Since When Did Mediocrity In The NFL Become Synonymous With The State of New York And In Particular New York City ?

Since When Did Mediocrity In The NFL Become Synonymous With The State of New York And In Particular New York City ?

I sat and watched three NFL games over this past weekend and in doing so I saw all three teams within New York State literally fall apart at the seams. The Buffalo Bills , New York Giants and New York Jets have respectively seen their seasons simultaneously come apart at the seams. The Bills were ripped apart like a hyena feasting on the carcass of a dead animal. So much so that Tom Brady and the New England Patriots weren’t at all tested by the lowly Bills in an AFC East divisional matchup. Suffice to say that by the second half the result of this game was a foregone conclusion .


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It’s hard to see how this Bills’ coaching staff can return to the organization next season as there’s little to really suggest that this team is actually heading in the right direction. Head coach Chan Gailey hasn’t really been able to gain the confidence of this team and there’s no reason to believe that the front office can truly believe that he’s the answer to what’s really needed for this team from a coaching standpoint. Gailey in all probability will be a coaching casualty in the offseason.

The New York Jets for all of the perceived hype surrounding this team have been literally in a downward spiral since their merciless beating ( 45-3)at the hands of the New England Patriots . And as a reminder to a somewhat opinionated patron of my site who suggested to me that Jets’ quarterback Mark Sanchez is a player who’s not restrained by the playbook of coach Rex Ryan . Anyone who witnessed what took place in the game against the Chicago Bears really needs to look intensely at the game between the two teams. Sanchez and his teammates were inept on both sides of the ball. And anyone who’s of the belief that this defense is good enough to even to stop the run much less the pass really needs to look at this team in great depth. Not only that but Sanchez when placed under a great deal of pressure becomes like a deer caught in headlights. I guess that patron really doesn’t know what the hell he’s actually talking about as he must simply watch these games through rose colored glasses ? The 38-34 loss to the Bears itself though not entirely surprising adds fuel to the fire that the Jets in recent weeks have become all too complacent and wrapped up in their own belief that they’re now amongst the elite within the NFL . Is it any wonder that Rex Ryan breathed a sigh of relief once he found out that the Jacksonville Jaguars had essentially foregone their chance of making the playoffs by losing to the
Washington Redskins ( 20-17 ) in overtime at Everbank Field (Alltel Stadium) , in Jacksonville,Florida.

Jay Cutler and the Bears’ offense were allowed to run wild all over the Jets and for any of the Jets’ fans out there they can’t be entirely happy with what they’re now witnessing from their team or the coaching staff on the whole. Rex Ryan has to be extremely disappointed with what he’s now witnessing from his team. And you’d be hard pressed to suggest that even with a favorable seeding as a wildcard in the playoffs that the New York Jets would be successful in the divisional rounds . There’s a great deal that needs to be addressed with this team on both sides of the ball.

I know that the New York Giants must be shellshocked after their shellacking by the Philadelphia Eagles . But what took place against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field where this Packers’ team led by Aaron Rodgers had several members of their roster team on the injured reserve list but they simply laid the wood to the Giants and made Tom Coughlin’s position with the team now look all the more precarious . It certainly didn’t help that the Giants turned the ball over eight times during the game with quarterback Eli Manning throwing four interceptions. I guess $100 million in this day and age doesn’t get you a great deal at all ! As to Manning being given a pass because he’s led the team to a Superbowl may well mean a lot but t the NFL nowadays has become more about what have you done for me lately and not what you did yesterday ! The Giants are now in so much of a tailspin that were they in a popularity contest their approval rating would be lower than that of the Democrats and the members of Congress and Senate . To say that the Giants are stinking up the joint would be an understatement as the team now makes fecal matter smell a great deal better than a bouquet of red roses .

The city of New York is a proud one that looks upon its professional sports franchises with a great deal of pride especially when it comes to their baseball and football teams. But in essence what those fans have been witnessing recently now seems to resemble mediocrity to the “nth degree” . As good as the teams mentioned are perceived to be it’s hard to believe that simply based on their form at present that they’re simply good enough to be even thought as being amongst the elite within the NFL at present ! And say what you will about the fans in New York but when their teams tend to play badly rarely at times do you simply hear those fans come out and be openly critical of their teams. Instead they remain obnoxious self opinionated and not always willing to accept criticism when it’s aimed their way.



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What thoughts if any do you have about how all three New York teams have played in Week 16 ? And how do you now see the future of the Giants and Jets as they embark on their postseason ambitions ?

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Nikki Lowri shows that she too is a fine figure of a woman !


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15 thoughts on “Since When Did Mediocrity In The NFL Become Synonymous With The State of New York And In Particular New York City ?”

  1. Michelle Ryan

    Michelle Ryan wife of Jets’ coach Rex Ryan .

    If Rex Ryan is said to have a foot fetish does it any part have to do with the fact that his wife (Michelle) isn’t putting out or the fact that he simply just likes the smell of her feet ?

    tophatal ………………….


  2. This was Peete Rozzells dream. It is now achieved. The Pats are the best so far but anything can happen. The Eagles look good but the bums have a habit of stinking the joint out. Beware of the Saints.


    1. Bobby Gee

      Rozelle had a dream where the teams in the NFL would be competitive but instead there are some very good teams , some rather mediocre coaches and talent that in some cases that borders on being less than average .

      Pete Rozelle at his Hall of Fame induction.

      The Eagles are playing well and as Vick goes so does the rest of the team .

      As to the Saints they simply have to maintain their balance and consistency through the remainder of the season and into the playoffs .


      tophatal ………………. 😉


    1. al clements

      I don’t think it’s so much parity but the fact that there are some badly coached teams across the NFL ! Look at the Seahawks , Niners , Panthers , Broncos and Bengals ? Could it have been any worse ?

      Less we forget we’re about to have a divisional winner out of the NFC West ( Seahawks or Rams ) that may well have a record that’s no better than (8-8 ) or ( 7-9 ) ? I don’t think that’s what fans really want to see at all !

      Russian model & actress Olga Kurylenko …. Dasvidanya !

      tophatal …………….


  3. Well, Al, for one, I guess it all depends on what you believe.

    I never thought the Giants were a legit playoff team. If so, they were one and done. This team hasn’t been the same since Strahan retired.

    And the Jets? As good as they were supposed to be, did anyone who knows anything about football think they were going to be better than the Patriots?

    And the Bills? Well, they’re just the Bills.


    1. Chris Humpherys

      Don’t get me wrong I love the NFL but I was never going to hyper ventilate like a virgin having sex for the first time the way that some of these supposed tv pundits were about the likes of the Jets , Bengals , Vikings , Cardinals , Cowboys and slew of other teams too numerous to mention. Good God what we’ve seen this season in larger part borders on being mediocre at best and the coaching philosophy has been downright bad to say the least !

      Come the postseason I can hope that a number of teams there will actually raise the bar to the next level !

      The Patriots over the last decade has been the organization and team that everyone has admired from afar . That being said all it takes is to play with momentum down the stretch and into the postseason . If a team can actually do that with confidence then there’s no reason to believe that they can’t win the Superbowl . The Pats’ teams ( 2002, 2004-05 ) that won those Superbowls weren’t only built around Brady but also around character, talent and the belief in an ultimate goal of succeeding with whatever obstacle was placed in their way .

      tophatal …………………


    2. Chris Humpherys

      That Giants’ defense with Tuck and Umenyiora has lost its poise and they’d make an elderly geriatric seem sprite when one considers how bad their pass , run and overall defense has been in these last few games ! Eli Manning on the other hand is about as safe as a blind man playing hopscotch in the middle of mine field .

      You can’t apportion all the blame on Coughlin when the players themselves won’t stand up and be held accountable ! If Haynesworth is said to be overpaid then Eli has been stealing money from the Giants since that Superbowl (SB XLII) win .

      Is he being paid on potential , talent or simply because his name just happens to be Manning ?

      Mini Me ……… $100,000,000 ? No Dr Evil !

      Chris , even you’ve got to admit what Eli is being paid is preposterous ? No matter what market he’s in . His play this season has been horrendously bad !

      tophatal ………………………


  4. I know you’re in a New York state of mind today,but would you have believed the Bucs would still be in the hunt going into week 17?
    It just goes to show you that anything is possible this season. Go Bucs!


    1. aero

      Not only am I surprised by what the Bucs have done but Raheem and Dominik have laid the foundations for a really bright future of this team . I only hope that the fans will now come out and support them this weekend when they play the Saints at Raymond James Stadium !

      Morris , Freeman and GM Mark Dominik (from left to right)

      Freeman is playing lights out football and I hope that he makes the Pro Bowl !

      tophatal ……………………….


    2. aero

      Thankfully I support none of the NFL teams in the greater New York state area ! What we’ve seen from them over the past few weeks is now enough to drive me to watch copious amounts of porn ! At least I’d find that far more entertaining than watching the Bills , Giants or Jets !

      What are your thoughts on the matter ? Porn or watching either of those teams given their present play ?

      Real boobs rock but the NFL teams now entrenched in New York state aren’t so lucky .

      Rex Ryan can coach up a storm when he wants to but he can also fill a room with so much bs !

      You heard it here first !

      tophatal …………………….


  5. All things considered, I’d rather watch naked women than the Jets, Giants, or the Bills. But then again that’s my prefered hobby any way:)
    Take care my friend and have a safe and Happy New Year!


    1. aero

      You’re not the only one with that same feeling as it regards the Bills , Jets and Giants. I hear that if things get much worse fans there in NYC will jump off Brooklyn Bridge like lemmings ?

      Jasmine Black

      Personally I’d like to see Jasmine Black shed some light on the picture ! What are your thoughts as far as that’s concerned ? She’d definitely bring a delightful change of scenery to the landscape of things !

      You and the family have a wonderful and an extremely safe New Year !

      tophatal ……………


  6. As a Giants fan, I am used to seeing the second half of the season collapse out from under our feet. It’s no big deal to end up losing three straight after the bye week, but it’s still unacceptable.

    I think the G men’s problem is that they haven’t been listening to Tom Coughlin for several years now. And in a way, winning Super Bowl 42 actually set us back a couple of years because they couldn’t fire him after that, even though even after winning the SB none of the players respected him. Their special teams are atrocious and the head coach is probably not the only sideline adjustment that will be made.

    Now, the Jets. The Jets play in a very suspicious division where they get four freebies a year playing Buffalo and Miami twice, but then have to also face the Pats two times as well. The Jets have a very impressive running game, but I am still not sure that Mark Sanchez will ever become a great passing quarterback. Think about it: He had the chance to make the Super Bowl last year against a porous Indy defense GOING INTO halftime winning the game and he blew it.

    Additionally, there appear to be some disciplinary issues for the men in green as well. Braylon Edwards can’t call a taxi, Antonio Cromartie can’t find the abortion clinic, and LaDanian Tomlinson would have been able to make up for those things 5 years ago, but not now.

    Is this sufficient insight for you sir?



    1. Ravenation LLC

      That Giants’ team shouldnt be where it is at the moment having to fight for a playoff spot. They simply got ahead of themselves and at the same time Eli is back to his usual self simply stinking up the joint and then expecting to the bailed out by the defense.

      If they let go of Coughlin and don’t get a damn good replacement in his stead then they’re going to plummet like a meteorite falling from the sky. Coughlin isn’t the problem here it’s the laziness of the players and the fact that they think having won a Superbowl they can all get a pass there in New York.

      As to the insight what else is it that I need to know concerning the Giants that as such I hadn’t covered ? It’s not as if their situation isn’t clear cut .

      Sanchez is good but he’s still learning as for your boy wanting to clue me in about the Jets and Sanchez. Well let’s just say that he needs a clue himself. There hasn’t been a decent qb to come out of USC in years and that’s with due respect to < Matt Cassel . They’ve either been mediocre or a work in progress.

      Cassel is simply lucky that he’s now got the likes of Weis teaching him the ropes in KC because once Weis leaves then I can see things changing not exactly for the better as far as his play is concerned .

      That Jets’ organization and the players are way to full of themselves and while they might be buying into what Ryan is selling they’re going to have an almighty fall in the postseason. They’ve had their wake up call twice in the last few weeks and they’ve still learned not a damn thing at at all !

      The disciplinary problems stems from Ryan himself as he simply allows these guys too much free rein. When Parcells was coaching the Jets do you think those players would’ve been able to get away with the crap they’re said to be doing ? Never mind what took place on the sidelines with their coach Sal Alosi and him tripping that Dolphins’ player Nolan Carroll on the sidelines in the execution of a play. His (Alosi) ass would have been fired on the spot. Instead all he gets is a wrap on the knuckles and fine . That’s complete bs and they should be thankful that the player wasn’t hurt or the Fins could have come back and sued their ass !

      tophatal ………………


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