It’s Been DC Or Bust ……………….. But In Reality It Was Always Going To Be A Complete Bust …… !

It’s Been DC Or Bust ……………….. But In Reality It Was Always Going To Be A Complete Bust …… !

You’d have thought with a coaching pedigree acquired over the course of his career a two time winning Superbowl coach such as Mike Shanahan would prove to be decisive ? But what’s now happening with the Washington Redskins now under his reign is proving to be not only embarrassing to his immediate legacy but also to the tenure of owner Daniel Snyder . Consider this, that since the end of the second tenure of their former Hall of Fame coach Joe Gibbs the Redskins have been a complete mess . With their season now in a complete tailspin the organization are now at a point where it seems that Shanahan feels that it’s best to bench the team’s starting quarterback Donovan McNabb in favor of his backup Rex Grossman . And if Grossman’s reintroduction proves to be unsuccessful then it’s left to John Beck . From thereon in who the hell cares because as by then one seriously doubts that there’ll be a Redskins’ fan out there interested in this team !


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The coach in a public statement given at the team’s headquarters in Ashburn , Virginia , Shanahan stated that he’d like to see what Grossman and third string starter John Beck has to offer the team over ‘the final three games’ of the season. If that wasn’t enough to contend with the team still has to deal with the wayward and unrepentant Albert Haynesworth and his less than productive season . The player has been benched , suspended for the remainder of the season and fined for conduct detrimental to the team. Haynesworth , however has lodged a formal complaint with NFLPA with the intent of fighting the fine. And given the details and action taken by Shanahan and his coaching staff in coming to the decision there’s a chance that the suspension could very well be rescinded by an arbitrator.

Granted at 5-8 there’s little else to suggest that the Redskins have much to fight for beyond their pride . With a season of expectation from the hiring of Mike Shanahan , his son Kyle , coaching staff and Bruce Allen as the team’s general manager it’s pretty much now safe to say that those expectations have fallen completely flat. There’s been little to suggest that the Redskins were capable of contending in the NFC East and against the division’s incumbents the Dallas Cowboys , New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles . As we all know the Cowboys’ season has faltered and with owner Jerry Jones having since fired Wade Phillips with his interim successor Jason Garrett assuming the position the Cowboys are now gauging Garrett’s tenure with a view to making the position permanent. The Eagles and Giants will meet this weekend in a game that has divisional implications as they both fight to gain a playoff berth with the winner being in the driver’s seat with regard to winning the division.

The comedic nature of what’s been happening with the Redskins doesn’t seem to have gone unnoticed with the nation’s press and furthermore the fans in the nation’s capital have to be wondering what the hell is going on ? Fedex Field in Landover, Maryland still is awash with fans for the Redskins’ home games. But that in ofitself can’t counter Shanahan’s gross mismanagement of the team and the antics we have all witnessed this season. It’s now twice that Shanahan has benched McNabb this season and what might be even more unbelievable has been the fact that the organization signed veteran quarterback to a five year $72 million deal of which $45 million was guaranteed money. That being said with the way the deal was constructed the organization does have a $3.5 million buyout clause which it appears they will actually use in releasing Donovan McNabb at the end of season. Now it’s hard to say what the future holds for McNabb given the fact this has been the most unproductive season of his veteran career. It seems improbable that there’ll be a team willing to take a chance on McNabb but no doubt given the fact that there’ll be a number of teams out there looking for some time of veteran leadership if only as a tutor to a young rookie. Something of disastrous downfall for a player who has led his former team the Philadelphia Eagles to four NFC Championship games and a Superbowl (SBXXXIX ) appearance. The saying most associated with McNabb and Eagles’ coach Andy Reid ………. “always the bridesmaid never the bride” .

Once again for Daniel Snyder it comes to a situation where he’s overpaying for talent that in reality has been something of an immense failure. From my own perspective it appears that the game has left Mike Shanahan behind and his abilities as a coach has to now come into question. Consider this, while in final years as coach of the Denver Broncos having relieved then quarterback Jake Plummer in favor of their then first round draft pick (2006) Jay Cutler the Broncos never made the playoffs and the coach’s record over that period has been a meager 22-28 including his tenure this season with the Washington Redskins . One could say that much of that malaise came down to the fact that the Broncos talent wise has been a mess and that’s most certainly been the case given what we have all witnessed this season with the team under Shanahan’s successor Josh McDaniels who has since been fired by team owner Pat Bowlen . McDaniels has been succeeded by Eric Studesville as the interim head coach and as of now the Broncos’ season still remains in an abyss .

With the regular season about to come to an end it appears that Shanahan now believes this latest maneuver to be his best option. But it’s becoming abundantly clear that Shanahan has no belief in either Haynesworth which given the present circumstances is understandable. In the case of McNabb it’s hard to see what he was trying to achieve much less do in acquiring the player to begin with as there were always risks. Fundamentally the team wasn’t that sound to begin with on either side of the ball and it’s clear that Shanahan and his coaching staff have failed to address those issues straight off the bat. Kyle Shanahan who has been given the role as the team’s offensive coordinator has produced nothing that would indicate that the Redskins offensively were good enough to compete within its own division much less the conference and the NFL as a whole. The team’s productivity can be best described as being anemic in terms of its offense. And defensively it certainly leaves a great deal to be desired . Injuries asides the Redskins simply aren’t a cohesive unit and they lack leadership both on and off the field of play.

Now with the upcoming NFL Draft it’s clear that the Washington Redskins feel that their greatest need will be a quarterback . And with the likes of Andrew Luck , Kellen Moore , Cameron Newton , Colin Kapernick amongst those who may well declare themselves eligible for the NFL it will be interesting to see the steps taken by Shanahan and his staff. And given the money that Dan Snyder has been known to have spent over the years could it be that we’re about to see another maelstrom and inane stupidity by the Redskins ? The ongoing troubles with the the organization isn’t just about the talent but also the mindset of Shanahan as a coach and whether or not the game has really passed him by. I believe that to be the case but in reality Snyder and the front office clearly believe otherwise and it’s clear that the ongoing problems there in Washington has nothing short of being a bust and it will continue to be that way for the foreseeable future !.



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Where do you see things going for the Redskins and what of the future of Donovan McNabb and where do you as such see him ending up if indeed he still has a future in the NFL ?

NB: This piece was completed prior to Sunday’s scheduled game against the Dallas Cowboys .

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Free Fall …….. In The NFL It’s Seen As Mediocrity

Free Fall …….. In The NFL It’s Seen As Mediocrity …

The sad thing is that when you see the free fall from grace of an NFL team it must leave the fans wondering what all went on during that time. To put it plainly, when it comes to no longer being efficient and then losing sight of what your objectives tend to be is to see what tends to happen when there’s little leadership within that team. If you want to make a comparison then simply look at the way the government goes about its business ? From the President’s Office office through his cabinet on down to the House and Senate it’s been indecision and some rather asinine comments as to the country’s direction. Is it any wonder there’s so much partisanship across both aisles and the fact that the country no longer has any real faith in the government and its decision making ?


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Press Play Or Rewind ……….

Press Play Or Rewind ……….

Well the NBA ___ season though not yet in full swing has given us a great deal to contend with and to discuss. Washington Wizards’ rookie point guard John Wall has already set himself apart from the rest of this season’s rookies with a grand entrance by posting a triple double in the team’s first win of the season. And if the player’s exhilirating displays are anything to go by then fans attending the Verizon Center in Washington DC will be in for a treat for much of the season.

Wizards’ coach Flip Saunders has got to be encouraged with the effort put forth by the young rookie who seems to be showing a growth and maturity far beyond his young years. And indeed the front office of the organization led by team President Ernie Grunfeld, VP of Basketball Operations Tommy Sheppard and VP of Player Personnel Milt Newton must feel a sense of justification in making Wall the number one overall pick in the 2010 NBA Draft . And while there can be no denying that the team will undergo some growing pains as the team tries to acclimatize itself with the offseason changes made within the organization it has to be said that this start may well augur well for the Wizards and the faith shown in John Wall .


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Now as we all know with the recent moves that took place within the Eastern Conference of the NBA wherein everything seemed to have revolved around the acquisitions of Chris Bosh and LeBron James by the Miami Heat made everything else pale into insignificance. So much so, that even with the New York Knicks acquiring Amar’e Stoudemire with Shaquille O’Neal and Jermaine O’Neal now finding a home with the Boston Celtics. All the fervor and furore seems to be about what happens within the conference and whether or not the Heat can seemingly led what many NBA analysts will be a ceremonial romp and anointing of the team as NBA champions .

With Gilbert Arenas due to make an imminent return it will be interesting to see how the seasoned veteran deals with his new teammate and who takes the reins of the team. And given what we know about Arenas as a player and the fact that he’s still under close scrutiny of not only the NBA hierarchy led by NBA Commissioner David Stern but also the entire front office of the Wizards’ organization. He’s now on something of a tight leash and any major transgression could see his career with the Wizards come to an abrupt end. The player has already fallen afoul with his coach this preseason having lied to him having faked an injury in a preseason game to facilitate the entry of rookie Nick Young into the game played against the Atlanta Hawks. Even with a public apology to the organization and the fans it has to be said that Arenas just doesn’t seem to have that instinct as knowing what’s right from wrong. Being armoral would appear to be the norm for the player and his mindset would appear to be if …. I screw up a less than contrite apology will suffice .

I’m under no illusion about the expectations of this team and although I can foresee them making the NBA playoffs I don’t fully expect them to challenge the likes of the Atlanta Hawks , Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls or Miami Heat for overall supremacy and dominance within the Eastern Conference. At best should they qualify from within their conference I can’t see them being any higher than a fifth or sixth seed at best . Much of the team’s fortunes this season will be dependent on how much cohesion is shown by the team and obviously upon the coaching prowess shown by Flip Saunders and his coaching staff . If they can play with any type of consistency and maintain that level throughout the season then the bye product by way of an above .500 record and the garnering of a playoff berth would be viewed as tremendous bonus by the organization.

If you thought that the bloodbath of the midterm elections were bad wherein the Tea Party essentially corralled in not only what appears to be an intransigent Republican Party that gave the Democrats an ass kicking which its leadership will long remember well into the future. It has to be said that President Barack Obama , Senator Harry Reid and House Representative and former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi have to be licking their wounds and perhaps now see the error of their ways ? You simply cannot expect to always govern from a position of strength without showing civility and at the same time be willing to listen to an opposing view no matter how idiotic you might think it to be. Well that’s now what seems to have happened as the President has come out and accepted the blame for his party’s disastrous showing in these elections. Consider however , what now seems to be going on within the organizations of the Dallas Cowboys , Minnesota Vikings and Washington Redskins ? Comedic farces simply don’t get any better than this and it would take an extremely creative writer to script something far more riveting and funnier than what we’re all now witnessing . I’d dare say that should this ever hit the big screen there’d be a plethora of Hollwood A-listers willing to take on and play the lead roles of the main characters in question ?

Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones has offered his profound apologies to the team’s fans and the fact that he hadn’t envisaged things getting so out of hand . I beg to differ as this team simply wasn’t as good as advertized ! And in coach Wade Phillips , Jones possesses a coach who seems to be way out of his depth , never mind the fact that the coach himself and his coaching staff have been about as efficient as the use of a sponge would have proven to be on the Titanic . Suffice to say that Phillips couldn’t coach or find his way out of a wet paper bag ! To suggest that Phillips ought to be viewed as a lame duck coach would be something of an understatement but the longer this charade goes on the worse it becomes for the entire organization never mind the team itself. Not one of these players on the team has a sense of pride or purpose as they systematically seem to be “mailing it in” each successive week while the team’s owner continues to look like the proverbial buffoon ! I can only assume that the Cowboys’ fans will continue to attend in droves at Cowboys Stadium to witness the diatribe now being served up by team right through to the end of the season . In retrospect the Cowboys’ season is already over but I’d like to think that the Green Bay Packers can simply add another in that coffin when the two teams meet at Lambeau Field Green Bay , Wisconsin this upcoming Sunday !

I’d like to think that the farce also on display with the Minnesota Vikings will soon come to an abrupt end . But unfortunately anything that seems to involve Brett Favre seems to be prolonged and can be as painful to endure as a bad tooth ache. Suffice to say that with the fallout over the Randy Moss affair and Brad Childress’ rather innocuous explanation that the trade for the player was a mistake gives one the impression that the club has now become a legitimate asylum for the legally insane. Could this been what team owner Zygi Wilf envisaged for his team at the start of the season ? I certainly don’t think so ! But then again this is the Vikings we’re talking about and whose every move has been placed under the microscope this season as if we were all witnessing some kind of lab experiment taking place . God this petri dish just seems to be going rancid and personally I don’t think that I can stomach much more of this crap !

Well it appears that Redskins’ owner Dan Snyder for all of business prowess simply can’t hire a coach who seemingly possesses and ounce of intellect. With the recent hiring of Mike Shanahan and an entirely new coaching staff which also includes Shanahan’s son , Kyle Shanahan . It would appear that no sooner had things seem to have calmed down within the organization a full blown maelstrom seems to be back within the team’s midst. Now at the midpoint of the team’s season Mike Shanahan seems to be questioning not only the fitness of his starting quarterback Donovan McNabb but aslo the player’s skillset as it surround McNabb’s comprehension of the “two minute drill”. Not only that but Shanahan would then proffer up the comment that McNabb’s backup Rex Grossman would be better suited to lead the team in such moment’s during a game. Given Grossman’s lack of dexterity having replaced McNabb in the waning moments of team’s game against the Detroit Lions and their subsequent loss 37-25 .I’ve got to ask myself what the hell was it that Shanahan and his son were watching ?



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There’s the suggestion that parity within the NFL makes the game a great spectacle but given the display of the teams within the NFC I’m not so sure that’s exactly what we’re now seeing at present. If things get much worse I think that the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) ought to intervene and fine the NFL in order to protect the consumer (fans) from fraud. Because to my mind that’s what is now being perpetrated by the NFL at present !

What thoughts if any do you have concerning the fate of the Washington Wizards this season ? Also how do you see the turmoil now unfolding for the Cowboys , Redskins and Vikings ending up ? Simply chime on in with a comment . From my own perspective I’d rather see this all play out rather than there being a complete rewind of the whole charade we’ve all witnessed so far !

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Nepotism Can Be A Double Edged Sword ….. That Bitch Can Cut Both Ways And It Hurts !

Nepotism Can Be A Double Edged Sword ….. That Bitch Can Cut Both Ways And It Hurts !

I don’t know about you but as a youngster I had no real interest in following of the footsteps of my father professionally. He worked for almost three decades in factory as a machine operator for a company that made office furniture. Not that there was anything wrong with that as a profession and the relationship between he and myself wasn’t one that was close to begin with. He left the family home recusing himself of all responsibilty of being a father first and then a man. But that asides he had his moments in the lives of myself and my two younger siblings , my brother and sister. Over the remaining years prior to his leaving the UK to return to the Caribbean our paths crossed but not always on the most amicable of terms.

As I grew up I simply knew that I had no intention of following in my father’s footsteps professionally as I sought to make my own way in the world. Having graduated from high school I joined the military and for the nex eight years I saw a great deal of Europe and North Africa serving in the British Royal Marines . Fulfilling my obligations there , I was lucky enough to be hired by large financial concern and over the next decade I spent working in the world of high finance. Along the way I was lucky enough to be the proud beneficiary of my employer’s in house educational program , wherein they paid for my entire college education. I put that education to good use in the world finance which was mutually beneficial for both parties at the time.


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In the NFL rarely has it worked with great success where a father and son have achieved success at the highest order. Especially when it comes to the field of coaching albeit that we’ve seen where the likes of Buddy Ryan and Mike Shanahan have achieved a great deal of notoriety and success. In the case of Ryan he has seen his son Rex follow in his footsteps first becoming a coordinator before being entrusted to take over the helm of the New York Jets as their head coach. Kyle Shanahan eager to follow in his father’s foosteps also is now the offensive coordinator and assistant coach alongside his father Mike Shanahan with the Washington Redskins . Now one can surmise that it’s never easy to try and succeed much less outdo the acvhievements of one’s parents. But there is a case to be made that when that comes about a parent never ceases to be proud of that very moment and the fact of the matter is those moments are a lasting legacy of the very achievement itself.

Ryan in his first season with the Jets he got the team to the AFC championship game where they would fall short in their loss to the Indianapolis Colts with the result being a 30-17 defeat . This season within the AFC East the Jets are off to a 5-2 start and it would appear are comfortably placed to make the postseason . For all of the bravado comming from Ryan and his team and the belief that they’re capable of winning the Superbowl . There is a widespread belief that Rex Ryan is merely amping up the rhetoric and hype in order to deflect any attention and undue pressure upon the New York Jets. At times actions such as this can do more harm than good to his team . And within the cauldron that is New York City where the fans and press can merciless and unflattering , either Ryan will be able to put up or he’ll have to simply shut the hell up. This much we do know if he’s unable to guide this team to the promise land it won’t be long before the fans there in New York start to clamor for his head on a platter and his blood to be spilled all over the New Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford New Jersey. Granted, while this is a very talented Jets’ team there’s no denying that their humbling 9-0 loss at home to the Green Bay Packers having come off a bye week showed not only how unpredictable the NFL is but also that there’s way too much hype placed on a team that simply hasn’t achieved anything in the past three decades that is of any real note.

Often thought as one of the elite division of the of the NFL the NFC East has been anything but that this season . Mired in mediocrity for much of early half of the season I sincerely doubt that we’ll see a clear cut and dominant team within the conference as a whole. Many of the top tiered teams within the NFC as viewed by the press and tv analysts alike have performed like they’ve been hampered by some unseen obstacle. Based on what I’ve seen of the teams in question namely the Dallas Cowboys , Minnesota Vikings , New York Giants and New Orleans Saints a case can be made that hype , complacency and the mere fact that a number of these teams simply aren’t that good.

Redskins work out ex-Oakland QB JaMarcus Russell

Ashburn , Va. (AP) —Former Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell worked out with the Washington Redskins on Tuesday, just three days after Donovan McNabb was benched in the closing minutes of a loss to Detroit.

Offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan said Russell was one of many players, including a few other quarterbacks, who were getting a look from the team.

“We’ll evaluate him and everyone else out there,” Shanahan said.

The Redskins routinely invite out-of-work players for workouts on Tuesdays, but the timing of Russell’s visit only added to the team’s quarterback drama of the last few days. McNabb’s benching raised questions about the six-time Pro Bowl player’s future with the team, and coach Mike Shanahan added to the confusion by offering varying explanations for the decision.

Russell, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2007 draft, was released in May after three disappointing seasons with the Raiders. He regressed on the field, was fined for being overweight and was criticized by the coaching staff for his work ethic.

Kyle Shanahan praised Russell’s talents, but said the other factors do come into consideration when evaluating a player.

“I don’t think you consider anyone just based off of talent,” Kyle Shanahan said. “Everyone in the NFL’s pretty talented. (It’s) other stuff that really separates you. He is very talented, so I think he can overcome some of the stuff that he struggled with. I don’t really know that personally, but if he looks like he’s in good shape out here and he’s working, and that’s all you can evaluate. Sometimes when guys do get a second opportunity, they can change their stripes.”


We’ve seen the unraveling of the season for the Cowboys and Vikings and there’s a great possibility that one if not both teams will most certainly miss the playoffs . And who’s now prepared to lay odds that Brad Childress and Wade Phillips aren’t on the proverbial “hot seat” as far as their NFL coaching positions are concerned ? This is much is certain with the tumultuous maelstrom and storm said to be surrounding both organizations at present nothing short of divine intervention will actually save either Childress or Phillips by season’s end. Jerry Jones and Zygi Wilf are now backed into a corner and as owners, they have to be completely embarrassed by the very circumstances that their respective teams are now in. Unrest amongst the respective coaching staffs and what could amount to be a certain amount of dissention has effectively cacaded out of control. And while this has all been going on we’ve seen some rather asinine displays of immaturity being shown not only by some of the player on these respective team but also by the coaches. Childress has waived wide receiver Randy Moss after a mere four games played having acquired the player via a trade from the New England Patriots. And less we forget he still has to deal with the now injured “primadona” Brett Favre whose play this season has bordered on being mediocre at best. It’s obvious that the $20 million spent this year on Favre won’t be getting this piece of crap anywhere at all !

Jerry Jones has a dilemma on his hands does he jettison Wade Phillips now or at the end of the season ? In doing so, knowing that in hiring a coach and complementary staff there is a good chance that next season will see the possibility of a labor stoppage. Why waste paying upwards of between $8 million to $12 million needlessly when there’s said to be a great deal of uncertainty as to what next season holds ? A slumping team and what appears to be a lame duck coach and owner whose ego knows no boundaries. Could Hollywood have scripted this any better ? All that now awaits is the self combustion of Jones’ brain matter all over the executive suite of his office inside Cowboys Stadium . A fitting end no doubt to the Cowboys’ comical and disastrous season don’t you think ?

While I’m under no illusion as to how average the Washington Redskins are , at best , I do know that this team simply isn’t capable of playing with any degree of consistency throughout the season . Now we have the idiocy of the coach and his son , Mike and Kyle Shanahan trying making contrary statements as to the fitness and play of starting quarterback Donovan McNabb . Furthermore, given the deficiencies of the Washington Redskins at present I’d say that their worries over McNabb are being exaggerated and without basis. Their real concern ought to be how best get this team playing with a great deal more consistency. Now the duo are trying downplay their statements and in doing so they’ve made themselves a complete laughing stock and have no doubt loss the immediate respect of the player. If they now had these concerns then why trade for him in the first place ? Clearly Mike Shanahan and his son are either unsure of what they want or they simply now have misgivings and are too afraid to admit to the fact that they made a monumental mistake in aquiring the player. What might now be even more ludicrous is the fact that the team’s offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan has brought in former NFL players JaMarcus Russell and J P Losman for quarterback tryouts. Is there a reclamation project now being put in place as they seek to perhaps replace McNabb ? Never mind the fact that the team has another “washout” in Rex Grossman as its backup . What are the Redskins’ fans to make of this latest turn of events ?

Given the mediocrity of the play now taking place within the NFC and specifically within the NFC East at present. We could very well see an 8-8 or 9-7 team make the playoffs this season from within the conference. How bad on appearance would that be ? No doubt what the fans have been served up within the conference would considered to be mediocre at best. But such are the vagaries of the game and the fact from week to week within the NFL one simply never knows what’s about to be served up next. It would be remiss to think that NFC is the only conference where the fans are getting a drab brand of football on display each week. As within the AFC at the lower rungs of the conference the teams there might be just as bad as those now in the middle and lower end of the NFC.

From my own perspective the mediocrity of the play this season isn’t merely about the teams but also about the apparent lack of real quality coaching and some of the asinine decisions that the fans have witnessed throughout much of the season as it has progressed. The remaining 8 weeks and the postseason has a great deal in store for the NFL fan and one would hope that it’ll be an improvement on what we’ve witnessed so far this season. As to the futures of Rex Ryan and Kyle Shanahan they will be judged by the decisions they make and the success achieved by their respective teams. This much I do know it’s clear at present given what’s going on they can’t really do much worse than many of the other head coaches around the NFL at present.



Picture gallery for your perusal .

What are your own feelings concerning the current situations that have befallen the Redskins, Cowboys and Vikings ? And do you feel that in the cases of Mike and Kyle Shanahan they’ve made themselves something of a laughing stock around the league and in the eyes of the fans ? And what are your thoughts concerning familial ties within the league and how it plays out concerning the individuals mentioned within this piece ? Simply chime in with a comment as you see fit .

NB List of NFL coaches including their 2010 record .

List of NFL teams’ coaching staffs including assistants .

NFL Week 9 schedule

Team with byes Broncos, Titans , Jaguars , Resdkins , Rams & 49ers



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Lemon Laws And How It Can Be Best Applied To The Dallas Cowboys ………..

As prescribed by the Texas Dept of Motor Vehicles – Lemon Laws

Lemon Law

If you are having repeated problems getting your new vehicle repaired, and it was purchased or leased from a licensed Texas dealer or lease company, the Texas Lemon Law may be able to help you get it repurchased, replaced or repaired.


Because the filing deadline and other requirements are very specific, call us for more information or assistance concerning warranty repair problems at (800) 622-8682 or (512) 416-4800. A $35.00 filing fee is charged for complaints about new vehicles.


Cars, trucks, motorcycles, motor homes and ATVs are covered, as well as demonstrator vehicles that develop problems covered by a manufacturer’s written warranty.

Towable recreational vehicles must be titled and registered in Texas to be eligible.

Used Vehicles

Your used vehicle may be covered under the Lemon Law. The Law may cover your vehicle if your used vehicle is still covered by the manufacturer’s original warranty (not an extended service contract), or if the problem started while under warranty and it continues to exist, repair assistance of the warranty-related problem may be available to you.

Complaint Process

If you have a complaint, follow this process to file a claim.

To begin the complaint process, complete and follow the instructions on the Lemon Law Complaint Form.

A Consumer’s Guide to the Texas Lemon Law

In light of the putrid effort put forth by the Dallas Cowboys in their most recent NFL game against the Green Bay Packers I feel that the citizens within the state of Texas and the supporters of the franchise have a right to demand their money back. Either under that state’s Lemon Law or under their statutes with regard to other areas of consumer protection. Granted , you might well feel that this is a futile gesture ? But clearly after this latest and woefully inept display by the Cowboys. Their fans must feel rightfully aggrieved that they’ve either got to pay and watch this drivel or actually attend to watch the home games in the team’s brand new multi-billion dollar edifice. It has now come to be known as …..’The House That Jerry Built’ . And for a stadium that was in part publicly financed. The citizens within the greater Dallas area should have a right to feel aggrieved and angry at their local politicians.

Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys closes his eyes as he is hit by Johnny Jolly #97 of the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on November 15, 2009 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Packers defeated the Cowboys 17-7.  picture appears courtesyof  getty images/ Johnathan  Daniel
Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys closes his eyes as he is hit by Johnny Jolly #97 of the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on November 15, 2009 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Packers defeated the Cowboys 17-7. picture appears courtesyof getty images/ Johnathan Daniel

However, unfortunately for Jerry Jones, what’s now being housed inside that edifice in no way,shape or form resembles an NFL franchise. You’d make better use of the facility, housing the homeless within the state of Dallas. Rather than, having this Cowboys’ team continuously ridicule itself with the thought that it is indeed a competitive NFL franchise. They’re no more closer to being competitive in this league than the Cleveland Browns, the Oakland Raiders, the St Louis Rams, the Detroit Lions or those sorry ass Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Isn’t it bad enough that those teams mentioned are a combined 6-38 ? Whereas, the hapless Cowboys are 6-3 within the NFC East division. But as evidenced by their display in their 17-7 loss to the Packers. The difference between the Cowboys and the aforementioned teams with that combined record mightn’t be as far apart as their records might suggest.

And while we’re now discussing the Cowboys , I for one would like to see a stop to this idiotic banter by the idiots within ESPN and Fox, who continuously try to regale us with the fact of how great a quarterback, Tony Romo really is. He’s no closer, to being a great quarterback than Clay Aiken has a chance of being enlisted as a US Marine. And if ever, that situation were to arise, then I for one won’t believe until I see it with my own friggin’ eyes. LOL,LOL,LOL !!! Clay, I know you’ve got a boatload of devoted fans. But you’ve never been cut out to do manly things.

Head coach Wade  Phillips of the Dallas Cowboys reacts as his offense comes off the field during a game against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on November 15, 2009 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Packers defeated the Cowboys 17-7.    picture appears  courtesy  of  getty  images/ Johnathan Daniel  ..........
Head coach Wade Phillips of the Dallas Cowboys reacts as his offense comes off the field during a game against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on November 15, 2009 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Packers defeated the Cowboys 17-7 . picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Johnathan Daniel ..........

And though there’s a remote possibility that should the Cowboys fall short of their endeavors of making the playoffs and then winning the Superbowl. Failure there and most certainly Jerry Jones would have to rethink the issue of firing Wade Phillips and his entire coaching staff. And oh yes, that would include the heir apparent in waiting, Jason Garrett. All the perceived hype over him, is about as relevant as awaiting a new release of a film release by Jennifer Aniston. Looks good on paper but fails to meet the expectations or the needs of the critics or the box office. And the same can be said as to the creativity of Garrett and the Cowboys’ offense. One moment they’re up and the next. Well , let’s just say we’ve all seen a much more spirited approach taken to the game and how it ought to be played. Don’t look now Tony but your plight is seemingly just as inescapable of that of your former teammate, Terrell Owens. The latest of which , was that Buffalo Bills‘ coach Dick Jauron was fired today by the organization. And to think, that TO hadn’t imploded as of yet , there in Buffalo ?

One of the primary reasons for the Cowboys’ lackluster display is the very fact that they’ll play down to the level of the opponents they’re facing. They are not a team that can find that happy medium that they can play two games straight of consistently good or great football , as all the great teams seem able to do. The Dallas Cowboys, as does Jerry Jones , simply marches to beat of their very own drum. And unfortunately for the Cowboys, either they’re tone deaf or simply put they’ve no rhythm whatsoever ! My own feelings are , it’s a little bit of both !

Defensively , the Cowboys really haven’t got a problem that can’t be fixed. They are one of the better defensive units around the league when they set their mind to it. However, it’s on offense where they far too often have their momentary lapses. And where Romo gets besides himself and starts to scramble around like a headless chicken. Once in a while, he might make an extraordinary play while scrambling around in the pocket. But more often than not, if he doesn’t look like the aforementioned chicken. Then there’s the possibility that he begins to look like an inebriated drunk falling all over himself whilst trying to unzip his fly. I don’t know if I could put it anymore succinctly than that ?

Of all the players on the Cowboys’ roster, if ever there’s a player whom I feel, that they’re ought to be a certain amount of complaint can leveled at. Then, it would have to be Roy Williams. One of the team’s array of wide receivers. He’s been about as productive as the members of Congress during one of their seasonal sessions. A great deal of talk always follows about what they’d like to see get done. But yet, in the end absolutely nothing ever gets done. And it’s been the same way in that regard with regard to Williams’ productivity , since he’s put on a Dallas Cowboys’ uniform ! And once again, when the blame is leveled squarely at him. Williams looks to apportion it elsewhere. Much like that of his former teammate , Terrell Owens has been known to do.
Any similarities there, you think ?

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo walks off the field after the Cowboys' 17-7 loss to the Green Bay Packers in an NFL football game Sunday, Nov. 15, 2009, in Green Bay, Wis. picture  appears courtesy of  ap/photo/ Jim Prisching  .................
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo walks off the field after the Cowboys' 17-7 loss to the Green Bay Packers in an NFL football game Sunday, Nov. 15, 2009, in Green Bay, Wis. picture appears courtey ap/photo / Jim Prisching ...............

This I do know, and having never been a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. I’d rather the team live up to its obligations and expectations. Rather than now looking at them as a fraud because that’s essentially what Jerry Jones and the organization has been perpetrating on the consumers of the NFL and the residents there in the greater Dallas , Ft Worth area for more than a decade. The funny thing is we have laws against such things in order to protect the consumer. But somehow no one seems all that bothered to enact it. I wonder why ? In your eyes are the Cowboys indeed a version of the ‘lemon law’ ? Or quite simply just an NFL franchise that has been continuously over-hyped by the print and television media alike ? The chances are it’s been a little bit of both , with regard to this particular equation.

The $ 1 Billion White Elephant In The Room , To Be More Precise Sitting In Arlington Texas

He may well be the most despised owner in all of the NFL. But the Dallas Cowboys’ Jerry Jones is the consummate showman. Anything that he deems fit and appropriate that’ll place his name and more to the point that of his Dallas Cowboys in the limelight. Then as far as he’s concerned the rest of the whole world can go to hell. And that means if he’ll fall afoul of the NFL. In Jerry’s world …….it’s his way or the damn highway . Make no mistakes about it whatsoever. As that’s the way he treat his peers and subordinates.

Broncos running  back  Knowshon  Moreno  is  congratulated  by  teammate   Jabar  Gaffney  after   Moreno' s   second   quarter   touchdown  against  the  Cowboys.  Broncos'  running back  Knowshon  Moreno (27) is congratulated  by teammate  Jabar Gaffney (10) after  Moreno's   second   quarter  touchdown against  the  Dallas  Cowboys   in a   game  played  at  Invesco  Field  in  Denver , Colorado.   The   Broncos   would    go on  to defeat  the  Cowboys   17-10   in the game.  The  Dallas  Cowboys   now  sit  at  2-2  within the  NFC  East.  While  the  Broncos (4-0) are   one  of    4   unbeaten  teams  within  the  NFL  .       picture  appears   courtesy  of ap/photo/ Chris  Schneider  .............

Broncos’ running back Knowshon Moreno(27) and teammate Jabar Gaffney celebrate Moreno’s second half touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys in a game played at Invesco Field in Denver , Colorado. The Broncos would go on to defeat the Cowboys 17-10 and remain unbeaten within the NFL. The Cowboys for their part now sit at (2-2) within the NFC East. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Chris Schneider ………………

With the gargantuan billion dollar stadium having been opened up to much public debate and a certain amount of controversy. I can only think to myself wouldn’t it be of even greater benefit to Jones and the Cowboys’ fans if they actually had a worthwhile on-field product that their fans could laud over ? Instead they’ve been served up a trite piece of garbage and with a quarterback whose backbone may well be as yellow as any, as they come. Much has been made of the ‘special talents’ of Tony Romo . But until he’s able to lead this team with authority , he’ll be lauded for his known association with the likes of Carrie Underwood and Jessica Simpson , respectively. And when that essentially has become the pinnacle of your notoriety within the NFL. Then you can only but assume the only way to go , is essentially ….. up from there .

Broncos'  defensive player Andra  Davis(54)  tackles  Cowboys'  running  back  Marion  Barber  (24)  during  the  first   quarter  of  the  game  played  at  Invesco  Field  in  Denver  , Colorado.     picture  appears  courtesy  of   ap/photo/ Jack  Dempsey ......................
Broncos' defensive player Andra Davis(54) tackles Cowboys' running back Marion Barber (24) during the first quarter of the game played at Invesco Field in Denver , Colorado. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Jack Dempsey ......................

In yesterday’s showdown with the AFC West division leading Denver Broncos (4-0) . The Cowboys essentially showed us all on national television that they’ve no stomach for a fight , when they’re called upon or even placed in a situation of adversity. If anything this team seems to mirror the gullible hokum persona of its coach Wade Phillips . And for the coach who has become about as eloquent as an inebriated drunk when questioned as to what ails this team. It’s now clear for all to see that the franchise and ownership are clearly at a crossroads. We can no longer continue to make excuses for a team that repeatedly comes up short and for want of a better a word just under-performs. And what of Jones you might say ? Well Jerry would have you believe that he’s got everything under control and there’s nothing at all to worry about.

Broncos' running back   Knowshon  Moreno    evades  Cowboys'  defensive  players   DeMarcus Ware (94)  and  Bradie  James  (56)  .      picture appears   courtesy  of   getty  images  /  Doug Pensinger  ............................
Broncos' running back Knowshon Moreno evades Cowboys' defensive players DeMarcus Ware (94) and Bradie James (56) . picture appears courtesy of getty images / Doug Pensinger ............................

As alluded to earlier the events that took place between the Cowboys and Broncos . Wherein the Denver Broncos and their stifling defense upended the Dallas Cowboys 17-10 . This has essentially paved the way for what we now know about the two teams. The Broncos under first year coach Josh McDaniels can play football, despite much of the off-season and preseason turmoil that surrounded the team. For the Cowboys , however , they may well be now doing it all with smoking mirrors. I get the impression that illusionist Criss Angel wouldn’t at all be uncomfortable in the presence of the Cowboys. But then again , Criss Angel hasn’t been known to make as any boobs as the Cowboys have been known to , as of late.

Cowboys'  coach   Wade  Phillips  looks  on as  the  Broncos  have   just   scored  the   game  winning   touchdown.    picture  appears  courtesy  of  ap/photo/  Jack  Dempsey   ............................
Cowboys' coach Wade Phillips looks on as the Broncos have just scored the game winning touchdown. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Jack Dempsey ............................

The Cowboys we’re led to believe are a potent offensive weapon that Romo ought to be able to make full use of the artillery made available to him. However , when you’ve got a quarterback who at this present moment in time is more liable to shoot himself in the foot. Rather than making use of the weapons that he’s afforded. You can well understand one of the many reasons that the hype surrounding this team is no longer justified. Their running game yesterday was all but obsolete. And their much vaulted defense was nowhere to be seen ,as the Broncos ran the Cowboys’ secondary ragged. Much of what we gleaned from the Broncos’ victory are borne out in the game stats . Romo played a with all the wantoned abandonment of of a cavalier . Whereas, his counterpart Kyle Orton was secure his distribution of the ball amongst his teammates. Romo’s two fumbles and an interception proved to be costly for the Dallas Cowboys. Never-mind the fact that he overthrew his receivers in trying to stretch the field and continually threw into double coverages ,expecting his teammates to pull off the spectacular play.

One quarter of the way into the season and one could suggest that the Cowboys now face an uphill battle within the NFC East. And with the likes of the Philadelphia Eagles (2-2) , New York Giants (4-0) and Washington Redskins (2-2) all seemingly finding their footing. It’s self evident than they can ill afford anymore major slip ups as the season progresses. Much of more of the same and we might as well write off the team for all that it’s worth. And judging by the billion dollars spent on the edifice in Arlington Texas. What price would say that the Cowboys as a team is now said to be worth ? Do bear in mind that their presence in the postseason has been limited but one playoff win in the last decade. Not much to be proud given the team’s history and legacy we’re led to believe.

Broncos' wide receiver   Brandon Marshall (15)  scampers  his   way to  the  game  winning  51 yard  touchdown   reception  triumph  over the  Dallas  Cowboys  .      picture   appears  courtesy  of  getty  images/  Doug  Pensinger  .....................
Broncos' wide receiver Brandon Marshall (15) scampers his way to the game winning 51 yard touchdown reception triumph over the Dallas Cowboys . picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Doug Pensinger .....................

Hype is one thing but being over-hyped just isn’t worth it, much like that $1 billion white elephant that has been constructed there in Arlington , Texas to begin with. So what price are you prepared to pay or even offer for the privilege of owning the Dallas Cowboys ? Or perhaps like the vast majority of us you’d rather just see this franchise go up in flames ?

Who’s Going To Be On The NFL Coaches Hot Seat This Season ?

I can’t help but wonder who the first managerial casualty will be this NFL season. There’ll no doubt be a valid list of candidates that we’ve all got in mind. And of those there’ll be one or two surprises , of that I’m quite sure. After such a disastrous start to the season , a name that a number of people fill will be on the hot seat , is none other than the Jacksonville Jaguars’ Jack Del Rio . Another whose name is also mentioned is John Fox of the Carolina Panthers . And what of the Dallas Cowboys you may well ask , and the future of Wade Phillips ? Well it’s safe to say that Jerry Jones is playing his cards close to his chest. As he’s not about to let anyone know of his plans.


Beleaguered Jacksonville Jaguars’ coach Jack Del Rio voices his displeasure with an official during the game played against the Arizona Cardinals. The Jaguars would end up losing the game 31-17 played Jacksonville Municipal Stadium, Jacksonville, Florida.
picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Sam Greenwood …..

Both Fox and Del Rio are amenable individuals and who both have worked steadfastly to try and improve their respective teams over the years. But it’d now appear that if they aren’t able to turn things around for their respective franchises. Then in all certainty there is the likelihood that both coaches will be out of an NFL job by the end of the season , if not sooner. Whether or not them losing their jobs can be justified would be dependent upon the view that you’re taking as to how they’ve gone about doing their jobs. Is there a basis , whereby their teams have improved and remained consistent ? Or have their respective teams regressed and floundered under their management style ? These are the questions one would think that their fans are asking, as well as that of the impartial observer on the outside looking in.

Courtesy of USA Today :

New era for NFL head coaches: Superbowl winners must sit

By Sean Leahy of USA Today

Herm Edwards knew when he became head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs in 2006 that he had to build a winner quickly.
Win, and win fast, is the mandate NFL head coaches carry into their jobs. So it wasn’t a huge surprise to Edwards when, after a 2-14 season and a three-year record of 15-33, the Chiefs fired him Jan. 23. “When you take those jobs, you’ve got about a three-year window,” Edwards said. “And you know that.”

His dismissal was part of a year in which a record-tying 11 head coaches lost their jobs. That carousel has created upheaval among the ranks of head coaches. Thirteen of the current crop have less than two years’ experience. There are six coaches (Brian Billick, Bill Cowher, Tony Dungy, Jon Gruden, Mike Holmgren and Mike Shanahan) out of work who hold seven of the last 13 Super Bowl titles and who figure to draw interest from the next batch of owners ready to start anew.

THE HOT SEAT: Which NFL coaches will feel it most in 2009?
POWER RANKINGS: Steelers or Patriots, who’s No. 1?

“There’s only 32 of those jobs,” Edwards said, “and there’s a lot of guys who want to be head coaches in this league.”

Long-term stability among NFL head coaches is rare. Only eight teams have coaches with at least five years’ experience in the same job. When Mike Tomlin led the Pittsburgh Steelers to a Super Bowl victory in February, he joined Bill Belichick (New England Patriots) and Tom Coughlin (New York Giants) as the only active head coaches to have won a title.

In order to read Sean Leahy’s article in its entirety just click on ther text link shown.

Apart from Fox and Del Rio. I think that we can rightfully assume that should Marvin Lewis of the Cincinnati Bengals fail to get his team into the playoffs. Then it’s fair to say that he too , could also be joining the ranks of the unemployed. The NFL is such a fickle business that if success isn’t forthcoming and immediate. Then the owners and general managers tend to start that whirlwind merry-go-round of abrupt firings. Nevermind the fact that in a number of cases those coaches are still under contract and owed millions of dollars. The comical side of this all, is that coaches are given guaranteed contracts with additional incentives for success. Whereas, the NFL players aren’t afforded such luxuries. NFL players aren’t enhanced with guaranteed contracts when it comes to their compensation. Oh yes , one might say they obtain in large part the bulk of their salaries through the initial signing bonus upon entrance into the NFL. But that’s not always the case for a player who’s drafted in the low first round and lower. Primarily the players that initially afforded the large contracts are those marquee players drafted in the upper echelons of the draft. Do you think that the San Francisco 49ers yet to be signed first round draft pick , Michael Crabtree , still has a problem with this ?

Panthers'  coach  John  Fox   looks  on  in the  Georgia  Dome  in  Atlanta  in  a  game  played between  the  Falcons  and  Panthers.   Fox's  Panthers  would   go  on to  lose the  game 28-20  to  their  conference   rivals .   picture  appears courtesy  of   getty images/  Kevin  C. Cox   .......................
Panthers' coach John Fox looks on in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta in a game played between the Falcons and Panthers. Fox's Panthers would go on to lose the game 28-20 to their conference rivals . picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Kevin C. Cox .......................

A coach’s tenured span within the NFL isn’t perceived as a long one nowadays. And though there are some exceptions to the rule. They’re now few and far between. Consider this, the longest tenured coach in the NFL at present is Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots , followed by Jeff Fisher of the Tennessee Titans . And of the two , only Belicheck has won a Superbowl. So it either speaks highly of the two coaches, as to their abilities. And also it may well be that their owners prefer stability, rather than that of constant upheaval when it comes to a change in management.

Courtesy of USA Today :

NFL Coaching carousel 2008-09

Track what coaches are in and who’s out around the NFL this offseason:
Team Outgoing coach Replacement

Cleveland Romeo Crennel Eric Mangini

Fired on Dec. 29, one day after completing a 4-12 season that failed to live up to high expectations. The Browns won 10 games in 2007 and were expected to compete for a playoff spot in 2008. But Crennel’s team faltered badly, using four starting quarterbacks and failing to score an offensive touchdown in their final six games. Crennel was 24-40 in four seaons. MORE Nine days after being dismissed by the Jets, the Browns welcomed Mangini back. The new head coach was once a ball boy in Cleveland during Bill Belichick’s tenure in the 1990s. “I feel like I should be getting some coffee or picking up some towels or something,” Mangini said as he was introduced. MORE

Denver Mike Shanahan Josh McDaniels

The NFL’s second-longest-tenured coach was let go Dec. 30. Shanahan won back-to-back Super Bowls in 1997-98, but failed to make the playoffs the past three seasons. The Broncos blew a three-game lead with three to play this season and lost a play-in game at San Diego in Week 17. MORE The Broncos hired the Patriots’ offensive coordinator, who guided the most prolific offense in league history in 2007 and tutored Matt Cassel in relief of Tom Brady in 2008. McDaniels, 32, will be a first-time head coach. MORE

Detroit Rod Marinelli Jim Schwartz

Fired on Dec. 29, one day after completing the first 0-16 season in NFL history. Marinelli Marinelli started 9-15 through one and a half seasons in Detroit, but went 1-23 in the final year and a half of his three-season tenure. Said Marinelli, “You can’t go 0-16 and expect to keep your job.” MORE The former Titans defensive coordinator was hired on Jan. 15. Schwartz, after an interview with the Lions, told reporters he was not daunted by the rebuilding project. “I don’t shy away from a challenge,” he said. MORE

Indianapolis Tony Dungy Jim Caldwell

Resigned on Jan. 12 after seven seasons with the Colts. Dungy went 85-27 with the Colts and won Super Bowl XLI. He made the playoffs every season of his tenure in Indianapolis. He called his departure a retirement, but acknowledged he could return to the sideline years down the road. MORE Promoted to head coach on Jan. 12 after serving as associate head coach in 2008. Caldwell, a Dungy assistant since 2001 who was designated successor in 2007, said he will be more emotional than Dungy MORE

Kansas City Herm Edwards Todd Haley

Edwards was in limbo from the time former team president Carl Peterson stepped down in December. The team hired Scott Pioli as GM on Jan. 13, then fired Edwards 10 days later. Pioli was non-committal on Edwards’ fate when he was hired. Ultimately, Edwards’ three-season tenure in which he went 15-33 with one playoff loss was not enough to buy him another year with the young Chiefs roster. MORE The ex-Cardinals offensive coordinator was hired Feb. 6. He led Arizona’s fourth-ranked offense to a dynamic postseason and its first Super Bowl berth. The fiery Haley is the first hire for new GM Scott Pioli, who worked with his new coach when both were on the Jets’ staff in the 1990s. MORE

N.Y. Jets Eric Mangini Rex Ryan

Fired Dec. 29 after winning just one of his final five games and missing the playoffs. Team owner Woody Johnson didn’t detail the reasons for canning Mangini, who was 23-25 in three years in New York. “We just felt we could get a better fit with someone else moving forward,” Johnson said. MORE Ryan, the Ravens’ defensive coordinator, was hired Jan. 19, one day after Baltimore lost to Pittsburgh in the AFC title game. Ryan led the Ravens’ second-rated defense in the 2008 season, and signed a four-year deal with the Jets. MORE

St. Louis Jim Haslett Steve Spagnuolo

The Rams announced on Jan. 15 that Haslett, the team’s interim coach who relieved Scott Linehan in September, would not return as head coach. Haslett was 2-10 at the helm in St. Louis in what GM Billy Devaney said was “an impossible situation.” Spagnuolo was the Giants defensive coordinator for the past two seasons, including New York’s Super Bowl-winning 2007-08 campaign. The 49-year-old will be a first-time head coach and takes over a team that ranked near the bottom of the NFL on both offense and defense this past season. MORE

Seattle Mike Holmgren Jim Mora

Announced before the season that he would leave the Seahawks after the 2008 campaign. The team designated Jim Mora as his successor at the time. The Seahawks, four-time defending NFC West champs entering the year, finished 4-12. Holmgren said he would consider a return to football, potentially as a GM, but would likely sit out at least one year. MORE Mora was the assistant head coach/defensive backs the past two seasons in Seattle. He was the head coach in Atlanta from 2004-2006, when he went 26-22. He’ll have to retool a roster that succumbed to many injuries in 2008. MORE

Tampa Bay Jon Gruden Raheem Morris

Gruden and GM Bruce Allen were dismissed on Jan. 16. Gruden was 57-55 in seven seasons with the Bucs, with whom he won Super Bowl XXXVII after the 2002 season. The Bucs started 9-3 in 2008, but lost their final four games — including the season finale against Oakland — to wind up out of the postseason mix. MORE Morris was Tampa Bay’s defensive backs coach last season before being promoted to defensive coordinator when Monte Kiffin left the Bucs to coach with his son, Lane, at the University of Tennessee. Then on Jan 17., just one day after Jon Gruden was fired as the Bucs head coach, Morris was promoted to the job by owner Malcolm Glazer. MORE

Note: Three teams (San Francisco, St. Louis and Oakland) fired their head coaches during the season. The 49ers named interim coach Mike Singletary the full-time head coach and the Raiders decided to keep interim coach Tom Cable. The Rams ruled interim coach Jim Haslett out of contention for the full-time job.

Already this season the speculation is rife as to who’ll be in a a job and who’ll be out of even before midseason. As we embark on week three of the NFL season. There are nine winless teams within the league. As to what that might suggest about those teams. It is all predicated upon how you’d view each of the teams in question. And as much we’d all like to have a view as who’s and who’s out . It’s far too early for us to be whose head will be on the chopping block at this moment in time. Obviously it makes for a great topic of conversation. But I’d like to think also that the coaches in question will be given every chance to prove themselves. Then, and only then , can we judge them on their ability as to how they will fare. Acceptability in some cases, will merely mean a winning season. And for others just garnering a postseason berth in the playoffs will be good enough.
For other failure to accomplish any of goals mentioned and it’s quite rightly that the season ought to be deemed a complete failure !

Bengals'  coach  Marvin  Lewis  watches  the  action  as  his team  goes   on to  defeat  the  Green Bay Packers 31-24 at   Lambeau  Field  ,  Green  Bay , Wisconsin,.   picture ppears courtesy  of   getty  images/ Scott  Boehm  .................
Bengals' coach Marvin Lewis watches the action as his team goes on to defeat the Green Bay Packers 31-24 at Lambeau Field , Green Bay , Wisconsin,. picture ppears courtesy of getty images/ Scott Boehm .................

There are but 32 teams in the National Football League (NFL) and only two will have utlimately have the privilege of meeting in and playing for the Superbowl. And that is the goal that each of the teams strives to meet. For some that journey starts off pleasantly and for others it appears bleak right at the beginning. In the end however, fortunes can change , merely by a coach being instinctive and making a decision that elicits confidence from his team and coaching staff. We’ve seen it happen and it’ll no doubt happen with any one of the teams whose future at present doesn’t on appearance seem all that bright.

Coaches coach , and the players play. But we the fans, can prognosticate and cheer on our teams. The decisions that need to be made , are best left for the GM’s and owners, are really theirs and theirs alone to make . So let them make those decisions and we can but speculate.

Winless teams in the NFL at present

In the AFC :

Miami Dolphins 0-2 AFC East
Cleveland Browns 0-2 AFC North
Jacksonville Jaguars 0-2 AFC South
Tennessee Titans 0-2 AFC South
Kansas City Chiefs 0-2 AFC West

In the NFC

Detroit Lions 0-2 NFC North
Carolina Panthers 0-2 NFC South
Tampa Bay Bucs 0-2 NFC South
St Louis Rams 0-2 NFC West