You can fool the people some of the time but the anal retentive just deserve to be fooled and embarrassed all of the time ………..that is why the NFL exists .

You can fool the people some of the time but the anal retentive , just deserve to be fooled and embarrassed all of the time ………..that is why the NFL exists .

The NFL season is over two months away but the preseason begins in earnest in August with the Hall of Fame game between the Buffalo Bills and New York Giants to be played at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park , New York. With that would come and then the induction of the latest batch of NFL greats and their eagerly awaited enshrinement in Canton, Ohio,. Meanwhile , we have NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and New England Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft , still trying to sell the public on the merits of having a franchise in the city of Los Angeles. Also at some point in the immediate future, it is their wish to see a franchise in the United Kingdom , specifically in London , the financial heartbeat of the nation and one of the world’s financial centers.


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I have always found the NFL to be a behemoth, whose only concern has been to make money, where the owners are nothing more than parasites , the union (NFLPA-Players’ Union) lacking compassion and understanding. Roger Goodell remains a poor choice as the league’s highest ranking executive , but that in part was initiated with his being chosen as the heir-apparent to Paul Tagliabue , with Goodell’s predecessor, rubber-stamping the decision before a final vote was taken by the league hierarchy.

It would seem , neither Roger Goodell or Robert Kraft are concerned with the financial imperilment of the nation’s second largest city and where the officials within Los Angeles seem incapable of making a decision showing financial restraint. Perhaps, it is the main reason why the NFL would like the return of a franchise to the municipality under the ruse of the financial windfall to be claimed in the nation’s second largest advertising market. When broached on the subject, about who will actually finance the building of a venue to house this new or relocated franchise, neither NFL executive has been able to offer up a concise answer. I can only surmise, it is their wish to see the city offer up billions to make such a venue possible. Earlier endeavors to build a stadium venue in the greater Los Angeles area , have either failed , because of political infighting or because the proposers of such a deal did not have the financial backing or show the wherewithal to get the project off the ground.

One of the latest entrants in a bid to get the NFL back within the confines of the city of Los Angeles, just happens to be Magic Johnson , part owner in the Los Angeles Dodgers , whose primary owners, Guggenheim Baseball Properties LLC . The company is backed by the multi-billion dollar assets of venture capital firm Guggenheim Partners Inc , led by Todd S Boehly and Mark Walter. . The company is also reputed to be interested in making an unsolicited bid for AEG Worldwide , the entertainment and sports’ concessions company owns several pieces of prime real estate in the downtown Los Angeles area . Philip Anschutz , owner of AEG , is known to be interested in selling the company ,but not unless the proposed suitor is ready to meet a price believed to be in excess of $9 billion . I would rather see Johnson and his partners concentrate on bringing back a World Series’ title to Los Angeles than their seeking to reestablish the NFL back in the Los Angeles area. Besides professional sports within the city is almost at an all-time low with the NBA bedeviled by the ineptitude of the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers’ ongoing incredulity , which has been handled with about as much foresight as a blind man playing with an explosive device. I would say the Los Angeles Kings has brought back a sense of pride to the city having won the Stanley Cup , but the NHL piques about as much interest today as a debate being conducted within the confines of the US Congress.

If the NFL is to return to the city of Los Angeles , then the matter will have to be dealt with as joint partnership between the league and the city. More often than not , such arrangements have been made with the NFL profiting from these type of arrangements , with them giving little in return to these municipalities nationwide . If you wish to see how acute the situation just happens to be , then simply look at the issues now being faced within the cities of Chicago and Detroit as a pointer about how dire things can become. Detroit remains in a state of financial disrepair , albeit, they are now seeking to resolve their financial woes though bankruptcy reorganization . Chicago is now bedeviled by a crime wave not seen since the days of Prohibition and Al Capone , with incumbent city mayor Rahm Emmanuel blaming the increasing gang violence on the perpetrators of the crimes in question , without acknowledging like a number of his recent predecessors , he has cut the budget of the city’s police force to try and solve Chicago’s budgetary woes.

I have read numerous pieces by patrons and contributors within the blogging world who claim the NFL is a for profit business without them actually failing to realize the league itself is set up as a not for profit entity , afforded antitrust status as well as tax exempt status in its dealings. What returns indicated to the IRS will clearly show miniscule profit if there is one to be shown , but their franchises are not afforded such luxuries. How little one knows , when only seeking to proffer up an opinion without ever taking time to do an ounce of research.The NFL leads and their fans will continually follow their lead , by eating up every morsel of garbage they are likely to serve up on a silver platter as an appetizing meal.

As the NFL has gained popularity abroad , you have to wonder why NFL Europe was such a bust . Millions of dollars were lost by the teams who sought to invest in the experiment with nothing tangible being gained in that very first sortie. The second time around through a media blitz and having regular season games scheduled in Europe, a small shift has occurred. Yet for all of the hopes and the dreams of not only Roger Goodell , Bob Kraft and even the rambunctious Jerry Jones , the league has not seen the traction they believed could be obtained . Seventy thousand fans packing Wembley Stadium in London might seem impressive, but consider the fact , the staging of such as game was not done to coincide with a Premierleague game scheduled within one of soccer’s elite leagues in Europe. You can always to try to turn a pig into a sow by dressing it up , but you cannot turn a sow into a pig . The NFL is seeking to do just that and is failing miserably on all counts. Having reached saturation point in terms of marketing the real issues that dogs Roger Goodell and the league hierarchy are the quality of the games, little real understanding of the markets where they are now seeking to reach , as well as the cultural differences they have to face in exposing the NFL to new markets and a new consumer.

Other than being remembered as the most popular NFL Draft in recent NFL history and exploits of sixth round draft pick Michael Sam , there would not have been anything memorable about the NFL’s staging of an event where the fans got to see the latest graduates to the world of professional football. Johnny Manziel had his dreams go up in smoke when he was not the first quarterback taken in this past draft. Perhaps, ” Johnny Football” can now join LeBron James in learning some humility, rather than always seeking to make themselves the centerpiece of a story. Sooner, rather than later, the fans tend to get sick and tired of it all.. I guess the city of Cleveland will now have something to look forward to , as both James and Manziel fight to be the top story on the sports’ pages of the newspapers within the city and state as well as nationwide ? That premise seems also likely as the television sports’ broadcast outlets, now begin to fawn over two, of perhaps the most polarizing figures in professional sports today.

The drafting of Johnny Manziel has provided the Cleveland Browns with some much-needed publicity, but yet team owner Jimmy Haslam remains the one NFL franchise owner whose custodianship of a team does not seem in jeopardy , in spite of the misdeeds of Haslam’s company and their being found guilty of defrauding many of their clients out of hundreds of millions of dollars . The slap on the wrist proffered up by the Justice System is another continued knock a legal system bereft of intelligence at the judiciary level. One should also take into account at the time of the legal undertakings against Haslam , he was in the midst of purchasing the Cleveland Browns and actually received the league’s blessing with their seal of approval. Whether or not the league itself sought a thorough investigation of Jimmy Haslam’s finances, character and acumen to own an NFL franchise is open to great deal of conjecture and debate.

The Browns will enter their season looking to put the era of Brandon Weeden in their rear view mirror. Cleveland’s loss is said to be Dallas Cowboys’ gain as they acquired the free agent quarterback during the off-season. I would like to once again thank Jerry Jones in fortifying my continued belief why he remains a blithering idiot ! Now head coach Jason Garrett can look across at his depth chart at the quarterback position , look to both Weeden and Tony Romo to lift the Cowboys out of their continued doldrums.

Johnny Manziel will have a great deal to prove as he seeks to make his mark in the NFL, but he is not likely to be the Cleveland Browns’ opening day starter in their first regular season game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in a contest to be played at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ,. These two franchises have a great deal of history behind them , with their match-ups tending to be either eventful or a complete letdown. With the AFC North likely to be up for grabs this season it will be interesting to see how things play out for the teams within the division as the season unfolds.

Paying on potential or paying on merit, which is said to be the more prudent thing to do? To try and figure that out one might need to call on a senior member of MENSA because your sure as hell cannot rely on an NFL general manager or an owner to give a you a clear and concise to such a question. During the off-season the Chicago Bears in their infinite wisdom , saw fit to give their veteran quarterback a multi-year deal, that now makes Jay Cutler one of the highest paid players in the NFL in terms of annual salary and contract value ($126 million) . All this for quarterback whose postseason exploits seem envious when compared to those of Tony Romo’s but that is a discussion for another day .Now in light of Cutler’s reward there were those who questioned San Francisco 49ers’ general manager Trent Baalke offering the team’s quarterback Colin Kaepernick a comparable deal in a similar vein to salary pack of the Bears’ quarterback. Kaepernick has twice taken the team to the NFC championship game as well as a Superbowl appearance in his short time in the NFL. Having succeeded Alex Smith , the consensus appeared to be the player did not possess the level of maturity or skill-set needed to lead the Forty Niners. Colin Kaepernick has proved his doubters wrong , now the question remains , can he lead the franchise to their sixth Superbowl title ?

The Forty Niners and their fans would like nothing better than to drown out the ongoing memories of their loss to the Baltimore Ravens in Superbowl 47 , and most definitely overhaul their divisional rivals the Seattle Seahawks as the best team in the NFC West as well as the NFC . Encounters between these two teams over the past three seasons have now taken on epic proportions and with the Seahawks’ annihilation of Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in last season’s Superbowl , the stakes have now been raised even higher between the two NFC West franchises.

Both the Forty Niners and Seahawks have made considerable moves to bolster their respective rosters, beyond utilizing the NFL Draft and the free agency market. What their regular season meetings and scheduled games may well come down to , is the determination of Jim Harbaugh and his opposite number Pete Carroll in guiding their teams. We all know how tough it just happens to be for a team to make a successful defense of their Superbowl title and it has been over a decade since the feat was last accomplished. . The meetings between the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks in weeks’ thirteen and fifteen , could very well provide us with a precursor concerning who the best team in the NFC and NFL might just be.



Do you believe the upcoming season in the NFL can surpass the events of last season? Also is it necessary for the NFL to have a franchise in either Los Angeles or London to remain viable in the eyes of their fans? Your comments on this and anything else you believe pertinent to this article is most certainly welcomed.


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(1) New England Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft, left, is seen here alongside Roger Goodell as the two answer questions from an array of NFL journalists, having just attended a safety clinic concerning NFL players . Both Goodell and Kraft are asking for a concerted effort to be made to reestablish an NFL franchise in Los Angeles. The NFL Commissioners has repeatedly stated that the city’s council members are amenable for the return of the NFL to the city , but he has failed to show who would bear the brunt of the financial obligation for a new stadium for the franchise. AP Photo / Greg Jones …

(2) Los Angeles Dodgers’ co-owners Mark Walter left and Magic Johnson , having spent $2 billion to buy the baseball franchise, now seem to be intent on either buying an NFL franchise or perhaps seeking to start a new NFL team within the confines of the greater Los Angeles area. a . The duo are also believed to be interested in buying AEG Worldwide and are willing to make an unsolicited bid for the concessions and entertainment company. UPI/ Getty Images / Chris Palmer …

(3) Cleveland Browns’ head coach Mike Pettine , far left, is seen here alongside Justin Gilbert , Johnny Manziel and the Browns’ general manager Ray Farmer . Gilbert and Manziel were part of this season’s draft class for the Browns. AP Photo/ Penny Wilson …

(4) Jay Cutler (6) of the Chicago Bears is seen here with his counterpart Tony Romo (9) of the Dallas Cowboys at the end of game with Bears defeating the Cowboys 34-18 in an NFC contest in 2012. The two quarterbacks have yet to taste a Superbowl victory with only Cutler having appeared in the NFL’s postseason finale which resulted in a lopsided loss for the Bears . Getty Images North America / Rafael Henriques ….

(5) San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick , left, talks with head coach Jim Harbaugh during the fourth quarter of an NFL football game against the St. Louis Rams in San Francisco, Sunday, Nov. 11, 2012. Having replaced Alex Smith as the starting quarterback Kaepernick cemented himself as the team’s starter and has accomplished a great deal since his first game in the NFL …



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An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

23 thoughts on “You can fool the people some of the time but the anal retentive just deserve to be fooled and embarrassed all of the time ………..that is why the NFL exists .”

  1. Roger Goodell keeps on blowing smoke up everyone’s ass and there are fans who continue buy into his continued bull#hit, while claiming the NFL has been of great benefit to a number of cities where there are NFL franchises . While the country remains in an economic tailspin , with the NFL admission and season ticket prices rising annually above the rate of inflation , what real benefits is the league now providing cities such as Chicago and Detroit ?

    Robert Kraft for his part , remains a conceited as#hole and a frigging moron in his deniable culpability in the drafting of Aaron Hernandez by the New England Patriots in 2010 . It doesn’t pain to me say this, even as a diehard Patriots’ fan. I simply call it like I see it , rather than accepting apathy and nonsensical explanations as exhibited by docile sports’ fans in general !

    NFL news


    ” I am telling you this will work . The more we talk about wanting an NFL franchise in Los Angeles and London, it will deflect from the issue of our league being ran by a bunch of white guys who accept racism , misogyny and who simply care just about making money . Now shut the fu$k up and follow my lead ”

    Robert Kraft and Roger Goodell are of one opinion on a number of subjects concerning the NFL and apathetic fans too dumb to take note , they just continue to make excuses one after the other .

    tophatal ……………


  2. Other than assisting the New Orleans Saints in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina , can anyone point to a real act of benevolence by the entire NFL fraternity ?

    There are dumb @sses continuing to buy into Goodell and the NFL as if their ##cking lives depended on it .

    Which team this NFL season is likely to be over-hyped as the Denver Broncos were last season , only to come crashing down after the ass whupping that came courtesy of the Seattle Seahawks in the Superbowl ?


    Funny I have always had an affinity for girls who traveled real light !

    ” I asked you to help me find the car keys not licking on my tits and nipples ” .

    tophatal …………


  3. I find it so asinine, when I hear fans talk about what the NFL brings to a community in general when at the end of the day, it is the league itself that reaps the biggest rewards at the expense of the cities where they operate .

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were repeatedly given a pass by the Tampa Sports Authority (owners of Raymond James Stadium) for unpaid bills . Meanwhile , the city of Tampa saw fit to fire first responders , teachers and members of the city’s Police Department because of their budgetary woes . This is something that is being replicated across the country though not necessarily implying that all of the NFL’s thirty-two teams have been negligent with their obligations to creditors .

    ” I’ll pay the NFL the $600 million they need to bring an NFL team to Los Angeles , but it’ll be my team and I will call them what I want . You’ll be proud to know unlike Donald Sterling I speak openly and candidly on all issues . My team will be known as the Los Angeles Ni$$er Loving Wetbacks as a nick-name . It will be something the demographic fan-base can relate to ” !

    Philip Anschutz , billionaire and part owner of the LA Kings and Lakers


  4. If Johnny Manziel does suit up for the Cleveland Browns for at least the part of two games during the team’s preseason schedule and does really well , in perhaps beating out Brian Hoyer for the starting position on the Browns . Then in all probability Mike Pettine and the coaching staff in agreement with GM Ray Farmer will allow the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner the privilege of starting his very first regular season professional game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in week one .

    Cleveland Browns’ news

    tophatal …………


  5. The two best teams in the NFC based on last season’s standings will be vying for divisional supremacy within the NFC West , which has now become the best division in the NFL without a doubt .

    I fully expect the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks to renew what has now become the best team rivalry in all football over the past two seasons .

    The NFC East has become mediocre in terms of the play and the coaching to be found within division .

    I seriously doubt Jay Gruden will be able to improve the play of the Washington Redskins in spite of their draft class and the moves made during the off-season .

    Jay Gruden and GM Bruce Allen .

    Bruce Allen’s career has not exactly been littered with success other than his being part of the Jon Gruden tandem that won Superbowl for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers more than a decade ago . His draft choices then , were an unmitigated disaster , albeit that to his credit the Redskins’ draft class of 2012 produced Robert Griffin III, Alfred Morris and Kirk Cousins .

    tophatal …….


  6. Tom Brady is not getting any younger and this season might be the last opportunity for the New England Patriots’ great quarterback to try and gain that elusive fourth Superbowl ring .

    The team looks good enough to lay a swath through the AFC East as I do not believe the three other teams within the division have what it takes to take down the Patriots.

    New England’s draft class was very good, but not exceptional and their off-season acquisitions should prove to be productive as they embark upon their preseason and regular season schedule .

    Bill Belichick and his staff have something to prove after the disappointment in the playoffs of 2013 .

    New England Patriots’ roster

    New England Patriots’ preseason schedule and regular season schedule in 2014 .

    New England Patriots’ active contracts and team payroll in 2014 .

    tophatal ……


  7. Which NFL coach is likely to be under the threat of being fired this upcoming season ? Is it likely to be a rookie or a more experience coach ? Your thoughts on this and anything else you believe relevant ? My choices are Dennis Allen in Oakland , Joe Philbin , Gus Bradley , Doug Marrone and Mike Smith . Each has to get back on track in light of last season concerning their respective teams .

    NFL news from around the league

    tophatal …………


  8. Was Tony Dungy really set up by the press concerning his comments about Michael Sam or was this simply a former NFL head coach once again actually showing a lack of intelligence on his part , given his former status within the league ?

    Dungy states his reasons for not drafting Michael Sam would be based on the adverse publicity a team would receive , but herein lies a fact , the former head coach aided Michael Vick during his re acclimatization to the NFL . Also as head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers he had to deal with the issues of Warren Sapp , who was twice charged with spousal abuse and battery . So what in Dungy’s mind determines adverse publicity and what level does he believe to be harmful to the reputation of the NFL and a franchise ? How much of an @ss is he now coming across with his explanation and now trying to defer the first perceptions behind his statement ?

    ” I have nothing against gay players just as long as they don’t physically hold anything against me ”

    Tony Dungy

    tophatal …………………………..


    1. Tophat,
      The majority of the players WILL NOT welcome a gay player in their locker room. Let me preface that with ‘FRINGE’ gay player. I would bet any amount of $$ laying 2-1 that if a secret ballot were held in the NFL the “do not want” would win a majority decision. These guys, maybe some are closet gays, pride themselves as macho pussy loving warriors. That’s life as we currently know it. Down the round might be different.


      1. Ronbets

        The majority of players will not welcome an openly gay player , but herein lies the misnomer , there are probably several players currently in the NFL who have chosen to hide their sexuality . , rather than ” coming out ” for the fear of being chastised .

        This league is filled with a bunch of damn hypocrites where racism is tolerated , excuses are being made by the fans and the league alike along with idiocy that took place with the Miami Dolphins and the homophobic actions of Richie Incognito and Markiece Pouncey . Should I add anything else concerning this beyond the misogyny and lack of leadership of Roger Goodell ?

        Esera Tuaolo (pictured above) , for years hid his sexuality before coming out , after having retired . Now he is an activist and gay advocate working to stop the type behavior we have seen described as male machismo . What type of dumb @ss fan, tries to excuse that type of behavior as exhibited by players within the league ? Hell we might well shut our eyes to that along with the continued idiotic claims that this country has actually progressed on from the civil rights’ era . Only an apathetic a#shole would try and suggest or believe that .

        Sad news about Broncos’ owner Pat Bowlem and his having to relinquish control of the team as he fights Alzheimer’s disease .

        tophatal …………….


        1. Tophat,
          That’s a terrible desease that most of us have experienced somewhere in our families. How sad is it when a son/daughter visits their mom and she doesn’t recognize them?


          1. Ronbets …..

            It is sad and I for one feel for the family of . . Pat Bowlem and the fans of the Denver Broncos in general . Bowlem is one of the more refined and well-respected owners within the NFL . Thankfully , Joe Ellis (CEO) and John Elway are there to carry on with the day to day running of the franchise . Denver will be playing for a great deal more than pride this upcoming season .

            John Elway, Pat Bowlem and Jon Fox , far right .

            tophatal ……………….


      2. Ronbets

        If either Tom Brady or Peyton Manning were to ” come out “ and state that they had been living a lie in terms of their sexuality, even though each were married , would you be shocked by their admission and would your view about them actually change ? Think about it before answering the question ,.,

        tophatal ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


        1. Tophat,
          My view about them change? YEAH, it would. Displaying a weak character, subjecting their wives to public embarrassment, STDs, and just being a dishonest SOB. His image permanently tarnished for living a deceitful life.

          Now on a less serious note, if my old lady was a lesbian? I’d demand a threesome.LOL


          1. Ronbets

            Isn’t that as such what Magic Johnson subjected his wife to , while being in complete denial , concerning his philandering ? Granted, there was never any hint concerning his sexuality , only that he had a ravenous appetite when it came to women . Though Magic’s appetite was nowhere near on par with Wilt Chamberlain’s . Wilt’s claim was that he had slept with as many women as the points he’d scored in his NBA career ? Damn !!!!

            A threesome is every heterosexual male’s fantasy and quite rightly so . My next door neighbor come the 1st September, will be two buxom female employees (both under the age of twenty-five) of Disney World Orlando and they work as trainers of cockatoos . Need I say anymore on the matter ? Especially as it relates to cockatoos . .LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

            “That’s not fair as you told me I’d be first ” !

            tophatal ………………


  9. Can the Arizona Cardinals be credible challengers for the NFC West and dominate both the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks this upcoming season ? Thereby continuing to make the division by far the best in the NFL over the past two years .

    Bruce Arians of the Cardinals

    It will be interesting to see what Bruce Arians is able to do this season with this revamped roster as the Cardinals look to make a name for themselves .

    Arizona Cardinals profile

    Arizona Cardinals’ news

    Arizona Cardinals’ regular season schedule

    Arizona Cardinals roster

    Arizona Cardinals’ draft class (2014)

    Arizona Cardinals team statistics (2013)

    tophatal ………….


  10. It all remains to be seen…..I’d rather believe that gays can do the same as straights in whatever occupation they choose….perhaps it would be better that they remain in the closet though because of the backlash by supposedly straights in all walks of life…… theory is this this: those who bash gays, especially male bashers, are really unsure of their own sexual orientation…..I’ve seen it all in my 71 years….teachers fired because someon found out they were gay, gays beaten to death, blacks lynched because they smiled at a white woman…..I DO resent gay rights being shoved down my throat…….I know they have em, but quit bitching and protesting; the time will come…….Talent and whatever will eventually win out


  11. Al Clements

    I believe one can have a healthy respect for an individual and their lifestyle , The Bible states , ” let him without sin cast the first stone ” . Last I looked there has been so much damn hypocrisy within the Christianity and organized religion in general .

    The only thing I believe concerning the issue , and it is the lifestyle should not be forced down the throats of young children at an early age ! What the hell does any pre-teen understand about homosexuality or lesbianism ?

    The NFL is filled with bigotry , racism , misogyny , and there seems to be no real leadership coming from Roger Goodell , much less the NFLPA (Players’ Union) , but yet we have anal retentive fans regaling about how great and tolerant the league just happens to be . What an absolute crock of bull$hit !

    tophatal ………


    1. ” Johnny Football ” freely admits he’s made genuine mistakes at the collegiate level and since his entrance into the NFL . Manziel remains a dumb #ss who is being badly advised by all of his handlers , not least by his agent ., I can tell you this, if he fails along the lines of Tim Tebow and his ” overrated career “ in the NFL . Then he deserves to return his 2012 Heisman Trophy back to the Downtown New York Athletic Club in New York City , New York.

      NFL quarterbacks taken in the NFL Draft since 2003 and their career stats to date. Makes for an interesting read don’t you think ?

      Tim Tebow is said to be practicing once again with a quarterbacks’ guru in the hope of making a return to the NFL . Obviously the former Gator quarterback is nowhere near as intelligent , as some claim him to be , because he would realize his game is simply mediocre at best and definitely not suited for the league .

      tophatal ……………..


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