It’s Football The Gift That Keeps On Giving …. Dependent Upon What You Like ……………..

It’s Football The Gift That Keeps On Giving …. Dependent Upon What You Like ……………..

Week three of the NFL season and suffice to say the league is up and running with a number of teams all vying supremacy within their divisions and respective conferences . Already injuries seemed to played a dubious part to the start of the season for a a number of franchises and nowhere has this been more felt than with the Indianapolis Colts and St Louis Rams . The Colts have lost their quarterback Peyton Manning quite possibly for team’s entire season . In the case of the St Louis Rams it has been their losses though less acute but never the less with a team aspiring to take the next step up the ladder to be viewed as a legitimate Superbowl contender .


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The coaching staff and Colts’ front office are no doubt hoping that Manning can make a return at some point in the season but it would appear that the likelihood of that happening won’t happen until perhaps week 12 or 15 at the earliest . And that would be under the premise that the team is in with the chance of making the postseason . Manning’s replacement Kerry Collins having been signed by the organization has struggled to make his presence felt and that of this team playing with its usual aplomb. Having started the season at 0-2 within the AFC South the Colts find themselves rooted at the bottom of the division with the Houston Texans seeking to take advantage of the situation . As to whether or not Gary Kubiak’s team can prove themselves worthy of the gift placed within their midst remains to be seen at this juncture .

As an avid New England Patriots’ fan the team’s match-up against divisional rivals the Buffalo Bills promises to be one of the more riveting game within the NFL . And bear in mind this is a game between two unbeaten teams , one of this franchises will endure their first loss of the season. Ryan Fitzpatrick has proven to be the leader many felt that he might could not be but herein lies the caveat the Bills seem to be proving that last season was something of an aberation . The Bills’ quarterback and this team has proven to be one of the more pleasant surprises of the schedule so far with their aggressive play.

Chan Gailey may have done enough to secure his job for the present because as we all know the NFL season is a long an arduous one filled with highs and a great many lows . I am sure that the Bills’ coach , his staff and team will witness that as their season begins to unfold .

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are no doubt looking carry on where they left off after the team’s stellar display in their defeat of the Miami Dolphins . The Patriots will be without their one of their more potent offensive weapons with Aaron Hernandez having sustained an injury that will keep him out of this weekend’s game. The tight end just happens to be one of Brady’s favorite weapons in his arsenal of productive artillery and Hernandez has proven to be one of the most productive players at the position within the NFL at present .

It would be remiss to think that the New England Patriots have been solely about offense but the team has come flying out of the gates laying waste to their opponents . And as I alluded to earlier the season is a long one filled with potholes that can simply become an even bigger obstacles for the team who simply are not prepared for the long haul.

With the college football season having kicked off with its auspicious start week four promises the fans something special . For the UCLA Bruins under Rick Neuheisel this happens to be a season where everything might just be on the line for the coach . Certainly if he cannot make this team competitive over the course of their schedule and be viewed as a legitimate contender for the PAC 12 title then we may well see the beleaguered coach given his marching orders. Granted , the boasting and bragging by Neuheisel that there is just more than one collegiate team within the city of Los Angeles means nothing when you can’t dethrone that rival when called upon to do so. And that has clearly been the case for Rick Neuheisel’s team over the last few years . The playing field may well now have been leveled with the sanctions levied against the USC Trojans . But you may well be hard pressed to think that will be enough to derail Lane Kiffin’s team as they seek to show the world that in spite of the NCAA probation and punishment meted out this is a program the coach , his coaching staff and AD Pat Haden would like to see continue in a similar vein on the field of play.


UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel, right, talks into his headset during the second half of an NCAA college football game against Texas, Saturday, Sept. 17, 2011, at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif. Texas won 49-20. (AP Photo/Bret Hartman)

Neuheisel’s career has been well chronicled and it goes without saying that controversy has followed the coach much of it of his own making . And when that comes into being then so does that coach’s integrity. Let us just say that Rick Neuheisel has been such a man albeit that he has tried to shed that persona in order to prove he is still a capable coach . I have never followed Bruins’ football with any great interest as it has been the mens’ basketball program that has brought about the success of this establishment under the achievements of John Wooden . His feats and that of the players under his tutelage are part of collegiate basketball folklore with multiple national championships and that now heralded consecutive win streak now surpassed by Geno Auriemma’s Lady U Conn Huskies .

UCLA for their part at 1-2 are not looking to good in being thought of as a contender within the PAC 12 and this weekend presents a tough task as they face Oregon State in Corvallis , Oregon in what’s surely to be viewed as a “must win” game for the Bruins . Rick Neuheisel and his coaching assistants know that they must have this team well prepared if they are to have any hope of winning . Oregon State are unlikely to treat this game lightly, as they have something to prove ins showing that they are worthy to be mentioned in the same breath as their instate rivals Oregon ( Ducks) . Whether or not the Beavers can be viewed as worthy challengers to the Ducks remains to be seen . Mike Riley is sure the have his team ready to face the challenge of whatever is thrown their way courtesy of the UCLA Bruins .


Joseph Fauria (8) of the UCLA Bruins fumbles the ball as he is hit by Adrian Phillips (17) and Jordan Hicks (3) of the Texas Longhorns during the fourth quarter at Rose Bowl on September 17, 2011 in Pasadena, California. Photo by Harry How/Getty Images …….

In suffering a humiliating 49-20 loss to the Texas Longhorns in Pasadena , California you could clearly see the many flaws on this Bruins’ team. It will be incumbent upon players such as Richard Brehaut , Johnathan Franklin , Derrick Coleman , Joseph Fauria , Sheldon Price , Tony Dye and the rest of this roster to prove their mettle against Oregon State in Corvallis this Saturday. As these players are looked upon as the likely leaders on this Bruins’ team. If they can acquit themselves by showing the leadership skills and maturity sought then this game is likely to be a close one , however , if that’s not the case then look for Oregon State to steamroll their way to a decisive victory .



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At this point of both seasons within College Football and the NFL the teams have their aspirations as to how they would like to see their year culminate . For the fans it is no different , as they throw their support behind the respective programs at the D1 Level and that of the franchises within the professional ranks . As an avowed fan of both disciplines I am merely hoping that the entertainment proffered up is exhilarating to say the very least . Anything beyond that would be viewed as an added bonus but who can say how things are likely to turn out ? Within the FBS and NFL , what if anything are you most looking forward to in terms of the match ups on offer ? Simply leave a comment on your thoughts on the salients points of this article and anything else you feel is of relevance . Thanks as always for the continued support as it is greatly appreciated !

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(1) This Sept. 18, 2011 file photo shows Indianapolis Colts quarterback Kerry Collins making a call over center Jeff Saturday in the first quarter of an NFL football game against the Cleveland Browns, in Indianapolis. Without Peyton Manning spending 30 seconds pointing and shouting at the line of scrimmage before each play, the Steelers say they should have plenty of time on their hands. AP Photo/Michael Conroy …..

(2) INDIANAPOLIS, IN – SEPTEMBER 18: Kerry Collins (5) of the Indianapolis Colts is sacked by Ahtyba Rubin (71) of the Cleveland Browns at Lucas Oil Stadium on September 18, 2011 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images ………

(3) Tom Brady (12) of the New England Patriots looks for an open man against the San Diego Chargers in the second half at Gillette Stadium on September 18, 2011 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images ……..

(4) FOXBORO, MA – SEPTEMBER 18: Julian Edelman (11) of the New England Patriots gains yardage during a game with the San Diego Chargers at Gillette Stadium on September 18, 2011 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images ……

(5) Ryan Fitzpatrick (14) of the Buffalo Bills throws a pass to Scott Chandler (84) against the Oakland Raiders at Ralph Wilson Stadium on September18, 2011 in Orchard Park, New York. Buffalo won 38-35 . Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images …….

(6) D.J. Grant (18) of the Texas Longhorns makes a catch and run in front of Tony Dye (6) and Sean Westgate ( 11) of the UCLA Bruins during the second quarter at Rose Bowl on September 17, 2011 in Pasadena, California. Photo by Harry How/Getty Images …….

(7) Texas linebacker Emmanuel Acho (18) attempts to block a pass by UCLA quarterback Richard Brehaut (12) during the second half of an NCAA college football game, Saturday, Sept. 17, 2011, at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif. Texas won 49-20 . AP Photo/Bret Hartman …….

(8) UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel, right, talks into his headset during the second half of an NCAA college football game against Texas, Saturday, Sept. 17, 2011, at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif. Texas won 49-20. AP Photo/Bret Hartman …..

(9) Derrick Coleman (33) of the UCLA Bruins scores a touchdwon to trail 35-20 to the Texas Longhorns during the third quarter at Rose Bowl on September 17, 2011 in Pasadena, California. Texas won 49-20. Photo by Harry How/Getty Images ……

(10) Joseph Fauria (8) of the UCLA Bruins fumbles the ball as he is hit by Adrian Phillips (17) and Jordan Hicks (3) of the Texas Longhorns during the fourth quarter at Rose Bowl on September 17, 2011 in Pasadena, California. Photo by Harry How/Getty Images …….

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Hey Geno For Once And For All Shut The Hell Up And Simply Bask In The Glory

Hey Geno For Once And For All Shut The Hell Up And Simply Bask In The Glory

Now while I’ve no real love of women’s sports barring the rather lasciviousness of tennis wherein the likes of Maria Sharapova , Martina Hingis , Ana Ivanovic , Caroline Wozniacki and one might say the Williams sisters made that sport sexually gratifying to watch. Now I could go on to say that the LPGA Tour is also wonderful but herein lies the real problem other than Natalie Gulbis , the scene on the LPGA Tour with its plethora of players seemingly has a number of females that on appearance alone would have one questioning their sexuality.


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Now it goes without saying that amongst women’s basketball at present Geno Auriemma and his U Conn Women's Huskies reign supreme over the sport of women's basketball. Other than Auriemma in recent years the only other ascendant program has been Pat Summitt's —- Tennessee Volunteers (Lady Vols. All else simply pales into comparison and beyond that there isn't really much else to say. Tonight the U Conn Huskies take on the Florida State Seminoles in a game that should the team win would surpass the wins' total of John Wooden's renowned UCLA Bruins&#039 basketball teams which went on an 88 game winning streak that was ended by Notre Dame . And while that mark is embedded in our memories and sports' folklore it has to be said that this U Conn feat should it be accomplished will be remarkable but to my mind nowhere near as impressive as that of the UCLA Bruins. While both teams have a common factor in the fact that they have remained dominant I do feel that it's somewhat asinine to make comparisons between the two feats by way of their overall achievements ! Look we're talking women's basketball here and one hand the men's game remains far more physical and exciting whereas watching a women's game is somewhat akin to watching paint dry. Dominance being all well and good but please we are talking women's basketball here !

Courtesy of The San Francisco Chronicle

UConn Women Victims of Realism, Not Sexism ……..

By David Whitely of The San Francisco Chronicle

HARTFORD, Conn. — UConn won its 89th game in a row Tuesday night, and I’d like to write about what a fabulous deal it was.

I’d like to, but it might ruin Geno Auriemma’s image of sports fans in general and the media in particular. He thinks most of us were “pissed” that the Huskies were closing in on UCLA’s record of 88 straight wins. And having to cover their quest had turned us into “miserable bastards.”

I don’t presume to speak for everybody, but I wasn’t pissed that UConn beat FSU, 93-62 , at the XL Center . It was a grand occasion, right down to President Obama calling in his congratulations and Auriemma giving away Nintendo Wiis to two lucky fans after the game.

I’d say Richard Nixon never called John Wooden, and that UCLA’s coach probably didn’t give away a Pong after the Bruins won No. 88. But the accomplishments of UConn and UCLA should not be compared in any way.

Or should they?

I say no way, and not because I’m a miserable bastard. I’m happy for the Huskies. It’d be fine by me if they won 8,800 straight games. Given the depth of women’s college basketball, they just might.

That’s a big reason why their streak should not simply be called “The longest in college basketball history.”

It is the longest women’s Division I streak. Yet not lumping it with UCLA has become evidence of gender bias. Auriemma essentially turned it into a national referendum when he ranted about the lack of coverage after win No. 88 two days ago.

To be precise, he said women are happy for the Huskies. Most men who have to cover it are miserable and pissed. And as soon as UConn breaks the record, we’ll just pat them on their heads and say, “Send them back where they belong in the kitchen.”

There’s no doubt a lot of people are biased against women’s basketball simply because they are women. But Auriemma’s attitude has exposed bias isn’t limited to the media and fans.

First, he assumes women automatically like women’s basketball. I know a lot of women who don’t, and it’s not because they hate women.

Click on link to read article in its entirety .

And while no amount of praise can't be heaped upon Auriemma for the way with which he's made his program so dominant I do feel that former Hoosiers’ coach Bob Knight went completely overboard in an assessment stating that if he were an AD looking for a coach to start a program men or women by far the best coach out there would be Auriemma. Now while I've great deal of respect for Knight I do feel that he may well have been at one time been in the accompaniment of Miley Cyrus when she was hitting that bong and digesting that salvia. Bitch grow up get laid and stop trying to impress everyone with the fact that you're in reality nothing more than a talentless teen with an average voice and very little else by way of any redeeming talent. As to Knight, hey Bob it's time to shut the hell up and stop making a complete ass of yourself with some of your nonsensical comments . If Auriemma to your mind he is the best coach in collegiate basketball then you obviously haven't got a damn clue . I'd have thought that Duke's —– Mike Krzyzsewski would be atop of your list ? But what the hell do I know I'm merely a British guy who happens to be black and who's resided here for almost two decades and has watched Krzyzewski make that Duke program one of the pre-eminent athletics program in all of sports . And oh yes along the way he's done something that you've never achieved and that's to win an Olympic title and World Championship as the national coach in your reign . And less we forget his four national collegiate titles (NCAA) along the way as well.

Now it goes without saying that whatever the outcome tonight Auriemma ought to be praised but the coach himself ought to respectful of the convened press rather than bitching and whining about the fact that the sport and this particular feat isn't getting enough publicity . What Geno Auriemma seems to forget is that until the women's game reaches the heights of its male counterparts on an athletic and competitive nature then the public's interest in women's sport , in particular women's basketball will remain somewhere along the lines of watching paint dry and mating ritual of pachyderms (elephants). So for those of you now who'd prefer to switch to Animal Planet then by all means do so.

It may well be that the U Conn Huskies will win this game with a great deal of ease after all more than almost 40% of their victories have been by double digits or more . Do you get what I'm simply saying about the game and in particular the dominance of Auriemma's teams ? They're simply aren't being tested at all whereas that wasn't necessarily the case for Wooden and his teams during their reign and basketball immortality. Suffice to say let this merely be about what this team is about to achieve by its own measure and simply stop with the comparisons to Wooden's program . It's a no contest and that's with due respect to USA Today's Christine Brennan and her renowned love of women's sport and its promotion in all circles. Even she can't be foolish enough to think that matching this feat of John Wooden ____ one can say that the U Conn Huskies would ever be that team's equal by any stretch of the imagination .

And to Auriemma once again I simply ask and implore you to bask in the glory and the acclaim as of now because once it's all gone there won't really be that much notice being taken about your sport much less the U Conn program other than the Huskies' faithful who choose to follow the happenings in Storrs, Connecticut and nationally.



What thoughts if any do you above on this feat were it to be achieved by Geno Auriemma and the U Conn Huskies ? Is it merely much ado about nothing or should it be really considered an amazing feat merely by the fact of its precedence amongst women's sports ? By all means simply leave a comment as to your thoughts on this matter and as usual thanks for the continued support as it has always been appreciated !

NB: This piece was completed prior to the Huskies lopsided victory (93-62) over the Seminoles last night.

U Conn Huskies Women’s Basketball Schedule 2010-11 .

U Conn Women’s Basketball Roster 2010-11 . Could they actually now surpass the century (100) mark for consecutive victories ?


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Tahiry Lay

Eye candy for your perusal so do enjoy . Tahiry Lay . And lay she must I’ve no doubt !

Heroes Villains & Icons

Words seem to fail me at this present moment in time. I was deeply shocked read and then hear that former Los Angeles Lakers’ great Kareem Abdul Jabbar had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Though the prognosis is said to be good for the former player.As many sufferers from this debilitating illness can lead productive lives ,given the right form of prescriptive medication and the usual healthy diet. This form of cancer – myeloid leukemia affects the white blood cells within one’s system and is characterized by the growth in the body’s bone marrow diminishing the blood cells usefulness to the human body. In large part your white blood cells become accelerated , damaged by being over productive ,counteracting your red blood cells.

A young Lew Alcindor  listens  attentively  to his  coach  and mentor  John Wooden    on  the  Bruins  famed  basketball  court

A young Lew Alcindor (Jabbar) listens attentively to his coach and mentor John Wooden on the Bruins’ famed basketball court.picture appears courtesy time life inc/archives/ Rudy West ……………

For the 62 year old Jabbar, this comes as a shock after years of countless physical demands being placed on his body over a 20 year career in the NBA.Not to mention the illustrious collegiate career that he had under coach,John Wooden, with the ,UCLA Bruins. A three-time NCAA basketball champion with the coach. And a a collegiate career that was marked by some tremendous achievements by Kareem with coach Wooden as his guide and mentor. One doubts that two individuals so alike, were more suited for one another. They both had a passion and a reverence of basketball, marked by the success achieved by both men.

For Kareem the help of his familial unit will no doubt prove to be of great strength to him as he battles this illness . And if anything he will be fully supported by the fans and his peers alike. He , in Kareem Abdul Jabbar , one of the most gifted and respected players of his generation. And even in today’s environment of the high priced, overpaid prima-donna athletes. Jabbar represents a player of a bygone era. Though he hasn’t been without controversy over the course of his career because of his religious and social beliefs. I certainly think that Kareem is one of those players that best highlights the strengths and virtues of the game of basketball. And though,in the present generation of today’s players. There’s no one of his precocious talents or gifts playing today’s game in terms of the cerebral presence and who shares the same mindset. Though a comparison could be made with the San Antonio Spurs’ Tim Duncan ? Both of whom bring a cerebral approach to the game and how it ought to be played.OK, so there are some of you out there saying,what about Kobe Bryantor LeBron James ? Well,Kobe and LeBron at present, are still mapping out their legacies and if anything they’re more often than not ,intent and all too willing to provide us with a human highlight reel. Whereas, Kareem was known to be an explosive offensive presence and a terrific shot blocker and defensive player. The traits that he shares with Duncan are distinctly similar and their intelligence and eloquence is off the charts.

Courtesy of CBS News :

Kareem Abdul Jabar’s ” Message of Hope

Battling Rare Form of Leukemia, Basketball Legend Says He Intends to “Continue Living”

(CBS) When you’ve spent your life as one of the best basketball players who ever lived – winning championships in high school, in college and in the pros, scoring more points than anyone else and immortalized in sports history and on film – you don’t expect to come suddenly face-to-face with your mortality.

“I started having hot flashes and sweats,” Kareem Abdul-Jabbar told CBS News correspondent Jeff Greenfield. “And I wasn’t a candidate for menopause, you know? So, trying to figure out what that was all about.”

In the middle of a busy life – best-selling author, special coach for the L.A. Lakers, parent – Abdul-Jabbar learned last December that he had a rare form of cancer.

“What I have is P.H. positive chronic myeloid leukemia, which is an aberration in your white blood cells,” Abdul-Jabbar said.

In order to read in its entirety just click on the text link shown

Success as we know can be fleeting and in the realms of sports our heroes, icons and villains are judged by the success, notoriety and adulation attained. But it’s also marked by what’s achieved by way of tangibility. And that’s where there has been an abundance of success for Kareem Abdul Jabbar. His accolades reads likes a well documented biographical feats of the game of basketball. One can savor the moments of greatness that he’s provided not only for Bruins’ fans but also fans of the Milwaukee Bucks, as well as those of the “Showtime Lakers”, coached under the auspices of Pat Riley.

Kareem   in  a  memorable scene  from the  movie  Airplane  . A monumental  hit at the  box  office  that would  provide  Kareem  with  other  roles along  the way.

Kareem seen here in a memorable scene from the box office hit ” Airplane “(1980) . The classic comedic hit would provide the former pro basketball player with some added roles along the way in Hollywood. picture appears courtesy of

And whilst nothing ought to be taken away from the achievements of Kareem on the court. His life off court has proven to be immeasurably fulfilling. Perhaps, even more so, in light of his social, political and philanthropic efforts over the years. Upon his retirement he’s made it a point to emphasize fulfillment of achieving an education . But perhaps his most glittering achievement has been his work amongst the Native American Indians and that of his literary career as an esteemed writer and historical biographer. Having written several bestselling literary works, pre and post NBA career. And it would be remiss not to spotlight his foray into Hollywood, where he achieved a modicum of success .

The famous final scenes from the action movie Game of Death ,starring Bruce Lee. Kareem played Lee’s nemesis and these scenes were said to be physically daunting for the duo at the time. And you can well understand why the scenes are considered to be an instant classic amongst martial arts enthusiasts !

In Hollywood , perhaps his most famous role was that of co-pilot Captain Roger Murdock in the box office hit disaster movie spoof “Airplane” (1980). He also played Bruce Lee‘s ruthless nemesis, an assassin in the action movie “Game of Death”(1978). It was to be Lee’s last movie and starring role. As he died tragically prior to the movie’s end of shooting. Scenes had to be re-shot with another actor bearing Lee’s likeness shooting those scenes. after-wards from a medical complication.

The  penultimate   scene  from   the  movie  as Kareem meets his  demise  at  the  hands   of Lee in the  movie -  Game  Of Death

The penultimate scene from the movie as as Kareem meets his demise at the hands of Lee’s character Billy Lo from the movie ‘Game of Death’. picture appears courtesy of arthouse images copyrighted material @ All rights reserved ……….

Kareem now serves as an assistant within the Los Angeles Lakers‘ organization at the behest of Lakers’ head coach, Phil Jackson. Whilst there , he’s honing the technique of Lakers’ starting center Andrew Bynum . As well assisting in the coaching duties of several other players on the Lakers’ roster.And if Bynum lives up to the premise expected under the tutelage of Kareem. Then Andrew Bynum will have felt privileged to have learned from the greatest player ever to have played the position. And though he was primarily seen as an offensive presence. He was quite often the facilitator for those around him as well.

The Holy  Trinity  of  The  Showtime  Lakers  Kareem ,  Magic  and   Worthy

The Holy Trinity of ‘The Showtime Lakers’ -Kareem, Worthy and Magic. Pictured from left to right, Kareem, James Worthy and Magic Johnson . picture appears courtesy of poston images/ Stan Richardson ………….

In the annals of the Lakers’ history , Kareem will go down with the very best to have donned the ‘Purple and Gold’ . His accomplishments speaks for themselves and one has only to look at the feats achieved by this prodigious player to see why he’s considered amongst the 50 Greatest Players ever to have played the game. And of the other accolades attained by Kareem Abdul Jabbar , well, those also justify and speak of his greatness as a player. So without much else to be said , I’ll end this piece by just saying thank you Kareem for providing us the most devoted of NBA fans with so many pleasurable memories ! You sir a hero and an icon ! Even if you did play a somewhat memorable villain on film. Thank you , for everything and so much more along the way !

Accolades and accomplishments of Kareem Abdul Jabbar .

Full Name: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Formerly known as: Lew Alcindor
Born: 4/16/47 in New York
High School: Power Memorial (N.Y.) College: UCLA
Drafted by: Milwaukee Bucks (1969)
Transactions: Traded to Los Angeles Lakers, 6/16/75

Height: 7-2; Weight: 267 lbs.
Honors: Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame (1995); NBA champion (1971, ’80, ’82, ’85, ’87, ’88); NBA MVP (1971, ’72, ’74, ’76, ’77, ’80); 10-time All-NBA First Team; Five-time All-NBA Second Team; Five-time All-Defensive First Team; Six-time
All-Defensive Second Team; 19-time All-Star; One
of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History (1996).

69-70 MIL 82 – 43.1 .518 .000 .653 – – 14.50 4.1 – – – 3.50 28.8
70-71 MIL 82 82 40.1 .577 .000 .690 – – 16.00 3.3 – – – 3.20 31.7
71-72 MIL 81 81 44.2 .574 .000 .689 – – 16.60 4.6 – – – 2.90 34.8
72-73 MIL 76 76 42.8 .554 .000 .713 – – 16.10 5.0 – – – 2.70 30.2
73-74 MIL 81 81 43.8 .539 .000 .702 3.50 11.00 14.50 4.8 1.38 3.49 – 2.90 27.0
74-75 MIL 65 64 42.3 .513 .000 .763 3.00 11.00 14.00 4.1 1.00 3.26 – 3.20 30.0
75-76 LA 82 82 41.2 .529 .000 .703 3.30 13.50 16.90 5.0 1.45 4.12 – 3.60 27.7
76-77 LA 82 82 36.8 .579 .000 .701 3.20 10.00 13.30 3.9 1.23 3.18 – 3.20 26.2
77-78 LA 62 62 36.5 .550 .000 .783 3.00 9.90 12.90 4.3 1.66 2.98 3.35 2.90 25.8
78-79 LA 80 80 39.5 .577 .000 .736 2.60 10.20 12.80 5.4 .95 3.95 3.53 2.90 23.8
79-80 LA 82 81 38.3 .604 .000 .765 2.30 8.50 10.80 4.5 .99 3.41 3.62 2.60 24.8
80-81 LA 80 80 37.2 .574 .000 .766 2.50 7.80 10.30 3.4 .74 2.85 3.11 3.10 26.2
81-82 LA 76 76 35.2 .579 .000 .706 2.30 6.40 8.70 3.0 .83 2.72 3.03 2.90 23.9
82-83 LA 79 79 32.3 .588 .000 .749 2.10 5.40 7.50 2.5 .77 2.15 2.53 2.80 21.8
83-84 LA 80 80 32.8 .578 .000 .723 2.10 5.20 7.30 2.6 .69 1.79 2.76 2.60 21.5
84-85 LAL 79 79 33.3 .599 .000 .732 2.10 5.80 7.90 3.2 .80 2.05 2.49 3.00 22.0
85-86 LAL 79 79 33.3 .564 .000 .765 1.70 4.40 6.10 3.5 .85 1.65 2.57 3.10 23.4
86-87 LAL 78 78 31.3 .564 .333 .714 1.90 4.80 6.70 2.6 .63 1.24 2.38 3.10 17.5
87-88 LAL 80 80 28.9 .532 .000 .762 1.50 4.50 6.00 1.7 .60 1.15 1.99 2.70 14.6
88-89 LAL 74 74 22.9 .475 .000 .739 1.40 3.10 4.50 1.0 .51 1.15 1.28 2.60 10.1
Career 1,560 1,476 36.8 .559 .056 .721 2.40 7.60 11.20 3.6 .94 2.57 1.71 3.00 24.6
Playoff 237 237 37.3 .533 .000 .740 2.60 6.50 10.50 3.2 .96 2.43 2.64 3.40 24.3
All-Star 18 13 24.9 .493 .000 .820 2.20 5.60 8.30 2.8 .40 2.07 2.55 3.20 13.9

69-70 MIL 3,534 938-1,810 0-0 485-743 – – 1,190 337 – – – 283 2,361
70-71 MIL 3,288 1,063-1,843 0-0 470-681 – – 1,311 272 – – – 264 2,596
71-72 MIL 3,583 1,159-2,019 0-0 504-732 – – 1,346 370 – – – 235 2,822
72-73 MIL 3,254 982-1,772 0-0 328-460 – – 1,224 379 – – – 208 2,292
73-74 MIL 3,548 948-1,759 0-0 295-420 287 891 1,178 386 112 283 – 238 2,191
74-75 MIL 2,747 812-1,584 0-0 325-426 194 718 912 264 65 212 – 205 1,949
75-76 LA 3,379 914-1,728 0-0 447-636 272 1,111 1,383 413 119 338 – 292 2,275
76-77 LA 3,016 888-1,533 0-0 376-536 266 824 1,090 319 101 261 – 262 2,152
77-78 LA 2,265 663-1,205 0-0 274-350 186 615 801 269 103 185 208 182 1,600
78-79 LA 3,157 777-1,347 0-0 349-474 207 818 1,025 431 76 316 282 230 1,903
79-80 LA 3,143 835-1,383 0-1 364-476 190 696 886 371 81 280 297 216 2,034
80-81 LA 2,976 836-1,457 0-1 423-552 197 624 821 272 59 228 249 244 2,095
81-82 LA 2,677 753-1,301 0-3 312-442 172 487 659 225 63 207 230 224 1,818
82-83 LA 2,554 722-1,228 0-2 278-371 167 425 592 200 61 170 200 220 1,722
83-84 LA 2,622 716-1,238 0-1 285-394 169 418 587 211 55 143 221 211 1,717
84-85 LAL 2,630 723-1,207 0-1 289-395 162 460 622 249 63 162 197 238 1,735
85-86 LAL 2,629 755-1,338 0-2 336-439 133 345 478 280 67 130 203 248 1,846
86-87 LAL 2,441 560-993 1-3 245-343 152 371 523 203 49 97 186 245 1,366
87-88 LAL 2,308 480-903 0-1 205-269 118 360 478 135 48 92 159 216 1,165
88-89 LAL 1,695 313-659 0-3 122-165 103 231 334 74 38 85 95 196 748
Career 57,446 15,837-28,307 1-18 6,712-9,304 2,975 9,394 17,440 5,660 1,160 3,189 2,527 4,657 38,387
Playoff 8,851 2,356-4,422 0-4 1,050-1,419 505 1,273 2,481 767 189 476 447 797 5,762
All-Star 449 105-213 0-1 41-50 33 84 149 51 6 31 28 57 251

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NB: Books written or co-authored by Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Abdul-Jabbar is also a bestselling author, the latest of his books being On the Shoulders of Giants: My Journey Through the Harlem Renaissance. His previous book, co-written with Anthony Walton, was Brothers In Arms: The Epic Story of the 761st Tank Battalion, WWII’s Forgotten Heroes (Publisher: Broadway 2004, ISBN 0-385-50338-5), the history of the 761st Battalion, an all-black armored unit that served in Europe in World War Two.

Other books:

* Giant Steps, with Peter Knobler (1987) ISBN 0-553-05044-3 (The book’s title is an homage to jazz great John Coltrane.)
* Kareem (1990) ISBN 0-394-55927-4
* Selected from Giant Steps (Writers’ Voices) (1999) ISBN 0-7857-9912-5
* Black Profiles in Courage: A Legacy of African-American Achievement, with Alan Steinberg (1996) ISBN 0-688-13097-6
* A Season on the Reservation: My Sojourn with the White Mountain Apaches, with Stephen Singular (2000) ISBN 0-688-17077-3
* Brothers in Arms: The Epic Story of the 761st Tank Battalion, WWII’s Forgotten Heroes with Anthony Walton (2005) ISBN 978-0767909136
* On the Shoulders of Giants: My Journey Through the Harlem Renaissance with Raymond Obstfeld (2007) ISBN 978-1416534884

Audio Book:

* On the Shoulders of Giants: An Audio Journey Through the Harlem Renaissance 8 CD Set Vol. 1-4, with Avery Brooks, Jesse L. Martin, Maya Angelou, Herbie Hancock, Billy Crystal, Charles Barkley, James Worthy, Julius Erving, Jerry West, Clyde Drexler, Bill Russell, Coach John Wooden, Stanley Crouch, Quincy Jones and other chart-topping musicians, as well as legendary actors and performers such as Samuel L. Jackson. (2008) ISBN 978-0-615-18301-5