Foster Hope While Constantly Showing Disdain ………….

Foster Hope While Constantly Showing Disdain …………

by tophatal

The London Olympics are just over a week away from the ceremonial opening . An event that h will be attended by a number of dignitaries as well members of the Royal Family at Olympic Stadium , the main venue where the track and field events will be staged . For IOC President Jacques Rogge , the event comes at a time when he is under considerable pressure to suspend the invitation and participation of Syria at the games . The Arab country’s self-styled leader, and despot , President Bashir Al Assad , and his military forces have wreaked havoc upon the citizens within the country . Claims , as to the estimates of the deaths , now reach several thousand but as with so many claims , be they from human rights’ activists to the UN (United Nations) itself , no one can really be sure of the true figure . In the midst of this all , Rogge has been a major irritant with his incessant stupidity and his greatly raised anti-feminine stance as it relates to the participation of women at all levels of the Olympic Games . He has been very much like a vessel at sea , constantly changing his position as if here were being guided by the wind, and the statement attributed to him are proof of that fact . So much so , there are many who believe that he missed his true vocation in life and that it to be a politician . Instead , he presides over one of the most corrupt sports’ organizations on the planet . Perhaps only soccer’s international governing body, FIFA , under its president Joseph “ Sepp “ Blatter might be considered a more corrupt and disdainful figure than Jacques Rogge .


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Rogge as IOC President is no different from any of his predecessors and it is has become blatantly obvious for those who would care to observe that he feels that his institution has no need to involve itself in any political activity that where the IOC feels the wrath of the alleged country being scorned . As President of the IOC , Jacques Rogge has done little to try to change the tendencies of countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran , where females are kept at arm’s length and away in terms of representing their country on the international sporting stage. Then again , his esteemed institution has knowingly accepted millions in bribes in subverting the whole voting process for the designation for an Olympic host country and site . Let’s not fool ourselves here , but the claims that Mitt Romney came in, and cleaned up the mess that the USOC and St Lake City Olympic Organizing Committee ( scandal of solicited bribes by the organizing committee ) were a party to , was simply one more of an indication and reason why the IOC and the games themselves , remain a complete farce ! Romney may well brought into clean up the mess but in reality in the aftermath of it all , nothing has really changed .

Now as proud as I am to see the Olympic Games return to the country of my birth , I am not so sure that the spirit of the event will be truly upheld . For all of the talk about the games being an event where one can foster peace and understanding in a world where geo-political and economic forces are constantly at war with one another . These games will come at a time where we remain in a global economic crisis and the politicians within our midst , are so bereft of common sense and a modicum of intelligence . If you are looking for proof of that fact , then look no further than the constant diatribe from Presidential candidates , incumbent Barack Obama and his challenger Mitt Romney . God , is there no end to this madness ? In addition, there is still three months of campaigning to endure from these two blithering idiots and mindless numb skulls ! They’re each cut from the same cloth and inasmuch as they claim to have opposing views on a number of issues , look closely at what they stand for and simply follow “ the money trail” in terms of the political donations to their respective campaigns from the Super-PAC’s (political action committees). You would have to be a complete asshole not to realize what is going on there .

Now many of you may well be aware that the USOC in their infinite stupidity saw fit to ask famed fashion designer Ralph Lauren to design the uniforms to the US athletes for the opening ceremony (27th July) . And not wishing to dispel any further why it is this country has become so imperiled as no longer being a major manufacturer of goods that crosses all sectors of the economy . How else can you explain the fact that the uniforms designed to be worn by the athletes are made in China ? Granted , we may well live in a global economy . Nevertheless, what type of message is it , that the USOC Chairman Larry Probst is trying to send, or suggest . When he states that this “ faux-pas” (mistake) is simply a minor blip but for the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi , Russia , the US athletes will be dressed in US made uniforms . Chilling stupidity , on the part of Probst and his fellow members , whose organization each year receives tens of millions of dollars in donations . With the vast majority of that money coming from the public , albeit , that there are commercial tie-ins major US corporations and Fortune 500 companies . No doubt many of you will have received the customary literature in the mail from the USOC asking for donations as well your support of Team USA . I am not so sure that a donation by me , will actually make multi-millionaire team members such as Michael Phelps , LeBron James , Carmelo Anthony , Serena and Venus Williams breathe a sigh of relief that they are London bound for the Olympic Games ! That is just me pointing what out what is patently obvious !

Now there is no denying that once commercialism hit the ranks of the Olympics , everything in terms of the ideology and the very fact that the event was meant to be about bringing together athletes from various walks of life and around the globe to compete in the “spirit of competition” and ostensibly as amateurs. Now we have sham-amateurism being exhibited on the field of competition , while the ideals of the game’s modern day founder Baron Pierre de Coubertin have been thrown to the wayside . Corporations such as Nike Inc. , Adidas , GE , Rolex , GSK , Pfizer , Porsche , GM , Ford and Wal-Mart Inc. will see their profiles raised on the global stage , as NBC Sports will provide us with almost 400 hours of television coverage through their slate of networks , of the events for the North American television market . This might the one time NBC will actually turn a profit because beyond their coverage of Wimbledon ,the NFL and golf on the Golf Channel , the rest of their programming prime-time lineup is as rancid as the carcass of a decaying corpse !

From an earlier article within this site I wrote about what I believe to be the self-serving acts of the IOC an d specifically the United States and its continually failed foreign policy ! With that being said , as the US government leads , the rest of the Western hemisphere will follow . Not to be left out this idiocy has been the poor response from British Prime Minister David Cameron and his Foreign Secretary William Hague . The two have pretty much followed in line with Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in addressing the ongoing atrocities now taking place in Syria , simply pay the issue lip-service . Each of the aforementioned individuals knows that there is no way in hell that Syrian leader , Bashar al Assad will step down . He will have to be removed forcibly but herein lies the caveat to this all . While , China and Russia as permanent members of the UN Security Council flex their muscles , UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and his special to the Middle East Kofi Annan cower in the background like bitches , and the same can be said from the executives of the British and US government .

David Cameron has heaped a great deal of praise upon the shoulders of Sebastian Coe , Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the 2012 Olympic Games . As a former world-class athlete , Coe has pretty much caught the essence of what is expected from these games . He hopes that it surpasses those of Beijing in 2008 and the events of previous games . High hopes indeed , and not insurmountable , if many of the athletes predicted to win gold do actually live up to the presumed expectations ,

The highlights I believe , will be widespread but obviously the visibility of the track and field events , swimming , soccer and the men’s and women’s basketball competitions and tennis will take center-stage . I would have mentioned cycling in terms of the road race but as the sport itself is still embroiled in an issue of its very own making , I do not believe it worth my while to give it any further mention ! It is not as if the sport’s governing body (UCI) has done enough to stamp out the misuse of prohibitive substances at all ! All this while the Tour de France is in full swing and due reach its finality within the next few days . Ah well , it has become part of the sports’ landscape , so why should the Olympic Games be any different ?

Speaking of a sport that yearns to return to the Olympic stage , how much of an ass must Bud Selig remain , and the mere fact that his intransigence and that of the MLBPA (union) led to baseball being no longer a part the Olympics ? His unwillingness to acquiesce has led to IOC determining that baseball and softball are no longer a part of this quadrennial event . Baseball’s international governing body (IFAB) is now petitioning the IOC Executive Committee , seeking either the sport’s reinstatement for the 2016 , or 2020 Olympic Games . The sport’s departure from the Summer Olympics had nothing to do with a decline in its popularity or lack of competition . It had more to do with the reluctance the MLB hierarchy , and union failure to acquiesce to the mandatory testing of the athletes and the rudimentary changes that took place within baseball’s own asinine policy and stance at the time . Not much has changed since then in spite of the commissioner’s insistence that it has . Who are we really to believe now ? And if the idiot fans believe that the World Baseball Classic makes up for the loss of baseball no longer being part the Summer Games and the exposure raised . Then , think again ! On the grander scale of things an audience of 20 million and perhaps another 100 million worldwide , simply cannot beat the exposure garnered by upwards of 300 to 500 million watching simultaneously but there appears to be idiots out there who somehow believe otherwise ! Keep on thinking along those lines because obviously they have no unfathomable idea economically what that type of exposure means .

One of the more obscure sports that will certainly garner my attention will be that of the taekwondo competition . Specifically , I am hoping to see whether or not US athlete Steve Lopez can add to his already impressive tally of Olympic medals and his international resume` . Lopez a multiple medalist at the Olympics and world championships , is perhaps one of the least known members of the US Olympic team that will be in London . But those who know of his proficiency in this event , will know that he is one of the best in the world . As a practicing martial artist , proficient in the areas of karate , taekwondo and savate` , it is my greatest wish to see Steve Lopez succeed and further add to the luster of this sport . And while Mixed martial arts for now has no desire to enter the fray and become an Olympic sort . I am pretty much certain of this fact , UFC President Dana White will be watching closely , as he seeks to gain a further foothold in a genre , the flagship UFC is the preeminent force and promoter of the sport . It is not as if boxing at these at these Olympic Games will have a great deal to offer , and that is with the advent of women being able to participate for the very first time . . Professional boxing is now on its last legs , so why not have mixed-martial-arts enter the realms of competition within the Olympic ideal ? Hell , it would certainly garner more viewers than the sport of boxing which that has been mired in ridicule and controversy well over a decade and that is not just at the professional level but also the amateur level as well . Need I say anymore on the matter . I guess not !



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What thoughts if any do you have concerning the points raised within this piece ? And which events will be of particular interest to you over the course of the Olympic Games being held in the United Kingdom ? Leave a comment as you see fit .


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(1) IOC President Jacques Rogge (left) speaks to LOCOG Chairman Sebastian Coe (far right) attends the’ London 2012 – One Year To Go’ ceremony in Trafalgar Square on July 27, 2011 in London, England. The one year countdown to the London 2012 Olympic games was marked with a unique ceremony in Trafalgar Square, with IOC President Jacques Rogge inviting the world’s athletes to compete in next summer’s games. Getty Images Europe / Clive Mason ….

(2) Jacques Rogge (L), President of the International Olympic Committee, and Sebastian Coe (C), Chairman of the London 2012 Organising Committee, and Kelly Holmes (R) , former Olympian Champion speak during the 2008 Pierre de Coubertin Lecture presented by London 2012 at the Radisson SAS Portman Hotel on November 24, 2008 in London, England. The lecture covered advancing the Olympic Games, London 2012 and the future of de Coubertin’s Olympic Movement. Getty Images / Ryan Pierse …..

(3) US President Barack Obama is seen here with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin . The two world leaders have diametrically opposing views on how to treat Syria and the continued turmoil that has already led to the loss of 10,000 lives by conservative estimates . President Obama favors sanctions but has stopped short military intervention , although he believes humanitarian aid be given the Syrian people . Putin , on the other hand , favors the “failed diplomatic” strategy of Kofi Annan , which has seen cease-fire after cease-fire repeatedly broken by the Syrian military at the countenance of Syrian President Bashir al-Assad . One of the reasons behind Putin’s stance is the mere fact that Syria remains one of the largest purchasers of Russian armaments as well as being one of their biggest trading partners . AP Photo / Mark Harper ……

(5) Michael Phelps who hopes to add to his astonishing Olympic medal haul at the upcoming London games . AP Photo / Chris Harper ….

(6) Donald Trump poses for a photo with Taekwondo athletes Steven Lopez (L) , Diana Lopez and fencer Tim Morehouse (R) during the Team USA Road to London 100 Days Out Celebration in Times Square on April 18, 2012 in New York City. Getty Images /Jeff Zelevansky …..

(7) President of the International Olympic Committee Jacques Rogue (R) presents USOC Chairman Larry Probst with an invitation to the 21st Winter Olympic Games during a ceremony for the one year countdown of the 2010 Olympic Games on February 12, 2009 at the Richmond Olympic Oval in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. Getty Images North America / Photo by Jeff Vinnick/ Getty Images … ….




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Show Me the Money and I Will Show You That I can Play

Show Me the Money and I Will Show You that I can Play

by tophatal …… NBA pieces within this site

Take it any way you can get it , and that appears to be “mantra “ for so many unrestricted free agents at present within the NBA and NFL . The once highly praised hero of the New York Knicks , Jeremy Lin now seems to be superfluous to the organization’s needs . Knicks’ GM Glen Grunwald , in the past forty-eight hours has been making deals in order to bolster the team’s roster . In , have come point guards Raymond Felton and Jason Kidd , with Kidd either being viewed as a backup to Lin , should he still be retained , or more likely the case , his coming off the bench to support Felton .


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Jeremy Lin signed the offer sheet , from the Houston Rockets which is a three-year $25 million contract , wherein , the New York Knicks now have a further forty-eight hours to review and then if they choose to , match the offer of the Western Conference …. franchise . Lin was a member of the Houston Rockets in 2011 before the player was placed on waivers , and then acquired by the Knicks . Initially the young point-guard was a model of consistency before his game fell apart because of his lack of skill-set in being unable to secure the ball and cutting down on turnovers . Far be it for me to suggest but at this moment in time the Knicks have five guards on the roster including Jeremy Lin . With the recent departure of Landry Fields to the Toronto Raptors as an unrestricted free agent . Glen Grunwald now seems to be trying to corner the market in point guards . There has not been this sort of ineptitude shown by the front office , since Isiah Thomas held the dual roles of general manager and team President within the Knicks’ organization.

The New York Knicks for their part had a rather inauspicious return to the NBA postseason losing in the first round to eventual champions the Miami Heat . The franchise , was in many ways so flawed , that you were never given the impression that Carmelo Anthony , Amare` Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler were simply good enough to defeat the Heat . Defensively challenged , one could understand the issues that head coach Mike Woodson with this group of players during the postseason . If Jeremy Lin should be jettisoned by the Knicks and his return the Houston Rockets is a successful one , then the cards still remain in play , as the Rockets seek to acquire Dwight Howard from the Orlando Magic . The drama that continues to be played out with Howard , and the franchise that he has continued to antagonize for the better part of the last six months , while acting like a petulant child has been a complete embarrassment to the NBA . As this scenario continues , the fans of the Magic must now question the experience being shown by team COO Alex Martins and the recently installed GM Rob Hennigan . The longer this idiocy remains within the public domain , the more asinine the actions of the Orlando Magic continues to be .

Dwight Howard’s initial wish , was to be sent to the Brooklyn Nets but that situation broke down , when it became known that the Magic’s desires exceeded those of the Nets’ front office . With that conclusion , Billy King in conjunction with team owner Mikhail Prokorov decided to cut their losses , as they re-signed the team’s center Brook Lopez to a multi-year deal . The Orlando Magic still remains with a very disgruntled player and a front office now at a loss , as what to do next . In addition , the franchise has yet to reach a decision , as to a successor to Stan Van Gundy . Moreover, yes, the idiocy continues , as the basketball club meanders like a listless , rudderless vessel lost at sea !

Houston Rockets’ GM Daryl Morey and team owner Leslie Alexander have engineered the transactions wherein , they are currently some $25 million beneath the league’s mandated salary cap of $58 million for the upcoming season . With that sort of financial flexibility the franchise can offer Dwight Howard the type of deal that he seeks but little else beyond that by way of competitiveness . The longer this episode continues , the more ludicrous I believe this whole situation to be ! There seems to be no common sense being shown by the Eastern Conference organization , whereas the Houston Rockets are simply pinning their hopes on signing a player who simply has no desire to be a part of that franchise . Does that actually make any goddamn sense ?

The NBA appears to be bereft of intelligence amongst the league hierarchy , team owners , front office executives but most notably the greed of the NBPA ( union) . You would be hard pressed to indicate that the David Stern and his minions . Declining revenue streams for a number of the NBA teams , meanwhile , ticket prices are have risen on average higher than the rate of inflation , all the while there has been no real restraint being shown by teams and their owners to rein in their expenses . Much of this the commissioner shows his indifference to these issues as he seeks even more notoriety and publicity to place himself in the public eye , as much as many of the game’s more high-profiled stars . Well , David Stern is on the right track , given the situation where his annual salary , in excess of $20 million a year , and that would rank alongside many of the NBA’s highest paid stars . Not bad , for a publicity-seeking whore-monger , is it ? That is after-all what David Stern , is actually all about !

As Team USA seeks to add gold in London , at the 2012 Olympics . I believe that it is time for all of this asinine talk in making comparisons from his current roster and that of the original 1992 “Dream Team” to come to a halt ! As star-laden as the incumbent is said to be , in no way do they possess the “drawing power” or “charisma “ of the team led by Hall of Famers , Magic Johnson , Michael Jordan , Larry Bird , Scottie Pippen , Hakeem Olajuwon and Charles Barkley .

Kobe Bryant simply needs to keep his opinions to himself , instead coming off looking like a complete asshole ! As if he has not done so already , in light of his philandering , that led to his recent divorce . What it is it , that Kobe has not learned from Tiger Woods’ fall of from grace ? Was it not enough he acted like an infantile little bitch after his arrest for the sexual assault of a female hotel employee in Eagle , Colorado ? The NBA player cried off , plead his innocence but also at the same time , he threw his fellow teammates Rick Fox and Shaquille O’Neal under the bus , claiming that both Fox and O’Neal were also philanderers , having numerous sexual partners , while the Los Angeles Lakers were on the road . Kobe Bryant , a teammate you can believe in ………… really ? Only , when they are winning , mind you . Now, his dumb ass just happens to “be writing checks with his mouth “ that he simply could not possibly cash !



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What thoughts if any have you , concerning the salient points raised within this piece ? Simply leave a comment or comments as you see fit .


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(1) (1) FILE – This Feb. 24, 2012 file photo shows New York Knicks’ Jeremy Lin laughing during warmups before the start of the NBA All-Star Rising Stars Challenge basketball game in Orlando, Fla. This would have been such an easy decision in February. Lin was the biggest thing in basketball, and no way the Knicks would have let him go elsewhere. Now, knowing his price and with no assurance he'll play as he did when “Linsanity ” reigned , the Knicks may allow Lin to leave for Houston. AP Photo/Chris O’Meara …

(2) New York Knicks executive vice president and general manager Glen Grunwald poses for a photograph with Jason Kidd, one of the Knicks two newest additions, following a news conference at the team’s training facility in Tarrytown, N.Y., Thursday, July 12, 2012. Also acquired by the organization , center , Marcus Camby . AP Photo/Kathy Willens ….

(3) (3) FILE – This April 18, 2011 file photo shows Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard speaking at a news conference after he was presented with the 2010-11 NBA defensive basketball player of the year award in Orlando, Fla. Howard is the first player to win the award in three straight seasons. The Houston Rockets were the most active team leading up to Thursday night’s June 28, 2012 draft , making trades to position for a bigger move. As Thursday began, Houston held the No. 12, 16 and 18 picks, but more maneuvering was likely as the team took aim at a superstar big man, possibly Dwight Howard. AP Photo/John Raoux …

(4) Joe Johnson , left, and Deron Williams smile during a news conference introducing the Brooklyn Nets new back-court of All-Stars at Brooklyn Borough Hall, Friday, July 13, 2012, in the Brooklyn borough of New York in New York. The Nets NBA basketball team re-signed Williams and acquired Johnson. AP Photo/Mary Altaffer ….

(5) Orlando Magic CEO Alex Martins, left, shakes hands with Rob Hennigan, center, the new general manager of the NBA basketball team, next to the team’s chairman, Dan DeVos , son of team owner , Dick DeVos , at a news conference Thursday, June 21, 2012, in Orlando, Fla. The franchise is still without a successor to the recently fired, former head coach , Stan Van Gundy .AP Photo/John Raoux ….

(6) Inset seen , are standing , Houston Rockets’ owner Leslie Alexander , seated center , head coach Kevin McHale , alongside are two Rockets’ executives on NBA Draft day . The Rockets were frugal in their draft choices , seeking to complement their roster to meet their needs . Houston Chronicle / James Nielsen ….

(7) Houston Rockets’ GM Daryl Morey , seeks to become a ” major player” in the Dwight Howard sweepstakes . The franchise has the necessary cap room to trade for the beleaguered center but it has been revealed that the player is reluctant to join the Western Conference team . N Y Times / Barton Silverman …

(8) Members of Team USA Basketball are seen here in-front of photographers, as pictures are taken of the team . Mike Krzyzewski will seek to successfully defend the Men’s Gold medal won at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Blake Griffin , third from the left , back row, will not be a participant in London having injured his right knee during a team practice shoot-around . His place will be taken by Anthony Davis , the number one overall pick from this year’s NBA Draft . Kobe Bryant , seated front , far right, had suggested that the 2012 US Men’s Olympic roster would be quite capable of beating the “original ” 1992 US Men’s Olympic Basketball team that beat their opponents during the competition, average of 46.5 points, on their way to winning Olympic gold in Barcelona , Spain , in unprecedented fashion, that year . AP/ Reuters / Max Bronstein …..


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Amie` . Damn she’s hot !

I’m Not A Role Model Just An Athlete Looking For Respect …….

I’m Not A Role Model Just An Athlete Looking For Respect …….

By tophatal ….. 14 May, 2012 ….. 22:57:39

I am not a role model but I am a man . And so it all comes down to this perhaps two of the NFL’s most alienating figures in within the league in the last decade . Wide receiver Terrelle Owens still seeks a return to the NFL , while his former teammate Donovan McNabb , himself a Pro Bowl player seeks to make his present felt . McNabb last played in the NFL in 2010 as a member of of the Minnesota Vikings , whereas Owens missed their entire NFL 2011 season schedule due to tearing his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in his right knee. Owens’ agent , the lugubrious Drew Rosenhaus , who’ll no doubt look to parlay his client’s biggest attributes as being one of the NFL’s best wide receivers to ever have played the game.


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Both Owens and McNabb are in the waning years of their respective careers and it begs the question will either of these players know exactly when to walk away from the game ? Both are self-confident </awith a belief in their ability and one cannot deny that at their best , these are two very capable players. In reality however , we have not seen the best out of either player in at least five years. Terrell Owens , however , may well have a greater need to make a quick return to the NFL , having somehow spent his way through the majority of his approximate $80 million in career earnings while owing the mothers of his five children in excess of $75 ,000 in child support payments . Rosenhaus , as the player’s agent states that it is not his client’s unwillingness to meet his financial obligations but until he gets all of his finances in order , he will be unable to meet those financial commitments at present . It’s highly unlikely that any family court judge would be amenable to such a premise . An unwillingness to pay and Terrell Owens could either find himself behind bars or having to forfeit property that would be taken by the courts and then sold to meet those financial obligations. Now it should also be noted , that these are not the only issues that the player has from a financial standpoint , as he’s said to owe the IRS in excess of $750,000 in back taxes , for which there has yet to be a settlement between the player and the federal government’s revenue agency .

And Owens in a recent television interview on the popular television program , the “Dr Phil Show , Terrell Owens tried to portray himself as a loving father , who loves his children but because of his career and business commitments , is unable to devote and spend more time with each of his children. Somehow over the last few years , Owens has parlayed his popularity with two short-lived reality shows on VH1 , namely the ” TO Show ” and ” TO-Ocho Show “ , for which he and Chad Ochocinco were well compensated . Not wanting to lambast Terrell Owens but who the hell is looking after his business affairs if it is not his agent or business manager ? What might be even more troubling for the player, is the very fact that the IRS is now said to be after the player for non-payment of taxes covering the financial year of 2010. Oh shit , that’s all he need , the taxman after his ass. As to Owens’ ambition to make a impact-full return to the NFL , it is obviously now dependent upon the largess of coaches and general managers within the league and their desire acquire an aging veteran wide receiver. And Terrell Owens can’t be too pleased in seeing Randy Moss come out of retirement to be signed by the San Francisco 49ers during the off-season . Moss joins a team that if anything was a surprise in the NFC , having made it to the NFC Championship game , with quarterback Alex Smith excelling in his role as regular season starting quarterback . Smith may well now look to build upon that year and cement himself as one of the better quarterbacks within the NFL .

It is highly unlikely that Terrell Owens will catch on with one of the teams deemed to be a legitimate contender within the NFL for the Superbowl . But that is obviously the course that Drew Rosenhaus has and will set for his client . It was common knowledge that he set about sending prospectuses to all 32 franchises within the NFL , only to be disappointed with their response. And this season , it will be no different as he will once again try to set the wheels in motion. Teams said to troubled with their receiving corp may well seek to assess the fitness of the player and whether or not he would be a good fit for a team. At this juncture I think it would pretty much safe to say that if there have been ” no takers” for Owens then there won’t be unless a team has receiver goes down injured during training camp or the preseason .

For Don McNabb , this very much comes down to pride after two seasons of pretty much being in the wilderness after several successful seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles . Five divisional championships and multiple championship appearances along with a Superbowl appearance pretty much cemented the player’s legacy with the franchise . In light of that however, with the emergence of Kevin Kolb and the team’s acquisition of Michael Vick and the veteran quarterback became superfluous to the Eagles’ needs. It has to be said that with McNabb being traded to the Redskins , he with was done no favors by the coaching staff led offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan and head coach Mike Shanahan , and the idiocy of the schemes put into place for the player to lead this team . Pardon me for saying this but in my estimation the game has passed Mike Shanahan by and he’s simply living on the legacy of his success with the Denver Broncos and the two Superbowls , won there during his tenure ! Doubt my word, then simply look at the Redskins’ record 2010 and 2011 ? Never mind the team’s statistics during the two years ( 2010 & 2011 ) in question , and their divisional standings ( 2010 & 2011) .

Wherever the day now takes you and it would appear that for Donovan McNabb he has simply become a vessel sailing in the wide open spaces of the world’s oceans without a port to dock in . The quarterback believes his credentials good enough to make him a a viable candidate for the Hall of Famer , were he to retire . 37,254 passing yards , 234 TD’s and 117 INT’s may not on the face of it look all that impressive . But those statistics are certainly more impressive than a number of Hall of Fame inductees. The player may well find himself a team but I certainly don’t believe it will be as a starter on any of the top echelon franchises ! Will a backup role satisfy the veteran whereby he can wait in the wings , while tutoring a young quarterback ? Perhaps so , perhaps not . It’s crazy to think that two such polarizing figures now feel or think that they are both deserving of a roster spot with an NFL franchise .

Dean Spanos and A J Smith are under a great deal of pressure this upcoming season in more ways than , one for the NFL franchise that they oversee. The San Diego Chargers had to be a big disappointment for their fans in 2011 as well as the rest of the NFL fans who may have viewed this team as a viable contender for the Superbowl this past season. Somehow Norv Turner simply found a way of creating obstacles for themselves and simply falling over those obstacles like multiple pratfalls so often seen in the silent movies of the early twenties . You know the kind , often seen in the early the movies of Max Sennett and Hal Roach , those silent classics starred the Keystone Cops and Harold Lloyd .

The window of opportunity may well have closed , albeit not quite shut for this organization to prove itself. Philip Rivers arrived in San Diego , with all of the pomp and ceremony expected of a franchise quarterback . But instead those years have been filled with highs and lows . More highs than lows , if the truth be known and much of that failure can be squarely placed on the shoulders of Norv Turner. I don’t know that there has been a more overrated NFL coach in the last decade ! Turner , protege` of Jimmy Johnson but yet it looks as if the head coach has learned nothing at all from his mentor, Certainly not how to motivate his players , much less communicate with the individuals in question . God forbid , that someone can actually determine that there’s a leader on this team. Has Rivers showed that he’s a leader ? And clearly LaDainian Tomlinson while he was a player with this franchise was never entrusted with that role . If anything once the front office felt it necessary to off-load the player , then he was cast aside like a pair of old worn out shoes. And with Tomlinson’s departure the downward spiral for the San Diego Chargers continued unabated .

This NFL Draft , one would hope to be fortuitous for the Chargers and their aspirations for the upcoming season should it prove to be fruitful. Turner and the coaching staff , along with A J Smith saw fit to draft the players they felt would be of great benefit for the franchise . The Chargers should they fail this upcoming and I truly believe that Smith and Norv Turner will have to be removed from their current roles with this organization ! Failure has been the omnipresent issue for this franchise and its continuation with this coach general manager has to be looked upon as something that cannot be tolerated. It certainly would appear to be something that is awry with all of the NFL franchises within the state of California . Rarely have I heard the respective fans be critical of the prat-falls of the Chargers , Niners and in particular the recent years of futility by the Oakland Raiders . But it could either be that ….” apathy makes the heart grow fonder “ or it’s simply what one should come to expect of the fans in question ?.

The AFC West should prove to be very interesting this season with the Denver Broncos having acquired …… Peyton Manning while allowing last season’s hero Tim Tebow to depart elsewhere via trade . At the same time with team President & Head of Football Operations John Elway has gained wider control under the auspice of owner Pat Bowlen . Brian Xanders is now , no longer with the Broncos having left , in his role as the general manager. Whether or not , it was a difference in opinion between the former executive and Elway remains the subject of a great deal of speculation. And no formal statement has been forthcoming from the organization on the matter .

Manning was brought in to make the Broncos a resurgent force within the NFL once again . Now while there was a great deal of sentiment towards Tim Tebow and what he was able to achieve for the franchise during 2011 . The young quarterback led the team to their first divisional title in over five years and into the postseason where they would succumb to the New England Patriots in a rather lopsided 45-10 loss. And with the four teams within the division looking to make a greater showing than last season where in all honesty that 9-7 regular season record of the Denver Broncos wasn’t as impressive as it looked. Unfortunately , this what you tend to get from a division where what’s alleged to competitive football isn’t all that credible or competitive to begin with . Let’s hope that Merrill Hoge , Mark Schlereth , Chris Mortensen , Adam Shefter and Tim Hasselbeck can attest to that rather than “amping ” up the AFC West as if there’s some semblance of real football being played within the division , and that’s the idiocy of it all ! The buffoons there , at ESPN would rather serve up the usual diatribe rather than being informative and succinct with regard to their observations ! The four letter network ESPN ……… where banality has become the norm as as its sister network ABC and parent company , Disney Co. continue to ply the consumer with even larger amounts of fecal matter as they chase after even larger revenue streams of “untold billions of dollars “ , all in the sake of what they deem to be journalistic integrity . Shit tends rise when the toilet bowl hasn’t been flushed properly and that’s now clearly the case with this particular broadcast network .



Picture gallery for your perusal .

As the off-season begins to take shape with the teams’ mini-camps now taking shape do you believe that either Donovan McNabb or Terrell Owens will be signed by team during this time-span ? Or is it more likely that only one of these seasoned veterans will signed during the preseason or perhaps at the start of the regular season ? Simply chime in with a comment as you see fit .


Picture and slide show details below.


(1) Terrell Owens , seated left , is seen here on the “Dr Phil Show “ (Phil McGraw [center]) , confronted by three of the four women with whom he has fathered five children . The player owes the quartet in excess of $75,000 in child support , which he claims that he cannot pay due to financial difficulties . All three women claim Terrell is an absentee father who refuses to buy Christmas presents or birthday gifts because he believes it should be included in the child support. One mother complained Terrell has only seen their 7 year old daughter twelve times in her entire life. Another claimed Terrell wanted all the siblings to meet for the first time on his reality show so he could project a false image of himself as good father. Each said Terrell has gone for an entire year without seeing their child. Terrell claims all three women are gold diggers who only care about money and blamed his short comings on his upbringing. Nothing was settled by the end of the show. The NFL player having missed the entire 2011 season hopes to sign with a franchise in 2012 . Apart from his child support issues , Owens player also owes the IRS a large sum in back taxes with which he’s now trying to negotiate a settlement with the governmental agency . Courtesy of CBS & Viacom Inc/ Harpo Inc …

(2) NFL agent Drew Rosenhaus (foreground) is seen here with his client Terrell Owens conducting an interview with the convened press . The player and agent hope gauge the interest of the 32 franchises within the NFL in the hope Owens signing with a team . The veteran free agent did not player during the 2011 season due to an injury (torn ACL right knee ) in 2010 , from which he is now said to have fully recovered. AP Photo / Paul Howes …..

(3) Washington Redskins’ head coach Mike Shanahan is seen with the team’s newest signee former Eagles’ Pro Bowl quarterback Donovan McNabb in 2010. The player would have a troubled season with the franchise and would end up being traded to the Minnesota Vikings. Associated Press / Stu Metcalfe …

(4) Donovan McNabb #5 of the Minnesota Vikings looks to pass against the Dallas Cowboys in the first half on August 27, 2011 at Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome > in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Hannah Foslien / Getty Images ……

(5) SAN DIEGO, CA – MAY 11 : Head coach Norv Turner of the San Diego Chargers speaks to the media after a min-icamp workout on May 11, 2012 in San Diego, California. Photo by Kent C. Horner/Getty Images …..

(6) DENVER, CO – APRIL 26: Fans are welcomed in for the 6:00 AM opening of the Denver Broncos Team Store at Sports Authority Field at Mile High for the debut of the new 2012 Nike NFL team jersey on April 26, 2012 in Denver, Colorado. The team store offered the jerseys, including quarterback Peyton Manning’s first Broncos jersey, in an exclusive 24-hour period on April 26 before they are available anywhere else. Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images …..

(7) From left to right , Denver Broncos’ owner Pat Bowlen , newly acquired quarterback Peyton Manning and President of Operations John Elway . A new era begins for the franchise with the renowned veteran quarterback expected to lead the charge this season . AP Photo / Mark Hughes …..



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