The Fallout …….The Idiocy …… The Banal …. !

The Fallout……The Idiocy….. The Banal

So NBC now becomes the ‘bitch’ that many said they’d become . From a once lofty perch where they reigned supreme in terms of primetime tv programming. The network now looks up from the bottom rung of an all shaky ladder. Broadcast network programming is now so lame and banal that it doesn’t bear thinking about. What real quality and innovative programming that there is, now is being seen on cable television. And we are now witnessing an ever increasing glut of reality television that’s so insipid and tawdry. Primary reason behind it ? It’s cheap and easy to produce and it doesn’t take a great deal of input and thought.

The most watched scripted program on television just happens to be a crime procedural drama on CBS. ‘NCIS’ and its spin-off ‘NCIS Los Angeles’ are ‘big money makers’ for the network. And as the nation’s most watched network, CBS, this merely vindication for what they’ve long felt in appealing to their core group of fans. Albeit, that they still have their fair share of reality shows but that in part doesn’t anywhere paint a clear picture of the network. They’ve pursued a broad base of programming that in essence is built around a broad based demographic. The same cannot be said of Fox, ‘whose only top 10 show’ is ‘American Idol’ . But yet that’s but ‘a one trick pony’ which is now at its zenith , soon to be marked by a steady decline viewership.And with the onset in the departure of Simon Cowell from the show. It can’t be all that long before Fox’s President of network programming , Peter Rice will be looking to see how much more juice they can still squeeze out of the program.

In reality the show itself, has only created three major household stars. Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson and Oscar winning actress and singer, Jennifer Hudson. Now some might say that Clay Aiken and the androgynous persona of Adam Lambert are stars in the making. But that would surmise that Sarah Palin in her new found position as commentator on Fox News, would make for a credible political analyst and pundit. But to each his own as they say.

NBC as a network has proven to me that it became too comfortable and complacent as a program content provider. Never mind the fact that the network hasn’t produced a top ten program in almost a decade. They relied on staples such as ‘Friends’ , ‘Law & Order’ and its spin-offs for far too long. And when it comes to comedy programming it’s so far behind the 8 ball that it doesn’t bear mentioning. OK so they’re now ever more reliant on Tina Fey’s well received show ’30 Rock’ to provide them with credibility. Though it is critically acclaimed , it’s not widely watched and its viewership isn’t enough to guarantee that it even cracks the top in the Nielsens’ ratings.

Leno takes shots at his late night NBC counterpart. As to what this all suggests as to the idiocy of both. In essence it shows how completely out of touch they both are as to the gravity of the situation !

It has to be said that the late night talk show landscape long reigned over by Johnny Carson , until his retirement from show (‘The Tonight Show’) that bore his name , has now become a barren landscape. Please don’t tell me that the likes of Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien are immensely funny. Granted, both appeal to a differing fan base but in reality they are about as funny as having a heart attack. The stupid notion that in moving Leno from his late night slot of 11.30 pm to a primetime evening slot at 10.00 pm, was about to change the face of programming . Well by my way of thinking NBC’s thought that this was meant to be simply innovative. I can only think that NBC was in fact taking lessons from the idiots who ran or should I say almost ruined Chrysler and GM with their lack of forward thinking and innovative creativity ? .

The failed experiment has cost NBC tens of millions of dollars and the network has ran the wrath of its affiliates from the fallout. O’Brien’s initial ratings were something of a success but it had begun to decline. Leno, if anything suffered a far worse fate, as there was scathing criticism from the television critics but even more startling was the decline in viewers for the show. Jay Leno as a host, was never someone who had a knack for interviewing a guest. If anything, Leno’s appeal were his introductory monologues. Beyond that , it is like watching a comatose child succumbing to the inevitability of death.

As reported by an ABC affiliate .

Now NBC has decided that they will pay O’Brien to leave the network and vacate his late night 11.30 pm slot. The rumored $45 million payout ($33 million to the host and $12 million in severance to his staff) to Conan O’Brien is more than an indication of failure on NBC’s part. But it clearly shows how out of touch the network is, when it comes to knowing what the market place desires and wants. And with the network now in the hands of a new parent company. NBC was is now in the midst of being sold by its parent company GE to cable provider, Comcast. The synergy between the two ought to be beneficial for both parties. GE will still retain a minority stake in network but given that profits from the network has been steadily on the decline for the last few years. It could well be that GE will completely divest itself of any remnants in terms of its investment.

Jeff Zucker
Jeff Zucker , Head of NBC/ Universal Entertainment . Zucker reports directly to the board of NBC parent company , GE. The vast $350 billion conglomerate is often viewed as one the belll weather stocks of the US economy because of its very diversity and range of business interests. These range from healthcare , aerospace , engine prodution for both the aeronautic and transport industries to consumer and corporate financing . photo appears courtesy of adage business/ Keith Palmer ......

Jeff Zucker who oversees NBC/Universal, the film and tv production arm for parent company GE. It was Zucker’s original decision to change the template of the network’s primetime programming . A task which he felt was needed and placed in the hands of network programming executive Jeff Gaspin , Head of NBC Universal Television Entertainment. Two ‘clueless brain dead’ individuals as you’re ever likely to come across !

As to who comes out this all looking bad ? Well let’s just say that Conan O’Brien is all smiles as he is now $33 million richer after his brief soiree as a late night talk show host in the once venerable slot. Leno now marches back to the time slot with his tails between his legs. Now as to what this tells us about the network , it’s clear that one more miscalculation on their part . And it could portend to a calamitous situation for the network. As I’ve stated already the network hasn’t produced a viable or credible top ten program in almost a decade. It’s been a long time coming but the network has now in essence become a stable for the banal, the idiotic , the idiotic and in terms of a fallout it has been nowhere the seismic shift that NBC claimed it would be. Simply put the absurdity that the network has shown is a clear indication how far the network has fallen. It’s now number four in the pecking order behind CBS , ABC and Fox. And if you’re wondering how grave the situation has become for NBC ? Consider this, on a bad day its viewership even becomes lower , that it isn’t even enough to garner it amongst the top ten most watched shows on cable. Never mind, the network is now hoping that we’re all prepared to watch the Winter Olympics, with its live broadcast of the spectacle from Vancouver , Canada. What will you be watching ?

If there’s anything more indicative as to NBC’s present plight then it may well Birdman’s self style ode ‘Money To Blow’ feat’g Drake and ‘Lil’ Wayne.

Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

8 thoughts on “The Fallout …….The Idiocy …… The Banal …. !”

  1. I dunno…..ComCast has bought NBC, right? Wonder where this will take the network?
    I liked Leno over Letterman…most times, depending on guests. O’Brien…..ugh.
    Being retired law enforcement most poice type programs are my favorites…especially if they get the procedures and all that right.
    At one time the only true to life program, kinda about law enforcement was “Barney Miller”, now we have a wealth of em that are basically accurate and worth watching. My 2 neworks therefore are CBS and NBC.


    1. al clements

      Brian Roberts who’s the CEO & President of Comcast knows that there’ll be synergy there between the two units.

      Comcast has The Golf Channel and E Entertainment Television as part of burgeoning content of cable producing station. Add that to NBC’s USA Network, Syfy, MSNBC, CNBC ,plus Universal Studios film production and the network station itself. And you’ve got yourself quite a stable of content. Less we forget also the film library catalog content ? And also the Universal theme parks.

      As to crime procedurals everything takes a back seat to Hill St Blues and then next up Law &Order , then Homicide Life On The Street. In terms of the cable outlets then the flag bearer has to be HBO’s The Wire !

      NBC screwed this *hit up with their sheer stupidity and they’re still unwilling to admit that they made a monumental mistake. Jeff Gaspin ought to be friggin’ castrated after this debacle. It’s cost the network tens of millions of dollars and now we’re going to have put up with a Winter Olympics’ schedule that’ll be so damn boring that it’s not even worth watching !

      Alan Parkins


  2. I dunno, I guess Conan’s style doesn’t appeal to everyone, but nearly all the people my age love him, and wonder wtf is NBC doing! They’re making a huge mistake, and have made me avoid watching NBC, whether there was anything to watch in the first place is debatable. I will not be watching Leno out of spite, he’s too robotic up there, and I’d probably rather watch gap tooth…


    1. chappy 81

      To each his own as they say. I understand the humor with O’Brien. But his gig only fits one type of element. A great comedian has to be able to be compellingly funny across a wide and diverse audience. Neither Leno or Conan claim to be or do that at all. Need I say anything else on the matter ?

      Alan Parkins


    1. Chris Humpherys

      With TBS they don’t have to worry about ratings as they’re a subscription driven outlet, that comes under AOL/Time Warner’s umbrella as a cable outlet.

      For NBC it’s a completely different thing, as they’re also answerable to their affiliates and the advertisers . If no one is watching either of these guys. Then the s_it will head south real fast.

      He’s a friggin’ terrible host and is no longer all that funny . And the same can be said of Conan O’Brien as his skits only marginal in their overall appeal.

      Now it’s being reported that they’ll take a monumental ‘financial hit’ and lose anywhere up to in excess of ‘$250 million to $300 million plus’ covering the Vancouver Winter Olympics . And people don’t think that the station is on its last legs ? They don’t really produce any quality programming that the masses really wants to watch. Other than the customary staple of the L&O shows , NBC doesn’t have a pot to p_ss in and a window to throw it out of !

      Alan Parkins


  3. Tophatal,

    I love Conan to death but not getting 11:35 EST in writing may have been the biggest contractual blunder in the history of network television, which is very banal these days.

    Leno is just so slow moving.

    Comedian Daryl Horner pointed out the other day on facebook that Leno’s been lifting jokes from Daniel Tosh’s show on comedy central.



    1. Ravenation

      Conan and Leno are about as funny as having a colo-rectal exam ! Once they start prodding in your rectum you simply want the pain to go away quickly. That’s how I feel about Leno and O’Brien as they’re not all that funny !

      Their shtick is so banal that it’s humiliating to watch them try and be funny.

      If you want funny see Dave Chappelle !



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