Winding Down Or Winding Up As The Case Maybe

Winding Down Or Winding Up As The Case Maybe

Like me I suppose for the rest of you the topic and I do mean topic of conversation in the sports world may well have rested on LeBron James’ announcement that he was leaving Cleveland to resume his NBA career in Miami with the Miami Heat . Glasses were raised on South Beach while the once loyal fans of James in Cleveland showed their “disdain” for the player by burning his jersey replicas and whatever else they had in their possession associated with player. Not to be outdone Cavaliers’ owner Dan Gilbert had a scalding reprimand for the player and essentially called him a coward.

Now far be it for me to show no real concern over this but once ESPN and their reporter Jim Gray chose to bilk this story for far more than it was worth , I essentially became tired of the story and of James the self appointed ” King” without a kingdom . Now don’t get me wrong with James now joining the Heat along also the recently acquired Chris Bosh to play with Dwyane Wade . This has now in essence made the Heat the presumptive favorites in the Eastern Conference and a legitimate challenger to the Los Angeles Lakers and the defense of their NBA title .


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Now while all of this has come into play perhaps the two proudest and most certainly the happiest are Heat team President Pat Riley and the team’s multi-billionaire owner Micky Arison who also happens to be the owner of Carnival Cruise Lines . My concern now has to be for the Heat’s coach Erik Spoelstra , given the fact that Riley engineered this coup-d’etat with little or no input from his coach. And with that in mind I wonder if Spoelstra will go now the same way of his predecessor Stan Van Gundy ? We all know that Van Gundy was relieved of his position so that Riley could make a quick exit from his executive position to take charge of the team win an a title and then relinquish the coach’s position and make a quick return back to his executive duties. Could this once again happen given the fact that the Heat now has Bosh , James and Wade all on the same team and with the lure there for Riley to return to the fray of coaching ? If I were Spoelstra at this juncture I’d be deeply concerned and looking over my shoulder with each passing second to see if Riley were there and whether or not he had a dagger in his hand !

Now while this has been going on the African continent and the country of South Africa has been hosting the World Cup. Outside the Summer Olympics this might just be the most watched sporting event and spectacle on the planet. FIFA President Joseph (“Sepp”) Blatter says that he expects as many as 700 million viewers worldwide to tune in and watch the finals itself. It has now all come down to this with the 64th and final game of the competition between Spain and the Netherlands . And though Spain would prevail as the 1-0 victors from a goal scored by Andres Iniesta in overtime , the game itself was something of a monotonous bore. With each team failing to convert a number of chances during regulatory play. As to what this might suggest to the first time observer of the sport I’ll leave that up to you to decide !

The most recent edition of FHM an adult oriented male magazine dealing in a wide range of topics issued their list of the “100 Sexiest Women In The World” and specifically dealt with their final top ten . Nothing wrong in that by my way of thinking but then again not all heterosexual males might well feel happy with FHM’s findings and their end result. Much like Maxim Magazine has its own list of their Top 100 Most Desirable Females , I for one feel that it’s something of a trade off in order to create some hype and controversy between the two publications on their observations and then leaving it for their patrons to continue to argue over or discuss !

And amongst FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women (2010) they have Desire Siahaan , Freida Pinto , Megan Fox and slew of bodacious looking females that would be enough to make a guy salivate and drool like a newborn child . But then again what grown man doesn’t when looking at a voluptuous and beautiful female ? My own thoughts on the matter goes with the old saying ………..”beauty is in the eye of the beholder” .



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Chime in with a comment if you so wish and your thoughts on the sporting weekend in general.

NB: Click on the link provided to view the list of FHM’s Sexiest Women In The World For 2010 . You will most certainly enjoy this pictorial . And that I can assure you will be the least of your concerns !

Alan Parkins aka tophatal ……………….. 🙂

Black Sheep ………………………. “The Choice Is Yours”

Author: tophatal ...........

An avid sports' fans that's all !!!!!

14 thoughts on “Winding Down Or Winding Up As The Case Maybe”

  1. Man, I wonder if there’s going to be a Miami love boat one of these days!?! I think Lebron went there so his crew and him can party in a fun party city, so I could ultimately see a party boat gone wrong.

    I watched both soccer games this weekend, and have to say the 3rd place game was much more entertaining.


    1. chappy 81

      The only problems LeBron will now have in Miami will be the fact his entourage will be much larger than usual and he’ll be spoiled for choice when one of the exotic car dealers asks him the choice of colors that he might want his loaner Ferrari or Lamborghini, in. Let’s just say that those weren’t the options that he had in Cleveland .

      Ferrari Testarossa ……..

      Lamborghini Murcielago

      Oh to be spoiled for choices !

      As to the final itself in the World Cup if FIFA was hoping for an exciting game then that wasn’t it !. It was bordering on sheer ineptitude and in no way can it be seen as a way to promote the game worldwide. FIFA President Sepp Blatter would be an idiot to think so !

      The third place game had its moments but that too was somewhat scrappy and unimaginative !

      After both of those games I hardly think that Joseph “Sepp” Blatter has a real reason to be smiling. Neither game was that enthralling wherein the games had the fans on the edge of their seats. Instead both were monotonous bores !


      Alan ………….


  2. Anyone else like myself who feels that Riley will once again come down of his executive box to resume coaching the Heat ? Merely because of the fact that he now has LeBron , Wade and Bosh to coach. If I were Spoelstra I’d be worried and looking over my shoulder every passing moment merely to make sure that Riles doesn’t have a dagger in his stand to stab his young coach with . I’m sure that Stan Van Gundy can attest to that fact !

    “Don’t worry son if I ask you to bend over hold your nut sack and take one for the team , I’m only doing it for your own good”. Pat Riley to his coach Erik Spoelstra.


    Alan ……………


    1. Chris Humpherys

      Let ’em sign Mike Miller first and then take it from there. Ilgauskas are you friggin’ kidding me ? He’s just as slow as Shaq if not slower . Riley ought to stop using that oxycodone as of now as it’s affecting his thought process.

      So you’re not interested in FHM’s or Maxim’s Hot 100 ? Are you back on your meds ?


      Alan …………..


    2. Chris Humpherys

      If Magic , Bird or Malone come out of retirement it could make for some interesting things down in Miami don’t you think ? T-Mac says that he can still offer something to a contender .

      Pick me choose me ….will work for food ! T-Mac’s way of angling to play for the Heat .


      Alan …………..


  3. Living in Miami he better have enough bodyguards and other means to protect himself…he will be too high profile to avoid the gangstas, be they Cuban, Mexicans, Blacks, Russians, or White “Ameicans”.


    1. al clements

      Gangsters and celebrities co-mingle on South Beach as they’re the only ones who can afford to live there. LeBron is already being treated like a deity down there but my advice to him would be not to get in bed with any of the politicians down there at all. They’re as ruthless as the damn drug cartel king pins.

      “Look LeBron I can see your mama’s va-jay-jay from here and it’s up on the big screen. Boy oh boy I’d like to nail that if it’s OK with you ” ? Dwyane Wade




    1. Chris Humpherys

      Did I catch it ? Man I was drooling like a newborn in need of some breast milk. Her ta-ta’s have gotten bigger since she’s had her child. She’s now married to one of the wealthiest men in Europe in Francois Pinault whose estimated worth is in excess of $5 billion.

      What a lucky bastard !

      Them there ta-ta’s are worth sucking and squeezing wouldn’t you say ?

      Hayek in a scene from “Desperado” co-starring Antonio Banderas.


      Alan …………….


  4. I think I always find the final game of any championship less than exciting. I wonder if the pressure to not make a mistake is too great and the players/coaches are way to uptight during the game…

    Oh, and I’d take a Lambo off Lebron’s hands if he needs another groupie!


    1. chappy 81

      That’s always been the norm especially when all is one the line . The good teams play great but the truly great teams know how and when to excel. I’ve just been going back and fro with an idiot who believes that LeBron is a chicken . I said to him that if LBJ is a chicken then what does that say about the guys he was surrounded by on the Cavs ? This guy is being a complete ass to suggest that he could’ve done more . Given the fact that the management and front office of the Cavs had as much perspicacity for spotting talent as Paris Hilton would be considered a noteworthy nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize .

      Oh yeah either the Lambo or Ferrari would do as I ain’t picky ! Cars like that are chick magnets to begin with .



      And what’s not to like about a chick in a fast car ?


      Alan …………..


    1. Ravenation LLC

      For me personally that World Cup Finals’ match (result 1-0) should never been played not with the lack of excitement exhibited in terms of the play from both teams. It was an eyesore and a horrendous monstrosity to watch !

      “What’s up my nigg_s ” ?

      Let’s put this way the Heat are now the presumptive favorites to win it all. But I hope that they don’t end up like the ’04 Lakers’ team that lost to Pistons in the NBA Finals of that year (2004) ! Malone was pissed at everyone named Shaq or Kobe and Gary Payton was simply pissed because no wanted to give him a ball to play with even at halftime during that series.

      “Hey LeBron man we fu_k this up we’re dead and you can go back to being “a boy” for Dan in Cleveland” _ Dwyane Wade

      “Eh , eh , I’m going to be the first one to have oral sex with all three because everyone knows black guys dig the white cheerleader who can suck a good size _ick”


      Alan …………….. 🙂


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