Something Else That The State of California Is Well Known For Accepting Mediocrity While Trying To Assuage Us With Their Greatness & Narcissism .

Something Else That The State of California Is Well Known For Accepting Mediocrity While Trying To Assuage Us With Their Greatness & Narcissism .

Well not unlike the state legislature of California that faces such acute financial problems we now have the Los Angeles Dodgers facing woes of its very own. Now it’s a fact that Los Angeles Dodgers will now officially file for bankruptcy . I was repeatedly told by patrons within this medium that bankruptcy would and could never happen . If that’s the case then explain to me how it is that in the last twenty four months the following teams in Major League Baseball each had to file for bankruptcy . In the cases of the Chicago Cubs and Texas Rangers Chapter 11 ( Bankruptcy Protection & Reorganization) was seemingly the only way out from financial mismanagement by their then owners . Now with that in mind it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that now two of the games most storied ballclubs are effectively in the same boat. And as acute as the situation now appears to be with the Los Angeles Dodgers , it could very well be far more grave for the New York Mets and their situation. The club is defendant in a civil suit alongside principal owners Saul Katz and Fred Wilpon as part of the fallout from the Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme scandal . Much of what we know concerning the Dodgers has been the mismanagement and the very fact that MLB hierarchy simply suborned much of the absurdity that has taken place ever since Frank McCourt assumed control of this team with his purchase of the organization from Fox Inc whose parent company is News Corporation .


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From my own standpoint this should be a fucking wake up call for the idiots who carry on as if they’re in the know when it comes to the economics of the game but instead they’d rather talk about the shit like the future of the game and the young prospects there . That’s like trying to search for the leprechaun’s pot of gold in the hope that at the end of the day things will be great . Let’s get real here the owners as we know them to be are not that business minded in spite of their apparent wealth and alleged entrepreneurial acumen . And not to be left out of this all has to be those asinine general managers within the game . Baseball has and will always continue to shoot itself in both feet because its hierarchy simply isn’t bright or astute enough to either do or know what is actually appropriately the right thing to do !

Once MLB Commissioner Bud Selig saw fit to bring in former diplomat C Thomas Schieffer to oversee the day to day running of this team we all knew that the Dodgers and Frank McCourt had reached the point of no return . But if anyone with the slightest bit of common sense could see that the writing was on the wall and the sense of foreboding for the organization. And while this was all going on what might be even more contemptible was the fact that GM Ned Colletti , COO Geoff Wharton , CFO Peter Wilhelm , CRO Michael Young and Tommy Lasorda simply chose to remain silent . Which begs the question what is it with the damn stupidity that obviously had to be taking place within the front office of the Los Angeles Dodgers ? . From my own standpoint this is something that is long overdue and had to happen for baseball and the fans to finally sit up and take note ! Are some of the so called intellectual fans out there and those who claim to be insiders are simply that naive ? I’ve no doubt that the so called analysts at Fox and ESPN will now try to regale us with what they see as a painful episode , all the while these very same ingrates undoubtedly chose to ignore this story once it came to the public forefront .

Over the coming days and weeks I’ve no doubt that this all well be thoroughly discussed and written about all with a view to seeking a reason why this had to happen to one of the most storied teams in all of baseball . Well when you have a sport that shows no transparency on any level whatsoever what the fucking hell would you expect ? It’s not as if the league hierarchy itself during Selig’s tenure has ever been known to be completely open with regard to its business practices much less has a propensity for actually telling the truth on any level.

It is extremely sad to see a once great ballclub simply fall from grace and then think that Frank McCourt and the Dodgers’ hierarchy are solely to blame because much of what we know to have factually happen has been due to the inaction of the hierarchy of the game. It’s all too little too late for the organization , even with the Dodgers having now filed for bankruptcy protection . It will now be extremely difficult for the team’s creditors to actully recoup monies owed given the debt amassed by Frank McCourt which if we are to believe could very well exceed in excess of $600 million and that’s simply a conservative estimate as neither the ballclub or the league hierarchy have chosen to be completely transparent and the mere fact that Selig now wants to be seen as a knight riding into the rescue when nothing could actually be further from the truth . Instead this has more to do with the league wanting to give its image a raise in its already diminished and tarnished profile . And here was I thinking that the league handled the ” steroid issue” with about as much deftness as a blind man playing hopscotch in the midst of a minefield ! There has been more blowblack and utter cluster fucks dug up here than can actually be found in a whore’s closet !

Courtesy of The all St Journal

Baseball Blasts Dodgers Bankruptcy Loan

By Patrick Fitzgerald and Marie Beaudette

Major League Baseball on Tuesday moved to intervene in the Los Angeles Dodgers bankruptcy case, blasting owner Frank McCourt and claiming it has a “cheaper, no strings-attached solution” to the team’s financial woes.

The office of baseball Commissioner Bud Selig, who has been sparring for months with embattled Dodgers owner Mr. McCourt, said in court papers filed Tuesday that acting in the best interests of baseball, the league will provide the Dodgers with a “less expensive and otherwise superior” bankruptcy loan.

Mr. McCourt placed the Dodgers into Chapter 11 protection on Monday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Wilmington, Del., in a last-ditch bid to avoid having the team seized by the league.

The league says Mr. McCourt has “siphoned off well over $100 million” of the Dodgers’ revenue and has driven the team to a “liquidity crisis so severe that, absent extraordinary measures, the club would be unable to make its payroll.”

The team turned to a hedge fund manager owned by J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., which is providing a $150 million in so-called debtor-in-possession, or DIP, financing for what the league says is an “excessive” fee.

Major League Baseball blasted Mr. McCourt, saying he has placed his own financial interests over that of the club. While the Dodgers say they conducted an extensive search for financing, MLB says Mr. McCourt never approached the league, “an obvious source of a DIP loan,” according to court papers. A McCourt spokeswoman declined to comment.

Click on the above link to read this article in its entirety .


So what now for the Dodgers and how does the hierarchy deal with this all ? In seeing the Los Angeles declare bankrupcty it now leads to Frank McCourt will either sell the team or perhaps seek a cash infusion . Creditors will no doubt be very weary of the situation and given the fact that should MLB have to fully intervene then teams around the league will be on the hook as they hierarchy seeks to pay off many of the Dodgers’ creditors monies owed . Amongst those still owed monies by the ballclub are ex players Ted Lilly , Manny Ramirez and Andruw Jones are said to be owed in excess of $24 million as well as broadcaster Vin Scully some $150,000 . This now begs the question, if McCourt is still able to meet payroll for the month of June then what of the ensuing months and where indeed will those funds actually be coming from ? We know that the $3 billlion deal that McCourt had been counting on as part of a negotiated tv contract deal with the local Fox affiliate left a great deal to be desired as much of those funds were due to pay down debt inucrred by McCourt and associated business interests .

Seemingly , when I’ve asked how it is that Frank McCourt was simply allowed to violate league rules in using the ballclub as collateral in multiple business deals repeatedly . But yet somehow the league hierarchy under Bud Selig has simply kept silent on this issue . If anything this all now leaves this ballclub in a complete mess and there’s no way in hell that any potential free agent would seek to even show an interest in the Dodgers . Given the financial uncertainty of this team, who the hell would want to be playing in the hellhole of Los Angeles with the current regime in place ? What might be even more worrying is where this now leaves the future of the coaching staff under Don Mattingly and the potential free agents with the Dodgers at present ? This once proud franchise has no one but to blame but itself but I would also say that due diligence was certainly not used by Bud Selig and the owners when they gave their approval in the sale of the Dodgers to Frank McCourt. The owner came into the organization with a great deal of baggage that if anything should have been a precursor of the mess that would become a part of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ current debacle . Multiple litigant problems many of which McCourt was a plaintiff and some where he was a defendant but if anything the league hierarchy should have been fully cognizant of those issues .

I’m not so sure what the rest of the season holds for the Los Angeles Dodgers and at the same time what are the poor and disenfranchised fans to think about this mess ? I’m sure as such that they are no doubt being very vocal and vehemently against Frank McCourt still being in control as the owner of this team . Furthermore , I can’t help but wonder what the future now holds for the players not only on the team but also for the prospects and farm system of the organization as a whole ! Baseball has simply been a mess not solely because of the financial ramifications that has befallen the teams in large part but also because of the idiocy shown by the league hierarchy and the intransigence of the MLBPA .

I’ve long maintained that Bud Selig has been a poor commissioner for baseball and about as out of touch as to the acute problems that the sport now faces ! It’s no use living in the past without having learned nothing from those events and herein lies another of the many problems that the game faces , it is that nothing at all has been learned by the owners the union (MLBPA ) or the league hierarchy itself as they merely seek to carry on business as usual . If there are any potential suitors for the Los Angeles Dodgers it will be very interesting to see what sort of value is placed on the organization and whether or not that suitor would indeed be willing to pay the price being asked as to the potential value of this team .



Picture gallery for your perusal .

What thoughts if any do you have concerning the plight of the Los Angeles Dodgers ? And where would you apportion blame for much of the fallout for this monumental financial disaster that has now encircled the ballclub ? Simply chime with a thought on this topic and anything else you feel pertinent to the subject matter broached in this piece .

Alan aka tophatal ……..

Picture and slide show for your perusal .


(1) Los Angeles Dodgers’ Trent Oeltjen smiles at some Dodgers fans late in the baseball game against the Minnesota Twins Monday, June 27, 2011 in Minneapolis. Oeltien was 4-for-4 with two singles, a triple and a home run in the Dodgers’ 15-0 win. AP Photo/Jim Mone …..

(2) MINNEAPOLIS, MN – JUNE 27: Tony Gwynn (10) of the Los Angeles Dodgers singles against the Minnesota Twins in the first inning on June 27, 2011 at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Dodgers defeated the Twins 15-0. Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images …….

(3) Alexi Casilla (12) of the Minnesota Twins is out at home as A.J. Ellis (17) of the Los Angeles Dodgers defends home plate in the sixth inning on June 27, 2011 at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Dodgers defeated the Twins 15-0. Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images …………

(4) MINNEAPOLIS, MN – JUNE 27: Ned Colletti, General Manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers watches batting practice before the game against the Minnesota Twins on June 27, 2011 at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images ……

(5) LOS ANGELES, CA – FILE: Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt speaks at a news conference at Dodger Stadium prior to a game between the St. Louis Cardinals and Los Angeles Dodgers on April 14, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. It was reported that the Dodgers have filed for bankruptcy protection in a Delaware court June 27, 2011. Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images ……

(6) Bud Selig commissioner of MLB , whose tenure as the game’s highest ranking official has been steeped in a great deal of controversy . In the last twenty four months three major league teams have had to file for bankruptcy protection under the commissioner’s watch but he and the league hierarchy have done little to try and rein in the financial mismanagement that now seems rampant not just amongst the teams but also at MLB’s headquarters . AP Photo / Carl Nash …….

(7) Dodgers’ manager Don Mattingly (L) and general manager Ned Colletti of the Los Angeles Dodgers attend a press conference announcing that Mattingly will manage the Dodgers in 2011 after Joe Torre retires at Dodger Stadium on September 17, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. Getty Images North America / Lisa Blumenfeld ….

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Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

31 thoughts on “Something Else That The State of California Is Well Known For Accepting Mediocrity While Trying To Assuage Us With Their Greatness & Narcissism .”

  1. It’s been rumored that US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner will hire Dodgers’ CFO Peter Wilhelm to audit the books of the Federal Government and all of its agencies to make recommendations as to where cuts ought to be made . Obama on the other hand recommended that they also ought to hire now incarcerated former Enron CFO Andrew Fastow as well .

    Mr President I don’t think that we can fu#k things up anymore than we already have done so I recommend we hire both Wilhelm and Fastow and see where it takes us . Hell what’s the worse thing that could happen ? So what if we default who gives a rat’s ass anyway ? Tim Geithner

    If this gets me out having sex with my cellmate tell Geithner I’ll even fudge his taxes as well . Fastow .

    How could it all have come to this ? Where did I go wrong ? Dodgers’ owner Frank McCourt


    1. I believe that this content would have resulted in your gagging at Fox Sports……

      The whole world covets poontang……about every moment in time…..

      Booty makes the world go round…….

      Booty…..or the divorce from the lack there of….brought the Dodgers crashing down…..

      Terell Pryor wasn’t driving those CHOICE wheels on campus to impress his buddies……

      He wanted the CHOICE boo-tay sitting beside him…….

      It all revolves around poontang…….


  2. Los Angeles city Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has to be one of dumbest politicians not only in the city of Los Angeles but quite possibly within the state of California . This as_hole is overly concerned with bringing an NFL franchise to city but they can’t get the Dodgers pay off a debt of $500,000 owed to the city . What does that tell you about the guy’s priorities as it concerns the city and its residents ?

    Rest assured residents we in LA know how get things done you needn’t worry about the Dodgers they will be great again and I promise you this we will have an NFL team in LA even if it means me having to kill get a franchise . Villaraigosa

    tophatal …………..


  3. This is another example of how stupid McCourt is. I could spend all day listing companies that successfully emerged from bankruptcy, but the list of companies that do so with the same management with which they entered bankruptcy is zero, McCourt doesn’t realize he’s just signed his own death warrant.


    1. JW

      This whole sorry ass episode just isn’t about Frank McCourt but also a damning indictment of the MLB hierarchy and how fucking stupid the owners are to begin with ! Selig curries favors with the owners who’ll simply back his every play rather than doing what’s best for the game . Who the fuck would have wanted McCourt owning a team given his prior legal issues not only as a plaintiff or defendant. But given his business history and questionable business practices and the mere fact that the league hierarchy used little due diligence before approving the sale of the team in investigating all aspects of his financial background . Repeatedly he’s violated league regulations concerning the use of the Dodgers as collateral for business deals that have absolutely nothing at all do with the game . Never mind that he and his now ex wife Jamie McCourt plundered the coffers of the team to the tune of over $100 million . How the fuck can Bud Selig and the league have not known about this ? And what does say about the front office executives of the Dodgers in particular Ned Colletti , Peter Wilhelm and Geoff Wharton ? I’d dare say that even Tommy Lasorda may well have profited from this mess financially as I wouldn’t put it past any of those fuckers to do something so corrupt !

      The game no longer has any integrity to it whatsoever not when you have assholes like McCourt and owners of his ilk running amok ! As for Selig he ought to step down and there ought to be an outsider brought in as commissioner who actually shows some common sense because little has been shown by anyone associated with this mess !

      Now we can only wait to see that other friggin’ mess of the Mets turns out . That shit could be much worse than the situation of the Dodgers given the legal ramifications there also . Defendants being sued for $1 billion and there are signs that Katz and Wilpon diverted monies to an entity that had nothing at all to do with the Mets or their own investment company Sterling Equities .

      There are idiots out there carrying on as if this game still has redeeming qualities to it when it reality nothing could be further from the truth ! Its recently legacy has been one of ineptitude , cheating , a hierarchy and union that in essence which has suborned it all ! Anyone who believes to the contrary has had their head stuck so far up their own ass that they can’t tell the difference between night and day !

      I’ve worked as analyst and gone in audited companies and looked over their finances but what has been done here by Mets has simply been outlandish ! There are no excuses here and Selig now has to intervene take the team completely away from McCourt fire all of the senior executives and bring an independent group to oversee its operations . I know that it will be costly for the league but rather that , than the continued fucking mess wrought upon it by McCourt and the rest of the senior executives of the Dodgers .

      tophatal ……………


    1. Chris

      Here are the problems now facing the league hierarchy !

      Taking the team off the hands of McCourt means they’re on the hook for the debt even if it’s incurred by McCourt because he as the owner used the team as collateral to secure the loans he took out . The other team owners will want no part of that scenario at all . They’ve been bitten by that scenario previously when they had both the Natonals and Marlins in their custody .

      They can seek a buyer willing to assume all of the debt but that’s now dependent upon the Bankruptcy Courts and the presiding judge in Delaware .

      Or as is being hoped by McCourt the judge will side with him if he’s able make an amenable agreement with the creditors to accept mere pennies on the dollar for their debt . But given the fact that neither McCourt or the Dodgers have any liquid assets I think that’s highly unlikely !

      Or they could have an investment company / bank broker a sale .

      And no one is about to purchase a team where it’s unclear how sizable the overall debt is . All these idiots opining on Cuban buying the team are simply clueless ! He’s not going to buy a team where its debt is almost on par with it estimated worth . And even with the land surrounding the ballpark in this economic climate you’d have to be a real dumb ass to hold unto a property that has declined in value extensively so .


  4. Can I go on McCourt strike? The story is just another thing that’s wrong with sports and I’m over hearing about the entire thing until there’s some sort of positive resolution.


    1. Chris Humpherys

      If you think that the Dodgers’ situation is bad what happens concerning the Mets and the presiding judge there should he find for the plaintiffs ? That’s $1 billion that the Mets simply don’t have and they will have to pay those victims defrauded in the Madoff Ponzi Scheme .


  5. You know what I find the most interesting about all this, is this scandal or whatever you want to call it isn’t even in the top 25 worst things to happen in baseball! That’s saying something!!


    1. chappy 81

      You’re not kidding as I found it hard to believe when I heard Kornheiser and Wilbon debating this very same topic on PTI . God a thieving piece of dung like McCourt can escape with what has been the biggest fraud perpetrated in the game next the Black Sox scandal without even warranting a mention as one of the top 25 scandals to have hit the game is simply beyond belief as far as I’m concerned !

      Like I said to Chris I can’t wait to see how Selig will deal with the Mets situation as that unravels . What’d you think will happen there in the end ?

      “So Saul what’s the latest on Frank McCourt ” ? Fred Willpon ” Well Fred I hear that Bud has relieved him of the team but Frank has filed for bankruptcy . That poor bastard ! He’s not having any luck is he ” ? Saul Katz

      tophatal …………..


  6. Yeah, I actually heard them talking about it too which is what made me think of it. It feels like Selig has to do the same kind of thing he’s doing to the Dodgers. I think Wilpon has a little more money than McCourt, but how long will that really last!?! Whatever happens it’s going to be UGLY!

    I hope we see two new owners soon for both of these franchises! They have huge fan bases and they deserve much better ownership!


    1. chappy81

      Selig may well have to let the judge deal with this mess before intervening because of the near uncertainty of the whole situation . Much of this could have been avoided but like I’ve maintained there’s no open transparency within the entire baseball hierarchy much less by the owners themselves . And people buy into the idiocy shown in terms of merely talking about what they believe transcends the game which is nothing when you simply look at the financial instability of the teams . Guess what ? Those who claim they’re in the know actually know fuck all !

      tophatal ………..


    1. chappy81

      If the Black Sox scandal is said to be one of the most heinous moments of the game then it doesn’t say much about the fact that African American players were simply treated like shit before the game became integrated . Social issues or not you either step up to the plate rather than simply looking to some old white guy in Branch Rickey looking to make a quick buck but at the same time even with the integration of the game no one makes mention of the fact that the fans were still segregated . So to me , it was simply done all for the purpose of making money and not to right an egregious social injustice !

      tophatal ………………..


  7. MLB run by Bud baby is a joke. The Dodgers are stupid to have sold to this clown in the first place. MLB and the rest of the owners are joke.


    1. Bobby Gee

      You’re preaching to the choir ! You don’t need to tell me that at all as I’ve been saying that all along ! But yet you have idiots within this forum carrying on as if this game has been altruistic and a beacon of moral purity . The game has and always will remain corrupt because of the sheer ineptitude shown by the owners , union and league hierarchy , !

      tophatal …………


  8. Same ole crap foisted on the public by a billionaire who wished mainly to keep his money and let everyone else pony up or lose their shirts. Like to see the judge deny the thing…..


    1. al clements

      All of this could have been avoided had those assholes within the league hierarchy as well as the owners use due diligence in carrying out a thorough investigation of Frank McCourt rather than be totally enamored by his alleged wealth which is we now know he’s on the brink of financial ruination . He’s shafted not only the Dodgers but the fans and the organization’s legacy . The blame rests squarely with Selig and the whole Dodgers’ organization ! Lasorda himself , to my mind is an ass because I feel that he ought to have spoken up on what was happening with the team and the actions of the front office .

      Now Selig has Schieffer in place but the entire front office remains in place ? Fuck it the entire group en masse ought to be kicked to the curb without any compensation whatsoever !

      What’s even more troubling is the mere fact that with the Mets , things there could be far worse than the Dodgers’ situation .

      Personally I hope that the judge sides with the creditors and the league rather than McCourt because this shit has to come to an end be it abrupt or not . This has been going on since he assumed control of the team in buying from Fox and parent company News Corp . As for News Corp it simply shows how fucking corrupt they are to begin with !

      tophatal ……………….


    2. al clements

      I hope that the judge does deny the Chapter 11 approval sought by McCourt because in doing so it’s simply rewarding the owner and the entire Dodgers’ front office in their showing their financial ineptitude and mismanagement . In particular Peter Wilhelm CFO and Geoff Wharton CRO in suborning Frank McCourt’s actions in pilfering through the organization’s finances . Were this a public company McCourt knows that he would now be facing federal charges of grand larceny , amongst a slew of other felony charges .

      You don’t have to like me you simply have to trust me . Frank McCourt of the Dodger

      I hope that somehow they find in sifting through the team’s books and they find that he ( McCourt) broke the law because this mother f_cker ought to now be in jail ! He’s acting as if he’s the victim when it’s absolutely clear that he’s not but more the perpetrator of a larcenous act .

      tophatal ………………


  9. OK, so the Dodgers do represent a perfect example of what’s happening to our country



    1. Ravenation LLC. / Meehan

      It’s a complete microcosm because idiots like Selig , MLB players , their union and the MLB owners are corrupt bastards along with elements of the LA city council ! You have Villaraigosa who’s so inept as a politician regaling the residents there with the fact he wants an NFL franchise within the city but yet there are over 8,000 homeless military vets on the streets not getting any assistance whatsoever either from the VA or much less the state’s own Veteran Affairs Dept . The city itself has a massive budget deficit to overcome but yet they’re carrying as if everything there is so vibrant when in reality nothing could be further from the truth ! .

      The Dodgers are a fucking mess and that’s down to the entire MLB hierarchy and the Dodgers’ front office lost sight of what the game is about and instead they’ve become totally corrupt without any integrity whatsoever , much like the rest of sports in general !

      It’s time the whole state and baseball wake up to a dose of reality and stop acting as if they’re in paradise .

      tophatal …………..


    2. Ravenation LLC/ Meehan

      So by your own estimation what is it that the US has best to offer the world ? Its military might ? Its economic know and how prowess in those endeavors ? Anything else ? Let me know when there’s something the rest of the world actually now covets at this moment in time !

      tophatal ………..


  10. Out here in SoCal it’s either McCourt or the Lakers on sports talk radio. That’s it. I’m with the Chump. Until there is a resolution I just switch the station whenever McCourt’s name comes up. What he and his wife Jamie did was absolutely shameless and it’s only a matter of time before they are gone for gone.

    By the way, your post could have used some Sonia Vergara. (the last two pictures of SV that you put up were positively sublime)


  11. WW

    Why do you think it is that I left Fox’s lame ass blog site ? Do I care ? Hell no !

    They’ve about as much business acumen as a wet paper bag stuck between a female menstruating for the very first time ! They bought Myspace for $500 million plus sold it for a mere $35 million ? Wow that’s the sort of business acumen that everyone might aspire to follow ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!


    1. Drew

      As insightful as Nate Silver’s column may well be he failed to go in depth as to deferring of a teams’ tax liabilities . I’m more inclined to believe that the fact more than half of the teams are struggling to make money or why else would Stern make it possible for teams over the past two years to be aided to the tune of over $500 million and in the last decade alone the NBA’s teams have borrowed in excess of $2 billion for various expenses ? Somehow I think that this all has to do with there being figures placed out there by the NBA for Forbes’ own consumption of piece rather than a noted publication magazine doing an in depth investigation into the finances of the NBA and its teams .

      To me this is a mess of the league’s own making rather than it being about a downturn in the economy . It’s the same with the NFL , MLB and with the NHL .


      Get your swerve on with Rosie Huntington Whitely or Katie Price aka Jordan .

      Katie Price

      And as much as I know you think Sofia rocks well here’s more of the Colombian Latina .

      Sofia naked . Wrap your grill around that beauty .

      Have you checked out Vida Guerra by the way ?

      tophatal …………..


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