with more plot twists than could have been conceived by any major script writer in Hollywood .

Another season and another turn of events in a change of coaching personnel with regard to one of the NFL’s storied franchises in the Oakland Raiders . Out went Hu Jackson at the behest of team owner Mark Davis , and presiding over this new regime as its chief executive is GM Reggie McKenzie.Apart from the departure from the abrupt firing of Jackson, the franchise also sought to jettison players thought to be superfluous to their needs, and being keenly aware of the franchise’s failures in 2011 . The franchise has seen fit to build around quarterback Carson Palmer , with a view to be seen as credible challenger within the AFC West , this upcoming season . It is hard to see where the Oakland Raiders can go from here when one bears in mind that four games into the season the Raiders are now 1-3 , and coming off their worst defeat of the season in a crushing 37-6 loss to the Denver Broncos. As to what this would suggest about the Raiders’ anemic defense and the very fact that they have a rookie first year coach , in , Dennis Allen . The head coach has been thrust into the lion’s den , without the tools to aid him , other than an assortment of players who are simply out of their depth. A seasoned veteran such as quarterback Carson Palmer does not show the presence of mind to indicate that he possesses the trait as a leader. The roster on paper has all of the talent in the world , but in the NFL of today , talent alone will not get a team that far. For the Raiders that journey, or desired destination has not been a part of the franchise’s journey since 2002 , when the team made it to the Superbowl . In the ensuing years, it has been one pratfall after another, with the growing ineptitude gaining momentum each season.

More indecision is liable to a focus for this Raiders’ franchise, as there now seems to more apathy than ever before amongst the front office , albeit that their fans have yet to voice their indifference as to another woeful start to their season. I can understand the reason why , because it does not appear to that the main focus appears to be improvement , much less being a contender within the NFL , but more so to remain amongst one of the NFL’s more high-profiled franchises , even when failure has become an omnipresent force . The problem now befalling the Oakland Raiders is that they have become a money-losing —- concern in spite the franchise’s popularity and their national visibility. So now, not only is success evading the Raiders , from a financial standpoint, now , there too, they are failing in an ever-increasing degree. If there is a cause for concern , then it is the very fact that this is something that is not being acknowledged by the Raiders’ ownership , much less by anyone from within the NFL hierarchy. This asinine hitherto notion by fans, that the NFL as a concern will continue to make money, is really something of a farce because the league’s books have never been open to public scrutiny. However, what we are continually made aware of is that the league’s revenues by way of strong-arming the broadcast networks to overpay for a brand that has become diluted and some might suggest watered down. . The one saving grace for the Oakland Raiders is that their fan-base remains strong and solid right across the country. Attendance for the team’s home games at the O Coliseum , in Oakland , California, has always been amongst the most positive aspect of the support for the franchise.

Week six will see the Raiders as the guests of the Atlanta Falcons when the two teams meet in a game where a win is of the utmost priority for the AFC West franchise, if they are to have any semblance of a season that can in some way be redeemed . For Mike Smith’s resurgent team led by four- year veteran Matt Ryan , who is off to a fast start this season with the unbeaten Falcons . I would like to think that the Raiders are in with a remote chance of defeating the NFC South divisional leaders, but nothing I have witnessed from this Dennis Allen coached team would suggest that they are , or will be capable of pulling off a victory ! There are way too many flaws on this Raiders’ team, and it is has become abundantly clear that neither Allen or anyone on his coaching staff has an answer for a Falcons’ team with such offensive capabilities .



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With the return of the NFL certified officials are you entirely happy with the fact that they will resume officiating regular season games ? And do you feel that the league’s handling of the situation was done with the utmost wish to get the game back on track or merely done by Roger Goodell to protect his ego ? Of the current unbeaten teams in the NFL , which franchise do you believe might have the most credible credentials to make a deep run into the NFL postseason ? Simply leave a comment on points raised and on anything else you believe pertinent to the subject matter .


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(1) Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) is sacked by Chicago Bears defensive tackle Henry Melton (69) during the second half an NFL football game Monday, Oct. 1, 2012, in Arlington, Texas. The Bears won 34-18 . AP Photo/The Waco Tribune-Herald, Jose Yau …..

(2) Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten (82) makes a touchdown reception between Chicago Bears corner-back Tim Jennings (26) and strong safety Craig Steltz (20) during the second half of an NFL football game, Monday, Oct. 1, 2012 in Arlington, Texas. AP Photo/Sharon Ellman ….

(3) Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) sits on the bench with quarterback Kyle Orton (18) after throwing an interception to Chicago Bears outside linebacker Lance Briggs during the second half of an NFL football game, Monday, Oct. 1, 2012 in Arlington, Texas. The Bears won 34-18 . AP Photo/Sharon Ellman ….

(4) Minnesota Vikings’ Marcus Sherels (35) returns a punt for a touchdown during the third quarter of an NFL football game against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field in Detroit, Sunday, Sept. 30, 2012. AP Photo/Carlos Osorio ….

Oakland Raiders coach Dennis Allen congratulates Denver Broncos coach John Fox after their NFL football game, Sunday, Sept. 30, 2012, in Denver. The Broncos won 37-6 . AP Photo/Joe Mahoney ….

(6) Oakland Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer (3) is helped up off the turf after taking a hit by the Denver Broncos during the fourth quarter of an NFL football game, Sunday, Sept. 30, 2012, in Denver. The Broncos won 37-6 . AP Photo/Joe Mahoney ……

(7) Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton (1) talks with Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan (2) following a 30-28 win by the Falcons over the Panthers in their NFL football game at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta Sunday, Sept. 30, 2012. AP Photo/David Goldman ….



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Come hard, don’t come soft, better yet, just take your broke ass home !

Come hard, don’t come soft, better yet, just take your broke ass home !

By Tophatal

The NFL kicks off its 93rd season, with the season opener , for which the New York Giants will host their NFC East counterparts, the Dallas Cowboys . As the reigning Superbowl champions (SBXLVI-SB46), the Giants under their esteemed coach Tom Coughlin will be seeking to make another to successful run to the Superbowl . And given the franchise’s recent success in 2007 and 2011 , the franchise in the latter half of this decade might be viewed as having the makings of a dynasty .


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Of late, the series’ match-up between these two venerable franchises , has been something of a mismatch and lopsided affair, that has favored the New York Giants . From 2005, through to 2011-12 seasons, the Giants have won ten of the sixteen times, that the duo have faced each other. And it has been this sort of debacle that seems to seen the growing resentment by Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones , whose perceived jealousy can be seen as permeating through how he now views the Giants’ franchise. In 2010, Jones viewed it, as the season where his beloved Cowboys would be the first team in NFL history to host and be a participant in the Superbowl. Unfortunately, for the beleaguered Dallas Cowboys and their long-suffering fans it was not to be , as their season “petered out” with a whimper, with the team finishing 6-10 within the NFC East , and once again failing to make the postseason . If anything it has consistently begun to grate on Jerry Jones’ nerves , as to the continued ineptitude shown by the franchise , which if anything has led to the revolving door of coaches that have held the head coaching position for the Dallas Cowboys, over the last decade. There has been more traffic passing through the doors of the Cowboys , than passes through the Holland Tunnel . Granted, we know that Jerry Jones does not suffer fools gladly , however a great many of the Cowboys’ continued problems stems from the issue of his reluctance to relinquish the reins as the team’s general manager . His limited success by way of the NFL Draft in recent years , has been profoundly unsuccessful and seemingly unproductive . With the exception of , 2003 , 2005 and 2007 , one could attest to the fact that the pickings in terms of the personnel drafted has been slim if not , anemic !

In 2012 , Jones , head coach , Jason Garett and the coaching assistants have gone about drafting the players that they believe will be complementary to the existing roster as well as acquiring players through free agency. Morris Clairborne , Tyrone Crawford, Kyle Wilber , Matt Johnson , Danny Coale , James Hanna and Caleb McSurdy , will be the players to whom , Jason Garret , seeks to show that they have what it takes to make it in the NFL . These draftees, apart from being the Cowboys’ platoon of 2012 will have their “baptism of fire” and introduction to the league as the team’s schedule unfolds over the course of this season.

A great deal about this season for the Dallas Cowboys will primarily rest squarely upon the shoulders of the team’s quarterback > Tony Romo . In many ways, as he goes , so does this team and it is in many ways a reflection of the franchise as a whole . In 2011 , the player had the most productive season of his eight-year career , albeit that it simply wasn’t enough to guide the Cowboys to their desired destination. I have felt that Romo is a very good regular season quarterback , however once the postseason comes around , he becomes a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle ! Suffice to say, this becomes the time of the season where Romo is at his most vulnerable, and it pretty much underscores the fact why he is over-rated !

Coming into this opening game on the Cowboys’ schedule , beyond Romo’s issues , the team has to deal with the health of tight-end , Jason Witten, who suffered a lacerated spleen during the preseason . It will be a game-time decision as to whether not the player will be suited up to play against the New York Giants . Without Witten, it simply makes the Cowboys’ offense that much weaker , as the tight-end happens to be one of Romo’s favorite targets as well as being a reliable security blanket , when all else fails concerning the team’s offensive options.

Defensively, the Cowboys have been known to have their good and bad day , and it with Rob Ryan installed as the defensive coordinator , it was felt that he would bring the discipline needed to a secondary that ranked fourteenth overall in the NFL and fifth within the NFC during 2011. And clearly, if the Cowboys are to have any semblance of success this season , the defense , just as much of the offense will have to be clicking on all cylinders . To my mind, the Dallas Cowboys’ best player, would be linebacker , DeMarcus Ware . Drafted in the first round as the eleventh overall pick in 2005 NFL Draft , the player has proven to be one of most productive players at the position in the past seven years . If he Ware maintains his current pace , in terms of his own productivity , then there is no reason to think that he won’t be enshrined in Canton , having met the criteria upon his retirement for enshrinement into the Hall of Fame . Given the venerable list of linebackers who played the position, and who are now enshrined within that esteemed body , Ware’s future home in joining the likes of Chuck Bednarik , Dick Butkus , Chris Doleman , Ray Nitschke , Mike Singletary , Derrick Thomas , Lawrence Taylor and the other fifteen enshrined that make up the twenty-three luminaries would be a worthy distinction and accolade .

I do not believe that there is much else that needs to be said concerning the achievements of the New York Giants over the past six years , beyond suggesting that both Tom Coughlin and his young quarterback , Eli Manning , are more likely than not , writing their own chapters to add to their legacies , as it relates to future enshrinement in Canton, Ohio. A two-time Superbowl winner, Manning has already surpassed his elder sibling , Peyton Manning , in having raised the Lombardi Trophy on more than one occasion . The possibility of him winning a third Superbowl title, within eight years of having been drafted by the San Diego Chargers in 2004 , only to be traded by the franchise to the New York Giants . The thought of that premise , does not now seem out of the realms of reality . As to what this might suggest about the Chargers’ position in acquiescing to the player’s demands at the time , it would suggest that GM A.J. Smith and the Spanos’ family as owners of the San Diego Chargers , do not possess a great deal of acumen. Albeit , that the fans have now labored under the belief that Philip Rivers will be able to lead the team to the “ Promised Land “ , under the guidance of Norv Turner . Son of a bitch , Turner still has a job in the NFL ? OK , so I guess that it is alright, for Rep Henry Waxman (D-CA,.) to hold on to his congressional seat in perpetuity ? Unless I’m mistaken it would appear that Dean Spanos does have the propensity to fire his general manager or head coach , then again , I should not at all be surprised by the sheer stupidity that has been shown by the Chargers’ front office during Norv Turner’s reign of ineptitude !

From 2004 until now , we have seen the Giants reach the highest of highs and lowest of lows , as the diverging paths of these two quarterbacks have taken different paths . One wonders what might have happened , had Eli Manning remained in San Diego and Philip Rivers , remained a member of the New York Giants . Would the chapters that have unfolded , could they have been so different ? Your thoughts on this are more than welcomed , so by all means chime in with a comment ! To see how both have fared within the NFL since 2004 , is to view how both of these quarterbacks , and to witness what can go right and indeed what can go horrendously wrong, when the environment is not to that players’ skill-set . Manning has been surrounded with a plethora of offensive weapons over the years , which has seen his gradual improvement into one the game’s best quarterbacks . Certainly, this should not necessarily negate from Rivers’ accomplishments in the NFL but it has become it is abundantly clear , that he has been ill-served by the coaching ability of Norv Turner and the lack of genuine talent made available to him through the NFL Draft by the San Diego Chargers .

As the Giants embark upon their regular season schedule , I have no doubt that much of the success that they will undoubtedly attain , will be predicated upon the play of Eli Manning and his offensive unit , led by Victor Cruz , Martellus Bennett , Ahmed Bradshaw, Da’Rell Scott , Ramses Barden and David Wilson . That being said , we should not forget one of the other things that simply makes the Giants a formidable adversary , and that it a defensive unit that is anchored by Jason Pierre-Paul, Rocky Bernard , Mathias Kiwanuka , Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck . Just bring your bucket and pail to work , because that unit will be coming , and they are prepared to “ lay the smack down” . You have been forewarned .



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Now given the proclivity of the Dallas Cowboys in recent seasons to simply fold their tents and then for the players, coaches and management to offer up those ever-growing and immature excuses as to why they buckled under pressure . Well, that can easily be put down to the fact that the team has never been as good as advertised . Yet , repeatedly each season they are viewed as a legitimate contender for the Superbowl. As to what that tells you about the myopic views of the NFL analysts and odds-makers within Las Vegas. I will simply let you be the judge of that ! Needless to say , at some point during the season the Dallas Cowboys will become snake bitten, and once again the excuses will arise . Would you anything less , from “ America’s Overrated Team” ? By all means chime with a comment on this topic and anything else that you may well feel is pertinent to the NFL season that is about to unfold . Thanks as always for the continued support , as it is greatly appreciated !


Picture and slide show details .

(1) This Aug. 29, 2012 photo, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning (10) warms up before a preseason NFL football game against the New England Patriots in East Rutherford, N.J. Manning is no longer living in the shadow of his big brother. The New York Giants quarterback enters the kickoff to the NFL season against the Dallas Cowboys on Wednesday night as a two-time Super Bowl MVP. He’s now unquestionably among the league’s elite after leading Tom Coughlin’s team to two titles in five seasons, and a third title is a distinct possibility with the 31-year-old seemingly getting better coming off a career season . AP Photo/Bill Kostroun ….

(2) FILE – In this Aug. 24, 2012, file photo, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning (10) hands the ball to running back David Wilson (34) during the first half of an NFL preseason football game against the Chicago Bears in East Rutherford, N.J. The running game, which was the worst in the NFL in 2011, has a chance to run over people if first-round draft choice Wilson lives up to the hype. The Giants are scheduled to begin their season on Sept. 5 at home against the Dallas Cowboys. AP Photo/Bill Kostroun ….

(3) In this Aug. 24, 2012, file photo, New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin claps in front of quarterback Eli Manning as his team warms up before a preseason NFL football game against the Chicago Bears in East Rutherford, N.J. Coughlin knows the Giants can’t afford another 9-7 regular season if they want to become the ninth team _ the Steelers did it twice _ to win consecutive titles. The Giants are scheduled to begin their season on Sept. 5 at home against the Dallas Cowboys . AP Photo/Bill Kostroun …..

(4) Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo hands the ball off against the St. Louis Rams during the first half of a preseason NFL football game, Saturday, Aug. 25, 2012 in Arlington, Texas. AP Photo/LM Otero ….

(5) Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant (88) sits out a workout with Miles Austin (19) during NFL football practice at Cowboys Stadium , Thursday, Aug. 23, 2012, in Arlington, Texas. AP Photo/LM Otero ……

(6) Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten (82) sits out on the sidelines during NFL football practice at Cowboys Stadium, Thursday, Aug. 23, 2012, in Arlington, Texas. It remains doubtful whether or not Witten will be a willing participant in tonight’s game , having suffered a lacerated spleen in a preseason friendly for the Cowboys , in a precursor to their opening day scheduled season opener . AP Photo/LM Otero …….

(7) Dallas Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware, left, and defensive end Jason Hatcher look down from their room before the start of a news conference with owner Jerry Jones and head coach Jason Garrett at NFL football training camp, Sunday, July 29, 2012, in Oxnard, Calif. AP Photo/Gus Ruelas ……

(8) Stephen Jones , Dallas Cowboys V.P. of Player Personal, his father, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie ( left-right) talk before the start of their game at Lincoln Financial Field on October 30, 2011 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Eagles would go on to defeat the Cowboys 34-7 . Getty Images North America / Rich Schultz ….



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Young Jeezy , featuring… Ne-Yo …. “ Leave You Alone “

So there’s no steak that comes with this meal?

So there’s no steak that comes with this meal?

by tophatal

Defending Superbowl champions , the New York Giants come into this year’s campaign looking to make a successful defense of both the Superbowl itself , as well as their NFC East divisional title . My own thoughts are these , the division is no longer the most glamorous in all of football and the idiots who continue to buy into this nonsense that the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles are still forces to be reckoned with , have absolutely no damn idea as to what the hell they are talking about ! Now, in spite of the Eagles having a great winning streak going, as the waning moments of their 2011 season petered out. What we have to look at , is the very fact is that this so-called team , is one in name only . Michael Vick remains an ever-present force and the established talents of LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson remains , and there is no denying that the Eagles do remain something of an offensive threat . However , what I have heard, no one mentions, fans or professional analysts , or otherwise , state is that the Philadelphia Eagles are a team that at times , who can become disinterested , completely complacent, and who are simply of belief that they can get by on raw talent alone . Instead , repeatedly the fans are sold “ a bill of goods” as to what we should expect from the Eagles , year-in and year-out . There comes a time where we have to ask , ‘ when is enough, enough’?


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Slide show

The sorrowful loss borne by head coach Andy Reid over the loss of his son, Garrett Reid , has cast a giant shadow over the team’s preparations for the preseason and their regular season schedule . Reid , has already returned to the team’s headquarters, rather than remaining with the members of his immediate family. Team owner , Jeff Lurie has consoled his long-established coach personal friend but he understands that it is the head coach’s wish to be back amongst his players. I fully expect the Eagles’ players to rally around the head coach and try to make a success of this season ! Now comes the hard part, talk is cheap , and it will be the actions of this team that dictates whether or not 2012 will be a successful year for the franchise .

The Philadelphia Eagles will play hosts to the Pittsburgh Steeler to open their preseason schedule . Both teams aspire to make the postseason and it will be down the quarterbacks , Michal Vick and Ben Roethlisberger to make that scenario a reality. Reid and his coaching staff used the off-season to refocus their efforts on this roster , with their being a number of moves in the acquisition of free agents , while others were allowed to leave. In the 2012 Draft , the front office were judicious in taking players they felt would best contribute to the team’s needs. For Fletcher Cox , Mychal Kendricks , Vinny Curry, Nick Foles , Brandon Boykin, Dennis Kelly , Marvin McNutt , Brandon Washington and Bryce Brown . This will be their welcome and “baptism of fire “ in the NFL this season. A great deal is expected of Cox Curry and Kendricks, who were taken in the first two rounds of this past NFL Draft.

With each passing season you have to lament the ineptitude shown by the Dallas Cowboys. I am sorry but if you are trying to convince yourself after almost a decade in the league , Tony Romo is now at the point in his career , where his time has come to be considered a success . Then might I interest you in a piece of prime real estate on the outskirts of Homs, in Syria ? You not need worry about the property being in a war-torn area of the Middle East. Look , once that war is over , the death and destruction will be the least of your problems . It is laughable to even consider Romo one of the top ten quarterbacks in the NFL but yet praise has been heaped upon a player who has yet to win meaningful game over the course of his career . The biggest hindrance to this franchise, remains its bombastic owner Jerry Jones . He’s the 1,000lb gorilla in the room along with a herd of stampeding elephants . His constant micromanaging and the very fact that each decision as it relates to the franchise must have his final seal of approval , remains a constant reminder, why the Cowboys will always fall short at the final obstacle in their way . Then throw in the fact that Jason Garrett’s questionable game strategizing and decision-making is along the lines of an indecisive introvert. If Garrett were playing a game of chess , I can assure you that it wouldn’t take long beat this guy decisively in less than ten moves ! Heir-apparent and Jones’ golden child , Jason Garrett’s time , as the head coach of this franchise is now at a point where the owner may well have to reconsider his options in assessing the incumbent head coach.

The sole fact perhaps to see the Cowboys play , is to see the intensity brought to each game by DeMarcus Ware ! And just as a reminder why it’s not great to take hype over talent consider the “problem child” known as Dez Bryant. Now if I hear one more lame assed excuse, that his home life , socio-economic status played a part in this player’s latest outburst , which led to Bryant physically assaulting his mother . Then for all sense and purpose, the idiots now jumping to the player’s defense , specifically minorities, what is that you have failed to understand by Dez Bryant’s monstrous actions? My question to those being so quick to defend the player, would you be of the same mindset, if it were your mother being attacked? Wake the f#ck up and stop it with this idiocy! .

John Mara, the billionaire owner of the New York Giants would like nothing better than for the franchise to stage a Superbowl at MetLife Stadium , home to both the Giants and co-inhabitants , the New York Jets . What might now be endangering that situation at present is a proposal now being supported by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) . Christie is proposing a gambling initiative within his state that would allow for gaming beyond the controlled environment of licensed casinos and OTB’s (off-track betting) . In light of this the hierarchies of MLB , NBA , NHL and the NFL are seeking an injunction in the US Federal Courts to completely stop the initiative in its tracks . Mara insists the proposal would hinder the Giants’ chances of hosting Superbowl at the franchise’s home venue and Governor Christie’s initiative does violate a Federal statute already that exists. Now given that the gambling industry plays a significant part in the NFL , especially along the lines of the odds-makers in Las Vegas laying the lines, that sees tens of millions being wagered each week that the league (NFL) is in existence and the mere fact that Superbowl weekend becomes an explosion of activity, as it believed that close to close to $1.5 billion in bets are wagered on the event , not just domestically but also with off-shore betting enterprises .

Courtesy of NY Daily News

NY Giants co-owner John Mara and New Jersey’s Chris Christie line up on opposite sides over sports gambling

Gov. Christie wants to bring gambling to the Garden State which Mara thinks would hurt shot at hosting future Super Bowls

By David Sanchirico , NY Daily News

It’s John Mara vs. Chris Christie. Place your bets now.

The Giants co-owner waved his finger against the New Jersey governor’s attempt to legalize sports gambling in the money-desperate state of Garden State. To Mara, if Christie defeats a lawsuit with the four major professional sports organizations and the NCAA against the proposal, MetLife Stadium won’t be hosting any more Super Bowls after 2014.

“If New Jersey goes ahead with its plan and has sports betting, I don’t think there’s a chance in the world of us getting another Super Bowl,” Mara said to the USA Today. “I’m not concerned about this Super Bowl, but I will say this: It would be difficult for us to get support of the other owners for another one.”

Christie signed the Sports Gambling Law in January, which would legalize gambling on both collegiate and professional sports in the fall. In response, the four major professional sports leagues, plus the NCAA, filed a lawsuit Tuesday in Trenton, citing that the law is in violation of the 1992 Professional and Amateur Protection Act. The leagues also fear that the spread of legal sports gambling could damage the integrity of their respective games.

The governor certainly does not fear the lawsuit.

“We’re going to win,” he told the Asbury Park Press. “I don’t believe the federal government has the right to decide only certain states can have sports gambling. And it does not acknowledge that there are illegal sports gambling going on in every state in America. So why is this more injurious somehow than illegal sports gambling?”

New Jersey has been under federal prohibition against sports gambling since 1994, when the federal government launched a nationwide law prohibiting betting on sports. Christie’s longing for betting will change that if he defeats the sports organizations.


With so many states around the country seeking new revenue streams and with many of them facing budgetary shortfalls , Chris Christie may well have felt this initiative was the best way forward for the beleaguered Garden State. The state legislature has yet to address the issue of bloated $10.5 billion deficit that both legislative chambers even working through bipartisan endeavors cannot seem to agree on anything. Governor Christie portrays himself as a socially fiscal Conservative but somehow for all of that talk there has little tangible to show for it all by the governor and both state Democrats and Republicans in New Jersey. This is a picture that is now being painted right across the country within state and municipal agencies struggling to find a sound fiscal standing . Consider that this is now taking place within the state of California , where that state legislature is simply clueless as to how best to address their own financial malaise and where it now has the governor , Jerry Brown is calling for certain aggressive tax increases while cutting back on spending. on a number of discretionary infrastructure projects. It should be noted the state is now furloughing state employees but the irony of this situation is that the state is now spending more money per-capita annually on incarcerating state prisoners , than they now do in spending on the education of students within the campuses of the UCLA collegiate system . Who says that crime doesn’t say ? All this from a state with the nation’s largest prison population , while having a $16.5 billion ($16,500,000,000) budget deficit , that shows no signs that it will be dealt with expeditiously the state legislators.

John Mara , along with several prominent NFL owners, Robert Kraft , Woody Johnson , Stanley Kroenke , Jerry Jones and Steve Biscotti petitioned NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to put a halt to New Jersey’s proposal. I am not so sure how the four major sports’ professional hierarchies can interject themselves into something that is simply state issue in terms of the statute being proposed in New Jersey . At the same time it does seem asinine that they would also seek to oppose gambling when it has become part of the minutiae of professional sports . Each of these sports has their very own issue to worry about and be acutely concerned with, and it remains to be seen how each deals with those problems.

As a New England Patriots’ fan , seeing the team succumb to the New York Giants in the Superbowl for the second time in five years , has me now wavering on whether or not my sanity can remain intact. Fool me three times , and I’m liable to go postal up in this b##ch! It is what it is! Every NFL franchise must meet their “ Waterloo” , in the case of the Patriots the Giants have now become a “thorn in the side “ of the New England franchise. Bill Belichick, hopefully, will have learned something from those two defeats .

Tom Coughlin working in conjunction with GM Jerry Reese have now molded a formidable talent base for this franchise to be a success for years to come . And similarly, this year, no chances were taken in terms of the players drafted and as it relates to the character and maturity. Granted , the team lost Brandon Jacobs and Mario Manningham to free agency with both players joining NFC rivals the San Francisco 49ers .

There is now , no doubt in my mind that Tom Coughlin will be Canton bound upon meeting the criteria for his enshrinement into the Hall of Fame ! With his mindset, he has single-handed brought this franchise back to prominence and his doubters have now fallen into line , in supporting the veteran NFL coach. The NFC East is the Giants’ to lose but I do believe that they will be tested in part by their divisional rivals , specifically by the Philadelphia Eagles.

Coughlin’s players will begin the defense of their title with the customary preseason preamble of four games , that pits them against the Jacksonville Jaguars , New York Jets , Chicago Bears and New England Patriots . The first of the quartet of match-ups takes place at Everbank Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida, this Friday. I would expect that as the Giants’ preseason unfolds a number of the first team players will get the chance to re-acclimatize themselves with the rigors of the game. The first-team offense and first-team defense will no doubt be eager to get on the field and provide and indicator to the coaching staff that they are ready or the rigors of the regular season . In their 2011 preseason schedule the New York Giants went 2-2 , with victories over the Chicago Bears 41-13 and New England Patriots 18-17 . One should not at put much credence into to those results, as merited by the final preseason standings before the teams embarked on their regular season schedule.

The New York Giants’ 2012 schedule begins on the 5th September 2012 , with the team’s season opener against the Dallas Cowboys at MetLife Stadium , East Rutherford , New Jersey . Week two and Tom Coughlin’s team will again be at home, hosting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers .

Now whether or not , Eli Manning can reproduce the form witnessed last season , where he guided the Giants with a great deal of aplomb during the regular and postseason , it remains to be seen . Certainly, Manning aided by an offensive line and a defense that at times, was uncannily proficient in their execution . Justin Tuck , Osi Umenyiora , Mathias Kiawanuka , Joseph Linval , Jason Pierre Paul and Aaron Ross will be looking to anchor a defense has to be considered one of the better defensive units not just within the NFC but the NFL as a whole .

Eli Manning , like his elder sibling , Peyton Manning , is now looking to write his own dramatic chapters to his now credible career. A far cry from 2004 when the player was taken as the number one overall pick, from that year’s draft . Having left Ole Miss , with something of a distinguished career , there were many who questioned whether or not he could surpass the feats achieved in college but better yet, be the equal of his brother. Controversy surrounded the reasons why Eli Manning refused to go to San Diego when it was suggested that Chargers’ GM A J Smith made inquiries as to his willingness to make his career there. With Eli’s father , Archie Manning interjecting himself in this all , the patriarch would categorically state that his son would not be playing in San Diego , with the San Diego Chargers . The AFC West franchise would instead acquire —- Philip Rivers. In the subsequent years, these two franchises the Chargers and Giants , have each had their high and lows.

Given the ever-changing landscape of the NFC and the very fact that the issues of the New Orleans Saints are now being magnified to ever-increasing proportions and causing greater embarrassment to the NFL and its image. Each season the fans I believe have an idea as to which franchises will be viewed as contenders and which can be deemed pretenders . Standouts in the category of contenders would have to the Green Bay Packers , San Francisco 49ers, Atlanta Falcons and the Eagles . I am not completely sold on the Chicago Bears , as I feel that Jay Cutler has yet to overcome psychologically , the events that took place in the 2010 NFC championship game that ended in a disastrous 21-14 loss to the eventual Superbowl champions of that season , the Green Bay Packers.

It is still early days yet , so we can either choose to use the preseason as a gauge as what to expect this upcoming season within the NFL . As to Chris Christie’s intent and how it might change the perceived landscape within the NFL and the wagering that takes place on the games . I firmly believe the league’s legal challenge is all too little too late ! Wagering on sporting events has been a long-held tradition that goes hand-in-hand with the events themselves . Where would be the thrill of the Superbowl for the fans who’ve placed a wager bet on the game?



In light of what is now being proposed by the state of New Jersey , do you believe that it will be the for the betterment of the NFL sporting experience Or do you simply believe that New Jersey governor’s actions are that of a politician whose sole motivation is simply that of someone who is now completely devoid of ideas in how best rescue his state’s massive budget crisis ? Lastly, do you believe that the New York Giants as the defending Superbowl champions are capable of making a legitimate defense of their title ? If yes or no, then clearly state your reasons why.


Picture and slide show details below for your perusal .

(1) New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin watches his team, the defending Super Bowl Champions, practice at the New York Giants NFL football training camp in Albany, N.Y., Saturday, July 28, 2012. AP Photo/Kathy Willens ….

(2) New York Giants tight end Martellus Bennett, right, chats with running back Ahmad Bradshaw (44) during a practice at the New York Giants NFL football training camp in Albany, N.Y., Friday, July 27, 2012. AP Photo/Kathy Willens …

(3) New York Giants co-owner John Mara, center, pauses to answer reporters’ questions at the New York Giants football training camp in Albany, N.Y., Friday, July 27, 2012. AP Photo/Kathy Willens …

(4) Philadelphia Eagles’ Michael Vick and coach Andy Reid stand on the sideline during a moment of silence for Reid’s son Garrett, who died Sunday, before an NFL preseason football against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Thursday, Aug. 9, 2012, in Philadelphia. AP Photo/Michael Perez ….

(5) New Jersey Governor Chris Christie speaks to guests at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center on June 8, 2012 in Rosemont, Illinois. CPAC is being hosted by the American Conservative Union. Christie seeks to have gambling reinstated statewide , after a federal ban instigated in 1994 , due to organized crime and racketeering that engulfed the state and led to the downfall of prominent politicians and judicial advocates during an FBI investigation. Atlantic City at present remains the only locale where there is legalized gambling within the Garden State. Many view the governor’s actions as the only way to assist the state from financial ruin because of their bloated state deficit which currently stands at a whopping $10.6 billion . Getty Images North America / Scott Olson ….

(6) California Gov. Jerry Brown (R) signs a legislation authorizing initial construction of California’s $68 billion high-speed rail line with Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (L) and state and city officials looking at Union Station on July 18, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. The bill authorizes $10 billion in state bonds to start construction of a high-speed rail line between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The “boondoggle” that the state legislators believe will create in excess of 100,000 jobs as part of an ongoing infrastructure project . Much of this however , is based upon the premise that the state would be given Federal aid once the project is up and running . The figures being bandied about in terms of that aid ranges from anywhere between $8-$14 billion . Getty Images North America / Kevork Djanszejian ….

(7) Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (18) and wide receiver Brandon Stokley (14) talk on the sidelines during the first half of an NFL preseason football game against the Chicago Bears in Chicago, Thursday, Aug. 9, 2012. The Broncos would defeat the Bears 31-3 ……. AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast ….





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Leila Arcieri putting the ass back into Arcieri! And a fine piece of ass she is !

What Is In An Arm ?

What Is In An Arm ?

By tophatal ……..

I have been reading with a great deal of interest as to who has been the most successful quarterbacks in the NFL over the past four seasons . In reeling off my own list of names , it was reasonable to assume that Drew Brees , Tom Brady , Peyton Manning , Eli Manning , Ben Roethlisberger and Tony Romo would be amongst that list . In addition, yes they were , but the real criteria set , were in terms of regular season wins by a quarterback . A great statistic no doubt alongside that of comebacks and game winning drives , that would be a great way to judge a quarterback’s abilities . Far too much is placed upon the quarterback ratings’ system and pass completion percentages but it appears these are the statistics that said to work best for the analysts and NFL coaches and their respective staffs . .
==================================== =======================================================================================================

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Slide show gallery .

The one name that I overlooked was that of Atlanta Falcons’ quarterback Matt Ryan . A tremendously gifted player , the “ knock” against Ryan is that he has never been able to lead the Falcons deep into the playoffs . Ryan has amassed a 43-19 record in regular season games since 2008, which amongst the tops of starting quarterbacks over the past four seasons . For his part though , Ryan has to contend and play in one of the most competitive divisions in the NFL where the Falcons resides , that has four equally compelling teams that will be looking to play themselves into contention this upcoming season . The NFC South is home to the Falcons as well as the Carolina Panthers , Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the much maligned New Orleans Saints . Moreover, the quarterbacks to be found within the division are not too shabby when playing at their very best .

Drew Brees along with Matt Ryan , Cam Newton and Josh Freeman have their own strengths and weaknesses as players . It bodes well this season for Falcons’ head coach Mike Smith , as the team has to be viewed as the prohibitive favorites within the NFC South for the upcoming season . Smith , team owner Arthur Blank , GM Thomas Dimitroff and President /CEO Rich McKay have been prudent and fortuitous in their personnel decisions in the aftermath of the Michael Vick “ scandal “ , which essentially saw the franchise’s fall from grace and the less than honorable departure of Bobby Petrino in the wake of the scandal . Matt Ryan , who was a first round draft pick in the 2008 NFL Draft was taken third overall by organization . The player became a starter that season for the team , with the franchise going 11-5 within the NFL (8-4 /CONF & 3-1 non-conference). The young quarterback in his rookie season was steady but not spectacular. By comparison to his peers that season , one could attest to the fact that Mike Smith was happy with he witnessed from the young player in his first year within the NFL .

The 2012 NFL Draft for the Atlanta Falcons was built around the prerequisite needs of the team , namely a guard , tackle and nose tackle and running back . Moreover, this was borne out in the choices made by Mike Smith and the coaching staff in conjunction with Thomas Dimitroff. Peter Konz , Lamar Holmes , Bradie Ewing and Johnathan Massaquoi were the first four players taken by team in rounds , two through five . If the Falcons can improve upon last season by way of their overall statistics then it , and where they ranked defensively and on offense would be a boost for the coaching and the young players hoping to make a solid contribution for the franchise this season .

Am I convinced that Matt Ryan can join the elite quarterbacks within the NFL ? Well that would be dependent as what one constitutes as being amongst the “elite” ? The Falcons’ quarterback has proven that he is capable of leading a team but it is being able to get over that final obstacle of getting a franchise deep into the playoffs is how now adjudge the greatness of a player and that intent is to win the game’s biggest prize the ……………. Superbowl .

The Michael Vick years as we know , showed him to be a phenomenal athlete who was able to light up a game with some “ exhilarating plays “ . Vick’s on the field performances notwithstanding , it was the player’s off field issues that gained some unwarranted attention and notoriety. His lying to federal investigators and to the ownership of the Atlanta Falcons showed that the naiveté of Michael Vick as well as his lack of maturity . Vick a great deal of wealth and notoriety at a young age, and not being able to handle the public attention , as well as the praise tends to be one of the many reasons that an athlete feels that they are above the law , while feeling that they will have the backing of their entourage or the press in some instances plays into an athlete’s mindset . We have seen these scenarios played out far too often within the public arena , with many of the fans either siding with the athlete or decrying their actions , no matter how heinous their actions are said to be.

The seasoned veteran is now with the Philadelphia Eagles , where their 2011 schedule simply imploded due to their lack of real commitment and the apparent lack of ingenuity coming from head coach Andy Reid and his coaching staff . An 8-8 season led to the Eagles missing the postseason . Moreover , questions were asked as to why this team failed so miserably , in spite of the apparent talent at Reid’s disposal. The Eagles’ front office led by team owner Jeffrey Lurie , GM Howie Roseman and senior consultant Joe Banner had eschewed the idea of firing the head coach after last season’s malaise . Reid’s tenure has been filled with highs and lows , and in recent years, one could attest to the fact that it was more of the latter .

In 2012 if the Philadelphia Eagles are unable to have a successful sojourn through their schedule , then we may well see the head coach being shown the door . I am not about to suggest that the Vick “experiment” in Philadelphia has been a distinct failure but the rhetorical excuses being served up by the player and the coaching staff might just be the most asinine of the premises that best describes why this organization can be considered a joke ! That notwithstanding , the supercilious attempts by the NFL analysts to consider both the Eagles and Dallas Cowboys as being repeatedly favorites within the NFC , has to be looked upon as being rather redundant. The fact that both teams reside within the NFC East indicates how mundane that the division a has become with the ascendancy of the New York Giants in recent years and their playoff history . Do you get the feeling that the Cowboys and Eagles are envious of the Giants and their success ?

Whatever the season now holds for the Atlanta Falcons and the aforementioned teams as they embark on their respective schedules . We can only speculate on what is likely or not likely to happen concerning those franchises . As the defending Superbowl champions , the New York Giants will be the team with a bulls’ eye on their backs . Everyone will be out to take the Giants down , and I am sure that Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning will be out to prove their detractors wrong .



Picture gallery .

The NFL preseason should prove to be interesting as we get the first glimpse of the rookies taken in the Draft and see what their aspirations may well be . If at all interested in the subject matter simply leave a comment as you see fit .

Picture and slide show details .


(1) Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan takes part in football mini camp Tuesday, June 19, 2012, in Flowery Branch, Ga. AP Photo/David Goldman …

(2) Atlanta Falcons defensive end John Abraham takes part in NFL football practice, Thursday, June 21, 2012, in Flowery Branch, Ga. For much of the free agency period , it appeared likely the Falcons would lose Abraham, the team’s top pass rusher. Instead Abraham has returned to find his new defensive coordinator is Mike Nolan , who was the Jets’ defensive coordinator for his 2000 rookie season. Abraham says it’s a perfect fit. AP Photo/David Goldman ..

(3) Atlanta Falcons head coach Mike Smith conducts NFL football mini-camp, Tuesday, June 19, 2012, in Flowery Branch, Ga. AP Photo/David Goldman ….

(4) Tight end Tony Gonzalez (88) of the Atlanta Falcons breaks a tackle during the game against the Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium on December 11, 2011 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images North America …..

(5) Matt Ryan (2) of the Atlanta Falcons heads off the field after the game against the Philadelphia Eagles at the Georgia Dome on September 18, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia. Scott Cunningham / Getty Images North America …

(6) Michael Vick (7) of the Philadelphia Eagles talks with head coach Andy Reid before the start of the Eagles game against the Washington Redskins at Lincoln Financial Field on January 1, 2012 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. …………


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Take It For What It’s Worth It’s Simply A Game But In The End What’s At Stake ?

Take It For What It’s Worth It’s Simply A Game But In The End What’s At Stake ?

By tophatal

So while the MLB postseason is now in full swing with the postponed game six being played tonight at Busch Stadium , in St Louis Missouri ,. The St Louis Cardinals find themselves down 3-2 in a pivotal game that could either end their postseason foray or prolong it dependent upon whether or not they can overcome that deficit to the Texas Rangers . Colby Lewis takes the mound : for the Rangers while Jaime Garcia of the St Louis Cardinals will be his adversary.


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In light of the monumental gaffe made by Tony La Russa in game five for which he’s fully accepted the blame . Somehow the the micromanaging by the Cardinals’ manager and the miscommunication between he , his coaches and the bullpen could well cost the team this series . Now inasmuch as I have enjoyed the World Series I have to admit that I do find something missing from this extravaganza ! Perhaps although we have a fabled ball club in this event with the St Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers making their second consecutive appearance as the AL pennant winners in baseball’s showcase finale . There still seems to be something missing from the series , be it the drama , suspense, I can’t quite place my finger on it at all.

With the World Series now tied at three games apiece (3-3) in light of last night’s come from behind extra innings’ win (10-9) for the St Louis Cardinals , a great deal will rest on tonight’s series ending finale . On the mound for the Cardinals will be Chris Carpenter who will be facing Matt Harrison of the Texas Rangers . All of the unnerving suspense built up as the series has unfolded will all now come to what one would hope to be a thrilling end . A fitting way to end what has been an improbable and exciting MLB season .

Whatever takes place tonight at Busch Stadium there is one thing to be sure , baseball is looking to make its play as they are witnessing the NBA simply shoot themselves in the foot with the idiotic stance of the league hierarchy and that of the NBPA . MLB will now look to make its play in being viewed as the alternative behind the NBA and all of its drama. Unless I’m mistaken either David Stern being the bombastic and self aggrandizing idiot that he is , and he now seems to be leading hierarchy and owners into antagonistic battle that they simply cannot win without harming the league irreparably. As if that hasn’t been done as it is already ! Opposing him representing the union are Executive Director Billy Hunter and union president Derek Fisher .

Repeated meetings between the league , union in front a mediator from the FMCS leads me to believe that the likelihood of either side reaching an accord is unlikely to happen. George Cohen presiding over these hearings must now be feeling like a kindergarten principal trying to get the pupils under their custodianship to be quiet and simply play nice . That hasn’t happened and things are unlikely to change unless calmer heads prevail .

So here we go again and all of the idiocy now happens to encircle the NFC matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania . Both teams’ seasons are at stake because a loss for either , places them each into an abyss that they’re unlikely to extricate themselves from. Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo has had an uneven season even by Jerry Jones’ own lofty standards but at the same there idiots such as Skip Bayless suggesting that the player simply has nothing to prove because the travails and woes of the team have more to do with the decisions made by the team owner , rather than the displays of the players this season. If this is the sort of in depth analysis and insight that Bayless brings to ESPN then it clearly shows that the journalist wasn’t hired by the broadcast outlet for his intelligence or for that matter his journalistic credentials ! Skip Bayless is to sports’ journalism as …(insert words here ) ………… .

I have long maintained that this myth that the Dallas Cowboys are America’s Team is like one of the Brothers’ Grimm Fairy tales ! Fun to read but after a whole deal of repetition in reading , it is simply a bore and that is exactly what the Cowboys have become . Repetitive and completely unoriginal and that is even with what we’re led to be believe is an offensive minded coach in Jason Garrett . And as proficient as this team is said to be on offense the real issue I believe is the mere fact that the Dallas Cowboys through their complacency simply do not close out games when they have it within their will to do so. Whether or not that is down to Jason Garrett and that of his assistants led by Rob Ryan as the team’s defensive coordinator.

The talk at the start of this season was simply that with the acquisitions made by the Philadelphia Eagles along with their draft picks they would be viewed as the presumptive favorites within the NFC . Well, let’s just say with the Green Bay Packers at 7-0 within the conference and the woefully inept Eagles rooted at the bottom of the NFC East bearing a record of 2-4 are on diverging paths . All the talk of this Eagles’ team being legitimate contenders have now gone eerily awry. Much of the blame rests squarely on the shoulders of Andy Reid and the front office led by team president Joe Banner .

If the on field issues are a problem then the sudden outburst by Asante Samuels and his criticism of the organization and the fact that they simply have made his life a living nightmare might just be fueling a great deal of discontent within the locker room. With Pro Bowl caliber players such as Michael Vick , LeSean McCoy , Nnamdi Asomugha , DeSean Jackson , Jeremy Maclin , Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Riley Cooper . I would hasten to ask the question who the hell is now driving this bus ?

Anyone who is not of the belief that both the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles do not have a lot riding on this game is clearly need in some form of medication ! This match-up dependent upon which team is one the losing end of a result will at some point begin to realize that in essence will have gone up in smoke .

If the Eagles and Cowboys’ event can or could be described as one of the premiere games within the NFC , then surely the meeting between the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers within the AFC has to be considered the marquee game of the day within the NFL . The Steelers will play > hosts to the Patriots at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania , in front of what is sure to be tens of thousands of ravenous New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers’ fans.

Both the Patriots and Steelers are atop of their respective divisions , with the New England Patriots (5-1) leading the AFC East and the Pittsburgh Steelers (5-2) leading the AFC North . For both teams this certainly give them a chance to gauge their progress against each other as legitimate contender for the postseason . Certainly given the form of both , over the course of the season thus far , this ought to be a really intriguing match-up between two highly respected franchises.

Coaches Mike Tomlinson and Bill Belichick are at the top of their games when these the two teams seem to meet in the regular season . And there’s a healthy respect by the teams for their adversary , as should be the case when they meet . Though we have all been enthralled with the play of Tom Brady this season , his counterpart Ben Roethlisberger now seems to be finding his customary rhythm after a somewhat tedious start to this season .

These two teams are making credible cases for them to be viewed as the presumptive favorites to meet in the AFC Championship game . But I would dare say that the likes of the Buffalo Bills , San Diego Chargers and New York Jets see themselves within the mix ! For now I think it would be pretty much safe to say that we can gauge Patriots and Steelers as a measure of the teams in AFC and how good they really are .

If the New England Patriots are to have any success against a determined Steelers’ team then the defense of Belichick’s team will have to play at an intensely high level . From an offensive standpoint there is not much to choose between the franchises when they are actually each in full swing .

As prolific as the New England Patriots’ offense is said to be you can’t help but feel that Dick LeBeau as the defensive coordinator of the Steelers will have something up his sleeve which his team will use to negate that combustible threat posed by the Patriots .



Alan aka tophatal ….

Picture and slide show details below .


(1) A fan of the St. Louis Cardinals holds up a sign reading “Weather Forecast in St. Louis Deep Freese” after Game Six of the MLB World Series at Busch Stadium on October 27, 2011 in St Louis, Missouri. Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images ….

(2) Teammates swarm St. Louis Cardinals’ David Freese at home after he hit a walk-off home run during the 11th inning of Game 6 of baseball’s World Series against the Texas Rangers Thursday, Oct. 27, 2011, in St. Louis. The Cardinals won the game 10-9 to tie the series 3-3. AP Photo/Matt Slocum …

(3) David Freese (23) and the St. Louis Cardinals celebrate at home plate after hitting a walk off solo home run in the 11th inning to win Game Six of the MLB World Series against the Texas Rangers at Busch Stadium on October 27, 2011 in St Louis, Missouri. The Cardinals won 10-9 . Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images ……

(4) Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, left, throws a pass as Vince Young looks on during a practice at their NFL football training facility Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2011 in Philadelphia. AP Photo/Alex Brandon ….

(5) Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid speaks during a media availability at their NFL football training facility, Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2011 in Philadelphia. The Eagles host the Dallas Cowboys, Sunday night, Oct. 30. AP Photo/Alex Brandon …..

(6) Quarterback Tony Romo (9) of the Dallas Cowboys passes to teammate Jason Witten (82) the St. Louis Rams at Cowboys Stadium on October 23, 2011 in Arlington, Texas. Photo by Layne Murdoch/Getty Images ….

(7) Defensive tackle Jay Ratliff (90) of the Dallas Cowboys applies pressure to quarterback A.J. Feeley (4) of the St. Louis Rams at Cowboys Stadium on October 23, 2011 in Arlington, Texas. The Cowboys would go on to defeat the Rams 34-7 . Photo by Layne Murdoch/Getty Images …..

(8) Coach Bill Belichick chats with Tom Brady (12) of the New England Patriots during a review of a play against the Dallas Cowboys in the first half at Gillette Stadium on October 16, 2011 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)…

(9) FILE – In this Sept. 1, 2011 file photo, Pittsburgh Steelers’ coach Mike Tomlin gestures before an NFL preseason game against then Carolina Panthers, in Charlotte, N.C. AP Photo/Bob Leverone …..

(10) Wide receivers Hines Ward (86) and Mike Wallace (17) of the Pittsburgh Steelers run out onto the field before the NFL game against the Arizona Cardinals at the University of Phoenix Stadium on October 23, 2011 in Glendale, Arizona. The Steelers defeated the Cardinals 32-20 . Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images ……

(11) Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (7) of the Pittsburgh Steelers makes a pass during the game against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium on October 23, 2011 in Glendale, Arizona. Photo by Karl Walter/Getty Images …..


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Hot chic pic’ of the day . Maliah Michel

Figure It Out ……………

Figure It Out ……………

Well Monday Night Football brings us a conference and divisional —— matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins . For these two NFC East teams comes the first of two divisional games where the duo will look for dominance between both parties. Mike Shanahan as coach of this Redskins’ team is off a 2-0 start and one of the surprises of the season , albeit that the schedule is in its infancy. The Redskins’ coach seems to have this team playing with a great deal of resilience with the offense seem to be leading the way with the play of incumbent quarterback Rex Grossman taking the helm and leading by example .


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From my own standpoint this game should prove to be something of an eye opener as to the ambitions of both teams. Cowboys Stadium will play host to these two divisional rivals with team owner Jerry Jones still singing the praises of his $1.3 billion homage to ostentatious opulence , albeit that the Cowboys simply have struggled in the early part of their schedule , having lost a winnable game to the New York Jets inexplicably. For some reason Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo would like to have us believe that he should be seen as one of the elite players at the position within the league but fortunately for many of us we know that’s simply not true . And for the ever consuming idiot analysts within ESPN who continue to drool over the player’s alleged abilities my question for them is when will they simply wake up to the fact that Tony Romo is not an exceptional talent ? He may well be statistically the second most successful quarterback in the franchise’s history sitting behind Hall of Famer Roger Staubach . But that counts for nothing when you have yet to lead the Dallas Cowboys to successful run in the NFL postseason and therein lies the dilemma facing the Cowboys’ organization .

For Jones’ counterpart there’s the equally ambitious Dan Snyder whose millions seems to be limitless when it comes to spending money needlessly on overpriced talent . The Albert Haynesworth and Donovan McNabb experiments were a case in point where neither player were at all productive for the team last season .

Both the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins garnered themselves some highly regarded talent in this past NFL Draft and it seems to have paid dividends for the Cowboys and Redskins as both seek to complement their respective rosters. Jason Garrett having succeeded his predecessor Wade Phillips seems to have the Dallas Cowboys playing with a great deal of confidence but as I alluded to before the Achilles’ Heel for this team just happens to be Tony Romo.

Now while Romo has a litany of offensive weapons at his disposal with the likes of Dez Bryant , Miles Austin , Jason Witten , Felix Jones , DeMarco Murray and Tashard Choice the real problem has been the inconsistency of the Dallas Cowboys to close out a game decisively . If they are to succeed then it will be incumbent of Jason Garrett and the coaching staff to emphasize that to his players.

With what appears to be a renewed belief amongst the Washington Redskins’ fans as well as the front office of the organization it would appear that Mike Shanahan and his coaching staff led by his son Kyle Shanahan has this team playing with a great deal of resolve . Given the mindset of Dan Snyder and the very fact that he’s a mirror image of Monday night counterpart without the title of general manager . As much as Jones and Snyder are viewed as two of the more high profiled owners within the league it has been their mere presence with interjecting themselves in the day to day affairs of the respective franchises that they own which has led to the ongoing lack of success for both teams over the last decade. Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder may feel that as owners it is their right to dictate the terms under which their teams operate and what they expect their coaches to do . Unfortunately for both success has been fleeting and it would appear that both Jason Garrett and Mike Shanahan are in for an uphill battle if they are to succeed for their respective franchises.

Results they say can be misleading given the premise of the schedules set by the league . But I would susgest it all comes down to how the teams prepare themselves leading up to gameday . And clearly this seems to have worked out and favored the Washington Redskins but I would suggest that their season while in its infancy has yet to convince me that this team is capable of being considered a legitimate contender within the NFC for the Superbowl .

Rex Grossman for his part has shown why he was preferred over counterpart John Beck . And as good as both appear to be for this team it would very well lead to the Redskins struggling for much of the season . The long held belief that the game has passed Mike Shanahan by may well have been justified but that now seems to give us a moment to rethink mindset.

Monday night’s game could provide us with several clues as to the aspiration and direction of the Cowboys and Redskins . Both are proving that on both sides of the ball they are capable of showing playing at a reasonably high level . I am not convince that either the Dallas Cowboys or Washington Redskins are truly capable of being considered amongst the very best that the NFC has to offer by way of being the best teams the conference has offer much less win the Superbowl.

The NFL season while still in its infancy won’t give us a a clear indication as to an outright favorite as of yet but by week 9 or 10 we should be getting a much clear indication as to what lies ahead for the real contenders as they look to separate themselves from the pretenders . As to the coaches on the perceived ” hot seat “ we may well see a casualty . My own thought as to who are the likely candidates ………….. well you can count Norv Turner , Chan Gailey , Tony Sparano , Jack Del Rio and Tom Coughlin should he not be able to corral the New York Giants ——– lead them to at least the divisional round of the playoffs . Anything less , and I believe that the coach’s tenure in New York with this franchise will come to an abrupt end !



Picture gallery for your perusal .

What if anything has come as a complete surprise to you as the NFL embarks upon another season ? And do you believe that either the Dallas Cowboys or Washington Redskins are viable contenders within the NFC for the Superbowl ? Simply chime in with a thought as to this piece and anything else you believe to be pertinent .

Alan aka tophatal ……….

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(1) Tony Romo (9) of the Dallas Cowboys throws a pass against the San Francisco 49ers in the fourth quarter of an NFL football game at Candlestick Park on September 18, 2011 in San Francisco, California. The Cowboys won the game in overtime 27-24 . Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images ….

(2) Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) is sacked by New York Jets linebacker Calvin Pace (97) during the first half of an NFL football game Sunday, Sept. 11, 2011, in East Rutherford, N.J. AP Photo/Julio Cortez ……

(3) Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan watches the action in the first half of an NFL football game against the Arizona Cardinals in Landover, Md., Sunday, Sept. 18, 2011. Washington won 22-21. AP Photo/Nick Wass ……

(4) Quarterback Rex Grossman (8) of the Washington Redskins hands the ball off to running back Tim Hightower (25) during the first half against the Arizona Cardinals at FedExField on September 18, 2011 in Landover, Maryland. Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images …….

(5) Two of the NFL’s more high profiled owners seen here at Fedex Field in Landover , Maryland . Dan Snyder (left) owner of the Washington Redskins is seen here with his Dallas Cowboys counterpart Jerry Jones prior to a game between their respective teams . Getty Images / Harry How …………….


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Did Hell Freeze Over ? The Ryans Are At It Again …… Well At Least One Of Them Appears To Be ….

Did Hell Freeze Over ? The Ryans Are At It Again …… Well At Least One Of Them Appears To Be …..

So Rob Ryan feels that the Dallas Cowboys are not getting the respect that he feels the team rightfully deserves . The defensive coordinator brought in by head coach Jason Garrett to improve the defensive capabilities of the organization feels aggrieved that the Philadelphia Eagles are now being lauded over as the team to beat within the NFC . As Ryan would suggest in a public statement ………….. ” we Ryans walk the walk and don’t simply talk the talk ” . Perhaps Rob Ryan should remember his brother Rex Ryan’s own mea culpa last season in predicting that the New York Jets would win the Superbowl . And as we all know the Jets fell short once again at the penultimate obstacle .


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Rob Ryan should now spend what time he has coaching this Cowboys’ defense and get them playing with some brevitas rather than the sheer ineptitude on display last season . And as good as this team believe themselves to be from my own standpoint I find the Dallas Cowboys simply over-rated ! And it certainly hasn’t helped that Jerry Jones as the team owner , whose own persona is almost as big as the stupendous Cowboys’ Stadium . In his tenure as the team owner this organization has seen the highs and the lows . If nothing else it would appear that the idiocy of the tv pundits remain as if look to place the Cowboys amongst the teams they believe to amongst the contenders for the Superbowl.

Courtesy of Dallas

Rob Ryan takes swipe at ‘all-hype team’

By Tim McMahon , ESPN Dallas

SAN ANTONIO — New defensive coordinator Rob Ryan is well aware that the Dallas Cowboys’ signings of Marcus Spears, Kenyon Coleman and Jason Hatcher aren’t sexy, but that’s fine by him.

“I don’t know if we win the all-hype team,” Ryan said after Monday’s second practice, when asked about the Cowboys’ defensive end rotation. “That might have gone to someone else, but we’re going to beat their ass when we play them.”

So who would win all-hype honors?

“I don’t know,” Ryan muttered, then excused himself from the media horde.

Might Ryan have been referring to the NFC East squad that signed an All-Pro cornerback (Nnamdi Asomugha), a Super Bowl champion defensive lineman (Cullen Jenkins), a Pro Bowl pass-rusher (Jason Babin) and a former third overall pick/backup quarterback (Vince Young), plus traded for another Pro Bowl cornerback (Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie) in the past week?

Jenkins, who signed a five-year deal with the Eagles Saturday, responded late Monday night via Twitter: “Talk is cheap. Let them talk. We are focused here and I could care less. We are worried about ourselves n getting better. He must be nervous.”

The Ryan family has fired plenty of shots in the Cowboys-Eagles rivalry, which features an entire chapter about Rob’s father Buddy Ryan’s days as Philadelphia’s fiery, foul-mouthed head coach.

However, this might have been the first shot fired by a Ryan while defending the Cowboys, although it wasn’t a direct blow.

The Cowboys visit the Eagles in a nationally televised prime-time game Oct. 30, and host Philadelphia Dec. 24.


I think that much of Rob Ryan’s resentment comes from the fact that the Dallas Cowboys are not the primary story on the sports pages as the Philadelphia Eagles through their moves have usurped “America’s Team” with the publicity they are now getting . And as we all know Jerry Jones and this organization have never been publicity shy. Granted , as one of the teams within the always competitive NFC East the Dallas Cowboys will be up against the New York Giants , Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins . Both the Giants and Redskins appear to be works in progress and with the contractual problems that now seem to have arisen concerning Osi Umenyiora it would appear that Tom Coughlin’s team could well be in for a pretty inauspicious start to the pre and regular season . Umenyiora for his part would like a contract extension but that doesn’t appear that the front office is amenable to the player’s request at present . The defensive stalwart has asked to be traded should the New York Giants fail to meet his demands . So as with numerous teams who tend to have a situation where a player feels dissatisfied with his contract situation , it then becomes a premise of the the player in this case Osi Umenyiora seeking a trade or holding out of training camp seeking to force the issue .

The Cowboys’ season will be predicated on the play of Tony Romo , as he goes , so does this team . With the moves made by Jerry Jones during the off-season and their draft choices it will be very interesting to see how the Dallas Cowboys acquit themselves over the course of the year . There’s no denying that the team can be as prolific from an offensive standpoint but in reality apart from the injuries suffered last season it has been their inconsistency that in many respects led to the team’s complacency and downfall. If there was one thing I found abundantly clear about the Dallas Cowboys it has been the very fact that Jerry Jones does not always know what is best for this organization. As shrewd as businessman as we know him to be and that he stands heads and shoulders above his peers when it comes to the branding and garnering the publicity for a team . The franchise itself now amongst the most valuable sports teams in the world and by far the most valuable team in the NFL .

The Dallas Cowboys currently valued at over $1.85 billion , Jerry Jones knows that he’s sitting on a gold mine as the organization looks to make the organization resurgent both on and off the field. Cowboys Stadium the vast edifice built to Jones’ grandiose requirements with its large jumbotron screen and a capacity to seat 100,000 fans has become the doyenne of the NFL market place. The venue itself staged several major concerts and sporting events. But the long held feeling of the owner Jerry Jones was to have his team host the Superbowl . That hasn’t happened and it’s unlikely to happen for the foreseeable future , until the Dallas Cowboys are able handle whatever is thrown their way in terms of real adversity.

Jason Garrett along with Rob Ryan and the coaching staff will have their work cut for them this season as the team looks to make themselves credible contenders. Jason Witten , Dez Bryant , DeMarcus Ware , Miles Austin and Tony Romo himself will have to lead the team with a great deal of authority. Inasmuch as the quarterback is viewed amongst the elite players at the position within the league . Romo in name only and his fans may well feel ranks up there with the elite quarterbacks but from my own perspective , Romo while competent , when there’s real adversity in their midst , it appears the moment he’s beset by a real threat ___ he along with his teammates will simply fold like a cheaply made suit !

Jason Garrett in particular will come under a great deal of scrutiny and given the fact that his predecessor Wade Phillips may well have been the sacrificial lamb after the team’s disappointing season in 2010 . With Phillips’ firing and Jerry Jones’ admission that mistakes had been made on his part he knows that the 2011-12 season numerous questions will be asked answered not only about the team but the entire organization as a whole. If there are no answers forthcoming then clearly it tell us a great deal about the character of the players and in particular about the Dallas Cowboys.



Picture gallery for your perusal .

From your own standpoint do you see the Dallas Cowboys being a formidable challenge within the NFC and league as a whole ? And as such is Rob Ryan justified in his criticism of the Philadelphia Eagles ____ and the fact that he views team as getting far more publicity than they deserve ? Leave a comment as you would deem fit and thanks for the continued support .

Alan aka tophatal ……….

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(1) Dallas Cowboys running back Lonyae Miler, left, moves agroun Andrew Sendejo during a scrimmage at the NFL football team’s training camp in San Antonio on Sunday, Aug. 7, 2011. AP Photo/San Antonio Express-News, John Davenport ….

(2) Dallas Cowboys’ Dez Bryant, left, is slowed by Orlando Scandrick during NFL football training camp Thursday, Aug. 4, 2011, in San Antonio. AP Photo/Darren Abate ……

(3) Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones walks on the field during the NFL football team’s training camp Thursday, Aug. 4, 2011, in San Antonio. AP Photo/Darren Abate …….

(4) Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett talks to reporters during NFL football training camp Monday, Aug. 1, 2011, in San Antonio. AP Photo/Darren Abate ……

(5) Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, right, talks to Cowboys’ Victor Butler during an NFL training camp practice, Sunday, July 31, 2011, in San Antonio. AP Photo/Darren Abate …………….

(6) Dallas Cowboys’ Tony Romo runs drills during NFL football training camp Monday, Aug. 1, 2011, in San Antonio. AP Photo/Darren Abate …….

(7) Dallas Cowboys’ Tony Romo passes the ball during NFL training camp, Saturday, July 30, 2011, in San Antonio. AP Photo/Darren Abate ……

(8) Jason Garrett (left) and Rob Ryan seen here sidelines at Cowboys’ Stadium during the team’s practice sessions. Ryan the newly installed defensive coordinator along with the other members of the team’s coaching staff are looking to make the Cowboys more competitive on both sides of the ball during the upcoming season . AP Photo/ Paul Barnes …….

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It’s Been DC Or Bust ……………….. But In Reality It Was Always Going To Be A Complete Bust …… !

It’s Been DC Or Bust ……………….. But In Reality It Was Always Going To Be A Complete Bust …… !

You’d have thought with a coaching pedigree acquired over the course of his career a two time winning Superbowl coach such as Mike Shanahan would prove to be decisive ? But what’s now happening with the Washington Redskins now under his reign is proving to be not only embarrassing to his immediate legacy but also to the tenure of owner Daniel Snyder . Consider this, that since the end of the second tenure of their former Hall of Fame coach Joe Gibbs the Redskins have been a complete mess . With their season now in a complete tailspin the organization are now at a point where it seems that Shanahan feels that it’s best to bench the team’s starting quarterback Donovan McNabb in favor of his backup Rex Grossman . And if Grossman’s reintroduction proves to be unsuccessful then it’s left to John Beck . From thereon in who the hell cares because as by then one seriously doubts that there’ll be a Redskins’ fan out there interested in this team !


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The coach in a public statement given at the team’s headquarters in Ashburn , Virginia , Shanahan stated that he’d like to see what Grossman and third string starter John Beck has to offer the team over ‘the final three games’ of the season. If that wasn’t enough to contend with the team still has to deal with the wayward and unrepentant Albert Haynesworth and his less than productive season . The player has been benched , suspended for the remainder of the season and fined for conduct detrimental to the team. Haynesworth , however has lodged a formal complaint with NFLPA with the intent of fighting the fine. And given the details and action taken by Shanahan and his coaching staff in coming to the decision there’s a chance that the suspension could very well be rescinded by an arbitrator.

Granted at 5-8 there’s little else to suggest that the Redskins have much to fight for beyond their pride . With a season of expectation from the hiring of Mike Shanahan , his son Kyle , coaching staff and Bruce Allen as the team’s general manager it’s pretty much now safe to say that those expectations have fallen completely flat. There’s been little to suggest that the Redskins were capable of contending in the NFC East and against the division’s incumbents the Dallas Cowboys , New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles . As we all know the Cowboys’ season has faltered and with owner Jerry Jones having since fired Wade Phillips with his interim successor Jason Garrett assuming the position the Cowboys are now gauging Garrett’s tenure with a view to making the position permanent. The Eagles and Giants will meet this weekend in a game that has divisional implications as they both fight to gain a playoff berth with the winner being in the driver’s seat with regard to winning the division.

The comedic nature of what’s been happening with the Redskins doesn’t seem to have gone unnoticed with the nation’s press and furthermore the fans in the nation’s capital have to be wondering what the hell is going on ? Fedex Field in Landover, Maryland still is awash with fans for the Redskins’ home games. But that in ofitself can’t counter Shanahan’s gross mismanagement of the team and the antics we have all witnessed this season. It’s now twice that Shanahan has benched McNabb this season and what might be even more unbelievable has been the fact that the organization signed veteran quarterback to a five year $72 million deal of which $45 million was guaranteed money. That being said with the way the deal was constructed the organization does have a $3.5 million buyout clause which it appears they will actually use in releasing Donovan McNabb at the end of season. Now it’s hard to say what the future holds for McNabb given the fact this has been the most unproductive season of his veteran career. It seems improbable that there’ll be a team willing to take a chance on McNabb but no doubt given the fact that there’ll be a number of teams out there looking for some time of veteran leadership if only as a tutor to a young rookie. Something of disastrous downfall for a player who has led his former team the Philadelphia Eagles to four NFC Championship games and a Superbowl (SBXXXIX ) appearance. The saying most associated with McNabb and Eagles’ coach Andy Reid ………. “always the bridesmaid never the bride” .

Once again for Daniel Snyder it comes to a situation where he’s overpaying for talent that in reality has been something of an immense failure. From my own perspective it appears that the game has left Mike Shanahan behind and his abilities as a coach has to now come into question. Consider this, while in final years as coach of the Denver Broncos having relieved then quarterback Jake Plummer in favor of their then first round draft pick (2006) Jay Cutler the Broncos never made the playoffs and the coach’s record over that period has been a meager 22-28 including his tenure this season with the Washington Redskins . One could say that much of that malaise came down to the fact that the Broncos talent wise has been a mess and that’s most certainly been the case given what we have all witnessed this season with the team under Shanahan’s successor Josh McDaniels who has since been fired by team owner Pat Bowlen . McDaniels has been succeeded by Eric Studesville as the interim head coach and as of now the Broncos’ season still remains in an abyss .

With the regular season about to come to an end it appears that Shanahan now believes this latest maneuver to be his best option. But it’s becoming abundantly clear that Shanahan has no belief in either Haynesworth which given the present circumstances is understandable. In the case of McNabb it’s hard to see what he was trying to achieve much less do in acquiring the player to begin with as there were always risks. Fundamentally the team wasn’t that sound to begin with on either side of the ball and it’s clear that Shanahan and his coaching staff have failed to address those issues straight off the bat. Kyle Shanahan who has been given the role as the team’s offensive coordinator has produced nothing that would indicate that the Redskins offensively were good enough to compete within its own division much less the conference and the NFL as a whole. The team’s productivity can be best described as being anemic in terms of its offense. And defensively it certainly leaves a great deal to be desired . Injuries asides the Redskins simply aren’t a cohesive unit and they lack leadership both on and off the field of play.

Now with the upcoming NFL Draft it’s clear that the Washington Redskins feel that their greatest need will be a quarterback . And with the likes of Andrew Luck , Kellen Moore , Cameron Newton , Colin Kapernick amongst those who may well declare themselves eligible for the NFL it will be interesting to see the steps taken by Shanahan and his staff. And given the money that Dan Snyder has been known to have spent over the years could it be that we’re about to see another maelstrom and inane stupidity by the Redskins ? The ongoing troubles with the the organization isn’t just about the talent but also the mindset of Shanahan as a coach and whether or not the game has really passed him by. I believe that to be the case but in reality Snyder and the front office clearly believe otherwise and it’s clear that the ongoing problems there in Washington has nothing short of being a bust and it will continue to be that way for the foreseeable future !.



Picture gallery for your perusal .

Where do you see things going for the Redskins and what of the future of Donovan McNabb and where do you as such see him ending up if indeed he still has a future in the NFL ?

NB: This piece was completed prior to Sunday’s scheduled game against the Dallas Cowboys .

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Eye candy ……… Tv reality star Deelishis’ a favorite of rap star Flava Flav’ on his eponymous reality show ‘Flavor of Love’ . Courtesy of XXL Magazine



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Nepotism Can Be A Double Edged Sword ….. That Bitch Can Cut Both Ways And It Hurts !

Nepotism Can Be A Double Edged Sword ….. That Bitch Can Cut Both Ways And It Hurts !

I don’t know about you but as a youngster I had no real interest in following of the footsteps of my father professionally. He worked for almost three decades in factory as a machine operator for a company that made office furniture. Not that there was anything wrong with that as a profession and the relationship between he and myself wasn’t one that was close to begin with. He left the family home recusing himself of all responsibilty of being a father first and then a man. But that asides he had his moments in the lives of myself and my two younger siblings , my brother and sister. Over the remaining years prior to his leaving the UK to return to the Caribbean our paths crossed but not always on the most amicable of terms.

As I grew up I simply knew that I had no intention of following in my father’s footsteps professionally as I sought to make my own way in the world. Having graduated from high school I joined the military and for the nex eight years I saw a great deal of Europe and North Africa serving in the British Royal Marines . Fulfilling my obligations there , I was lucky enough to be hired by large financial concern and over the next decade I spent working in the world of high finance. Along the way I was lucky enough to be the proud beneficiary of my employer’s in house educational program , wherein they paid for my entire college education. I put that education to good use in the world finance which was mutually beneficial for both parties at the time.


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In the NFL rarely has it worked with great success where a father and son have achieved success at the highest order. Especially when it comes to the field of coaching albeit that we’ve seen where the likes of Buddy Ryan and Mike Shanahan have achieved a great deal of notoriety and success. In the case of Ryan he has seen his son Rex follow in his footsteps first becoming a coordinator before being entrusted to take over the helm of the New York Jets as their head coach. Kyle Shanahan eager to follow in his father’s foosteps also is now the offensive coordinator and assistant coach alongside his father Mike Shanahan with the Washington Redskins . Now one can surmise that it’s never easy to try and succeed much less outdo the acvhievements of one’s parents. But there is a case to be made that when that comes about a parent never ceases to be proud of that very moment and the fact of the matter is those moments are a lasting legacy of the very achievement itself.

Ryan in his first season with the Jets he got the team to the AFC championship game where they would fall short in their loss to the Indianapolis Colts with the result being a 30-17 defeat . This season within the AFC East the Jets are off to a 5-2 start and it would appear are comfortably placed to make the postseason . For all of the bravado comming from Ryan and his team and the belief that they’re capable of winning the Superbowl . There is a widespread belief that Rex Ryan is merely amping up the rhetoric and hype in order to deflect any attention and undue pressure upon the New York Jets. At times actions such as this can do more harm than good to his team . And within the cauldron that is New York City where the fans and press can merciless and unflattering , either Ryan will be able to put up or he’ll have to simply shut the hell up. This much we do know if he’s unable to guide this team to the promise land it won’t be long before the fans there in New York start to clamor for his head on a platter and his blood to be spilled all over the New Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford New Jersey. Granted, while this is a very talented Jets’ team there’s no denying that their humbling 9-0 loss at home to the Green Bay Packers having come off a bye week showed not only how unpredictable the NFL is but also that there’s way too much hype placed on a team that simply hasn’t achieved anything in the past three decades that is of any real note.

Often thought as one of the elite division of the of the NFL the NFC East has been anything but that this season . Mired in mediocrity for much of early half of the season I sincerely doubt that we’ll see a clear cut and dominant team within the conference as a whole. Many of the top tiered teams within the NFC as viewed by the press and tv analysts alike have performed like they’ve been hampered by some unseen obstacle. Based on what I’ve seen of the teams in question namely the Dallas Cowboys , Minnesota Vikings , New York Giants and New Orleans Saints a case can be made that hype , complacency and the mere fact that a number of these teams simply aren’t that good.

Redskins work out ex-Oakland QB JaMarcus Russell

Ashburn , Va. (AP) —Former Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell worked out with the Washington Redskins on Tuesday, just three days after Donovan McNabb was benched in the closing minutes of a loss to Detroit.

Offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan said Russell was one of many players, including a few other quarterbacks, who were getting a look from the team.

“We’ll evaluate him and everyone else out there,” Shanahan said.

The Redskins routinely invite out-of-work players for workouts on Tuesdays, but the timing of Russell’s visit only added to the team’s quarterback drama of the last few days. McNabb’s benching raised questions about the six-time Pro Bowl player’s future with the team, and coach Mike Shanahan added to the confusion by offering varying explanations for the decision.

Russell, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2007 draft, was released in May after three disappointing seasons with the Raiders. He regressed on the field, was fined for being overweight and was criticized by the coaching staff for his work ethic.

Kyle Shanahan praised Russell’s talents, but said the other factors do come into consideration when evaluating a player.

“I don’t think you consider anyone just based off of talent,” Kyle Shanahan said. “Everyone in the NFL’s pretty talented. (It’s) other stuff that really separates you. He is very talented, so I think he can overcome some of the stuff that he struggled with. I don’t really know that personally, but if he looks like he’s in good shape out here and he’s working, and that’s all you can evaluate. Sometimes when guys do get a second opportunity, they can change their stripes.”


We’ve seen the unraveling of the season for the Cowboys and Vikings and there’s a great possibility that one if not both teams will most certainly miss the playoffs . And who’s now prepared to lay odds that Brad Childress and Wade Phillips aren’t on the proverbial “hot seat” as far as their NFL coaching positions are concerned ? This is much is certain with the tumultuous maelstrom and storm said to be surrounding both organizations at present nothing short of divine intervention will actually save either Childress or Phillips by season’s end. Jerry Jones and Zygi Wilf are now backed into a corner and as owners, they have to be completely embarrassed by the very circumstances that their respective teams are now in. Unrest amongst the respective coaching staffs and what could amount to be a certain amount of dissention has effectively cacaded out of control. And while this has all been going on we’ve seen some rather asinine displays of immaturity being shown not only by some of the player on these respective team but also by the coaches. Childress has waived wide receiver Randy Moss after a mere four games played having acquired the player via a trade from the New England Patriots. And less we forget he still has to deal with the now injured “primadona” Brett Favre whose play this season has bordered on being mediocre at best. It’s obvious that the $20 million spent this year on Favre won’t be getting this piece of crap anywhere at all !

Jerry Jones has a dilemma on his hands does he jettison Wade Phillips now or at the end of the season ? In doing so, knowing that in hiring a coach and complementary staff there is a good chance that next season will see the possibility of a labor stoppage. Why waste paying upwards of between $8 million to $12 million needlessly when there’s said to be a great deal of uncertainty as to what next season holds ? A slumping team and what appears to be a lame duck coach and owner whose ego knows no boundaries. Could Hollywood have scripted this any better ? All that now awaits is the self combustion of Jones’ brain matter all over the executive suite of his office inside Cowboys Stadium . A fitting end no doubt to the Cowboys’ comical and disastrous season don’t you think ?

While I’m under no illusion as to how average the Washington Redskins are , at best , I do know that this team simply isn’t capable of playing with any degree of consistency throughout the season . Now we have the idiocy of the coach and his son , Mike and Kyle Shanahan trying making contrary statements as to the fitness and play of starting quarterback Donovan McNabb . Furthermore, given the deficiencies of the Washington Redskins at present I’d say that their worries over McNabb are being exaggerated and without basis. Their real concern ought to be how best get this team playing with a great deal more consistency. Now the duo are trying downplay their statements and in doing so they’ve made themselves a complete laughing stock and have no doubt loss the immediate respect of the player. If they now had these concerns then why trade for him in the first place ? Clearly Mike Shanahan and his son are either unsure of what they want or they simply now have misgivings and are too afraid to admit to the fact that they made a monumental mistake in aquiring the player. What might now be even more ludicrous is the fact that the team’s offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan has brought in former NFL players JaMarcus Russell and J P Losman for quarterback tryouts. Is there a reclamation project now being put in place as they seek to perhaps replace McNabb ? Never mind the fact that the team has another “washout” in Rex Grossman as its backup . What are the Redskins’ fans to make of this latest turn of events ?

Given the mediocrity of the play now taking place within the NFC and specifically within the NFC East at present. We could very well see an 8-8 or 9-7 team make the playoffs this season from within the conference. How bad on appearance would that be ? No doubt what the fans have been served up within the conference would considered to be mediocre at best. But such are the vagaries of the game and the fact from week to week within the NFL one simply never knows what’s about to be served up next. It would be remiss to think that NFC is the only conference where the fans are getting a drab brand of football on display each week. As within the AFC at the lower rungs of the conference the teams there might be just as bad as those now in the middle and lower end of the NFC.

From my own perspective the mediocrity of the play this season isn’t merely about the teams but also about the apparent lack of real quality coaching and some of the asinine decisions that the fans have witnessed throughout much of the season as it has progressed. The remaining 8 weeks and the postseason has a great deal in store for the NFL fan and one would hope that it’ll be an improvement on what we’ve witnessed so far this season. As to the futures of Rex Ryan and Kyle Shanahan they will be judged by the decisions they make and the success achieved by their respective teams. This much I do know it’s clear at present given what’s going on they can’t really do much worse than many of the other head coaches around the NFL at present.



Picture gallery for your perusal .

What are your own feelings concerning the current situations that have befallen the Redskins, Cowboys and Vikings ? And do you feel that in the cases of Mike and Kyle Shanahan they’ve made themselves something of a laughing stock around the league and in the eyes of the fans ? And what are your thoughts concerning familial ties within the league and how it plays out concerning the individuals mentioned within this piece ? Simply chime in with a comment as you see fit .

NB List of NFL coaches including their 2010 record .

List of NFL teams’ coaching staffs including assistants .

NFL Week 9 schedule

Team with byes Broncos, Titans , Jaguars , Resdkins , Rams & 49ers



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Eye candy …….. Azzareya Crystal Curtis (left) & friends

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Take A Walk On The Wild Side ……………….

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

In the cold light of day this upcoming season within the NFL will tell us a great deal about a number of teams. The NFC East in particular with a number of teams having made changes in their rosters. There’s a belief that finally we could see the Washington Redskins actually amount to something. Having acquired Donovan McNabb in a trade from the Philadelphia Eagles . It looks as if Dan Snyder might finally have the quarterback the organization desires. Well with McNabb and a new coach in Mike Shanahan now joining the team . It could we be that the tide could be turning for the team and the organization. However the caveat may well be that each season the expectations are high but more often than not they end up to be a disappointment.


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Now while the Redskins are looking to be a competitive force within the division the other occupants are looking to do likewise. The Dallas Cowboys , Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants are looking to make their own waves within the division. And for their part the Giants are looking to redeem themselves as a team who’ve under achieved. If anything, one could say that apart from their Superbowl_(SBXLII) winning season the Giants have remained extremely quiet over the last couple of years. There’s continual talk as to the perceived expectations of the Cowboys and like groundhog day they’ll make their presence known only to disappoint. The Giants for their part, you’re never sure as to what to expect. Consistency has never been something that one could say with a certainty is something that has become a part of the team’s psyche. OK, so we’ll hear their fans say we’ve had injuries. My question is what about the roster of the Giants ? Isn’t that the reason behind having one in the first place?

As an avid fan of the NFL I want to see competitive games as well as competitive teams . Too often we’re being told that there’s parity in the NFL and that when it’s there it makes the NFL all the more appealing to the fans of the game. Isn’t that akin to saying that Rosie O’Donnell is appealing in a thong when you’re incapacitated from being blind drunk ? The league much like baseball has become about the haves and have not’s ! What I for one believe we’re now seeing in the NFL is a gradual dilution of talent and to an extent some poor coaching in the NFL ! Perhaps at no other time over the last decade have I seen the coaching in the NFL look so mundane. Granted we still have the likes of Bill Belichick and now Mike Shanahan. But in that respect , Shanahan hasn’t had a presence or any resonance in the NFL since his heyday with the Denver Broncos and those Superbowl winning years with John Elway at the helm of the team as its signal caller. Now the veteran coach has been entrusted to resuscitate the fortunes of the Redskins.

The Dallas Cowboys have been an entertaining joke for the past decade, with the thought of the team being perennial contenders for the Superbowl . Over the past decade the Cowboys have failed to win a playoff game. And what’s more pertinent was in their last playoff appearance they were so handily dismantled by the Minnesota Vikings. Any pretense as to the Cowboys being amongst the elite within the NFL is simply just that , pretense ! Tony Romo is no more a leader than Ricky Martin could be considered a viable candidate for the US Marine Corps . But yet these asinine pundits who continually come out with their assertion that the Dallas Cowboys are to be considered amongst the elite of the NFL.

Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones who has never seen a free agent he’s never liked , now has a team that has about as much substance as a wet paper bag. Anyone who’s still of the belief that the Cowboys are worthwhile watching merely because of their new gargantuan $1.6 billion dollar edifice might as well stay at home in the confines of their abodes. Because as sure as the day is long,the Cowboys simply aren’t worthwhile seeing, well not when playing football anyway ! You’re liable to get a great deal more enjoyment seeing the Cowboys’ cheerleaders entertain the crowd during the pre-game and at halftime . ’Enough said! Wade Phillips while often thought of as a great defensive coordinator, his attributes as a head coach still leaves a lot to be desired.

The Philadelphia Eagles are still something of an enigma and seeing this team repeatedly come so close only to fall at the final obstacle has you wondering what else can happen to this organization. Andy Reid as the team’s long tenured coach has been the one constant along , with the since departed Donovan McNabb. Now with the veteran quarterback having been traded to a divisional rival . It remains to be seen whether or not McNabb’s successor Kevin Kolb is ready to assume the quarterback and leadership role on this team . Inasmuch, as McNabb could be considered a success and the face of the franchise, in many ways he was most certainly blamed for the team’s failures. But to solely blame McNabb would be idiotic, when one considers he was essentially surrounded by marginal talent for the greater part of his career with the Eagles. And in the team’s lone Superbowl (SBXXXIX) appearance against the New England Patriots. Let’s just say in spite of Terrell Owens’ heroics it has to be said that rest of the team was about resourceful as boiling water would be in a vat of molten lava.

The New York Giants under their coach Tom Coughlin and their quarterback Eli Manning have sought to show us that they belong amongst the elite of the NFL . While I’ve no doubt in my mind that they are one of the better teams in the NFL. I personally don’t consider them amongst the elite teams within the league. Granted the NFC East has to be considered one of the best if not the best division in all of the NFL. Impressive as they were in their unexpected triumph over the then undefeated New England Patriots and the momentum that they carried from that victory. I have to say that I expected more from this team from that great run ,the following season. As much I now how difficult it is to successfully defend a Superbowl title the thought was that this Giants’ team were as capable as any other team , who’d been perceived to be good enough to make a successful defense.

Courtesy of Yahoo Sports

Jacobs needs to reassert powerful presence

By Doug Farrar , Yahoo Sports

Biggest problem in 2009: Jacobs’ power loss

The New York Giants had two problems that kept them out of the playoffs for the first time since 2004: a defense that suffered a severe downturn from the one that helped them win Super Bowl XLII, and a rushing attack that lost almost all of its power. It’s thought that the defensive issues will be solved with three additions: new coordinator Perry Fewell, first-round defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul(notes), and big-time free-agent safety Antrel Rolle(notes). The rushing attack is a more complicated matter.

The “Earth, Wind and Fire” trio of Brandon Jacobs, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Derrick Ward was reduced to an inconsistent duo. With Ward in Tampa Bay, Bradshaw got more carries and took advantage with his best season to date. Still, that left him with 778 rushing yards and just two games with 100 or more yards on the ground. Even worse, Jacobs, the main man, experienced an alarming drop in power and production.

Jacobs signed a new four-year contract with the Giants in February of 2009 after an ’08 season in which he set then-career highs in carries (219), rushing yards (1.089), 100-yard games (four) and rushing touchdowns (15). It was the second straight season in which he had gained five yards per carry, and though he was bothered all season by a knee injury, that’s part of physical style – Jacobs has dealt with different nicks throughout his career. With a more featured role, Jacobs had high expectations put on him for 2009.

Safe to say, those expectations were not met. Jacobs, formerly one of the league’s best power backs, started hesitating at the line, and the effects were immediate. Jacobs gained just 835 yards on 224 carries, had no 100-yard games, and scored just five rushing touchdowns. More than one analyst questioned Jacobs’ ability to run between the tackles, but the man himself remained unconcerned. “I feel like I’m running the same way I was running [in 2008],” Jacobs told the New York Daily News in early October. “Getting a little bit smarter, being patient, let the scheme happen for me. You just can’t run in there and think that you can outrun your blocks.”

Click on the link provided to read the article in its entirety.


An offense built around a terrific running game from Ahmad Bradshaw , Brandon Jacobs and a stout defense led by Michael Strahan , bolstered by Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora . One year on from that triumph and it were as if the team forgot how to play and what got them to their triumph. And for the team’s quarterback Eli Manning, his game seemingly regressed to the point where the player himself seemed to have lost confidence in his abilities and to an extent in his teammates. At times it showed in his game and the fact that he was trying to force plays instead of playing to his and his team’s strengths. How much this had to with Manning or with Coughlin’s coaching, one can but merely speculate. The one thing that is clear however, is that if the Giants are to be taken seriously as a contender this upcoming season . Then they’ll have to raise the level of their play back to where it was when they marched their way to the Superbowl and upended the aspirations of the New England Patriots and shocked the NFL world. Is the task beyond the scope of the team ? Clearly the organization doesn’t believe it is. And neither does Coughlin and his coaching staff or for that matter GM Jerry Reese.



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This past NFL Draft the organization has made sure to supplement the team’s needs with some prudent choices that are their prime areas of need. If things should pan out with the players in question then there’s strong possibility that we could see this team contending in the postseason. But that’ll be also predicated upon the play of Eli Manning , as we all know he’s nowhere near as competent as his elder sibling. So are you prepared to take a walk on the wild side and support the New York Giants this upcoming season ? Well I suspect the vast majority of Giants’ fans are ! While the minority of them will later jump unto the bandwagon if they’re actually showing signs of life.

NB : Click here to view the 2010 NFL Draft picks of the New York Giants.

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DC ……BC ……There’s No Mistaking The Redskins Suck

The NFC East off all of the NFL divisions is said to be the most contentious and competitive. Within that division lies the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants , Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Redskins.

Steven  Jackson  of  the  Rams   is   upended  during  the   game  played  against  the  Redskins   by DeAngelo  Hall.    The  game  itself   was  something  of   an  eyesore  as  a  spectacle  for  those   in  attendance at   Fedex  Field  in  Landover, Maryland.   The  game  was  won   by   the  Redskins   9-7  over  the    St  Louis  Rams.     picture  appears  courtesy of   ap/photo/  Rob  Carr  ......................
Steven Jackson of the Rams is upended during the game played against the Redskins by DeAngelo Hall. The game itself was something of an eyesore as a spectacle for those in attendance at Fedex Field in Landover, Maryland. The game was won by the Redskins 9-7 over the St Louis Rams. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Rob Carr ......................

With the installation of first time coach Jim Zorn , -it was felt that the franchise and team would settle back into some sort of normalcy. Normalcy with this franchise and with the arrival of owner, Daniel Snyder . In many respects , it has been very much like watching a speeding train ride just race ahead at full speed not knowing what lies ahead and the fact that rail tracks have become buckled. You know it’s going to careen and crash- laying almighty waste amongst the carnage that remains. It’s the only way that I for one can best describe the franchise , since the departure of Joe Gibbs and what essentially went on before his second tenure of the franchise he led so triumphantly to three Superbowl wins as an NFL coach.

Redskins'  defensive  lineman  Lorenzo Alexander  (79) and  teammate  defensive  end  Brian  Orakpo  watch   from  the  sidelines  at   Ford  Field ,  in  Detroit  as  their  team   goes  on  to   lose  19-14   to the  Detroit   Lions.    picture  appears  courtesy  of    ap/photo/   Carlos  Osorio  ...................
Redskins' defensive lineman Lorenzo Alexander (79) and teammate defensive end Brian Orakpo watch from the sidelines at Ford Field , in Detroit as their team goes on to lose 19-14 to the Detroit Lions. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Carlos Osorio ...................

Well once again it’d appear that not all is right in Daniel’s world and the belief is that Zorn’s head could well be on the chopping block , if the team doesn’t fare well this season. And if the team’s present record (1-2-0) and performances are anything to go by. Then the Washington Redskins and their fans are in for a long and arduous season. Statistically also, the team leaves a great deal to be desired . And their lone victory this season came over the hapless St Louis Rams, 9-7 . A game for which it can be best described as atrocious in its execution , by both teams ! In actuality for the Rams , of whom it can be said ,they’d be hard pressed to even give a high school team a competitive game. Such, has been their travails to date.

Lions'  wide   receiver   Bryant   Johnson  is   tackled   by  the  Redskins'  defensive   player   Carlos   Rogers  .     The   Lions  would  go  on  to  defeat  the  Redskins  19-14   in   a  game  played  at   Ford   Field    in  Detroit   ,  Michigan.    picture  appears  courtesy  of   ap/photo/  Carlos   Osorio   ....................
Lions' wide receiver Bryant Johnson is tackled by the Redskins' defensive player Carlos Rogers . The Lions would go on to defeat the Redskins 19-14 in a game played at Ford Field in Detroit , Michigan. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Carlos Osorio ....................

What may well just be another pointer as to how badly the Redskins have fared. It is the fact that their $ 100 million man in Albert Haynesworth has , had about as much presence on this team. As a vegetarian would feel comfortable in a room filled with carnivores with an assortment of venison laid out for all to consume. Through three regular season games thus far , Haynesworth has bearly registered a blip on the radar screen , registering just 9 tackles and 1 sack through those games. For $100 million , I’m sure that the Redskins’ fans and the NFL as a whole, were expecting more from the player ! But Daniel Snyder , as we all know has never been scared to overpay for what he deems to a priceless trinket. In this case however, he’s overpaid for a dud !

A  forelorn   Redskins'  coach   Jim  Zorn   walks  the  sidelines  in  the   third  quarter  of  the  game  played   against  the  Detroit  Lions .       picture  appears  courtesy  of   ap/photo/ Paul  Sancya  ....................................
A forelorn Redskins' coach Jim Zorn walks the sidelines in the third quarter of the game played against the Detroit Lions . picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Paul Sancya ....................................

One may well point to the fact that there has been continuous upheaval with regard to the organization. From the management on down. But for the team’s much derided quarterback , Jason Campbell . He’s had to deal with more than most. Since his entrance into the NFL and with him being named the team’s starter at the position. He’s had to go through two coaches and at least seven different offensive coordinators in that time . And one wonders why there’s no cohesiveness and fluidity to Campbell’s game ? He’d have been better off doing the play calling himself , for all of the assistance he’s been given. We could also point to the fact , that even though it’s been said that Snyder has taken a hands off approach. You can’t help but feel that he’s got his finger on the pulse of almost everything that takes place within the locker room and with Zorn’s own strategies and training practice schedules.

Redskins'  wide  receiver   Santana  Moss (89) is  tackled  by  Lions'  defensive   players    safety ,  Louis  Delmas (26)  and   linebacker,  Larry   Foote (55)   during  the  game.    The  Lions  would   go  on to  defeat  the  Redskins   19-14  and   halt  their   19   game    regular  season  losing  streak.        picture  appears  courtesy  of  ap/photo/  Carlos   Osorio   .................................
Redskins' wide receiver Santana Moss (89) is tackled by Lions' defensive players safety , Louis Delmas (26) and linebacker, Larry Foote (55) during the game. The Lions would go on to defeat the Redskins 19-14 and halt their 19 game regular season losing streak. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Carlos Osorio .................................

And in terms of a respite , it’s hard to see where the Redskins’ next victory may well come from. They essentially played down to the level of the Detroit Lions in succumbing to a 19-14 loss at Ford Field , in Detroit , Michigan ,during week three. There the Lions were able to stop their run of 19 consecutive regular season game losses, with the defeat of the Redskins. And about the only bright spot for the NFC East team on the day , may well have been the play of Campbell , himself . And that of his wide receiver Santana Moss . The player had 9 receipts for a total of 175 yards , with a touchdown to show for his production on the day. For Jason Campbell it was his best production by far in terms of the season as it stood. His figures , 27/41, 340 yds, 2 TD’s , 1 INT.

Redskins'  defensive  tackle  Albert  Haynesworth   covers   his  face  while   being   taken  off  the   field   on  a  motorized  cart .  The  player  suffered  an  injury   during  the   game  and  as a  matter  of   precaution  his   day  was   curtailed  in  order   for   him  to   undergo  X-rays  to  make   sure  his  injury  wasn't   far  more   serious.  With   $100 million  being  vested  in the  player  ,  the   team  has  yet  to   reap   any  reward   from him   by  way  of  leadership   or  his   presence   on the  field.   picture  appears  courtesy  of   ap/photo/ Paul  Sancya    ..........................
Redskins' defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth covers his face while being taken off the field on a motorized cart . The player suffered an injury during the game and as a matter of precaution his day was curtailed in order for him to undergo X-rays to make sure his injury wasn't far more serious. With $100 million being vested in the player , the team has yet to reap any reward from him by way of leadership or his presence on the field. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Paul Sancya ..........................

With the team now sitting afoot of the NFC East . One has to ask what direction is this team said to be going in ? They’ve not posted a winning season since 2007. And having made the playoffs that season , they brushed aside by the Seattle Seahawks in a wildcard berth playoff loss , 35-14 . Prior to that their last postseason berth was attained in 2005. Something of a sobering thought for one the NFL’s wealthiest teams. For all of the money spent by Daniel Snyder. He’s yet to reap the dividends of his largesse. Much of that appears to be from the ineptitude shown when it comes to making personnel decisions and his continued interference in the team’s day to day operations.

Redskins' quarterback  Jason Campbell (97)  is  face masked   by  Lions'   defensive  player  Jason  Hunter (97)   during  the  game  played  between  the   two   teams  at   Ford  Field   ,  Detroit  ,  Michigan.      The   Lions   would   go  on  to   defeat  the  Redskins   19-14.          picture  appears   courtesy  of   ap/photo/   Paul  Sancya  .........................
Redskins' quarterback Jason Campbell (97) is face masked by Lions' defensive player Jason Hunter (97) during the game played between the two teams at Ford Field , Detroit , Michigan. The Lions would go on to defeat the Redskins 19-14. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Paul Sancya .........................

Courtesy of Yahoo Sports and Associated Press

Wife wants Haynesworth to pay bills, stay away

By Teresa M Walker , AP Sports Writer

FRANKLIN, Tenn. (AP)—Albert Haynesworth’s(notes) wife is asking a Tennessee judge to force the Washington defensive tackle to pay veterinary bills, his daughter’s tuition and other family expenses dating back to when she filed for divorce in April 2008. She also wants a restraining order against him.

Stephanie Haynesworth said in the motion filed Sept. 17 that Haynesworth recently threatened to stop paying temporary support that began in June. The motion alleges he said he wouldn’t pay his daughter’s monthly tuition and a $4,000 veterinary bill that he authorized for the family dog.

A Williamson County Chancery Court judge had been scheduled to hear the the motion Tuesday, but it was continued until Oct. 13.

Haynesworth signed a seven-year, $100 million contract with Washington in the offseason. The Redskins said Monday that Haynesworth was in Tennessee for an MRI on a sore hip and personal business.

Attorney Joanie Abernathy, who is representing Stephanie Haynesworth, did not immediately return a message left at her office. The attorney representing Albert Haynesworth also did not immediately return a message left by The Associated Press.
In order to read this article in its entirety just click on the text link provided

A vocal Redskins’ fans lets his thoughts be known about the franchise and particular its owner and coach

Where the team now stands at present , where they no doubt thought that they would be and want to be. Well it’s like describing the distance that needs to traveled between the earth and the moon. It’s safe to say that at present , as the pilot said to be steering this particular vessel. The coach, Jim Zorn is in need of a great deal of luck and someone who can best assist him in navigating this journey. So far the direction that they’re said to be going in bears no resemblance of the desired destination sought by the fans of the Washington Redskins , or that of its owner , Daniel Snyder. They’ve been aimlessly wandering around and plummeting the depths of mediocrity. That it’s hard to empathize with the franchise or its owner.

A somewhat comical view as to who Snyder ought to hire .
Be sure to watch this in its entirety , it’s a hoot !

Jim  Zorn  (center)  and  team  owner   Daniel  Snyder  (right) at the  team's   training  facility   in  Ashburn  ,  Virginia  .    picture  appears  courtesy  of   getty images/   Chris    Hendricks    ........................
Jim Zorn (center) and team owner Daniel Snyder (right) at the team's training facility in Ashburn , Virginia . picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Chris Hendricks ........................

We can all agree upon the fact that this is an organization that in one way or another has seemingly continued to suck. And they’ll carry on doing so , for the foreseeable future ! Not because they want to but merely because it’s now become a part of their inherent psyche.