Flotation Devices Never Looked So Welcoming ………. Well In Wendy Fiore’s World They’re An Added Bonus ……….

Flotation Devices Never Looked So Welcoming ………. Well In Wendy Fiore’s World They’re An Added Bonus ……….

By tophatal ….

Talented beauty and model Wendy Fiore has introduced herself to the world in more ways than one . Now as a male who simply adores the female form , well let’s just say Ms Fiore’s assets have proven to be a real eye opener for me . All I can say is , where do I sign up to play with those lovelies ?


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Slideshow for your perusal .

Given what little news there is in the world beyond the rather asinine political world where GOP presumed leading candidate Herman Cain is now finding ever increasing ways of creating pratfalls for himself by showing how much of a novice he is not only as a candidate but alas , in terms of his presumed business acumen and complete lack of understanding concerning international diplomatic affairs . How could this moron not know that China has been a nuclear power for close on four decades ? And to boot you now have an ignoramus in Donald Trump jumping to Cain’s defense like a lovesick schoolboy . Not that Trump could ever be taken seriously in any endeavor business wise or from a political standpoint .



Picture gallery for your perusal .

Any thoughts on the points raised within this piece or anything else you feel pertinent , feel free to proffer up a comment .





Picture and slide show details .


(1) Wendy makes do by covering up those lovely assets of her’s .

(2) Wendy oh my !

(3) No need to hide those ample gifts let the world behold I say ! ….

(4) Squeeze and breathe , squeeze and breathe .

(5) Top heavy Wendy ?

(6) Whipped cream strawberries and some jello . My idea of heaven along with this voluptuous beauty !

(7) Absolutely every heterosexual male loves a “French maid” !

(8) In the tub and boy does she look real good !

(9) Could she get those things any closer together without ever hurting herself ?

(10) Prowling on all fours and waiting to pounce on her prey . Dear Lord, please why couldn’t it be me lying underneath her prostrate ?

(11) Well , hello Ms. Fiore !

(12) It’s not her smile that will have you bedazzled but something else I guess ?

(13) …………………. your thoughts here ?

(14) Red sky at night shepherd’s delight . Wendy Fiore at night …………. need I say anymore on the matter ?

Things that are best left unsaid , and that’s all I’ve got to say about that !


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