You don’t want to be the guy who replaces a legend , you want to be the guy comes in after the legend’s successor is said to have failed miserably

You don’t want to be the guy who replaces a legend , you want to be the guy comes in after the legend’s successor is said to have failed miserably

Over the past two decades within professional team sports , we have seen the departures great players from the game , either through retirement or their trade to another franchise. Though not thought to be earth shattering at the time , the feeling was that Peyton Manning’s departure from the Indianapolis Colts and the organization’s handling of the matter was haphazard , incompetent and somewhat disrespectful , given Manning’s contribution and resurgence of that particular franchise. The famed quarterback’s success along with Tony Dungy’s coaching acumen brought about that success , the added profitability of the Colts and to the overall wealth of the team’s owner Jim Irsay .


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With the Indianapolis Colts having traded Peyton Manning to the Denver Broncos , the team was lucky enough to have drafted Andrew Luck out of Stanford as the number one overall draft pick in the 2011 NFL Draft . Luck’s success as a rookie and subsequent play has simply been a revelation , having led the team into the postseason in 2012 , along with his peer Robert Griffin III , who was able to achieve a similar feat with the Washington Redskins .

This season , both the Indianapolis Colts and Washington Redskins have followed different paths, with the defending NFC East champions are likely to miss the postseason , after an erratic season of missed opportunities and a great deal of finger-pointing around the organization , with the actual coaching acumen of Mike Shanahan and his coaching acumen now coming into question, along with that of his coaching staff . At the same time, Robert Griffin’s play this season has been far from scintillating , somewhat of a surprise to many, given his growth and maturity shown over the first two years of his NFL career. This season , much like the team’s, Griffin’s performances , along with the other quarterbacks within the NFC East , have been understated and amongst the most erratic in the entire NFL . Yet , if there is blame to be apportioned , then a great deal of that must be placed squarely on the shoulders of the Redskins’ secondary and the poor play exhibited over the course of the season . With the team now in preparation for their week twelve scheduled Monday night match-up against the high-flying San Francisco 49ers , in an NFC contest to be played at Fedex Field in Landover, Maryland . It will be interesting to see what steps will be taken by the Washington Redskins as they take on the NFC West divisional antagonists.

There is no denying that Andrew Luck’s success has been contagious and that it has affected the organization throughout , with the fans coming in droves to see a newly revamped team play at Lucas Oil Stadium , in Indiana , Indianapolis , all under the watchful eye of head coach Chuck Pagano and his coaching staff . Having replaced an icon and legend in Peyton Manning, it would appear that the young quarterback , Andrew Luck is prepared to lead the Colts’ into a new chapter of their history . That next phase, will begin on Sunday , when the Colts are guests of the Arizona Cardinals at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Tempe , Arizona, where former Colts’ assistant Bruce Arians is now the head coach of the host team . Arians and the Cardinals will be looking to see if they can secure a win , in order to leapfrog the second placed San Francisco 49ers within the NFC West , in a division that is now blossoming into a thoroughly enthralling contest between the top three teams , by way of its competitiveness .

Robert Griffin’s path of succession in following in a long line of shall we say lackluster Redskins’ quarterbacks over the past eight seasons , has been one of the numerous reasons why the franchise has failed so miserably . Reading off those list of names of nondescript individuals , would be akin to reading the recipe of ingredients from a can of soup , produced as a generic brand to be stocked on the shelves of your local supermarket. The list of Rex Grossman , a past his prime , Donovan McNabb , Jason Campbell , Mark Brunell , and Patrick Ramsey have all got something in common . They have played for a franchise, where the team owner , Dan Snyder , has spared no expense , in carrying on with the Redskins’ ineptitude, since he took the helm of the Washington Redskins in 1999, as its main proprietor .

At 3-7 within the NFC East , the record of the Washington Redskins has proven to be a monumental disappointment . In a division , where the only team above .500 in terms of a winning record are the Philadelphia Eagles (6-5) . It is a damning indictment, as to how bad the teams are said to be, in what has been repeatedly described as the “glamor division “ . of the NFL , with the brand and product having become so diluted . Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there has been absolutely nothing glamorous about the quartet of teams much less their play over the course of this season . As I alluded to earlier , the quarterback play also has been something of an abomination and it is also, another clear indicator as to how bad things now appear to be, even in spite of a number of analysts now salivating over the play of Eagles’ quarterback Nick Foles , who may well be on the verge bringing about the abrupt end of Michael Vick’s career with the franchise . If former, Philly head coach, Andy Reid could not see it for himself, that Vick is now past his prime . Then surely Reid’s successor , Chip Kelly must now realize that fact for himself , given the rather innocuous performances from the veteran player player this season , in spite of his health issues .

One could perhaps attest to the fact that where would be something of a misnomer with regard to the title of this piece and how it relates to the NFL , may well have been the passing on of the baton from Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers and Joe Montana to Steve Young . Though not necessarily controversial at the time, Favre’s unwillingness to take a back seat to a younger and most certainly a more receptive player in Rodgers, led to the veteran being looked upon as a rather petulant individual . Brett Favre’s departure from the Green Bay Packers had its supporters and detractors. Yet, it should be noted, the all-time career touchdowns’ passing as well as career passing yardage leader , never showed the form that made him such a treat to watch after his departure from the Packers. After a fifteen career in Green Bay , the subsequent stops in New York with the New York Jets ( one year) and two years with the Minnesota Vikings were as eventful , as they were somber. No doubt, upon meeting the eligibility requirements, Brett Favre will become a first year ballot Hall of Fame inductee.

Aaron Rodgers, has all but erased the memory of Brett Favre ever existing and playing at Lambeau Field for one the league’s most revered and venerable NFL franchises . Now considered to be amongst the elite of the NFL quarterbacks, now playing in the NFL , his career has been a personification of dedication to his craft , as well as having the respect of his peers and teammates alike. Other than, Tom Brady , Peyton Manning and Drew Brees , I seriously doubt that there is a more well-liked or respected quarterback in the entire NFL !

Five Superbowl victories for an NFL franchise, tends to tell you a great deal about an organization and what they have been able to achieve over the course of their existence . The transition from Joe Montana to Steve Young did a have a few bumps in the road , but who can deny the fact that these two quarterbacks along with Jerry Rice , Roger Craig , Ronnie Lott , Dwight Clark , Jesse Sapolu and the franchise’s legendary head coach Bill Walsh may well have done more to put the San Francisco 49ers on the map , beyond Walsh’s influence on the game , through his play-calling . Montana and Young between them, account for all five of those Superbowl triumphs, with their names being etched in postseason history in terms of their respective performances in the postseason and the “big game ” itself .

After a spectacular 2012 , during which we witnessed the San Francisco 49ers make their sixth Superbowl appearance. The team would not fare as well , as in their previous forays , as Colin Kaepernick and his teammates would fall to their AFC opponents the Baltimore Ravens 34-31 in a game blighted by the incompetence of not only the NFL hierarchy , utility’s company Entergy , but also the host site, the Mercedes-Benz Superdome , home to the New Orleans Saints , operated by SMG and a venue owned by the Louisiana Expo & Sports Authority . The explanations forthcoming, as to why a power outage interrupted the NFL’s biggest spectacle were as ludicrous, as Roger Goodell’s comments that the stoppage, did nothing to take away from the event , nor did it have an effect on the end result. One more reason, why the incumbent NFL commissioner cannot be taken seriously as the league’s highest ranking executive. His communicative and leadership skills , beyond being remarkably poor, are in fact a complete embarrassment to the NFL and the teams he presides over .

I have been reading with a great deal of interest , where Hakeem Olajuwon , a Hall of Fame inductee , whose playing career with the Houston Rockets was unprecedented , has now taken it upon himself along with fellow inductee and Rockets’ head coach Kevin McHale , to assist in improving and “polishing ” the game of Dwight Howard . These two great players from a bygone era of excellence within the NBA , may well be taking on a great deal than either would care or be willing to admit . Howard may well have been, a Defensive Player of the Year within the league on multiple occasions , but his offensive prowess , as well as leadership skills and lack of maturity, has repeatedly come into question . It was self-evident and there for all to see, as the player struggled to show any signs of leadership, much less being able, to impose his will on a game , while playing for the Los Angeles Lakers last season .

The fact that Dwight Howard was acquired by the Lakers’ franchise as a long-term investment and seen as heir-apparent to Kobe Bryant , as the vocal leader of the Los Angeles Lakers, came and went as swiftly , as Howard’s decision to bolt from the Lakers , taking less money , to sign with the Rockets . If that was not indicative of the fact, that the center simply could not handle any form of adversity , then his now constant moaning , as to why he has been criticized by many of the elder statesmen of the game , is clear evidence that Dwight Howard will never be viewed as one of the best players at the position to have ever played the game. The NBA in terms of the play of the centers now within the game, are a far cry from what many of the fans have witnessed during the heydays of David Robinson . , Hakeem Olajuwon , Shaquille O’Neal , Bill Russell , Kareem Abdul Jabbar , Nate Thurmond , Patrick Ewing , Willis Reed and Moses Malone . All of whom were known to be ferocious competitors . Can the same be even remotely said about Dwight Howard , even as many now regard him as the best center , currently now playing in the NBA ?

Dwight Howard’s acquisition by the Rockets, in some circles was seen as the missing piece for a franchise with a legitimate shot of making the NBA Playoffs this upcoming season. In bolstering a roster , led by the presence of James Harden , Jeremy Lin , Ronnie Brewer , Patrick Beverley , Chandler Parsons and Aaron Brooks . The team was seen as a solid enough of a competitor to challenge the presence of the San Antonio Spurs (10-1) within the Southwest Division of the Western Conference . Coming off a narrow three-point 123-120 loss to the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday night , the Rockets will face the Minnesota Timberwolves at the Toyota Center in Houston , Texas on Saturday evening , in what is likely to be a very lively contest between these two Western Conference foes.

Rockets’ owner Leslie Alexander and GM Daryl Morey, made a bold move, that will either prove to be a success or simply backfire for the organization. While, I believe Dwight Howard will be of some benefit to the Houston Rockets, I just cannot see the player as the person who will now get the team “ over the hump” that will make them a legitimate threat to the more prominent teams within the conference , such as the San Antonio Spurs , Oklahoma City Thunder , Los Angeles Clippers and what now appears to be a very talented and well-coached Golden State Warriors’ roster. I may well be wrong, but at this juncture, my observations are based on what I have seen from Dwight Howard , and the fact that he’s now being asked to fill the shoes of predecessors before him on the Rockets, who made significant progress in making the franchise more widely recognized . Hakeem Olajuwon and to an extent , Yao Ming made you aware of the franchise in terms of what they brought to the Houston Rockets . Has Dwight Howard actually been able to do that any point of his career, beyond his goofy off the court antics and winning a meaningless Slam Dunk Contest ?



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Do you believe it easy, for a professional sport’s franchise to replace an iconic legend that has been associated with a team over a long period of time? Or as teams would always like to suggest “ it’s time to move on” , more often than not, because of monetary issues , rather than the athlete’s possible declining production ? Your comments are most certainly welcomed on this and anything else you believe to be of value to the premise stated this moderated piece.


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(1) Mar 7, 2012; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning speaks and Jim Irsay stands beside him to announce during a press conference at Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center that Peyton Manning will become a free agent. Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE ….

(2) Andrew Luck, left of the Indianapolis Colts is seen here with team owner Jim Irsay. . The quarterback, who was drafted out of Stanford as the number one pick in the 2012 NFL Draft , proved to be an immediate success with the franchise having taken the team into the postseason and the Colts now seem to be set , in terms of their long-term future with a quarterback who has proven to productive , with an immediate impact for the Indianapolis Colts from a competitive and financial standpoint. AP Photo / Garry Moss …

(3) Washington Redskins` starting quarterback Robert Griffin III is seen here with the team’s offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan and backup quarterback Kirk Cousins . The team as defending champions within of the NFC East , now find themselves in almost untenable position of being at the bottom of the division and likely to miss the playoffs , having rode into the 2012 postseason riding on a sea of optimism and at the same time , projected long-term success. Instead, this season has turned out to be an unmitigated disaster , with a defense performing poorly , with alarming regularity and the same could be said of the offense . GM Bruce Allen and team owner Dan Snyder are likely to make a number of sweeping changes during the off-season concerning the player personnel and quite possibly amongst the coaching staff. Getty Images / Lance Jones …..

(4) Green Bay Packers’ teammates Brett Favre (4) and Aaron Rodgers (12) are seen here seated on the sidelines looking up at the scoreboard . The two players who have been described as not being extremely close , with Favre having been critical of the organization when Rodgers was drafted by team as a late first round draft pick in the 2005 NFL Draft . The backup would not become a regular season starter until 2008 . Brett Favre would later depart from the franchise under a cloud of controversy , with fans and detractors of the veteran , voicing their thoughts publicly , in print, via the airwaves and on television . Getty Images/ Mark Parsons …….

(5) Former 49ers Steve Young (L), Roger Craig (C) and Joe Montana (R) wait to go onto the field for a half time presentation during home opener as the San Francisco 49ers host the Seattle Seahawks at Candlestick Park September 20, 2009 in San Francisco, California. Getty Images North America / David Paul Morris ….

(6) Hall of Fame inductee Hakeem Olajuwon foreground , shows the Houston Rockets’ center Dwight Howard a few on-court drills and moves . Howard , since his arrival with the franchise has performed moderately , but the team now evolves around the play of point guard Jeremy Lin and James Harden . Olajuwon , GM Daryl Morey and head coach Kevin McHale see Howard as a vital part of the team’s offense , as they seek to make their presence felt within the Western Conference this season . AP Photo / Matt Shields ….

(7) Newly acquired center Dwight Howard , left foreground , is seen here with Houston Rockets’ great Hakeem Olajuwon and the team’s head coach Kevin McHale in the background at the team’s venue the Toyota Center in Houston Texas . Signed as a free agent in the off-season , the three-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year is seeking establish himself as the premiere center in the NBA , after a somewhat lackluster year in 2012 , with Howard being unable to assist the Los Angeles Lakers during the postseason in any great depth . AP Photo / Keith Miller ….

(8) Two legendary giants of the game and some might agree a pair of centers who at the height of their careers were the most dominant players of their generation as centers . Bill Russell , left , whose career with the Boston Celtics is littered with accolades too numerous to mention , shakes hands with Kareem Abdul Jabbar , whose own career with the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers are synonymous as Russell’s with the Boston Celtics . AP Photo / Roger Pettigrew …. …….


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35 thoughts on “You don’t want to be the guy who replaces a legend , you want to be the guy comes in after the legend’s successor is said to have failed miserably”

  1. The Colts struck gold in their drafting of Andrew Luck , and given the performances of RGIII this season they should count themselves extremely lucky that they took the Stanford quarterback instead of the former Baylor signal caller .

    2013 NFL quarterback stats

    All Dwight Howard has proven at this point of his NBA career is that he’s adequate at the position . Granted , over the past five years , the role of a true NBA center has been redefined and to an extent lessened . Yet let’s be clear , that if Howard is now thought to be the best center in the NBA , then there is clearly something wrong in the logic of that choice . This past season alone both Brook Lopez and Roy Hibbert have shown that they each have more of an imposing presence than Dwight Howard has ever shown at any point of his career . Granted , neither of these two centers have the tenure in the NBA of Howard , but in many respects , each has shown that they are capable of playing on the “big stage ” in terms of the postseason . Can the same be said of Dwight Howard at this juncture .

    As for the current Rockets’ center being taught the nuances of the position by Hakeem Olajuwon is something of a joke , given the fact that when Dwight Howard was a player with the Orlando Magic , he had none other than Patrick Ewing then a lead assistant with the team actually trying to instill the same type of discipline into the player .

    The Rockets are a good team , but in reality of James Harden isn’t scoring in excess of 25-30 points per game , then the Rockets are likely to have a major problem against an opponent .

    NBA stats : Position of center Eastern Conference , Western Conference and league as a whole .


    ” Son listen to me , I know what I’m talking about ” .

    Patrick Ewing speaking with Dwight Howard .

    tophatal …………….


  2. Dwight Howard hasn’t remotely done anywhere near enough to be even mentioned with top ten or fifteen centers in NBA history . He is not good enough to be mentioned in the same breath as Wilt Chamberlain , Bill Russell or Kareem Abdul Jabbar .

    The likes of Willis Reed , Nate Thurmond and Moses Malone would simply have “schooled” Howard , were either of them playing in the NBA today . All three were far more physically imposing than Dwight Howard will ever get to be , even if he is now being taught by Hakeem Olajuwon .


    There was a reason why they called Moses Malone ” Chairman of the Boards”

    Reed at his best

    Thurmond as good as it got .

    tophatal …………….


  3. I think the whole Luck-Manning thing was win-win for both teams. Manning’s got a few good more years in him and that will give Denver more than enough chance to win at least one Super Bowl. Heck, they have to be the favorite to win it this year.

    Indy had no choice but to go with Luck. They had no other option. Coming off of surgery, there were no certainties and they’d rather take their chances at another fifteen years of solid quarterbacking play with Andrew Luck who, when it’s all said and done, gives Indy a shot at another… as long as they surround him with talent.


    1. Chris Humpherys

      The talent was there last season , they got to the postseason and that should tell you something . As of now they’re the best team in the AFC South by far .

      Andrew Luck is proving to be not only a great successor to Peyton Manning , but just as impressive a leader both on and off the field of play. Should the Colts make e the postseason , then they are bound to be one of the most dangerous teams in the AFC and given the fact that Reggie Wayne is still playing at high level , then just about anything could happen .

      tophatal ………….


  4. Irsay did right by getting rid of Manning. Luck was a good choice and if he stays healthy anything is possible. Denver Manning on the cheap. manning has maybe three years left so the Doncos better draft a QB. Nick Foles is a not the Eagles answer. The bums need to draft a QB. Nick Barkley is not the answer either. The NFC East is bad. Shanahan needs to go. He and RG3 are at logger heads. The deadskins are a team turmoil. Shanahan has no clue. Another bust for skins as head coach. Joe Gibbs couldn’t even do it.


  5. bobby

    Other than their drafting of Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins , what the hell have the Redskins achieved over the past five seasons by way of player personnel ?

    Mike Shanahan and son, Kyle Shanahan are acting as if they’re learning in the job in terms of their combined coaching acumen . Not only is this a bad team , but they are so consistently bad that you simply can’t be sure where their next victory will be coming from .

    The Eagles are a team , that come the postseason they’ll be hard pressed to get beyond the first round . Neither Vick or Nick Foles are the answer and all of this damn hype , because Foles threw for seven touchdowns in a game this season . These on air analysts , would seemingly get excited if a dog cocked its leg up against a fire hydrant and urinated over the damn thing .

    Denver are not getting Peyton Manning on the cheap that is for sure as his annual salary puts him at the top end of the pay-scale for NFL quarterbacks .

    tophatal ………..


  6. Hey Al,
    Long time no chat.
    Anything can happen this year, but the smart money is on the Broncos to win it all. Nothing else to say, but cheers my brother and peace be with you.


  7. Some random thoughts Al: Have you noticed that the K.C. Chiefs
    whose defense was giving up an average of 17 points per game all season has given up 68
    Just a few random thoughts Al; Have you noticed that the K.C. Chiefs whose defense was giving up 17 points a game all season have given up 68 points over their last two?
    And when you talk about contending in the AFC don’t discount or exclude the Patriots. They’re as hard to beat at home than any team in the NFL and although they play in a pitiful division, they’re 3-1 in non-conference games.

    Have you noticed that all the pre-season ‘excitement’ and hype over the two New York teams have only served to get them off to a combined 6-19 start to the season, with the two of them losing a collective 10 in a row?

    Have you noticed that in the last three weeks Andrew Luck & the Colts have lost two of their three games to the Rams & Cardinals by a combined score of 78-19? Ever since the league has been more mindful of T.Y. Hilton, the Colts are a pedestrian 18th in passing yards at just under 230 yards per game.


        1. At the start of this season I had Ron Rivera as one of the coaches on the “hot seat” . Now if the Panthers make the playoffs , which it now appears likely , Rivera could end up being the NFL Coach of the Year . And you’re right , the defense and offense are getting it done and it comes down to not only the team’s play but the fantastic job done by the coaching staff , collectively .

          Next up for Carolina a divisional home game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers . Ought to be an interesting contest , given the fact , that the Bucs have been taken off “life support” with consecutive wins in recent weeks .

          tophatal …….:


        1. So the Brandon Weeden .. era in Cleveland is about to come to an abrupt end with the organization signing “journeyman” …. Alex Tanney ?

          The disadvantages far outweighed the risks in the drafting of Weeden by the Browns last season and it has proven to be a complete waste . If he (Brandon Weeden) couldn’t cut it in baseball as a member of the Yankees’ minor league system , then who the hell believed , he could make it in the NFL as a quarterback ?

          tophatal ……….


    1. Hank

      ‘melo now is apparently is very concerned about the Knicks ? I tend to be more concerned anytime the President tends to give a “State of the Union” speech , rather than anything to do with this particular NBA franchise , which hasn’t achieved anything of note for almost two damn decades. If Carmelo Anthony is serious in terms of opting out of his current contract to test the free agency market in 2014 , then that would the right time to do it, rather than stick around an organization that has no damn idea as to what the hell they’re doing .

      Knicks’ owner James Dolan is about as clueless as they come and new GM Steve Mills looks as if he may well be completely out of his depth . Yet Knicks’ fans as clueless as they are , continue to live in the past and then talk about the future in terms of a meaningless regular season 2012 win over the Miami Heat . Who the hell cares about that , when it is the postseason that actually matters ? Given what was produced by the Knicks during the playoffs . Can we attest to the fact that the team simply isn’t good enough on any level ? No one wants to play ….. defense and far too many players on the roster a are clearly overpaid , given their menial contributions this and last season .

      tophatal …………


      1. Couldn’t agree with you more. If the current losing trend continues the man who took the credit for last year’s 54 win season Mike Woodson, could find his job in peril…The only way to draw Dolan’s attention is in his wallet and when fans stop paying ridiculous prices to see their team flounder night in and night out, the axe will fall. No one in this screwed up organization is untouchable.


        1. I’ve never been enamored with alleged ” corporate titans “ who believe that they know what it takes to run a professional sports’ franchise . Very few are actually successful in both arenas and their rotting carcasses are littered all over the four major sports , especially within the NHL , and baseball , also to a lesser extent within the NBA .

          James L Dolan is simply proving that having all but screwed up Cablevision , the family company . Dolan now feels entitled to do the same with the New York Knicks . Not unlike the crap that is still going on with the New York Mets under the joint ownership tenure of Saul Katz and Fred Wilpon . I listened to the analysis of a business writer talking about the fact that the Mets , are one of ten baseball franchises worth over $1 billion dollars ($1,000,000,000) . What he failed to acknowledge is the very fact, that the franchise still carries a massive amount of debt , all owed to various financial institutions in New York City .

          tophatal …………


          1. At least they play Basketball in other countries. I still don’t get how Goodell thinks he can successfully market the NFL overseas where no country has a team. Look at the crap he offered up this past season when two winless teams played each other in London. How much excitement do you think that drummed up…


            1. The NFL in operational and then profits lost tens of millions of dollars with NFL Europe , with Roger Goodell trying to point to few positives if any. OK , so for a while Kurt Warner played in Europe honing his skills . Yet , that simply happened , because no NFL team at the time had any faith in the player and his skill-set . Other than that , having to compete against soccer , rugby and a plethora of other mainstays of the European pass-time , was simply too much of an uphill battle for the league to climb.

              As I said , I have never been truly enamored with so called businessmen who believe that they can operate a successful professional sports’ franchise . See Tom Hicks formerly of the Texas Rangers ( took the team into bankruptcy after financial mismanagement) , The current ownership of the Mets and the same can be said of Astros’ owner Jim Crane and the franchise’s current plight which is far from convincing in terms of their overall financial health .

              tophatal ………………


        2. Everyone within the Knicks’ front office is to blame with the exception of GM Steve Mills who was promoted at the beginning of this season and did not really have that much input concerning player personnel moves .

          The fact that the Knicks still have that type of money committed to Amare’ Stoudemire tells you how damn clueless that organization just happens to be . No one wants a player whose best days are actually behind him and has been about as much use over the past four seasons as a stick of dynamite in the middle of a minefield

          Amare’ Stoudemire , the price of stupidity .

          Stoudemire is not even the best player at his position within the conference or the league .

          tophatal …………


  8. It’s probably one of the toughest things to do in sports… replacing a legend… with perhaps QB in football being the biggest challenge of all. It’s rare that guys are able to pull it off… yet, we have seen it twice in the last decade now, with Luck-Manning and Rodgers-Favre being two key examples. Fans of those two franchises hopefully realize just how fortunate they are… as other teams (e.g. Browns, Redskins) flounder through quarterback after quarterback for years and years.


  9. ksp/thewifehatessports

    I believe it all comes down to the talent of the players and their body of work during their college careers . Everyone drooled over Tebow at the collegiate level , but while his body of work in terms of winning was undeniable , his talent was always in question . Not only that , but his coach at Florida , Urban Meyer did not a damn thing to help this kid improve his technique or all round game . And all the limp brained Gators’ fans were concerned with , were the winning of the two BCS national titles .

    Tim Tebow is unlikely to play another down in the NFL , because he simply hasn’t the skill-set needed in spite of his many supporters hoping to seem him back on the field . His 2011 season , regular and postseason was simply an aberration, as proven in subsequent years . And an ass , such as Skip Bayless is simply too frigging dumb to realize that fact , with his earlier claim this season, after the Patriots acquired Tim Tebow , the ESPN analyst claimed that Tebow was good enough to beat out Brady’s understudy Ryan Mallett .

    Mallett may not have achieved Tebow’s success at the collegiate level , but he’s hell of a lot smarter at the NFL level and is by far the more assured of the two as a player at the professional level . Bayless remains an @ss wipe of the highest order !

    tophatal …………….


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