A call to arms

A call to arms

There is nothing more disturbing than the continued idiocy that portends as to the self-serving attitude of the modern-day athlete and fans out there who would simply seek to defend the indefensible . Former , seven-time Tour de France winner , Lance Armstrong has become a pariah within his former sport . Not that the sport of cycling can still be taken seriously when its own governing body (International Cycling Union) has been slow to go after the cheaters within cycling and truly punish them with impunity , rather than this continued slap on the wrist and then allowing a number of those cyclists to return to the sport at a later date . Armstrong for is part now is part of an investigation now being conducted by perhaps, the most inept governmental agency within Barack Obama`s administration . The Justice Department , ran rather ineptly by Attorney General , Eric Holder , remains a damn joke .


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Holder`s office having previously conducted an investigation into the allegations against the now disgraced cyclist closed that investigation, stating , that were was insufficient evidence against Lance Armstrong to proceed with an indictment and then prosecution . Pardon me , but what has really changed in the ensuing two years that as really brought about these turn of events and changed, when the evidence first gathered, proving willful malfeasance by Armstrong and several members of his cycling team was more than conclusive ? Yet the sheer apathy of is supporters was there to be seen . Just going to show, the apple does not fall far from the tree , when you simply witness blind ignorance and damn stupidity by a group of individuals who are simply frigging clueless and would rather not seek out the information that is there for all to see. .

Lance Armstrong now believes that he should not be punished for his misdeeds , while he harangues former close confidantes , chastising in private , while now offering what is clearly nowhere as sincere , a contrite apology . For the idiots who still remain under the impression, that the USADA (US Anti Doping Agency) overstepped their boundaries in seeking out Armstrong. Simply get a clue , and actually verify the standing that particular institution has , as concerning the sport and specifically all of sports, as it relates to the IOC (International Olympic Committee) , and that the USADA acts in conjunction with the US Olympic Committee , as well as having powers as mandated by the government . Lance Armstrong`s estimated personal fortune $100 million is in jeopardy, and is now subject to several legal civil suits . As to his own charitable foundation , Live Strong , well , that organization is now seeing a precipitous fall off in public and corporation donations , albeit that the athlete no longer has any ties to the foundation he started over a decade ago , in order to seek a cure for various forms of cancer . Armstrong , himself, a cancer survivor, having overcome testicular cancer, parlayed much of the goodwill and empathy received to build a philanthropic effort that over a decade has raised in excess of $250 million for cancer research . Commendable as that might be, Lance Armstrong preyed and played on the sympathy of the public major corporations alike , lying about his heroism and his deeds . Simply inexcusable , yet many amongst us, view it as the athlete , as having done nothing wrong.

Courtesy of USA Today

For Lance Armstrong, sorry has been the hardest word

By Brent Schrotenboer , USA Today

A day before his famous confession in January, Lance Armstrong called the home of Frankie and Betsy Andreu.

Both were victims of Armstrong, people he bullied and smeared in pursuit of fame and fortune in professional cycling.

He tried to apologize.

“He told me in that phone call he wanted to meet with us, sooner rather than later,” Betsy Andreu told USA TODAY Sports. “I don’t know how Lance expresses his contrition, but ‘sorry’ is just a word unless it’s acted on. Meeting would’ve done wonders.”

She arranged to meet him in April but said he canceled at the 11th hour, telling her he didn’t trust her.

READ: E-mails between Armstrong and Andreu

Four months after he admitted in a lengthy televised interview with Oprah Winfrey that he had doped, lied and bullied for more than 10 years, Armstrong has, for one reason or another, failed to apologize to almost all of the people he promised he would. In some cases, he has tried to reach some who, after years of being attacked by Armstrong, haven’t returned his messages.

Though he had hoped the truth would set him free, Armstrong also has found it potentially could be expensive. The federal government, two insurance companies and others have filed suit against him, saying Armstrong’s confession proved he defrauded them. The potential liability in those cases is more than $135 million for the former cyclist, whose legal argument is essentially that his confession isn’t relevant to the money he collected from them.

Though he had hoped the truth would set him free, Armstrong also has found it potentially could be expensive. The federal government, two insurance companies and others have filed suit against him, saying Armstrong’s confession proved he defrauded them. The potential liability in those cases is more than $135 million for the former cyclist, whose legal argument is essentially that his confession isn’t relevant to the money he collected from them.

Armstrong said he would spend the rest of his life making amends. His critics say it’s the same old self-serving Armstrong, even in contrition. A person close to Armstrong says that’s not the case, though he acknowledged the legal issues.

“It’s way too soon to assess Lance’s post-Oprah conduct and how this will all turn out,” said the person, who didn’t want to be identified because of the sensitivity of the situation. The person said, “Lance is committed to participating in real dialogues and constructive change” but that his attorneys are not going to put him in “positions where he just becomes a punching bag for other people who have their own agendas.”


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While we are at it , how is that a mismanaged entity such as the US Postal Service , in the past three years , has lost in excess of $25 billion and is projected to lose as much as $30 billion ($30,000,000,000) for the fiscal year ending September 2013 , is involved in sponsoring a professional cycling team ? Patriotism asides , it is this sort of asinine idiocy that takes place for what is said to be a stand-alone entity . Yet the Post Office`s debts are in fact guaranteed by the US government , ergo , the US taxpayer . There you go folks , your tax dollars simply not at work for you . When pressed on the fact the current US Postmaster General , Patrick Donahoe , seems to be nonplussed by the fact that, Lance Armstrong , having been sponsored and received in excess of $30 million from Donahoe`s concern , has yet to state why he and the USPS hierarchy have not sought legal recourse for the return of the said funds in question . Personally, I am no longer at a loss to see why it is that the Postal Service is so archaic and simply out of touch with new technology as well as being so inefficient ! Yet, time and time again , I repeatedly ere how efficient US businesses tend to be. I have yet to see it, with a number of so-called corporations , who simply cannot grow organically , but tend to do so by the use of creative accounting and layoffs , only to then have their manufacturing or ancillary staff set up in an office or factory overseas , thereby depriving the US workforce of jobs . Am I, missing something here ?

Well by now, a number of you will know by that rapper and entrepreneur Jay-Z has formed a sports` management agency to represent a stable of established sports` stars . Amongst his RocNation Sports Agency signees are, the New York Yankees , Robinson Cano , New York Jets` quarterback , Geno Smith , New York Giants` wide receiver Victor Cruz and Skylar Diggins , recently of the Notre Dame women`s basketball team and drafted by the WNBA`s …. Tulsa Shock . The RocNation agency was formed in conjunction with CAA Sports , one of the worlds biggest sports management and entertainment agencies , with offices worldwide . However , Jay-Z`s latest entrepreneurial endeavor has come under a great deal of scrutiny as well as criticism , because of the way several of the company`s representatives have gone about luring several athletes to sign with the agency .

Now having accumulated an estimate fortune in excess of $450 million , with a budding business empire wherein , Jay-Z, otherwise known as Sean Carter , has multiple business interests, ranging from his upscale night clubs , 40/40 establishments, as well as, a restaurant chain , commercial and residential real estate properties . The rapper is known to be a shrewd businessman , having sold his record label Roc-A-Fella Records , for a reputed $275 million, while still retaining the musical rights to all content performed as an artist while recording for the label . Shrewd indeed , while now having formed RocNation, which now encompasses , fashion and apparel concern , an in-house promotional company , record label , studios , managing and promoting artists signed to the eponymous label. Furthermore, having divested himself of a minority stake in the Brooklyn Nets , and the franchise`s home venue the Barclays Center . It was only a matter of time before the world would begin to speculate were Jay-Z would seek to make his next fortune .

What is now known , concerning Geno Smith`s retaining RocNation as his representation , as an agent , but also for legal matters concerning endorsement deals . It has come to light , that the player , having dropped his original agent , met with representatives from RocNation in something of a clandestine manner , clearly in breaching of NFL rules , because the representatives from the company had yet to be certified by either the league (NFL) and duly recognized by the NFLPA (Players` Union) . To date, no proceedings have been taken against the company by the league hierarchy ,but it does beg the question. Was the company aware that they were in breach of league regulations , in signing the player before having met the criteria of having a certified official sign the player and become his agent ? It is something that has yet to be answered by the rapper or any of his representatives from the company. In light of this however , an impromptu statement was recently made by Smith, stating that he was not lured away from his agent to join RocNation , and that the decision to fire is then agent , was his alone . As to what bearing this might have should either the NFL or Players Union seek to order an investigation , could very well have some ramifications upon how these agents and companies represent themselves in the market place .

The NFL remains a dark and devious world , where one`s word isn’t necessarily a bond of trust or honesty . In 2010 , uber-agent , Drew Rosenhaus negotiated new contracts and deals for a reputed $ 675 million , covering rookies and free agents under his representation . However, in the midst of it all , it should be noted that Rosenhaus , is said to have knowingly poached clients away from rival agents , even when it was known that the players in question remained under contract with their agent at the time . In each of the instances in question, of which there were several , Roger Goodell`s office was said to have found no wrongdoing by Rosenhaus or any of his subordinates from his company , Rosenhaus Sports Representation . Once again, the commissioner , and his office would rather blow smoke up everyone`s rear end , rather than deal with instances, where the image of the NFL is actually being brought into disrepute . How else would you explain the apparent none action by the league even after a number of agents have repeatedly questioned the actions of Dew Rosenhaus and lodged formal complaints not just with the NFL but also the Players` Union ?

I don`t begrudge Jay-Z , or that of his company Roc Nation entering the world of athlete management representation , while seeking to level the playing field . What I do feel in such an instance, is what appears to be the mitigated and premeditated instance , where the conduct of his company has already come into question , either by a genuine mistake or what could very well have been a preplanned effort by a representative of the business , looking to make a big splash in the sports world, as well as in the world of athlete representation. If there is an intent to do something , then at least have the common sense and intelligence to do it right , rather than coming across as a haphazard and incompetent fool ! .

The Atlanta Braves have definitely cooled off from their hot start to the season . Manager Fredi Gonzalez , however, has to be perturbed in recent weeks by team`s sudden inconsistency and the loss of a number games where they were highly favored to win . This has not been lost on Gonzalez`s staff or GM Frank Wren , as they seek to find ways to stop this fait-accompli on the players` part .

One of the bright spots to the Braves` season has been the play of Justin Upton and Evan Gattis , whereby both of these young players have stepped to the plate and they have bot been extremely productive for the team. . Upton`s elder sibling, BJ Upton has been going through his own issues having been acquired by the franchise as a free agent this off-season . The outfielder has yet to find his consistency or power albeit, that as of late he has found ways to be otherwise productive for the Braves .

Coming off a well-earned 2-1 victory over divisional rivals the Washington Nationals , the Braves do seem to be primed to perhaps increase their lead over the Nationals within the NL East , in what now appears to be a two-horse race within the division. The Braves further emphasized their recent dominance of the Nationals by repeating Saturday`s effort with a 6-3 win over Davey Johnson`s players . The Washington Nationals now have problems of their own, in sidelining Bryce Harper , placing the player on the DL , with the outfielder suffering from bursitis of is right knee . And given the issues of the Nationals last season and how they dealt with Stephen Strasburg , let`s just say , are we about to see history simply repeating itself ?

The Braves will host the Pittsburgh Pirates (35-22) , starting Monday , with a three game series at Fulton County Stadium , in Atlanta , Georgia . I am not about to suggest that the Pirates are a resilient team , giving that ball-club`s undoubted affinity for simply imploding during the season and simply falling from grace and out of contention repeatedly within the NL Central over the past few years . And no matter how optimistic manager Clint Hurdle appears to be concerning this team . One simply knows it is only a matter of time before the Pirates simply makes a mockery of their season altogether .

. On the mound for the Braves in the upcoming game will be Kris Medlen , who will be facing off against AJ Burnett , in what is sure to be a great pitching duel. From my own perspective with the retirement of Chipper Jones , as a an avowed fan of this team , I am looking forward to seeing which of the players will now seek to assume the mantle of being a vocal on the field leader of this ball club . Will it be Dan Uggla , B J Upton , Jason Heyward , Craig Kimbrell , Brian McCann or someone else on the roster coming to the fore over the course of this season ?



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Your thoughts on the points raised within this piece ? Simply leave a comment as you see fit .


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(1) A pensive Lance Armstrong, is seen here at a conference discussing cancer research with convened members of the press as well as top medical professionals in the field of oncology and cancer research . Te former seven-time Tour de France winner was stripped of his titles , having admitted his guilt in a doping scandal that has cast a giant shadow over the sport of cycling . The ICU , the international governing body for the sport , have themselves been extremely slow in bringing in far-reaching measures , that punishes cyclists with impunity regarding their doping . Courtesy of slate,com/ ………..

(2) U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder listens to a question at a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, March 6, 2013. Holder and his office have come in for a great deal of criticism in recent months in his agency`s handling on a wide variety of issues . having first conducted an original investigation into the allegations of Lance Armstrong having been involved in doping, along with several of his teammates on the US Postal Service Cycling team . The Attorney General`s office , the US Justice Department decided not to proceed ahead , claiming that there was insufficient evidence to lead to an indictment and successful prosecution . A mere two and a half years later , it would appear that the agency will now go ahead in prosecuting Armstrong on the basis of the original evidence gathered by the USADA and WADA . It seems that the ongoing stupidity of the US Justice Department knows no boundaries in their ongoing incompetency . REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst ….

(3) Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2013, before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs hearing about the U.S. Postal Service. Donahoe has been reluctant to explain why it is that the US Post Office has failed to go after Lance Armstrong , and seek the return of $ 30 million paid out to the cyclist in endorsement monies , in a lucrative contract with Armstrong`s team , managed by Johann Bruyneel , a former cyclist , who himself , has come under the spotlight and glare of WADA and the ICU . AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin ….

(4) Rapper , and music mogul Jay-Z ,left , is seen here with New York Jets draftee Geno Smith . The player who came in for a great deal of criticism for his behavior at the NFL Draft , is now the subject of some unwanted publicity , concerning his signing with the rapper`s newly minted sports agency RocNation Sports , a full service management firm , offering sports management and some legal services . Questions have arisen, as to whether or not Smith was signed by NFL certified agent within the agency . Should that not be the case in contravention of NFL and NFLPA rules , then the player and agency itself could become subject of an investigation and a reprimand , if there is clear evidence that those measures were contravened . ……..

(5) Drew Rosenhaus , NFL agent whose company represents over 125 current and former NFL players. Considered to be one of the most powerful agents in the NFL , Rosenhaus has been described by fellow agents and a number of NFL general managers as a pariah , while some have actually referred to him as a “bloodsucking leech “ . Drew Rosenhaus sees himself, as nothing more than a damn good agent , offering his clients the best representation that money can buy . Getty Images / Paula Marks …..

(6) Atlanta Braves’ B.J. Upton rounds third base to applause on a home run during the second inning of a baseball game against the Washington Nationals Sunday, June 2, 2013, in Atlanta. John Amis/AP Photo …

(7) Washington Nationals’ Chad Tracy (18) , Ryan Zimmerman (11) , Rick Eckstein , and manager Davey Johnson , right, watch the final moments of a baseball game against the Atlanta Braves, Sunday, June 2, 2013, in Atlanta. Atlanta won 6-3 . AP Photo/John Amis ….

(8) Washington Nationals catcher Jhonatan Solano tags out Atlanta Braves’ Justin Upton (8) at home plate as he tries to score on from third base on a ground ball by Evan Gattis during the sixth inning of the MLB National League baseball game, Sunday, June 2, 2013, in Atlanta. John Amis/AP Photo …



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Foster Hope While Constantly Showing Disdain ………….

Foster Hope While Constantly Showing Disdain …………

by tophatal

The London Olympics are just over a week away from the ceremonial opening . An event that h will be attended by a number of dignitaries as well members of the Royal Family at Olympic Stadium , the main venue where the track and field events will be staged . For IOC President Jacques Rogge , the event comes at a time when he is under considerable pressure to suspend the invitation and participation of Syria at the games . The Arab country’s self-styled leader, and despot , President Bashir Al Assad , and his military forces have wreaked havoc upon the citizens within the country . Claims , as to the estimates of the deaths , now reach several thousand but as with so many claims , be they from human rights’ activists to the UN (United Nations) itself , no one can really be sure of the true figure . In the midst of this all , Rogge has been a major irritant with his incessant stupidity and his greatly raised anti-feminine stance as it relates to the participation of women at all levels of the Olympic Games . He has been very much like a vessel at sea , constantly changing his position as if here were being guided by the wind, and the statement attributed to him are proof of that fact . So much so , there are many who believe that he missed his true vocation in life and that it to be a politician . Instead , he presides over one of the most corrupt sports’ organizations on the planet . Perhaps only soccer’s international governing body, FIFA , under its president Joseph “ Sepp “ Blatter might be considered a more corrupt and disdainful figure than Jacques Rogge .


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Rogge as IOC President is no different from any of his predecessors and it is has become blatantly obvious for those who would care to observe that he feels that his institution has no need to involve itself in any political activity that where the IOC feels the wrath of the alleged country being scorned . As President of the IOC , Jacques Rogge has done little to try to change the tendencies of countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran , where females are kept at arm’s length and away in terms of representing their country on the international sporting stage. Then again , his esteemed institution has knowingly accepted millions in bribes in subverting the whole voting process for the designation for an Olympic host country and site . Let’s not fool ourselves here , but the claims that Mitt Romney came in, and cleaned up the mess that the USOC and St Lake City Olympic Organizing Committee ( scandal of solicited bribes by the organizing committee ) were a party to , was simply one more of an indication and reason why the IOC and the games themselves , remain a complete farce ! Romney may well brought into clean up the mess but in reality in the aftermath of it all , nothing has really changed .

Now as proud as I am to see the Olympic Games return to the country of my birth , I am not so sure that the spirit of the event will be truly upheld . For all of the talk about the games being an event where one can foster peace and understanding in a world where geo-political and economic forces are constantly at war with one another . These games will come at a time where we remain in a global economic crisis and the politicians within our midst , are so bereft of common sense and a modicum of intelligence . If you are looking for proof of that fact , then look no further than the constant diatribe from Presidential candidates , incumbent Barack Obama and his challenger Mitt Romney . God , is there no end to this madness ? In addition, there is still three months of campaigning to endure from these two blithering idiots and mindless numb skulls ! They’re each cut from the same cloth and inasmuch as they claim to have opposing views on a number of issues , look closely at what they stand for and simply follow “ the money trail” in terms of the political donations to their respective campaigns from the Super-PAC’s (political action committees). You would have to be a complete asshole not to realize what is going on there .

Now many of you may well be aware that the USOC in their infinite stupidity saw fit to ask famed fashion designer Ralph Lauren to design the uniforms to the US athletes for the opening ceremony (27th July) . And not wishing to dispel any further why it is this country has become so imperiled as no longer being a major manufacturer of goods that crosses all sectors of the economy . How else can you explain the fact that the uniforms designed to be worn by the athletes are made in China ? Granted , we may well live in a global economy . Nevertheless, what type of message is it , that the USOC Chairman Larry Probst is trying to send, or suggest . When he states that this “ faux-pas” (mistake) is simply a minor blip but for the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi , Russia , the US athletes will be dressed in US made uniforms . Chilling stupidity , on the part of Probst and his fellow members , whose organization each year receives tens of millions of dollars in donations . With the vast majority of that money coming from the public , albeit , that there are commercial tie-ins major US corporations and Fortune 500 companies . No doubt many of you will have received the customary literature in the mail from the USOC asking for donations as well your support of Team USA . I am not so sure that a donation by me , will actually make multi-millionaire team members such as Michael Phelps , LeBron James , Carmelo Anthony , Serena and Venus Williams breathe a sigh of relief that they are London bound for the Olympic Games ! That is just me pointing what out what is patently obvious !

Now there is no denying that once commercialism hit the ranks of the Olympics , everything in terms of the ideology and the very fact that the event was meant to be about bringing together athletes from various walks of life and around the globe to compete in the “spirit of competition” and ostensibly as amateurs. Now we have sham-amateurism being exhibited on the field of competition , while the ideals of the game’s modern day founder Baron Pierre de Coubertin have been thrown to the wayside . Corporations such as Nike Inc. , Adidas , GE , Rolex , GSK , Pfizer , Porsche , GM , Ford and Wal-Mart Inc. will see their profiles raised on the global stage , as NBC Sports will provide us with almost 400 hours of television coverage through their slate of networks , of the events for the North American television market . This might the one time NBC will actually turn a profit because beyond their coverage of Wimbledon ,the NFL and golf on the Golf Channel , the rest of their programming prime-time lineup is as rancid as the carcass of a decaying corpse !

From an earlier article within this site I wrote about what I believe to be the self-serving acts of the IOC an d specifically the United States and its continually failed foreign policy ! With that being said , as the US government leads , the rest of the Western hemisphere will follow . Not to be left out this idiocy has been the poor response from British Prime Minister David Cameron and his Foreign Secretary William Hague . The two have pretty much followed in line with Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in addressing the ongoing atrocities now taking place in Syria , simply pay the issue lip-service . Each of the aforementioned individuals knows that there is no way in hell that Syrian leader , Bashar al Assad will step down . He will have to be removed forcibly but herein lies the caveat to this all . While , China and Russia as permanent members of the UN Security Council flex their muscles , UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and his special to the Middle East Kofi Annan cower in the background like bitches , and the same can be said from the executives of the British and US government .

David Cameron has heaped a great deal of praise upon the shoulders of Sebastian Coe , Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the 2012 Olympic Games . As a former world-class athlete , Coe has pretty much caught the essence of what is expected from these games . He hopes that it surpasses those of Beijing in 2008 and the events of previous games . High hopes indeed , and not insurmountable , if many of the athletes predicted to win gold do actually live up to the presumed expectations ,

The highlights I believe , will be widespread but obviously the visibility of the track and field events , swimming , soccer and the men’s and women’s basketball competitions and tennis will take center-stage . I would have mentioned cycling in terms of the road race but as the sport itself is still embroiled in an issue of its very own making , I do not believe it worth my while to give it any further mention ! It is not as if the sport’s governing body (UCI) has done enough to stamp out the misuse of prohibitive substances at all ! All this while the Tour de France is in full swing and due reach its finality within the next few days . Ah well , it has become part of the sports’ landscape , so why should the Olympic Games be any different ?

Speaking of a sport that yearns to return to the Olympic stage , how much of an ass must Bud Selig remain , and the mere fact that his intransigence and that of the MLBPA (union) led to baseball being no longer a part the Olympics ? His unwillingness to acquiesce has led to IOC determining that baseball and softball are no longer a part of this quadrennial event . Baseball’s international governing body (IFAB) is now petitioning the IOC Executive Committee , seeking either the sport’s reinstatement for the 2016 , or 2020 Olympic Games . The sport’s departure from the Summer Olympics had nothing to do with a decline in its popularity or lack of competition . It had more to do with the reluctance the MLB hierarchy , and union failure to acquiesce to the mandatory testing of the athletes and the rudimentary changes that took place within baseball’s own asinine policy and stance at the time . Not much has changed since then in spite of the commissioner’s insistence that it has . Who are we really to believe now ? And if the idiot fans believe that the World Baseball Classic makes up for the loss of baseball no longer being part the Summer Games and the exposure raised . Then , think again ! On the grander scale of things an audience of 20 million and perhaps another 100 million worldwide , simply cannot beat the exposure garnered by upwards of 300 to 500 million watching simultaneously but there appears to be idiots out there who somehow believe otherwise ! Keep on thinking along those lines because obviously they have no unfathomable idea economically what that type of exposure means .

One of the more obscure sports that will certainly garner my attention will be that of the taekwondo competition . Specifically , I am hoping to see whether or not US athlete Steve Lopez can add to his already impressive tally of Olympic medals and his international resume` . Lopez a multiple medalist at the Olympics and world championships , is perhaps one of the least known members of the US Olympic team that will be in London . But those who know of his proficiency in this event , will know that he is one of the best in the world . As a practicing martial artist , proficient in the areas of karate , taekwondo and savate` , it is my greatest wish to see Steve Lopez succeed and further add to the luster of this sport . And while Mixed martial arts for now has no desire to enter the fray and become an Olympic sort . I am pretty much certain of this fact , UFC President Dana White will be watching closely , as he seeks to gain a further foothold in a genre , the flagship UFC is the preeminent force and promoter of the sport . It is not as if boxing at these at these Olympic Games will have a great deal to offer , and that is with the advent of women being able to participate for the very first time . . Professional boxing is now on its last legs , so why not have mixed-martial-arts enter the realms of competition within the Olympic ideal ? Hell , it would certainly garner more viewers than the sport of boxing which that has been mired in ridicule and controversy well over a decade and that is not just at the professional level but also the amateur level as well . Need I say anymore on the matter . I guess not !



Picture gallery .

What thoughts if any do you have concerning the points raised within this piece ? And which events will be of particular interest to you over the course of the Olympic Games being held in the United Kingdom ? Leave a comment as you see fit .


Picture and slideshow details below for your perusal .

(1) IOC President Jacques Rogge (left) speaks to LOCOG Chairman Sebastian Coe (far right) attends the’ London 2012 – One Year To Go’ ceremony in Trafalgar Square on July 27, 2011 in London, England. The one year countdown to the London 2012 Olympic games was marked with a unique ceremony in Trafalgar Square, with IOC President Jacques Rogge inviting the world’s athletes to compete in next summer’s games. Getty Images Europe / Clive Mason ….

(2) Jacques Rogge (L), President of the International Olympic Committee, and Sebastian Coe (C), Chairman of the London 2012 Organising Committee, and Kelly Holmes (R) , former Olympian Champion speak during the 2008 Pierre de Coubertin Lecture presented by London 2012 at the Radisson SAS Portman Hotel on November 24, 2008 in London, England. The lecture covered advancing the Olympic Games, London 2012 and the future of de Coubertin’s Olympic Movement. Getty Images / Ryan Pierse …..

(3) US President Barack Obama is seen here with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin . The two world leaders have diametrically opposing views on how to treat Syria and the continued turmoil that has already led to the loss of 10,000 lives by conservative estimates . President Obama favors sanctions but has stopped short military intervention , although he believes humanitarian aid be given the Syrian people . Putin , on the other hand , favors the “failed diplomatic” strategy of Kofi Annan , which has seen cease-fire after cease-fire repeatedly broken by the Syrian military at the countenance of Syrian President Bashir al-Assad . One of the reasons behind Putin’s stance is the mere fact that Syria remains one of the largest purchasers of Russian armaments as well as being one of their biggest trading partners . AP Photo / Mark Harper ……

(5) Michael Phelps who hopes to add to his astonishing Olympic medal haul at the upcoming London games . AP Photo / Chris Harper ….

(6) Donald Trump poses for a photo with Taekwondo athletes Steven Lopez (L) , Diana Lopez and fencer Tim Morehouse (R) during the Team USA Road to London 100 Days Out Celebration in Times Square on April 18, 2012 in New York City. Getty Images /Jeff Zelevansky …..

(7) President of the International Olympic Committee Jacques Rogue (R) presents USOC Chairman Larry Probst with an invitation to the 21st Winter Olympic Games during a ceremony for the one year countdown of the 2010 Olympic Games on February 12, 2009 at the Richmond Olympic Oval in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. Getty Images North America / Photo by Jeff Vinnick/ Getty Images … ….




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Hypocrisy Is The Norm Nowadays ………. !

Hypocrisy Is The Norm Nowadays

It’s not to my chagrin but the apparent hypocrisy shown by the USOC in now getting the satisfaction they sought in seeing several Chinese gymnast stripped of their Olympic medals for being under aged. So unless the the USOC has now become a conduit of the Roman Catholic church in its suborning and condoning the actions of many of the swim instructors and trainers within the governing body of USA Swimming . Then it had better get its head out of its own ass and tackle this particular subject head on .

Now while this was going on several young females on at the youth and junior level of USA swimming. Now comes the most reprehensible fact of this all, several female members have the victims of sexual abuse by their trainers who all sanctioned by USA Swimming . What may seem even more perverse in all of this , has been the fact that while this has going on . Well it has been the fact that the USOC has simply turned a blind eye to this all . Pardon me for saying this but I would’ve thought the apparent safety of a child far outweighs that the USOC simply chasing down the Chinese in conjunction with the IOC to go after the Chinese Olympic gymnastic federation. We’ve had more US athletes in the past two years banned for the use of illicit substances than there has been the accusation of the use of underage performers at the Olympics. Which to your mind is the more egregious of the alleged acts ?

Courtesy of The New York Times

Medal of Underage Chinese Gymnast Revoked

By Juliet Macur , The New York Times

After an investigation that lasted more than a year, the International Gymnastics Federation announced on Friday that a Chinese gymnast from the 2000 Olympics had been too young to compete.

The gymnast, Dong Fangxiao, a member of the Chinese women’s team that won the bronze medal, was found to have falsified her age in order to meet the requirements at those Olympics. The gymnastics federation said in a statement that Dong was actually 14, two years younger than the minimum. Her results at those Games and at several other major competitions have been revoked.

The federation — which goes by its French acronym, F.I.G. — submitted a request to the International Olympic Committee to strip the Chinese team of its Olympic bronze medal. If that happens, the United States women’s team, which finished fourth, will move into third place. The gymnasts on that squad were Amy Chow, Jamie Dantzscher, Dominique Dawes, Kristen Maloney, Elise Ray and Tasha Schwikert.

“There still is what I believe to be unanswered questions about this issue, but there is only so much you can prove when it comes to falsified documents,” Steve Penny, the president of USA Gymnastics, said. “I feel that the F.I.G. is taking this matter very seriously and has done a very responsible job here. They’ve done absolutely everything in their power to get to the bottom of a very sensitive issue.”

Mark Adams, a spokesman for the I.O.C., said the gymnastics federation’s recommendation to strip the Chinese of their medals would be studied by the I.O.C.’s executive board before any action was taken. That would probably happen at the board’s next meeting at the end of April, he said.


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How is that they are so steadfast in doing this but given the fact over two dozen young females have sexually abused have never been given the recourse sought ? Now recently one of the biggest predators in the midst of this scandal is now housed in California state prison for eight counts of sexual assault and battery that he has committed over the course of the last fifteen years. Now to say this is reprehensible wouldn’t do this statement justice but I guess it will have to do . I at times wonder which is in fact more disdainful when it comes to ambition as it concerns a governing body ? The actual pursuit of excellence or the actual commercial success ?

Courtesy of Seattle PI Sound Publishing

Oak Harbor swim coach convicted of rape featured Friday on national TV

By Jessie Stensland , Whidbey Times

The popular ABC News show 20/20 is running an investigative piece Friday night on Andrew King, a former Oak Harbor swim coach convicted of raping young swimmers, and the organization USA Swimming.

The piece investigated by Brian Ross, entitled “Inside USA Swimming: Secrets and Betrayal,” will run Friday, April 9 at 10 p.m. on ABC. A brief segment is also scheduled to be aired Friday on the 5:30 p.m. World News with Diane Sawyer.

Andrew “Andy” King, 61, is a serial child molester who used his position as a swim coach to molest at least a dozen young girls, allegedly including one Oak Harbor girl, over his 30-year career. He was sentenced to 40 years in prison earlier this year in a California courtroom after pleading no contest last fall to 20 child molestation charges.

King coached the Aquajets swim team at the North Whidbey Park and Recreation swimming pool in Oak Harbor during the 1990s, then left mysteriously amid complaints about his contact with female swimmers.

A couple of years later, one of the Oak Harbor swimmers reported that King had molested and raped her from 1994 to 1997, when she was just 12 to 13 years old. Detective Teri Gardner with the Oak Harbor police investigated the allegations extensively, but the Island County prosecutor declined to charge King.

After leaving Oak Harbor, King moved to San Jose and continued to coach swimmers associated with USA Swimming, a national organization that has been criticized over allegations that it hasn’t protected children adequately. North Whidbey Aquatics Club is affiliated with Pacific Northwest Swimming, a committee of USA Swimming, according to the club’s Web site.

Last year, investigators in San Jose uncovered King’s lengthy history of molesting child swimmers.

The Oak Harbor swimmer who was allegedly raped by King filed a $15 million claim for damages against North Whidbey Park and Recreation District. The district’s insurance company is handling the complaint.


And at present there are several such cases either now under indictment or awaiting trial and as far as too often been the case many of the instructors in question simply left their positions with a prospective club or team only repeat the very same offenses elsewhere with a new team. Somewhat reminiscent as to how the Roman Catholic church moved their priests around the different dioceses as they carried out their pernicious acts of sexual debauchery on the young and innocent.

Commissioner Roger Goodell saw fit suspend Ben Roethlisberger but yet when Miami Dolphins’ GM Jeff Ireland saw fit to make what would in most peoples’ mind would be offensive statement. Absolutely nothing was done by the commissioner’s office. During an NFL rookie interview Ireland had the temerity to ask Oklahoma State football player Dez Bryant whether or not his mother was a prostitute (whore). Now what this has to do with the player’s abilities on the field is beyond me ! But this now appears to be what NFL executives may seek to be the norm. Were those the actions of an African American NFL executive asking that question there would have been a public outcry ! As to the lack of inaction by the commissioner’s office or that of Miami Dolphins front office will no doubt set a bad precedence within collegiate football and many of its young players. Conducting unbecoming the image of the league is meant not just to apply to the NFL players but also the entire league as it relates to the owners and executives. Goodell it appears, is only willing to fight the battles he sees fit to pursue .

Of all the executives who govern the four major sports . It might just be that NBA Commissioner David Stern has always been about the image of his sport and the conduct of its members. What recently took place between Bulls’ executive John Paxson and that of the team’s now recently fired coach Vinny Del Negro left a lot to be desired. Paxson physically assaulted the team’s then coach and threatened him. Now if Stern and the Bulls’ owner Jerry Reinsdorf is willing to overlook this action. Then what does it suggest about the hierarchy of the sport in general ? The now infamous incident wherein Latrell Sprewell in a premeditated attack choked his coach P J Carlessimo , led to the player being suspended nd fined. Sprewell an African American , was never able to live the incident down and became to be thought of as a street thug. After the incident his career essentially was derailed and spiraled out of control. Now were Paxson an African American NBA executive, one wonders what the outcome may well have been ? But in the midst of this all a public statement has not been forthcoming from either Stern , Stu Jackson or from Bulls’ owner Jerry Reinsdorf or the team’s GM Gar Forman .

I no longer take with credence anything that’s forthcoming from the hierarchies of any of the “governing officials of the four major sports” ! . It is not as if they have ever taken the fans’ interests to heart with regard to any decision that they make. For them it has and always will be about the bottom line at the expense of the fans’ goodwill. And on a bye-note if conservatives are known for being entrepreneurs and great businessmen. Then why is it the meltdown of the banking industry and automotive industry took place ? Either the conservatives on top that piece of piece of dog crap just aren’t as bright as some of the spokespersons would have us believe ? Hypocrisy on both sides of the political aisle knows no boundaries , much as in the same it knows no boundaries when it comes to the realms of sports.

Alan Parkins aka tophatal ………………….

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Pret-A-Porter …………..No I’m Not Buying Into It At All

Absolutely nothing says arrogance and pomposity than when you have two narcissistic individuals trying to ‘one up’ each other, in order to make and get their point across. And so it goes in the world of boxing. While the world awaits the formal announcement and a date to be set for the impending fight between Floyd Mayeather Jr,(40-0,25 KO’s) and Manny Pacquiao(50-3-2,38 KO’s). There is already a ‘war of words’ being waged between the two factions. In this case it’s between Mayweather’s camp and that of Bob Arum , the promoter of the Philippine fighter.

Boxing promoter and  Top Rank Inc  President & CEO, Bob Arum.  The promoter's charge  , Manny Pacquiao  is  due to  fight Floyd Mayweather  Jr  in  early  2010 - in  a  highly anticipated welterweight title  fight  that'll  also  be co-promoted  by  Mayweather  and  Arum's  Top Rank Inc. picture appears courtesy of  ap/photo/ Joe Caravetta ....
Boxing promoter and Top Rank Inc President & CEO, Bob Arum. The promoter's charge , Manny Pacquiao is due to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr in early 2010 - in a highly anticipated welterweight title fight that'll also be co-promoted by Mayweather and Arum's Top Rank Inc. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Joe Caravetta ...

Arum and Mayweather are at logger heads over the fighter’s request that his opponent, Manny Pacquiao be subjected to random blood and urine tests between now and the scheduled fight due to take place on the 13th March, 2010. Mayweather wants the testing to be done in accordance with the USOC and that of WADA. Arum for his part seems all aggrieved by this all, as if it implies that his fighter , Pacquiao is an alleged cheat. Given the fact that the sport is already as corrupt as it can be. And also in light of what had taken place when another of Arum’s charges, Antonio Margarito was found to have used an illicit covering on his hands in his defeat of Miguel Cotto in a welterweight title bout. One could well understand Mayweather’s actions. But given that this may be nothing more than ‘one up-manship’ on the part of Mayweather , his love of controversy and the limelight. This all becomes much ado about nothing. Or does it ? Many now feel that the sport should fall in line with the World Anti-Doping Agency as well as the USOC and its testing protocols for athletes. Somehow the sport of boxing (in the United States) is so far behind the ‘8 ball’ on this one issue, that it doesn’t even bear thinking about.

But if in large part both camps are now at an impasse from the mere fact that Arum and his fighter won’t acquiesce to the request of Mayweather. Then what was meant to be the most anticipated fight in boxing history could very well go ‘up in smoke’ without a punch ever being thrown between the two fighters. Fight fans around the world have eagerly awaited this much anticipated bout. In large part because you’ve two immensely talented fighters and in most people’s minds the two best ‘pound for pound’ fighters on the planet. Never mind the fact they’ve both got their own loyal band of devout followers across the globe.
This event is too good a spectacle to be all of a sudden implode because of one fighter’s possible wish not to take a blood and urine test over the scheduled weeks and months leading up to the event itself. Arum and Pacquiao may well feel slighted. But would it actually hurt either man’s reputation were they to acquiesce ?

Manny Pacquiao (left)  and Floyd Mayweather Jr (right), the two are scheduled to meet in a  higly anticipated welterweight title  bout in the early part  of 2010. It'll be the fist major title fight of the  decade.  picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ A  Randolph ..................
Manny Pacquiao (left) and Floyd Mayweather Jr (right), the two are scheduled to meet in a higly anticipated welterweight title bout in the early part of 2010. It'll be the fist major title fight of the decade. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ A Randolph ..................

The bout itself though it appears in jeopardy , I’d certainly like to think that calmer heads will prevail and that something amenable can be worked out between both camps. As entrenched as they both appear to be. There’s far too much at stake now for either party to back out of this deal. Someone amongst ‘the three’ will have to be the bigger man and step up to the plate and come to some sort of an agreement. If not then irreparable harm could be done to their reputations , as well as to the sport of boxing. And as the sport now stands at present , this is the very last thing that it needs.

Courtesy of the Los Angeles Times

Mayweather promoter: ‘I’m not saying the fight is off’


There’s no love lost between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Bob Arum, the promoter of Manny Pacquiao whom Mayweather split with a few years ago and went on to fight in the major events he says Arum deprived him of.

So when Arum told the Grand Rapids, Mich., Press today that the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight was “off,” it should be noted that past animosity can lead to short tempers.

[Updated at 11:30 a.m: Arum elaborated today, telling The Times he does believe the fight is off because “we have suggested everything possible to make this happen and it’s falling on deaf ears.” He added, “Mayweather is not the commissioner of boxing.”]

Arum is bothered that Mayweather’s camp has asked Pacquiao to agree to Olympic-style random drug testing overseen by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency. Pacquiao, said Arum, has agreed to blood tests more than 30 days before the fight and right after the fight, but not so close to the actual first bell.

[Updated at 11:30 a.m.: Those independent tests would be used instead of the current pre- and post-fight urine tests required by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Arum said he won’t agree to the testing protocol of USADA because he said that organization has the right to request multiple tests, extra blood and a blood sample on fight night. Arum agreed that USADA was not likely to request a sample just before fight night.

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If the impasse between the two camps is as cavernous as it is now believed to be. Then the fight fans will be denied a fight that has been long time in the making. On the other hand the issues being raised while it may have no veracity in the argument being put forth by Mayweather. It does bear being raised , as not enough is really being done by the sport to counter act the use of illicit substances. Once in a while we hear of fighter having fought and after a post fight test has been conducted we’re made aware that there’s been an illegal substance within their system. The customary apology is sometimes made and the fighter and his manager are then fined and mandatory suspension is given to the fighter. And in some cases to that fighter’s trainer , if it’s known that they acted in conjunction in the subterfuge of cheating.

Throughout his career Pacquiao has conducted himself like a gentleman in and outside of the ring. He has treated his peers and opponents with the utmost respect. And that is a compliment to the Filipino boxer and his entourage. Albeit , that Arum ,with his checkered past tends to intervene to say some rather disdainful and obnoxious things about some of his Pacquiao’s opponents at one time or another. But then that’s to be expected in order to ‘ramp up’ the ‘hype and publicity’ behind a major fight.

Courtesy of Yahoo Sports

Blood test issues turns to test of will

By Kevin Iole Yahoo Sports Writer

The hotly anticipated fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao was teetering on the brink of collapse on Wednesday over a dispute regarding drug testing procedures, a debate that has some experts standing on Mayweather’s side.

On Wednesday, Pacquiao promoter Bob Arum of Top Rank proposed a drug testing schedule that would include three blood draws and an unlimited number of urine tests in an attempt to salvage the bout that hit a negotiating snag on Tuesday, when Mayweather’s side insisted on random Olympic-style drug testing administered by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency. The world’s top two boxers had agreed to meet on March 13 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas for what is expected to become the largest-grossing bout in the sport’s history.

Arum said frequent urine testing is sufficient in the final 30 days to prevent either fighter from using performance-enhancing drugs. He said Pacquiao is willing to submit blood samples in early January, in mid-February around 30 days prior to the fight and then again in the locker room immediately upon conclusion of the fight.

In the interim, Arum insisted urine testing would be sufficient.

“Everything can be picked up by urinalysis,” Arum said. “Everything.”

Travis Tygart, the CEO of USADA, disputed Arum’s contention and said a combination of blood and urine testing is required to be effective. He also said that to be most effective, athletes would have to be subject to random testing while out of competition.

If any testing is conducted in the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight outside of what is mandated by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, it would be during competition since the fighters are scheduled to start training in early January.

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Mayweather on the hand, nothing gives him greater pleasure than to mock an opponent in the run up to and after a bout.Though rarely will he actually laud praise upon another fighter. He has some respect for the history of the sport but his ‘greatest respect’ shall we say say is …to portray himself as the narcissist we all know him to be and the boxer and fighter he believes himself to be. He has long felt that he’s not received the credit due because others have looked upon Oscar De La Hoya as being the ‘mainstay’ and ‘savior’ of the sport over the last decade.
And that may well be the case as De La Hoya has proven to be the biggest draw in the history of the sport in terms of PPV revenues. His fights alone have grossed an estimated $450 million over the course of his illustrious career. Mayweather hasn’t even exceeded half that amount in his own esteemed career. And therein, may well lie the jealousy behind Floyd Mayweather Jr and his antagonistic tendencies. He believes that the respect due to him has long been overdue. And now that he’s finally getting the acclaim and the due accolades, he still somehow finds a way to alienate the masses.

If this fight now fails to take place at the time envisaged, then there will be a great many fans of the sport left wondering in what direction is the sport going and why won’t it adopt merely the most simple of policies in order to safeguard its very own integrity.On this one issue alone the sport of boxing is so far behind ‘the 8 ball’ that it doesn’t even bear thinking about. With the various state athletic commissions as well as the international governing bodies of the sport each adopting its own set of guidelines. It’s hard to distinguish what there is right that is being done inside the sport of boxing. And what there is that is being done wrong. So divergent are their policies that there’s no uniform guideline that solely regulates this issue.

What are your own thoughts on this matter as well as the possible title fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao ? I look forward to reading and responding to your comments.

It’s Rio Or Bust Baby ………….

So a decision has been made by the IOC (Int’l Olympic Committee) and the 2016 Olympic Summer Games has been awarded to the city of Rio De Janeiro , Brazil. And for all of ballyhooing , with regard to both the attendance of President Obama and that of the First Lady in Copenhagen, Denmark for the formal announcement. No amount of persuasion could be made in order for the games to be awarded to the city of Chicago, and the state of Illinois. When it was all said and done , the choice was made and the South American country was awarded the games. This will be the first games held in the country and only the second time that the Summer Olympics has been held in Central or a South American country. The first time being, that of the Mexico Olympics of 1968.

President  Obama  and   First  Lady  Michelle Obama  in  attendance  in  Copenhagen ,  Denmark   ,  awaiting  the   acceptance  of   Chicago's  bid  to  host  the  2016  Summer  Olympics.    The   games   were   however  awarded to  Rio  De  Janeiro  ,  Brazil.    The  US  bid   failed to  make  it   beyond  the  first   round   of balloting  for  the  votes.   picture appears   courtesy  of   ap/photo/  Charles   Dharapak  ...........................
President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama in attendance in Copenhagen , Denmark , awaiting the acceptance of Chicago's bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympics. The games were however awarded to Rio De Janeiro , Brazil. The US bid failed to make it beyond the first round of balloting for the votes. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Charles Dharapak ...........................

At a time when the US is in a deep economic recession , I felt it somewhat absurd that the President should deem this one particular event fit, that it required his presence. One would’ve thought that with the presence of the First Lady and members of the USOC (U S Olympic Committee) in attendance , that this would have been more than enough. Given the fact that a presentation had been made and various members of the IOC had previously visited the city of Chicago to see the proposed venue for themselves. Albeit, that the two alleged front runners were said to be Chicago and Rio De Janeiro . They were not the only choices that the IOC had to mull over. The other choices were Cairo , Egypt, Tokyo , Japan and Madrid , Spain. The final two cities however, at the final voting were in-fact Rio and that of Madrid. And with the 2012 Summer Games being held in London . It was abundantly clear to see that IOC Chairman Jacques Rogge and the board members of empaneled committee would choose the South American city. It made sense and was politically expedient.

IOC Chairman  Jacques  Rogge   makes  the   formal  announcement  that  Rio  De  Janeiro   has  won the  final   vote and  has  been  awarded  the   2016   Olympic ( Summer )  Games  .   picture  appears  courtesy  of   ap/photo/  Bjorn    Rijjs  ...................
IOC Chairman Jacques Rogge makes the formal announcement that Rio De Janeiro has won the final vote and has been awarded the 2016 Olympic ( Summer ) Games . picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Bjorn Rijjs ...................

Now comes the hard part of persuading others that the ‘ fix wasn’t in’. Celebrities and personalities from every known walk of life who eschewed the city of Chicago as the perfect choice for the games were said to be bitterly disappointed. But this may well have been a blessing in disguise. When one considers what has gone one within the state of Illinois over the past two years . It does make the choice of Rio De Janeiro seem all that more relevant. You had, the then embattled governor , Rod Blagojevich seemingly willing to offer a senate seat to the highest bidder. And the epicenter of the troubled ACORN organization rooted within the city. One doubts that the IOC would wants its name further tarnished. Oh yes, I did state the IOC wouldn’t want its ‘name tarnished’ . This being the very same organization that has essentially sold its soul to the highest bidder and has in many ways made the ‘Olympic ideals’ and what it’s said to stand for , now seem irrelevant !

The formal announcement is made by IOC President and Chairman Jacques Rogge that Rio De Janeiro had been awarded the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

As I alluded to earlier , if the President was of the mindset that bringing the games to Chicago was of the utmost importance. Then so be it . But for all sense and purpose those games are 8 years away and the country is facing far more pressing issues than most know how to do deal with. And given the fact, that his administration has no real ready made solutions as to many of the country’s ills and how to alleviate them. Other than it’d appear , to print money , borrow from abroad and wax on lyrically as to how he envisages that the country will climb out of this deep morass. I can only surmise that the Brothers Grimm have been writing many of his speeches as of late ?

The Olympic Games , themselves brings about approximately 196 sovereign nations together in a forum . Where it provides for athletic endeavor in the spirit of competition. But above all it provides for an environment for nations can get together and socially interact. Unfortunately the games have now become a forum wherein political ideologies are espoused for all of the wrong reasons. And if anything it further foments hatred amongst differing groups and nations. Instead of celebrating life and the pursuance and the excellence of spirited competition. It become a celebration of whose political fervor and bent is greater than the others.

The  Brazilian  Olympic  Committe delegation  celebrates  their   triumph  in  winning  the  bid  to   host  the   2016  Olympics  in  Rio  De  Janeiro  ,  Brazil  .     To  the  right   is  Brazilian   soccer   legend  Pele  who   was  at  the    forefront  of  his    country's  bid.    To  the  left  is   Brazilian   President  Luiz  Inacio    Lula  De  Silva .     It   was  a  monumental   triumph  for  the   South  American  country.      picture  appears  courtesy   of  ap/photo/  Roberto  Garcia  ..........................
The Brazilian Olympic Committe delegation celebrates their triumph in winning the bid to host the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro , Brazil . To the right is Brazilian soccer legend Pele who was at the forefront of his country's bid. To the left is Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula De Silva . It was a monumental triumph for the South American country. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Roberto Garcia ..........................

The country of Brazil and in particular the residents of Rio De Janeiro can very much feel pleased for themselves and the efforts of their national Olympic committee and that of their President Luiz Inacio Lula De Silva and his administration in bringing the games to the country. With its burgeoning economic and political influence on the international stage. It would seem only right that the country with the world’s tenth largest economy by gross domestic product (GDP) be the beneficiary of hosting the Summer Olympics. It further adds to the country’s luster, profile and places it amongst those countries viewed as a vibrant democracy.

What this may also say about the USOC‘s failure in putting together an orchestrated and winning proposal, says much also about the country’s belief that all it had to do was to wield a list of high powered celebrities with little else to show besides that. It was if they were treating the whole electoral process as a foregone conclusion . But what might be even more asinine is the assertion that the games themselves would be financed through private financing by way of corporate donations. With naming rights being sold for various edifices that would be built. That quite possibly could well have been the case. But there weren’t that many US Fortune 500 companies stepping up to the plate to make their voices be heard when it came to this bid process from the outset. Especially those within the city of Chicago , itself.

With the games still some seven years away. We now await to see what the city of London will have to offer the world by way of the festivities and the athletic achievements as they unfold. Chances are the majority of us will the games . Much as we do any other major international sporting event. Or will we ?