A year in review , I think not !

A year in review, I think not!

This tends to be the time of year, where we tend to reflect upon the events of the outgoing three-hundred and sixty-five days. In sports, like any other , there too, fans and analysts alike will tend to dissect and reflect upon what is said to be their favorite moments of the 2013. From a personal standpoint, I believe that there were a number of highlights , but none that would simply have me jumping out of my seat and suggest that they were simply fantastic feats of excellence . As a once proud and avid boxing fan, well let’s just say it was another year of simple fatigue and neurosis for a sport now dying on its feet .

Floyd Mayweather still rules the roost as the best boxer on the planet , while his best adversary Manny Pacquiao made a comeback of sorts in claiming a title that does nothing for the legitimacy of a fighter who remains on a downward slide . Far be it for me to suggest that Pacquiao and his handlers are avoiding Floyd Mayweather , but a proposed mega-fight between these two long-time adversaries , no longer elicits the excitement that it would have perhaps two or three years ago . Pacquiao’s manager Bob Arum still believes that a fight can be made , but had he not spent a great deal of his time haranguing Mayweather and the boxer’s main representative Leonard Ellerbe , then perhaps a fight of this magnitude would have definitely happened a long time ago.


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If dinosaurs were still alive today, then I believe that they would be truly represented by the Neanderthals , who now are part of the heavyweight scene of boxing ! The Klitschko brothers for the past eight years have fought no one of anyone of any real consequence while padding their statistics with their numerous title defenses of the heavyweight title . To suggest that Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko , are now the two best boxers within the division, is truly an affront to the sport and it denigrates the achievements of champions past , when boxing historians are now trying to suggest that the Ukrainian siblings are the most dominant fighters to have come along in the sport of boxing over the past decade. Somehow, these individuals, are either viewing the division through rose-colored glasses or indeed the stature of heavyweights within boxing, is extremely dire . It may well be both, but I can assure of this, if Mike Tyson were to make comeback and get himself into shape , that was part of his preeminent reign , early in his career. He would have, clearly carved up this division and provided us with an undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. Instead, it has been the Klitschko’s refusal to meet each other in the ring, that clearly sets not only the sport back , but also from the division from now being taken seriously .

As to the other notable events within boxing that are said to have taken place , if you simply have no recognition of many of the fighters now afforded championship status , why would anyone seek to take an interest ?

The Miami Heat strolled their way to a second consecutive NBA title , albeit , that in the 2013 NBA Finals , they were pushed to the limits by the San Antonio Spurs . Miami Heat player LeBron James proved beyond a reasonable doubt , why he is now arguably the best player in the NBA , leaving little else to the imagination with his spectacular play during those Finals. The four-time League MVP and reigning two-time reigning Finals’ MVP has definitely cemented his legacy , as he now seeks to add a third consecutive title for the franchise , and the Heat’s fourth overall .

Now while the Miami Heat may well seem to be laboring this season , do not be fooled into thinking that although with a revamped roster . The appetite of the players has lessened, as they seek to place themselves amongst a very select fraternity. Erik Spoelstra , his coaching staff and the front office , led by team President Pat Riley have a singular purpose in mind this season , and that is to make a successful defense of their title.

The Eastern Conference of the NBA this season has become an eyesore , for the most ardent of fans as the teams there , just seem to be going through the motions, without showing actual competitiveness or signs of real life . At present, only three of the top eight franchises , actually possess a winning record within the conference , and in all likelihood , we are likely to quite possibly see five of the eight occupants for the upcoming NBA Playoffs with conference records that will be, sub 500 . If that is not a sad indictment of the NBA brand at present , then the league hierarchy led by NBA Commissioner David Stern , has to offer the fans a succinct explanation for the league’s travails this season . Fans may well be willing to part with their hard-earned disposable income, but at what cost to their own allegiance to their teams, when the play has been so abhorrent.

Injuries, will continue to plague any team sport and rob it at times , of their marquee stars. Nowhere has this become more relevant or prevalent, than with the misfortunes of Chicago Bulls’ point guard Derrick Rose , who for the second time inside of eighteen months, has been lost to the league for an indeterminate period , through no fault of his own , as he once again succumbs to a career threatening injury. Chicago for its part , has continued on without the star , while posting some impressive wins , with coach Tom Thibodeau , now asking more of his players than ever before. As to whether or not the team can keep up their momentum over the course of the season remains to be seen .

Continuing to labor, under the belief, that they remain credible challengers to the Miami Heat and the high-flying Indiana Pacers . This season, if nothing else, the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks have provided their fans with a bellyful of comedic drama and quite actually, some horrendous play. With a combined record of eighteen and thirty-eight (9-19 apiece) , it is easy to understand why some are calling for the heads of Jason Kidd and Mike Woodson , respectively. Only the , actual ineptitude of Mike Shanahan and his handling of the playing staff of the Washington Redskins , might be considered a worst performing coaching experience than of any coach of the four major professional teams sports over the course of this or last season. Granted , Bo Porter and the managerial staff of the Houston Astros have been a testament to ineptitude over the past two seasons . Yes, it’s the Astros and we simply cannot expect any-less from baseball’s worst franchise over time span in question.

James Dolan and Mikhail Prokhorov , as the respective owners of the franchises in question , may well feel it appropriate to make a combined payroll outlay exceeding $200 million , to see an outpouring of such banality , fitting enough to make a child suffering from a stomach ailment , feel even worse than they already happen to be .

In the Western Conference last season’s conference champions the San Antonio Spurs are gently plodding along , as if they have not skipped a beat in terms of their form of last year. Gregg Popovich and his coaching staff still have the triumvirate of Tim Duncan , Manu Ginobli and Tony Parker to work with , along with the rising star of Danny Green , who last season proved himself to be a budding accomplice to the renowned trio. This season, it is hoped, that Green’s maturity, along with that of the team in general, will lift them over the hump and on to a fifth NBA title. Meanwhile, the rest of the West, saw the arrival of Doc Rivers as the new head coach of the Los Angeles Clippers , while what appears to be the angst of the Los Angeles Lakers still taking a turn for the worst, with Mike D’Antoni still unable to get the best out of what in actuality is a poorly assembled roster . With Kobe Bryant having only appeared in six games all year this season for the Lakers, it is hard to imagine how the team can fare without him and his leadership abilities. Lakers’ fans merely speak in hyperbole and cannot point to another player on the roster capable of leading the team in the player’s absence , such is their real lack of intelligence on the issue .

With Rivers’ arrival in Los Angeles to coach a team led by point guard Chris Paul , the question now being asked , is whether or not the coach can corral the talent on the roster and get these players playing as a cohesive unit on both ends of the floor . Vinny Del Negro tried as hard as he did to achieve that last season, but it was clear that the players felt it only necessary to show their prowess on offense and simply forget about defense altogether . Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan , will certainly, have to prove their worth in that, very aspect of the game if the Clippers are to have any real chance during the postseason , should they actually make it that far. With the only other real stories of any relevance within the conference , might just be the ascent of the Portland Trailblazers under head coach Terry Stotts this season and the growing signs that Damian Lillard is very much the player that many presumed him to be . Also back into the mix are the Oklahoma City Thunder , where the league’s top offensive duo of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are now making it a statisticians’ nightmare in trying to keep up with their combined offensive and defensive prowess. It is now fair to say , that there seems to be a new ” pecking order “ within the Western Conference , with once perennial Lakers now taking a back seat to teams with more athleticism and coaching ingenuity.

No matter how much anyone tries to spin it and this continued idiotic insistence in using the idiom, that there is such a thing as parity in the NFL . The fact of the matter is , the only reality has been that there are some good teams , mediocre teams , extremely inept coaching and no real dearth of talent at some of the more notable positions . For the protagonists, still trying to use parity to make their claims, and then please feel free to make your case. Otherwise , simply shut the hell up and look at the facts as they are being displayed right in front of your very eyes. Last season in the league , the Baltimore Ravens simply got into a rhythm a of consistency that brought them the Superbowl and laid the foundation for Joe Flacco to be given an exorbitant contract that he has failed to live up to this year , beyond his own lack of consistency , but failure to step up to the plate as a leader of this team .

In 2013, the Ravens have certainly regressed , but such has been the banality of the play , that the team still remains remotely in the hunt for a playoff berth , even with an 8-7 record within the AFC . Baltimore faces a sizable task on Sunday afternoon, when they face their divisional rivals and leaders of the AFC North , the Cincinnati Bengals in the final game of the season for both teams as the regular season comes to a finale. A win is imperative for John Harbaugh and the team if they are to have any chance of making the playoffs along with the failures and at the expense of the Miami Dolphins , Kansas City Chiefs and San Diego Chargers , if they are to assure themselves of a playoff berth.

The AFC as a conference , has now come down to which opponent, is capable of stopping the offensive juggernaut of the Denver Broncos and the record-breaking season of Peyton Manning , who now seems on course to win an unprecedented fifth league MVP Award , barring the downright stupidity of the voters. No other NFL player this season has remotely come close to putting up the type of statistics , much less show the consistency of Manning, as he and the Broncos have simply laid waste to the rest of the NFL over the course of the season . Nick Foles remains a nice feel-good story for the Philadelphia Eagles and their fans , but is anyone truly ready to trust that defense much less the coaching ability of Chip Kelly at this juncture ? Especially in light of what has been a downright pathetic showing within the NFC East by all four occupants of the division over the course of their respective schedules . The Seattle Seahawks for their part , while proving to be very effective , because of the progression of Russell Wilson and the undoubted ability and tenacity of Richard Sherman. Yet, the conference itself, the NFC remains a pick ‘em , as to who the outright conference champion is likely to be amongst the top four contenders . You simply cannot discount the Carolina Panthers and the coaching acumen shown by Ron Rivera , while Cam Newton has regained the type of form shown during his rookie season , while becoming a better all-round player and the apparent leader on that Panthers’ team . It is simply amazing what winning can do in changing a player’s attitude and mindset along with showing a great deal more maturity. Those traits have been evident with the Panthers’ quarterback , all season long. The Panthers will seek to not only close out their season with a win against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday , but also secure themselves their first divisional title since 2008 , when they won the NFC South quite handily over their closest rivals that season the Atlanta Falcons .

I do not believe that there was a great deal to be learned from this past baseball season , other than the fact that the owners still remain clueless , general managers are overpaid and work nowhere near hard enough some would have us believe . As to the players themselves , well let’s just say they remain in denial are poor examples as human beings as well as role as being, a role-model for the young . The entire playing fraternity’s stance on the use of banned substances within their sport remains a joke with not one noted player willing to step into the fray or up to the plate to address the issue of PED’s (performance enhancing drugs) within baseball . And yes , that does include the likes of Derek Jeter , Mike Trout , Albert Pujols , Miguel Cabrera , Mariano Rivera , Yasiel Puig .

When you have a union (MLBPA) that simply remains disingenuous alongside a league hierarchy made up middle-aged individuals who are not quite aware that we now are in the twenty-first century and that the sport has evolved . Then you simply can no longer take the game seriously on its merits , let alone point to any real positive strides that have been made. As to the purists falling in line , with the idiocy of the introduction the use of cameras for instant replay. If you are dumb enough to believe that to be the most important issue within the game , then simply bury your head in the sand or preferably in a bucket of dog crap and smell the odor emanating there , because it is simply no different from the bull#hit being served up from the MLB Commissioner Bud Selig during his entire tenure.

The season did not play out as planned for teams such as the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers , two teams with the highest payrolls in baseball , with a combined outlay exceeding $425 million , with several of their players being amongst the highest paid in the game. For managers Joe Girardi and Don Mattingly , their task was at a minimum, to guide both teams deep into the postseason . Anything less, had to be viewed as a major disappointment for both ball-clubs as well as their respective fans who are among the most rabid in all baseball , if not professional team sports. While those teams faltered , the storyline for much of the season was simply about whether or not the Pittsburgh Pirates could hold sway and make a successful attempt in gaining their first playoff berth in two decades. Granted, Yasiel Puig and the Dodgers did provide the fans in general with a fifty-game stretch , where the team went a 42-8 , a run that essentially made the NL West a foregone conclusion before the end of the season.

John Farrell and his managerial staff worked a major miracle, in taking a last placed team from 2012, and simply turning the Boston Red Sox into a championship caliber talent in 2013. GM Ben Cherington , felt it prudent enough to simply jettison a number of big name and highly paid stars , in order to make the roster a great deal more competitive. Contributions came from all round, as the improbable, became possible and the memory of Bobby Valentine’s year of incompetency , seem a distant memory from the past . Having won the AL East with considerable ease , the Red Sox were up to the challenge of the postseason , as they swept through the ALDS , ALCS and the World Series , without simply skipping a beat . Their opponents in the postseason finale, the St Louis Cardinals gave a bold effort , but they were found wanting in so many ways . Boston’s triumph in that series, was the ball-club’s third title in the past eight years and their eighth overall.

As to baseball’s individual prizes for 2013, there were no major surprises overall, as the most worthy individuals won the awards in question.

With the steady decline of boxing, the sport of MMA has come within focus for the public, while leaving the more renowned pugilistic sport in its wake, as the rise of the UFC , has guided mixed-martial arts to the forefront of combat sports. UFC President Dana White , Frank Fertitta and Lorenzo Fertitta the co-founders of the sport’s sanctioning body , have built the genre into a multi-billion dollar commercial behemoth . . The fighters within MMA have in many cases become household names and there is now a global presence not only with UFC affiliates but also amongst the practitioners , male and female , who have come from around the globe to make a name for themselves.

At the forefront of this ascent of MMA in recent years , have been Georges St Pierre, Jon Jones , Demetrius Johnson , Jose Aldo , Anthony Pettis , Cain Velasquez , Anderson Silva and the most notable female fighter Ronda Rousey , who now represents the female face of MMA.


Anderson Silva holds his fractured right leg having suffered the injury in his rematch against UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman on Saturday night in their title contest . UFC Inc/Zuffa LLC

Of the most anticipated bouts on the UCF’s schedule during 2013, was the highly anticipated middleweight title defense of MMA’s most successful fighter Anderson Silva , who happened to be making a record twelfth defense of his championship belt . His challenger, at the time, was the well-rounded former college wrestler Chris Weidman . What took place at UFC 162 is perhaps the biggest upset in MMA history , as the challenger wrestled away the belt from the champion with a ferocious knockdown and then knockout that was heard around the world and shook up the middleweight division . Their highly anticipated rematch at UFC 168 , would also end up with an equally surprising outcome , with the former champion being forced to retire , having suffered a leg injury . Referee Herb Dean immediately stopped the fight in the second round of the five round title bout, realizing the gravity of Silva’s leg injury (broken right fibula) and Weidman was declared the winner , with a successful first defense of his title, improving his record to 11-0 . Anderson Silva’s future now seems unclear, but the future Hall of Fame inductee is assured of one thing , his legacy has certainly helped the sport to gain worldwide respect as well heightening the fact that the Brazilian jujitsu art form is amongst the most successful fighting forms , in mixed martial arts as well as all forms of combat sports .


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In what has been a highly eventful year in the world of sports in part two of this look at the sports’ calendar. I will address my thoughts on the College Basketball and College Football seasons and what the fans were afforded during 2013. Yet, do take time to provide me with your own analysis of the sports’ year , as you have viewed it overall.


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(1) Floyd Mayweather ,right , on his way to a twelve round majority decision over Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez this year . The fight was even more controversial than necessary , because of the incompetency of the judging by one ringside official , Cynthia CJ Ross , who actually scored the fight a draw , after Mayweather overwhelmed his opponent throughout the entire twelve round contest , held at the MGM Grand Casino & Resort Complex in Las Vegas , Nevada,. AP Photo / Benny Thompson …

(2) Bob Arum , Chairman & CEO of Top Rank Inc , is seen here with Filipino fighter Manny Pacquiao . The boxer recently suffered a number of untimely losses that has now placed in an unenviable position . Any proposed mega-bout between he and Floyd Mayweather now seems unlikely , even with the renowned ‘clout’ of Pacquiao’s promoter . The animus that there remains between the two opposing camps remains as deep as ever in spite of Arum’s insistence that he and Leonard Ellerbe remain in close contact , seeking to make a deal , for a a proposed bout . Getty Images / Tom Rowan …….

(3) LeBron James of the Miami Heat is seen here on the sidelines with the team’s head coach Erik Spoelstra during a game . The Heat are seeking to win a third consecutive NBA title this season , with the only obstacle likely to be in their way , are the players’ own complacency . Miami Herald /AP Photo / Alberto Ramos ….

(4) Mikhail Prokhorov , owner of the Brooklyn Nets is seen here inside the franchise’s cavernous venue the Barclays Center , in Brooklyn , New York . This season, the Nets have simply underperformed , while having amongst the NBA’s highest paid salaried team payroll , with a crop of aging players in Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry . Fans may well feel it plausible that the team can still make a run at gaining a postseason berth within the Eastern Conference , given the dire state of play within all three divisions as well as the conference , itself . That belief however , may well be only viewed with any reality by the front office and the Nets’ fans and players , themselves . NY Daily News /AP Photo / Mark Brown ….

(5) Los Angeles Clippers’ point guard Chris Paul is seen here with team head coach Doc Rivers as they discuss a play during the interval of a game played at the Staples Center in Los Angeles , California . Off to a good start within the Pacific Division of the Western Conference , fans and the players are hoping for the team to make a deep run in this season’s playoffs. The Clippers who share their venue with their more famous residents the Los Angeles Lakers , who are laboring at present without their All Star guard Kobe Bryant , with their being calls for changes in the coaching and roster makeup . As the Clippers’ ascent seems to be more assured , for the Lakers , their days ahead seem very uncertain , albeit that Bryant signed a two-year $48.5 million deal with the franchise. LA Time/AP Photo / Hector Munoz ….

(6) Joe Flacco (5) of the Baltimore Ravens answers questions from the media during Super Bowl XLVII Media Day ahead of Super Bowl XLVII at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on January 29, 2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The San Francisco 49ers will take on the Baltimore Ravens on February 3, 2013 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome . The Ravens would go on to defeat San Francisco in a highly contested Superbowl contest . This season for Baltimore , with the retirement of Ray Lewis and the trading of Ed Reed , the team’s season has been one of inconsistency , with the quarterback’s play .. being somewhat erratic , without their being any on-field leadership being provided by Flacco or any of his teammates . A remote chance and shot of making the postseason was simply obliterated on Sunday afternoon with the team’s embarrassing loss to the Cincinnati Bengals . Getty Images North America / Scott Halleran …..

(7) Boston Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington , background , is seen here with manager John Farrell foreground , as the formal announcement was made that Farrell would succeed Bobby Valentine , who was fired at the end of the 2012 season . The newly hired manager would lead the team to the AL East divisional title as well as the ALCS pennant and World Series in his first season as the organization’s manager . In 2014 , with the front office having made several moves to bolster the roster , the Red Sox remain favorites within the division as well as being likely to make a successful defense of their divisional title and ALCS pennant . AP Photo / Alex Reid ….

(8) At UFC 162 then UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva is seen here mocking his challenger Chris Weidman in the first round of their title fight . Weidman would go on to defeat the champion with a devastating knockout in the second round of their bout . On Saturday night at UFC 168 , in their highly anticipated rematch Chris Weidman would prevail once again in the first defense of his title , after the former champion suffered a leg injury that would prohibit him from carrying on in the bout . Referee Herb Dean , had no other option , but to call a halt to the fight . Silva’s future may well remain in doubt , as Weidman now looks to flourish within the middleweight division by making another defense of his title against the number one contender Vitor Belfort . . Courtesy of Foxsports .

(9) UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman , right , looks to avert a leg kick from challenger Anderson Silva during their rematch at UFC 168 , held at the MGM Grand Garden Casino & Hotel Resort in Las Vegas , Nevada . UFC Inc/Zuffa LLC . Copyrighted material all rights reserved …

(10) Referee Herb Dean calls a halt to the UFC middleweight title bout between Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva (lying prostrate) after the challenger suffered a broken right fibula during the bout in the second round . Weidman retained his belt in his rematch against the former champion. UFC Inc / Zuffa LLC …


Anderson Silva holds his fractured right leg having suffered the injury in his rematch against UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman on Saturday night in their title contest . UFC Inc/Zuffa LLC



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43 thoughts on “A year in review , I think not !”

  1. Vladimir and Vitali Klitschko have been the clear ruination of the sport of boxing , with their refusal to fight each other and unify the heavyweight division of boxing . Yet there are morons who insist that the sport remains healthy . Only a frigging a#shole would believe that to be a credible premise !

    Even the lower divisions remain a damn joke , and with the likely retirement of Floyd Mayweather within two years . What will be left for anyone , to actually wish to see ? This sport has become absolutely putrid on all fronts , from the promoting , officiating and the so called title fights themselves . !

    Vladimir ,left & Vitali Klitschko

    Two somewhat freakish losses , in no way demeans Anderson Silva’s career or legacy , but the question now becomes . Can he make a successful return to a division and sport where he has been so dominant over the course of his extraordinary career ? The breaking of his right fibula in his fight against Chris Weidman was as scary as it was accidental !

    tophatal ……………


  2. Well now that the NFL season has come to an end . We have our division winners , and teams for the playoffs decided . All that is left is for the commencement of the postseason. At the culmination of that , if not before , there will be the summary dismissal of several head coaches around the league . Good riddance to absolute crap !

    The Knicks and Nets are still sucking the life blood out of the NBA. Yet , yet intellectually challenged fans are nowhere to be seen or heard from . No surprise there really , given their low IQ’s .

    NBA results Sunday

    NBA standings


    Alexa Loren , covering up something nice .


    I’d love to taste some of her cookies !

    tophatal ………


  3. The MLB season in 2013 will be remembered less for the play , but more so for the continued ineptitude of Bud Selig and his handling of the issue of PED’s and the fact that he simply has no frigging idea what he’s doing , without taking into account the lack of control or action from either the general managers and team owners within the game in addressing the issue. Yet , fans are intent on discussing the idiotic premise instant replay and how .much money are being paid .

    Baseball remains a joke on so many fronts as a spectator sport .

    The St Louis Cardinals were simply nowhere near good enough to take down the Boston Red Sox during the World Series .


  4. Pretty gruesome Silva injury on Saturday night, Al. It’s all anyone in the bar could talk about. And as usual, they weren’t talking about boxing.

    If this year’s NFL taught us anything, it’s that we have a bunch of mediocre teams out there. Even though a down year for the NFL is still better than a good year in any other sports, you’d have to admit there were only a handful of really good teams.

    Although now that twelve have reached the tournament, I guess anything is possible. Here’s to an entertaining playoffs.


    1. Chris Humpherys (@SportsChump)

      The NFL barely has entertaining teams , much less , only a handful of gifted or talented players and that is it . From a coaching standpoint , this season has almost reached an all-time low in terms of mediocrity .

      The NFL postseason should be considerably better , because there is so much at stake .

      The Silva injury at UFC 168 was simply a freak accident , but having been a martial arts’ practitioner , I would not wish that on any competitor .

      tophatal ………..


  5. As football is my chosen sport I will comment mainly on it. To me, it was a lousy season…look at all the losing teams and fired coaches. KC and Denver impressed me this year with a mention of the Panthers. MY Steelers did well to finish 8/8 after a horrendous start….mostly I think from having to play inexperienced/inept personnel. They came close though in several games. It was meant to be that they are home, but if the refs called the penalty on SD during the Field Goal…..?
    Which brings to mind the piss poor officiating across the board….do believe some victories would have been other, had the refs been good enough…..time to make them full-time????
    The other thing that hurts is the salary cap…course they do get paid too damn much. But wish it would be done differently, dunno how but……..remove the salary cap and deep pockets will prevail as it has in other sports……anyone got an answer???


    1. al clements

      I love the fact that so far , six head coaches have been fired , but for the most part , the guys (general managers) who hired them have somehow managed to retain their position ! The NFL no longer exists in the realms of reality .

      This season in the league has simply been diabolical , with coaching , I believe having reached an all-time low. Former Lions’ coach Jim Schwartz was a damn embarrassment , with his statement that the team did well this year . How the hell can that be ?

      Greg Schiano is fired by the Buccaneers , but yet GM Mark Dominik still retains his position , with now two disastrous hires in Schiano and his predecessor Raheem Morris . Any potential hires should now come with a posting and caveat to the applicants ” beware , accepting this position could seriously damage your mental and physical state and well-being” .

      Mike Shanahan’s dismissal , was nothing short of comedic . The fact that Jason Garrett remains the Cowboys’ head coach is nothing short of being miraculous . But then again. it’s Jerry Jones’ house to do with as he pleases , even when the odor emanating from that franchise is far worse than the feces from a herd of wild elephants who have just shat in open land .

      Have a safe and Prosperous New Year and share those very same sentiments with your immediate family , on my behalf !

      tophatal ……….


        1. al clements

          A number of the players that the Steelers have drafted over the past three years just have not panned to be productive enough . One can either seek to blame that on the front office and their misjudgment or the fact that the coaching staff under Mike Tomlin have become very lackluster and somewhat disinterested .

          With all of the firings that took place , Tomlin might well have escaped by the skin of his teeth .

          The firing of Rob Chudzinski in Cleveland was simply asinine and solved nothing whatsoever . The team’s issue lay with the front office and the utter stupidity that has been shown by all of the executives including owner Jimmy Haslam . Haslam by rights , should now be doing time in a federal correctional facility for grand larceny , fraud and theft. Yet consider the fact that Eric Holder and the US Justice Dept remain as incompetent as ever . . The idiots within that agency , could not indict a ham sandwich , were there evidence there, of wrongdoing !

          tophatal ………


      1. Course it is a business, but mebbe those “bad” teams should look to how the Rooney family runs their business…and what about Green Bay…doesn’t the town own in to it?
        What’s killing Pgh is the damn salary cap plus what…23 free agents?


  6. No one expect Philly to win the NFC East. Finish 10-6 NOT ME! I thought 4-12 at best 6-10. More like 4-12. Can the schmucks beat NO Yes! but I am not holding my breath. It would be nice. Seattle is the class of NFC second is the Panthers. San Fran can run the table. Green Bay will try and knock em off their perch. In the AFC Denver and New England are the favorites. The Doncos I mean Broncos have stunk out the joint in the playoffs This could happen again. Watch out for the Colts. San Diego could make a run. These are my guess at this point. The NFL is bad. The product sucks. The football is bad. The fundamentals are horrible. I would love to see my Eagles make it the Super Bowl. This would shock everyone.


    1. bobby gee

      Like I said , all season long the NFC East has been an atrocious division altogether . The one thing that the Eagles have to their advantage is the very fact that offense has a great deal of faith in quarterback Nick Foles . But as I have repeatedly said their defense cannot be trusted to play hard , much less protect a lead .

      The wildcard round game between the Colts and Chiefs could come down to which team has the appetite to grind out the win , should it come down to being a highly competitive contest .

      Have a Prosperous New Year !

      tophatal ………


      1. Have Blessed and prosperous New Year. The “D” is getting better. Three TO in the Dallas game was huge. The guys didn’t blitz that much. So we will see


  7. The infamous Mayweather and Pacquiao mega-fight. Only way this matchup will happen is if Manny Pacquiao leaves Top Rank (Bob Arum). Pac’s contract with Top Rank will expire in 2014 so if a fight were to happen, look for it to surface the following year.

    Want to wish you and your family a Happy New Years! Let’s tackle 2014 even stronger.


  8. Blog Surface/ CDR

    If Arum had the intent to make this bout happen , it would have taken place long ago. He has been antagonistic towards Leonard Ellerbe , Floyd Mayweather’s business manager and partner at Mayweather Promotions Inc and the Chairman of the company .

    Manny Pacquiao having fought recently is passed his prime and he is no longer a credible opponent for anyone . His (Pacquiao’s) victory over Brandon Rios for the lightly regarded and meaningless WBO welterweight title indicates how far down the “food chain” . Manny Pacquiao’s stature has now fallen . Anyone who believes to the contrary, knows not a damn thing about the sport including his promoter Bob Arum .

    Have a great New Year’s Eve celebration and my regards to you and the immediate family !

    tophatal ………


  9. How about KC losing….damn!!! I was pulling for them, mebbe that’s why they lost. Loved the TD by Luck when Davis fumbled. Shit they did lose both RB’s of merit…saw some missed/bad ref calls too.
    Ah well. Philly lost too…..wonder


  10. It’s good to see that the following recipients have been elected into Baseball’s Hall of Fame . All three former players , Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and Frank Thomas are certainly deserving of the accolade .

    As to the uproar over Dan Le Batard selling his vote to Deadspin.com and his explanation behind it. Le Batard is simply a self-serving a#shole who has done his profession a great disservice as a sports’ journalist and journalist in general . Not that the pious as$ wipes at the BBWAA (Baseball Writers’ Association of America) are any better themselves , considering their actual non-concern over the stories that came out of baseball’s era of proliferating use of PED’s , steroids and their lack of reporting of the scandal when it first surfaced .

    tophatal ……………………


    1. Read that on internet….what an arse. somethings/people never change….see where A-Rod thinks his appeal to lower suspension has a chance


      1. alan clements

        Alex Rodriguez did himself no favors by walking out of the hearing , when the arbitrator , Frederic Horowitz made the decision that evidence to be heard from Bud Selig was not necessary . The Yankees’ hird basemen disparaged the whole process , using profanity in describing Horowitz and Selig . It now leaves his joint legal counsel , Joe Tacopina and David Cornwell in an almost untenable and un-winable situation in terms of the process .


        Tacopina , left, is seen here alongside his client , Alex Rodriguez as they arrive at the league’s (MLB) headquarters in downtown Manhattan .

        Rodriguez deserves to be banished from the game indefinitely . The player has never had any respect or reverence for the sport , in spite of his career and the records attained .

        tophatal ……..


        1. What the hell?!? He’ll surely pay in spades…never, ever disparage a “judge”. He’s about as dumb as……no, dumber than a brick. Again super-ego pro player who cannot be held accountable…he thinks


          1. al clements

            Although the hearing (A Rod’s arbitration) is not a criminal proceeding , the player knows that were he to take the stand , anything he said could be used against him at a later date in a criminal trial . Hence the reason Alex Rodriguez and his co-legal counsel advisers Joe Tacopina and David Cornwell , did not have their client take the stand . Rodriguez believes himself bigger than the game simply because amongst active players , he leads in certain offensive categories . At present I believe he’s the active home runs’ leader and RBI leader .

            And Latin fans of the game out openly and suggested that MLB has made this a racial issue that the player himself has egged on as well with how he greeted them outside the league’s headquarters . Rodriguez is a self-absorbed asshole .

            Who are you now likely to believe ? This guy is an ass !

            This will come back to bite Alex Rodriguez in the ass as it did in 2010 , after he lied repeatedly to CBS’ reporter Katie Couric about his non-use of steroids and other PED’s.

            tophatal ……………


            1. What the hell is it with SOME pros who believe they are not only above the rest of the pros but above the law? Such a state of affairs in pro sports anymore…..superego bastards that think they have to answer to no one, let alone the law……AND the damn owners put up with it….


                  1. al clements

                    A Rod is an @ss, i if he believes now suing the union will aid his case. It has been the the Players Union (MLBPA) that has supplied him with the necessary backing for him to proceed with his action . As to his attorneys , Joe Tacopina and David Cornwell , they both know that their client’s case is a frivolous one and without merit . Clearly, they cannot put him on the witness stand to give any type of testimony , because he is more than likely to perjure himself .

                    Alex Rodriguez has become an . embarrassment to himself , but even more so to the game of baseball . The league hierarchy has no teeth , as its bark is far worse than its bite . Much of this comes down to the lack of forthright leadership from Bud Selig , who might just be the worst commissioner in MLB history .


                    I think the above picture simply says it all ! Two idiots Rodriguez and A Rod . A fan who is showing us the way he actually feels . Yet we also have supporters of Rodriguez who sought to make this whole issue a racial one and the players and his lawyers fed off that and pushed for those supporters to be more vocal in their support.

                    With Joe Tacpoina now accusing World Series’ MVP David Ortiz of being a cheat and a fraud . We can now see how low A Rod and his legal counsel are prepared to go .

                    tophatal ……


                    1. Just another pro who thinks he is above the law and everything else. Us common folk cannot live the way these guys do…definitely not paid what they are……again I say boycott all the games


  11. al clements

    Alex Rodriguez , his co legal counsel , Joe Tacopina and David Cornwell have abandoned their appeal in the US Appellate Court . The player has suggested that he will take off the entire 2014 season to rest, recuperate and rethink the things that are said to be important to him and meet the ongoing challenges . he currently faces . In other words , he will continue to deny any wrong-doing on his part , before actually making an admission of guilt as he did in March of 2010 before a convened press at the Yankees’ training facility in Tampa , Florida .

    The Yankees’ third baseman remains a proverbial butt-hole with his antics and the very fact that the league (MLB) didn’t ban him for life , simply shows how weak the hierarchy remains under Bud Selig .

    tophatal ……..


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