Rise To The Occasion Porn Is Here To Stay Whether You Like It Or Not ……………

Rise To The Occasion Porn Is Here To Stay Whether You Like It Or Not ……………

It’ s a $10 billion a year film industry that’s fast outstripping mainstream Hollywood in terms of revenues and has become a legitimate form of entertainment in the psyche of America. The porn industry is now a real business where people can legitimately earns millions without running afoul of the law. And just in case you think that they haven’t got any real backing , well for those of you uninitiated out there the adult entertainment industry have their very own lobbyists out there to protect their rights in Washington. So don’t kid yourself for one minute that both legislative houses of Congress aren’t keen to willingly act on behalf a paymaster , now matter how despicable they might be viewed by the moralists out there.

Former porn star and once the doyenne of the industry Jenna Jameson has now moved from in front of the cameras having retired to become a budding mogul and entrepreneur within the industry with her media company involved in the business. Jameson is also the live in partner of well known UFC fighter Tito Ortiz . The couple also have two young children together.

Now one might feel that the industry has no business being viewed as a legitimate part of the economy in mainstream America. But given what we know and that is ……… that sex sells . How else ought we to view this ? Rightly or wrongly we can agree that the misogynistic depiction of women being brutally subjected to different forms of sexual degradation is despicable. But at the same time here in the United States we also now have sex slavery and the trafficking of young men and women to fulfill the whims of individuals who’ve found an ever increasing way to satisfy their insatiable hunger for sex. Never mind that we’ve also had members of Congress and within the Roman Catholic church feeding off the most vulnerable amongst us , in having unsolicited sex with minors. And here in the US was the epicenter for that very scandal itself but you’d be hard pressed to hear anyone on the right or left allay that fact. Instead they much like the church itself chose to gloss over it all in order to try and maintain the fact that this was just one or two bad apples within the system and dioceses up and down the country. And with some public outcry it really had you wondering who really cares about the most vulnerable amongst us ? Certainly not the federal government in this case many of the most egregious of these crimes happened across the country and the stance taken by the hierarchy of the church was to have these priests transferred to other dioceses across the country where they could repeat those very same offenses again. And we think of the church as a place of safety ? More like a place of debauchery in this respect and the present leader of the church Pope Benedict XVI was none too quick to acknowledge the wrongdoing of many of the members of the church and his almost glib apology has me believing that he wasn’t overly concerned as to the damage done to the Catholic church and undeniably the fact that many of its worshipers would question their faith in the church.


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Now while there are many of us out there who enjoy viewing porn be it in the privacy of our own home or frequenting an establishment whereby it’s on view for public consumption . I’ve no doubt that there are those amongst who view this as some sick part of society that ought to be completely done away with. Herein , lies the question, if this is as such freedom of expression and a given right under the Constitution. Then where does the blame lie when there are those who make it the matter a cause and then state that the industry makes perverts , pedophiles and rapists of certain members of society ? My train of thought on the matter is that a sexual act that’s committed in the form of a crime is done by that individual by their own volition . To try and use that act and blame it on someone viewing porn is sheer hokum ! We’ve all got a moral compass within us to know what’s right from wrong. If the law can’t prosecute a perpetrator to the full extent of the law when such heinous acts are committed then it clearly shows that the legal system isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

As to the fact that the federal government receives a great deal of taxable revenue income from the industry does anyone really believe that they’d rather see the industry completely close down ? That’d be like saying that they can’t accept illicit campaign money from an outsider or from a foreign power. We all know that’s not going to happen if even if the moralists try to hold sway. Sex much like religion has been with us since the beginning of time and it’s not about to disappear anytime soon. So either accept or be constructive in your criticism of it but for God’s sake don’t try and take that puritanical route that it’s an abomination. Simply look at the behavior of our federal legislators and church leaders as an example as to how naive that thinking has become that they can do no wrong ? And then ask yourself does the porn industry really harming society as much as people say that it is ?



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