Somewhere to hang one’s hat …….

Somewhere, to hang one’s hat

By Tophatal …..

In amidst the craziness of the NFL season, the biggest story of year , remains the fall from grace of the New York Jets , and this goddamn asinine notion that Tim Tebow is entitled to the chance of being a starter with the Jets . In many of the articles I’ve read within this forum , nowhere have I read , where anyone has stated that the player’s game has simply regressed . Instead , it has been the cries, that he’s being mistreated by the Jets’ coaching staff and the organization as a whole . Has anyone, seen this team’s play over the last eight games , at all ? The truth of the matter , this is not a very good team , one which is simply devoid of leadership both on and off the field of play , and no one , in their given prognostications has been acutely intelligent enough, to state in print, within this forum .


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As I alluded to , fans are simply seeking out a feel-good story , especially as it relates to Tim Tebow , Heisman Trophy winner , and a nice guy . Look , in the “real world” , you have to earn the right to be afforded the respect due , and so far in the NFL , Tebow has yet to earn that amongst his peers ! If he cannot cut it at this stage of his career , then his immediate and long-term future is not all that bright .

While Tebow had a stellar career with the Florida Gators , his career in the NFL can be best described as marginal at best. And but for a few fleeting moments in 2011 , with the Denver Broncos and the postseason of that year , has there been anything memorable about Tim Tebow’s career, that now merits his succeeding , Mark Sanchez , as the team’s starter this Sunday and the Jets’ final game of the season ? Ask yourself that , before proffering up a succinct answer .

During , a six game stretch during 2011, for the Denver Broncos, Tebow’s quarterback rating was amongst the lowest in the entire NFL , yet even the most knowledgeable of supporters of the player , somehow chooses to overlook this all. Oh, to be so naïve , and show such a great deal of bias , without trying to lay out an argument either way as to the pros and cons , concerning the player. If a player , in the NFL , was merely playing in the league because of his likability , then everyone , who has ever shown the propensity to aspire to play in the NFL , would be afforded that privilege . Yet , the fact that of the matter , just happens to be, a player succeeds in this league , based on his ability , and not because the fans, merely , want to see a nice guy, get his due . This is not how the NFL operates , where image , power but above all else , money counts for everything . And as marketable as Tebow , just happens to be , his star , is now on the decline , while the luster also has diminished .

The fate of the New York Jets over their final two games , may well rest in the hands of their third-string starter Greg McElroy. And the fact that Tebow , now having recovered from a rib injury , was overlooked by head coach , Rex Ryan for the upcoming game against the San Diego Chargers , speaks volumes as to his and the coaching staff’s lack of faith

in the player’s abilities . Ryan , has tried to suggest and play this all down , by stating that the trade for Tim Tebow was a misjudgment on his part, and the fact that they have been unable to utilize his talents in any phase of their game strategies . When a head coach makes a statement of that magnitude , then you simply know that the future does not bode well for that player . Rex Ryan’s own future with the New York Jets , now comes under a “ cloud of conjecture” and a great deal of speculation .

Clearly , the front office of the Jets’ organization , has to be at odds with the coach staffs’ handling of the team’s malaise this season, and the very fact that they will miss the postseason for the second consecutive year . Team owner , Woody Johnson and GM Mike Tannenbaum must now come to a decision , as to the immediate futures of not only Mark Sanchez , Tim Tebow , but also the entire coaching staff, led by Rex Ryan . The drama on the field of play, was outshone by the sheer ridicule to be found , of the three-ringed circus acts , that unfolded over the course of the Jets’ season , and the idiocy to be found within the Jets’ organization .

Whatever fate now holds for the main characters in this melodrama , the season cannot end soon enough for the success starved fans of the New York Jets . Surely , they deserve a great deal more from the franchise , than they have been subjected to , this season ? And for those asinine ingrates , who felt that the criticism by Joe Namath leveled not only at Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow but also at the Jets’ coaching staff , was undue. My advice would be , isn’t it right about now “ that you should be eating crow” ? Better yet , seek life elsewhere , because in the real world where criticism is valid, one looks at all sides of the argument objectively, and not through a paradigm of favoritism and likability.

There may well have been a rush to judgment in the belief that the New York Giants would be on their way to another postseason berth after last season’s triumph in the Superbowl . This season , the 8-6 Giants, are in the middle of a three-way dogfight for the NFC East , with the two teams who fall short , likely to miss the postseason . Joining the New York Giants in the midst of this drama and intrigue are the Dallas Cowboys (8-6) and Washington Redskins (8-6), which clearly creates even more suspense than even Eli Manning and his teammates would have wished for at this juncture . They will once again come under the microscope , with questions arising as to whether or not they can make a late season surge and garnering a postseason berth. In their last five games , Tom Coughlin’s players are 3-2 , and with m those losses , their hold on the division is now essentially up for grabs .

The Giants will face a stern test when they meet the Baltimore Ravens , a team with struggles of their own ,as they seek to rebound from a set of rather indifferent games . Suffice to say, a defeat, for either team , would effectively seal their fate , as they each have postseason aspirations . This was not meant to be part of the scenario that Tom Coughlin had envisage for his team , as the knock against the Giants over the past two seasons , was their insistence at making their run for the postseason in the latter half of their regular season schedule . The fallout for the team, should they fail to garner that much-envied berth , could very well be catastrophic. . From, hereon-in , one could speculate where this leaves the Giants and their season should this chapter prove to be disappointing .

I’ll repeat this again and again , the Chicago Bears might just be the most be the overrated 8-6 team in the NFL , bearing that mark within the league . And therein , lies the misnomer as to why they are being viewed as a contender for the postseason . A great deal of the issues facing this team have been the very the fact that rush offense for the Bears has been a constant struggle , and most definitely erratic . Given the caliber of the team’s running back Matt Forte, this could very well be seen as misleading , but much of this falls on the shoulders of Jay Cutler , and the very fact the quarterback has proven to be a major disappointment throughout much of the Bears’ season .

Cutler’s entrance into the NFL were lauded , simply because of his exploits , while attending Vanderbilt (Commodores) . As the eleventh overall pick from the 2006 NFL Draft was enough to suggest that the Denver Broncos might well have been unto something, as they sought a successor who could simply replicate the feats of Hall of Fame inductee John Elway, the franchise’s all-time leader in several passing categories for the Broncos.

The Bears’ 23-16 loss to divisional rivals , the Green Bay Packers at Soldier Field , in Chicago , Illinois , could very well be the defeat that either sends a signal to the front office that changes will have to be made this off-season. GM , Phil Emery , may well seek to discuss the team’s problems with President & CEO Ted Phillips , and Chairman , George H McCaskey, as to the likely moves that can be made . Certainly , Lovie Smith’s position as the team’s head coach may well come under even more scrutiny , than he has been accustomed to , in recent years. Moreover, it is my belief , that Jay Cutler’s position will become even more tenuous with many questioning whether or not he can actually lead this team deep into the postseason.

Up next for the Chicago Bears will be a conference match-up against the woefully lamentable Arizona Cardinals. For Cardinals’ head coach, Ken Whisenhunt , a win is of the utmost necessity, if only to stave off, the now fomenting discussions as to his immediate future and that of several members of his coaching staff , as well as a number of players on the Cardinals’ roster.

Whatever , you may well feel about the Chicago Bears , the undeniable question has to be , what will it take for this team to make the next step into the upper tier of the teams seen as the amongst the elite within the NFL ? From my own perspective , there have been no truly dominant franchises within the league this season , and that is in spite of the ongoing records and several of the results over the course of the 2012 regular season schedule !

The Atlanta Falcons (12-3) may well be riding high , and for Matt Ryan, a possible candidate for league MVP , he knows better than ever , that the time is now , for this team to truly show the fans of the NFL that they are a force to be reckoned with . I have my own misgivings about this team , because the team’s quarterback has yet to indicate to me , that he has the wherewithal to lead a his franchise to their desired destination , a berth in the Superbowl.

Falcons’ head coach , Mike Smith , has a team built around the explosiveness of his offense led by Tony Gonzalez, Roddy White , Michael Turner , Julio Jones and with a defense that gives up 18.5 ppg and 354.4 total yards per game this season. It may well be enough to cede the ball club to their desired destination . Whether or not that will be enough , it remains to be seen at this juncture . Having secured the #1 seed in the NFC , the Falcons will face the fast declining Detroit Lions in a Saturday evening game being played at Ford Field , in Detroit , Michigan,. Given the woes of Lions’ franchise this season . I get the impression that they could very well be on wrong side of a rather lopsided defeat !

Nothing , absolutely nothing , has gone right for the Detroit Lions (4-10) over the course of this season , as the franchise seems to have regressed back to the team , that we all witnessed , have one of most infamous seasons in NFL history , in posting an 0-16 record in 2008. There’s nothing else , that needs to be said left to be said at this juncture !

A disappointing season all-round for the Lions but most notably , I believe for Matt Stafford , after having a breakout season in 2011! His erstwhile teammate , Calvin Johnson , just seems to be nonchalantly going about his business while cementing himself as the NFL’s best wide receiver by quite a wide margin over the rest of his peers .



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With one week left on the NFL regular season , after Saturday and Sunday’s slew of games , it will be interesting to see how a number teams fare, as they seek to make that final push for a playoff berth . With seven spots already secured there still remains, seven places up for grabs, and it remains to be seen which of these ball-clubs will be up to the task. Chime in , with a comment , as you see fit , on this, and anything else, you feel pertinent, as to the subject matter .


Picture and slideshow gallery below .

(1) FILE – This Nov. 11, 2012 file photo shows New York Jets’ Tim Tebow on the field before an NFL football game against the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle. Rex Ryan acknowledged Wednesday, Dec. 19, 2012 that he had higher expectations for the seldom-used Tebow in the Jets’ wildcat-style offense. And, so did the NFL’s most popular and maligned backup quarterback. AP Photo/Elaine Thompson ….

(2) Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson (28) runs for a 94-yard touchdown against the New York Jets in the second quarter of an NFL football game, Monday, Dec. 17, 2012, in Nashville, Tenn. AP Photo/Wade Payne …

(3) New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (6) passes against the Tennessee Titans in the second quarter of an NFL football game, Monday, Dec. 17, 2012, in Nashville, Tenn. AP Photo/Wade Payne …

(4) New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (6) passes against the Tennessee Titans in the second quarter of an NFL football game, Monday, Dec. 17, 2012, in Nashville, Tenn. AP Photo/Wade Payne

(5) New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow (15) is sacked for a 2-yard loss by Tennessee Titans linebacker Zach Brown (55) in the second quarter of an NFL football game, Monday, Dec. 17, 2012, in Nashville, Tenn. AP Photo/Wade Payne ….

(6)New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan (C) Owner Woody Johnson (R) and General Manager Mike Tannenbaum pose for a photo at a press conference naming Ryan as the new Head Coach of the New York Jets at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center on January 21, 2009 in Florham Park, New Jersey. Johnson’s involvement with the company that bears the familial name Johnson & Johnson Inc is now at a bare minimum , but it is strange to see the pharmaceutical giant be successful , yet an NFL franchise , where Woody Johnson is the CEO is ran with such poor decision-making , which seems to be reflected in the team’s play this season and their standing in the AFC East . Photo by Andy Marlin/Getty Images …

(7) Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall (15), second from right, sits on the bench in the second half of an NFL football game against the Green Bay Packers in Chicago, Sunday, Dec. 16, 2012. The Packers won 21-13 to clinch the NFC North division title. AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh …

(8) Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler (6) is sacked by Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews , left, in the second half of an NFL football game in Chicago, Sunday, Dec. 16, 2012. At right is Packers linebacker Dezman Moses . The Packers won 21-13 to clinch the NFC North division title. AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh …

(9) Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan (2) works against the New York Giants during the second half of an NFL football game on Sunday, Dec. 16, 2012, in Atlanta. The Falcons would go on to defeat the Giants 34-0 . AP Photo/Rich Addicks …

(10) Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson (81) cannot pull in a pass as Arizona Cardinals corner-back ,Patrick Peterson (21) defends during the first half of an NFL football game on Sunday, Dec. 16, 2012, in Glendale, Ariz. AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin ….

(11) Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford (9) is pressured by Arizona Cardinals defensive end David Carter (79) during the first half of an NFL football game on Sunday, Dec. 16, 2012, in Glendale, Ariz. AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin …



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27 thoughts on “Somewhere to hang one’s hat …….”

  1. So at what point, will this idiocy stop concerning Tebow and the demands that he be given the chance to be a starter in the NFL ? But for a few fleeting moments in 2011 , the player has done absolutely nothing that would suggest that he is good enough to be even a moderately successful quarterback .

    “Guys I think we’re lost , I know I am ” ! Sanchez ” I want my mommy ” ! Greg McElroy ” I just want to know what it’s like to have sex with a woman , rather than lying about m@sturbating in the locker room stalls “ Tebow

    It has been the anally retentive individuals , who are simply calling for his installment for the Jets . Really , I wonder were they a head coach , would they make the decision to have the player start , merely for the sake of making a point, rather than actually seeking a victory for their team ? This is the real world and not one of goddamn fantasy !

    From , Tebow four years with Florida , up to his entry into the NFL , has Tim Tebow actually shown that his game has improved ? That answer has to be an emphatic no ! Yet whining a$ssholes cannot face the facts as they now exist ! What the fuck is the world coming to ? Granted , the Jets’ front office is systematically filled with idiots , such as GM Mike Tannenbaum , and owner , Woody Johnson ! As for head coach , Rex Ryan and offensive coordinator , Tony Sparano , could there be two individuals in the NFL who are so completely devoid of intelligence ? The entire Jets’ coaching staff is filled with a bunch of idiots !

    Ryan is now trying to suggest that his trading for the young quarterback was a mistake and they’ve (Jets) been unable to use him in the capacity they sought . ” Wildcat offense ” fuck it , no matter where and how Tebow would have been used , he would be a distinct failure , as he has not shown a capacity to learn , much less , show any signs of improvement and the statistics for the player simply speaks volumes as to his overall lack of improvement .

    R Kelly ……. ” Slow wind ” / ‘ whine with me ‘

    Tophatal ………… 12/22/2012 02:35 AM EST


  2. The Lions and Bears are two bad teams and it’s reflected in their results ___ might I suggest also deceptive records and the erratic play of both quarterbacks over the course of the season .

    “Aaron Rodgers ? Really ? I’ll make him my bitch ” ! Jay Cutler speaking to Matt Stafford

    NFC North quarterbacks and the teams’ passing stats .

    Top paid QB’s in the NFL . Vick’s contract pays him $12.5 million in 2012 , yet his stats for this season makes him a bust considering that payday ! The only reason the veteran want to start is merely to get his $3 million roster bonus as part of the incentive in his contract in being part of 75% of the team’s offensive plays in the regular season . Doesn’t anyone realize that money trumps every piece of shit that gets a seat at the table ?

    Tophatal ……….. 12/22/2012 4:05 AM EST


  3. This is the sort of bullshit that shows you that not only the fans clueless on Tebow but so too are members of the print media .

    Courtesy of USA Today

    Quarterback gurus: Tim Tebow can be fixed

    By Jim Corbett USA Today

    Tim Tebow is fixable.

    The mechanically flawed quarterback can be “re-engineered” and given a fresh start beyond his failed New York Jets experiment, say two leading quarterback gurus who are willing to accept the challenge.

    “It won’t cost too much monetarily to fix Tebow,” said George Whitfield Jr., who has worked with Ben Roethlisberger, Cam Newton and Andrew Luck. “But it’s going to take at least six weeks of dedicated, isolated training time.

    “It’s doable,” Whitfield told USA TODAY Sports on Friday. “And I absolutely believe it can be done, and I would absolutely go in with him on it. He is going to have to make the decision to morph to the position — to re-engineer himself skill-set-wise to quarterback. Footwork-wise, hip-generated throws, throwing up over defenders, it can be engineered.

    TEBOW IN ‘NO MAN’S LAND’: Theismann says CFL is a bad fit

    32 REASONS: Tebow could be without a team

    Whitfield added: “Wherever Tim goes next year, he’s going to have buckle in and dedicate himself in what is going to be a very interesting off-season for him.”

    Another respected quarterback mentor, Terry Shea, agrees with Whitfield that Tebow is not only salvageable, but says it is a critical matter of matching Tebow’s different skill set with the right head coach who can maximize his athleticism.

    Shea concurred that it wouldn’t take long to fix Tebow if he had a true believer instead of the false hope the Jets created when coach Rex Ryan and offensive coordinator Tony Sparano traded for him in March. They touted Tebow as the ideal Wildcat weapon, then used him for only 70 offensive snaps this season. Over that time, Tebow has regressed from the quarterback who led the Denver Broncos into the playoffs last season.


    Click on link to read in full.


    Tebow has been in the league three years and his game hasn’t seen a marked improvement but yet this moron believes 6 weeks of intensive work will do the trick . What a dumb ass ! This isn’t a Hollywood you’re working with where you can have the hero winning and getting the “brass ring” .

    Six weeks to fix Tebow’s woes ? This asshole is clueless !

    Tophatal …………………


  4. The biggest problem for the NY Jets isn’t even the players, and that is saying A LOT! It’s interesting to see how most people don’t believe in the Falcons, even though they have had a great regular season! Guess it is up to them to prove us wrong this time!


    1. Andy / Jumpingpolarbear

      The Jets have mess all season and that’s down to the sheer lunacy that has gone on all year with the team , coaching staff and front office .

      Indifference towards the Falcons (12-2) in spite of their record , it stems from the fact that they’ve not been a resounding success in the playoffs in recent years .

      Have you looked at Ratt Ryan’s play in the postseason .. at all ? There’s your indicator as to why most aren’t prepared to go out on a “wing” and “a prayer” when it comes to the Falcons .

      Have a peaceful and safe Christmas , as well as a prosperous New Year !

      Tophatal ………………


  5. Toppy…a mouthful here. I’ll stick to the circus….I mean the Jets. Here’s my take….Sanchez is a victim…he got way too much credit here in the beginning. A terrible draft choice, Tannenbaum dropped other draft picks to move up and grab Sanchez at 3 or 4 or something like that. Pete Carroll, Mark’s coach at the time, said it was a mistake for Sanchez to come out early. He wasn’t ready, said Uncle Pete. Think about it Toppy, he had started all of 8 games at USC. First two years, with a very very simple offense in place and a supporting cast, the Jets get to the AFC final game. And Sanchez is compare to Joe Namath of all things….is the toast of the town, etc. Way too much credit. Now we are in Years 3 and 4…..Tannenbaum has continued to trade away draft picks and the Jets supporting cast is weak. Mark suffers. He’s done plenty damage to himself here….50 turnovers in two years…but I think part of that is because he had begun pressing as his performance fell off. He deserves to sit these final two games. I predict he is done as a Jet and the club will find a way to trade him out of town.
    So who should the starting QB be for games 15 and 16? Its a tough one. Its obvious that the Jets have come to realize that trading for Tebow was a mistake. They just don’t use him. Against Tennessee last week he played in his first COMPLETE series. Game 14. That, after all the talk that Rex and Offensive Coordinator Tony Sporano were going to be really creative with him, get him in and out, maybe 20 different plays. They didn’t do anything….either because they never wanted him to begin with OR because they couldn’t figure out how he could help. I think its sad. Tebow too will be off this roster next season and by not playing him at all, I think they have hurt his trade value.
    McElroy is the third guy in this game. Its his second Jets season and I think, but not positive, that he has only played in that one game against KC. He’s supposedly very bright, starred at Alabama and actually beat Tebow’s Gators for a national championship in McElroy’s junior year.
    Rex has said that he’s watched practices and based on his performance there, he’s chosen to start McElroy for the next game. We don’t know who is #2 and #3 in case McElroy stinks or gets hurt.
    I can see picking either player to start….Tebow because he deserves it after waiting patiently all season and because he has won on this stage before. He certainly hasn’t done anything to LOSE his standing as the next guy in line. McElroy because the Jets might as well know what they have in him for next year….and the only way to tell is to let him play. There have been several successful young QB’s in the league this year….Kappernick, the kid in Seattle and of course RG3 and Luck. Maybe McElroy can surprise some folks.
    SO, based on all that, my head says start McElroy in the upcoming game. But my soft spot says Tebow deserves it too and I feel for the guy when he doesn’t even get a look.


    1. Jed

      In no way is Sanchez a victim , other than with his own goddamn stupidity ! No qb to come out of USC (Trojans) in the last decade has done sh#t in the NFL . Yet , fans are now jumping on the Tim Tebow “bandwagon” ?. The signs are there showing that the kid can’t play at the highest level , when it really matters the most !

      Sanchez would probably have an easier time nailin’ actress, Adrienne Bailon , than he could in finding one of his receivers this season . but then he is way too quick off the trigger and no woman wants that during sex .

      Tebow doesn’t deserve anything, because he hasn’t shown that he has a real propensity for learning . because if that were really the case , then when the first issues of Sanchez , came to light , the coach would have installed him as a starter . Tebow’s stats in whatever way he has been used , shows him to be inept . The NFL isn’t about supporting affable guys because of their likability , or hadn’t you noticed ?

      Ryan & Sparano

      Really ? This is the best that the Jets’ front office could come up with ?

      Urban Meyer did the quarterback no favors at Florida by coddling his a$s !

      Mark Sanchez was never a victim , not with the salary he’s earning as a member of the Jets (payroll) . Are you really that naive ?

      Half of the idiots within this forum cannot explain the situation eloquently enough to make any damn sense to begin with, when it comes Tebow . Merely because he’s so affable it doesn’t mean he’s deserving of being given the starting the position when he simply hasn’t shown he deserves it ! The NFL makeup isn’t one being a entitlement system , you get their on your talent . And Tebow showing his dislike of not being allowed to start shows his lack maturity above all else . He has to know he’s not good enough to be a starter . And please don’t point to 2011 , because if you look at those games in depth it shows that he wasn’t that good to begin with ,. playoffs included .

      Urban Meyer did the quarterback no favors at Florida by coddling his a$s !

      The coaching fraternity (assistants & head coaches ) in the NFL in large part , is filled with bums ! Only the Jets would hire Tony Sparano , as an offensive coordinator , thinking he has something to offer the franchise . His record speaks for itself . Need I say anymore on the matter ?

      Tophatal …………………..


    2. Jed

      When has Pete Carroll ever indicated that he cares about any of the players under his tutelage while at USC ? He bolted from the program , the moment the NCAA started to really look at not only the football program but also the basketball program . He left then AD Mike Garrett hanging like a flag, up a pole , on a windy day .

      For $7.5 million a year , Carroll had better create some success with the Seahawks . Billionaire owner Paul Allen at times , doesn’t look , as if he has a clue .

      And even now, that program is still not completely out of the woods because of the ongoing stupidity of Lane Kiffin . During his tenure with USC at present , twice , the NCAA has given the school a written warning .

      Tophatal ,…………….


    3. Jed

      The NFL isn’t an entitlement league . Don’t you understand that the staff had no implicit faith in Tebow as a quarterback ? Had they done so , then he would immediately started when the issues with Sanchez arose . Now with egg on his face Rex Ryan is pointing to other reasons why this trade was a mistake .

      Luck , RGIII , Russell Wilson , Kaepernick and Andy Dalton in less time have proven that they are far better quarterbacks and who a greater upside than Tebow . If you want a handout of sorts , go the the federal government and get some of that ” government cheese ” . Don’t go looking for it in the NFL . That’s not the way it works in life or business , unless the piece commerce in question is owned by a family member , and that’s when nepotism does have its advantages .


  6. Toppy, you make many good and valid points. You are right…SC has laid a golden egg on the QB scene….Todd Marinovich, Carson Palmer (although in fairness, his worst years came post knee injury), Matt Leinert, Sanchez…..what happend to John David Booty?….and where does Matt Barkley go this year?
    I think that Tebow was hurt when Sanchez really started to suck enough to question him….and that was a bummer for Tebow. Look, I am not a Tebow zealot….and as I wrote, just being a good guy and trying hard doesn’t get you anywhere anymore. But I do feel sorry for him because I know how badly he wants to play and he has done everything right as he waits for his chance. He did win in Denver. He tasted success. I know I’d be bummed if I wasn’t given the opportunity that I felt I earned to show what I can do. You are right, you need to deliver to play. But I am sorry to see that you easily dicard his succes last year. Not fair.
    I don’t blame Tebow for suggesting he’d like a trade out of here in the off season. The staff has essentially said they don’t want him. Who wouldn’t want to leave? And if you lived in NY, you would understand how overwhelming they can be and what that can do to a player who is on the “edge” like Tebow is right now about playing time. Toppy, he has handled all this with grace, all season long. You would actually be envious of his ability to do so.
    There is nothing McElroy has done to take Tebow’s place. And there is nothing he hasn’t done either. Its the way it goes.
    Agree too that Sporano was a poor choice as the new offensive co-ordinator. Didn’t get it when they announced it. From what I saw, no creativity in Miami when he was head coach. No QB ever to show he could work with Sanchez. Never understood “Ground and Pound” when he came on board, especially considering the running backs on the roster. Wasn’t smart enough about the O line but knew in Nick Mangold they had a great start. Without anger, I would let Sporano find a new home. And he will.
    I do think Sanchez was a victim. That head got way too big because the NY press anointed him the new king. He never earned that….maybe he got lazy because of that, I don’t know. And if that is the case, you are right, he’s a dope. We read a lot around here that he needed a back-up QB who would push him….which is ridiculous when you think about it. But I buy it…because as things have progressed, some teammates have stated his weak light work ethic. Too bad.
    And lastly, Uncle Pete…..again, you are right…..he cheated and left SC holding the bag. That’s a jerk in my book. I don’t like him. But he was right about Sanchez not being ready.

    Thats my 22 cents.


    1. Jed

      In the preseason , while Sanchez and Tebow failed miserably for the Jets , it was McElroy as the team’s quarterback , who had the only passing touchdown of the trio , albeit that no one really takes a real interest in the preseason.

      The NFL isn’t a “ goddamn entitlement league “ , but fans are now carrying on as if it is , while simply wanting Tebow to allegedly , get a fair shake . Last I looked , Tim Tebow being on the field in 2012, amounted to nothing more than ” a comical turn “ , as he could not do anything right . Name one play for the Jets that involved him doing anything tangible in 2012 ? Furthermore , do you believe that he shows the inclination , where his overall game will improve ?

      Ryan suggested that Tebow’s work ethic was unparalleled , as he was the first player , in for practice and the last one out. But yet his game in all facets simply did not improve . So based upon what , you tell me why, succinctly , without letting your emotions cloud your judgment , indicate to me what Tebow would indeed bring to the table ?

      As his head coach at Florida , Urban Meyer and then coaching staff , didn’t teach Tim Tebow a damn thing , as they merely rode in the kid’s coat-tails through his four years there with the program . Do you not find it ironic , that another of Meyer’s pupils , Alex Smith is also sitting on the bench , as he has been beaten out in the starter’s role with the 49′ Niners by Colin Kaepernick ?

      Now we have the idiocy where the Jaguars are said to be interested in acquiring Tebow . Team owner , Shahid Khan and GM Gene Smith , should they go ahead with such a deal , would be making a catastrophic and genuine mistake . They’re not doing this based on Tebow’s abilities , but merely as a marketing ploy as the franchise has one of the worst attendance rates in the NFL all round .

      I know the NFL is a business , win first league , but you can’t turn ” chicken shit ” , into “chicken liver” , and that seems to be the assumption with Tim Tebow , in terms of his play. The only thing he (Tebow) has going for him is that he’s an affable guy , and that’s it . In all honesty do you believe that should be the one reason , he becomes a starter in the NFL ? Be honest with your self when giving a response . As a head coach in the league or general manager , based upon what you’ve seen from his as a player , would you insert him into the team based on the ability shown in 2012 ?

      If the Broncos’ GM & EVP , John Elway could look at Tebow, and see that didn’t have the traits to be a starter in the league , then how is it that these goddamn apathetic fans cannot ?

      The NFL is not an ‘entitlement league’ based on “entitlement handouts ” , because if it were , then everybody would be allowed to play at that level !

      These stupid fans simply cannot make a succinct and eloquent argument for Tebow to be given the starting role , other based upon their emotions and that is the sad part of this overall debate !

      This might be the only time where looking at some Jets’ ass would preferable !

      Tophatal ……………………


    2. Jed

      The NYC print and tv media would anoint a bucket full of fecal matter as being great, if it gave them good press and stirred a debate within the city and tri-state area .

      The Jets are a mess and will remain a mess as long as Tannenbaum remains the general manager . Any fool could see the trade for Tebow , was simply being done from a marketing standpoint , rather than seeking a competitive edge for the franchise . And as I have repeatedly asked , has Tebow’s game grown since his entry into the NFL in 2010 ? The answer is a emphatic and resounding no ! Yet fans simply want this kid on the field ,. purely from an emotional standpoint .

      Lauren London , the naughty schoolgirl . Keep her in detention for some “dictation ” of another definition !

      Another pupil I would wield my “chopper” over is Nicole ” Hoopz” Alexander ! Her balloons, I could definitely play with !

      Tophatal ………….


    3. Jed

      It’s USC and the old adage comes to mind …. ” money talks , bull$hit walks ” . Sanchez took the money and ran all the way to the bank . Other than Clay Mathews and Troy Polamalu , not one USC player has left an indelible mark in the NFL over the last decade .

      Personally , I’ve no wish to see the New York Jets in the playoffs ! It may well make for great television in terms of the melodrama , but I would rather see some great games , than anything involving the Jets . Their final two games of the season will be watershed moments for the franchise .

      Sanchez entered the 2009 NFL Draft to unwarranted acclaim , after barely a few seasons in college . The Jets were far too impressed with the hype over the play , rather than the substance and proven body of work.

      Jets week 16 & 17 .

      Ryan can now come up with all the excuses he wants concerning Tebow , yet he still remains the asshole we knew him to be ! He’s not someone who’ll readily admit that he’s wrong .

      Courtesy of

      Rex Ryan mum on Tim Tebow’s New York Jets future

      By Gregg Rosenthal , NFL head writer

      Tim Tebow is expected to ask the New York Jets for a trade or a release in the offseason. We suspect the Jets won’t be averse to a divorce.

      “We’ll see what happens,” Jets coach Rex Ryan said Wednesday about Tebow’s future. “My focus has to be with those two games, and that’s it.”

      Greg McElroy will start the next two games and get virtually every first-team snap in practice. Ryan’s decision to decline saying that Tebow will be on the team next year is a sure sign he’s likely on his way out.

      Ryan answered questions Wednesday about why he brought Tebow to New York in the first place. In one breath, Ryan defended the move.

      “(The Wildcat) hasn’t been totally ineffective,” Ryan said.

      Then again …

      “It hasn’t panned out to my expectations and maybe to Tim’s either,” Ryan said.

      Yep, that about sums about the Tebow experience in New York.

      Click on link to read in full .


      The Jet were going to adopt the “wildcat offense” , hell they might as well have been throwing and kicking a dead feline up and down the goddamn field for all of the use it would have done this season . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      Caring is sharing , and Bianca’ Beauchamp’s left hand is taking care of her ” business ” . .

      Tophatal ……..


  7. Totally agree with you about Tebow. He’s not worth giving a start and I don’t know why so many people think Tebow can be the guy. I mean, I would like to see him play purely for entertainment purposes but if I was any one of the 32 fan bases in the league I would be upset if Tebow came to my team. Just a mess to bring him over.


    1. Chris Ross

      The dog-n-pony show with the Jets was bound to be a goddamn joke to begin with !

      Rex Ryan and GM Mike Tannenbaum were simply blinded by $$$ signs rather judging and acquiring Tebow based on the merits of his play , which in actuality is damn lousy . Hell, he won a few games in 2011 as a starter but did anyone actually look at his stats in many of those games ? Off course he doesn’t deserve to be a starter and the kid is damn naive and a putz to think he’s deserving of such a role ! He lacks maturity and intelligence as well .

      And if Tim Tebow is traded to the Jaguars , then it will years of ridicule for that particular franchise , because they are by far the worst team in the AFC South and one of the teams in AFC and NFL as a whole .

      The Jags are in such disarray as team that is is reflected in their results this season and the team’s overall play .

      Tophatal …………


  8. I’ve never stated that Tebow or anyone else “deserves” a shot to be a starter, and I’ve never been one to tout Tim Tebow as anything more than a good football player, not a good QB. But I will admit that I like to watch him play, because unlike the Mark Sanchez’s of the world and the dozens of other “prototypical QB’s” of his ilk, at least Tebow will find a way to make bad QB play interesting.

    I’ve always subscribed to the notion that there is more than one way to win. That’s why I love to see unconventional QB’s win in spite of what the establishment thinks. I wrote an article on it last season, on the reason you can win with Tebow as your starter. It’s fundamental football.

    If you control the clock by running the ball, you limit your opponent’s number possessions, there fore limiting their opportunities to score, play tough defense, and limit your own turnovers then you can beat just about any team. Not all. But if you can execute this game plan, you’ll win enough to make the playoffs. This is the formula the Seattle Seahawks have used this season, and the same one the Broncos and 49ers used last year. You don’t need a QB to pass for 5,000 yards to make the playoffs, you just need someone to manage the game and not turn the ball over. However, winning super bowls is another thing entirely.

    Of course Tebow is not a great passer, but if you stick to a game plan then you don’t need him to be. All you need is for your QB move the chains and limit his turnovers. Tebow can do this. If you want to win pretty, then Tebow is not your guy. If you want a 4,000 yard QB, Tebow is not your guy. But there are number of QB’s who will be close to the 4,000 yard mark at the end of the season, who’s teams will be sitting at home watching the playoffs.

    NFL coaches need to understand, that the only stat that matters is wins and losses. I’d wager that the Jets would have made the playoffs this season with Tebow as their starter. It wouldn’t have been pretty, but it’s like Bill Parcells said, the only thing that matters is getting into the tournament. At least then you have a chance.

    I’m not saying that Tebow will ever become a great QB, and I’ve never been a big Tebow fan. But I will state objectively that in my opinion Tim Tebow as starter was the New York Jets best chance to make the playoffs this season, just like he was the Denver Broncos best chance to make the playoffs last season. If Kyle Orton had remained their starter or had Brady Quinn been named the Broncos starter, they wouldn’t have made the playoffs.

    For those who say one playoff game doesn’t matter, do you think Pat Bolen would give back the revenue he earned from the one home playoff game and the one road playoff game the Broncos played last season? The answer is no. And the Broncos as a team this year are much better prepared to be a playoff team this based their experience last season. Like it or not Tim Tebow played a role in giving that to them.

    And proclaiming that Tim Tebow isn’t a good QB, really isn’t saying much at all. That’s not a topic even worth debating. There are scores of mediocre to bad QB’s in the NFL, so Tebow wouldn’t be much different than several others in that regard. But I don’t like or dislike Tim Tebow, that’s why I can look at him objectively. However, I think some who don’t like him let their bias against him influence their opinion of him as a football player.

    If I had my pick of QB’s in the NFL, Tebow wouldn’t be any where near the top of my list. But in my Top 32 QB rankings, Mark Sanchez is at the very bottom of the list. So yes Tebow would be my choice to start over the Mark Sanchez’s and Kyle Orton’s of the world any day. Or at least, just like the Broncos did, until I find someone better.


    1. Fan On Fire Maurice Barksdale

      Tebow was never a prototypical quarterback at the college level , and if truth be known , he got by on grit and determination . The unfortunate thing for the kid was that the Gators coaching staff led by Urban Meyer did nothing to assist …. Tim Tebow in preparing him to enter the professional ranks . Hence the reason there has been a lack of real progress in absolutely every aspect of his game . Only an idiot would try and suggest that he has the ability to become a starter in the NFL, and don’t let what happened with the Broncos in 2011 fool you .

      Broncos’ Head of Football Operations John Elway knew what he saw in the kid , and he simply wasn’t good enough . You can’t make chicken liver out of chicken shit , the same way you can’t turn a sow into a pig , unless you choose give that sow a dick , and a pair of testes .

      Even based on what Tebow did in the postseason of 2011 , I wouldn’t have him in my top 25 much less top 32 quarterbacks in the NFL ! I don’t let my heart rule my head , when it comes to issues such as this ! I will leave that to the mindless idiots out there who’d rather drink the Kool-Aid .


      Ewa Sonnet

      Angel Dark

      Tebow needs to get laid , to loosen up his inhibitions , that way his game might actually improve . Ewa Sonnet or Angel Dark (porn star) could be the females to aid him in that endeavor . What do you think ?

      Tophatal ……………….


      1. I’m not fooled by Tim Tebow, just as I’m not fooled by Mark Sanchez, Brady Quinn, or Kyle Orton either. Those guys are cardboard cut outs. They fit the prototype of what you want your QB to look like, but they lack the :grit and determination that Tim Tebow has an abundance of. And sometimes that’s what winning and losing comes down to.

        As a Redskins fan I saw Joe Gibbs win three super bowls with three different QB’s, and he won plenty of games with several other QB’s in between all of that. A coach’s job is to find a way to win regardless of who their QB is. Not sit back and say I only want to win with this guy and not that one.

        It’s looking like Tebow will be in jacksonville next season, and this whole scenario will play itself out again. But if I had to choose between Tebow, Blaine Gabbert, or Chad Henne as my starter, I already know who my choice would be. Tim Tebow. And it really wouldn’t be that hard of a choice for me.


  9. So McElroy is hurt and Sanchez gets the last crack of the season as starting QB. What a load of crap. Remember the Tebow was granted a say in where he would be traded this season. The Jags and the Jets were both in the hunt and Tebow chose the Jets. What do you think they told him during this competition? That he would be able to seriously compete for the job? At the least, right? why else would an extremely competitive guy pick a team? And what have they done here….given him the shaft. Screwed him. Royally.
    Again Toppy…I’m no Tebow zealot…..but give the guy the ball and let him play. Sanchez has already thrown this season away. He doesn’t deserve it.


  10. 2010 and , all the plaudits out there , felt Tebow acquit himself well , if given a chance . What the hell are fans missing , when you can plainly see that player’s achievements at the college level , though admirable , were essentially setting him up for a disaster at the professional level . Not one person seems to be intelligent enough to realize that fact and state in writing .

    Tim Tebow was never taught how to play the position effectively and this asinine notion that he should be given a chance is beyond belief . What the hell has he done to be deserving of that ? Rex Ryan states that Tebow has a tremendous work ethic , but what has been visibly missing in in that statement , it is that the player does not have a propensity to learn and learn quickly in order to to adapt to different situations on the field of play . The NFL isn’t welfare donor , and they’re not giving out fuck#ing welfare checks . So can you Tebow apologists , get a life , or better yet,. seek solace elsewhere, in the arms of a buxom female , and just suckle on her breasts ?

    Gianna Michaels , helping one male erection, at a time .

    Denise Milani

    Abbi Secraa

    Jed , you’re making all of these observations concerning Tebow , but if a game was on the line , would you want him to quarterback the last two minutes , when a touchdown was needed ?

    Tophatal …………


    1. Chris Humpherys

      There’s no denying that Tim Tebow had a tremendous career at the collegiate level , but within the professional ranks , it has become abundantly clear that Tebow’s brain isn’t cognizant as to the speed and power of the game , he is at three steps behind , even the most average of quarterbacks now playing the position in the NFL .

      Yet these bone-headed idiots are calling for him to be given his chance . If Tebow’s “work ethic” is great as Rex Ryan claims , then how is it that he was simply not good enough to beat out bums such as Mark Sanchez or Greg McElroy ? I know I’m an expat Brit , brought up on soccer , cricket , rugby and the martial arts (karate & tae-kwondo) , but even I can tell when the difference between ” chicken sh#t and chicken liver ! And the fact is , if Tebow were a recipe , it wouldn’t be chicken liver ! Is that succinct enough for you ?

      The Jags new GM David Caldwell has effectively stated and reiterated that there is now place in the franchise’s future where Tim Tebow plays a part in Jacksonville’s success long or short-term . And I for one don’t blame Caldwell with his public statement, as the Jaguars can now move on , and address their real needs , rather than signing a less than average quarterback !

      Tophatal ………


    2. Chris Humpherys

      There are now idiot fans making comparison between what Tebow achieved in the postseason of 2011 , to Manning’s feats at the same stage of the playoffs in 2012 . Are they fu#king kidding ?

      Poor clock management and choosing not to run the football in the waning moments of the game , led to the Broncos’ own undoing . Last season it was Tebow’s erratic play against the Patriots that led to 45-10 pounding the Broncos received .

      Tophatal ………….


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