Stick to what you know and not what you’re told is the truth …

Stick to what you know and not what you’re told is the truth …

Having surpassed the midpoint of the NBA season and with its mid-season festivities , now a mere memory (All Star Game) with the event itself little more than a repartee the participants from both conferences in what was a totally meaningless , uninteresting and uncompetitive game . What now becomes something of a dash to the end of the regular season, will have teams jostling and jockeying for positions within their divisions , within the Eastern and Western Conference . To suggest that the play , in particular, within the East has been bad , would definitely be an understatement . How anyone can now believe that the NBA is now in better place from a competitive standpoint , than it was a decade or even fifteen years ago , would have to be seen as complete idiocy ! Currently , there are no budding team rivalries that have captivated the television audience much less the fans in the seats at the venues around the league , yet somehow there are those with less than a modicum of actual intelligence trying to suggest otherwise.


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Coming into this season, it was felt that the Chicago Bulls would be one of the teams meeting the challenge of being considered amongst the prohibitive favorites within the Eastern Conference, to challenge the might of conference frontrunners, the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat . With the loss of Derrick Rose , to a prolonged injury for the second time inside of two years , the team’s chances were deemed lost. However, with what was at first thought to be an abandoning of a spirited fight for a playoff berth and a divisional title , with GM Gar Forman making the decision to trade the team’s best player , with the exception of Rose , with the jettisoning of Luol Deng , which now on the face of it, now seems to be something of an ingenious move . At 29-25 as of Saturday 22nd February , the Bulls possess the fourth best record within the Eastern Conference while seated in second place , some twelve games behind the Indiana Pacers, who remain at the top of the Central Division , as they have done for the majority of this season .

Tom Thibodeau and his coaching staff seem to be working a minor miracle, with the current players on the roster, now buying to into his goals and standards . One shudders to think, how good this team might have been, had Rose not gone down to a second knee injury and Deng were still playing alongside the point guard . The leg injury , which many thought may well threaten his long-term career, because, it was deemed something of a re-occurrence of the ailment, suffered before . The talk within the organization, is that the player will return for the 2014-15 season, having fully recuperated and ready to play with his usual exuberance which has been display ever since he was drafted by the Bulls in the 2008 NBA Draft as the number one overall pick . In each of the subsequent years , Rose’s game has blossomed, to the point where he had become one the league’s best point guards as well having won a League MVP. An astonishing achievement , considering the length of his fledgling NBA career at the time.

Coming off a well-deserved victory over the Denver Nuggets , the Bulls can now feel that there remains a great deal to play for over the remainder of their season’s schedule. Obviously the divisional race is beyond their reach, but chasing down that third place within the conference, where the surprisingly resilient Toronto Raptors (30-25) now hold a mere half game lead over the Tom Thibodeau coached team.

Next up for the Bulls, will be a game where they will surely get to test their new-found resolve when they are the guests of the Miami Heat at the AA Arena on Sunday afternoon, one of eight games scheduled to be played on the day . The season series between the two Eastern Conference teams, is tied at one game apiece(1-1) , with the Bulls winning the last contest in Chicago at the United Center , in Chicago, Illinois , 107-87. Their fourth and final meeting of the season of the series will take place again in Chicago on the 9th March. As things now stand, were the season to end as of today, with the Chicago Bulls still holding down their current position within the conference , their projected first round meeting as the number four seed , would seem them face the Washington Wizards over whom they hold a 2-0 series’ lead in their meetings over the course this season’s NBA schedule. A first round win, would lead then lead to a conference semifinals’ match-up against the number one-seeded Indiana Pacers , and from there the sky would be the limit , were they to pull off such a victory over what has been very good Pacers’ team throughout this season.

As great a player as Michael Jordan was said to be , his years as NBA executive have not been all that kind to perhaps the NBA’s greatest player over the last twenty-five years. OK, so we place Jordan on the Mt Rushmore of all-time greats , placing him above the stature of players such as Wilt Chamberlain , Magic Johnson , Julius Irving , Bill Russell , Bob Cousy , John Havlicek , Larry Bird and Oscar Robertson . As subjective as the topic will always be trying adjudge players from different eras , when the game has changed considerably , has never been an easy thing to do , no matter what arguments one tries to use placate or make a point . The idiocy of many suggesting Babe Ruth to be the greatest player in baseball history holds about as much weight , as the Titanic , after it struck an iceberg , sank in the middle of the Atlantic , thereby leaving the world to acknowledge at the time , one of the greatest maritime disasters to take place in oceanic passenger maritime history. As good as Ruth was said to be , does anyone truly believe that he could have competed against players at their peak , such as Willie Mays , Hank Aaron , Ken Griffey Jr , Barry Bonds (pre-steroids, whenever that might have been ) , much less have dealt with pitchers, such as Sandy Koufax , Greg Maddux , Pedro Martinez , Tom Seaver Randy Johnson , Nolan Ryan and lamentably without really wanting to sink such low depths Roger Clemens ? Horses for different courses , but at the end of the day , what we ought to be truly acknowledging about many of these athletes , has to be either their longevity or consistency , if not both , as the case maybe . Baseball and basketball historians can be left to argue amongst themselves , because in essence, the fans don’t necessarily care about their opinions on the matter , knowing full well , that they cannot always be trusted to show any type impartiality , much less be subjective .

I believe the writing was on the wall with regard to Michael Jordan being lured into the front office executive and the business side of the NBA , simply because David Stern , did not want to lose the game’s biggest asset in the aftermath of his retirement finally from the game in 2003 ! Backdoor wheeling and dealing , led to Jordan being named the . Head of Basketball Operations with the Washington Wizards. Once there, having bought a minority stake in the franchise , his relationship with owner Abe Pollin , was said to be tepid at best . He may well have brought some pizzazz back to the still dormant franchise , but in name only , because nothing concerning their play during the years he was a de-facto general manager suggested he knew what he was doing. Still regarded to this day, as one of the biggest blunders in NBA Draft history was the Wizards’ drafting of Kwame Brown as the number one overall pick in the 2001 NBA Draft .

Michael Jordan believed Brown to be the best , of the crop of centers available in the Draft that season amongst college and high school players , who at the time were eligible (eighteen years old as NBA requirement , having graduated). The fact should you choose to peruse down that list for yourself , one could have found a litany of far more talented players than Brown at the position sought by Jordan . In the aftermath of this astounding pick , the fortunes of the Wizards simply went downhill and along with it , the former NBA great and his relationship with Abe Pollin , that would take a turn for the worst. Jordan sold his stake in the team and went off to pursue other business interests , while still presiding over a multimillion dollar business empire and his growing fortune.

All you need to know about Kwame Brown’s rookie season , was the fact he averaged 6.6 points per game and was never a factor in any game played by the Wizards that season , much less over the ensuing years did his game ever take shape, or the fact that Jordan may well have taught him nothing by way of the expectations of being a professional basketball player in the NBA .

A second opportunity would arise for Michael Jordan return to the NBA in another executive capacity , as this time billionaire media magnate Robert L Johnson invited the North Carolina native join him on the board and ownership group of the Charlotte Bobcats (who were then known as the Hornets). Johnson would relinquish controlling interest in the franchise selling his stake for a reputed $ 400 million at the time .

At 26-30 and holding down the seventh seed within the Eastern Conference the Charlotte Bobcats may well be on the cusp of doing something extraordinary during the ownership tenure of Michael Jordan. If they are able to maintain their current pace and lock down that seeding by the end of the season , then the franchise would be on the cusp of making its first playoff appearance , with Jordan as their owner. Consider the fact that the last time the Bobcats made the NBA Playoffs , came in 2010 . Being swept 4-0 , by the Orlando Magic , left a bitter taste in the mouths of the Bobcats’ players in that first round series’ loss , which was simply so lopsided !

Coached by Steve Clifford and ably assisted by lead assistant and assistant head coach , Patrick Ewing . It now looks, as if this Bobcats’ team in its current guise has some resilience about it. With a mixture of seasoned veterans and young players drafted and developed with the deft coaching of Clifford , Ewing and the rest of the coaching staff . I am not about to suggest that the Bobcats could send a few shock-waves around the NBA this postseason , but given the right set of circumstances, they might just be able to shake a first round opponent into some kind of complacency . Where it could be taken from there, would be dependent upon the mindset shown by players such as Ben Gordon , Kemba Walker , Cody Zeller , Gerald Henderson , Al Jefferson , Josh McRoberts and Gary Neal . Add in the fact that the Bobcats might have a possible Rookie of the Year Candidate in, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist , playing very well and quite possibly , there could very well be an upset in the making . Michael Jordan needs the Bobcats to be a competitive success as well as a commercial success , if the franchise is to remain viable in North Carolina , where College Basketball is the ” real magnet “ within the state, that draws some of the most knowledgeable and passionate fans in the game to see programs such as Duke (Blue Devils) , UNC (Tar Heels) and others that have made a name for themselves as being amongst the very best of what the NCAA has to offer at the Collegiate Level .

As if to emphasize that the Bobcats mean business, the team was able to push even closer towards that goal of a postseason berth, by taking down the Memphis Grizzlies on Saturday afternoon , with a hard-fought 92-89 victory .

I think that it would be safe to suggest , that over the past six seasons the Detroit Pistons have been a conundrum and a puzzle all wrapped up into one. In that time, GM Joe Dumars , has literally sought to ruin the franchise rather than seek its improvement . Billionaire entrepreneur , Tom Gores , having bought this storied NBA franchise , has seen the team this season be mired in mediocrity, having posted a 23-33 record within the Eastern Conference. The firing of Maurice Cheeks , as the head coach of the team, speaks volumes as how out of depth , touch and with reality the Pistons now appear to be.

From my own standpoint, Gores has been ill-served in his retention of Dumars as the general manager of the Detroit Pistons. Gone are those years of consistency , when you knew that they would be a prominent and perennial contender for the NBA Playoffs and their surprising and lopsided Finals’ win over what was seen as a formidable Los Angeles Lakers’ team that fielded several future Hall of Fame candidates , only indicates how astonishing that series’ victory was at the time . The Pistons in their current guise , are a pale shadow of the team that won the 2004 NBA Finals over what was highly favored Lakers’ lineup coached by Phil Jackson , whose opposite number was another legendary coach in , Larry Brown . With their last postseason, coming in 2009 , it is extremely difficult to see what Joe Dumars and Tom Gores will seek to gain out of this season . Had Dumars decided to make the announcement at the beginning of the year , that it would be the franchise’s intent to rebuild around the talents of Brandon Jennings , Andre Drummond , Josh Smith and Greg Monroe , then perhaps it might have sat well with the Pistons’ fans. . Instead, the fans in attendance at the Palace of Auburn Hills , have willingly voiced their disapproval of the team, but voiced the majority of their indignation towards Joe Dumars , and quite rightly so , as he has failed to acknowledge that he is as much to blame for the team’s woes , as was Maurice Cheeks, in some small part. .

Kobe Bryant can now be seen, as an elder statesman within the NBA. No longer the best player in the league , which he undoubtedly was , for several seasons , before the rise to prominence of LeBron James . With his and the Los Angeles Lakers’ window of opportunity now dwindling for him to add personally, a sixth NBA title to his career resumes’ and for the franchise to add to another , which they last won in 2010 . Of late, Bryant has once again began to show his ongoing immaturity and his disdain for the Lakers’ ownership , when he faces on-court adversity . Granted, this season he has been limited to a mere handful of games , before injury wreaked havoc on his aging body . Let us begin to see things in perspective, Bryant , an aging Steve Nash , Jodie Meeks , Pau Gasol , Xavier Henry , Chris Kaman and Nick Young , were never really seen as a legitimate contender for a conference title , much less the NBA championship itself, this season . Lakers’ GM Mitch Kupchak undoubtedly , already with an eye on next season’s list of marquee free agents, has now begun to dismantle the remnants of this season’s roster. While Bryant, remains the biggest asset and factor that the organization has , it does seem now ill-served that they re-signed him that ridiculous two-year $48.5 million contract . Kupchak’s first order of business , was to send Steve Blake to the Golden State Warriors at the trade deadline .

Bryant felt that without being consulted by either Mitch Kupchak or team owner Jim Buss , as to the trade of Steve Blake, it was simply a mark of disrespect on their part. Last I looked, it was not Bryant’s signature signing the paychecks of the employees of the Lakers’ organization and though in recent years he has played a large part in the franchise’s recent success . The Los Angeles Lakers’ franchise is owned by Jim Buss and it is his, to do with, as he so pleases, in conjunction, in working with Mitch Kupchak, as it relates to player personnel decisions.

To understand the plight of the Lakers’ season and the continued idiocy of their fans , the lack coaching acumen shown by Mike D’Antoni , his coaching staff , but more so the complacency shown by Mitch Kupchak in seeking to rebuild the roster through the draft and developing talent from within , will always continue to be the boon for this franchise. Now while they can point to the their multiple titles won and Hall of Fame players that are part of the Lakers’ legacy . Can we now readily admit that upon Bryant’s retirement , it could very well be a number of years before the franchise is back to the unprecedented heights of success that it has seen in the past . The failed experiment in acquiring Dwight Howard last season , resulted in Howard’s lack of leadership skills , being unable to give any memorable performances , much less being seen as a likely successor to take over the reins from Kobe Bryant , at what would be deemed his actual time of departure . Howard parlayed that one season of misfortune in Los Angeles into a sizable contract with the Houston Rockets , where he is now playing “second fiddle “ to James Harden , Chandler Parsons , Jeremy Lin and the sortie of players that now make up the Rockets’ roster . The fact , that Houston, seen at the preseason as a conference titlist at the start of the season , are domiciled in a non-major market , may well have played a great in the decision of Dwight Howard to seek his fortune elsewhere . As good a center as he is said to be , he is simply not capable enough of carrying a team on his shoulders to any semblance of real success and by that I mean an NBA title ! Idiot fans who point to his years in Orlando with the Orlando Magic are simply showing their complete lack of intelligence and knowledge of the NBA overall !

With three teams firmly rooted at the bottom of the Western Conference, with shared records of 19-36 as of 22nd February , seeing the Lakers, Sacramento Kings and Utah Jazz , all sharing that same mark , really does put into perspective how dire the season has become for a number of franchises around the NBA. Of the teams with a a lower mark in the league as a whole , one only has to view the bottom of the Eastern Conference to see why the play there has been harangued all season long , in spite of the idiocy of some who suggest that the outgoing commissioner has nothing to do with the present mess. The changes brought within the NBA over the past decade alone , have David Stern’s imprints all over them , along with that of the NBPA Executive Committee (Players’ Union) , owners and the NCAA . Failure in acknowledging that lone fact once again points to the lack of intelligence of those who come up with the most ridiculous of assumptions as it comes to the lack of competitiveness within the NBA at present. No team rivalries that truly capture the fans’ imagination and only wishful thinking on the part of some who now suggest that a Heat vs Pacers’ rivalry will bring the league some much sort after relevance , will only need to look at that particular record over the past two years to realize that it simply has no weight to it as an argument if adjudged against classic NBA team rivalries of the past.


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The second half the NBA season is now underway and what if anything do you hope to see materialize as the season meanders towards its inevitability of the regular season schedule ? In light of the troubles now facing the Detroit Pistons and Los Angeles Lakers , which organization do you believe is the best equipped to turn around their misfortunes in the least amount of time ? Simply leave a comment as you see fit and thanks as always for the continued support of this site !


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(1) Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers , who was the recipient of this season’s All Star Game MVP Award . Irving and the Cavaliers will be looking to a far more positive start to the second half of the team’s season . Former GM Chris Grant was fired by owner Dan Gilbert , with the owner offering his compliments to Grant for his stewardship as the lead front office executive during his four-year tenure . NBAE/ Getty Images / Stan Howe …

(2) Chicago Bulls’ point guard Derrick Rose (1) is seen here with teammate Luol Deng (9). With Gar Forman thinking ahead and perhaps looking to slash the team’s payroll, the decision was made to trade Deng to the Cleveland Cavaliers . With Rose sidelined for the entire Bulls’ regular season schedule , it was thought that the team would likely flounder within the Eastern Conference , but they have proven to be surprisingly resilient , while currently holding down the fourth best record in the East. Tom Thibodeau has his players playing in unison , as a team and they could pose a serious threat to the two contenders in the conference at whatever stage were they to meet. AP Photo / Alex Marsh ….

(3) Kwame Brown , is seen here being congratulated by NBA Commissioner David Stern , with the player being drafted as the number one overall pick in the 2001 NBA Draft by the Washington Wizards . Brown was taken by Michael Jordan , who at the time was Head of Basketball Operations for the franchise where he also happened to be a minority stakeholder in the Wizards. Kwame Brown’s career with the Wizards would prove to be non-eventful , as has been the rest of his career since entering the NBA straight out of high school . Along the way his career earnings from the NBA have surpassed $ 60 million , without the player ever positing double-digit figures in assists or points per game over the course of his NBA career except for one season in 2003 . AP Photo/ Chris Martin …

(4) Michael Jordan, center, smiles as he shakes hands with Washington Wizards minority owner , Ted Leonsis , left, and Wizards majority owner , Abe Pollin , Thursday, Jan. 19, 2000 at the MCI center in Washington, D.C. Jordan’s relationship with the Washington Wizards has deteriorated to the point that he and the franchise might part ways, The New York Times reported Sunday, May 4, 2003 With Jordan’s departure and the subsequent death of Abe Pollin , Leonsis would assume control of the franchise , buying the stake then held by the Pollin family estate. AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais ..

(5) Michael Jordan is seen here with Kemba Walker at the Charlotte Bobcats’ home venue the Time Warner Cable Arena , in Charlotte , North Carolina . Walker a first round draft pick by the Bobcats is looking to lead the team this into the postseason for the first time since 2010 . Jordan as the Chairman , CEO and majority stakeholder in the franchise has long wished to have the Bobcats make the postseason during his tenure as the team’s primary owner , given his postseason heroics as a player with the Chicago Bulls as well as during the regular season where he also won six NBA titles with the revered franchise , this could very well be the year that it happens for the Charlotte Bobcats . A great of that will however be predicated upon the play of Kemba Walker and that of his teammates . AP Photo / Dave Moss ….

(6) Kobe Bryant (24) is seen here alongside teammate and close confidante Steve Blake , a point guard with the Lakers . In the aftermath of Blake’s trade to the Golden State Warriors , with Bryant voicing his displeasure , as to the decision made by GM Mitch Kupchak , but countenanced by team owner , Jim Buss . Having signed a two-year $48.5 million contract with the franchise , one seriously doubts that Kobe Bryant would once again seem himself at odds with the Lakers’ two lead front office executives concerning a player personnel decision made . Yet, this has not been the first time that the All Star guard has voiced displeasure over such a decision, made . Getty Images / Paul Dominguez …..

(7) AUBURN HILLS, MI – JUNE 23: (L-R) Joe Dumars , President of the Detroit Pistons and Tom Gores , Owner of the Detroit Pistons ‘fist bump’ to show their excitement during the Detroit Pistons Draft Night Party at the Palace of Auburn Hills on June 23, 2011 in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The Pistons’ picks were not overly impressive in light of Dumars’ decisions made as to the franchise’s needs . Three years later and it would appear that the fortunes of the Pistons were no better then , than they are now , in terms of the team’s competitiveness . NBAE Photo by Allen Einstein / NBAE via Getty Images ….



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  1. NASCAR has its big day with the Daytona 500 on Sunday . It’s back to business as usual for the NBA and its schedule .

    An aging Steve Nash is about as much use to Kobe Bryant and the Lakers , as , Bryant would be in having a third testicle , if that were humanly possible .

    With the Brooklyn Nets’ …… season (5-5 in their last ten games) simply falling off the map as of late , I see that Billy King and Mikhail Prokhorov have come up with a publicity gimmick while placing the Nets sports’ history , by signing the first openly male gay athlete in North American sports’ team in history . With Jason Collins now joining an NBA franchise after an almost eighteen months , this still indicates the level of homophobia that existed in the NBA in spite of the lame @ssed and hypocritical statements of David Stern , who some would rather be in obeisance to , rather than seeing him for what he has always been , an autocratic and disingenuous and deceitful executive.

    With all the money that Tom Gores has at his disposal , the fact that he retained Joe Dumars shows that he is not that bright an individual to begin with . The Pistons still suck even in the aftermath of Maurice Cheeks’ dismissal as the head coach of the team .

    If somehow the Bobcats make it to the postseason with Michael Jordan as the owner of the franchise , then he and his players will have something to celebrate beyond the birth his twins .

    We have a winner as one of the reasons why the Lakers have sucked this season , apparently this female assists the team with their depth perception issues and field goal percentage shooting . It would appear that Mike D’Antoni and Jim Buss are now willing to try just about anything to improve the play of the team .

    Can someone get Kobe Bryant another pacifier , as he seems to have either lost the last one or somehow shoved it up his own @ss , as a way of self gratification .


    For the Knicks’ fans out there , still feeling besides themselves , here’s something for you to enjoy beyond ‘melo’s 62 point game this season . See below . Have fun but don’t blow your load . Get a friend to help you out with that .


    For fans of the franchise sucking was never this good .



    Da Ranjahz …… feat’g Cee Lo …… ” Aspire ”

    tophatal ……………


  2. The NBA . remains full of hypocrisy much like their NFL counterpart and here is simply further proof of that fact . Which undoubtedly , USA Today’s ….. Christine Brennan will try to ” champion this ” as some sort of social breakthrough in the male , macho , heterosexual world of the NBA .

    With the Nets having signed Jason Collins to a ten-day contract , it is likely that the player may not last with the franchise until the end of the season . Even if he were to actually play some minutes and thereby make NBA history as the league’s openly gay athlete . What would it actually change within the league as a whole ?

    ” With the signing of Jason Collins we are also informing our fans that the Nets’ uniforms will now become a pink sequined floral patterned outfit, in order to attract more of the transgendered gay and lesbian community within our fan-base ” . Jason Kidd and GM Billy King

    Jason   Collins

    “I’ve simply thought of myself as an athlete , who just happens to be gay “. Jason Collins

    David Stern merely acknowledged Collins’ admission and sought it a as nothing more than admirable . Many of Jason Collins’ peers within the game lauded him for his willingness to make sexuality known . Yet not one owner , general manager sought to sign the center until today . Never mind the fact that the NBPA remained completely silent on the issue but when you view their social charter , it is littered with tenets that the union itself doesn’t seem to itself abide by .

    I would hate to think that Jason Kidd , his coaching staff , Billy King , Mikhail Prokhorov and the entire Nets’ front office are seeking to use this to gain some additional publicity , while their season of late (5-5 in their last ten games ) has spiraled out of control . Collins deserves better and so do the Nets’ fans if this is being done in that type of vain . Also if their need of a center is said to be that warranted , then why was it that they did not seek to sign Jason Collins or anyone of a litany of free agent centers that were on the market at the start of the season ?


  3. Seven teams, Al.

    There are seven teams in the NBA that can win a championship this year, and that’s being generous.

    Indiana, Miami, San Anton, Clippers, Warriors, Rockets and Oklahoma CIty.

    The Trailblazers have had themselves a commendable season but I’m not a believer just yet.

    Next year will be a make or break year for that Chicago roster, man.

    I commend them for giving Rose one last shot and not disbanding entirely but if he pulls up lame again next season, we could see that roster gutted and sold for parts.

    They should take comfort in the fact that they wouldn’t have beaten the Heat anyway.


    1. The Trailblazers will need to definitely surround LaMarcus Aldridge and Damien Lillard with a great deal more talent than is currently on the roster and the front office led billionaire owner , Paul Allen will have to begin doing something this off-season if this franchise wants to be seen as a perennial contender within the Western Conference as well as vying for an NBA title .

      Portland already has a great coaching staff in place led by Terry Stotts .

      Tophatal’s Blog on .


  4. Chris Humpherys

    Given the injury woes of the Spurs at present with the loss of Tony Parker for what is likely to be several weeks , the team’s standing within the conference could drop precipitously as their alternatives at the point guard position are not that great.

    I will take the top-four teams in the West and perhaps , just the Heat and Pacers within the East as the most viable contenders for this season’s NBA title !

    I can’t see the Raptors as having what it takes to even be remotely competitive enough to make a run to at least get to the conference semi-finals .

    In the case of the Bulls as admirable as the team has performed this season , without Derrick Rose , while they might still pose a threat , they made a huge blunder in trading away Luol Deng .

    Follow Tophatal’s Blog on facebook : Tophatal’s Blog (tophatal)


  5. Terrific game on Sunday afternoon between the Clippers and the Thunder , perhaps the best of the day’s contests , with Doc Rivers’ players pulling through with a fairly narrow victory victory over their Western Conference opponents .

    Who knew that Jamal Crawford would have such a game leading all scorers on the Clippers with 36 points , but Kevin Durant with his 42 points who was the leading scorer in this contest .

    There is a reason why the Eastern Conference has to be viewed as the poorer of the two conferences in terms of the play from the teams as well as the players within the conferences in question .

    tophatal ………………………………….


  6. Was there really anything to learn with regard to the Nets’ game on Sunday afternoon ?

    Jason Collins got the chance to suit up for the Nets but , played no meaningful minutes with his game looking exceedingly rusty after such a long layoff .

    However , what we do know is that Mike D’Antoni and his coaching staff are now likely to be on their way out at the end of this season , as he has not taught this team an ounce of what it takes to play an iota of defense . The Lakers are simply a very poor team all round even with Kobe Bryant on the floor when healthy .

    Brooklyn Nets’ news

    Los Angeles Lakers news

    NBA news

    NBA results (Sunday) and Sunday’s top performers in the NBA

    tophatal …………………..


  7. Tophat,
    What better place to ask for an opinion on the NFL’s strong arming of the “N” word than right here? No, it’s not prevalent on field between white and black, but within the African-American race. PTI’s Michael Wibon suggests that the white owners shouldn’t make policy on black issues without fair representation from the African-American segment. According to early league reports, the use of the word by any player will result in a 15yard penalty. My advice for GMs? Draft a good vocal impersonator and induce some penalties in key moments of the game. Whatta you think ?


    1. Ronbets

      As much as I respect Michael Wilbon , there are times where I do believe he is fundamentally wrong, in his assessment on certain issues !

      ” Really Mr President what you’re actually saying , is that it’s the First Lady that sets your brackets for the NCAA Tournament ” ? Tony Reali , Tony Kornheiser , Michael Wilbon & Barack Obama

      African American athletes have at times , done themselves and their race a great disservice by showing their ignorance , lack of education at times and downright lack of intelligence . Yet the same claims I believe, ki can be said for athletes of a differing ethnicity . It so happens that within the NFL and NBA , the ratio there, is certainly higher than it is in other professional team sports . Look at the ongoing idiocy of the MLB RBI (Returning Baseball to the Inner Cities’ Initiative) ? That has been the biggest and most asinine initiative ever been put in place by Bud Selig and the MLB hierarchy . It has made little if any inroads, and then we learn that the likes of the Dodgers , Yankees , Mets , Cardinals , Angels , Marlins and Mariners combined , have spent over the last decade in excess of $ 600 million on baseball academies in places such as Latin America and the Caribbean , never mind what the league hierarchy itself is alleged to have spent while in large part having spent less domestically in seeking to revitalize and energize the growth of the game here in the US .

      Other than the televising of the Little League World Series , would most adults nowadays , tune in to watch that event in any great detail ?


      “Damn, I love this chic and being on this reality show ! She’s going to receive some of the big ‘black meat ‘ ” !

      tophatal …………………..


  8. Ronbets

    It’s not only the NFL hierarchy under Roger Goodell’s lack of leadership but also look at NFLPA Executive DeMaurice Smith since he succeeded Gene Upshaw as head of the Players’ Union (NFLPA) . What have either the Executive Committee or the Board of Player Representatives ever done as it relates to player misconduct , much less the widespread use of the “N” word , rampant homophobia , racism and misogyny ?

    ” What’s up my #igga , D ? You my road dawg , ain’t ya “? Roger Goodell & DeMaurice Smith

    “This here, is my ##tch (Janay Palmer) and I will treat her how I mutha-##cking well please “! Ray Rice & Janay Palmer

    Ray Rice drags his fiancee out of casino by the hair , while unbelieving onlookers witnessing his use of profanities directed at her and the passers by .

    Now you have Darren Sharper’s lead attorney , Blair Berk pressing for some of the evidence held, to be thrown out in presenting her case client’s case .

    “Your Honor , I’ll have you know that if my client’s penis was indeed as described, in this subpoena as being ten inches long , I’d would be rockin’ the mic of Darren Sharper like a porn star ! ” Blair Berk and her client Darren Sharper

    tophatal …………….


  9. Ronbets

    There’s no truth to the rumor that Roger Goodell now wants to have the NFL be a little less more sensitive as to the makeup of its members . He has suggested that there be recommended reading of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and the viewing of “Birth of Nation ” as a way of educating players of an ethnic background . Meanwhile, players such as Richie Incognito and Mike Pouncey will be asked to read ‘Mein Kampf ‘ and then to write a one thousand word dissertation as to their thoughts on the literary landmark, in terms of racial bigotry .

    Incognito &  Pouncey

    Martin is a “p##sy ” ’cause all we wanted to do , was to run a “train ” on his Mom and sister than have ’em both suck our d_#ks . That ni##a be trippin’ dawg ” !

    Richie Incognito & Mike Pouncey


    Thicke & Cyrus/

    Dumb white boy , even dumber white girl ……….. Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus

    News just in , lyricist and recording star Robin Thicke is a dumb son-of-a-##tch ! The singer-songwriter , has now separated from his wife , actress , Paula Patton . Anyone who’s seen some luscious pics of Patton , will know that this is one female you don’t kick out of bed for any damn reason !

    Below a montage and singular tempting pics of Paula Patton

    Paula Patton/





    Patton & Thicke

    Patton and her husband Robin Thicke


  10. Thank you Jack Burkman for showing how damn bigoted you are and now specifically in using your clout as a DC lobbyist to promote homophobia but now disguising it as proposed a piece legislation for moral turpitude and decency ?

    Fu#k you and the horse you rode in on, you damn hypocrite !

    Jack Burkman

    Jack Burkman and Republican strategist to boot ? No surprise there , considering Jan Brewer’s stance in Arizona . Party of the inclusive ? Really ?

    White , alleged heterosexual male (Jack Burkman), looking for attention . Why not appear as you really are, on Craigslist amongst the Personal ads ?

    For the Bible thumpers who will bring up God’s laws , . Bear in mind, it is also against his laws ,. to commit sins such as murder , rape and to lust . Yet , I don’t see where Jack Burkman proposes a piece of legislation covering those two sins . Which is it with this @sshole (Burkman) ?

    In reality , Burkman would probably like nothing better , than see vote being taken away from minorities with slavery back in fashion, along with overseers and plantation owners treating their indentured slaves with the usual aplomb .

    The Daily Beast

    Lobbyist Has An Indecent Proposal for Gays in the NFL

    By Ben Jacobs

    Jack Burkman’s gay-banning bill for the NFL is based on nothing but his own political agenda and anonymous Republicans looking for Tea Party cover.

    A bill that could ban gays from playing in the NFL is possibly unconstitutional, being pushed for entirely cynical political reasons and is not based on any empirical evidence . . . and that’s according to the lobbyist promoting the bill.

    Jack Burkman is a Washington lobbyist who announced via his PR firm on Monday that he would “block gays from the NFL.” The announcement comes in the aftermath of NFL draft prospect Michael Sam coming out as gay earlier in February and Jason Collins making his debut for the Brooklyn Nets on Sunday as the first openly gay player in a major professional sport.

    In an interview with The Daily Beast, Burkman backtracked from his press release and said that his bill would mandate that the NFL have separate showers and changing facilities for gay players or otherwise not allow them to play at all. He said, “The NFL will have to decide to have entirely separate facilities for homosexuals or ban them by federal law.” The bill would only focus on the NFL because “that’s the big enchilada in American sports.”

    While the lobbyist wouldn’t reveal the members of Congress who supported the bill, as specific language had not even been drafted, he did say that almost all shared something in common: They were all Republicans worried about a Tea Party challenge. Burkman told The Daily Beast he thinks “95 percent of supporters” will be Republicans facing primary challenges and therefore looking for political cover. Burkman spelled out his coalition, saying that one Senator and six members of the House were definitely on board, but that those numbers could expand to six Senators and 36 congressmen. And, of those 42, “all but one will do this politically because they have been under fire from Tea Party and far right wing element” in their states.

    Burkman, who is a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center, brushed aside concerns about the bill’s constitutionality. “The last thing that Congress does is look at the constitutionality,” he said. Instead, the lobbyist insisted, “My experience is that Congress tends to run roughshod over constitutionality.” In fact, he added, “So far, of all the discussions that we’ve had, the legal end has been the last.” Instead, Burkman said the focus was on “substance” and “PR.”

    Click on link to read in full.

    Any member in
    the House or Senate who gets behind this piece of proposed legislation ought to be ashamed of themselves . Then again we’re talking about 535 of the dumbest mother-##ckers on the face of the planet ! So make of it , what you will .

    tophatal …………………..


  11. Trying to understand what is going on inside the Sixers’ front office is akin in trying to elicit information from a US Congressman caught in a lie . Joshua Harris and GM Sam Hinkie are now beginning to blow smoke up everyone’s ass including the fans of the Philadelphia 76ers and many of their former sea players .

    If the trade of Evan Turner wasn’t meant to be seen as a salary dump , then why was he traded to a conference rival , in the Indiana Pacers ?


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A unique perspective into the EPL and Flamenguista Futebol

The LR Zone

News and the Best Hidden gems of the internet

Sports Chump

It's This Brit's Wit That Counts ......Sports & Other Topics ...Take It Or Leave It .............

Blended Entertainment

Your Source For All Entertainment: Your Questions...Their Answers

Following Brielle Around Town


Tophatal's Blog

It's This Brit's Wit That Counts ......Sports & Other Topics ...Take It Or Leave It .............

Baseball Bliss

If you hella love baseball, you've found your bliss!

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Dedicated to Those Armchair Quarterbacks Whose Wife Has the Remote


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