Struggling for the truth or what we perceive to be the truth. Are you not amused?

Struggling for the truth or what we perceive to be the truth .Are you not amused?

In spite of the latest outrage in baseball it is plain to see that the average baseball fan as simply been blasé` as it relates to the use of PEDs within sports . They take umbrage at that , show their disdain, but yet when twenty- four lives are tragically taken in an act of violence perpetrated by a cold-blooded monster . Instead of outrage , we have the idiocy of politicians stating that the government is seeking tread on the rights of the individual , as well as their Second Amendment Rights. What I would like to know is , since when where the rights of twenty-four children all aged under ten less pertinent than that of anyone , much less the damn idiot who seemingly gunned them down in a school classroom and in the hallway of an educational establishment in New-town, Connecticut ? Yet, this is the sort of apathy, that the nation is confronted with , as it repeatedly goes from one damn crisis to the next . And repeatedly those incidents are either self-inflicted or one where no due diligence has been used .


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MLB`s hierarchy is now off on another idiotic attempt to go after a group of twenty or more players , after evidence purportedly shows that these players knowingly bought banned substances for their own personal use . My bone of contention as always, during Bud Selig`s farcical reign as commissioner , has been his wanton ignorance and stupidity . Placed in a position of power, simply as a lap dog for these idiotic MLB team owners , Selig has been richly rewarded to the tune of $25 million in annual compensation in 2012 , without having left a real indelible mark on the game, in terms of progress . And for the lame brained fans out there, who seek to use the introduction of the wildcard as a plausible instance , take note that its introduction was simply done as a way of adding an extra revenue pie slice , to what is now an already diminishing brand, by way of its falling viewership on television . With that in mind, all of the criticism now being leveled at Anthony Bosch and his company Biogenesis , while warranted . Let us not forget , those leveling much of that criticism, were the same damn idiots trying to paint Victor Conte and BALCO , as simply being a company meeting situation of supply and demand . How quickly, one seems to forget the BALCO Affair and the names associated and embroiled in that drama , as it unfolded.

Among the players now named in this latest edition of the “Spanish Inquisition“ , Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun are the most prominent names mentioned , along with Melky Cabrera and New York Yankees` catcher Francisco Cervelli . The fact that the US Justice Department along with MLB are part of this ongoing investigation cannot be stressed enough, and wherein the league itself in spite of the insistence that it now has the toughest guidelines. as to its testing protocols. It has now become abundantly clear that Bud Selig and Major League Baseball are no closer to catching the cheaters and punishing them with impunity, than a child would be in grasping a rainbow . Consider the fact that in the last thirty months, in excess of 185 players within the game have tested positive at all levels within the game for a banned substance , with the majority of the players being caught , are playing at the Minor League Level . If it is now widespread at the lower levels within baseball, then one can now see that the malignancy of cheating within the game , is now more widespread than even baseball , the public and the odious members of the press would care to acknowledge .

Personally , I find the idiocy of Bud Selig and is own demeanor in all of this , as being one of the primary reasons baseball is now playing catch-up in this whole asinine spectacle ! And it has become abundantly clear that with no disapproving voice from any major team owner , much less a prominent player within the game , current or former . It begs the question why this outrage , after all of te damn apathy , when the fans were simply exalting the feats of Barry Bonds , Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire ? Are they that naive and that damn asinine ? Furthermore , asking for accountability from anyone within te game , most of from Bud Selig , is akin to asking Sarah Palin er preference on whom she would like to see as the current occupant , residing in the White House . Palin, herself , is simply devoid of intelligence as are the most prominent members of baseball`s hierarchy along with the vast majority of team owners !

The sport of baseball either cannot police itself or it simply chooses not to, unless there happens to be some sort of public outrage , which at best, is simply laughable, if not minimal . And let us not forget, that there has been the complete apathy of the fans and their ongoing damn stupidity. This country as it is has a fucking pandemic in terms of an ongoing drug problem, without idiots , professing the fact that they simply don`t care what the players are using or taking , just as long as they are entertained by their feats of allegedly gargantuan and Herculean efforts on a baseball diamond. Well if that is the case, then why stop dope dealers from pedaling their narcotics outside schools , because if the claims are to be believed . Wouldn’t those kids also profit from the use of meth-amphetamines as well crack cocaine or anabolic steroids? This once again shows the damn stupidity and naiveté of the public at large and their simple ongoing apathy.

Bud Selig and the members of the league hierarchy will now be left with number of far-reaching decisions by way of the length of any suspension to be rendered , the possible fallout from this all , and the very fact that the MLBPA (Players` Union) have already stressed that they will seek to protect the rights of their members and defer any penalties that they believe to be draconian , by taking legal recourse . So let`s get this straight , the players union, who fought tooth and nail against any type of testing , only to acquiesce to MLB , in order obtain financial concessions from the league hierarchy in their last collective bargaining agreement , will once again seek to returning to its ways of old ? So from a dick-head in their former leader , Donald Fehr , they have now turned over the reins of leadership to an even bigger fu#king dick- head in Michael Weiner ? Same old baseball, where things may look as if they have changed , when in fact , they have not ! Leading the charge as always, are the players , owners and Bud Selig, who if anything, are simply too fu#king stupid for their own good.

If the Justice Department is now being called upon to prosecute with impunity of this latest idiocy within baseball. Then I for one, would like to see how they will seek to go about, in presenting the public`s case against the defendants . Well, it is not as if Eric Holders` office has really shown a propensity to truly go after a criminal or criminals in the true sense of the word . Plea agreements , in order to insure the incarceration of a defendant in what the majority of the time tends to be something of farce, as the prosecution to pad their statistics with that long sought victory. The US Attorney General is now trying to fend off calls for is removal from office , as the nation`s highest-ranking law enforcement officer . Questions have arisen not only about Eric Holder`s conduct in office , but also the fact that he has lied to Congress repeatedly, while being questioned by a congressional committee . All of this, while he is being protected, by his bumbling and selfless Commander-In-Chief, Barack Obama . Truly , a delight and sight , in watching these two buffoons run rings around Congress , while trampling upon on the rights of the electorate as well trying redefine what the US Constitution and Bill of Rights is said to represent .

It has truly been a delight this season to watch the respective seasons of the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Mets continue to spiral out of control. For managers Don Mattingly and Terry Collins , this may well be the very last chance they will be given to prove themselves in their current positions. . Collins` Mets are simply bereft of talent and real leadership from anyone on the team`s roster and that includes the much heralded David Wright , who to my mind is simply overrated , and an individual who is playing on a goddamn awful team . I was once told by a patron of this site that this team is just a few meaningful pieces from being a legitimate contender within the NL (National League) . Based upon what I have seen from the players this season , they are as far off from being a contender as it would be desirable to witness Rosie O`Donnell participating in a sex scene for a pornographic movie . I would preface this by saying , it is not very often that you see a Mets` fan trying to show a modicum of intelligence , if any at all ! Suffice to say , finding a New York Mets` fan with an IQ above 100 , is akin to suggesting that you have never heard a member of Congress utter something stupid on air a sound bite , during an interview .

Mattingly`s position with Los Angeles, remains just as dire , and in having a star-studded team , even if it , has been felled by a litany of injuries . No excuses can be made for the Dodgers` poor showing throughout much of the season . . It is hard to offer an explanation how the Los Angeles Dodgers might extricate themselves from such a mess . Especially in a case, w here GM Ned Colletti , under the auspices of team President Stan Kasten have gone about spending money on this current roster , very much in a way that a drunken sailor on furlough might go about spending money on hookers in the Red Light districts of Amsterdam , or Phuket , Thailand .

The New York Mets currently , sit seven games ahead of the equally abysmal , and last placed Miami Marlins (18-44) , whose front office must now be pondering if the mediocrity shown last season , is about to be revisited once again in 2013. The NL East is likely to become a two –horse race between the Atlanta Braves and Washington Nationals , with both the Marlins and Mets remaining on the outside looking in . And now for Terry Collins` players , now is truly the time for them to prove their worth after hapless start to the season , with the manager not having much faith in any of his front-line players . Coming off an 8-4 home game loss to the Marlins , New York now faces tough three game series against a very good St Louis Cardinals team . And I get the impression , as just like in their previous meetings , this series is likely to be another lopsided affair ! On the mound for Tuesday`s series opener will be Michael Wacha of the Cardinals against the Mets` Jeremy Hefner .

When your team`s payroll is said to be well into six-figures and simply adding to it another $19 million with a high-point of $26 million as part of a six-year deal to a temperamental pitcher , is seen by the ball-club`s owners as a necessity . Then you simply know that , there does not seem to be any rhyme or reasoning behind the Los Angeles Dodgers at present . Lead managing partner , Mark Walter , along with Todd S Boehly and Magic Johnson , have categorically stated, that their intent is to win at whatever the cost . From a financial standpoint , that will never be an obstruction to the owners` ambitions. But am I beginning to wonder in light of team`s on an off the field issues this season , is any of their apparent logic , all that sound ? For Zack Greinke , he must surely have believed that Christmas has come early in 2013 .

At 27-35 , firmly rooted at the bottom of the NL West standings , it would be fair to suggest that the Dodgers are present are far from being a team that could be looked upon as a cohesive unit . Their pitching has become atrocious and the offense could be, best described as being anemic . Mattingly and hitting coach , Mark McGwire have been unable to stem the tide of ineptitude shown by the Dodgers` bats , one through nine . All pleasantries asides , if the Dodgers are not able to mount any type of an assault on this season before the All Star Break , then they might as well curtail any thoughts they might have towards a playoff berth as an NL representative this postseason .

An upcoming three-game series against the Arizona Diamondbacks , starting today , should give us enough of an indicator as to whether or not this Dodgers` team has enough of what it takes to derail the ambitions of a divisional rival who has been one of the surprise teams among the National League this season .



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Of the salient points within this piece , what if anything do you agree with or disagree with ? State your reasons, and whatever else you believe is pertinent to the subject matter in question . Thanks as always for the continued support of this site , as it is greatly appreciated !

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(1) New York Mets` manager , Terry Collins and his staff are having a disastrous sojourn during the 2013 season with no respite in sight . GM Sandy Alderson may well be forced to relieve Collins of is managerial duties by season`s end. AP Photo / Mark Gilchrist …

(2) Storm clouds ahead for bot Dodgers` manager Don Mattingly , left, and hitting instructor Mark McGwire , as the Dodgers find themselves in last place within the NL West and far off the pace in terms of an NL wildcard berth . Getty Images North America/ Paul Randall ……

(3) MLB Commissioner Bud Selig is seen here with baseball Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson at an MLB game played at Yankees Stadium . The commissioner seems to be nonplussed by the fact tat another steroid scandal has once again caught the MLB hierarchy asleep at the wheel . NY Daily News /AP Photo/ Mark Puig ….

(4) Attorney General Eric Holder is questioned about the Justice Department secretly obtaining two months of telephone records of reporters and editors for The Associated Press, during a news conference at the Justice Department in Washington, Tuesday, May 14, 2013. In what the news cooperative’s top executive called a “massive and unprecedented intrusion,” the Justice Department monitored outgoing calls for the work and personal phone numbers of individual reporters, for general AP office numbers in New York, Washington and Hartford, Conn., and for the main number for the AP in the House of Representatives press gallery, according to attorneys for the AP. There have been calls made by Democrats as well as Republicans for older to be removed from his position as the nation`s highest ranking law enforcement official . The Justice Department will also ave to come to a decision as whether or not to prosecute Antony Bosch , founder of the Miami based supplements` company Biogenesis . Bosch has been arraigned and indicted but as part of a plea agreement , he has supplied the Justice Department and the MLB hierarchy with a list of names of players he supplied with anabolic steroids as well as other banned substances . And though we are led to believe that only twenty four players are said to be involved in this latest scandal , Bosch insists that this all runs deeper and that there are at least dozens of other MLB stars embroiled in this scandal , many whose names have not been made public . AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite …..

(5) Pedro Gomez , left of ESPN is seen here conducting an interview with Anthony Bosch , founder of the Miami based supplements` company Biogenesis , center of the latest scandal that as embroiled the game of baseball and which has shown the league hierarchy to be completely incompetent and devoid of intelligence . Courtesy of ESPN all rights reserved copyrighted material …



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An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

15 thoughts on “Struggling for the truth or what we perceive to be the truth. Are you not amused?”

  1. “ I have never stuck anyone with a needle who hasn`t deserved being stuck in the ass or arm with a needle “ . Victor Conte of BALCO fame .

    Did the San Francisco Giants ever have a bobble head night for Barry Bonds during his career with the ball-club ?

    The only things that Marion Jones liked being stuck inside of her , were needles and a d##k . Rumors however, would suggest that she never had an oral fixation for a needle , but she loved to suck a d##k . Now disgraced track & field star Marion Jones

    A Rod , dude you look so gay . Butter wouldn`t melt in his mouth, but a d##k ,would .

    tophatal ………..


  2. Given the idiocy and incompetency that now exists within baseball , it is likely that Bud Selig is likely to replaced by another of the buffoons currently making the MLB league hierarchy . And it is likely that the lame ass team owners will actually vote for another of their anally retentive butt-kissing morons to succeed the incumbent commissioner .

    “Herpes is not one of the banned substances on the WADA`s list of banned substances worldwide . And no we have no plans to expand baseball beyond Guadlajara Mexico and place a franchise there “

    MLB Commissioner Bud Selig

    tophatal ………………….


  3. One of the surprising things about PED’s is that some of the athletes being caught would still be amongst the best at what they do without using PED’s. Marion Jones still would have been the fastest woman in the world without them. It boggles the mind.


    1. Maurice Barksdale

      You fail to realize that the US plays by its own set of rules when it comes to sports , and is critical of others on a number of issues when they haven`t even got the goddam common sense to do what it is ethically or morally right on issues such as this and obviously socioeconomic issues as well .

      As for Marion Jones and her act of contrition , well that was a frigging joke from the get-go . She sought the public`s empathy and sympathy only because she felt it would soften her image and what the public in general thought of her dumb ass . Thankfully , we hopefully will never have to hear from her ass again . She made a mockery of her sport and of the young girls who looked up to her as a role model , and that to my mind is unforgivable .

      “Once a cheat , always a cheat . Don’t ever forget that ”

      Ben Johnson

      I know that they say ….. “everyone makes mistakes ” . But it was no mistake on her part or that of former track star , Ben Johnson , as it was an actual act of their own volition , done out of greed . Yet frigging bleeding hearts out there were of the opinion they deserved a second chance . Johnson took his second and third chances , and was found to have cheated repeatedly , once having been reinstated .

      “I’m really too pretty to go to jail , so please give me one more chance ” ? Marion Jones

      Jones beyond her cheating with PED`s , it should be noted , that was also involved in grand larceny as part of a check kiting squad that racked hundreds of thousands of dollars across the United States . Somehow all of this seems to have been forgotten .

      tophatal ………


    1. Maurice Barksdale

      Bud Selig
      is unlikely to have the final say on any suspension in spite of the CBA (collective bargaining agreement) with the MLBPA (players’ union) who still carry a great deal of weight within the game . So much so , that the league hierarchy and the owners , are and will be unable to to stop them . So any talk of a fifty game suspension is likely to be met with a legal challenge by Michael Weiner and his union members , if they are of the opinion , that the league is overstepping their mark without any real evidence .

      Personally , at the start of this all , I found the Justice Department and Eric Holder`s office to be bunch of frigging buffoons along with Bud Selig and the baseball hierarchy .

      Michael Weiner , Executive Director of the MLBPA (Players’ Union)

      This all could end up in the courts at the Federal Level if the union seeks to challenge the veracity of the claims and charges likely to be stated by MLB , as Selig and his dumb ass , looks to save face .

      If baseball can`t even deter players at the Minor League Level then what makes anyone believe that they can deter players at the Major League Baseball level from taking any of the so-called banned substances ? Haven`t any of these lame ass fans out there began to realize that as of yet ?

      tophatal ………………

      tophatal ……………


  4. Ahyes, Bud has got to go….but since the owners are only about winning………legally or at any cost……. Personally I don’t giv a crap……all pro sports have the users and others who don’t.
    How long did Bonds get away with it while the bosses looked the other way????


    1. al clements

      Bud Selig represents everything that is bad about the game of baseball and it is now so asinine for fans calling out for what they would like to see . When in reality the fans have never been anywhere intelligent enough to realize that the union has the league hierarchy bent over a barrel while they are actually sodomizing their goddamn ass and that of the fans as well .

      The vast majority of baseball fans are simply not bright or intelligent enough to realize that at all . And as for the idiot on air game analysts , they are as much to blame for this debacle , with their frigging silence , just as much as the players who have actually been caught cheating .

      tophatal ……………


    1. Sam`s Sports Brief

      Ryan Braun remains a pompous and conceited @ss . And the blame for that lies with the baseball hierarchy , the players union and team owners . All of the parties concerned , have never shown the slightest propensity or interest in cleaning up the image of the sport just like the baseball upper echelons remained so ingrained and intransigent , when it came to desegregating the sport . Fans and the baseball historians would rather overlook that very fact and paint a rosy picture about the game`s all so tarnished history .

      topatal …………


  5. Take a poll, Al. There’s not a single fan who really cares whether athletes take drugs anymore. We’ve all been beaten to submission with the story.

    Major League Baseball has now officially screwed up twice, first by pretending it didn’t know was going on with Bonds/McGwire/Sosa for the sake of self-promotion, then by acting all self-righteous years later by blasting the ones who dug the sport of the dregs and leaving them out of the Hall.


    1. Chris

      You don`t believe the fans care ? Some actually do , while the others who don`t, are simply either dumb or apathetic ! Let me pose this question , were you a parent of a child wo is already athletically gifted , and he or she came to you, asking to do steroids because their hero used it to get ahead . Would you give your child your blessing to go ahead and take steroids or any other banned substance knowing the long-term health issues and dangers ? Answer honestly , rather than coming up with a way to defray with an atypical response .

      tophatal ………………


    2. Chris

      Baseball has been a screw up , long before and after the racial integration of the sport . So let`s get something straight , over the years , about the only thing that has really changed , has been the absolute growth in the lack of intelligence shown by the commissioners , league hierarchy , players , team owners and the union . Let`s not continue to place baseball on a pedestal , as if it is sacrosanct and without ongoing issues , much like many of these MLB analysts , former players and baseball historians have done down the years .

      The only thing might exceed the stupidity being shown by baseball`s inner circle , remains the damn apathy and lack of intelligence of the vast majority of the fans !

      Finally , how much credence do you put into , by anything that the BBWAA (Baseball Writers Association of America adjudicators for Hall of Fame Inductees) have to say ? They are a a bunch of self-serving pious morons to begin with !

      tophatal ………………


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