They Shoot Horses Don’t They So Why Did Goodell Simply Not Put Us All Out Of Our Misery?


They Shoot Horses Don’t They So Why Did Goodell Simply Not Put Us All Out Of Our Misery?

Well by now you will have all heard the news that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has chosen to fine Minnesota Vikings’ quarterback Brett Favre $50,000 after conducting what he says has been an arduous investigation into the allegations made concerning the player’s misconduct . In a public statement after handing down the fine to the player the commissioner made it known that Favre , his agent and legal counsel were non cooperative in assisting him in anyway whatsoever. Which to my mind is of great concern given the player’s behavior and also that of the league’s image as it relates to the players’ conduct not only on but also off the field of play. What sort of message is Goodell trying to send by fining a player who this year alone will make in excess of $12 million this season ? At the same time were this not Brett Favre and some lesser light in the midst of these allegations and that player’s response were the same as the future bound Hall of Famer , I think that player would be now looking at a greater financial penalty as well as some sort of suspension. It appears that Goodell simply like the rest of the drooling buffoons who are still enamored with Favre simply haven’t had enough of him . How else could you explain the commissioner’s actions ?


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I’ve always maintained that Goodell as a commissioner has never truly been balanced in the way that he treats players concerning acts of misconduct . Instead he merely waffles and shuffles the life jackets on board his vessel as he sees fit. Favre for his part still comes off looking like a complete buffoon, albeit that he alleges that this will indeed be his last season in the NFL . Where have I heard that before from this imbecile and ingrate ? Ah well one more game I hope and then he can ride off into the sunset and completely away from the NFL . As to the plight of his team ___ the Minnesota Vikings their season has been a clear effort in futility . What organization do you know who would operate under such conditions where they’re at the beck and call of a player whose passion for the game is like a candle blowing in the wind ? I’ve heard it often being said that because he knew the playbook and the offense of the Vikings he needn’t be there with his teammates prior to the start of the season, because he’d simply be in sync once he was back in his cleats and simply throwing the ball. Well there’s a vast difference between working up a sweat throwing a football to a bunch of high school kids and being hard at work getting your timing right during preseason workouts with your receiving corps <at the NFL level . Perhaps someone should have reminded Brett Favre of that ?

Courtesy of The Toronto Sun in conjunction with Reuters Tim Shaffer

NFL fines Favre in sexting case

NEW YORK — The NFL fined Brett Favre $50,000 on Wednesday, though it did not find the Vikings quarterback violated the league’s personal conduct policy.

The ruling ends the league’s investigation into allegations that Favre sent former Jets employee Jenn Sterger improper voice mails and several graphic pictures.

The NFL’s statement said the sole focus of the investigation was on whether Favre violated league policies regarding conduct in the workplace, which generally do not extend to private conduct or personal relationships.

But the league was not able to substantiate that Favre violated those rules, given the available information.

“On the basis of the evidence currently available to him, Commissioner [Roger] Goodell could not conclude that Favre violated league policies relating to workplace conduct,” the statement said. “The forensic analysis could not establish that Favre sent the objectionable photographs to Sterger.”

The statement said the NFL interviewed knowledgeable people — including Favre and Sterger — analyzed public reports, and reviewed available communications between Favre and Sterger as part of its investigation, which began in October. The league also employed an independent forensic analysis of electronically stored material.

However, because the actions occurred in 2008, when Favre played for the Jets, the league said the unavailability of some records and individuals limited the investigation.

Goodell did find that Favre did not cooperate in “a forthcoming manner,” resulting in a longer investigation and the $50,000 fine. The NFL’s statement said Goodell told Favre he would have imposed a “substantially” higher level of punishment if he found a violation of the league’s policies.

The league said it reviewed another media report about allegations involving other women working at the Jets’ facility in 2008, but could not substantiate any claim about Favre’s conduct because people who might have had relevant information did not cooperate.

Goodell reiterated the league’s stance on conduct in the workplace in a memo to teams on Wednesday, saying that Favre’s fine will help fund the league’s new training program.


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Clearly the ruse under which which Favre led this organization from team owner Zygi Wilf to the coaching staff on down and to many of his teammates was simply more to do with the money than him simply wanting to play football. He may well have wanted to play and win as he says but consider this ………. how has that situation now turned out ? Brad Childress the team’s former coach showed no backbone when dealing with Favre and many of the players who through much of the season questioned his authority . But then again once you hitch your wagon to a broken down old mule what else would you come to expect ?

With Childress’ firing , Leslie Frazier has become the interim head coach , a job I feel won’t be his for long given the prospective list of candidates who may well be interested once the season has ended. And inasmuch as Frazier insists that Favre will suit up for the final game of the season I can’t help but wonder how Joe Webb must now be feeling having engineered the team’s victory (24-14) over the high flying Philadelphia Eagles in Week 16 . Ah well Joe, welcome to big time where your dreams can be dashed in the blink of an eye especially in the case where everyone still seems to be kissing Brett Favre’s ass !

Vince Young may not yet have outlived his welcome in Tennessee but he’s sure as hell driven a wedge between himself and his coach Jeff Fisher . With his petulant behavior of simply calling out his coach and then leaving the stadium abruptly after a recent league game smacks sheer stupidity on his part and shows that he simply doesn’t have the mindset do what’s necessary in the interest of his team or teammates . As things now stand either Young goes or Fisher goes . The player’s so called apology for to his coach for his actions wasn’t done personally , instead Young sent a text message to Fisher in his less than tactful act of contrition. If Titans’ owner Ken ‘Bud’ Adams is as dumb as I believe him to be then his apparent fixation on Vince Young instinctively leads me to think that Fisher will be the one who’ll either be shown the door or he may well indeed resign from his position as coach of this team. Not only are the lunatics running this asylum but I do believe that Adams and Young now share the same straight jacket !

The Tennessee Titans’ season has been overwhelmingly disappointing and it’s pretty safe to say that a player such as Chris Johnson can’t be entirely happy with this situation. There are litany of problems on this team and it all starts with the fact that there’s no leadership on or off the field of play. Obviously Young can’t step forward as he’s simply not bright enough nor does he show that he’s mature enough. One good season in his tenure with the Titans simply proved that while there was a great deal of promise those jaw dropping moments in that BCS National Championship game for the Texas Longhorns against USC was simply nothing but a mere aberration. Truly what has Young really done to suggest that he can actually be the face of this franchise and actually lead them to the Superbowl ? Is there anyone out there with a simple answer to this question ? Or better yet does someone have <a href=”; Mel Kiper’s number on speed dial ?

And while this Titans’ vessel runs adrift in this ocean of mediocrity what now become of Randy Moss ? Good God , how can someone literally waltz themselves off a playoff contender such as the New England Patriots , make their way to the Minnesota Vikings and within the mere blink of an eye for all sense and purpose where he’s now with a third team ___ has become a much maligned and is now thought of as nothing more than a festering cesspool of ongoing turmoil. Three NFL teams in one season and Moss’ productivity therein has been about as significant as that of a legislative session that’s held in the partisan cloisters of Congress . Neither of these two entities are doing enough to give anyone hope that there are better days ahead , as Moss can’t seem to do anything right at the moment for the Titans .and the members of Congress merely gesticulate while achieving nothing of great concern. If there was a time for the NFL postseason to start then that time would be now !




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What thoughts if any do have on the issues raised within this piece ? Simply chime in with a comment .

Alan aka tophatal ……………………………


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20 thoughts on “They Shoot Horses Don’t They So Why Did Goodell Simply Not Put Us All Out Of Our Misery?”

  1. No truth to the rumor that Goodell’s lips are firmly stuck to Favre’s sphincter. But he continues to line up behind the likes of Clayton, Mortensen , Schlereth and Berman for the honor !

    tophatal ………


  2. Don’t have much use for the Commish…but wonder if his ideas are workable in the sense that the ideas are good….but implementation sucks.
    His changes have promoted more money for the NFL, but damn if I understand not having the Refs on HIS page.


    1. al clements

      Goodell since his tenure began after Tagliabue’s departure he’s been so inconsistent that even John Kerry has now become his most ardent admirer .

      As to the refs what else is there to say ? Consistency there is also lacking but I can’t help but ask myself with all of these changes why hadn’t they consult with them and the players before ? Never mind the fact that for the last five years we all knew the problem as it related head trauma injuries . Repeated studies by academia fully made them aware as to what was going on but yet this idiot repeatedly refused to address the situation until the league’s ass got hauled before Congress . Goodell and the owners simply care about making money and not much else . Anyone who states otherwise doesn’t know what the hell they’re talking about and that includes those morons over at ESPN !

      tophatal …………..


  3. Tophatal,

    Last night they were running down the top ten QB moments of 2010, and Brett Favre’s streak ending was number one. Really? Higher than Vick’s legendary performance against the Redskins in Washington, higher than Drew Brees WINNING THE FREAKING SUPER BOWL.

    And then I open up Yahoo today, and the lead headline is him dancing to “Ice Ice Baby”. Are you f_cking serious?

    I can’t wait until Favre disappears forever, or at least until his induction to the Hall of Fame. I don’t want to see him become an analyst.

    I certainly hope that this same thing does not happen to Tom Brady. If he doesn’t retire three times, then it shouldn’t.



    1. Ravenation LLC

      Like I’ve said repeatedly when it comes to Favre and the press showing objectivity , well that’s like saying that Sarah Palin is now the most beloved woman in America ?. Is there any credibility there at all ? Popularity has its advantages and disadvantages as they say and in the case of these two it’s a little bit of both without there being much credence or credibility to either in terms of their being .

      ‘Thanks a million Zygi or should I say $25 million ‘ ?

      Favre has become everything fans don’t want to associate with the game of football. He to my mind is a pariah ! He’s led to the downfall of the Vikings on all fronts this season because now that’s an organization that is in a complete disarray and mess from top to bottom !

      Brady has his head screwed on why else do you think he is the way that he is ? Both he (Brady) and Manning are the faces of the NFL and not an aging asshole like Brett Favre as some would like us to believe . Favre’s best years were at least 5 years ago , last season was simply an aberration because this year he’s shown us that he’s simply been there for the money and not much else !

      Damn right clash for clunkers !

      Go away Favre you’re no longer wanted and take your pe_is with you as well !

      To me anything now relating to Favre and him being mentioned in a highlight reel better had better be something to do with him being sacked by an opposing defensive player or because of his now infamous member has gone viral on the ‘net’ . Because when it comes to the NFL his time has now come and gone !

      tophatal ……………….


  4. Toph,

    I feel bad for Chris Johnson, as he’s in a small market where he gets almost zero respect when compared to Adrian Peterson, which is odd because Peterson is from a small market as well, and one that can’t even keep a stadium up.

    I would love to see either one of those backs end up playing for the New York Giants, preferrably Johnson because he fumbles less.

    As for the rest of the Titans, Fisher is probably gone as Adams’ never ending infatuation for Young won’t ever flounder. And the Titans DON’T have a QB next season anyway, so it might be better to can Fisher and start anew. And it’s not like winning that division is out of reach now that Indy is on their way down, and Houston continues to underachieve with an impressive roster.



    1. Ravenation LLC

      Not only do I feel bad for Johnson but also Jeff Fisher . Both of these guys don’t deserve the sh_t that they’re now having to put up with . And with an owner like Bud Adams . I for one can’t see things getting much better there in Tennessee not while Vince Young is there quarterbacking that team .

      Bob McNair owner of the Texans really needs to take a long hard look at that coaching staff under Kubiak as they’ve repeatedly come up short year after year. Sooner or later the fans will quit coming to the games especially when they simply can’t see any real improvement from the team .
      They’ve all the talent in the world but that defense sucks to high heaven and as far as I’m concerned Schaub is simply overrated. Throwing for 4,000 yds while statistically looks great it counts for shit when your team simply isn’t winning ! 23TD’s and 12 INT’s speaks highly as to his season this year doesn’t it ? Not !

      tophatal ……….


    2. Ravenation LLC

      Productivity wise there’s little to choose to between the ( Johnson and Peterson) what separates them is the expectation surrounding the fact that Peterson had Favre as the team’s qb. But like we know having someone like Favre even with the team injuries was like holding a lit candle to a stick of dynamite and then waiting for something to happen. They hit lightning in a bottle last season but anyone with an ounce of common sense knew the scenario wouldn’t be the same this season.

      tophatal …………


  5. Bret Favre is an idiot. Go ahead and ruin your marriage and career. Why not. The dude has a porn addiction. Let her sue his ass for all he is worth. You can’t legistate morality. Favre’e wife should cut his nuts off or take him for all he is worth. These are my thoughts.


    1. Bobby Gee

      We all know Favre to be an idiot and a whining hissy fit of a primadona who can’t always get his own way ! As to his improprieties you say one can’t legislate it what is it that the Bible is telling us then ? Favre is the biggest “succubus” on the damn planet and it’s time his ass gets called out for being what he is as of now a beaten down and dragged out old mule that’s ready for the glue factory !

      It’s unfortunate that the likes of Mortensen, Berman and Schlereth still pucker up to have their lips firmly pressed to his ass ! In doing so it shows their complete lack of credibility when it comes analyzing the game and the player’s situation with some objectivity . But then again ESPN is now pandering to the lowest common denominator and that’s a lack of content , talent and complete integrity. They now make Fox News a place where there’s some modicum of dignity and intellect . How the hell can that be ?

      tophatal …………


  6. Guys ,

    Don’t you believe that Favre should make an appearance on Letterman’s show and do the Top Ten there ?

    As in the Top Ten Reasons Why I’ve Sucked This Season For The Minnesota Vikings !

    10) Spent time wondering whether or not Jenn Sterger would forgive me
    9) Can’t seem to remember where I placed my Depends
    8 _) Is Sidney Rice an African American
    7) Adrian Peterson is one big dude I wouldn’t him coming anywhere near my daughter .
    6) What the hell is Brad Childress thinking with this play
    5) My arms and shoulder hurt from too much jacking off !
    4) Hattiesburg Miss is a wonderful place this time of year I wish I was there !
    3) Wrangler still owes me money for that last gig I did.
    2) Zygi Wilf promised me a pay increase based on incentives but I said no .
    1) I’ve got a headache and it sucks seeing Tom , Peyton and Drew get all the glory .

    tophatal ……………………..


  7. The less said about Favre the better as far as I’m concerned.
    If the owner of the Titans is determined to force Young on Fisher, then the talented coach should and probably will resign.


    1. aero

      Favre says again …..” this is it ” ! Really ? Personally for me nothing would prove to be more satisfying were he to put a gun in his mouth and simply swallowed the bullet having pulled the trigger !

      As for Bud Adams the guy is simply proving that idiots simply don’t only reside within the Congress or Senate or the White House !

      The Titans’ season went downhill the moment that Young sought to give up on his coach and teammates . I simply hope that they cut his a_s because he’s no longer the face of the franchise. If things go further south then look for Chris Johnson asking to be traded. Why the hell would he want to remain that asylum ? Fisher should he be fired would become the immediate target of any team with a vacancy this offseason .

      Bud Adams is a complete dumb a_s ! There’s no other way around it !


      tophatal …………………. 8)


  8. Remember how David Stern (allegedly) asked Michael Jordan to retire from the NBA after all those gambling allegations?

    Well, let’s just say Brett Favre’s official retirement might be conditional to the NFL not pursuing the Sterger case any further.


    1. Chris Humpherys

      I’m not saying that Goodell played the cards he was dealt concerning Favre but as I’ve always maintained he (Goodell) simply has no backbone ! Now the law can’t get involved even though he’s broken it . But in reality had Goodell chosen to follow his own edict to the letter of the law he could’ve suspended the guy . Instead he fines him $50,000 and that’s it ……. that’s bulls_it and both you and I know it !

      Jenn Sterger

      Jenn Sterger .

      Brett could’ve had all of this had he kept it on the down low …. instead the a_s wipe chose to send a picture of his shlong to the chick .

      Jenn Sterger may well not be entirely happy but at the same time she still gets her additional 15 minutes fame doesn’t she .

      tophatal …………….


    2. Chris Humpherys

      Stern and MJ had their own mutual admiration for one another . MJ simply brought in the billions for the NBA while David Stern and the league’s hierarchy simply were there to kiss his a_s !

      Stern could simply paraphrase Broadway Joe and simply say to Mike “I could kiss you ” !


  9. Someone please wake me up when Goodell makes a decision that he actually believes in rather than coming across simply looking like a complete a_shole !

    This guy (Goodell) makes John Kerry , Mitt Romney and John McCain seem actually cerebral .

    These are but a few of lame ass remarks since he succeeded Tagliabue ……… ‘there’s no concrete evidence to suggest that head trauma and concussions are in fact connected’ …. ‘ the league will mandate a strict drug policy’ ….. what a joke that last one has been !

    There are people in Congress who’d feel proud to be in the company of Goodell as he’s that dumb ! I’d like to see him break bread with Dubya and Obama and what a joke that’d be !

    Does anyone actually listen to some of the crap that’s said by these officials at times ?

    tophatal …………


  10. I really could care less about this. All he did was text/send pictures, so what? I know that it’s bad since he’s a married man, but this has nothing to do with football. What law did he break? Now, two other ladies are saying he texted them inappropriate things, but who really cares. It’s a text. I get drunk and text girls stuff plenty of times. I want to know is why didn’t these people come out 2-3 years ago. I really don’t see the point of ESPN blowing all of this up. He didn’t cheat (or hasn’t been caught) nor did he break any law.


    1. jgome

      You say he didn’t break any law ? It’s *unlawful to use a mobile device to send what’s deemed inappropriate in such a way albeit that law enforcement had never followed up. Now were that a female relative of yours who’d been sent those messages and pictures I wonder what your thoughts might be on the matter?

      It’s merely you taking the stance that because it doesn’t concern you to hell with it. But this is now becoming a plague within the NFL less you forget the incident concerning the Jets’ players and their behavior concerning the Azteca repotrer
      Inez Sainz both during her interviews with players on the sidelines during a practice and when she tried to interview Mark Sanchez in the team’s locker room.

      Think about it ?

      As for ESPN this season they’ve lived and breathed Favre without him there’d be no reason for them to broadcast as it is their reporters have their lips pressed so firmly against his ass ! Is it any wonder those morons can’t be objective when it’s required ?

      Mortensen , Clayton , Berman and Schlereth have licked his prostate far too often to know any better !

      Furthermore consider this also what about the image of the league and the fact that now there’s a growing demographic of fans as it relates to women. If the league is so image conscious but yet it chooses to condone such behavior how do you think that relates with the female fan out there ? Are you that naive ?

      NB * That law differs from state to state never mind the federal implications of that law.

      tophatal …………


    2. jgome

      Well considering the Jets wanted to keep it inhouse there’s a reason as they knew what this could all mean. So you text some chick but more likely than not you’re not sending them pics of your penis to show them how well endowed you are or is that the way you roll ?

      tophatal …………………


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