Discipline, The Concept of Business And Sports

Discipline, The Concept of Business And Sports

In all honesty I can say that I thoroughly enjoy my work as a research analyst within the corporate affairs department of a noted law firm . Now having said that in the endeavor of working with a number corporate litigators with regard business incorporations for corporations not just here in the United States but also in their incorporation for overseas. That being said , I’ve always felt that we can learn a great deal about sports be it from an individualistic standpoint or through a team endeavor. By merely just adapting the solid business principles applicable if one adheres to those principles then it does make things a great deal easier. I do feel that we can understand greatly what’s needed to make not only a business successful but also sports organization be it a franchise or an individual in their own respective regimen.

Practice, dedication and applying one’s self to and adhering to that discipline. Over the weekend I wasn’t really able to get in a great deal of watching that much sports as a great deal of my time was spent collating a number of files for work. Having done that I was lucky enough to see a number of sporting events that took place. The World Cup has now reached the knockout stage and all of the bitching and whining isn’t going to hide the fact that the expectations of both England and the USA had failed to be met. In the round of 16, the US fell to a well-disciplined Ghanaian team . Never mind the fact that I’d read within this forum , a number bloggers who had this asinine notion that this Bob Bradley coached team would simply march through Ghana as if they were none existent. Much of the time, when I read such diatribe I can only surmise that much of this comes from the personification of xenophobia rather than anything that has been rationally or well thought out. But a lot of that came about from the fact that those who are actually writing about the subject might not actually know a great deal about the sport.


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Sadly for the US team , their journey in the World Cup came to an abrupt end in their 2-1 loss to Ghana , who now proceed on to the quarter finals of the event. The US’s Group C fellow residents, England ,would fail also to make it through to last eight of the World Cup. The Fabio Capello coached team would fail miserably as they were thoroughly outclassed by their most fabled foe and nemesis Germany. Any thought of England reliving the 1966 World Cup Finals would be thoroughly dismissed as they were outclassed by a German team that simply was too much for an English team that lacked the will and creativity to be competitive and win !. What little that the English fans in attendance saw , could only have disappointed. With that being said, Capello had thought that the game hinged on a disallowed goal, was idiotic , from the very outset. Rather than pouncing on the real reasons why his team lacked an effort and it became all the more relevant that the team became completely deflated . As they would succumb to a German that team wanted to win with a great deal of passion and desire. And that was most definitely the case, as they came a away with a thoroughly convincing 4-1 victory over their English counterparts.

Well now that the backbone of the Tampa Bay Rays seems to have been broken about the only thing left was for there to be some discord shown amongst the players. Having seen only mere snippets of the Carlos Zambrano meltdown wherein he berated his teammate Derrick Lee of the Chicago Cubs. Not that I’ve ever been overly concerned with anything that’s allegedly pertinent about the Cubs as this is an organization who simply doesn’t know how to win much less being able to spell the word were you to spot the them the letters W and N ! This is a club whose manager Lou Pinellas’s best years as a manager are behind him. With Zambrano being indefinitely being suspended by GM Jim Hendry and Piniella, it remains to be seen how the Cubs will regroup and reemerge from this all.

Over the weekend we saw the Rays’ B J Upton show us all why he will forever remain an enigma for this organization. All “the talent in the world” but Upton appears to be either a “knuckle head” or someone who just doesn’t seem to care much about the game at times. This was very much evident in the inter-league game between the Rays and the Arizona Diamondbacks . Rather than chasing down a ball hit in deep left center field ,Upton merely loll gagged as he jogged to the wall made the fielding play and then threw the ball back into the infield . He would later state that he’d misjudged the play and was under the impression that his teammate Jason Bartlett was within easy reach of the ball that would elicit a triple being attained by the Diamondbacks . For the fans who saw this , I can only surmise that for them it was either disgust or the mere fact that they’ve now become use to seeing Upton become lazy and make the most extraordinary of excuses for his lackadaisical play. What might have been more exacerbating was that Rays’ manager Joe Maddon tried to shrug this all off as if it were nothing important. But it was important enough for Rays’ third baseman Evan Longoria to see fit to dress down his teammate for his poor play ,decision making and complete lack of effort shown by the out-fielder. And for the notion that this has now all blown over if this is an indication of the meltdown we’re now seeing from a team that can’t seem to put together a series of wins much less score runs. Then before it’s all said and done we could see this team’s season go completely up in smoke.

OK by now, you all know that I am no great admirer of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell or NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith. Neither of these two high ranking officials have shown their wish to acknowledge what has now become more a rather acute topic. And that is the mere fact that players having suffered multiple concussions are now prone to multiple lapses in concentration , loss of memory and severe head pains. Now in the midst of this all with the recent autopsy and medical report concerning former Cincinnati Bengalis’ wide receiver Chris Henry . We’re now being made aware that the player had suffered several head concussions brought on from playing in the NFL . In addition, not only that but the player was said to be a sufferer of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). An abnormal bruising of the brain that can lead to mild forms of dementia, losing of one’s speech and in some cases lead to a person’s loss of their motor neuron skills. That being said, the player’s death should now be a great cause for concern, given what we now know from the findings in this medical report.

Courtesy of Associated Press & Yahoo Sports

WVU doctors: Chris Henry had chronic brain injury

By Vicki Smith Associated Press Writer

Morgantown, W.Va,. (AP) Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chris Henry suffered from a chronic brain injury that may have influenced his mental state and behavior before he died last winter, West Virginia University researchers said Monday.

The doctors had done a microscopic tissue analysis of Henry’s brain that showed he suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

Neurosurgeon Julian Bailes and California medical examiner Bennet Omalu, co-directors of the Brain Injury Research Institute at WVU, announced their findings alongside Henry’s mother, Carolyn Henry Glaspy, who called it a “big shock” because she knew nothing about her 26-year-old son’s underlying condition or the disease.

Henry died in December, a day after he came out of the back of a pickup truck his fiancee was driving near their home in Charlotte, N.C. It’s unclear whether Henry jumped or fell. Toxicology tests found no alcohol in his system, and an autopsy concluded he died of numerous head injuries, including a fractured skull and brain hemorrhaging.

But Bailes, team doctor for the Mountaineers and a former Pittsburgh Steelers physician, said it’s easy to distinguish those acute traumatic injuries from the underlying condition he and Omalu found when staining tiny slices of Henry’s brain.

Bailes and fellow researchers believe chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, is caused by multiple head impacts, regardless of whether those blows result in a concussion diagnosis. A number of studies, including one commissioned by the NFL , have found that retired professional football players may have a higher rate than normal of Alzheimer’s disease and other memory problems.


Click on link to read this article in its entirety

It appears that for the likes of both Goodell and Smith, this issue is the least bit of importance to them at this very juncture. I have heard it said that Goodell has a great deal on his plate as commissioner of the NFL. From my standpoint the only thing at appears to concern Goodell and Smith….. is the sound of cash falling into the NFL’s coffers and how best the two parties can best disperse of their windfall ! Goodell and DeMaurice Smith haven’t brought it upon themselves to deal with this very issue head on . If anything they both would rather hide behind their ever increasing glib sound bytes on the matter in stating that they’re taking everything under advisement from the very best medical professionals out there. My question to both Goodell and Smith is how much longer will they both carry on with this charade that the NFL and NFLPA are actually doing something proactive about this very matter ? Try pissing in a lake to see how much of a ripple effect is made and there you’ll find your answer as it concerns both the NFL and NFLPA !

Is it me but is the collective IQ of the alleged NBA writers comparable to that of the IQ’s of Paris Hilton and Heidi Montag combined ? I’m not saying that these idiots are absolutely clueless but if their continued speculation is anything to go by then each has their own idea as to where LeBron James’ final destination will be. Let us just say that both Cavaliers’ principal partner Dan Gilbert and the team’s GM Chris Grant had better know how to assemble a team that will complement James prerequisite skills . Up until now, all that James has been given is bare meat and potatoes instead of filet-mignon. In addition, as well we know when it comes eating the main course meat and potatoes does not go down well with Baron de Rothschild 62 vintage champagne. Now there is a great deal of speculation as to where James will ultimately end up. From what we know is that there are at said to be at least six interested parties for James’ services. However, if anything until we ultimately know what the teams are actually prepared to do. We can only prognosticate and debate the MVP’s future and where his future may now lay.

Now the Stephen Strasburg effect is playing its part in bringing out the fans to witness the young phenom’s prowess. I have a word of advice for the Washington Nationals’ fans out there. Now that his arbitration clock is ticking and given the fact that his agent is Scott Boras . Well, three years from now Strasburg may well be no longer be a Washington Nationals’ player. Suffice to say, that the New York Yankees will swoop down to take Strasburg off the Nationals’ hands. I don’t care what you might think but the present Nationals’ team isn’t going anywhere at all. They are simply not good enough in either facets of the game of baseball. Other than Strasburg, there is simply nothing at all worthwhile to look at, on what can be best described as a rather mundane and mediocre team.If you doubt my word simply, look at the box score of the game between the Nationals and Atlanta Braves . Strasburg pitched an outstanding effort for six innings only to see the bullpen waste an opportunity . In the end the NL East division leading Braves would come away with a 5-0 victory from Turner Field , Fulton County, Atlanta , Georgia.

Nationals’ team President Stan Kasten simply knows how to make the customary sound byte but beyond that he has to realize that he’s now facing an uphill battle in hoping to make the young pitcher the centerpiece of their future. If the Nationals cannot place a team good enough to supplement his talents then they might as well give up hope of retaining his services in the future. We know that whatever the New York Yankees simply want, they usually get and without a doubt if they desire Strasburg, much like when a lion stalks its prey before swooping down for the kill .



Picture gallery for your perusal .

As I alluded to earlier at the beginning of this piece one can always gauge not only the determination and success of a business entity or sports franchise by the discipline shown by the executives within an organization as it tends to give an indication as to what they aspire to become. A good business much like a good sports franchise has to be good from ground up and from the top down..

Alan Parkins aka tophatal ………………….

UB40 …………………” Higher Ground”

Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

17 thoughts on “Discipline, The Concept of Business And Sports”

  1. Once again Goodell is proving that his policy when it comes to the image of the NFL is just as soft as the federal government’s immigration policy. It’s as soft as hell and has no teeth. Once again both Vick and Young get a pass. What will it now take someone getting killed before this damn imbecile actually gets up and show that he actually has some balls ?

    Is there nothing that this guy can do without looking like the walking wounded in need of an assist ?

    He might just be the worst governing official of the four major sports and that’s with due respect to both Bettman and Selig .

    Roger Goodell faces three new personal conduct policy challenges

    Recent incidents involving Vince Young, Michael Vick and Lions president Tom Lewand present very different scenarios for NFL commissioner as he considers how to discipline each of them.

    In most years, June is one of the rare months in which the NFL commissioner can relax a bit before another season ramps up. This year, Roger Goodell has a trio of thorny problems.
    NFL commissioner implied Titans quarterback Vince Young won’t receive a suspension for the misdemeanor assault.
    NFL commissioner implied Titans quarterback Vince Young won’t receive a suspension for the misdemeanor assault.

    Trouble has found Titans quarterback Vince Young, Eagles quarterback Michael Vick and Lions president Tom Lewand, and in time Goodell must resolve each matter in accordance with the precedent he has set under the personal conduct policy.

    Vince Young

    On the surface, Young’s situation is simple: He was cited for misdemeanor assault after an incident at a Dallas strip club, and the availability of video suggests that Young will plead guilty or no contest to the charges.

    Based on the precedents involving Cardinals linebacker Joey Porter, a first-time offender who was fined in the amount of a single game check after pleading no contest tomisdemeanor assault in 2008, and another first-time offender, Jets receiver Braylon Edwards, who reportedly won’t be suspended after pleading no contest tomisdemeanor assault arising from an October 2009 incident, Young likely will get a fine but no suspension.

    Perhaps there’s a catch, though. When FoxSports.com reported that Goodell was unlikely to suspend Young, the league quickly clarified the remarks, explaining that Goodell said nothing about Young’s likely or unlikely fate. It’s possible the league chimed in because Goodell plans to use trouble-making quarterbacks for sending messages to the other players, just as many think Goodell did with Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.
    Michael Vick

    Vick apparently did nothing wrong in connection with the shooting at his 30th birthday party. Whether he had left the party before the shot rang out (the reports in this regard are conflicting), no one claims Vick had a role in the incident.

    The problem arises from the fact the bullet hit Quanis Phillips, one of the co-defendants in the dogfighting case that landed Vick in federal prison. Vick’s probation requires him to steer clear of convicted felons, and Phillips’ presence at the party calls into question whether Vick ran afoul of his probation and/or his NFL reinstatement.

    If the feds persuade a judge that Vick violated the terms of his probation, Goodell’s decision will be simple. Vick necessarily would be suspended because he’d be back in jail

    Click on link to read article in its

    Soft on crime ? Goodell is soft on everything until it makes him look good in the eyes of the public. The guy is a raving as_hole !



  2. Hahaha, I couldn’t agree with you more about Strasburg. He’s out as soon as he can squirm away. I’m guessing they might get him for some of his arbitration years, but a very good chance he will leave after those arbitration years are up…

    I can’t wait until July has come and gone. I’m tired of reading about teams possibilities of signing Lebron and whoever. It’s overcovered more than Favre!


    1. chappy 81

      Strasburg is simply the “thing of the moment”. Once the season is over then we’ll see what he was really made of by looking at his overall stats . Simply gushering over him now is like finding a lost copy of Playboy and simply lusting over some of the pictures. Once you’ve flicked through the pages and seen the “trim” and breasts you basically put the mag away and move on . And that’s what’ll happen with Strasburg and the Nationals .

      Playboy model Brooke Richards . Need one say anymore ?

      More of Brooke .

      Twenty “well endowed” Playboy models . Peeks your interests yes or no ?



  3. Ah well….most things suceed only because of SELF-discipline.
    Even the military could not do anything without the troops being SELF disciplined….The Pope??? Forget him, he is just a pretender Pope Roger


    1. al clements

      Pope Roger is simply doing his best to drag down the image of the NFL in conjunction with the members of the NFLPA . The league as a whole is a complete joke and so too is the bumbling buffoon known as Roger Goodell . Here’s sportschump trying to suggest that he’s doing his best to clean up the NFL’s image. Friggin Al Qaeda and The Taliban could make more of a success of cleaning up the image of the NFL than anything Goodell has achieved thus far !

      Nothing could be further from the truth as his edicts have been far too inconsistent right the way through. The guy is a bumbling oaf and the damn owners have him in their pockets and the union is simply pi_sing on his shoes and there isn’t a damn thing that he can do about it. That’s how weak and lilly livered he’s become !



  4. The Rays are playing terrible baseball right now, on the bright side it is still early and those are some great pics.

    Thanks a lot man!


    1. aero

      Are you saying that the sports pics are great or the pics of the Playboy models are great ? You’ve to be more succinct with your answers Bill . Get with the program LOL,LOL,LOL !!! Just kidding bro !

      I’d love for soft ball pitcher Jennie Finch to pitch a few balls to me . And then I’d like for her to play with my balls . What are your thoughts on the matter ?

      The Rays are definitely playing terrible baseball and the mood in the clubhouse between the players isn’t exactly what one would deem to be great. And the midst of this all Maddon is acting like a docile church mouse as if nothing is going on.

      And we wonder why things are now beginning to spiral out of control ? Look no further than the lack of leadership from the coaching staff and the veteran players such as Pena and Crawford . B J Upton’s meltdown was inexcusable and the fact that it took Longoria to “call him out” shows how piss poor the leadership is on this team !



  5. I agree Strasburg is the new shiny toy that everyone likes to talk about. I’d rather see some more coverage on Mike Latos of the Padres. That guy is a stud, and gets barely any coverage!


  6. Lots to discuss here, man.

    The Rays are melting down before our very eyes… as you predicted.

    The US lost to Ghana… as you predicted.

    And Goodell is once again about to mishandle another NFL player predicament… as you predicted.


    1. Chris Humpherys

      I’ll now be taking over from Miss Cleo and I won’t at all be charging for my services. Just call and ask for “Rass Man Al” and I will deliver. LOL,LOL, LOL !!! All kidding asides Goodell has placed himself in the midst of a mess that he has no idea how to handle .

      The US were simply naive against Ghana and deservedly had their ass handed to them on a silver platter ! Anyone who knows a smidgeon about the sport knew that this US team was devoid of talent up front. They couldn’t score a multiple of goals if their lives depended on it . So why all the whining now by the fans ? The officiating ? Screw that we see it (bad officiating) happen repeatedly in the NBA , MLB and NFL ! So what’s new ?

      As for the Rays let’s just say that they’ve had their day in the shade and now it’s time for the big boys to come out and play ! nough said on the matter me thinks !



  7. Ravenation LLC Meehan

    Why can’t you just be upfront and say you’d like for Jennie Finch to perform oral sex on you ? We’re all adults here or hadn’t you noticed ? LOL,LOL ,LOL !!!!

    Hoo-rah for Jennie Finch ! Hoo-rah , boo-yah !

    As for the Rays their season is spiraling out of control faster than a crack addict who’s going cold turkey . If they miss the playoffs then more likely than not then the team will be picked apart by the likes of the Red Sox , Yankees , Angels and Dodgers to name but a few of the teams that will be interested in the roster .

    Alan aka tophatal ………


  8. Ravenation LLC

    Well give the fact that Finch is married I guess you’d be out of luck on that score ?

    So how about getting serviced by Lindsay Lohan ? I hear she’s game for anything ?

    Alan ………..


  9. Ravenation LLC

    It’s as I’d mentioned earlier once Strasburg’s arbitration clock has started ticking …look for the Yankees to swoop down like vultures and take him of the Nationals’ hands . The front office has been known to be cheap over the years and I for one don’t believe that they’re about to change anytime soon !

    Alan ……………


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