All that glitters, is not necessarily gold …..

All that glitters, is not necessarily gold …

Well , the sports’ world brought us all an array of surprising results , but perhaps , nowhere was this more surprising than in the arena of College Football . The continued arrogance of Alabama’s , Nick Saban continues to know boundaries as to its excessive-ness and his self-absorbed demeanor, was once again on display for all to see in the team’s ” highly touted” match-up against Auburn on Saturday afternoon . Given what this game meant to nation’s top ranked team at the time , the ensuing loss suffered by the Crimson Tide , their first of the season , pretty much has sealed their fate in terms of any national title hopes , as the program sought to win their third BCS national title in the past four seasons . Personally, I see the team’s defeat as a blessing in disguise for the program , a wake-up call for Nick Saban , his coaching staff and players as a whole !


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Saban’s explanation, as to the reasons why he felt it necessary to go for a fifty-seven yard field goal attempt , when all season long , neither kickers Cade Foster or Adam Griffith had succeeded from a range beyond forty-eight yards , warrants as much of answer , as to the coach’s own decision , to seek to make the attempt at the time. What followed is likely to go down in the annals of the Auburn Tigers’ folklore, as well its rich heritage of footballing history. With the remainder of the Collegiate Football schedule, yet to be played out , the question now becomes who best serves being anointed to play for this year’s BCS title, with the winner being viewed as the nation’s top football program for the 2013 season .

A clearly disgruntled Nick Saban strolls the sidelines during Alabama’s game against Auburn this past Saturday . The game ended with Alabama’s unbeaten reign for the season coming to an abrupt end .

While Alabama, was being sent back to Tuscaloosa, with their tails between their legs. Urban Meyer and the Ohio State Buckeyes , sought to move up the rankings by seeking to be victorious over Michigan . It is pretty safe to say that the Buckeyes and that rampant offense are by far the best team in the country as things now stands with the exception of the ACC’s own juggernaut Florida State (Seminoles) . I am beginning to wonder, if Jay Jacobs the Tigers’ AD is actually serious when he says ” ‘College Football’ would be done a great disservice, if a one loss team would be left out of the national title game and undefeated team such as Ohio State were allowed in “ . Once again, an administrator with clearly no damn intelligence, is seeking preferential treatment for the SEC , after Alabama’s repeated chances to put the game beyond Auburn’s reach, when the teams faced each other on Saturday afternoon . Jacobs, if anything should be elated at his school’s triumph and that they are now viewed as a possible national title contender while praising Chris Davis in showing his athleticism in racing through for a one hundred and seven yard touchdown run , that sealed the victory for the Tigers and leaving Alabama questioning their alleged invincibility .

Urban Meyer having brought back a sense of respectability to the Buckeyes’ program , their clash with Michigan (Wolverines) has always been seen as one of the highlights of the Collegiate Football season. Nonetheless, it would take a wildly rousing and stirring contest , before this game would come to a satisfactory conclusion on Saturday afternoon , with Meyer’s team coming away with a narrow but hard-fought 42-41 victory . At 12-0 , the Buckeyes can now seal their own fate, by winning the Big Ten title and booking their way to a BCS title match-up .

One can truly tell a great deal about a program in College Football , by the demeanor of a head coach and the relationship that he is said to have with the fans. In the case of the Florida Gators . The expectations were high , with the hire of Wil Muschamp , as he sought to make a name for himself , rather than seeking upon the retirement of Mack Brown at the University of Texas and that illustrious program . Of late , both the Longhorns and Gators seem to have hit upon lean times , and now comes the question what fate now awaits both Mack Brown and his former heir apparent Wil Muschamp after their respective under-achieving seasons. You can have all the talent in the world along with this asinine notion as to a top recruiting class on an annual basis , as many of these misanthropes who purportedly call themselves die-hard Gators’ fans . Ask them to explain why none of that has matriculated into a successful 2013 season , and it almost akin to berating and telling them to stop suckling on their mother’s breasts .

These Gators’ fans are bright , but not that bright or excessively intelligent. Jeremy Foley no longer has that glint in his eye and his reputation has taken a gigantic hit with the team’s failings this season under the young head coach . From my own standpoint, I do not believe that Wil Muschamp is a great motivator , while he may well be a very good coach , there has been nothing to suggest that he is either astute or in fact knows how to deal with real adversity on or off the field of play ! The results this season bear this out and the team’s lopsided loss (37-7) to instate rivals, the Florida State Seminoles , further emphasized that fact and was a damning indictment of the team’s failings that have been on show , all season long .

Wil Muschamp is likely to be retained by the school , but I believe that after this loss to the Seminoles, the picture for the head coach is not as bright as first thought , when hired as the successor to Ron Zook , whose own tenure with the program was short-lived , after the boosters were not satisfied with the on field progress of the team , at the time . If Zook, can be hung out to like a dying carcass , for just about everyone to pick at his entrails , then why has not the same fate , now befallen his successor ?

If the NFL has actually proven one thing to me this season , it is never ever look at a team and to think them great , in spite of the results or statistics ! Well , in the case of the , Atlanta Falcons , Buffalo Bills , Cleveland Browns , New York Jets , Tampa Bay Buccaneers , Chicago Bears and Washington Redskins , that argument was already mute to begin with, Neither team from a coaching standpoint, or competitive standpoint has been a worthwhile exhibit to view and categorically state , this is what the NFL is all about . If anything , all six teams , it could be argued this is what the league should not desire to be about , under any description that would give credence that this is how football ought to be played .

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-9) were thought to have turned the corner having won two straight , before running into the hottest team in the NFL , when Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers played host to their NFC South divisional rivals on Sunday afternoon . Anyone who may well have remotely thought this contest to be even competitive , must be viewed with a great deal of skepticism . This is a badly coached Buccaneers lineup , whose head coach Greg Schiano is as bereft of coaching acumen , as the team he sent out onto the field of play on Sunday afternoon . Where Tampa and the front office now decides to go from here, will be predicated upon the remaining four games of the season on the Buccaneers’ schedule.

Geno Smith , turnover machine , his understudy this season , Mark Sanchez , likewise . How else can one describe a New York Jets’ team that has been so extraordinarily bad , other than to say , “ boy this team sucks “ ! The Jets and the Miami Dolphins met in an AFC East divisional game that had a great deal riding on the outcome for both teams. Miami, is still looking to downplay and forget about the verbose behavior of Richie Incognito , while the Jets are simply looking to forget about this season altogether . Suffice to say, after the Dolphins’ open-ended 23-3 annihilation of the Jets , you have to come to the conclusion that the team’s GM John Idzik has to take matters into his own hands and fire head coach Rex Ryan at the end of this season . What use is a coach , who is unable to motivate a team , much less teach them the basic fundamentals of the game ? Answer me, that , if you can ?

Geno Smith may well be in his rookie season , but the repeated mistakes , are common placed , that there is no way in hell , I can see the player being the regular season starter for the franchise next year ! He was ill prepared in 2013 and under the tutelage of quarterbacks’ coach David Lee , his progression has been at a snail’s pace. .

How the mighty have fallen and it seems almost inconceivable, that the Houston Texans (2-10) can now be so bad and look so bad . At the beginning of the season, this team was thought to be one of the more credible contenders within the AFC South , as well as the AFC and a legitimate Superbowl contender. Instead, a team , plagued by injuries , poor quarterback play, inexplicable mid-season personnel decisions and a complete lack of leadership both on and off the field of play . Matt Schaub , has simply proven that all the all great regular season stats cannot make up for the flaws he has in terms of his postseason play , and not one to be viewed as a leader , when faced with adversity during the postseason. Head coach Gary Kubiak , in spite of his recent health issues , I can only surmise that team owner Robert “Bob” McNair and GM Rick Smith are likely to make the decision to jettison their beleaguered coach. Two successive postseason failures and then , in 2013 , a none responsive unit on the field of play , has all but condemned the franchise to a rather moribund season . The team’s record, as it now stands, certainly bears this out and it is simply another damning indictment of another NFL franchise , where the coaching has been so mediocre beyond the atrocious play .

The Texans’ narrow three-point 34-31 loss to the New England Patriots may well have been another nail in the coffin , that is likely to bring about Gary Kubiak’s abrupt departure as well the team’s veteran quarterback Matt Schaub. Many, still question, why it is, that the coaching staff have not made more use of either TJ Yates or Case Keenum . The latter, in Keenum, who showed a great deal of poise earlier this season , when asked to step in for the then injured incumbent starter , Matt Schaub. Keenum’s demotion back to the bench, created a great deal of anger amongst Texans’ fans. Case Keenum’s play on Sunday was very good , but the Texans’ defense was simply diabolical to watch under any circumstance , that one might deem to imagine.

As the Seattle Seahawks roll on , and based on last night’s rollover and demolition of the New Orleans Saints, this Pete Carroll coached team might just now be the best in the NFC . My only caveat to this all , “buyer beware “ , as the Carolina Panthers with their recent win streak aided and abetted by the play of Cam Newton and the Panthers’ defense has the team rolling along nicely . Not only that , but with a 9-3 record , they are now challenging the Saints for divisional supremacy within the NFC South , in what has been a totally abhorrent season for the division’s two other divisional occupants , the Atlanta Falcons and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

While I believe that the Seahawks’ fortunes are tied to that of the team’s quarterback Russell Wilson . I can’t help but wonder, how differently, things might have turned out, had not then GM John Idzik persuaded Pete Carroll to draft Wilson, rather than going with a defensive lineman . It is clear, that since Russell Wilson’s first appearance for the Seattle Seahawks, the franchise has become relevant once again, with the young sophomore quarterback once again showing his worth this season . Seattle’s next game will be a true test of wills when they make an appearance at Candlestick Park in San Francisco , California, when they are the guests of the San Francisco 49ers in a divisional contest. In the driver’s seat, having already garnered a playoff berth, the best record in the conference and the league are still up for grabs.

As a die-hard New England Patriots’ fans , I must say that at times I have been completely dismayed by the play of the team and what appears the whimsical and often complacent attitude of Bill Belichick and his staff . I believe much of this, may well have to do with how the franchise has been viewed in light of the Aaron Hernandez ” scandal” . A great deal of the blame rests squarely on the shoulders of the head coach and front office , with GM Nick Caserio working in close conjunction with team owner Robert ‘Bob’ Kraft. . In the aftermath of Hernandez’s arraignment and being charged first degree murder , all of the finger-pointing and blame game began , with Kraft suggesting that the player lied to the organization . My question for Kraft , if as suggested , the franchise conducted their own in-depth background check of Aaron Hernandez’s past history , then why was it that a number of the prior allegations against the player while in college, were simply overlooked by the organization ? And given the player’s propensity for violence and a need to be around multiple firearms, licensed and unlicensed , then clearly that had to have been a ‘red flag’ raised for the Patriots’ investigators, for Bill Belichick , Nick Caserio and Robert Kraft.

A trial date, has yet to be set for Aaron Hernandez, in the homicide of a former acquaintance, Odin Lloyd . This story will become a media cycle and news’ frenzy for the NFL and the nation’s broadcast networks in 2014. Especially where, there now seems to be a belief that the tight end may well now be an accomplice in two other homicides that have yet to be closed by law enforcement in terms of a full investigation .

At 9-3 and leading the AFC East , quite comfortably, New England’s destiny over the remainder of the regular season rests in their own hands. The remaining four games on their schedule, are all winnable , if the effort is shown to garner the results desired. A number two seed and gaining a bye, in the wildcard round of the playoffs has to be the objective of the team. I am sure that Tom Brady and his teammates would like to make that a reality , rather than having to face the pitfall of facing a lower seed in the always dangerous opening round of the NFL postseason .

This never-ending rationale by Roger Goodell with the rise in popularity of the NFL across the Atlantic Ocean , and specifically in Western Europe . There now seems to be a growing anticipation amongst Goodell and the most senior league executives that the time is almost upon the league to make it a reality , of having a franchise based in Europe . Language barriers asides , the preferred choice would appear to be London , England . Yet, the real issue would become the venue and the cost to an apparent aspiring franchise owner. Any bidding consortium is likely to be asked for a rights’ fee in excess of $750 million . No small price, considering the avarice continually being shown Goodell and the franchise owners around the NFL . What the NFL Commissioner has failed to take into account, apart from the tens of millions dollars lost after the league’s first foray on the European continent with the doomed failure . of NFL Europe . Presided over by Paul Tagliabue as the then commissioner , is the league having to compete against not only Premiership soccer , but also the various professional soccer leagues in Western Europe and their scheduling .

One of the major failings of that first start-up , was the very fact that the NFL handled it all haphazardly , without their being any input being sought from the then starting franchises, that encompassed NFL Europe’s beginning . Communiques between the league and its counterpart , were often comedic and bore no substance in fact , in terms of the claims that the initiative was an overall success . Two decades later , and I am convinced that Roger Goodell has learned absolutely nothing from his predecessor’s failure with NFL Europe. Owners such as Jerry Jones , Robert McNair, Jed York , Arthur Blank , Jerry Richardson , Pat Bowlen and Jim Irsay and Jeff Lurie are proponents for the league’s expansion outside North America .

If the NFL can barely make any inroads, in seeking the creation of a franchise in the nation’s second largest advertising market in Los Angeles , California. Then what might I ask, would embolden the league to now believe, it now has a better chance of having a European franchise ? One would also have to take into account the logistical nightmares that are likely to be created, concerning a regular season schedule and the time zones involved . While there are billions of dollars at stake in terms of increased revenues , there is no guarantee of success and I sincerely doubt that a prospective franchise owner would willing wait anywhere between four to six years before the franchise would be deemed a competitive success. Never-mind the fact, that the fans are likely to be subjected to several years of likely incompetence in terms of the on-field product . Is that really the price , that you as a consumer and fan would be willing to pay?



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As the NFL regular season is coming into the final stretch , what if anything do you believe awaits a number of the league’s perceived contenders ? Also, which team to your mind , has proven to be the biggest disappointment of this season ? Chime in with your thoughts on this and anything else, you believe pertinent to the subject matter.


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(1) Auburn’s Chris Davis (11) returns a missed field goal for the winning touchdown against Alabama. Auburn would go on to defeat the number one ranked Alabama Crimson Tide 34-28 in a nail-biting game that may well have dashed Alabama’s national tile hopes in a game played this past Saturday Nov. 30, 2013 in Auburn, Ala. Todd J. Van Emst …

(2) Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn , arms aloft , celebrates as he sees Chris Davis makes his way to the end-zone during the game between Alabama and Auburn this past Saturday , in a clash of two of the SEC’s most respected programs . The outcome has now wreaked havoc in the BCS standings , with the formerly unbeaten Alabama now falling down the rankings to number four in the BCS Poll . AP Photo / Curtis Todd ….

(3) Wide receiver Jeremy Gallon (21) of the Michigan Wolverines is tackled by defensive back Tyvis Powell (23) of the Ohio State Buckeyes in the first quarter during a game at Michigan Stadium on November 30, 2013 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Getty Images North America / Gregory Shamus ….

(4) Wide receiver Devin Smith (9) of the Ohio State Buckeyes scores a touchdown in the first quarter as safety Josh Furman (14) of the Michigan Wolverines defends during a game at Michigan Stadium on November 30, 2013 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Getty Images / Gregory Shamus …..

(5) Wil Muschamp left , head coach of the Florida Gators’ program is seen here with his counterpart Jimbo Fisher of Florida State as the two meet center-field prior to the game between the programs in Gainesville , Florida on Saturday 30th November , 2013 . The Seminoles would go on to rout Florida 37-7 in a lopsided match-up where the Gators’ defense was simply abysmal . So much for the idiocy that the program on annual basis has a top five recruiting class , which obviously hasn’t matriculated into anything of substance in 2013 , given Florida’s present record (4-8) . Orlando Sentinel / Jose Garcia ….

(6) Cam Newton (1) of the Carolina Panthers breaks through the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense for a first down during play at Bank of America Stadium on December 1, 2013 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Panthers won 27-6 . Getty Images / Grant Halverson …..

(7) Another loss and another erratic display from the New York Jets . Geno Smith (7) of the New York Jets leaves the field after a loss against the Miami Dolphins at MetLife Stadium on December 1, 2013 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Getty Images / Jeff Zelevansky …

(8) Seattle Seahawks’ head coach Pete Carroll , right , is seen here with the team’s quarterback Russell Wilson . The player has guided the team to their second consecutive playoff berth in two season and will be looking to go one step further than last season , when the Seahawks were defeated in the divisional round by the Atlanta Falcons . Seattle currently has the best record in the NFC , much of it due to the improved play of the quarterback and what is now turning out to be one of the league’s best defenses . On Monday night the Seattle Seahawks showed their dominance in routing the New Orleans Saints in a completely lopsided affair . AP Photo / Mark Shaw …

(9) Case Keenum (7) of the Houston Texans is seen here on the sidelines at Reliant Stadium in Houston , Texas, speaking to head coach Gary Kubiak . Currently rooted at the bottom of the AFC South with a 2-10 record , all things seem to be pointing to the fact that Kubiak will not be returning in 2014 , albeit that the front office has been noncommittal concerning the head coach’s long-term future. AP Photo / Scott Parker ….

(10) Former New England Patriots’ tight end Aaron Hernandez (81) is seen here with head coach Bill Belichick at the Patriots’ practice facility in Foxboro’ , Massachusetts. With the franchise having released the player early this season after his having been arraigned and charged with first degree murder in the death of Odin Lloyd . Hernandez now awaits a trial date to be set , with two accomplices and his fiancee` Shayanna Jenkins also charged on a lesser count of obstruction of justice and perjury . Meanwhile , the New England Patriots, have seen their season become one of erratic performances , but with their not being much of a competitive resolve from their divisional competitors , their fate now lays in their own hands over the remainder of the regular season , and beyond . Getty Images / Sam Gardner ………

(11) NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell , foreground , is seen here with Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones . Both high level executives are proponents of the NFL’s expansion beyond North America . Jones has long wised and pushed for the NFL to have an overseas’ franchise specifically in Europe even in spite of the league’s failure with NFL Europe in the mid to late eighties. NFL regular season games have been played in Toronto , Ontario , Mexico City , Mexico and in recent years in London , England , at the cathedral of English soccer , Wembley Stadium , in London. In 2014 , Goodell expects the schedule to incorporate two regular season games at the English soccer venue , though no concrete deal has yet to be set on the schedule and how it would fit in with any proposed events to be staged at the stadium. . AP Photo / Scott Parker ….



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Slap me silly .

Saban left his team hanging in the wind with his boneheaded decision , much like this chic’s tits .

Trouble in paradise ……..

Trouble in paradise ………

College Football’s season is well under way , with schools now heading into the fourth week of their scheduling . Alabama remains atop of the AP Poll , as the number one ranked team in the nation. Nick Saban and his team survived a minor scare when they were pushed by Johnny Manziel and the Texas A&M (Aggies) in a game played at College Station, Texas . Manziel proved once again, why he might just be the most electrifying player in college football at present. Far be it for me to suggest that the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner can repeat as a back to back winner of college athletics’ most prestigious individual honor .


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Amongst the collegiate football landscape, there does not seem to be any bona-fide standout nominees at present, to perhaps challenge Johnny Manziel as a repeat winner of the Heisman, , albeit that there seems to be the ridiculously over-hyped hyperbole surrounding South Carolina’s defensive tackle Jadaveon Clowney. And as good as Clowney is said to be , unless Steve Spurrier’s Gamecocks are in the midst of the SEC championship aspirations, little if anything , is likely to come out of the arguments and sentiments that now surrounds the player . For the defending BCS national champions, this season has seen the showing something of an immense drop off in terms the play in comparison to last season . Granted when a program loses that many players to the NFL by way of the NFL Draft , it does become something of a boon as well as a boost to the school’s notoriety ,while adding to Nick Saban’s already illustrious legacy .

At 2-0 , Alabama’s next game will be against Colorado State (Rams) to be played in Tuscaloosa , Alabama at the cavernous Bryant-Denny Stadium. The match-up itself , will be the Crimson Tide’s home opener, and there is likely to be a packed venue to see the highly favored national champions make a statement as to their intent , of making a successful defense of their national title. For juniors and seniors such as A J McCarron , Cyrus Kouandjio , Kyle Zazakevicius , Kevin Norwood , Kenny Bell and Deion Belue , this game can be seen as an initial audition for many of the NFL’s scouts , general managers and head coaches. While I believe that Alabama are likely to be tested , I do not think it will prove such a competitive contest, wherein they are likely to be on the wrong side up an upset defeat . We tend to see that sort of complacency shown by the likes of former top-fifteen ranked Florida and their inexplicable loss (21-16) to instate rivals the Miami (Hurricanes) . Florida coach Wil Muschamp now has to reassess where the mistakes were made beyond the defensive lapses and errant plays by quarterback Jeff Driskell during this game .

. If Florida are to have any hope of regaining their momentum, then every effort will have to be made to remedy their mistakes , as their next game will be at home against SEC rivals the Tennessee Volunteers (2-1) coached by Butch Jones . The Volunteers are a team that should not all be taken that lightly , at this point of the Gators’ season . A second slip up , especially in a conference game is likely to put any chances to their own conference championship aspirations as well as an appearance in a major BCS Bowl match-up into a tailspin . Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville, Florida, will be packed with two sets of intensely rabid fans showing their support for their respective programs.

The hiring of Urban Meyer to replace the now disgraced former head coach , Jim Tressel at Ohio State (Buckeyes) did not come as a great surprise ,but the coach’s demeanor since his being installed into the position, has left many people wondering how conceited Meyer has become. Beyond his criticism leveled at his former employers , Florida, it has also emboldened the coach to deny any culpability of a program that he coached for six years , where he won two national titles , but also this was a program mired in controversy, which Meyer and AD Jeremy Foley may well have clandestinely sought to cover up a great many of the misdeeds carried out by the players under his tutelage . Allegations of sexual assaults , drug use, theft , grand larceny and academic fraud , much of it unsubstantiated , but there were also clear indications that Foley had boosters intervene to smooth things over with local law enforcement and specifically with the Gainesville Police Department and the Alachua County Sheriff’s Department , where there was said to be misconduct by members of the team .

Meyer having taken over a program that itself was mired in its own controversy , with much of the facts coming to the fore, only after a state and federal investigation was undertaken after it came to light that several players were known to have accepted illicit monetary payments from a known felon , gambler and drug dealer. A great deal of the subterfuge was actually enacted by Tressel , to cover up his own misconduct, web of lies and deceit enacted by himself , and assistant coaches players. While this was going on, both university President , Dr E Gordon Gee and AD Gene Smith stood steadfastly by and vehemently defended the beleaguered coach as the mountain of evidence grew and was then substantiated .

The NCAA , long thought to be the moral voice of reason, saw fit to punish Ohio State, only after the somewhat ridiculous self-imposed sanctions that the program’s Athletics Department was said to be willing to impose upon itself. A mere slap on the wrist for Tressel, with the coach being given a punitive monetary fine and having to sit out a six game suspension, was prescribed by Gene Smith and sanctioned by Gordon Gee. Take into consideration that a $250,000 fine and being told to stay away from the program for six games should be deemed somewhat laughable , when you are made aware that Jim Tressel’s annual salary with Ohio State at the time was in excess of $3.5 million a year . The Infraction’s Committee’s investigation and findings, concluded that there was gross negligence on the part of the Athletics Department’s compliance office, as well as by several administrators . That level incompetency went to the very top of the school’s hierarchy and showed also the complete lack of oversight by Gene Smith in its entirety . The fact that both Gee and Smith are still in the employment of Ohio State, either should be seen as a worrying sign or the fact that Gene Smith would be true to his word and actually make the changes recommended as well accepting the academic probation , with the loss of several scholarships and the forfeiture one year of non-appearance in College Football’s postseason jamboree .

A year removed, from having undergone their sanctions and prohibited from postseason play in 2012. The Buckeyes went through their schedule unbeaten , compiling a 12-0 record with a team , filled exciting players . This season brings about new set of challenges and a chance to see whether or not Braxton Miller is in fact the real deal . With Miller having to sit out the last game in Ohio State’s somewhat lopsided 52-34 victory over the California (Golden Bears) , it was left to Kenny Guiton take over the reins and guide the team to the win . Say what you will about Urban Meyer , but I believe that it is his intent to prove this season that the Buckeyes are justifiably the number two ranked team in the country . although based upon the recent performance of Oregon (Ducks) , some might believe that the Pac 12 program should be fitting of that role, as the second best team in the nation . . Oregon’s 59-14 pummeling of Tennessee, shows that they have no intention of being overlooked in the polls that matter the most, the BCS and AP Polls . The racking up of victories and the piling up of stats seems to be the thing that generates the most votes amongst the adjudicating officials . For Ohio State their next scheduled game will be against Florida A&M in Columbus , Ohio , this upcoming Saturday , at the program’s state of the art facility Ohio Stadium .

Since succeeding Pete Carroll as the head coach of USC (Trojans) , it would be easy to suggest Lane Kiffin has under-achieved in his position as the football program’s head coach. From my own perspective, Kiffin has been controversial from the very day that he was formally announced in that role . Within eighteen months of succeeding Carroll, Lane Kiffin was already within the cross-hairs of the NCAA for having violated several minor infractions. All this , while the program was still under probation in the aftermath of the improprieties of both the basketball and football programs coached at the time by Tim Floyd and Pete Carroll . Mike Garrett , the former AD was either simply naive or was somehow collusive with many of the actions that brought the program into disrepute. With former Heisman Trophy honoree, Reggie Bush , having to return his trophy after bringing dishonor to the school. It has to be said that a great deal more was expected of Lane Kiffin as a head coach. Instead it has been one pratfall after the other , with countless apologies being proffered and the excuse of being unaware as the NCAA requirements . Much to the embarrassment of present AD Pat Haden , who in having succeeding Mike Garrett, has done his leveled best to clean up the program and bring back some respect to one of college athletics’ most high-profiled and visible names .

Last season , was far from being deemed a successful year for the Trojans , who finished with a rather average 7-6 record overall and a 5-4 mark within the Pac 12 . Suffice to say, that with expectations being high, this misstep was seen as step backwards , rather than forward. Off to a 2-1 start in 2013, the team’s first loss (10-7) came by way of Washington State (Cougars) and much to the chagrin of the local media and boosters alike. When you are said to be one of the powerhouse programs of the Football Subdivision (FBS/D1) , these types of losses will not be tolerated easily. Kiffin for his part and his coaching staff seem to be at a loss to explain another haphazard and lackluster performance by the team. With the constant rumors now swirling and calls for Lane Kiffin’s ouster, you simply now get the feeling that his days in Southern California could very well be numbered. And you can bet that those call will not waver, should the situation become more dire for the program, with university President C L Max Nikias likely to be attuned to any changes that Pat Haden might well deem necessary to make . I do however, believe that Lane Kiffin will be allowed to fulfill his obligations for the year and then a decision will be made at the end of the season, concerning his long-term future with the program. There is no denying that Kiffin can recruit , but it would appear, that he has been unable to harness the talents of his players and the get the best possible performances out of them .

Beyond the issue of the team’s defense, it has been inconsistent play of quarterbacks Cody Kessler and Max Wittek , that has to be a cause for concern for Lane Kiffin and the USC Trojans .

Utah State awaits Lane Kiffin and the USC Trojans, this upcoming Saturday , in a game that they must win emphatically. The home crowd will be there at the Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, California, to show their ravenous support. The question however, will it be all in vain ?

Jaded, condescending, conceited and complacent. All of these traits, I believe best sum up Mack Brown and the University of Texas (Longhorns) ! Granted , Brown and DeLoss Dodds seem to have a stranglehold on the entire athletics’ program and the way that it is ran . With annual revenues conservatively estimated at between $120 million to $145 million annually , this does not take into account the joint ownership of the Longhorns Network between the school and the ESPN sports and cable broadcast outlet, where the two parties share jointly in the revenues derived of the agreement . Suffice to say, that Brown’s and Dodds’ imprints were all over that deal , with the football program undoubtedly being the biggest beneficiary of it all .

Off to an inauspicious start the Texas Longhorns are 1-2 , uncompetitive and Mack Brown has taken to apportioning the team’s shortcomings on his coaching assistants , rather than accepting the brunt of the responsibility in not having his players prepared . Losses to BYU , 40-21 and Ole Miss , 44-23 , now has the boosters , fans and analysts questioning the direction of this program and even the coach’s own mindset and that of assistant coaches. Defensive coordinator Manny Diaz was summarily fired and replaced by Greg Robinson , but the question will remain . What happens, if the Longhorns suffer another embarrassing and lopsided defeat over the remainder of their schedule ?

Courtesy of Yahoo Sports & AP

Texas fires defensive coordinator Manny Diaz, tabs former coach Greg Robinson as replacement

By Pat Forde , Yahoo Sports

Reeling after surrendering 40 points and 550 rushing yards in an upset loss to Brigham Young on Saturday night, Texas coach Mack Brown didn’t waste any time making a change. Yahoo Sports sources confirmed what was originally reported by Brown fired defensive coordinator Manny Diaz on Sunday afternoon.

Diaz was replaced by former Texas defensive coordinator Greg Robinson, who was last in that role at the school in 2004. After several unsuccessful tenures elsewhere, Robinson returned to Texas this offseason as a program analyst. His presence and availability probably shortened the leash on Diaz, whose Longhorns defense last year was among the worst in recent Texas history, allowing more than 400 yards and 29 points per game.

“Our performance on defense last night was unacceptable, and we need to change that,” Brown said in a Texas release issued Sunday evening.

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The dismissal of Diaz may only be a prelude to bigger changes if this season continues on a disappointing path for the Longhorns. Brown, who has won 151 games and a national title in 16 seasons at Texas, will be under serious pressure.

Brown told Yahoo Sports last month, “I’m not going to (be fired).” He also said he wants to coach through the end of his contract in 2020. But Brown acknowledged that his program’s performance the past three seasons – a 22-16 record, just 11-15 in Big 12 play – was not up to the standard he’s set at Texas.

Coming off a 9-4 record last year, Brown was optimistic heading into 2013 that he had his best team since going 13-1 in 2009.

“We could win nine again and be disappointed,” Brown said. “Or we could win all of them.”

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With a slew of games set for week four of the College Football Schedule , it will be interesting to see how a number the top programs fare. The Texas Longhorns will play host to Kansas State (Wildcats ) at the Darrell K Royal/ Texas Memorial Stadium in Austin, Texas. That contest should give us a clear indication as to how Mack Brown will intend to ride out the rest of the season with this team and their aspirations within the Big 12 .



Picture gallery .

Though I have not always been an avid College Football fan, I do believe the game in its purest form is one of the most exhilarating pieces of sports’ entertainment to be found on the sporting landscape . Now while we will continue to question the integrity of the NCAA and the tenure of its President Mark Emmert, I have to admit that the biggest I have within collegiate athletics at present , has been the lack of oversight and leadership provided at all levels within the college sports. Billions of dollars on annual basis, finds its way into the coffers of the NCAA and the college programs nationwide. Yet at the end of the day, there seems to be nothing tangible to show for it all , beyond the lavish and palatial venues and the continued controversies that envelopes college sports by way of corruption and unabated violations that continually takes place . What thoughts if any do you have concerning the points raised in this article and your expectations for this College Football season ? Your comments are greatly welcomed, so by all means chime in with your thoughts.

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(1) College Station , Texas , a fan of Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel poses near the stadium before the start of the game between the two SEC programs Alabama (Crimson Tide) and Texas A&M this past Saturday at Kyle Field . Alabama would go on to defeat the Aggies 49-42 in what was a thrilling contest , with Manziel giving an exceptional performance that saw his team come up just short in defeating Alabama for the second successive season . Getty Images / Scott Halleran ….

(2) Head Coach Kevin Sumlin (L) of the Texas A&M Aggies and Head Coach Nick Saban of the Alabama Crimson Tide talk before the game at Kyle Field on September 14, 2013 in College Station, Texas . Getty Images / Scott Halleran …..

(3) Johnny Manziel (2) of the Texas A&M Aggies throws a pass as Brandon Wilson (36) and A’Shawn Robinson (86) of the Alabama Crimson Tide bears down on him at Kyle Field on September 14, 2013 in College Station, Texas. Getty Images / Scott Halleran …..

(4) Florida coach Wil Muschamp wipes his face during the game the Miami Hurricanes , a clash between the two in-state rivals played at Sun Life Stadium , in Miami , Florida . Errant plays , turnovers and inconsistent play led to the Gators’ defeat by Miami 21-16 . AP Photo / Alan Diaz …

(5) Stephen Morris (17) of the Miami Hurricanes celebrates with teammate Shayon Green (51) celebrate after a touchdown during the first half of the game against Florida played on Saturday , 7th September , 2013. AP Photo / J Pat Carter ….

(6) Devin Smith of Ohio State, out-runs Damariay Drew of Cal, as he makes his way to the end-zone for a touchdown in the first quarter of a game played in Berkley , California on the 14th September , 2013 ,.. AP Photo / Ben Margot ….

(7) Teammates Kenny Guiton (13), Devin Smith (9) and Andrew Norwell (78) celebrate another touchdown in the Buckeyes’ 52-34 romp over the Cal (Golden Bears) in Berkley ,California . AP Photo / Ben Margot …

(8) Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer , right, is seen here with the program’s AD Gene Smith . Coming off academic probation this past season , Meyer hopes to have his team challenging for a Big Twelve championship as well as the BCS national title . Currently ranked at number three in the nation behind second placed Oregon and the number one ranked Alabama , Urban Meyer knows that the road to the national title will warrant an unbeaten season . Critical of his former employers , Florida, Meyer has been courting controversy over the past ten months . AP Photo / Andrew Matthews …

(9) USC Trojans’ AD Pat Haden is seen here at the Trojans Galen Center , home to the basketball program . Haden has some real issues concerning the poor play of the Trojans’ football program and their lackluster performances this season . Lane Kiffin is now under a great deal of pressure to succeed but there are growing calls for the head coach’s removal of the football team . LA Times / Paul Garcia ….

(10) Head coach Lane Kiffin of the USC Trojans reacts during the game against the Washington State Cougars at Los Angeles Coliseum on September 7, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. The Cougars won 10-7. Kiffin remains now under a great deal of pressure in spite of the team’s rout of Boston College in a 35-7 victory . The Trojans are 0-1 in the Pac 12 but 2-1 overall , yet they are seated at the bottom of the South division .

(11) DeLoss Dodds AD of the Texas Longhorns is seen here at the Darrel K Royal Memorial Stadium in Austin , Texas. Dodds in conjunction with Mack Brown have been the architects in the program’s joint deal with ESPN for the Longhorns Network , for which the derived revenues would be shared equally . The Longhorns’ AD will be placed under a great to deal with the now growing calls to fire the head coach of the program , calls that are significantly coming from boosters of the University of Texas . Paul Walsh / Summit Enterprises ….

(12) Head coach Mack Brown of the Texas Longhorns waits on the sideline during the game against the Ole Miss Rebels at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium on September 15, 2012 in Oxford, Mississippi. The Longhorns’ head coach has seen the team’s season turn upside down as they are now 1-2 , and facing mounting criticism from the press and boosters alike for the Longhorns’ lackluster performances this season . Brown fired Manny Diaz and promoted Greg Robinson to become the new defensive coordinator . It remains to be seen whether not , there will be an improvement from the team’s secondary . Getty Images / Matt Shaw ….




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Deny Deny Deny It Wasn’t Me

Deny  Deny   Deny      It  Wasn’t  Me

So   Tennessee   Volunteers’   basketball   coach Bruce Pearl   has seen  fit  to   lie to  NCAA  investigators concerning   recruitment   violations   and   a  slew  of other  actions  that  may  garner the SEC  school  a number of  violations that   could   well  lead to  severe  actions  being   meted out  by  collegiate  athletics’   highest  governing  body. What  I  find   somewhat   strange  about  this all  is the mere  fact  that  the    conference  itself    doesn’t   monitor the  actions  of the   athletic programs   under  its   tenure.    You’d  have  thought that  would   be   something that  the  SEC would  seek to   monitor   judiciously  ?  But  instead   it  is  now  left  in  the  hands   of the   NCAA to deal  with  a  matter  that   at  the  end  of  the   day the  message  sent   will  either be  one,  where  they   will  punish  the   school  with   impunity  or  merely  give  them  a  slap  on  the  wrist.


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Furthermore   in  the  case  of   Pearl  it  is   highly   unlikely  that  he’ll  be    punished   unless  the  AD Mike Hamilton   chooses  to  either  suspend  the coach or   if  the   charges  are   deemed   to  serious   enough  that  they  will  choose to  fire  him. And given  what  we  tend  to  know  with  coaches that  have  brought  about  a  winning  program  and   esteem  to  a  school we  do  tend  to  find  that  the school will  more  often than  not  choose to take    a  soft   approach   to  the allegations   and any punishment  that  they might  seek  to mete out.

Courtesy of USA Today

Bruce Pearl: ‘I hope that the things we did don’t rise to the level of termination’

By Tim Gardner & Erick Smith

We knew Bruce Pearl was in hot water over the NCAA probe looking into his Tennessee basketball program.

It appears the coach is aware, too, that more fallout may lie ahead.

Pearl spoke with Luke Winn of after speaking at a coaching clinic this weekend in Brooklyn, N.Y., and his words offer a glimpse into his worries moving forward.

“We did what we felt like we needed to do, to take steps proactively to penalize ourselves. I think the penalties were unprecedented in some scope. But we made mistakes. We provided false and misleading information to the NCAA.

“I should be made an example of, and I am — I’m embarrassed. But I hope that the things we did don’t rise to the level of termination, because we run a clean program. We got investigated in a lot of areas.”

Pearl’s lies to the NCAA came back to bite him in more ways than one. For starters, it brought out this response from Jimmy Collins, a former assistant coach at Illinois whom Pearl turned in to the NCAA nearly 20 years ago.

After that episode, Pearl was knocked by many in the coaching community for his actions.

“As a result of what I went through before, I had a responsibility to run a clean program and do it the right way,” he said to “I’ve been doing this for 28 years. And I wished I could’ve not run afoul of the rules my whole career. So obviously, I’m disappointed in myself.”

Tennessee expects to receive a letter of allegations from the NCAA by the end of the year — and Pearl’s future on the sidelines in Knoxville will strongly depend on the severity of the allegations levied.

So, yes, Pearl will be sweating it out for several months. Now the question is will it affect his current Vols team, which should be able to contend with Kentucky and Florida in the SEC East.


Bruce   Pearl  for  his  part  has  yet  to  issue  a   public   statement  as  to what  the  the  allegations are   about   and  the impending   investigation.  Why is   it  that  more  often  than  not when  an  athlete  falls  afoul   of  a   transgression  they   tend  to  the   ones  who  become  a  pariah  and  then  the   school is    punished . But  rarely  is it that a   coach   whose   failings   are  questioned when they  come to the   fore. I mean  Pete  Carroll flees   like  a  thief  in  the  night   from   USC   when   under   his  watch the most   flagrant  of    violations  took  place  at  the  school. All of  which  took  place  under  the  alleged  watchful  eye  of  then  Athletic  Director  Mike  Garrett who  would then  step   down  from the  position  rather   than  being   pushed  out  the  door. Former  Trojans’ basketball coach  Tim Floyd  whose pleading of ignorance   when  handed  over  cash  to O J Mayo  and   his   subsequent  riposte that  his  actions were  above  board   is   was as ludicrous and  asinine  to  say  the  very  least. Clearly  there’s   something wrong with these   coaches  and  their   undoubted   self   righteous   actions.

University  of  Florida (Gators)  football  coach Urban Meyer  is   either  that   gullible  or   he  knows  exactly  how rife his team  is literally filled with  a bunch  of  violent   buffoons.    Players   on  this  team  have   now  been  arrested and  charged  with misdemeanors  to   far  more    serious   allegations  ranging     from   possession  of   narcotics,  DUI sexual  battery , theft   and also  in amongst  that ,  are  allegations  of  academic  fraud.  Meyer   chooses  to   placate    himself   from  all  of  this  by   stating  that he  runs  a clean   program and  that his responsibilities  is  simply  being a football  coach.  Perhaps  I’m  mistaken but his responsibilities go far beyond  that ? After all he goes  into  the  homes  of  these   players  to recruit   them  by  speaking to  a  parent  or parents   and   implores  them to send  their child the his school  , where   he  assures them that they’ll  be  able  to  get a   good   education.  Now we  know  that  much  of  this  is  all  hogwash  as  the   real  reason  this  is all being done to  intensify the  prestige  and   success  of  the   school. Rarely does a  coach show  any  real interest  in  that  of  the  students under  his  tenure.  I  personally would   like  to  know what  the   graduation  rate  is  amongst  the  student  athlete  body of  the  university?

Prior  to the 2010 NCAA   Basketball  Championships Education  Secretary   Arne  Duncan  stated  that  he’d like to  see  it  where  a criteria  is  set where  the  teams  qualifying   for  the   tournament  must  have  graduation  of   rate of   not less    than   48%   amongst  its    student  athlete  body.   Not   excessively   high  but  when   looked  at   and  measured  against   the   schools who  participated  in the  tournament   more than  75%  of  the   schools   involved  would  not  have  met  that  the  threshold called for  by the Education Secretary.  If  that’s  not  enough of  a shock to most  then  consider   the  production   line  that collegiate athletics  has  become  and   the   lengths that   schools are   now going  to, merely to  have    repeated  success   at  whatever cost  possible.  Collegiate athletics   is   no  longer  about  the  student  athlete  gaining  an   education  and  becoming  a   model   citizen.  In   essence it  is  now  a   multi-billion   dollar  business  where the  few  reap  the   rewards  and  those  at  the  lower  rungs  of  the   ladder  are  left to  fend   for  themselves  once  they’ve  been  of  service to  that   establishment.

It  is  easy  to   suggest  that   many  of  these   athletes  will   profit financially beyond   their wildest dreams once  they  enter  into the  professional  market place of  either  the  NBA,  NFL, MLB and NHL , it  all  becomes  about how much  money  that they will  be able  garner  that  first  initial  contract  for. But  that tends to  only happens to  those considered to  be  amongst  the  elite within  their chosen  athletic endeavor.  And   when  one  considers  the  tens  of  millions of dollars  that  the programs garner and  you  have to  wonder the  lengths  that the  coaches  and  schools  are   prepared to go  to  make  sure  that  there’s continued  success  and  the  money  keeps rolling  in. Unfortunately  for  the   student  athletes  the   resources  at their  disposal isn’t what  you  would  commonly  expect  especially when   compliance  officers ,  athletic directors  and   in  some cases faculty  members choose  to  turn  a  blind  eye.  And yes one could  opine  to  the fact that  the  student should  be  responsible  for  their own actions and  that  they  owe  it  to the educational   establishment  to make the best  possible  of  the   opportunities   made   available  to them.

The  coaches  for their  part bask  in  the  glory  and   acclaim  while they lead  their  respective teams  to  success. Now  when  I  hear the   likes  of  Nick  Saban   talk  about the agents   who  hover around  a  school’s  program  and  the  fact  that they  feast  off the  athletes as  if  it’s   vulture   eating  off   the   carcass of  a  dead   animal.  I’ve   got   to  ask  myself  who  the   hell is  Saban  kidding  and  is  he  actually  listening  to  what  he’s   saying ?  Here’s  a  guy  who  simply  doesn’t   know  how  to  be honest  if  it  were  his  last   day  on  earth  ! One simply  has  to   recall  his  actions  when  he was  a  coach of the Miami Dolphins .  When   asked   at  the   time whether  not it  was  his   intention to  remain  with  the   Dolphins  after it’d  been  speculated  that  he was about to abruptly leave the  organization.  Saban  simply  stated to  the  convened  press  that  he would  honor  his  contract but  as well  know  that  wasn’t  to  be,  as  he   walked  away  from the team  without  offering  statement  to  then  owner H D Wayne  Huizenga .

Jumping  back to his   old  stomping   ground   Saban  has   found  success  with  Alabama,having led  the team to their most  recent  national championship  and  where  they’re   now   heavily  favored  to  repeat  again  as   SEC  and   national  champions. Disingenuous  or not  clearly, some  of the   collegiate coaches think  that  they’re  above   reproach  but I find  it somewhat  superfluous  that  the NCAA  would  always  seek to punish  only  a   school  when a coach    knowingly   places  that   school  in  a   precarious   position, whereby  they  can   lose  not only   scholarships   but  also to an  extent the  esteem of  the  school.  If   you   don’t  believe  that  to be  the  case  then   simply  look  at  the  fall from  grace  of  USC  ?  If  honesty had  been  shown  by the  parties   there ,  who knew  full  what was  going  on , then  surely what  transpired  could have have  been  abated !   Obviously  not,  because no  one  there  thought  that  they  could  be  caught   and  the   asinine  notion  that  the   school  and   certain  principals were without  fault  clearly  shows  how  far that school  was prepared to go.



Picture gallery for your perusal .

What  thoughts  if  any  do  you have  concerning  the allegations  concerning  Bruce Pearl and  that statements   attributed  to  Urban  Meyer  that  he  runs  a  clean football  program  ?  Is  he simply  being    naive  or  is it because he’s  had undoubted   success and   feels   that  he can   get  a  free  pass ?   And   in  the case  of   Saban  are  his  actions that  of   a  person  whose  statements  are  valid ? If agents  as  he   puts it should  be   corralled   then  why   not  the  boosters   who surreptitiously do  a  number of   questionable  things  that  the coaches  and  faculties  would  tend  to turn  a  blind  eye  to ? Clearly there’s  an  argument  to be  made  where  their  actions   can  be   just  as  questionable as that  of an  out of control  athlete or agent ?  Chime  in with a  comment  as   you  see   fit  and  thanks   once  again  for  the  continued  support   as  it’s always  appreciated   !

Alan  aka    tophatal              ……….    🙂      * 🙂       *  😦


Joie Chaves . A hot piece of Nubian a_s that any man would definitely want to tap !

Liar , Liar Pants On Fire …….

Liar , Liar Pants On Fire

So when did it occur to Alabama coach Nick Saban that sports agents interacting with his football players was a “real threat” to collegiate athletics ? Somehow him now haranguing and then comparing the agents to pimps seems somewhat asinine given the fact that the coach has about as much credibility and integrity as a Roman Catholic priest caught up in the midst of a sex scandal. This being the same football coach when questioned as to his then NFL future with the Miami Dolphins chose to deliberately lie to the convened journalists and members of the television media present. He would then depart from the team without providing any real explanation behind his departure other than to suggest that the pressure of being an NFL coach was too much to bear. What the hell did he expect in the first place a bed of roses ?

Now as a twice national champion coach , Saban chooses to take issue with the unscrupulous activities of the sports agents who choose to hover around campuses during practice sessions or the many who choose to associate themselves with the players by acting as boosters or facilitate the player being employed off campus while they’re attending college. These re but few of the countless things they’re known to have facilitated but not ll of these maneuvers have been legal and above board .


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Is it me but is Nick Saban choosing to ignore what’s actually happening right underneath his nose ? Pardon me for saying this but in light of the less than circumspect actions of both Pete Carroll , __ Tim Floyd and now former Trojans’ athletic director Mike Garrett can anyone be surprised by any of the problems now surfacing within the SEC concerning a number of athletic programs there ? There’s just as much corruption to be found on a college campus as can be found within the alleged hallowed halls of Congress . If not more so in the case of Congress as you’d be hard pressed to find a member there who hasn’t lied or cheated to get ahead in one form or another ! Anyone who believes otherwise my well have been watching far too much of the once celebrated television show “The West Wing” while it was on network television. There you were made to believe the President was above reproach , a person of immense honesty and that our elected leaders in Congress were men and women of integrity. Absolutely nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to the collegiate coach and that of an elected Federal legislator __ the case can be made that the two are cut from the same cloth. !

Courtesy of Yahoo Sports & Associated Press

Saban compares unscrupulous agents to a ‘pimp’

By John Zenor , AP Sports Writer

Hoover, Ala. (AP)— Nick Saban didn’t pull punches Wednesday when discussing the improper contact with athletes by unscrupulous agents, comparing their behavior to that of a “pimp.”

The Alabama coach was upset about the rash of recent agent-related incidents that have resulted in NCAA investigations at several Southeastern Conference schools.

“I don’t think it’s anything but greed that’s creating it right now on behalf of the agents,” Saban said in a rant at the SEC media days. “The agents that do this—and I hate to say this, but how are they any better than a pimp?

“I have no respect for people who do that to young people. None. How would you feel if they did it to your child?”

Agents, not national titles, was the primary topic on Day 1 at the Wynfrey Hotel. Three SEC teams—Florida, Alabama and South Carolina —are investigating allegations involving improper contact with an agent. Saban and SEC commissioner Mike Slive both emphatically said it was time for a change to NCAA rules governing agents.

Saban confirmed that Alabama is looking into a trip defensive end Marcell Dareus took to an agent’s party at Miami’s South Beach. South Carolina is looking into claims from the same South Beach party with tight end Weslye Saunders.

Georgia associate athletic director Claude Felton confirmed that the NCAA requested permission late Wednesday afternoon to conduct an inquiry on the Bulldogs’ campus. He would not say what the inquiry was about or whether it was related to the South Beach party. “This is all we can say,” Felton said.

Florida and the NCAA are reportedly investigating whether offensive lineman Maurkice Pouncey—now an NFL rookie with the Pittsburgh Steelers received $100,000 from a sports agent’s representative between the SEC championship game and the Sugar Bowl

Click on link to read article in its entirety.


Now while this all comes to the fore I’ve got to ask how is it that repeatedly when instances such as this come light there’s very little done by the NCAA when conducting their investigations and then let their findings be known ? A customary slap on the wrist seems to be the norm and when they choose to make an example of an institution they mete out punishment in such a way that has one calling into effect the sheer scope veracity of the unevenness of the punishment sometimes meted out. I’ve always maintained that if you’re going to make an example of someone then in order to for that punishment to be a real deterrent then one has to “hit the individual” in the pocket financially by meting out a stiff monetary fine ! Principal alone dictates and tells us that but it’d would appear that the NCAA as the governing body of collegiate athletics is all too image conscious for its own good. They would rather be loved by all than be hated by just a mere few but then again one shouldn‘t at all be surprised by that.

As the governing body for collegiate sports the institution does leave a great deal to be desired in the way it conducts its business and the secrecy with which it acts. Not even the noted secrecy and actions of those celebrated Swiss , Cayman Islands and Bahamian financial institutions can teach anything to the maneuvers that have been undertaken by the NCAA over the years. Never let it be said that the graciousness shown by the government to the institution wasn’t under-appreciated as the body has been able to enact so many powers and solicit vast sums of money in such a way that it would make any criminal organization and enterprise proud.

For Nick Saban and his intentions in voicing his concerns over the actions of these sports agents. My question for him would be this what if anything is being done his coaching staff , the athletics director and compliance officers of the Crimson Tide ? They too, much like the coach himself , has a part to play in this all rather than choosing to apportion blame elsewhere. It stands to reason that Nick Saban ought to be looking to see what he can and should be doing instead of coming cross like he’s caught someone who’s stealing from his cookie jar. It’s not s if he’s not making money off the backs of these to begin with so why all of a sudden now the fuss ? Has he been looking the other way before this all came to light concerning the Tides’ program ? If so, was this also happening while he was coach of the LSU Tigers ? Strange, I’d have thought there’d been improprieties there as well ? Because usually “where’s there’s smoke there also has to be a fire …….. isn’t that so” ?



What thoughts if any do you have on the proposed investigations of the three SEC athletic programs now under way ? Is it justified or merely being done by the NCAA and SEC jointly in order to show that they’re on top of things ? Let me know how you feel bout the mtter and as usual thanks for the continued support .

Alan Parkins aka tophatal …………………. 🙂

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The More You Think You Know The Less You Really Do Know …..

The More You Think You Know The Less You Really Do Know

So there it was, the stage was set for SEC Championship Game between the number one and two ranked teams in the country. And with the winner gaining a berth in the national championship .The BCS Bowl national championship game set for early 2010 and the world awaits the crowning of a new champion of collegiate football.

Alabama coach Nick Saban congratulates running back Mark Ingram (22) after a first half score in the NCAA college football SEC championship game  against Florida at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta Saturday, Dec. 5, 2009. Alabama won 32-13.  picture appears courtesy of AP/photo/ Dave Martin .......
Alabama coach Nick Saban congratulates running back Mark Ingram (22) after a first half score in the NCAA college football SEC championship game against Florida at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta Saturday, Dec. 5, 2009. Alabama won 32-13. picture appears courtesy of AP/photo/ Dave Martin .......

Number one ranked Florida Gators matched wits against Nick Saban’s number two ranked Alabama ‘Crimson Tide’. Two great representatives of the South Eastern Conference and quite rightly by far the two best teams in the nation. Unfortunately, today one of the two teams in question failed to live up to that reputation.

A disheartened  Florida fan can't hide her  disappointment at the end of a 32-13 loss to Alabama in the NCAA college football SEC championship game at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta Saturday, Dec. 5, 2009. picture appears courtesy of AP/photo/ John Amis ......
A disheartened Florida fan can't hide her disappointment at the end of a 32-13 loss to Alabama in the NCAA college football SEC championship game at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta Saturday, Dec. 5, 2009. picture appears courtesy of AP/photo/ John Amis ......

And while many of us were lauding the accomplishments of Urban Meyer’s Gators and the very fact that they had in Tim Tebow, a player who everyone admired not just for his playing abilities but also because of his demeanor on and off the field . What we in essence witnessed today, was the unveiling of a team whose flaws were glaringly exposed . Florida for all of its past glories failed to show up today and had no answer Alabama , at all .

Alabama's Mark Ingram (22) celebrates after a fourth quarter touchdown against Florida in the NCAA college football SEC championship game at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta Saturday, Dec. 5, 2009. Alabama won 32-13.  picture appears courtesy of AP/photo/ John  Amis ......
Alabama's Mark Ingram (22) celebrates after a fourth quarter touchdown against Florida in the NCAA college football SEC championship game at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta Saturday, Dec. 5, 2009. Alabama won 32-13. picture appears courtesy of AP/photo/ John Amis ......

The game and its events as it unfolded was everything that one would’ve expected but unfortunately whatever script that Gators’ fans had come to expect. Well, today it wasn’t about to happen. Simply put, the Gators and their fans had ‘their asses’ handed to them with their ‘heads and ass being served up on a silver platter’. Embarrassing would be an understatement to say the very least . Florida had no answer at all in any facet of the game, as it got under way.

Florida quarterback Tim Tebow (15), defensive end Carl Johnson (57), offensive lineman Maurkice Pouncey (56) look on late in the fourth quarter of their 32-13 loss to Alabama in the NCAA college football SEC championship game at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta Saturday, Dec. 5, 2009.  picture appears courtesy of AP/photo/ John Amis  .......
Florida quarterback Tim Tebow (15), defensive end Carl Johnson (57), offensive lineman Maurkice Pouncey (56) look on late in the fourth quarter of their 32-13 loss to Alabama in the NCAA college football SEC championship game at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta Saturday, Dec. 5, 2009. picture appears courtesy of AP/photo/ John Amis .......

Courtesy of Associated Press & Yahoo Sports

Tide rolls on with 32-13 win over Tebow’s Gators

By Paul Newberry, AP Sports Writer

ATLANTA (AP)—The move was so unlike Nick Saban. The Alabama coach put away all that boardroom talk for a leaping shoulder bump with star running back Mark Ingram.

The Crimson Tide was back on top.

Across the way, Tim Tebow couldn’t do a thing, tears streaming down his cheeks as he watched the clock wind down on an ending that wasn’t in his farewell plan.

With Ingram and Greg McElroy leading an emphatic 32-13 chomping of top-ranked Florida on Saturday, No. 2 Alabama again stands supreme in the Southeastern Conference. More important, the Tide is just one win away from an even bigger title—its first national crown since 1992.

Alabama will face Texas in the BCS championship game after the No. 3 Longhorns beat Nebraska for the Big 12 championship Saturday night when Hunter Lawrence nailed a 46-yard field goal as time expired.

“Everyone had to buy into not to be denied in this game,” Saban said, getting back to business after a raucous celebration at the Georgia Dome. “To be a champion, that’s what you had to do. I’ve never been prouder of a group of players.”

The no-nonsense coach, who talks of “The Process” instead of the houndstooth, needed only three years to bring Alabama back from a grim era to a place it was accustomed to under Paul “Bear” Bryant.

Champions, indeed.

“They seemed like they wanted it a whole lot,” Florida cornerback Joe Haden said.

Ingram, making a strong bid to claim the school’s first Heisman Trophy, rushed for 113 yards and three touchdowns. McElroy threw for 239 yards and a touchdown to claim the MVP award, showing he’s no weak link. The Alabama defense held Tebow in check and left him crying at the end.

“It’s tough. You know it’s not how you want to go out,” Tebow said. “They were just better than us today.”

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Alabama running back Mark Ingram (22) tries to run past Florida's Ryan Stamper (41) during the fourth quarter of the NCAA college football SEC championship game  Alabama won 32-13.   picture appears courtesy of AP/photo/John Bazemore ......
Alabama running back Mark Ingram (22) tries to run past Florida's Ryan Stamper (41) during the fourth quarter of the NCAA college football SEC championship game Alabama won 32-13. picture appears courtesy of AP/photo/John Bazemore ......

There’s not much that one can really say about the game that the result and the margin of victory cannot tell you. On reflection Alabama’s 32-13 victory over Florida, was enough to suggest that all of the talk about that the Gators were preordained as the national champions. Clearly, Nick Saban and his Crimson Tide saw that would not be the case today. It was an emphatic statement made by Alabama and denotes that what many had though about the team was in fact true. ‘They are and were better than Florida, in every sense of the word’.

Sheer frustration can't be  hidden  by Florida coach Urban Meyer , as he  looks on from the sidelines during the first half the NCAA college football SEC Championship game against Alabama at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta Saturday, Dec. 5, 2009.  picture appears courtesy of  AP/photo/ Dave Martin .....
Sheer frustration can't be hidden by Florida coach Urban Meyer , as he looks on from the sidelines during the first half the NCAA college football SEC Championship game against Alabama at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta Saturday, Dec. 5, 2009. picture appears courtesy of AP/photo/ Dave Martin .....

For Florida and all thoughts, that they had in making a successful defense of its national championship has bitten the dust and to a great deal of embarrassment. The more we thought we knew about the Florida Gators, in reality the less we actually knew. And when that happens,then questions must be asked and answered. The thing is, questions were asked of Florida on Saturday and they failed to answer in such an embarrassing way. That all one can now say ……’well we thought we knew you but really we just didn’t know you at all’.