What In The Wild World of Sports ?

What In The Wild World of Sports ?

It’s been such a misnomer to see the start of the college football season and the thinking in the first few games we’ll see the major programs that are part of the BCS simply come out and dominate. Considering that before they undertake their divisional schedules they’re essentially playing a number of powder puff teams merely to get of the curve in the rankings. Personally I find the whole college makeup a complete farce to begin with ! Essentially it comes down to the fact that the major BCS conferences and the criteria set by those who set the rules have made it nigh on impossible for none BCS schools to be considered for a shot of playing for the national championship.

And considering the asinine notion that this ultimately is the best step forward in determining a national champion is such a farce ! The only way to have a national champion, is to make the whole championship makeup all inclusive to BCS programs as well as none inclusive programs and the divisions thereof.

OK so the Atlanta Braves and San Diego Padres are having a meltdown that could end up being so cataclysmic that it could prove to be scary for their fans and for those who are now witnessing the fallout from this all. Both teams had sizable leads within their respective divisions. And it says a great deal that both Philadelphia Phillies and San Francisco Giants are now making the divisional races within NL East and NL West so exciting. Who’d have thought that we would be now seeing the two teams who have in essence have been two of the biggest surprises of the baseball season ? Should both the Braves and Padres fall out of contention for a postseason berth then we can say that much of his came about from their own inconsistencies down the stretch runs of their respective seasons.

And for Bobby Cox of the Braves and Bud Black of the Padres they can rest assured that with this season having been filled with surprises.It has to be said that for the raves and Padres should their season fall apart the window of opportunity will most certainly haven’t left either organization. Both teams seem to be building for the future and that has to be a refreshing theme for both ballclubs.


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Before the NFL season has even began it’d appear that the silly season has started. Matt Leinart has been cut by the Arizona Cardinals. And for the former first round draft pick his fall from grace has been truly amazing. But then again for a player who’d set out to show his worth he’s been a failure in the NFL. Now Leinart having been cut he has signed a one year contract with the Houston Texans where he’ll be a backup to the incumbent number one quarterback Matt Schaub . And for Leinart this just might the last chance for the player to actually prove himself . And if you thought Leinart’s situation was bad well consider the situation concerning the Seattle Seahawks’ T J Houshmanzadeh ? The player having signed a five year $45 million contract contract with the team in 2008 Houshmanzadeh now finds himself without a team having been cut by Seattle’s coach Pete Carroll .

The Seahawks are now looking for a new direction as Carroll seeks to give this team an identity.And for a team that has seen its window of opportunity slowly close over the past few years from inconsistent play and the lack of a real coaching pedigree since the departure of Mike Holmgren from the organization. The departure of Houshmanzadeh from this team may not be the only thing that’s needed to resurrect its fortune as Carroll has certainly got to prove himself upon his return to the NFL where lack of success left him beaten and a lost soul within the NFL ranks. His sojourn within the collegiate ranks has proven to be cathartic and an unprecedented success with the USC Trojans . But now we’re finding out that the real truth as to what was taking place inside of the program and to an extent the part ultimately played in it all by Carroll. His departure from the program was akin to a thief fleeing in the night from the scene of his most recent crime. And for those Trojans’ fans still smarting out there and who’ve blinded by the successes , merely look at what has transpired under his regime and ask yourself has it all been worth it ? And one has to ask what was the part of the athletics department in all of this ? Surely a number of those there were aware as to what was going on ? Or are we to believe that this all was solely down to the behavior of the athletes involved in the subterfuge ? Somehow those within the athletics department and the faculty new about this but would rather turn a blind eye to it all essentially because of the money that there was to be made. And made money they did ……..millions if not tens of millions of dollars.

What to make of the constant whining within the NFL at present and the mere fact that both Commissioner Roger Goodell and his union representative counterpart DeMaurice Smith seem intent on wrecking any chance of coming to an agreement with regard to the ongoing collective bargaining agreement. Allegedly this has all become about who ought to have the biggest slice of the pie and how each side seems to be pleading poverty ? Nothing says bullshit than that of a bunch of multi-millionaire owners and players acting like a bunch of primadonas ! But to make things even appear all so much worse is the mere fact that neither side seems to be taking into account that goodwill that has now been lost with the fans. If both Goodell and Smith think that they can now win back the fans after all the idiocy that has been taking place between both parties. Then these two now make the partisanship between the Democrats and Republicans seem like the congregation of a church gathering where everyone seems to be enamored with everyone. In the case of both the NFL and NFLPA we’re seeing both parties act like the ongoing feuding between the Israelis and Palestinians. And as we now all know there’s been no love lost between the feuding groups over the decades. Similarly here, there has been little trust between the league (NFL) and the union(NFLPA). And while there has been no major labor unrest in over a decade this all could all very well change within the next few months should things not change and an impasse remain.



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What if anything has you wondering about the situation within the NFL as well as that of the two races mention within the NL East and NL West as they now proceed down to the closing stretch of the season ? Chime on in with a comment as you deem fit and as always thanks for the continued support as it’s appreciated !

NB: Having been cut T J Houshmanzadeh signed a one year $850,000 contract to play in Baltimore this upcoming season with the Baltimore Ravens .


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15 thoughts on “What In The Wild World of Sports ?”

  1. Last night’s game was pretty good! Not sure I belive that Boise is truly a National Championship contender, but they are one helluva team!

    I’ve slowly fallen off the Padres bandwagon, maybe because my friends that are Padres fans were getting a little too cocky! The Braves will figure out a way to get it done. I think Cox has something up his sleeve!

    I think the Seahawks are going to be playing for the #1 overall pick next year. I’d put them behind the Rams and Lions this year as far as strength of team!


    1. chappy

      Personally I think that Boise State could give one or two teams within the Big Ten , Big 12 , PAC 10 and SEC a real run for their money . The BCS is set up to reward its own but there are so many dumb asses out there who are unwilling to accept that as they feel that the system is equitable for all. When clearly we can all see that’s not the case .

      Even Kelly Brook agrees and I’m not so sure she’s a college football fan . Ah to lick some gellato off her nipples ! What I wouldn’t give to do that ?

      tophatal ………. 🙂


    2. chappy

      Sorry but the Padres and Braves give a new meaning to the word capsize . Hell , rats are flying out of both places faster than Paris Hilton can snort a bag of cocaine .


      tophatal ……….. 🙂


    3. chappy

      What’s a national championship contender in football meant to look like ? Who defines it ? The press , fans the teams or simply the computations and a bunch of geeks ? Cause clearly at this juncture it’s not actually being adjudged by what actually happens on the field but by what a bunch of writers and conference directors deem it to be . And that to all has to be a joke don’t you think ? Hell they don’t even want a playoff system to make the whole damn thing equitable for all of the participant so that goes to show what a complete fraud it all is to begin with !

      tophatal ………. 🙂


    1. al clements

      And I know exactly what you’d like to do with Ms Brook. Thankfully it’s not against the law if its consensual . Ha , ha !!

      Meet Kelly Brook ……. say hi al as she could very well be the woman or one of the women of your dreams ?


      tophatal ……….. 🙂


  2. Boise State wins one game and they’re in the national championship game. Nah, there’s nothing wrong with the BCS. What a farce. They are a good team, but put them in the SEC or the Big Ten or 12 and have them play a number of quality teams and there is no way they go undefeated.


    1. aero

      Are you so sure that Boise State couldn’t take down one or two teams within the SEC ? Are you prepared to stake your life on that ? Given what we know that their in-house schedule is one where everyone beats up on everyone else but the fact of the matter is their out of conference schedule for the vast majority of the time is made up games against some rather innocuous powder puff teams more often than not.

      Who’s to say how far they could go ? What we do know is the system is set up primarily to reward the BCS conference teams and that’s it . Anyone who fails to realize that is either blind or completely stupid ! The system does need fixing as it’s slanted with so much bias in favor of those conferences.

      tophatal ………. 🙂


    2. aero

      Look at Boise State’s record in recent years and then look at the record of say the Tennessee (Volunteers) and that’s meant to be a program with a far more storied history ?

      Just don’t base it upon the fact that they play in what’s presumed to be a weaker conference.


      Kelly Brook wants to drink your bath water if you’ll let her ?

      tophatal ……… 🙂


  3. Boise is good, but all I’m saying is that if they had to play six or seven quality teams a year they would not go undefeated.
    I realize that big schools schedule lesser teams, but they do have much tougher conference games.
    I can’t blame Boise, they’re playing the system like they all do. My problem with that is now they can sleepwalk into the chapionship game.


    1. aero

      No team ever sleepwalks into the championship game as they supposedly get their on merit that’s unless you’re the USC Trojans that is ?

      Reggie Bush will have his Heisman Trophy taken away from him but how comes OJ who’s been implicated in the death of his ex wife gets to keep his ? What a load of bullshit by the Heisman Trophy committee !

      tophatal ………. 🙂


    1. Chris Humpherys

      In response to whom it may concern after thoughtful consideration we’d like to offer you a walk on spot on the team. We’d first like to see how you’d do as our water boy before giving you a backup position to Matt Schaub and Matt Leinart . Starting salary is commensurate with the league average and the benefits are as equally advantageous . Your response is eagerly awaited .

      Yours Sincerely ,

      Randle T Swackhammer III VP of Communications, Houston Texans

      PS : As an added bonus you’ll get the chance to drink Fairuza Balk’s bath water if you’re at all interested ?

      tophatal ……… 🙂


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