The Light at the End of the Tunnel ….

 The Light at the End of the Tunnel …

Well the NBA season is still several weeks away and the league itself will have a great deal to offer us this upcoming season. Star players have found new homes and the salary scales for those players are now at an all-time high along with the team payrolls . Meanwhile, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver will have a great deal to think about , along with the NBPA (union) seeking to rework their current collective bargaining agreement. On the court it will be interesting to see which of the Los Angeles’ based franchises will be viewed as the best team in the league this season. Both have made big splashes, with the acquisition of key players , likely to add to the efficiency and productivity of both teams.. Who would have guessed that Finals MVP , Kawhi Leonard would have left the Toronto Raptors to join the Los Angeles Clippers , with the franchise also adding Paul George into the mix on the team’s roster that’ll be coached by Doc Rivers ? GM Lawrence Frank and Rivers were able to work wonders in getting both players to make the Clippers their destination. Countering that move the Los Angeles Lakers got their man when Anthony Davis was acquired in exchange for Lonzo Ball and a bunch bye products no longer wanted by the franchise. Los Angeles also saw the departure of Luke Walton as the team’s Head Coach , with his being replaced by Frank Vogel . From my own perspective , I do not believe that Vogel will be able to put enough wins to actually seal the deal, where the Lakers are considered a top contender for the NBA title .


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Opening night of the NBA regular season will tip off on October 22nd with the opening games being the Toronto Raptors facing the New Orleans Pelicans as the Raptors begin the defense of their NBA title won last season. The other opening night game features the Los Angeles Lakers facing the Los Angeles Clippers.

LeBron James continues to chase history, with the four-time League MVP seeking to surpass the legacy of his idol Michael Jordan as a player . There are some who now believe James to be the equal Jordan, albeit that James has yet to beat Jordan’s feat of six championship winning NBA Finals and six Finals’ MVP Awards. I think that sums up every reason , why LeBron James will never been seen as Michael Jordan’s equal.

There are a number of teams that I feel can compete for the NBA title this season, with everything being equal . The team likely to have the most difficult task could very well be the Houston Rockets , whose window of opportunity becomes more difficult with each passing season. Having n James Harden team up with Russell Westbrook makes this roster a formidable one , but it remains to be seen whether or not they have what it takes to derail the hopes of their opponents during this upcoming season. Houston will begin their preseason with a game against the Los Angeles Clippers on the 4th October .Their regular season opener will see the Rockets tip off against the Milwaukee Bucks , in a game where Harden will match wits with Giannis Antetokounmpou , the reigning League MVP .

Dave Dombrowski was summarily fired by the Boston Red Sox , with the team having failed to seal a berth for the postseason . Such was the failure of this team , that there’s a growing feeling that a number of their high-priced players could very well be on the move at the end of this season. Much of the blame for the Red Sox’s malaise can be laid firmly on the shoulders of Dombrowski, who felt it was best to overpay for a number of stars whose best years might well be behind them. Boston and team manager Alex Cora will have the rest of September to prove to their fans that the team can still play with pride. In their next game the Red Sox will be on the mound to face the Toronto Blue Jays on the road. It will be interesting to see how they will fare against their divisional rivals in this contest.

Zack Scott is likely to take over the duties relinquished by Dave Dombrowski after his firing and it will be interesting to see the moves that Scott could very well make , which will likely determine the future of this ball-club .

Zack Scott , front office executive with the Boston Red Sox

Throughout the history of the New England Patriots , team Head Coach Bill Belichick has never been afraid to take a chance on a player , from Corey Dillon to Randy Moss , to Donte’ Stallworth and now Antonio Brown . The wide receiver was signed by the Patriots after he was cut by the Oakland Raiders , The Players Union are now in the midst of filing a grievance , concerning Brown’s dismissal by the Raiders. Having been signed to a one-year , $15 million deal of which $9 million is guaranteed money. It will be interesting to see what the Patriots will be able to get out of Antonio Brown over the course of this season. One thing for sure , this Patriots ‘ offense is a hell of a lot more potent than any of their rivals within their division , the AFC as well as the rest of the league. Having demolished the Pittsburgh Steelers 33-3 in their regular season opener , the New England Patriots will line up in week two to meet the Miami Dolphins . . Antonio Brown is likely to be in the team’s lineup with the Patriots’ coaching staff looking to assess the player’s worth to the team .

One looming issue which could threaten Antonio Brown’s time with the Patriots this season , is that of a possible lawsuit being filed against him by Jon Gruden , Head Coach of the Oakland Raiders. This stems from the player having recorded a private conversation between himself and his former coach. Under California state law , a private telephone conversation between two private parties , cannot be deemed legal unless consent is given by both parties. How this is viewed by the courts has yet to be played out , while it’s unclear that Gruden as such, can claim that if this was actually a conversation where he was representing the interests of the Raiders , or that it was solely one of privacy . Brown also faces claims of sexual assault by a former personal trainer , Britney Taylor , hired by the player. Taylor claims that she was sexually assaulted by Brown on three separate occasions , but at no time had she made those assertions public , having informed law enforcement of these three incidents. I can only surmise that Taylor having seen that Brown signed his deal , is now seeking some form of compensation from Antonio Bryant.

As optimistic as it was thought that this season was going to be for the Jacksonville Jaguars . The loss of the team’s starting quarterback Nick Foles has led to an even bigger dilemma for the coaching staff and front office , is whether not they should now acquire a free agent quarterback currently on the market , or call up one of Foles’ backup on the Jaguars’ depth chart. Gardner Minshew and Joshna Dobbs are two players with minimal experience on the team’s roster at the quarterback position .

Heading into week two the Jacksonville Jaguars will face the Houston Texans on the road in an AFC match-up . All signs point to the fact that this could be a very entertaining game, with the Jaguars being definitely in need of a victory .

Far be it for me to suggest , but it is becoming abundantly clear that the window of opportunity for Jameis Winston to prove himself as a leader for the Tampa Buccaneers closing extremely fast . Ever since being drafted by the franchise in 2015, Winston has continually struggled in his role as a starting quarterback. Week one saw an abysmal performance by Jameis Winston as the Buccaneers succumbed to the San Francisco 49ers , with the Bucs’ starting quarterback being hit and throwing interceptions unwantedly . With their next game being a divisional contest , the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Jameis Winston are going to be tested when they face the Carolina Panthers on Thursday evening , 12th September, 2019. Bruce Arians might well feel it prudent not to start Winston given his record against the Panthers since his becoming a starter for the franchise. For the Panthers they are likely to be without their starting quarterback Cam Newton for this contest. Newton for his part would like nothing better than to be on the field for this game as he seeks to regain the form that made him a League MVP in 2015. For both teams a win is of vital importance moving forward.

Jameis Winston having recently being given a contract extension , must now know that he’s playing for his long-term future and that of the Buccaneers’ own livelihood, as they can ill-afford to start off their season on a two-game losing streak. . Becoming an unrestricted free agent in 2020 , the veteran quarterback has to be looking to commensurate a deal that would provide for his long-term future , but given his inconsistency , I seriously doubt that the front office of the Buccaneers will be so forthcoming.

Since his acquisition of the Miami Dolphins , current team owner , Stephen M Ross , has seen the ongoing demise of a franchise that hasn’t seen any semblance of real success in over a decade. Their last postseason appearance came in 2016 , and prior to that it was in 2009 , when Ross finally took control of the Dolphins from previous owner H D Wayne Huizenga . Miami’s season opening loss might well have been the franchise’s worst defeat of regular season football over the last ten years. The performance of this team was in deed an embarrassment for first year Head Coach Brian Flores and his coaching staff . The Baltimore Ravens led by their quarterback Lamar Jackson laid waste to a Dolphins’ defense which so was brutal in their lack of execution and play , with their offense being equally inept . Things won’t be getting any easier as the Dolphins will have to face a red-hot New England Patriots’ team looking to improve off their season opening win when these two AFC East rivals meet in week two of the regular season.

When pressure is being brought to bear on an NFL rookie , especially one who is a Heisman Trophy winner . The expectations continue to be high through much of their career with few of those aspirants really ever being able to live up to or meet those expectations. Kyler Murray of the Arizona Cardinals , now finds himself in such surroundings , with the fans and front office
expecting a great deal from the rookie quarterback this season . . Murray and the Cardinals in their week one opener tied with the Detroit Lions , 27-27 , in a game which went into overtime. . With the rookie and sophomore quarterbacks’ Kyler Murray and Lamar Jackson meeting for the very first time, these two players should bring out the best in each other.

What story of late within the world sports has you riveted by way of its unfolding ?

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  1. Should Kevin Cash and the Tampa Bay Rays in their game five ALDS deciding contest against the Oakland A’s , which takes place on Thursday the 10th October , it will be the farthest that the organization has gone since their World Series’ appearance in 2008 when they lost to the Philadelphia Phillies in five games. At the time Joe Maddon , current manager of the Chicago Cubs was the manager in charge of the roster which put up a spirited display against the Phillies though those five games, On the mound for the Rays will be starting pitcher Tyler Glasnow as he faces AL Cy Young Award front-runner , Gerritt Cole of the Astros . This will be truly a test of wills for both Glasnow and Cole in terms of their respective credentials when it comes to the postseason .

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  2. The Thursday Night Game which is the featured opener for week six of the NFL schedule will have the
    New York Giants on the road to face the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium in , Foxboro’ Massachusetts . Tom Brady will be looking to further expand on his record against the Giants , whereas Giants’ rookie starting quarterback Daniel Jones will be looking to test himself against Brady and the Patriots , whose defense at this stage of the season is among the best in the league.

    Teams with a bye-week are the Buffalo Bills , Chicago Bears , Indianapolis Colts and the Oakland Raiders . Injuries continue to mount up and they have plagued the teams this season to date. Sean McVay and the Los Angeles Rams will be back on the field in week six as they look to solidify their position in the NFC West when they face the unbeaten San Francisco 49ers (4-0) in a game that determine the outcome within the division. Opposing NFC quarterbacks Jimmy Garoppolo of the Niners and Jared Goff are having measurable seasons within the conference and overall both players have shown that they are capable of producing their best.

    The Miami Dolphins are essentially down and out, and it seems that if their record remains as it is , then the franchise will be looking to draft a quarterback in the 2020 NFL Draft . The team’s offense has been mediocre at best , with the passing game being completely inept , with their quarterbacks used , having not produced anything of note. It is now leading many to believe that Brian Flores could be made a scapegoat for the team’s failures this season , with many believing the entire coaching staff could very well be shown the door if they fail miserably. Miami has yet to win a game and their upcoming contest against the Washington Redskins could very well determine the rest of their season. That game will be played on the road at FedEx Field in Ashburn , Virginia ,. Veteran running back Adrian Peterson should be suited up for the Redskins in this game and it will be interesting to see how the player fares against Miami’s porous defense. With both teams looking for their first win of the season there is a great deal riding on the game. Bill Callahan is the newly installed Washington Head Coach after the firing of Jay Gruden .

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  3. Two weeks from tomorrow and by enlarge we have the opening week of the NBA regular season schedule . There are games schedule for Wednesday , but the current controversy now surround the league , comes with the comments made GM Daryl Morey’s criticism of the Chinese regime and their continued human rights’ violations and mistreatment of the peaceful protesters in Hong Kong . CCTV , national broadcast network has postponed the broadcast of the two games taking place in China , after the remarks from the Houston Rockets general manager. Commissioner Adam Silver , for his part , has shown some restraint in not being openly critical , but it is clear if the NBA wants to have a greater presence not just within mainland China , but also in Hong Kong , then something will have to be done to quell this brewing firestorm.

    Houston Rockets’ GM Daryl Morey.

    Courtesy of ESPN

    Adam Silver reacts as Chinese TV cancels NBA game broadcasts

    AP News Service

    TOKYO — NBA commissioner Adam Silver said he’s still planning to go to China on Wednesday in advance of preseason games there between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Brooklyn Nets later in the week, even after China’s state broadcaster canceled plans to air the games.

    NBA Commissioner Adam Silver .

    Silver went so far as to say that he and the league are “apologetic” over the outcome and reaction that followed Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey’s tweet showing support for protesters in Hong Kong, but he noted that “we are not apologizing for Daryl exercising his freedom of expression.”

    “Daryl Morey, as general manager of the Houston Rockets, enjoys that right as one of our employees,” Silver said. “What I also tried to suggest is that I understand there are consequences from his freedom of speech and we will have to live with those consequences.”

    He added that he “regrets” how so many Chinese people and NBA fans were upset by the now-deleted tweet.

    Silver said it would be appropriate for people involved with the league “to be sensitive” to different cultures when tweeting or communicating. He spoke in Tokyo before a preseason game between the NBA champion Toronto Raptors and Rockets.

    His comments came as Chinese state broadcaster CCTV said it will no longer air two NBA preseason games set to be played in the country.

    CCTV is also reviewing all its cooperation and exchanges involving the NBA, it said in a statement posted to CCTV Sports’ official social media account.

    On tap for Wednesday in terms of the preseason schedule there will be seven games on show for the fans to view. The Dallas Mavericks will tip off against the Detroit Pistons , which pits two teams who will be seeking to make the best out of this preseason schedule. Another of the games that may well pique the interest of the fans will be the contest between the unbeaten Orlando Magic as they face the Atlanta Hawks . With Lonzo Ball having found a new home after his trade to the New Orleans Pelicans , having been sent there in exchange for Anthony Davis , with the Lakers also offering up some superfluous baggage. It will be interesting to see what Ball can offer to his new team . New Orleans will be on the court to face the Chicago Bulls on the road . Ball and Pelicans’ rookie and the top pick from the NBA Draft , Zion Williams and Julius Randle , should be pivotal in the aspirations of this franchise moving forward.

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  4. With the Detroit Tigers failing miserably this season within the AL Central and the team all asunder in terms of their play . The front office clearly believes there is a great deal to do in order to make the playing staff a great deal better. The managerial staff of Ron Gardenhire saw the Tigers play abysmally over the course of the season , with their being several losing streaks along the way . Miguel Cabrera , the Tigers’ Triple Crown player and perennial All Star had a woefully inept season . Over their final ten games of the regular season the Tigers posted a record of 2-8 . The team’s record of 47-114 was the worst in all of baseball , leaving them with the likelihood of obtaining the top pick in the upcoming MLB Draft .

    With Miguel Cabrera being among the highest paid players on the roster and with a farm system that it is not considered that great. There is the feeling that the front office might well be in the market of a mover and a shaker by way of trades and through developing some of their more thriving players.

    It is becoming abundantly clear that no one would be willing to undertake the remainder of Miguel Cabrera’s current contract with the player still being owed in excess of $120 million . With the Detroit’s ownership now in the hands of the Ilitch family , led primarily by Christopher Ilitch , son of late patriarch , Michael Ilitch . It will be interesting to see what decisions are likely to be made beyond that of the playing staff , but also with a new Head of Baseball Operations . During Dave Chadd’s reign in the role since 2015 , the Detroit Tigers have failed to make the postseason . Their last appearance came in 2014 ,

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  5. Quarterbacks will come and go , and there’s no doubt that they continue to be heralded with their having been several players at the position having won the NFL League MVP . Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes with his having been the most recent recipient of the award , Mahomes had an extraordinary season in his rookie season , 2018 and he has now gone on to excel in 2019 , with the player now being looked at the face of not just the franchise, but quite possibly the face of the league for several years to come . Given the longevity of Tom Brady’s astonishing career , six time Superbowl winner , League MVP and now on course to smash several league records .

    In week six , Parick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs will be looking to bounce back after their surprising loss to the Indianapolis Colts in week five . They will be taking on the Houston Texans where it’s hoped that DeShaun Watson will be suiting up for the Texans in this highly anticipated game , between two of the league’s most promising young quarterbacks .

    NFL transactions …

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  6. And just like that it all came to a mind-blowing end , within the NLDS , with the road teams winning , defeating their rivals in extraordinary circumstances. Perhaps the biggest surprise of all, was witnessing the monumental meltdown of the famed Los Angeles Dodgers’ pitching staff as they completely unraveled in game five of their series against the Washington Nationals . Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts has to be at his wit’s end trying to explain how this highly priced team can fall apart . Suffice to say the front office headed by senior managing partners , Mark Walter , Todd Boehly and Head of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman will have to seriously look at the underlying issues which plagues this Dodgers’ playing staff.

    Having only once made an World Series’ appearance in the last three decades , one has to ask why it is that the Los Angeles Dodgers continue to fail so miserably , in spite of their having ever present and perennial All Star caliber players and players who continue to win singular awards on a regular basis, There were questions raised concerning the decision making of Dave Roberts during this NLDS against the Washington Nationals. Yet to my mind , I feel that this Nationals’ playing staff and managerial staff simply wanted the series’ victory more than their opponents .

    In the other NLDS between the Atlanta Braves and the St Louis Cardinals in game five of their not so nail-biting series. It was left to the pitching staff of the Braves as well as their defense to give up hits , RBI’s and home runs . The first five innings essentially set up the pace and inevitable outcome for this game.

    The NLCS between the St Louis Cardinals and Washington Nationals now sets up and intriguing match-up between two very good teams. Game one will be played at Busch Stadium in St Louis , Missouri, .

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  7. Some very good games will be played between now and Sunday within the NBA , as the preseason continues . On tap for Thursday there are seven games scheduled. The Denver Nuggets and the Los Angeles Clippers will be on tap with these two conference rivals facing off against each other . Among the most interesting things to witness has been the play of the rookies . The New Orleans Pelicans’ rookie Zion Williamson is proving to be the player everyone felt he could be . Next up for Williamson and his teammates will be a game against the Utah Jazz at the Smoothie King Arena , in New Orleans , Louisiana ,.

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  8. Gabe Kapler has become another MLB manager to have been dismissed during this season and the blame for this all is not solely the blame of Kapler and his managerial staff alone. The front office of the Philadelphia Phillies and their decision to offer a multi-year , multi-million deal to Bryce Harper , indicates that they wanted to place their hopes in the talent of Harper alone , rather than
    solidify the roster , providing it with depth and the ability to play at a high level. With the Phillies having failed to dominate the NL East , much less make the MLB Postseason only adds to the disappointment all-round.

    This off season can only provide the Phillies’ organization more to contemplate what needs to be done in order to resurrect the the fortunes of the franchise moving forward. Their Minor League System is not considered among the best within the game, Yet it remains to be seen what will be done in the coming months leading up to the beginning of Spring Training 2020 . It will be interesting to see who among the Phillies’ free agents might well be retained and who will be let go , while those in arbitration , what might be the expectations for those players.

    Philadelphia Phillies news …

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  9. With Erik Spoestra having had his contract extended with the Miami Heat and the retirement of Dwyane Wade , perhaps the franchise’s most beloved player in it’s history. It now remains to be seen what the Heat alongside Team President Pat Riley can do to restore the fortunes of the three-time championship winning Miami Heat. Last season if it proved anything , was the fact that the team’s lineup was one where it was barely competitive , having not thrived during regular season play or make the NBA Playoffs.

    With the NBA Draft and their class of incoming rookies and trades , the lineup for the Miami Heat for this upcoming season should prove to be an interesting one. The Heat got off to a winning start to their preseason schedule , with their next game being on Monday , 14th October when they face the Atlanta Hawks at home in a match-up of conference rivals within the East. It will be interesting to see which of the players on the Heat’s roster will step up to the plate , but based on what we’ve seen it is likely to be one of their seasoned veterans. Miami’s opening game of the regular season will pit them against the Memphis Grizzlies on the 23rd October .

    The highest paid player on the Miami Heat roster will be Jimmy Butler , who’s likely to be viewed as the leader on this lineup

    Miami Heat news ….

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  10. Having won a Superbowl in 2018 , the Philadelphia Eagles are off to an improbable start having posted a 3-2 record entering into week six of the regular season schedule , with their upcoming game being a match-up against the Minnesota Vikings in a conference road game. Carson Wentz and his teammates should be up for this contest with their meeting being a postseason contest . The NFC East has become something of a catastrophe with none of the teams proving themselves to be overly impressive within the division .

    Philadelphia Eagles news ….

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  11. Week seven of the College Football Season (FBS) , with Alabama now riding high as the number one-ranked team in the nation’s rankings . Alabama should be in play for their next game when they take on Texas A&M (Aggies) . There are several more games among the top-ten teams which could provide a shake-up within the rankings . Within the Atlantic Coast (ACC) there will be several games this weekend which should pique the interest of the fans within the conference. The Miami Hurricanes will be looking to improve their record when they take on Virginia this Friday .

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  12. The final berth for the ALCS was made known , as the Houston Astros got by the Tampa Bay Rays in game five of their ALDS matchup . In this match-up of primed AL pitchers , it was left to Gerritt Cole of the Astros to completely outmatch his Rays’ opponent Tyler Glasnow who was unable to go more than five innings in the contest. Houston will now go on to meet the New York Yankees in the ALCS which begins on the 12th October , with game one being played at Minute Maid Park in Houston , Texas ,.

    Game one of the NLCS , will see the St Louis Cardinals playing host to the Washington Nationals in what is sure to be a thoroughly thrilling series if their regular season meetings in 2019 are anything to go by. Anibal Sanchez of the Nationals will be one the mound as he faces Mike Mikolas of the Cardinals for the opening game of the series.

    MLB news ……

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  13. So they’re now off to a six game winning streak as the New England Patriots (6-0) got the better of the New York Giants (2-4) in the Thursday Night Game between these two formidable foes . Tom Brady of the Patriots was able to garner another personal milestone as he surpassed Peyton Manning in career passing yards with only Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints now ahead of him in that mark . With Brees now out through injury , Tom Brady could very well supplant his Saints counterpart atop of the heap within his next three games , having only to gain another 619 yards to make that a reality and league history (74,845 yards) . Brady could also supplant Peyton Manning in terms of the number of career passing touchdowns with his only being twelve behind the future Hall of Fame bound player .

    Courtesy of ESPN

    Tom Brady surpasses Peyton Manning for second on passing yardage list

    By Mike Reiss , ESPN Staff Writer

    Foxboro’ Massachusetts – New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady entered Thursday night’s game against the New York Giants needing 18 yards to pass his longtime rival Peyton Manning and move into second place on the NFL’s all-time passing yardage list.

    Brady did it quickly with a 19-yard completion to Sony Michel at 14:20 of the first quarter. Brady ended the night 31-of-41 for 334 yards and an interception as the Patriots breezed to a 35-14 win.

    The performance put Brady at 72,257 yards for his career. New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees holds the top spot with 74,845 yards. Official NFL records account for only the regular season. When including the playoffs, Brady is No. 1.

    Over the course of his 20-year career, Brady has regularly deflected praise about such milestones.

    “I think having a lot of perspective on things like this is where I like to come from. I don’t believe football is an individual sport,” he said Monday during his weekly radio interview on Westwood One. “So any individual accomplishment, to me, is always a team accomplishment. There is nothing you can accomplish in football without everybody else doing their job. I think I’ve always taken to football because of that.”

    Brady, 42, has posted 90 career games in which he has thrown for 300 or more yards. Only Brees (116) and Manning (93) have more.

    Click on link to read in full.

    In week seven of the regular season schedule Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will square off against the New York Jets (0-4) , whose season is already in dire straits with their still being without a win .

    Elsewhere in week six there are several games which will be of vital importance to several teams still looking to play themselves back into divisional contention . With both the Washington Redskins (0-5) and Miami Dolphins (0-4) both being win-less and meeting at Dolphins Stadium this upcoming Sunday. Both teams will be vying to make this game a must-win , with the edge quite possibly going to the home team .

    NFL news ……….

    NFL week six schedule …

    NFL standings (division) …

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  14. Several great games being tipped off for tonight as part of the NBA preseason schedule . The Boston Celtics (1-0) , with their newly revamped roster will be taking on the Orlando Magic (3-0) , whose preseason to date has been an impressive one . There will be an all Eastern Conference clash when the Chicago Bulls face off against the Indiana Pacers on the road . Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers will be taking on the Charlotte Hornets .

    Anthony Davis and LeBron James have begun their season as newly fledged teammates on the Los Angeles Lakers’ roster. It is hoped that the two can lead the Lakers to a winning season and their first playoff appearance in the last six years . If the Lakers are to make this season’s NBA Playoffs, then they’re going to have to either win their division or gain a high enough berth within the Western Conference. Next up for the Lakers will be a game against the Brooklyn Nets in Shenzen , China , , one of several NBA games taking place overseas in the Asian Pacific Basin.

    Far be it for me to suggest, but when Steve Mills and team owner James L Dolan can’t muster a team together that can can be viewed as competitive , then I feel that it may well be time for Dolan to sell the New York Knicks’ franchise. The basketball brand might well be seen as the Jewel In Crown of The Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corporation . The entertainment conglomerate is conservatively estimated to be worth at least $25 billion . The Knicks remain among the most valuable of the NBA franchises , while continually being it’s most profitable . Consider the fact that the Knicks haven’t won an NBA title in over four decades and one could understand if the rumors emerged that James L Dolan would be willing to sell the team.

    With the Knicks’ coaching staff headed by Dave Fizdale , it will be interesting to see how this team will fare through the first two months of their regular season schedule. With their record in the preseason now standing at 1-0 , it will be interesting to what what the team will do in their next contest on-court when they face the Washington Wizards at home . The opening month of their schedule will see the Knicks will see the team play five games to begin the season, with the first game being against the San Antonio Spurs on the 23rd October , 2019. Last season against Western Conference rivals the Knicks had one of the worst marks when compared to their rivals (6-24) .

    NBA news …..

    NBA weekend schedule …

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  15. Far be it for me to suggest , but with each passing week the play of Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ quarterback Jameis Winston gets steadily worse and has genuinely become so inconsistent. This was witnessed once again as the Buccaneers fell in their week six contest to the Carolina Panthers , who were without several of their usual customary starters for this divisional game . The Buccaneers now fall to 2-4 and face a stern test with their week eight scheduled game against the Tennessee Titans on the road.

    Jason Garett is now on the hot seat, after the Dallas Cowboys’ inexplicable loss to the lowly New York Jets in a game just marred by the complete incompetence of a Cowboys’ team that is vastly overrated on both sides of the ball during this contest. It is becoming abundantly clear that the Cowboys’ front office headed by Jerry Jones will have to make a decision concerning their Head Coach , whose regular season record remains unequivocally abysmal , much like his playoff record in that same capacity. Garrett’s current contract expires at the end of this season and if if the Dallas Cowboys fail to make a deep run in the playoffs for this upcoming season , then in all likelihood , Jerry Jones might well seek to make changes with the firing of Jason Garrett and quite possibly the entire coaching staff .

    Courtesy of the New York Post

    The calls for Cowboys to fire Jason Garrett begin again

    By Mollie Walker

    The Cowboys’ glorious start has quickly turned sour on Jason Garrett.

    Dallas dropped its third straight game Sunday, falling to .500 at the hands of the winless Jets after starting the season with three dominant wins. The calls for Garrett to be fired over this disappointing turn have returned, and former Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens is spearheading the roast.

    Jason Garrett

    “Hey @realjerryjones!! Still think Jason Garrett is the answer?! For a decade, A DECADE NOW, it’s the same old song and dance!” Owens wrote on Twitter Monday. “I knew they were going to @JasonWitten on the 3rd down prior to TD and knew they were going to him on the 2-pt conversion. Not too late 2 bring me back.”

    Garrett, who was officially named head coach in 2011 after serving as interim head coach in 2010, has an 82-61 (.569) regular-season record and is 2-3 in the postseason. Garrett is currently in the final year of his contract, which the team opted not to extend, making him a lame duck.

    Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has long been Garrett’s most staunch defender, despite the team’s lack of playoff success. Jones made it clear after the 24-22 loss to the Jets that he is not pleased, but refused to put all the blame on his head coach.

    “I’m going to be very trite: I was a lot happier with what he had done the first three games than what’s happened the last three games,” Jones said of Garrett, according to ESPN. “But the big thing I want to say is it’s not just him. This is across the board. That had a lot of input out there tonight to get in that spot.”

    Click on link to read in full.

    With an upcoming game in week seven against the Philadelphia Eagles at home , it will be interesting to see how the Cowboys will fare against their divisional rivals within the NFC East .

    NFL news …………

    NFL results (week six) …

    NFL standings division ..

    Tophatal ………………………..


  16. The NLCS match-up between the Washington Nationals (2-0) and the St Louis Cardinals (0-2) looks as if it could very well be over. A well-oiled Nationals’ team has gotten off to a tremendous start with their front-line starting pitchers showing what they’re capable of. Game three of their best of seven game series for the NCLS now resumes in the nation’s capital on Monday evening when the Nationals will play host to the Cardinals . Opposing pitchers will be Stephen Strasburg of the Washington Nationals as he faces Jack Flaherty of the St Louis Cardinals.

    With the New York Yankees having taken game one of the ALCS with a 7-0 drubbing of the Houston Astros . There were some Yankees’ fans who may well have felt game two would have provided more of the same. Houston would bounce back to take game two in a 3-2 triumph over the Yankees . Game’s three and four will take place at Yankee Stadium , as of Tuesday and Wednesday evening.

    MLB news ….

    MLB Postseason Schedule …

    Tophatal ……………………………………


  17. We’re now just over a week away from the beginning of the NBA regular season schedule of eight-two games . Opening night tip off will take place officially on Tuesday , 22nd October , 2019. Over the weekend there were several games which took place . The preseason standings are by no means an indicator of what we should expect over the course of this season.

    On tonight’s schedule there will be six contests taking place. Conference rivals the Miami Heat will be taking on the Atlanta Hawks , with both of these franchises looking to make a fresh start in the wake of their lackluster records of last season . In the Western Conference there will be a contest between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Dallas Mavericks . Another conference clash within the West features the Golden State Warriors against the Los Angeles Lakers .

    Suiting up in the contest for the game between the Miami Heat and the Atlanta Hawks will be veteran , Vince Carter , who will be embarking on his twenty-second year in the NBA , once the season gets underway. Carter, Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James are the only active players in the NBA with more than 25,000 points to their name during the regular season

    NBA news …..

    NBA schedule 14th October

    Tophatal …………..


  18. So last night as week six came to a close within the NFL , with the game between the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions proved to be an eyesore because of the numerous officiating errors . Green Bay led by Aaron Rodgers came away with the victory over their divisional rivals the Detroit Lions. . At 5-1 the Packers now control their own destiny as the season progresses . with their next game coming up against the hapless Oakland Raiders .

    NFL news ….

    Tophatal …


  19. The Washington Nationals are now one game away from the winning the NLCS for 2019. Game five of this best of seven series begins today with the Nationals defending their home turf and a chance to make their first appearance in the World Series . For Washington’s manager , Dave Martinez this has been the culmination of a sensational season for the entire team . Who would have thought with the departure of Bryce Harper , leaving the Nationals , things would have changed the fortunes of the franchise overnight ? Harper would join the Philadelphia Phillies where he would have a sensational season for his new team .

    Game three of the ALCS , with the New York Yankees hosting the Houston Astros at Yankee Stadium for the third game in this best of seven-game series , with the winner heading to this season’s World Series. On the mound for the Astros will be Gerritt Cole , while he faces Luis Severino of the Yankees . Both of these pitchers are among the front runners for this year’s AL Cy Young Award winner .

    Washington National news ….

    Tophatal ……………


  20. So there’s just one week to go before the opening night of the NBA regular season . On tap for today , there will be eight games which will be conference as well as divisional and intra-conference match-ups on the day. One game that might pique everyone’s interest will be the Boston Celtics taking on the Cleveland Cavaliers . Far be it for me to suggest , but Ben Simmons wants to prove that he’s one of the better guards and point guards in the NBA while being paid like one , as an elite player , might well be pushed to the limit this season . Simmons and the Philadelphia Sixers will need to be at the top of their game if they are to win their division this season as well as making a prolonged run during the NBA Playoffs. Ben Simmons and his teammates will be on the court today when the team faces the Detroit Pistons on Tuesday evening in a home game. The match-up of Simmons against conference foes as well as the Pistons’ Blake Griffin should prove to be very informative.

    NBA news …..

    NBA schedule 15th October …

    Tophatal …………….


  21. Well , the NLCS now has a decisive victor , with the Washington Nationals (4-0) having swept the St Louis Cardinals (0-4) in four straight games to claim one of the two berths available in the 2019 World Series . When it mattered most , it was the Nationals’ pitching which claimed the honors , but that’s not to say that the team’s offense didn’t play a part in Washington’s triumph.

    The Washington Nationals now await the victors of the ALCS between the Houston Astros (2-1) and the New York Yankees (1-2) , where a pivotal game-four will be taking placeon Thursday night at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx , New York .

    Joe Maddon will now take his show on the road , having been made the new manager of the Los Angeles AngelsM. Maddon succeeds Brad Ausmus who was summarily fired, after another disappointing season by the Angels. About the only real highlight of the season once again was the play of Mike Trout who led the Angels in a number of offensive categories. Albert Pujols is now on the downside of a fabulous career and will be a Hall Fame bound player in Cooperstown. Team GM Billy Eppler and owner Arte Moreno will have to decide how they will go about reconstructing this playing staff during the off-season , while Joe Maddon will seek to bring in his own coaching staff.

    MLB news …..

    Tophatal …………………….


  22. Week eight of the College Football season is now upon us and the standings have now begun to take shape . Historically the programs of Alabama and Louisiana State(LSU) have had storied experiences with the two now being the top-ranked teams in the nation. Last season’s national champions , Clemson have now slid down from the top spot. With the SEC now having the two top spots the conference remains the best in all of College Football. Their schedule for this weekend will be an intriguing one as it will be for the rest of the programs in College Football at the FBS Level.

    Alabama will be on the field when they take on Tennessee , while LSU will be facing off against Mississippi State . This should be an intriguing match-up between these two teams .

    NCAA Football …

    NCAA Football FBS (week eight) schedule …

    Tophatal …………………………


  23. So here we are as the NBA preseason is now in full swing . Today, Wednesday , 19th October , and there will be seven games on the court .

    The woefully inept New York Knicks will be on court to face the Atlanta Hawks in a conference home game . Five-time NBA champions the San Antonio Spurs will take on conference rivals the Houston Rockets in a game where James Harden will face off against another seasoned veteran LaMarcus Aldridge. On the Spurs’ coaching staff for this upcoming season are two future Hall of Fame bound players , Tim Duncan and Becky Hammon , who will undoubtedly be joined by Gregg Popovich. The leading active Head Coach in terms of regular season wins, playoff appearances and victories.

    NBA news ….

    NBA standings preseason

    NBA schedule 16th October ..

    NBA teams’ salary cap ..

    Tophatal …………………


  24. Week seven of the NFL season and there are several games that will be a make or break for these teams as they seek to progress over the remainder of their respective schedules. What does it suggest when several players currently injured plaguing several teams over the course of the season to date ? Marcus Mariota is seemingly disappointed with his play after the team’s inexplicable loss to the Denver Broncos , in what should have been an easy victory for the Titans. Mariota was replaced in the contest by Ryan Tannehill and it remains to be seen if the coaching staff will be intent on having Tannehill as the replacement for Mariota for the team next scheduled start when they face the Los Angeles Chargers on the road.

    At this point of the season in 2018 , the standings within the divisions and conferences were very interesting.

    NFL news ….

    NFL week seven schedule …

    Tophatal …………………


  25. With the poor play of the quarterbacks on several teams this season , coaches around the NFL are having to make decisions as to whether or not they should be benching their incumbent starters or seeking to replace a back-up who’s done well , while bringing back an established veteran. Miami Dolphins'(0-6) Head Coach Brian Flores has been forced to make that decision due to the poor play of Josh Rosen , who’s likely to be replaced by Ryan Fitzpatrick , the team’s rather high priced acquisition , made during the off-season. To date the Dolphins’ offense has been one of the most ineffective within the NFL and the defense isn’t that far behind . The team’s statistics certainly bear this out.

    With the Dolphins having an upcoming game in week seven against the Buffalo Bills (4-1) in an AFC East divisional rivals’ match-up, where their defense and offense are extremely good.

    Kyle Allen of the Carolina Panthers (4-2) is the first NFL rookie quarterback to have won his first five games in the league without allowing an interception. Allen has been installed as the team’s starting quarterback as Cam Newton recovers from a lingering injury . For Ron Rivera , he is likely to have an interesting decision to make once it’s revealed that Newton has fully recovered from his injury. Does the Head Coach still go with the ‘hot hand’ or does he bring in the experienced veteran , Newton, back into the team’s starting lineup ? In week eight the Panthers are due to face the San Francisco 49ers in a conference match-up .

    Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens (4-2) are off to a great start to the season within the AFC North with the team scheduled to meet the Seattle Seahawks in a non-conference game . Jackson and his Seahawks’ counterpart Russell Wilson whose season has been impressive enough to the point, where he has to be considered in the conversation for League MVP .

    NFL and latest news’ updates …

    Miami Dolphins’ news …

    NFL standings division …

    Tophatal …………………


  26. Today within Major League Baseball there will be a pivotal game-four within the AL , as the two teams the Houston Astros (2-1) and New Yankees (1-2) and as they seek to gain a berth in this season’s World Series . This series will determine the winner of the ALCS . Opposing pitchers for the contest are Zack Greinke of the Astros as he faces the Yankees’ starter Masahiro Tanaka . Game five of this series will take place at Yankee Stadium , where the two opposing pitchers on Saturday evening will be Justin Verlander of the Astros where he takes on James Paxton of the Yankees . Astros’ manager AJ Hinch will be looking to lead the ball-club to their second World Series’ appearance since 2015. The Washington Nationals as the NLCS winners for 2019 will await the victors of this ALCS match-up.

    MLB news …..

    MLB schedule three days at a glance (18th-20th July) …

    Tophatal ………………..


  27. Just five more days until Opening Night , officially within the NBA . It will be interesting to see how the first ten games of the regular season will equate by way of the play of the teams and their players . For the moment however, there’s still the preseason schedule to go through .

    Games on tap for Thursday evening , the 17th October , will produced five games of note . One of the featured contests in question, provides the fans with the chance to see the Minnesota Timberwolves against the Milwaukee Bucks and their League MVP center Giannis Antetokounmpou . It will be interesting to see if the six year veteran of the league can show the form exhibited last season when he led the team in scoring and to their first Playoff appearance in several seasons . Antetokounmpou’s performances against the Timberwolves last season were pretty impressive .

    NBA news …..

    NBA preseason schedule 17th October

    Tophatal ………..


  28. Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse for the Kansas Chiefs(5-2) , it did, with the sudden injury to the League MVP quarterback , Patrick Mahomes . The player who was having a sensational season to date , went down during their week seven game against the Denver Broncos (2-5 . The game itself was won (30-6) by the Chiefs, but clearly impacted by the injury to Patrick Mahomes. It remains to be seen as to whether or not the player will be fit enough for the team’s next game in week eight of their regular season schedule. That game will be the NFC North divisional aspirant the Green Bay Packers

    NFL news …..

    Tophatal …………….


  29. A great weekend of scheduled games within the NBA as the preseason begins to wind down with the teams and players getting into sync as the regular season beckons . On Friday evening there will be several scheduled games on the agenda. The unbeaten Philadelpha 76ers will be pitted against the Washington Wizards in a home game against the conference rivals . Another game in focus will be the match-up between the Brooklyn Nets as they face the Toronto Raptors .

    NBA news …..

    NBA weekend schedule …

    Tophatal ………..


  30. This weekend , the match-up between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles , should be a very good game, with opposing quarterbacks Dak Prescott and Carson Wentz seeking to prove themselves to the fans that they’re among the best in the league at the position. This will be a divisional road game for the Eagles when they meet the Cowboys at Texas Stadium in Arlington , Texas. The NFC East remains one of the most overrated and lackluster divisions in all of football.

    Tophatal …………..


  31. With their inexplicable loss in the NLCS it showed that the Los Angeles Dodgers’ as a team are just gun-shy when it comes to postseason play in Major League Baseball . Their most recent appearance in the World Series was sheer proof of that very fact . Now the loss to the Washington Nationals in the NLCS , was about as embarrassing as it could get for one baseball’s highest paid teams. Granted , this season the roster had it’s fair share of All Stars , but when it mattered the most the Dodgers failed miserably in their series against the Nationals . For the front office , headed by Mark Walter , primary owner of the franchise , it begs the question does he have enough trust in the managerial staff headed by Dave Roberts as well as the baseball knowledge of Andrew Friedman , Head of Baseball Operations. The franchise remains one of the most watched teams in terms of attendance as well as being among the most valuable and profitable clubs in the game.

    During this off-season the managerial staff will have to make some serious decisions over certain players on the Los Angeles Dodgers’ roster. There might be a feeling that the club will have to make a big splash during the off-season by acquiring a marquee free agent player , adding them to the club’s lineup with a view on making a real serious run in 2020 at winning that elusive World Series’ title which was last achieved in 1988.

    Los Angeles Dodgers news …

    Tophatal …………………..


  32. Carmelo Anthony remains an unsigned free agent , yearning to be signed by a championship caliber team . Anthony was a first round draft pick by the Denver Nuggets in 2003 and since then he’s had a storied career in the NBA without having won an NBA title during the course of his career. Several of his contemporaries from that draft year have gone on to achieved several accomplishments within the league. At best, Anthony might well have nothing more than one year to offer a team given his age.

    Tophatal …….


  33. Jose Altuve of the Houston Astros (4-2) guided the team to their second World Series’ appearance in the last five years as they beat the New York Yankees (2-4) in the ALCS , in game six of the series. Altuve hit a two-run walk-off home run in the tenth-inning to clinch the berth for the home team. Houston will now meet the Washington Nationals in the best of seven-game series beginning on Tuesday , 21st October , with game-one taking place at Minute Maid Park in Houston , Texas. The rebuilding of the team’s roster over the past five seasons has been down the ingenious abilities of team GM Jeff Luhnow alongside fellow front office executive , Nolan Ryan and the behest of team owner Jim Crane . The Houston Astros will be highly favored in the series , with a pitching staff which has been truly astonishing throughout much of the regular season and during the postseason and in particular in the ALCS against the New York Yankees. The team’s offense also has been very effective with Altuve and a number of his teammates having stepped up to the plate.

    MLB news …..

    Tophatal …………..


  34. Say what you will, but the results from week seven of the NFL , have left no doubt how dire things now are for a number of teams around the league , most certainly within the divisions as the season now closes in on the midway mark of the regular season schedule. The Washington Redskins remain win-less and their week seven loss was indicative of the problems that the team has been facing. If the Redskins are not able to turn things around with a victory in week eight when they face the Minnesota Vikings on the road , then their season can pretty much be counted as having come to an abrupt end .

    Elsewhere within the league (NFL) , the Miami Dolphins were able to put up another pitiful performance in spite of the heroics of veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick in the team’s loss to the Buffalo Bills .

    Tonight , Sam Darnold of the New York Jets will seek to pull off a major upset when the New York Jets will take on the unbeaten New England Patriots in an AFC East divisional match-up . To date , since his entry into the league as a rookie quarterback drafted by the Jets in 2018 , Darnold has struggled to gain a victory of his divisional rival .

    NFL news …

    NFL standings (division) …

    Tophatal …………………..


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