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11 thoughts on “Advisory notes : Tophatal’s Blog

  1. The morons who run the Eagles are pure nuts hiring this clown as the head coach. Tom Coughlin would have been great. Lurie wants a yes man well guess what he got it. The bungles I mean Bengals blew it. KC can beat the Pats. This puppy should be a good. Kelly in San Fran- good luck. The Uckaneers are just as bad. Pure stupidity. Another wrong decision. I am taking a break from Futebol


  2. bobby gee

    Jeff Lurie simply doesn’t know what he wants . Nor do the Philadelphia Eagles’ fans for that matter . I bet , if they had it to do all over again and knowing what they know now they would never have fired Andy Reid. Look at what Reid has been able to achieve with the Kansas City Chiefs since he became the head coach of the franchise ? The front office of the Eagles were too damn impatient and they remain damn clueless .

    Tophatal ….


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